David Duke on Obama

I’m running the following piece (below) from David Duke because I agree with what Dr. Duke is saying here about Obama and the state of this election. And I also know Duke feels strongly that we all should vote Third party — I too believed this, but I think that our media has now so totally shaped our politics that the masses think we have only two viable choices — two who are totally beholden to the real powers.

Most of the population will end up voting for one or the other approved Zionists because of the media. It can’t be denied. Look how effectively they marginalized Ron Paul away and hell, most people on the street can’t even keep who’s running for VP straight, let alone understand much else beyond that. Truly pathetic.

But I feel Obama is the larger danger since he falsely represents real change (as Duke shows us below), right along with the all incredible lies about his background — a real travesty to our constitution and morality. This, combined with his evident socialist leanings, an extreme liberal and racial agenda, is a degree worse than McCain. Maybe much worse. Also, I must confess, that I hope that McCain may finally prove more patriotic in the end, but realize that may be totally naive.

Yet, we can readily see that both McCain and Obama are apart of the same crowd of Globalists that really run the show. A level just beyond what we are allowed to see in our so-called democratic system.

This Globalist Cabal, yes, and I use the term Cabal because that’s exactly what it is, is a confederation of rich elites, The Pilgrams Society, which has been in existence since the 19th Century. They are behind the Council of Foreign Relations (note that Chicago has a separate branch) and Royal Institute of International Affairs. At the apex of this Globalist group, is a triumvirate of Rothschild and Jew associates (like Warburg and the Lazard brothers — 70% of the private Federal Reserve is owned by foreign Jew banks) and, of course, David Rockefellar, Sr. and Henry Kissinger (Zbigniew Brzezinski may be his “point man”).

This is the New York and City of London axis of the German Ashkenazim Jew financial empire — those who have control over Internationalized Central Banking and have created Zionist Israel as a side project of their overall scheme to install one world governance. Many now describe them as a Jewish Oligarchy or even Criminal Network, and this is accurate considering Iraq, 9/11 and the Banking bail-out with taxpayer’s money.

Now I think that change to the US will be greatly accelerated, especially if Obama gets in, along with a Democrat majority in Congress. Obama may just be what the Globalist have always wanted for this role: A ambitious black with enough skeletons in his closet that they can control him effectively and who appeals to braindead White liberals with a racial guilt trip, by promising the world in syrupy speeches that they can feel comfortable with.

If Obama does indeed get in, beware White America: We may never have a White man (and Jews are NOT White) as president ever again. Think that’s so far-fetched? See what happens when Blacks get into power — anywhere. Obama maybe just another Zionist tool (his Chief of Staff will be another Jew, Wall Street favorite, Rahm Emmanuel) but, as a Black, he’ll do more and more for non-Whites and the liberals who kow-tow to the whole multicult business.

Much more of the taxpayer’s money will go to Africa and African immigrants, many with HIV, will be allowed into the US, probably in the millions like what is going on in Europe. The new Section 8 housing laws passed by Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters will make formerly White areas of the country now “diverse” as Blacks will be given Federal assistance to buy or rent properties in targeted neighborhoods.

Freedom of speech will be curtailed under the guise of combating “hate speech.” Severe Gun control laws will shortly follow, probably mandatory relinquishment of many forms of firearms, principally to clean up crime in the “ghetto,” but really meant to disarm White patriots.

In addition, Obama and his followers show dangerous signs of a “Cult of Personality,” along with Obama’s past evidence of Marxist leanings, should truly worry people with any brains left — after being pickled by the Politically Correct Multicult propaganda now for decades.

But here’s what David Duke has to say about it:


Obama: An enormous danger to America and the world

By David Duke

Americans have had enough of George Bush. Latest opinion polls show his approval ratings are down to 22 percent, probably the lowest of any U.S. President in history. In Europe, the Mideast and the rest of the world, George Bush is perhaps the most hated U.S. President in history.

As every astute political observer knows, American foreign policy is completely in the control of Jewish extremists who have made American diplomacy and war simply an extension of the most radical Jewish elements in Israel and around the world. The most powerful lobby in Washington with far more clout than any other is AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Aided by their enormous media and financial clout, they have been able to pursue the Mideast and even global objectives of Israel.

Many Americans now fully realize that the Iraq War was completely manufactured by Israel-Firsters who saw Iraq as Israel’s biggest enemy.

They were able to transform Hussein from an American ally to whom America supplied billions of dollars worth of arms to an enemy. American business interests in Iraq were also harmed by our Israeli-controlled policy. The media even casually admits that the chief orchestrator’s of the war were Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. Long before the war, Perle and other Jewish Neocons actually wrote a paper for Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government proposing war against Iraq, Syria and Iran (A Clean Break).

The unashamedly Zionist owners and editors of the NY Times and the Washington Post didn’t tell us we needed war for Israel’s interest; no, they told us the big lie of Saddam’s supposed weapons of mass destruction and how he was a danger the United States. In reality, the real danger was the Neocon control of our policy which has caused the death or maiming of tens of thousands of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an ultimate cost of trillions of dollars to the hard-pressed American people. One could argue without contradiction that the long term support of the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, has been the greatest single factor in the rise of terror in the last half century.

