Major Developments in Obama Citizenship Case


by James Buchanan

There have been two major developments in the Obama citizenship case. The first involves the discovery of a mostly blank Hawaiian birth certificate form that matches the alleged Obama birth certificate on That alleged Obama birth certificate has already been widely criticized for not having a certification seal and for having the document number blanked out. The discovery of this matching mostly blank form appears to be the “smoking gun” that proves it is a fraud.

The second news story involves a Muslim Imam from Mombasa, Kenya, who claims that his grandfather was present when Barack Obama was born in Kenya. This Imam has said that he has documents proving his claims.


A crop from the image for which “opendna” aka Jay McKinnon takes credit (see context in reproduction below). Posted on Photobucket and in comments attached to the Daily Kos blog post where the purported Obama birth certificate first appears before “Fightthesmears” Obama site [read the Israeli Insider link below].



Here’s the complete Certification of Birth Document with comments in red.


Proper Short form Certificate of Live Birth [INCOG].


Proper Long form Certificate of Birth from 1963 (note pertinent hospital information). This is the only form of Birth Certificate accepted for most background checks, even US security and intelligence like the FBI and DHS. [INCOG].


This image was downloaded directly from Obama’s “fight the smears” website by your’s truly. This computer image is the only evidence EVER provided for Obama’s so-called US birth [INCOG].

An article from Israeli Insider reports “the ISLAND OF BIRTH and the HOUR OF BIRTH is identical on the ‘Haye I.B Ahphorgerie’ [“Hey, I be a forgery”] and blank certificates as well as the purported ‘Obama birth certificate,’ which also claims 7:24 pm as the HOUR OF BIRTH and Oahu as the ISLAND OF BIRTH. The odds of an identical time occurring by chance in two certificates is 1440 to 1. Either the former is derived from the latter, or the latter is derived from the former. If ‘Haye I.B Ahphorgerie’ were derivative of the purported ‘Obama birth certificate,’ it would have meant that — in a matter of minutes on the morning of June 12, 2008, opendna would have had to tracelessly erase all fields (save ISLAND OF BIRTH and the HOUR OF BIRTH), and to painstakingly remove the blacked out area near CERTIFICATE NO and the reversed date that appears at the bottom of the purported ‘Obama birth certificate.’ Given the complexity of the background pattern, it would have been difficult to do this without leaving behind traces of the extractions…”


An article from the African Press reports “The Imam who came forward to assist in the search of Barack Obama’s identity left Kenya secretly last night, and will arrive in the UK this morning. He will meet with a US contact person who will assist him in recording an asylum statement in the UK after handing over the documents that caused the blessing of Obama when he was born and to confirm the origin of the name Hussein. The man will join relatives in the UK because his life will be in danger if he were to return to Kenya after removing the documents from the Mosque’s archives and taking them out of the country. The man has been informed about the on-going case filed in the US Supreme Court by attorney Philip Berg challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship.”

Now, the African Press may or may not be a reliable source. Also the government of Britain might suppress this story and the British media may refuse to pick it up. Perhaps the best course of action would be to watch the London Daily Telegraph or the French AFP to see if this story gets any additional coverage.

What’s most interesting about the Obama citizenship scandal is that NO EYEWITNESSES have come forward to support Barack Obama’s claim that he was born in the US. Surely there must be some nurses or neighbors who would remember Barack Obama being born — if he were born in Hawaii. A half-Black baby was extremely unusual in 1961, but not one young nurse from 1961 has come forward to say that she remembers Obama being born at a Hawaiian hospital. Meanwhile, there have been three of Obama’s African relatives, who claim he was born in Kenya — and now this Imam, who claims to have documentary proof.

Two recent YouTube broadcasts of Obama’s African grandmother have appeared. In the first YouTube video Sarah Obama states that Obama was born in a Kenyan village. In the second YouTube video Sarah Obama states that she was present when Obama was born in Kenya. (See videos below article.)

If Obama were born in a Hawaiian hospital in 1961, then why did his surrogates put up a phony photoshopped birth certificate? Why hasn’t Obama bothered to pay $10 to get his birth records so that this whole controversy could be put to rest? Either Obama thinks he can arrogantly brush aside any request that he should prove that he was born in the US because he feels he is above the law or Obama’s birth records have something wrong with them, which might lead to people finding out that he was born in Kenya.

