Media Gone Ga-Ga About Obama!


Chris Matthews of MSNBC, the fat liberal toady of the MSNBC show “Let’s Play Hardball,” has been leading the pack in an unbelievable media butt-kissing fest of Obama. The show is nothing but a BIG FAT LIE and should be called “Let’s Play Softball.” The entire so-called “Free” US Media was totally complicit in foisting this Obamanation on us all in the first place and whatever was left of the description “Journalism” has now become ridiculous travesty.

All these sorry liberal talking heads are still going on and on about Sarah Palin, alternating between making her out as the new head of the Republican party and everything else, including even that stupid $150,000 wardrobe story. It’s so transparent — they have to talk about something and, since Obama is now untouchable as a Negro, they’ll turn any kind of bull into media fodder.

And get those new lead-in promos for MSNBC, going on about “Change” with pictures of the smiling Obama flying across the screen. It’s now become a non-stop, total suck-up for Obama on MSNBC! They’ve even produced and are selling this DVD called “Yes, We Can!” — a video said to be so sickeningly sweet that the Obama campaign itself would’ve refrained from using it.

FDR OBAMABut it’s not just MSNBC. Oh, no. All the liberal Jew media is now out in full-force propagandizing Obama into some kind of hero of the ages, even when he’s done JACK! One of the Jew’s many organs, Time magazine, has come out comparing Obama to FDR and even to good old Abe Lincoln himself, when the man has yet to even spend one lousy dam day in office! Can you believe the utter BS, anymore, people? I mean really.

Chris Matthews has been totally queer for Obama since day-one. When Obama announced his running for office in Springfield, Illinois, almost 2 years ago, the guy was spewing all over himself about the Mulatto and acting like it was the greatest thing that ever happened — just because of the announcement being done in Lincoln’s hometown and he was a “African-American.” Hell, Lincoln really cared less about Negroes versus the Union, didn’t think they were or ever would be equals of White man and seriously made plans to send them all back to Africa after the War of Northern Aggression. No lie.

Puke-inducing Liberal, Chris Matthews, openly commits himself to future bias when it comes to his inner-most love object: Semi-Negro Barry Obama. You think he’d be like this if it was some White guy who won? 

Whatever details about Obama’s background or politics mean nothing to this fat fool. The guy could have been an ax murderer and he wouldn’t have given a good G-dam — only that he was a “person of color.” You think any evidence of Obama’s birth in Kenya and being a illegal alien or a bastard commie, would make it past his fat, wet lips? Don’t make me laugh.

This guy is so totally Gay for Obama that it’ll make you sick.

Matthews once said that an Obama speech created a “thrill going up his leg,” undoubtedly mistaking his engorged man-crush. He then actually had the gall to say it was an “objective assessment.” Right.

“I have to tell you, you know, it’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often. No, seriously. It’s a dramatic event. He speaks about America in a way that has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the feeling we have about our country. And that is an objective assessment.”

Matthews also said that if a Obama speech “didn’t get you excited, you were not an American” and even compared Obama to Mark Twain for his “American textured speeches” (Obama doesn’t write his material, believe me). What a joke.

Now this fat Matthews fool is going on and on about Obama making “bold, transformational change.” This guy has not a care in the world about where the money comes from for all this; just says to print some more, write out the checks. Then he giggles about it all with that doltish smile of his and then rocks back on his fat white rump, like he was the Mr. Journalist Wit.

This is the kind of piss-poor idiots we now have giving Americans the news! They cannot be deemed journalists by any stretch of the imagination.

Matthew is positively giddy that America’s financial situation is now so bad that Republicans and all the rest of us will have no choice but to go along with any lefty thing his lover-boy Barry and the Democrats want. Matthews is now such a suck-up that he needs to be “de-screened” ASAP.

We just got through handing over 700 billion to that Goldman Sachs embedded operative, Hank Paulson, who told everyone it would only be used to unclog the liquidity in Banking loans to business, but after he gets cart blanche from the traitors in DC, he does a 180 and gives it to them with no strings attached and they then use it for everything but! Basically, the Jews just ripped off you White suckers of at least $5,000 dollars in taxes each (not even including the additional 1.3 trillion spent behind the scenes)!