Everybody rightfully sees McCain as someone who will continue the Jewish Neocon policies of George Bush. But, the media establishment has been careful to portray Obama as a fresh voice, the “anti-war” candidate. Yet, Obamahas already said that he will evaluate his withdrawal plan “at the time,” pledged a massive increase of troops in Afghanistan, and has threatened Iran with nuclear annihilation. This is an “anti-war” candidate?

The sainthood of President Barack Obama is already started. Rolling Stone Magazine said he “challenges America to rise up [and] summon ‘the better angels of our nature.’”

In fact, Obama represents the same policies of George Bush and John McCain. The only difference is that he is much more dangerous, because America and the world is very wary of Bush and McCain, but Obama will put a new face on the same old policies leading America and the world to war and economic Armageddon. Obama doesn’t look like a Neocon, but he puts on a yarmulke and kneels to AIPAC just like Bush and McCain.

Last time I looked at the federal election campaign reports I found that Obama’s biggest contributor was the Wall Street criminal banking firm of Goldman Sachs. Obama is not an agent of change, he is an agent of the same old same old with a new face.

Obama gives the Neocons who control American politics, foreign policy and media a new image and as such makes him far more dangerous to the peace, freedom and prosperity of the world than George Bush and chosen successor, John McCain.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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39 Responses to David Duke on Obama

  1. Glamdring says:

    Like many, I’m despondent at the thought of an Obama/Democrat presidency. I agree that Obama represents a great danger to the United States … but also a great opportunity. Reagan would not have been possible without the disastrous reign of Carter before him. Carter opened people’s eyes, made them angry, galvanized them. Now, we’re looking at “leader” next to whom Carter is a piker: A Marxist revolutionary who probably isn’t even an American citizen.

    I disagree with the premise that “we’ll never see a white President again”. Over the next four years, I anticipate an apocalyptic backlash against government in general, and against the bad guys enumerated on the pages of this blog in particular, leading to true change – for the better – in 2012. If not, if Obama and his minions win a second term, we’ll see strong secessionist movements in many western and possibly southern states. Either way is fine with me, although I’d prefer the former.

  2. incogman says:

    Let’s hope you’re right, my friend.

  3. Joy says:

    To live live without truth, freedom and liberty, is a life not worth living.

    I would like to borrow from a posting from http://spiritwaterblood.com/2008/10/and-the-darkness-comprehended-it-not/ (Please go to site to view video)

    That was the song “Game On” by Disciple set to clips from the movie “300,” about Sparta’s heroic stand against Persia at the pass of Thermopylae. The blood you see flying across your screen is what gave our people in western Europe the safety and security that was necessary to build the institutions that our people now scorn. Here are the lyrics to the song for your spiritual edification:

    I’m not afraid of loving my enemies
    Turning the other cheek
    Blessing those that would curse me
    I honestly want peace with you
    But when you come against my country
    When you come against my family
    You try to destroy my people
    I can’t just stand by
    There’s no way that I can stand by
    This time, I will not stand by
    I am coming, and if I come, then pain is coming with me
    I’m coming, and pain will be with me

    Can I get an Amen?

  4. Cornelius Anderberg says:

    –“”So, INCOG has decided to bite the bullet: As a race, us White people now HAVE TO and are forced to vote for McCain! We have to take the one poison least painful for now. This has not been an easy decision, I assure you.””–

    I got this point before, one that you made in an earlier blog entry, however in the above article you seemed to agree with Duke that people should vote third party and that comes across as a contradiction at first glance. So, to clear it up for this particular swede, do you believe that white people should vote for McCain or not?

  5. incogman says:

    Yes, you are correct in this, Swede. Tis a bitter pill to swallow with McCain, but I can hardly say otherwise with the kind of electorate that is out there now.

    It all may not make a difference in the end. But hope dies a bitter death, but maybe we can have some chance to awaken more Whites down the road, before it’s too late. Vote McCain now, unless you can’t bring yourself to do so. I get it. Believe me.

    A previous commenter talked about the “worse is better” philosophy, meaning once Obama gets in, this will serve to awaken Whites. Maybe so, but with the powers Bush created and the Democrat majority on Capital Hill, I think this is a dangerous course.

    But thanks for rubbing some salt into the wound.

  6. Cornelius Anderberg says:

    I didn’t essentially make a difference so there is little salt being rubbed in as far as I am concerned.
    The idea on the inverse aspect though, or “worse is better”, is always going to be a variable and personally I do not think that the situation in the US (allthough I’m hardly an expert on it in any sense) will lend itself sway more white people one way or another simply by Obama winning the presidency over McCain, at least that’s my guess.

    Therefor, I would resist the idea of voting for Obama simply to help the situation hit rock bottom faster for the sake of illuminating white people. There’s plenty of realities and hard factual actualities out there to enlighten people of “what is”.

    I have to agree with R.W Emerson on this one in that people should vote for the candidate closest to their own persuasion rather than to not vote at all;
    “Those who stay away from the election think that one vote will do no good: ‘Tis but one step more to think one vote will do no harm.”

    Or J.Q Adams;
    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

  7. Nemesys says:

    Good Morning,

    I m in whole-hearted agreement with Duke’s assessment of Obama/McCain as bing One in the Same.