One popular theory is that his mother, Ann Dunham Obama, brought him back from Kenya immediately after he was born, and then falsely claimed that he was born at home. His original birth records in Hawaii would say whether he was born in a hospital or if his mother registered his birth outside a hospital after the fact. If his mother did scam the Hawaiian authorities to get US citizenship for Barack Obama, then he is definitely not “natural born” and does not meet the Constitutional requirement to be president. It is additionally possible that Barack is technically an “illegal alien” who never got US citizenship legally and that he isn’t even qualified to be a US Senator.

Source document


NO EYEWITNESSES have come forward to support Barack Obama’s claim that he was born in the US. Surely there must be some nurses or neighbors who would remember Barack Obama being bornif he were born in Hawaii. A half-Black baby was extremely unusual in 1961, but not one young nurse from 1961 has come forward to say that she remembers Obama being born at a Hawaiian hospital. Meanwhile, there have been three of Obama’s African relatives, who claim he was born in Kenyaand now this Imam, who claims to have documentary proof.



African Press International (link below) appears to be under fierce attack by Obamites, Anti-Racist Activists and whomever. The document discussed above was taking down by them, after being spammed non-stop by someone or some group called “Mountain Sage.” The Imam is expected to arrive in Britain and go into hiding. Pay close attention to any oversea’s sources about all this, since the US media will not mention the issue one iota, due to being owned by the very same people behind Obama to begin with. In other words: Censorship from the Zionist Power Structure.

Also, API often seems kind of awkward, but this is due to them being African and not native english speakers. Take that into account when going to their site. The point is that there is more evidence that shows Obama’s birth in Kenya then in the US and that, my friends, shows he is unconstitutionally qualified for president of the US. If you think that this is but a minor matter, please reconsider.

If such people can put in a technically unqualified person into office (to say nothing about his other lying), while having such daming goods on him, what does that mean for the US and our future? And what does this really mean for your “world-view?” Think about it!

Go to the Israeli Insider site (they are not NAZIS, like you think I am*) and read it all the way through and then you decide:

Without a valid birth certificate, the primary record of US birth, Obama cannot prove that he fulfills the “natural born citizen” requirement of the Constitution, throwing into doubt his eligibility to run for President and throwing the race into turmoil. His presumed Kenyan-born father was foreign-born, and his mother was too young at the time of birth to confer natural born status by virtue of her American citizenship. Thus his citizenship comes down to proving he was born in the USA, and his campaign has staked its credibility on the authenticity of the Daily Kos-derived birth certificate image.

Go here for fast synopsis: It’s all a lie, people.



…for more (topic collection) of what I have to say about Obama and why it’s all so critically important to understand why America is being screwed-over in a MAJOR WAY.

Read this: The Election of Obama makes Perfect Sense

My article on why I think they put this guy in now, while they had the chance.


Israeli Insider article explains fully the on-line discovery of the person responsible for the fraud.

Exclusive digital investigation PROVES COLB image was a FRAUD! Atlas Shrugged article and images Techdude must be the guy in the first link, Ron Polarik.

African Press International (may not stay up and appears funky because of language).

* I’ve never said all Jews were bad — just a lot of them and the Zionist/Globalist Power Structure behind 9/11 and Iraq. Regular Jews can be major league pains in the ass and are often naturally subversive when it comes to the rest of us. They know the real deal and see a lot more than most sleeping Whites — that’s why they make so much effort to snow Gentiles and in shutting up those of us who’ve figured it out.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Ted says:

    Unavoidable scenario: If SCOTUS disqualifies Obama BEFORE 1/20/09 inauguration, McCain is POTUS per remaining electoral college electors; if SCOTUS disqualifies Obama after 1/20/09 inauguration, Hillary likely becomes POTUS per vote of Dem controlled House of Rep. Either way, is clear Obama will NOT be or remain POTUS.

  2. psyn says:

    Pretty funny, because one of the ‘reproductions’ you had on this site actually had seals, now all of a sudden the seals are gone, and if you look carefully at the document here you can also see the remanants of a seal that appear to have been photoshopped out. Another thing, it is common practice to blank out things like certificate numbers to avoid identity theft, hardly evidence that the document is phoney

  3. incogman says:

    Oh total BS. I’ve done JACK to any image.

