Happy Thanksgiving To White and Red Americans!


Here’s to the noblest and greatest Race of Men and Women to have EVER walked the face of the earth and sailed the Seven Seas; a race that went out to the four corners of the globe and discovered all of what this world entailed, a race that even had the gumption to land and walk on the damned moon — The European White Race!

You know that all us Evil Whiteys are out looking to “oppress” and deny all those “deserving benefits” and the non-stop giveaways of our tax dollars to certain other races living in this country; even to their worthless overseas countries that they consider first before the good old US of A.

Oh, I am quite sure my bold pronouncements here will elucidate carping, griping and whining from those select few who deign to visit my blog with their bountiful race insecurities and/or guilt trips. But guess what? I could friggen’ care less! If you people have such problems with us, then why the hell do you insist on living off us while spitting in our faces every chance you get?

If you don’t like it, you can just move your squirrelly ass on to Tel Aviv or Mozambique and shut the flock up about it!

turkey-platterAnd don’t be trying to educate me on Ancient History, either. I’m fairly knowledgeable about early American History, especially Jamestown,* so all you self-hating Whites had best go off someplace and suck on some greasy Turkey bone to keep your big fat mouths shut. That is, of course, if you’re not going out to eat Chinese or Spinach Lasagna in some cockroach-infested “multicult” restaurant.

But you’ll still suck, nevertheless.

You do know that us Whites are great, don’t you? You fear us thinking along these lines and it shakes you to the marrow. The very idea of Whites banding together in groups of more than 3 or 4, putting on uniforms and big damn boots scares the bejeesus out of you. Why try to deny it?

larrythecabletnWhite people, when they put their mind to things, have been THE major force of all history. We’ve conquered continents, mapped and crossed impossible geographies, tamed pathetic races and put them to work — and all for us! We figure out what needs to be done and get right to it. We’ll invent the most useful tools and sometimes even the most diabolical devices known to man. Whatever it takes the White man to do — we’ll get ‘er done!

OK, sure, we’re not perfect. Have I ever said we were? But generally speaking, in terms of inquisitive intelligence and logic, hand/eye dexterity, raw physical abilities, willingness to plan and work hard towards a far-off goal, Whites are hands-down the absolute crowning achievement of Mother Nature’s evolutionary process.

At some point, around 30,000 to 50,000 years ago, the White race strode forth on the scene with our greatly enlarged craniums and, eager for adventure, started to take over the turf of wherever the hell we went. As the Romans once said: We came, we saw, we conquered.

You other races had better be glad we just didn’t kill you right off when we got done with your sorry butts.

We chased the Neanderthal out of Europe, ate our way through various herds of quadrupeds, tamed other beasts and put them to work for us, or rode around on them like the Kings of the roost we are. After eating certain species, we stitched together bad boy leather jackets out of their skins — yep, we are the world’s original Bad Asses of all time!


Eventually, we invented metal smithing — hammering out swords, battle axes, armor and scary helmets. We soon followed that with guns, the compass and cleverly-rigged sailing ships and then struck-off for the far horizon, looking to take our act on the road. The White man has always been adventurous and daring.

We also invented the printing press, oil painting, the piano and the violin. We wrote in-depth histories and ground-breaking science. We entertained ourselves with fantastic novels and plays. We invented optics and the telescope to gaze out at the heavens and the microscope to lay eyes on the infinitesimal. We crafted exquisitely fine pocket watches and clocks to keep perfect time. We figured out the math behind the cosmos and navigation, discovered medicines to keep us running on all cylinders and then we went and came up with those cylinders to run our invented cars and planes!

How’s that for some amazing and hellacious White smarts? Whites are like always, ALWAYS coming up with the cool things that make life smarter, easier and better!

So now we get to eat that big Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, cooked in our wonderful kitchens using the pots and pans that the North American Native women so lusted for (which probably had as much to do with our past conflicts as anything). And yes, I do know the history of the Pilgrims and the fact that the Native American made it all possible on that day so long ago. No doubt about it.

Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with the history of the American Indians. Or what is known. From the Powatan Confederacy to the mean-as-hell Blackfoot. I know the big bellies (Gros Ventres) were often considered moochers, the Tuscarora first lived in North Carolina and the Sioux War Chief Crazy Horse refused to have his portrait made. I’ve always had a special love and interest in the Native peoples of North America.