    I don’t agree with his assertion that, “Many Americans now fully realize that the Iraq War was completely manufactured by Israel-Firsters who saw Iraq as Israel’s biggest enemy.” I think that 99.9% of all Americans ar completely deluded about the manipulation, threat, and utter malevolence of World Jewry. Obama is a new mask – but most Americans have no clue that these “masks”even exist, as well of the very existence of that which the masks obscure.

  8. apollonian says:

    [I first submitted below-copied analysis over 2 months ago, and I think it’s still pretty good. A.]

    * * * * *

    Obama Isn’t Serious: Manchurian Only Real Possibility, Everything Considered For Criminal Conspiratorial Deconstruction Of USA
    (Apollonian, 19 Aug 08)

    Thanks much to “Gage” (see OverThrow.com/blog, “Secret Service…,” 16 Aug 08) above, who courageously broaches the election issue by which pretext I submit following analysis:

    (1) First note the “elections” are ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY fixed and rigged by ZOG-Mammon (see Judicial-inc.biz)–hence we know quite well not only who WILL win (the fixed/rigged “election”), but also who would be favored to win in all logic. Once circumstances are fully understood, this “election” issue is simple “no-brainer.”

    (2) And observe Bill White (ANSWP and OverThrow.com/blog, “Bill White’s Speech,” 30 July 08) has also previously analyzed things political btwn communists behind UN and CFR-Bilderberg (pretended “left”), and Israeli Zionists (pretended “right”).

    (3) Consider Obama–a total negroid joke, complete with fat lips and flappy ears. Yes, Obama has good speaking voice, and he’s excellent actor, but never doubt he necessarily and must follow a most carefully scripted text and formula.

    (4) Further, Obama needs lots of that Jew hype and Hollywood-style glitz and sand-bag glamorization, and oodles and boodles of huge tremendous funding and financing. Obama is mere card-board front, crass and classic “spokes-flack”–and nothing more–otherwise he’s really quite weak as “Christian” author, Jerome Corsi (“Obama Nation,” currently on top of best-seller list), matter-of-factly pt.s out. So who actually would vote for or support Obama?–absolutely no one but young and dumb people, THAT’S ALL–queers, certainly. Even middle-age negroids surely understand the sham and scam of it all. Obama wouldn’t even win a genuine election among his own black folks–as he’s not nearly nigger-radical enough, say, like Al Sharpton, a real, genuine coon, a nigger’s nigger.

    (5) Now look at the “Manchurian candidate,” McCain, a genuine, bona fide traitor, totally and thoroughly compromised, known by fellow ex-P.O.W.s as “Songbird”–a piece-of-shit who’s father was a traitor, who covered-up the USS Liberty affair (see UssLiberty.org) for Israel fm back in 1967. There couldn’t be more perfect, tried and tested “Shabbat-goy” than the Manchurian.

    (6) Observe further to whom Manchurian candidate is literally married to–noneother than ROYALTY, fm topmost criminal Jew families of USA, Hensley, closely connected to noneother than Bronfmans who control CBS, I understand (see Natall.com, “Who Rules America?”).

    (7) Hence comrade “Gage,” I hope u can now begin to see it is absolutely INCONCEIVABLE there will be any other pres.-elect than our dear Manchurian. Obama does however well play a distinct role, unquestionably (see below).

    (8) Further, note the old Manchurian bastard is now past 70 yrs, and it’s quite possible he’ll have a kike as his running-mate. So when the piece-of-shit bites the dust, we’ll have a real-live kike running things fm the top position.

    (9) When u look at things in full context, u’ll see Obama the negroid is simply playing a role–much like Kerry did in 2004–the designated loser who will quietly go along, for that’s his real purpose, to fill-out this filthy, stinking little Jew melodramatic by which the goyim are led down the “primrose path.”

    CONCLUSION: Thanks again to “Gage” who provides dialectic opportunity to present above analysis. The more one seriously considers, the more obvious it becomes how Jews are scripting and intend to manage things. Obama winning, everything considered, just couldn’t work nearly as well otherwise, and could not be serious, esp. considering alternatives within full circumstances. However, Obama DOES indeed have his uses, and is good excuse, for example, to get queers and “liberal” shit-for-brains behind using him as pretext to harass ANSWP and white patriots. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  9. incogman says:

    Bill White and the whole ANSWP Nazi Roanoke crap is a purposeful Jew Agitprop operation. His real name is Weiss and I know this from people in the area. Whomever this “Gage” is and whomever you are, I do not at all trust if you are a Bill White follower.

  10. apollonian says:

    “InCog Man” Give Incisive Apollonian Advice
    (Apollonian, 3 Nov 08)

    Comrade, u can ck my extensive work at NewNation.org, under “commentary” heading. Note also I NEITHER ASK FOR, NOR CONSIDER I NEED, UR “TRUST.” Do, by all means, what u think is in ur interests; my own efforts and those of other sincere white patriots will continue regardless, u may be sure. For hist. is CYCLIC, and it is culminating (as usual).

    I’m mere doughty correspondent to numerous blogs and sites, and I’ve been quite active, for example, in exposing Alex Linder (VanguardNewsNetwork.com), for one, as anti-Christ in pay of Jews (at least indirectly), though I don’t claim to be able to prove such payments by Jews to Linder/VNN.