    The original image from Obama’s site right above you (the last one and has the same file name). The “remnants” appears to be a bleed thru from some kind of inked stamped on the back. And this is the very same business on a purported new document that was then put up on the Obama site in a pathetic attempt to prove it was all real.

    Read the Israeli Insider article people! If it was faked to begin with, what does that say?

    Forget all this! Why do they not release the original hospital long form? This short form document is not even acceptable to obtain Dept. of Homeland Security clearences.

    And I’ve clearly said in other posts the story about the numbers having nothing to do with ID theft. In fact, they’ve even released some numbers that do not relate to anything that can be researched by third parties.

    You’re a funny joke to an awakening America that has had more than enough out of you liberal and Jew liars.

  4. apollonian says:

    “Psyn,” u are pathetic, u utterly brainless, stupid Jew moron. Don’t u realize ur idiotic babbling merely adds to confirmation of Jew fraud–for Jew frauds depend on disinfo artists like urself to spam various sites and sources in order to “add” embellishment which u scum think will psyche the goyim–and this is aside fm fact many of ur “facts” and allegations are obvious, brainless lies which u evidently made up off top of ur head when u posted, u idiot. Why do u waste ur time?–Jew filth. “Psyn,” who would lie, so desperately, so obsessively, like u, unless u were Jew?–U’re PURE Jew, “Psyn.”

    * * * * *

    Obama Kenya Situation, Bad Enough As It Is, Is Actually Irrelevant To Pertinent Indonesian Facts–Obama Is Citizen Of Indonesia
    (Apollonian, 15 Nov 08)

    Anyway, the pt. for my entry here is to make important note for InCog’s expo, which is that Kenyan birth is not the only problem for Obama, in fact, isn’t even the primary problem.

    For additional fatal fact is, so far as we know, Obama was adopted by his Indonesian step-dad, Soetoro, making Obama a citizen of Indonesia, requiring Obama to be naturalized in order to regain American citizenship–even if he was in fact already citizen, naturally born, which is now so questionable.

    CONCLUSION: So fact is that Kenyan birth or not–is actually irrelevant. Ck the smashing video at, at top of page. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. PURGIN john der baptist MUDS sum mo' says:


  6. Orion14 says:

    In all honesty, I wouldn’t trust what some muslim nigger in Kenya says about having documents to prove it’s case. He’s probably saying this in hopes of pulling a Nigerian type scam over the people that want it. However, it’s very suspicious that the DNC and Hussein Barack would not produce it. Perhaps it has a different father on it, who knows.

  7. incogman says:

    This little fool named Blaque (yeah, he must be a french Negro) has himself a Horror blog (a sure sign of a Nerdy little Negro). Him and his crew put up some comments dissing me, and when I replied, he shut me down. What a little fag boy. None of those spineless worms has the guts to say JACK here.

    Here’s my last comment that failed to go through since he’s such a coward and can’t let people properly defend themselves:


    Oh, wait, I must be talking to Mr. Blaque himself. Or is it Mr. Black? I know that some Nerdy Blacks are into Horror and Superman, so maybe that’s whats going on here.

    Too much!


  8. incogman says:


    The little coward Blaque locked me out from replying to those with real questions, so that’s the only reason why I haven’t answered anything. He revels in his silly ass replies to someone who can’t respond in kind, so that makes him the total worm.

    You’re welcome to ask pertinent questions here and even give me all the hell you want, without me taking the coward’s way out by blocking your responses.

    Even “Blaque Boy” (he’ll love that) can give it his best shot. But I won’t hold my breath waiting on that blubbering little idiot.

  9. Nemesys says:

    Re: “Psyn” – isn’t it amazing that even a little teeny blog, like this one, has a resident Jew Shaitian?

  10. incogman says:

    You mean or Sayan or Sayanim, right? But I do get a fair amount of traffic considering that WordPress has rated me as mature and other WordPress bloggers don’t see my new posts. You have to have my address to even know I exist.

  11. incogman says:

    If Obama is disqualified then Biden becomes the President Elect, not McCain. Either way there will be a Democrat in the White House come January.

  12. incogman says:

    Man, you had better stop using my name, you little SOB.

  13. Fleur de lis says:

    Looking at the pic of Barack above, I can really see a faint resemblance to Frank Marshall Davis. The eyes and lips, tell it all. Obama’s history may be more f#%k’d up than we might ever fathom.