Now Osama Bin Laden’s number two man, the Egyptian Al-Zawahiri, just called Obama a “House Negro” and poor Matthews looked like he was going to cry like a baby hearing such “racist” talk (he should come here). He gleefully went on about Obama being elected over “White guys” as to have somehow nullified that, when the real fact of the matter is that Obama is indeed a House Negro — but one for the JEWS!

That’s right. Obama is now blatantly the House Negro for the Jewish/Zionist Overlords, now firmly in control of the US and bent on forcing what’s left of us real Whites into becoming Homos and/or Negro lovers — as our race is spat on in the media and raped and murdered on the streets of this country.

Like where would Al-Qaeda's number two get the "racist" idea that Obama is a House Negro?

Like where would Al-Qaeda’s number two get the “racist” idea that Obama is a House Negro?

Other media pundits, too, are making a big deal about the Evil Al-Qaeda being “racist” for saying the words “House Negro,” but it’s quite obviously true. Al-Zawahiri was clearly showing just what a hypocritical lie Obama really is to Muslims. These pundits, incredibly, are now using Obama’s middle name “Hussein” to counter all this, when they once did everything not to say it during the campaign!

What a bunch of total hypocrites!

Al-Zawahiri was simply comparing Obama to Malcolm X, putting Obama in with Zionist House Negroes like Congo-Lezbo Rice, because Malcolm X got it about the Jews and often spoke out against them (hat’s off to the dead Negro). But you’ll never hear a word about all that in the mainstream propaganda news. They’ll go on about this affront to “African-Americans,” when the fact of the matter is that the “fanatical” Muslim was spot-on about the real deal!

Obama really is a Oreo, but it’s not White on the inside — it’s sickly-yellow JEW!

One idiot TV talking head said that Azzam the American, Al-Qaeda’s supposed mouthpiece, was the source for all this, because he’s a “White guy” from America. What another sorry joke on Whites; the guy is a JEW (Adam Pearlman) and quite probably part of a 9/11 Mossad/CIA psyops campaign on America’s head to begin with.

The spunky, punky Jew, Rahm Israel Emanuel, is the son of a Zionist Irgun Terrorist and is seen here with the lovely Nancy Pelosi, AIPAC tool and Crypto-Jew herself. Homos are now twittering all over about the possibility of him being a Gay boy, since he was once a Ballet dancer.

Look at who Obama is putting into the White House. His very first job offer (or was told to make) was to Rahm Israel Emanuel, whose father was a Israeli Irgun terrorist. Kikepedia even went and cleansed it’s file of this information in the Emanuel bio, all due to embedded Jew agents acting as “non-biased” editors. They said it wasn’t pertinent about his background, can you believe that?

DAVID AXELRODEmanuel also used to be a big-time Ballet Dancer and many Homos are now all a-twitter about him being Gay, going on disgustingly about his “big dreamy eyes.” They secretly fantasize about him and Obama taking the time to go on the “down-low” while in the Oval office. Maybe Emanuel got his hands on Lewinsky’s knee-pads before she left Clinton’s office and now they’ll come in handy.

Obama’s chief campaign strategist, the Jew David Axelrod, will be Senior adviser to Obama when the Mulatto gets in the White House. And, of course, we already have “do anything for Israel,” Mr. Zionist himself, Joe Biden as VP.

Shillery Clinton may be Secretary of State, but is playing coy about it, perhaps holding out for the power to name Ambassadors or get her 7 million campaign debt paid-off under the table. But what the Clintons really fear is having all the Zionist payola to Clinton’s Library and Foundation exposed in any “vetting” process.

Clintonite Negro Holder

Clintonite Negro Holder

Eric Holder is supposedly the top choice for Attorney General (replacing the Jew, 9/11 insider Michael Mukasey). This is the same guy who greenlighted Clinton pardoning the fugitive Jew Marc Rich, whose socialite wife Denise donated millions to Clinton’s Library.

This slimy Jew had 51 counts of fraud, tax evasion and, along with another Jew named Pincus Green, illegally did arms business with Iran (yep, Jews will sell their mothers to make a buck). He then hid out, living the life of luxury in Switzerland until he inveigled his pardon with a payoff through his wife. The Crypto-Jew Scooter Libby even represented Rich as a lawyer. When Clinton was criticized for the bald-faced travesty of this pardon, he found a couple of Harvard law professors that backed up Rich’s tax claims, but these professors were, of course, Jews themselves!

Free as a bird, International Jew Criminal, Marc Rich.