    For Jews undoubtedly have intensive interest in promoting anti-Christ influence–even of otherwise seeming, ostensive “anti-semitics” as Linder/VNN who EQUATES Jew w. Christian, thus confusing and blurring the distinct anti-thematic natures of the two, also helping to promote the Jew-serving “theology” of known Jew stooges as “Judeo-Christians,” also called “Christian Zionists” who say “Jesus was Jew” (hence Talmudist).

    Further I helped establish and document confirmed connection of Linder/VNN with homosexual Mormon, Rich Brooks, formerly of WhiteAlert.com, which site is now inactive. Note Mormons ARE NOT Christian, though they often pretend to style themselves as such.

    I know of three blogs, by two different people, Curty Maynard (about whom, more below), and someone named “James,” which were “ToS’d” after I made entries, but note others made entries too, so scientific process which would definitively identify only myself as possible culprit would still be lacking.

    Further, I do believe I may very well be followed by Jew agents, specifically the queers of Daily Kos and, especially SPLC. I have no doubt SPLC queers are actually paid to keep tabs on certain patriots, including quite possibly myself, though of course I can’t be too sure. However, surely pathetic queers must be tracking hundreds, if not thousands, others too, so I prefer to let their native stupidity work against them, on its own, and anyway, there’s not much I can do about it.

    Don’t forget these hook-nosed Talmudics have access to nearly infinite (literally) COUNTERFEITED funds–see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud operation/instrument.

    Regarding ANSWP, I understand ur concern which is well-founded. After all, it’s known Hitler himself was funded by various outside sources including Jews (see “Wall Street…” works of Antony C. Sutton). White also has made admissions to effect he wants to effectively “monopolize” the anti-semitic movement, but this could also be attributed to understandable youthful bravado, White being only 31 yrs old (I’m 55).

    ANSWP does seem to be receiving help and advice fm mysterious sources, indubitably–but it doesn’t mean Bill White isn’t otherwise sincere for his anti-semitism and pro-white sympathies and inclinations. I posted on ANSWP/OverThrow.com site as it was convenient way of being published, and it’s known I’ve been active, though still sympathetic, critic of ANSWP, offering intensive, though constructive criticism, which Bill White himself often censored.

    “InCog Man,” I’m trained, university-educated scholar–kicked-out now for several yrs, not having been sufficiently “politically correct”–and I can tell u right now u’re not terribly strong scholar urself, as u make hasty statements and assertions as u do about White/ANSWP. If u “Knew” info as u pretend, u’d give ur sources, but frail as u are (and I don’t mean that as insult), u don’t even understand u need to do this (referencing) simply as basic criterion.

    U have a good, basic, “take no nonsense” attitude, as ur site motto-slogan indicates, but u still have only attenuated skill for certainty of knowledge. U would do well for urself to take some advice, as fm me, comrade.

    Understand then these “free” blogs given out by Google blogger and wordpress ARE TOTALLY OVERSEEN by Jews, Google even headquartered now in Isreal, no less. Observe “free” blogs are most excellent way of “tracking” people, esp. beginning patriots. If Jews think they can gain something by ToS-ing ur blog, they won’t hesitate.

    Further, never doubt Jews won’t hesitate to PAY to having someone’s blog eliminated/”disappeared” if they work themselves up sufficiently. (For Jews don’t always want to expose themselves by too quickly ToS-ing someone by whom they think they still might get info–but other Jews might then actually pay them to do it–that’s way it is among these incredible, amazing kikes.)

    Curt Maynard, the idiot, lately submerged fm patriot internet, imagined in print (through his blog) these Jews waited for my say-so to “ToS” his blogs (twice), for example. It turned out then, this un-covered by noneother than Bill White, Maynard IS ACTUALLY MARRIED to a mestizo, who has produced at least one little mestizo himself. So perhaps u might want to consider the sources of “info” u think u have on little me, who works so hard for my daily bread. U can ck for some “juicy” details the 30 Aug 08 blogs at WorldPeace-Phaedrus.blogspot.com, also 7 Sep blog, “A Word….”

    In general note as history is CYCLIC, according to “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, Jews are beginning to become rather OVER-populated, they having been so successful, esp. since French Revolution, and even before that, since Protestant Reformation and infighting among Christians. Even dumbest gentiles are beginning to observe through all world’s present turmoil, terror, and disaster, perpetrated by Jews, ONLY Jew profit, with maybe a very few gentile suckalongs, only gentiles suffer.

    Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) are visibly beginning to fall-out against one another–as we see CFR agents, Walt-Mearsheimer, pointing “finger” at “The Israel Lobby.”

    CONCLUSION: So “InCog Man” consider urself duly appraised and examined: ur heart is in right place, I’d say, but otherwise u’re not too terribly strong, good comrade. U would do well to take my advice, as I indicate. In large cultural terms, conflict is still same old Christian vs. Jew (truth vs. lies). In stricter philosophic/logical terms, it’s Western Aristotelian objective vs. Babylonian Talmudic subjectivism, subjectivism then the foundation of that thematic Jew lying–they absolutely worship lies–and this is their weakness which they cannot for the life of them resist, which further, evermore gentiles are beginning to realize in this ever-culminating hist. cycle (again, see further expo at NewNation.org). Thus I say again, do by all means keep up ur creditable work. Don’t be too quick to condemn possible allies before u ck things out as fully as u might. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  11. apollonian says:

    Doggone it: title should have been, “InCog Man Given [with an “n”]….” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  12. Orion14 says:

    On the contrary, Nemesys, I think the driving force behind Obama is the delusion that he will end the war, as most people know that it was started on lies and being fought for Israel and the Oil interests. Of course we know this to be only a delusion, since the negro has already stated he will appoint a dual citizenship Israeli firster to the post of Chief of Staff.