Also, I know what Andrew Jackson did to the Cherokee nation, even after them being his stalwart ally at the battle of Horse Shoe Bend. I know about places like Wounded Knee and the Black Hills. But no one can ever say that the White man has never tried hard to be the friend of the Native American — maybe we’ve been stupid, dishonest and greedy at times, of which I will sadly admit.

And I know that it was ages ago and today’s White guilt has been nurtured and inflamed by lying, liberal intellectuals and Jewry for the many decades now. I know that you Whites out there, do think about it and feel unnecessary and unwarranted guilt, but remember — chances are — your ancestors had absolutely nothing to do with anything.scalping

Us White people need to stop apologizing for every dam thing that’s ever happened!

But the Indian hasn’t always been Mr. Goody Two Shoes, either. You’ve done your share of evil things to us and even to each other. Skinning us alive with mussel shells, sticking lit tapirs into our flesh, scalping guys who were going bald anyways and then running off into the woods with our women to drink the liquor we traded you for mangy animal pelts.

Indian men have been as big SOB’s as us SOBing White men. It’s only the ladies of both our races who are worth a flying flock for putting up with us!

So, let the two of our races forget all that. The Native American has a lot to be proud of. No other race has lived so intimately with the natural world and knows such woodcraft and has so much hunting ability. Noble warriors all.


And for all those Cherokee who might read this: I’m personally sorry for what was done to your kind in 1836. But don’t let all those soft and weak, Politically Correct White liberals or know-it-all Jew historians at lefty Universities lie you into thinking it was thirty thousand who died on the Trail of Tears; when it was less than a thousand (not that it makes it any less tragic, of course).

And you Cherokees fought well in the War of Northern Aggression and all us real White people will never forget your bravery!

Yep, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say without a doubt, the White man is indeed indebted to the North American native peoples. I’d personally like to see the Black Hills and the island of Manhattan turned back over to them and all the Jew “Investment” Bankers, Wall Street scam artists, Kosher-label blackmail families and Blood Diamond dealers frog-marched down to the docks on the lower West side and shipped off on a slow boat to GD Madagascar!

And Whites have never been so bad to the Native Americans or to any other races as much as they have to themselves in the end. We’ve allowed a parasitic race to burrow into us, under us — pretending to be such good friends — but one who worked scurrilously to subvert our moralities and cohesion, while stealing us blind and finagling us into fighting wars for them — often on our own dam selves.

All the races have done their share of evil in the world, too. And to White people, as well. Mostly, Americans never really hear much about it since the politically correct environment has designated only the White Man as fair game. And it all should be a lesson to Whites that if we don’t stick together, what the other races can and will do to us, given the chance. Disunity among your race is what eventually did the Native Americans in. Will you sit there idly by and let history repeat itself?

This same embedded race is the one responsible for manipulating Native Americans and self-hating liberal Whites into unnecessary hate for us over the last few decades. Just like what they did with the Negroes over slavery. The bitterness that was left, was fanned backed into flame by those who would keep other races in a state of perpetual upheaval only for their own advantage. Think about it and you’ll see that’s precisely the deal.

People worry about the direction this country is going for good damn reason, but haven’t a clue on the whys and wherefores. You’re not alone, believe me.

That’s why I am counting on you to pay close attention to what’s behind the scenes and do not believe everything you see on TV. God, please don’t do that. Read between the lines and check into what others have to say about things. Remember, the real power structure of America and the owned, lying, corporate media will spin things to make it sound so helpful, but turn around and do something so completely opposite that it leaves you scratching.

Think about it all here for a minute. They’re the ones who made it out that NAFTA was such a good thing and we would all be “information workers” and all that bull. They’re the ones who now have the whole world hating us, when they used to love us. There’s a million and half things they’ve been doing to this country over the last 40 years and even longer — things that they hope you don’t put two and two together about.

It’s all been Jew Globalist lying and misdirection and always has. Far too many White Americans have been snowed almost completely by this sneaky and devious race. I told you earlier we were not perfect and this is why.