  14. incogman says:

    Looking at the pic of Barack above, I can really see a faint resemblance to Frank Marshall Davis. The eyes and lips, tell it all. Obama’s history may be more f#%k’d up than we might ever fathom.

    My thoughts exactly. He looks more like the commie Negro than the Kenyan. That’s why I called him a bastard. He may, in fact, have also been born in Kenya but sired by an entirely different Negro!

    This guy is complete and utter travesty on the once great America. Brought to you by the Jew.

  15. CyranoJV says:

    incogman, did you read the the name on the birth certificate of the person who was born at the same time and on the same island as Barack Obama? It is Haye I.B Ahphorgerie, correct? Did you get the joke behind the name? Read the name phonetically: “Hey. I Be A forgery.” Get it?

    The Haye I.B Ahphorgerie document is a fake. There was no coincidence. It was obviously created as a hoax by someone.

  16. incogman says:

    Of course it was, dumb-ass.

    “Corvo”, a very frequent commenter on Daily Kos, had written at 10 am: I’m sure that every forgery includes a note that essentially says “Hey! I’m a forgery!”

    At 01:27:12 PM PDT, some three hours later, under the subject “!!!” and without any further comment, OpenDNA posts a crop of his Haye I.B Ahphorgerie image.

    In other word, in response to Corvo’s comment, McKinnon makes a visual “joke” — “Hey,” the document is saying: “I be a forgery!”

    Remarkably, though, the Ahphorgerie crop appears seven minutes before opendna posts the “blank template” birth certificate image with the suggestion to “print one up” for Obama. So opendna was working on the image at that time.

    The guy that did the whole thing, dropped in the name and put it up laughing about it all. What, you think he had to use “John Doe” or something? I guess you didn’t bother to read the Israeli link I provided.

    And no, you’re not coming out of my moderation que. You screwed that one up with your bullshit about using my name and other poster’s names.

    Got that, Blaque Boy?

  17. incogman says:

    But hell, you did make me look at the first image again. The “Israeli reporter” copy that was overlayed in red said it was an Israeli reporter who did the Ahphorgie copy and was wrong.

    The link from Israeli Insider shows it was a poster named “opendna” on the Daily who did it.

    I didn’t do anything other than get the image from the original article site. Except for the last image which I downloaded from Obama’s “Fight the Smears” site. That alone tells you that Obama’s crew picked up the same crap from the Daily KOS.

    Just go read the Israeli Insider article and go complain to the anti-Obama Jews.

    Screw it all. The long form certificate of birth with hospital info should be released to a third party. Think about it: What’s the GD deal there?

    But I guess they need more time for the same people who did the Yellow Cake forgery to put out a ironclad job. Once Obama gets in, then maybe we’ll see it.

  18. Ann says:

    But when is this going to be covered in the main stream media? Thats what I would like to know.

  19. incogman says:

    It won’t. Never.

    Just like all the things about 9/11, the North American Union, the “NAFTA” superhighway, Black on White crime (like the Anne Pressly case), the White population being surplanted by non-Whites in their own countries, the purposeful Banking crisis, our dollar to be replaced with the Amero, no news stories about Whites being physically attacked for being pro-McCain, investigations of the Kosher tax, White slavery in Israel, vile Homo diseases and behavior, South African Whites being killed by Blacks, anything whatsover to do with Palestinians being slowly dispossed, etc. etc. ETC.

    Our media is owned by the very same people behind ALL OF THIS.

    They know what they can or can’t talk about. They are people behind the camera, producers, editorial managers, embedded Jew “Sayan” to watch over it, etc. All who keep such issues out of the public mind because they’ll be fired if they get too close to the real deal.

    Watch carefully and you’ll sometimes see awkward brevity and nervousness when they come close to things that they’ve been told to stay away from. Note how little they talk about CDS and derivitives. Note how it’s still open season on Palin and other ridiculous non-news to fill the air time. Note how you’ll see certain stories not covered for 24 to 48 hours as they figure out the “spin.” Note how certain people will still stay in power like Lieberman and Frank. And you’ll see nothing but pro-Obama stuff (they are already comparing him to great presidents and he hasn’t spent a day in office) and more and more lies from here on out.

    We’ve been played for suckers for a long time now. Wake the F**K up White America!