    Let’s analyze this for a moment. Is there really a difference between the candidates?

    McCain will:
    Open the borders while naturalizing 40 million racial aliens
    Continue the War for Israel
    Continue the War on the White Working Class

    Obama will:
    Open the borders while naturalizing 40 million racial aliens
    Continue the War for Israel
    Continue the War on the White Working Class

    Is there a difference? Yes. Obama will attempt to confiscate all guns, strengthen hate speech laws at the insistence of the jews, raise a “people’s army”, and seek to further dilute majority white areas with negros and other turd world scum. In addition, the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the White working class to the oppressed masses will take place.

    So who is better for the White racialist cause? Obama of course. We can no longer suffer through the death of a thousand cuts when what is needed is a sword thrust at our hearts to wake up the White masses. Will it work? I don’t know, but I do know that simply voting for a mud loving traitor like McCain will not help us AT ALL.

    We no longer live in “pre-revolutionary” times but are at the point of revolution. Let’s not let this opportunity slip away from us like it did in the 60s, or we are finished for ETERNITY.

  13. incogman says:

    Showtime at the “Apollo”:

    I could friggin’ care less who Curt Maynard is married to. Maynard knows the score and he ain’t afraid to lay it on the line. Maynard, Mike Delaney and Patrick Grimm are out there busting ass, awakening Whites and what do I see from you?

    The only thing I’ve seen from you is long-winded comments on blogs with a buncha mystery hullaballo — lead off by a dose of ass kissing. Besides, it’s not the Mestizos or even the Negroes, if you can believe it. But the Jews. Those 3 writers get it. Do you?

  14. apollonian says:

    “InCog” Takes A Little Time Absorbing Info
    (Apollonian, 3 Nov 08)

    “InCog”: dig this bro–u have gall to complain about “long-windedness”–this after I’ve given u above two rather detailed, pains-taking analyses–AND THEN ON TOP of those, ref. to my further works.

    I’m not sure if I’ve even ever hrd of “Mike Delaney,” but Maynard and Pat Grimm are not “busting…” so far as I know–rather they seem to be quite inactive; they’re actually entertainers–wheras I present real, serious info, actually, in case u didn’t know.

    U don’t care “who Maynard is married to”?–interesting. Note Maynard says Bill White is not “real” White nationalist (which Linder/VNN also imagines to pretending). Now ask urself–would real “white nationalist” prefer to marry someone who’s white?–isn’t this one of those simple, basic things? But I see–u don’t “care”?–well, now we see more precisely just what difficulties white race finds itself in, don’t we?

    CONCLUSION: So here I rest my case–I get tired dealing so often w. people like u, u know–and imagine–u’re one of the . . . more outspoken of those who at least tries to construe he knows what it’s all about, as regarding “score,” etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  15. apollonian says:

    “We no longer live in “pre-revolutionary” times but are at the point of revolution. Let’s not let this opportunity slip away from us like it did in the 60s, or we are finished for ETERNITY.” -“Orion 14”

    * * * * *

    Patriots, Soldiers, And Heroes Must Accomplish Necessities First To Insure Success, Victory
    (Apollonian, 3 Nov 08)

    Comrade “Orion”: I submit there’s no use getting hysterical (note I’m NOT saying u are) over simple matter of CYCLIC culmination of history–rather calm calculation founded upon accurate scientific observation is merely appropriate.

    Thus best choice to vote for is 3rd party, indubitably–or not to vote at all, as I don’t–it’s easiest.

    For it’s actually most appropriate to speak through Churches, esp. in Christian style/manner, by which we work for Jew-expulsion, as Christians are capable of achieving and enforcing–when they/we put their/our mighty minds to it, by golly.

    Hence we do at least two simple things (among others): (a) we emphasize Jesus was NOT Jew (Talmudist), and was/is in fact extremely anti-semitic (anti-Talmudic, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

    (b) We remove and treat those pretended leaders and people who imagine such delusion as Jesus was Jew–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref. on “Judeo-Christian” [JC] hereticalists.

    CONCLUSION: And if then we can do (a) and (b) above, everything else will fall into place quite well enough–BUT if we don’t do (a) and (b), nothing else will really be effective. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  16. incogman says:

    What is this going on? A mini-blog in my comment section? A little headline, your byline and date? Then some long-winded exposition followed by the CONCLUSION!

    Look, you can say your piece fine (I even let Jew Dykes speak their minds) but I’d like have a little more brevity and to the point business. Forget all the hub-hub about who the hell you are.

    And I don’t want anything about that Roanoke Jew Bill Weiss (aka White), who dresses up as Der Furher, stinking up my blog.

  17. apollonian says:

    Dialectic, Mighty Secret Weapon (A., 3-11-08)
    It’s called “dialectic,” InCogman of slow-cognition–one of the great blessings of new journalistic art-form we call “blogging,” which itself is one of the great blessings of this new thing called INTERNET, which ZOG-Mammon is desperate to shut-down due to damage inflicted, esp. by mighty Apollonian. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  18. incogman says:

    I know exactly what the “hegelian dialectic” biz is. On how we are being marshalled like sheep by generated conflict towards the final goal of slavery to one very small group — variously stated as the Jews, Illuminati, Masons, Knights Templars, Black Popes who are White, Green lizards from another dimension, etc. etc. Or just append Jew to any of the rest.