Note, how these people immediately spring on the offensive with all the “anti-Semite” crap, when it comes to any White solidarity and us figuring out their on-going scam operations. They don’t want that happening, no matter what, and are always on guard to prevent it. What’s that tell you? They can’t have us get all prideful and come looking for them to plant our hob-nailed boots up their fat asses!

wildturkeylogoSo, here’s to my race, the White Race and also to the American Indians, on this 2008 Thanksgiving Day. It may be the last time I get to say this to the public and we sure as hell don’t know what the 2009 Thanksgiving dinner might be like. We may need you Indians come back around with some wild Turkeys and fresh Venison to helps us make the meal.

And I’ll have waiting for you our favorite brand of “Wild Turkey” — the particular kind we both love way too much!

— Phillip Marlowe

* Jamestown was founded 13 years before the Pilgrims and Plymouth rock. It only achieved it’s current historical prominence because of Yankee intellectuals during the War of Northern Aggression were trying to find a way to bury the Southern roots to the US! No lie. Here’s to the original White settlers of Jamestown!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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0 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving To White and Red Americans!

  1. Skinnylegsandall says:

    Here,Here Incog Man—-Happy Thanksgiving!!!!—Thanks for hanging tough man.Life became so much more clear and meaningful when I identified the source of the frustration and misery—-jews—-.You are blessed by what you do—-Thanks Again.

  2. Kenny says:

    A very appropriate Thanksgiving message Phillip.

  3. Nemesys says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Incogman – FYI – Land Bridge Asians were rotten and vicious to one another, long before Europeans showed up. I beleive the invading Asians slaughtered the true Natives of the North American land mass. All we have left is Kennewick Man…………anyway – there were Tribes, like the Cherokee, that thought that White Civilization had real benefits, and tried to adopt European legal and social structures. Never-the-less – I don’t want to nit-pick over these matters. We have a common purpose – we must proclaim the truth, and help all peoples to see what used to be called, “The Big Picture” in driver training classes. We need to reveal the true enemy of Humanity – the members of the Synagogue of Satan. Until the true identity of these vampires is seen by all, Chaos will continue to spread throughout the world. We, the Racially Awakened Whites, are literally the light in the Darkness. We have been enjoined, whether we know it or not, to show the way. We may stumble, and falter – but we will prevail. We are White. We must remember this always, and honor our Race, by acting with honor. Love to all my Brothers and Sisters.

  4. Joy says:

    Great post Nemesys! Happy Thanksgiving to all my kindred.

  5. Fleur de lis says:

    Great read…..Have a great Thanksgiving day.

    I have been delving into this Mumbai (Bombay) bombing and the jew is already in the news fray as usual. Apparently these so-called terrorists were able to ferry themselves fom Karachi Pakistan and land without detection (fake ID’s?). There are several reports the terrorists occupied the jewish Nariman House (Chabad sect) and that no one was killed and all hostages were released.

    What is curious is the location of this Nariman house compared to the attacked luxury hotels were scores have been killed. The Hariman house lies about equi-distant between the Taj and the Trident-Oberoi Hotels on a street that is out of the way and off of the main routes. How did these so-called Muslim terrorists find their way there?

    Did they stage their plan at the Nariman house, then after the attacks did several of the scared terrorists fleed back to the Nariman house to hide and escape death? I looked at the google map of Mumbai (Bombay). It is very interesting how no Muslim terrorist killed anyone at the Nariman house. Reports say there were 6 of them still there and one was killed here. These links will explain





    input the Taj Hotel after viewing this map of Nariman and Trident-Oberoi hotel.


  6. don Robison says:

    “I am personally sorry for what was done to your kind in 1836”

    I personally can’t apologize. No one who is remotly related to me ever took part in any of that. I kinda wish they were though; I would gloat! posession is a illusion, anyway. White men were first on the moon as you said. If blacks set up a colony on the moon, you will not hear me whining, or asking for reparations.

  7. incogman says:

    Well, you’re probably right there, Don. Good to see all the White backbone around here!

  8. Nemesys says:

    Incogman – thanks for your great essays, and for your fortitude in running this site. I know you put a LOT of effort into this. I have never run a blog; I know folks who do, though. It takes real dedication. And bravery. I reckon that any-one involved with White Nationalism, on any level, already has their name on a list of some kind. Your essays are lucid, thought-provoking, and usually vut right to the chase. (You can also be very funny! I’m thinking of that post-Onegro-installation Apologia. That was a screech!) Thanks again for stepping up to the plate – and batting in those home-runs!