Free as a bird, International Jew Criminal, Marc Rich.

Holder hid his involvement from investigators about all of this and will now get a little payback for his fine job of freeing another criminal globalist Jew. Also, chances are, Obama will need a Negro at the helm of Justice as he finds ways of getting Black criminals freed from Jail, so as to staff his planned Negro Civilian Army. You know, the one that will soon be knocking on your door asking why you once had a McCain sign in your front yard and didn’t show up to the political meeting last Saturday?

Next up: Bush will pardon the Jew Spy, Jonathan Pollard, as his last act in office. Pollard was the biggest spy in US history and most Americans have never even heard of him. Israeli Zionists have been having conniption fits for years about this Jew “patriot” spending time in a Goyim prison. Who says our friggen’ government is not being manipulated by the dam Jews!

And they are now doing everything slimy that they can to get Al Franken in office and almost all of them have ignored the fact that Arch Population Manipulator, the Jew George Soros, is now pouring in moolah to pay any legal expenses in the recount of votes; the Democraps are pulling all kinds of lying scams, such as “discovering” absentee ballots in trunks of cars that are almost all for Al Franken with his enormous crap-eating grin!

Just look at this walking Jew-Joke: Al Franken. Besides being a complete buffoon, the guy has to be the biggest Jew hypocrite and liar ever, and that’s saying a whole lot. He’s being bankrolled by George Soros, Global Zionist NGO/CIA subversive (“color” revolutions), in a vigorous effort to steal the election from another Jew, the “conservative” Norm Coleman. They may well get away with it.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox has talked about this, but only because O’Reilly has a ungoing feud with the big-mouth Al Franken. But head Fox News Jew, or at least Jewophile, Chairman Roger Ailes, has issued a memo telling his staff to lay-off Obama in general, obviously because owner Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Globalist/Zionist Criminal house that Obama now works for as House Negro.

What they dearly want is the magic 60 number of Democrat majority, so they can blithely ignore any Republican or, hell any American White concerns, as they sail more rip-offs and lefty programs on the taxpayers. They are now hard at work to get that in place as we speak. They just barely got in the Alaskan democrat, Mark Begich, even after all the hyped-up news about the conviction of the Republican incumbent, Ted Stevens.

If it was some Jew liberal incumbent, you think you would hear one word about some pissant work done on a chalet? And that Lousiana Negro Congressman William Jefferson, is to this day still in office, even after that $90,000 FBI bribery sting.

Our country now has a swollen, pus-filled government of incompetant Negroes, outright Zionist Jews, White liberals and Jew ass-kissers, mixed in with the odd Homo. Combined with a now Democratically-controlled Capital Hill, will allow these Jew-corrupted swine to jam down our throats more socialistic programs, marginalize the White race even further and tax this country right into a Marxist/Negro living hell.

Those few in the media who don’t toe the line about Obama, will be labled “racists.” You watch. Not only all that, they’ll close down free speech, deeming it all “hate speech” and install total gun control, all expressly designed to head off inevitable White patriot backlash to throw these scum out of office.

It’s now become a continuous, steaming hot pile of Negro-loving crap being dumped all over this country’s head by a liberal media every chance they get, my friends. You can even see them putting on whatever Negro talking heads they can find on TV, left and right, these days. The few Negroes (Mulattoes are even better), who can speak somewhat coherently now give us their expert opinions — Negroes who have already gotten everything handed to them on a silver platter because of Affirmative Action and Jew-instilled White guilt!

All of it is now so stinkingly apparent, that even the most braindead Whites are picking up on the foul stench rising across the land. It’s now a race to educate the White silent Majority about the whole business before the Jews of DC and New York shut down what few vehicles for White Free speech left, like the Internet.

Yep, I know that any of you Diversity Freaks and Liberal Whites, who might have read this all the way through, are now sputtering what a “racist” I am, but so what — you think I give a good GD what you think? Many plain Jane Whites are sitting up and saying the very same kinds of things as I am, getting it and getting very angry. The more they learn, the more they’ll be pissed.

You spineless worms had better enjoy your little Obama honeymoon while it lasts, because when it’s over it won’t be the media raising Cain about things, but everyone of your White friends and family around you. You’ll be lying your fat face off about who you voted for. Got that, fools?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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8 Responses to Media Gone Ga-Ga About Obama!