    Instead of jabbering all the time about the murky recesses of what neither of us are privy to, I’d like to concentrate on what is most obvious and what can readily be observed.

    McCain is part of a stacked deck, i.e. if Obama doesn’t get bought by the sheep, then he’ll be fine for at least now. But Obama is who they really want in — as they complete the transformation of this country into the Jew World Order.

    An ambitious and scurrilous Negro with plenty of dirt to keep him on a leash.

    America is showing signs to waking up to the Jew and the lies of 9/11. This may be the last window of opportunity to install a Nelsen Mendela type over us. They realize that and blessed him over Hillary when they both went to the Bilderburg conf in Nor. VA. back in the Spring.

    I guess we’ll see tomorrow, now won’t we?

  19. Orion14 says:

    This is the last hours of what used to be White America. There will never be another White holding the office of President again, not after Obama confers citizenship to 40 million turd worlders and then opens the gates to the sewage from Africa to India and all points in between. Let us use our remaining days on the censored internet to get out the message before the jews finally pass their law that makes it illegal for ISPs to host anything considered “hateful”. After the shutdown, it’s up to the individual to decide what to do. When making your decision, keep this in mind:

    Cowards die many times before their deaths;
    The valiant never taste of death but once.
    Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
    It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
    Seeing that death, a necessary end,
    Will come when it will come.–

    William Shakespeare
    Julius Caesar, Act 2 Scene 2

  20. apollonian says:

    The Virtue Of Anti-Semitism And Christianity, Most Sublime Weapon
    (A. 4-11-08)

    Gosh “orion,” thanks for the Shakespearean literature and melodrama, but seriously comrade, u have entirely wrong idea. I’m not saying we should be too cheerful here, but u need to be more realistic. Successful anti-semitism requires more business-like attitude–consider history.

    Note it’s natural to have liquidation of the inferiors of little spirit–who are these?–these then are the “moralists,” the little children who take seriously “good-evil” (Pelagian heresy–merely a specific form of Pharisaism).

    Thus while these idiots are being liquidated, and things get even tougher–as it can and will–then the able begin to become motivated–that’s all we’re really looking for, that serious motivation–until then we true anti-semites gotta “lie low” and be patient.

    Meantime evermore people see, who keep their eyes open, hey, “it’s Jews, stupid.” Who’s behind all terrorism and turmoil?–Jews. Who always benefits?–Jews. Who suffers?–gentiles. Slowly but surely evermore people face the facts of reality. Mighty internet and blogging have been tough on Jews, for sure; they gotta do something about that–and even that (removing internet) is not going to help them either.

    So if u notice, Jews are currently into “limited hangout”–it’s “zionists,” now who are the bad guys, these slick Jews want to pretend–or “neo-cons,” as Ron Paul (CampaignForLiberty.com) pretends. Thus Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) begin to fall-out among themselves, CFR’s Walt-Mearsheimer pointing “finger” at “The Israel Lobby.”

    So “orion,” comrade, u just gotta WATCH HISTORIC CYCLE, and how it works, how it’s proceeding. People who take history seriously know only Jew-expulsion is serious, realistic answer/solution.

    For after all is said and done–what actually is the problem?–simple: we got a bunch of scummy criminals and murderers at the head of things, beginning then with that COUNTERFEITING scam/operation (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) which gives them all their practical power.

    And note criminal conspirators don’t like “snitches”–who expose them–that’s why they call truth-telling, “hate-crime” and “hate-speech.” “Politically-correct”?–that merely means u gotta go along (with Jews), sucker.

    And how has Jew-expulsion ever taken place?–only by means of Christians and Christianity, which is really simple and truly rationalist thing when u analyze it for the basics. Christianity IS NOT mysticism and wishful thinking; rather it’s respect for and commitment to TRUTH against Jew lies.

    And of course Christianity works well also as something to be resorted to in face of something else so disgustingly horrid and odious–like Jew lies. People evermore know these “elections” with “electronic voting” is all just an idiotic scam.

    So perhaps it would be best for such as u to understand Christianity as HATRED–hatred of Jews and their lies. Remember Christ told us: “think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword” (Gosp. MATT 10:34).

    CONCLUSION: So comrade “orion,” u just gotta think and consider–what is most outstanding, excellent anti-semitic weapon?–that thing God gives us to kill Jews best and most?–Christianity, brother–halliluyah. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  21. MUNTU says:

    “think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword” (Gosp. MATT 10:34).

    Thou art My battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;

    Jeremiah 51:20

    Are you Estonian or Polish, it’s OK I don’t need an answer.

  22. MUNTU says:

    Apollonian Augustus, Son of a GOD, that shall establish the Age of Gold over fields that once were Saturn’s realm.