  9. psyn says:

    “But the Indian hasn’t always been Mr. Goody Two Shoes, either. You’ve done your share of evil things to us and even to each other. Skinning us alive with mussel shells, sticking lit tapirs into our flesh, scalping guys who were going bald anyways and then running off into the woods with our women to drink the liquor we traded you for mangy animal pelts.

    Indian men have been as big SOB’s as us SOBing White men. It’s only the ladies of both our races who are worth a flying flock for putting up with us!”

    Yeah, well, what would you do if someone invaded your land….Oh yeah, we have a pretty good idea of what you would do to people born and bred here whom you do not like. It goes without saying you thinking is beyond being merely muddled.

    Let’s get this straight: Whites invaded north america, and wiped out the native population and you wonder why natives acted the way they did. You on the other hand, are so offended by people who where born here,but do not share the same skin colour that you want to kick them out and do god knows what else to them and you pass it off as ‘white survival’.

    Of course you go on to take credit for inventing guns, science and math. Fool, don’t you realize gun powder was invented by the chinese and ‘borrowed’ by whites. In regard to math, europeons ‘borrowed’ that to after invading and sacking Islamic lands during the crusades.

    And I love this

    “And I know that it was ages ago and today’s White guilt has been nurtured and inflamed by lying, liberal intellectuals and Jewry for the many decades now. I know that you Whites out there, do think about it and feel unnecessary and unwarranted guilt, but remember — chances are – your ancestors had absolutely nothing to do with anything.”

    Assuming what you say is true about white ‘triumpths’ then this holds true for those as well especially the last part “— chances are – your ancestors had absolutely nothing to do with anything.” , especially where YOUR ancestors are concerned incog.

  10. incogman says:

    Oh, I knew this blog posting would be way too juicy for Kyke Dyke to ignore. You’re just the kind of perfidious Jew who seeks to inflame other races against the White man in the first place.

    You hate straight White people and the mere idea of Whites getting together and feeling pride over themselves, is enough to give you nightmares while you sleep with Lulu, that obese lesbo friend of yours.

    I was just waiting to hear from the peanut gallery on this one.

    Whites improved gunpowder way past where the Chinese had it. I guess you never heard of smokeless powder. We did invent guns and took math far, far past where it had been with any Muslims.

    And that’s the barest tip of what Whites have done. You know it, I know it. So stick that turkey bone back in your fat mouth and shut the hell up!

  11. don Robison says:

    im so disappointed you left out the accomplishment of my ancestors, specificaly, evicting the mexicans out of the far west. You are all welcome.


    from your logic we could thank the greeks for computers since they first noticed the electric force! How hollow headed you must be, to think exploding powder = guns. hey, chinese also invented steam cooking, should we also credit them with steam engines? Maybe we should just credit you with everything since, from your tone, its clear you are better than all of us.

  12. Orion14 says:

    “Let’s get this straight: Jews invaded Palestine, and wiped out the native population and you wonder why natives acted the way they did. You on the other hand, are so offended by people who where born there,but do not share the same skin colour or gutter religious values that you want to kick them out and do god knows what else to them and you pass it off as ‘jewish survival’.”

    There, I fixed it for you, kyke Dyke.

  13. African Warrior says:

    When you going to do article about MUMBAI ATTACKS? It seems “Al Mossada” struck again! Thats what happens when you get too cozy with jews! (india allows jews who stole wealth of white nations to stay there)

    I hope China learns from this! The parasite jews love false flags and pitting race/religion against each other!


  14. African Warrior says:

    OH and another thing! Never allow JEWS TO COME TO YOUR COUNTRY FOR COUNTER-TERRORISM! They are the real terrorists!

  15. probablecoz says:

    As for this post on Thanksgiving, well it could not come at a better time.
    This is a read that could be used as a prayer around the table on any day.

    As far as the kyke dyke, she even stole the handle “psyn” from a white man who has been one the top system admins this world has known.

    This jew has the audacity to even attempt to put its self on anything near the intelligence or the ability of the awesome real psyn.
    It has not the creativity nor intelligence to come up with it’s own handle.
    Typical jew thievery trying to look good on the backs of a White.