  20. incogman says:

    Kenya Ambassador Confirms Obama BORN IN KENYA!!!

    Kenyan Ambassador plainly admits Obama was born in Kenya and that the location of his birth is “already an attraction” and that a monument may be built there by the government.

    Listen beginning at 12:15 into the MP3 File on this page…

  21. apollonian says:

    Awwww–Big Joke Is Now Deflated
    (Apollonian, 21 Nov 08)

    Incredible–seems almost like it might be hoax–still we know the guy’s (Obama) an alien in any case.

    The consequences are tremendous, of course, as I’ve noted. People will want to know why Democratic party went along with all this travesty. This isn’t Apri Fool’s day is it? Keep up ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  22. Blueearth says:

    Kosher Obamanation cabinet expands: Today, Tim Geithner head of the New York federal reserve bank, was nominated to be the new treasury secretary under obama. ALL JEW 24/7.. So long Iran!

  23. incogman says:

    Digital Examination of COLB image now conclusively proven FRAUDULANT!

    Techdude delivers a final report that exceeds my wildest expectations. It is irrefutable, empirical evidence – Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Why? Why a COLB (certificate of live birth) forgery? That is the question.

    Insofar as “techdude’s” credentials, he is an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, International Information Systems Forensics Association – the list goes on. He also a board certified as a forensic computer examiner, a certificated legal investigator, and a licensed private investigator. He has been performing computer based forensic investigations since 1993 (although back then it did not even have a formal name yet) and he has performed countless investigations since then.


    So as I have been saying repeatedly since I first compared the KOS images to the Decosta image using the same tests and measurements – the image is a horrible forgery.

  24. davidbenmoshejtf says:

    We have you figured out. You are trying to hide the fact that you are Jewish. Andrea Mitchell is a Jew and wouldnt go out with you unless you are a Jew too.

    You are so full of self hate that you will destory your self as it consumes you.

    Why do you have ATLASSHRUGS here?? She is a right wing Jew too. Are you using her because you are a Jew incognito as your name suggests??

    • incogman says:

      You have to be one of the stupidest Jews out there (besides Paulette the Chanteuse, of course). The comment about Andrea Mitchell was something called sarcasm. Look up the word, brainiac.

      And what’s with the Atlas Shrugs business? I know she’s a Jew, so what? You Jews have big mouths and I get a lot of good incriminating material from your own dam selves.

  25. davidbenmoshejtf says:

    The pictures of the COLB is old news from June. Get up with the times instead of worrying about your homeland, Israel first.

    • incogman says:

      Israel first — that’s the perfect Jew statement right there. You could care less about the USA, as long as Israel is taken care of. That’s why your bunch will end up in Madagascar soon enough.

  26. American says:

    Newspapers collapsing left and right. Hollywood not making any money b/c they pump out trash to a broke American public.

    Meanwhile, the internet shares the truth about Jew lies like the HOAX, as well as the facts behind the real holocaust in Dresden. The wheels are coming off fast!

    Next, the jew-tube is gonna fail. Watching Obama with weasels that’ve robbed us into poverty for the next 50 years can’t help the Rat-like race. Geithner and Rahm Emmanuel make people want to scratch uncontrollably, then PUKE!

    Then, real Americans (not dual-passport Gypsies) see REAL pictures of what Jews actually do to defenseless people in Gaza (again, thanks to the internet).

    As if that wasn’t enough to bury you turds forever, the internet allows us to share it all quickly. Not just the people here, but THE WHOLE WORLD!

    The Jews’ rat-like cunning allowed them to destroy Germany. However, for that to occur, Jews needed to have other “allies” to cheat and coerce. At this stage, the entire planet has had dealing with the RAT, and you have no friends. I’d also remind the J-Bagz that before they could ruin the German people, they were controlled and at the mercy of Germans, for all their subversive behavior. They could have been shut down for good.
    I’d guess Jews will find themselves in this position again, before they own the world, and perhaps their captors won’t be as forgiving as the Germans. There is lots of pain ahead for all parties, and Jews that think it’s “clear-sailing” are delusional. The FEMA camps might just be for them, now that the propaganda machine is losing legs.

    • Icey Key says:

      The genie is out of the bottle.