  23. Nemesys says:

    Orion – I sincerely hope you are right. I have my doubts. I had a bizaare encunter with and UnWhite woman, from my “Liberal” past, yesterday. I hadn’t seen her for years. I hope I never see her again. She voted for ONegro. I posted this encounter on another one of Incogman’s other essays – but I forgot to add one detail. She hung around with Negro males, decades ago, when we lived in Phildelphia. To “be cool” – and smoke dope. She got taken to a house in West Philly, one weekend, by her “friends”- and was raped. Repeatedly. She was told that “this was her punishement for hanging out with Blacks” by one of the guys that raped her. She;s not the only White female I knew, that had this experience.

    Amd she voted for Obama yesterday.

    I dunno, Orion.

  24. MUNTU says:

    November 5, 2008 at 10:52 am

    Orion – I sincerely hope you are right. I have my doubts. I had a bizaare encunter with and UnWhite woman, from my “Liberal” past, yesterday. I hadn’t seen her for years. I hope I never see her again. She voted for ONegro. I posted this encounter on another one of Incogman’s other essays – but I forgot to add one detail. She hung around with Negro males, decades ago, when we lived in Phildelphia. To “be cool” – and smoke dope. She got taken to a house in West Philly, one weekend, by her “friends”- and was raped. Repeatedly. She was told that “this was her punishement for hanging out with Blacks” by one of the guys that raped her. She;s not the only White female I knew, that had this experience.

    Amd she voted for Obama yesterday.

    I dunno, Orion.

    She’s damaged goods and serves no purpose whatsoever. FAWK HER!
    White women that do this are a Fifth Column and should be viewed and treated as such.

  25. Alternate Viewpoint says:

    What a sad and counterproductive exchange of vitriol you all engage in. Are there conspiracies afoot? The history of the world can be chronicled through political conspiracies. Is it a Jewish conspiracy? Hardly! Is it a Freemasonic conspiracy? Wrong again. Is it an Illuminati conspiracy? Perhaps a bit closer. What everyone seems to miss, and what Christians should certainly recognize, is that it is a satanic conspiracy. Mind you that not all who participate are actively or knowingly working in furtherance of this conspiracy. They are simply “useful idiots” who have been seduced by cunning and trickery, fabulous wealth, power, or whatever inducement works to engage them in the furtherance of this conspiracy. As Lord Acton once observed, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Satan cares not who you blame, or who gets the credit as long as his plans are furthered in the process. People on both sides of this foolish argument are contributing in their own way to a lack of understanding of the dynamics at work here. There are obviously strongly held views on both sides of this dispute, but neither side contributes to understanding or educating others through name-calling and hateful remarks. Food for thought.

  26. incogman says:

    OK, I’ll accept this as a real possibility. Believe me, I have considered it.

    However, that being said, if there are a spiritual forces at work here, we can readily ascribe Human agents in some sort of way, would you not agree?

    Or do you think they co-habitat within human hosts and somehow trade email with Uncle Screwtape thru the ether?

    These agents must have an organization of some sort, a earthly commonality which ties them together in some way. I noticed that you lean towards a nebulous “Illuminati” but what precisely is the Illuminati? And all the other so-called explanations that are meant to decieve and misdirect.

    Also, did not Jesus once upset the Pharisees’ money changers and tell them their father was the king of lies? Was Jesus a warrior for goodness and light? Would he want you to blindly love those who are agents of evil and not combat them openly?

    Food for thought, my friend.

  27. apollonian says:

    Anti-Semitism Follows Logically From Anti-Lies–Very Purpose Of Christianity
    (A., 7-11-08)

    InCog–u don’t quite have it, comrade. Christianity is quest for TRUTH against conspiratorial Jew lies, Jews topmost conspirators, Christ utmost exemplar against Jew lies and conspiracy–as esp. in Gosp. JOHN.

    And Christ is indubitably ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), Christ copping “case” against Jews as the very sons of their father the devil, father of lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). “Good-evil” is for children who need to be told what to do as they have difficulty thinking for themselves.

    Observe mere “good-evil” is subjective which doesn’t hold up for analysis for a solid criterion, good and valid in all cases. “Good-evil” IS NOT the pt. and purpose to Christianity, and imagining it is is Pelagian heresy (“good-works”). Do not be diverted by “good-evil” heresy.

    Judge Jews according to their basic document, Talmud–see RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo. Talmud is simply ritual murder and enslavement of all non-Jews–this is the Jew program, Judaism the religion of lies and war against gentiles.

    Thus as Jews LITERALLY worship lies and war against gentiles, they naturally lead and dominate all organized crime–see Mike Collins Piper’s “The New Jerusalem.”

    In all truth, observe what we gentiles and all humans, white and non-white, are up against–simply a gross, profound CRIMINAL conspiracy, this dominated by Jew masterminds of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam/mechanism/operation/instrument, the Fed a fraud, hence conspiracy by necessary definition. U merely need answer for urself whether counterfeiting is fraud. See also RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Fed fraud.

    For observe counterfeiting can no more become non-fraud than murder is non-crime even if formally legitimized by means of an official “vote” of pretended legislators. Murder is murder, and counterfeiting is always fraud, no matter how one tries to disguise, justify, sanctify, or rationalize.

    Hence then people must be consolidated, rallied, inspired, led, and encouraged towards and upon JEW-EXPULSION. Once then Jews are removed, the conspiracy will be effectively “de-capitated,” and rest of conspirators can and will be mopped-up in due course. This aforementioned Jew-expulsion, then is necessary strategy best led by Christians.