  1. apollonian says:

    Prepare For Jew-Expulsion, Christian Consolidation
    (Apollonian, 20 Nov 08)

    Excellent essay InCog–I submit this episode regarding our dear burr-head Prez-elect is just another case of who’s kidding who?

    For obvious question is WHY are Obama and Dems paying big money to lawyers–who aren’t cheap, u know–to argue against showing Obama’s birth and citizenship certification?

    And did u catch the ruling in Pennsylvania Federal case (see to effect US Citizens have “NO STANDING” for demanding to see and inspect such certification? Judge stated it’s “up to Congress” whether citizens have “standing.”

    But gee whiz–isn’t it citizens who elect Congress?–how could Congress possibly deny citizens?–is it even conceivable?

    Of course the other pt. is that “electronic elections” are obvious fraud, long-since proven.

    Imagine: here citizens were worried about illegal aliens taking jobs–NOW WE GOT ONE AS PREZ-ELECT, no less.

    Naturally then sales of guns and ammo are tremendous–US economy needed a boost, u know.

    Thus Obama is now under Supreme Court-ordered Writ of Certiorari to produce certification (by Dec. 1)–which we already know will only show he’s illegal alien.

    Imagine the shock of people when they find Obama is such gross fraud–along with his handlers and official Democratic party, et al. Then, by golly, people will begin to think–hey, all this talk about conspiracy might have some truth to it–do u think?–Would Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) allow this? Hint: don’t look now, but–they already have.

    And observe again–WE ALREADY KNOW. Only question now is exactly what to do–HOW to go about to removing this gross, disgusting conspiracy. And the pt. then is in facing NECESSITY OF JEW-EXPULSION, for that’s the necessary program and action-to-be-taken.

    For citizens must face fact nothing will avail for substantial solution to things without this necessary Jew-expulsion–it’s been a long time coming for USA, anyway.

    Hence then necessary step is to CONSOLIDATE the Christian host, and then here’s the relevant point: note Christianity is necessarily, by its nature, essence, and purpose, ABSOLUTELY anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). Christianity is purest hatred; it’s not the only thing Christianity is, but that’s one necessary ingredient in all honesty. And honesty is one thing people need a lot more of, come to think of it all, anyway.

    For Christianity stands for TRUTH against Jew lies–ck Gosp. JOHN–it’s what Christianity is all about, comrades.

    CONCLUSION: So that then is my whole pt. for this exposition here: (a) we must needs Jew-expulsion; (b) thus we need Christian CONSOLIDATION, again–CONFIRMATION for what Christianity really and truly is–it is not meant to be Jew-friendly–QUITE THE OPPOSITE and contrary, in all truth. And now people are going to have to relearn this Christian antisemitism and militancy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. Fleur de lis says:

    Incog, here is anecdotal evidence of Barry Obamanation’s communist breeding as told by the wife of a Russian scientist. We can only hope that the citizenship lawsuits at the Supreme court level will deliver us from this evil. amen

  3. Fleur de lis says:

    I think that new fake audio from Al-Zawahiri is simply a set up for the new coming false flag terror by our supremicist chosen overlords. When it happens and there is ample evidence by the talk that it will be beyond bigger, then the indignant ‘House negro’ Barack and his corp of Barack Brown shirt brigades can clamp down on home dissent after launching new wars abroad.

    Expect Hate laws and all types of marxist/bolshevic like legislation to happen in the first two years. Just like Bush did with the Patriot acts and Dept. Of Homeland security; once 911 happened. The criminal communist jews behind Barack are gonna go for it all with him.

    It’s a scary thought that a lying marxist mulatto who has absolute mind control over 95% of negroes and 78% of jews will feel it his delight to kill the constitution and destroy this once white nation. He has been trained all his life, for this moment.

  4. PURGIN john der baptist MUDS sum mo' says:


  5. Hoff says:

    The jewtube vid show, but not one single pic show.

  6. Hoff says:

    Malcolm X got it about the Jews and often spoke out against them (hat’s off to the dead Negro). –incog–


    He did? Source?

  7. Hoff says:

    German rower Nadja Drygalla left the Olympic village Thursday night after talks with Olympic officials about fresh allegations linking her with the neo-Nazi scene.

    Michael Vesper, director general of the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB), confirmed Friday that he had confronted Drygalla over media reports that she harbored sympathies for the political far right.,,16142368,00.html¨

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