      The jews are able to get away for things for a long time, because very few elements of humanity, well, white humanity and probably most of E. Asian humanity or not raising their kids with constant brainwashing directing them to deceive the goyim, hate the goyim, take from the goyim, you’re smarter than the goyim and so on. Goyim in this case generally means white Europeans. This type of thinking no doubt aids in academics in some ways too.

      Anyway, the jews are only able to get away with “it” for only so long, then people catch on or the jew’s whole house of cards collapses because their ideas of what works are faulty and erroneous to begin with. So is their estimation of other people’s capabilities. Sure, they can try and shut down the internet, but wireless is out there, and in fact big chunks of the net and newsgroups will work anyway if the tribe tries to KO the net. That’s why they’ve speeded things up and that’s why their posts here are so frantic. The big ones have the little ones worked into a frenzy, because all levels can sense in some way that their whole situation could flip in no time. That means the big ones will run to I$rael or wherever and the little ones will suffer.

  27. davidbenmoshejtf says:

    I can respect American, he is not a Jew, he can also somewhat determine the good Jew/vs the bad Jew, but ‘incogman’ most def. is a JEW. Watch the movie; The Believer- fits incogman to a T.

    Why dont you people ask why Rick Warren the so-called Christian inaugurated Obama, wheres the outrage. What about the telelvangelists that rob Christian people blind?

    Whats all of the crying about Obama?? He is going to destory Israel. This is a dream come true to the Duke robots and Paul followers (Paul who knows exactly what is going on with the B.C.) said he would be laughed out of congress..
    Berg is a JEW lawyer, Keyes a BLACK man. These 2 the FIRST to take this as mainstream as possible.
    You people ARE insane.
    Pamela Gellers site here, because no hard research is done by the invisible Jew; incogman. Yes, the cat is out of the bag. Incogman is one helluva arrogant Jew.

  28. American says:

    Don’t even try to curry favor with me.

    Jews come here (as they have everywhere else in history), and insult our religion, twist the Constitution, rape the banks, and murder Goyim (which is what is next for Americans if we don’t keep spreading the word!

    Just read the quotes from Jews themselves, or better yet, read the Talmud ot see what they have in store for us.

  29. Tigmann says:

    Am I the only one that has noticed that on the so called Certificate of Birth, race is listed as “African”?
    I’m not going to claim to be an expert in how Hawaii filled out Birth Certificates in 1961, but I’ve never heard of ‘African’ being used anywhere in the US to describe ‘Race’ before the ’90s. In 1961, I would expect to see Black, Negro, Mulatto, Mixed Race (possibly Mixed- Black/White), or some variation to describe Obama, but not African. This could well be another error on this not so well done forgery.

    • incogman says:

      Tigman: Yes, others have noted that. During those times, the race would have been commonly noted as “Negro.” Go to my Obamanation’s topics and read more posts on all this.

  30. andy johnson says:

    its a pithy that you use such time and energy for negativity……..

  31. gncarlo says:

    Marketwatch blog:

    The White House recently put up a web site on OPEN GOVERNMENT DIALOG and has now censored on which it asked citizens to voice their opinions on what were the most important issues. The number one issue with 33% of the comments and votes was WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

    Thoughout the day, those comments were being deleted all over the site, and, which has been monitoring this highly ironic situation estimates that thousands of comments from citizens demanding the production of Obama’s original birth certificate have been scrubbed from the site with no explanation despite the comments being well within the posting guidelines for comments on the site. More comments are being putting up demand to know WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, however, all the time throughout today.

    To see the Obama OPEN GOVERNMENT web site and read or post comments, go to:

  32. Steve in TN says:

    I get a little pissy too.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if you will post this. In any case, I am not an Obama supporter, I think he’s a socialist out to destroy our economy. But I find the whole birh certificate controversy silly. If Obama’s mother was a citizen (which I haven’t seen any dispute over), then HE is a natural born citizen, period!!!

    • incogman says:

      That’s because you don’t know the law.

      Obama’s mother had to be 19 and unmarried for that to occur (she was 18). America’s laws then (and now) say the child would be a member of the father’s country if he was born there, i.e. Kenya in this case. What’s more, he was made a citizen of Indonesia when he was 7 and would have to had made a declaration when he was 18 that he was now an American citizen (and go thru all the other naturalization procedures).

      Kenyan people (including the ambassador and grandmother) said he was born in the Coast Hospital, Mombasi. The particulars of the two of them returning to the US support this possibility. The business about a Hawaiin newspaper birth announcement is ridiculous, since that could be done over the phone!