    CONCLUSION: Christians now at this pt. must be themselves consolidated so that every Christian understands necessary, obligatory, and absolute anti-semitism which is imperative. Anti-semitism (anti-lies) is the VERY PURPOSE of Christianity. If u’re NOT absolutely anti-semitic, then u’re just not a Christian, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  28. Don Robison says:

    I never really thought about the Iraq war as a war for isreal. I never believed the lies from bush, I’ve been wonding for so long. I think you’ve nailed it. Will whites wake up? all white populations have negative population growth, or extinction is hard not to expect. This doesn’t stop whites from trying to block prop 8 or from shooting down prop 4. ??? seriously what should we do? whites luv gay sex and abortions!

  29. incogman says:

    Go to my contents page above and read from the section “No More Wars for Israel.” Or go here for the 1st one: http://incogman.wordpress.com/2008/06/17/exit-strategy-never-any-exit-to-begin-with/

    Check out the information on the oil pipelines from Kirkuk, Iraq to Haifa, Israel. Also, check out the Georgia war. The Zionists want control of oil pipelines from the Caucasus region so they can transship to China. It’s all connected bud.

    America is the Jew’s bitch. Or at least they think we are.

    Whites don’t want the gay crap — all that is part of their general Jew behavior in keeping us screwed up so they can profit off us.

  30. Don Robison says:

    “Whites don’t want the gay crap” -incog man

    exit polls show whites in general favor gay marriage in california and blacks favor H8. I wish this wasn’t true, but it seems irrefutable that whites glorify faggy behavior.

    why the incog man stuff? Doesn’t that fall under the being “apathetic white”. Why cower before the PC police? Are you really hiding from people who’s greatest goal in life is to be seen as a victim? why obscure your identity.

    I live at 3430 florida st riverside. My name is Don Robison. Kill me and kill the last white who owned a pair of testicles.

  31. incogman says:

    I guess you haven’t figured out the real Jew deal, yet. But I like your attitude, punk.

  32. Don Robison says:

    tell me the real deal. Why do you hide? The best thing any given white can do is accept martyrdom. This peanut gallery mentality is impotent. The assassination of king was a huge contributing factor in the civil right movement, and your tactics of character assassination have the same effect. The anonymity you espouse belies your true character, which people (including me) will always assume is founded in guilt.

  33. incogman says:

    Look fool, my situation has nothing to do with anything. I could be but a wisp of electrons whizzing down wires and nothing else. What diff does it make and why are you so curious?

    You just read it, think about it and deal with it on your GD own.

    My thinking about you now, is that you might be a pissed-off little homo looking for some payback over prop 8 or another crypto-Jew gradually revealing his true persona and motives. Or maybe a little Negro, thinking about the MLK biz you’ve glommed on.

  34. Don Robison says:

    why the ad hominem attack? I don’t have to even argue with you, or state my case. You have already condemned yourself. Your audience (me and anyone else who visits) doesn’t have to redeem you. They won’t. From the hoods of the KKK to the terrorists obscuring their faces on bin laden videos, no one follows a person who is so unconvinced of their own position they hide behind anonymity. Seriously, think about the way you present yourself. You could augment/inspire your following.

  35. incogman says:

    OK. I guess young brainiac hasn’t read much around here.

    Are you White, straight and hate liberal’s guts? If so, then I take it all back. Unless you are a Christian Zionist. Then I pity you.

  36. Don Robison says:

    I’m a white university student, who see’s the petty lies built into PC/ postmodern think. I realize the white population is decaying exponentially. I have been forced to listen to homo/feminist/latino crap in the university, ironically, because Mexicans have flooded the labor market. I confront people, about their bullshit, who have awesome authority over my life on a daily basis. I see that the liberal scum have a big advantage over you. They have faces, voices, names, and the courage to literally stand-up for their convictions. This is where you, and whites in general fall short.

    You don’t have to take anything back. I own you already. You preemptively judged yourself as a scoundrel, and cower before punishment. your character assassination is, as I said before, impotent.


  37. incogman says:

    Well, first off, that’s who I pegged you for.

    Now, get off your ass, put away the X-box and start raising some serious hell. And you don’t own me, fool. I’m already owned by the Jew Banking Oligarchy.

    And one more thing: Liberal scum are spineless idiots, who’ve sucked down the anti-White brainwashing and are nothing but useful idiots for the real man. They can afford to flounce around in fishneck stockings with their names plastered on their fat gibbering faces and not have the least concern about being targeted by the FBI/CIA/NSA/ADL/SPLC/ARA/NBC/CBS/ABC, etc. etc.

    Got that home boy?


  38. Don Robison says:


    It takes the FBI 5 years to do a name check. A bunch of sand niggers can plan to crash planes into N.Y for decades on American soil, without reprisal.

    You are owned. You admit it. These facts reduce your arguments down to desperate pleas, and bitter insults. No one is going to help you.

  39. incogman says:

    Man, you don’t know JACK. You even still believe all the 9/11 bull.

    Now, I’m going to tell you one last time: Read up some more (here or somewhere else, I don’t give a rat’s ass), think about it, digest it and get out on the street and start speechifying about it to your bros. And, while your at it, start arming up and buying bulk ammo & rice.

    Oh, and I could friggen’ care less what you or any other swinging dick thinks about me.

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