    Where ever people gather and make things good, a jew always comes and tries to totally ruins whatever quality and essence of wholesomeness has been built.

    At any rate, this was a good post.
    Thanks for your continued efforts. They are highly appreciated.

  16. Nemesys says:

    Hey Psyn – so – do real Americans get to go around scalping Israelis – since they’ve infiltrated and usurped our Government? Why is EVERY Jewish holiday all about invading and taking over a host Nation? Why? What’s wrong with you Hebes?

  17. Frank says:

    Well, it appears the only thing that matters to the ZOG news this weekend is the Chabad Jewish Center. I mean, every headline on every major news site is about the Jewish Center. Not India, not the victims, but the Jewish Center.

  18. incogman says:

    To Nemesys and all Whites who dare to open their minds:

    Yes, I’m familiar with Kennewick man. There are many bits of evidence for White caucasians on the North American landmass 10,000 years ago or maybe longer.

    Personally, I think its all true. Now, whether or not that makes us the true “owners” of the continent is a question that is moot. Why?

    Because, later on, we came we saw and we conquered!

    North America was pretty much wide open. Yeah, our diseases decimated a lot of them in advance. And any civilizations that existed were long gone due to their own built-in flaws (like the Missisippi culture).

    It was a foregone conclusion that we’d take over the place, sooner or later. And hell, Whites are my race and whatever we want to do, I’m all for it. We now need to kick the Jews out and come to some agreements with Negroes or kick their asses out too.

  19. Joy says:

    “We now need to kick the Jews out and come to some agreements with Negroes or kick their asses out too.”
    That brought a smile to my face! There will be a whole lot of ass-kicking going on.
    Glad to hear you know about the Kennewick man, ancient stone tablets written in Hebrew and Phoenician found in America and many more artifacts to prove our existance here in America.

  20. incogman says:

    Yeah, these were stone-age Whites, sometimes called the Solutrean peoples from Europe who came over after the last Ice age.

    Fossil points called Clovis and even earlier styles were discovered in caches, exactly like those found in Europe.

    These were NOT religious burials of points for a dead Native American, but a kinda future “bank” for a particular band of hardy Whites for when they arrived back at a location during their migration patterns.

    An insurance policy in case the band needed weapons when making it to that location. Whites always think ahead!

    They may have interbred, or were killed off, with the migrating asian populations from the land bridge, many moons ago. Are we going to let it happen again here?

  21. don Robison says:

    hey, on the whole india terror thing. Larry king opened his program announcing a rabbi died! His opening line! It gets 27 hours coverage!

  22. incogman says:

    Yeah, and a Chabadist to boot. These are the same people who think it would be OK to take a Gentile off the street and rob him of his liver to save a Jew.

    Chabadist-Lubavitchers are right-winger Jewish supremacists who want to enslave the Gentile race. For real. People need to look into these Chabadists.

    Did you see that sickening thing on “American Heroes” on Thanksgiving day on Larry King? 1 New Ager White women actress with her Negro New Ager handler, 2 Jews (one was Bill Maher if you can believe that) and 2 Negroes.

    Larry King is a BIG FAT Jew.

  23. anarchore says:

    A wonderful essay filled with magnanimity, grace, and insight Phil! (Aside from the very diplomatic passage about the ‘pathetic races’, LOL)

    What do you think about the Iroquios confederacy? Apparently the founding fathers took some inspiration from the native government.

    I just wrote a post about David Ahenakew, a brave Native Canadian who still maintains that he believes the Jews started WWII, even though the Jews have him up on thought crime charges here in Canada.

    [one thing Phil, if you go to your wordpress dashboard, go to “users” tab on the right, then the “your profile” tab, scroll down and where it says website, please enter your url. That way when you post on the internets, folks(or volks) can follow you back home. You can delete this paragraph if you wish]

  24. incogman says:

    Thanks. The five nations (later seven) nations of the Iroquis and the Tree symbology. I can never remember Indian names. You should read the book “A light in the forest,” one of my all time favorite books when I was a kid.

    I’ll check out that blog post later. Funny how everybody but Jews gets popped up there. I understand that Jew writer who dissed the Muslims went free as a bird.

    That’ll come here soon enough. I sure hope Americans start thinking!

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