      Obama is this country’s first ILLEGAL ALIEN president. Go to my “ObamaNation” topics and read some more. This is probably what Big Jewry has on the guy to get him to do what they want.

  34. themadjewess says:

    November 21, 2008 at 5:33 pm


    Kenya Ambassador Confirms Obama BORN IN KENYA!!!

    November 24, 2008 at 12:40 am


    Digital Examination of COLB image now conclusively proven FRAUDULANT!

    You know this is STILL going on and People have put up billboards saying WHERES THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE
    And CBS has them taken down and banned… I wonder why..

  35. jvd(s) says:

    O is , at least, the 2nd. Chester Arthur was born in Britain and worked to keep it secret . He, as O, was successfull in keeping his birth place a secret from the public.

  36. Rick Stone says:

    I am a Ron Paul supporter and believe that Obama is an illegal allien. For over 10 years I have worked in Photoshop. I have a small business doing photo and document restoration. I have a very good eye for an altered image. I have looked at the blank certificate of Haye I.B. Ahphorgerie. If you will enlarge the image to 400% and look at the lower left hand area
    next the area just above where it says City, Town etc you will see something interesting. The border jumps out to the right and in my opinion there is a blury lateral area in the border at that point. Also the x pattern down the center of the border in that area does not match up at that point. If the side jump is due to a fold that the scan does not show the x pattern would still pretty much match up and it does not. Something has been done to this document in my opinion. If this is an example of the ends justifies the means, it does not help our cause. If anyone has any other opinions or ideas about this image please speak up. If this site will allow me to have a high resolution scan of this image I can form a stronger opinion. I have downloaded the Obama certification images on and have gone over them with a fine tooth comb so to speak in Photoshop and have not found anything like this anomoly on any of the images. I believe that the images are either a very good fake or real, or a real forged document. But it should not really matter because Obamas certification of live birth could be obtained by a citizen or non-citizen with very little documentation and it means or proves nothing.

    • incogman says:


      The image above, where I say in the caption that I downloaded from Factcheck, is untouched by me in anyway. I do not know of any other place. You could go to the Israel Insider link and look for a link to PHOTOBUCKET, where they say they got the image within minutes of it being posted on the pro-Obama site. I suggest going there in the first place because they outlined the progression of the whole affair.

      Also, Techdude says pretty much the same things.

      I’ve also heard that an old Heidelburg 2 color was bought in Canada, soon after the election, and that printing work of a BC is now undergoing UV “aging”, before being sprung on the public.

  37. kerdasi amaq says:

    Haye I. B. Ahphorgerie or

    Hey I be a forgery. I missed it. It’s there in black and white.

  38. incogman says:


    Another thing I read was the bitmapping of the black charactors is identical to the effect produced by postscript type in a separate photoshop layer later merged, versus a single scan of a document where the black type is part of the source image’s background. There’s some kind of distinctive look to the edges. Photoshop users can replicate this effect and say this doc matches it.

  39. guitarman uk says:

    just saw this in the comments under a link in youtube:
    “knock knock”
    “who’s there?
    “kenya who?”
    “kenya show me your damn birth certificate?”

  40. JamesTheJust says:


    “But I do get a fair amount of traffic considering that WordPress has rated me as mature and other WordPress bloggers don’t see my new posts. You have to have my address to even know I exist.”

    You can thank a number of Christian Identity blogs for that as they post your link on their sites. That’s how I got here.

  41. themadjewess says:

    Rick: Hi, I am the token Jew… Obama is NOT a US citizen, it is not a conspiravy, he is also NOT a “Zionist” tool, he is an avowed MARXIST, COMMIE BOLSHEVIK and those are his handlers. There is NO possible way that he is a “Zionist” since Moslems hate Jews and Israel more then the incogman, so this Zionist tool shit is PATHETIC.

    People COULD concentrate of the FACT that Hussein is a DUAL citizen and impeach the IMPOSTER for that.

    I also pulled for Ron Paul.

  42. teXan says:

    Awww. It’s too bad that you have to run this blog with a racial theme. There’s enough wrong with BHO and his cronies that the color of his skin shouldn’t come into play. 🙁

    Your entire set of arguments are invalidated by including race. Just stick to the facts and keep his skin color out of it. As a Pangaean American, I prefer to be regarded by my principles and not by my race.

  43. Boofner says:

    Great job. Youre 100% correct. They dont do any thorough research into any presidents, they just “let em in”. The American government is that stupid, one of the dumbest!

  44. CSAcitizen says:

    WE know AKA Obama is a liar. And the one lie EVERYONE seems to have bought into is that he is ‘black’ ! HE IS NOT ! He is ARAB. His father was all Arab except for 12% black. Obama is only 6% black – not near the legal amount to be able to claim a race. Obama is 50% white (that he hates) and 44% Arab (that he keeps hidden) and the 6% black is like a drop in the ocean = it does not even count. This Middle East ancestry report came out in early 2008 and I”ve posted it to many groups all this time and still everyone insists on calling him ‘black’ when he is NOT ! He keeps this lie gong so he can USE our black people for his own personal power gain and to incite race wars – it is Obama who has made this whole thing about race from day one ! See through this scam for what it is aimed at ! He is making fools out of our black people for his own power gains and agenda. The black people here need to be warned and awakened to these facts because HE IS USING THEM ! He does not ‘care’ about them – they are tools for him to USE and then discard ! And they need to know it ! He is NOT one of them as he has been PRETENDING TO BE ! THEY need to know this ! And WE all need to stop his lies from going on ! Stop calling him ‘black’ ! HE IS ARAB !

  45. Exposé says:

    Obama is the (s)elected Chief ADMINISTRATOR AKA: CEO of a thing called the U$ government / nation IN ADMINISTRATION (GET IT YET?), that has nothing whatsoever to do with the U$ republic nor Her U$ CONstitution.

    In 1861, when the U$ CONgre$$ failed to convene, in breach of the U$ CONstitution, the U$ republic became and has remained – a failed state. This explains the virtual state of lawless and constantly shifting (shifty) nature of most everything since the U$’ un-civil. Undeclared, thus never-was-a-WAR – to the: local, county and state straight up to the federal ‘governments’, including the (s)election of a foreigner to the so-called pResidency. GET IT YET?

    The only lawful (legally valid) way to ‘restart’ the republic is for the (unelected, appointed and therefore, sadly, beholden and corrupt[ed] – imagine that …) JUDICIAL BRANCH (ultimately SCOTUS) to ORDER ALL elections to take place in strict compliance with said U$ 1780s CONstitution. EOS. Any and every variance since then is chimera and fraudulent.

    Moreover, it has been argued that the 2nd (federalist) CONstitution of the 1780s is also a fraud, as it usurped the initial 1770s Articles of Confederation ( and the Continental Congre$$ of the13 nation states from whence the REAL U$ republic began.

    But – the rest of the world could not recognise the Confederation as a single nation. Hence – the new CONstitutional CONvention of 1787 (boycotted by one Patrick “I smell a rat.” Henry) was called to re-define and re-structure the United States of America as a unified singular nation state to:
    * engage in international trade,
    * participate in the Universal Postal Union,
    * settle disputes between the member states,
    * create a common currency,
    * raise taxes, and
    * provide unified military ‘protection’ of the U$A (‘club’).

    Technically, the CONgre$$ional SELECTION of George Washington as the all new “1st U$ president” ( was in breach of the very CONstitution they’d spent years ‘perfecting’ and it all, predictably, gone rather berserk from there. At least GW was born in North America.

    Obama, even if he was born in illegally occupied Hawaii, is not and can never be a natural born citizen of the U$A because:
    A. The U$A (as a failed state), does not lawfully exist as a nation, and/or
    B. The TREATY RECOGNISED KINGDOM OF HAWAI(‘?)I, as U$ occupied colony for over 100 years, cannot ever be a lawful U$ State.

    Why? The U$ CONstitution forbids the annexation of SOVEREIGN RECOGNISED NATIONS and turning them into U$ ‘states’ – which is otherwise known as colonialism. Hint: Not one treaty recognised native ‘Indian’ NATION in North America became a U$ ‘state’.

    If power perceived IS power, does that make pretence real?

    Not a snowball’s chance in hell, but you CAN fool a lot of people most of the time …

  46. SBD TV says:


    Will Orly Taitz get him, this time?

  47. SBD TV says:

    More from Dr. Polarik(Polland)

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