America’s Secret Race of Superheroes Revealed!

I managed to snap this one photo of a Superhero named “Menorah Man,” just as he put a stop to an entire gang of Evil White Alabama Racists intent on using their First Amendment rights! Needless to say, he trounced them all with his superior logic and verbal gymnastics — backed-up, of course, by a large contingent of gun-toting FBI agents summoned to the scene by Superhero Headquarters!

This Superhero was seen preparing to do battle against the evil forces of Amalek!

After much research, I am now about to reveal to what’s left of the United States of America and the world, a startling, but absolutely true fact: America has an entire race of Superheroes living among us! All trying to blend in — without us even noticing —  as they work ceaselessly to keep us dull-witted and evil Whites on the straight and narrow!

But don’t worry about not knowing anything about all this: These Superheroes prefer not to draw attention to themselves, as they richly reward each other for all these secretive efforts. They just don’t want anyone to foolishly get the wrong idea about their noble and altruistic intentions!

Yep, it’s a real-life story of mild-mannered Clark Kents and Louis Lanes — they even work in News and Media environments just like their fictional counter-parts. Most of the time, they look just like you or me, but the moment we might dare to exhibit the least bit of pride in ourselves; or point out some blatant hypocrisy of their own behavior; or to disagree about a social issue like immigration, or anything about the always so “oppressed” minorities — than it’s time for these Superheroes to spring into action!

Now to prove my discovery, I’ve included a series of extraordinary photos I’ve taken quite surreptitiously of them. I had to go this route, because if they knew exactly what I was up to, then a lot of phone calls and whining would be made to the various Superhero Headquarters set-up wherever White people exist. The result would be a lot of Superhero trouble for little old moi, since keeping a lid on things is part and parcel to the whole Superhero “schtick.”


This ancient photo is said to have been made 2,000 years ago with a primitive Superhero box-camera and purports to show God’s minions proclaiming them as the “Chosen Ones” — the true rulers of the planet!

While dressed incognito (of course), I visited one of their many Secret Headquarters — this one called “New York City.” I quietly took this shot of the two main versions of Superheroes sitting back-to-back, as they carefully observed the lessor races aboard a public conveyance; undoubtedly making a intelligence report to superiors. The one on the left is what is called “Orthodox,” for which many Whites mistakenly believe are only religious and kindly — right along with having no ideas about Superhero kosher taxes, or their active efforts for a day when Whites are openly made slaves to all of them!

This is the kind of “intelligence reports” they make, not only for themselves, but for any police departments and unknowing Whites who’ve been fooled into thinking they’re fellow Whites too. Yep, that’s right, the two on the above right are in fact Superheroes! The National media, owned and operated by them, frequently trots them out as “experts” to explain to gullible Whites about the “positives” of non-White immigration to the US, how the “haters” are growing in numbers and how we have to be constantly on guard against what those haters say about Superheroes!

Assisting groups like the SPLC (above), or a multitude of other Superhero subgroups, is a network of individual, pint-sized Internet Superheroes — spanning the entire globe — working in tandem to monitor forum debate threads and plague blog comment sections by masquerading as fellow “Goyim” Internet users (cattle-like, non-Superheroes). Right along with this task, they also manipulate and edit information resources like Wikipedia to hide their secret identities and activities. Chances are, one or more, of these pervasive Mini-Hero types is reading this blog as we speak!

These Superheroes have grown so bold that they don’t even bother disguising secret perversions or even their own inner contempt for us lessor mortals. The professor on the bottom right, Noel Ignatiev, openly calls for the eradication of White racial identity and has had zero problems remaining a university professor!

But please don’t think that all the Superheroes are men, now. That would be deemed “Sexist” and might incur the unbridled wrath of Superhero women, who work tirelessly as well as the male Superheroes, keeping us all in line. The above portrait gallery is of female members heading various Social Engineering departments.

And yes, they do procreate like the rest of us; here are some off-spring at the New York Superhero Headquarters where they are put through rigorous training from birth, instilling in them qualities like supremacy, nepotism, materialism and the usual Superhero self-obsessions. These know-it-all kids are always fast-tracked for success in the corporate, media or government world and you’ll never find them as car mechanics, agricultural farmers or even soldiers fighting Superhero-instigated wars overseas. That would be too dirty, dangerous and beneath these darling princes of the planet! Besides, where would they go to do lunch?

Eager to keep any competing religion like Christianity from public places such as schools and stores, the Superhero Headquarter group “ADL” describes Christmas symbology as a “dilemma” for us slow-witted Whites, yet they appear to have few problems erecting their own religious symbols anywhere they please! The below shot is of a giant Superhero Trident symbol called a “Menorah,” this particular one 90′ tall and facing the White House. A Superhero Attorney General named Michael Mukasey is given the honors in lighting it for all us Whites to behold! This kind of hypocritical behavior is called “Chutzpah” in Superhero terms and is greatly valued by them for humor purposes.

Although they often claim to be pacifists and fight against the least sign of racial solidarity among us, they also have a secret little stolen corner of the globe where they practice their own kind of “pacifism” on a mostly defenseless, non-Superhero race called Arabs. They actually do this kind of thing with our money and “surplus” military items that each of us mere mortals has paid for with our tax dollars, even YOU — the person now reading this!

Thanks to Clinton-era laws, that allowed for total Superhero ownership and creation of media mega-corporations, you’ll never see one outright mention of true Superhero behavior. After-all, they are too busy making themselves look super, pushing interracial sex on Whites, building-up Black pride and, whenever possible, showing Whites as nothing but the beet-faced, hate-filled, racists we all are!

Here’s a very old and wise Superhero patiently explaining how money is transferred down to earth from Heaven to the young “Messiah of Color,” Barry Soetoro — newly-crowned by all the Superhero media mavens and God-knows-who else behind the scenes. Master Soetoro needs to know just what he can and can’t say to the masses when it comes to any complicated and, of course, selfless Superhero Heaven-to-Earth accounting practices. Immortal Superheroes, like this one, have been doing this very thing long before 1979 and are once again the “problem” as well as the “solution.”



Upcoming Stories: The death-dealing, pinstripe suit-wearing, Superheroes called “The Neocohns!” The rapidly burgeoning Superhero Financial Nexus called “Goldman Sachs” — responsible for much of Barry Soetoro’s fortunes! And the Superhero Media Celebrities loved by one and all!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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34 Responses to America’s Secret Race of Superheroes Revealed!

  1. LFD says:

    Eric Idle in drag looked far better than the women you have posted here. Ewww……….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the plethora of Jewish Porn SuperHeros!

  3. Fleur de lis says:

    Is that a pic of psyn at the keyboard overlooking your website? That is exactly how I imagined her………wow!

  4. DTK says:

    Anyone know what happened to Is our man in Detroit OK?

  5. incogman says:

    Fleur de lis:

    No, psyn is rotund dyke with a fro. This may be a photo of her brother, I don’t know.


    No, I don’t know. The last week of Nov. the screen for them and “ went blank — no 404 errors, nothing. Never seen that before and I have no idea. Anybody know?

  6. incogman says:

    Looks like he got shut down by his domain host. He set up a temp blog, deemed “mature” by google. Here:

  7. apollonian says:

    Jews: An Example, God-Given, For Knowing How Not To Be
    (Apollonian, 5 Dec 08)

    Jews are a wonderful people–of whom I personally am soooooo jealous, in all truth.

    Jews are most “intelligent” (whatever that means–I guess their amazing brains are able to hold soooo much info and details–like supersensitive computers, u know)–and they’re sensitive too. Another thing is they’re highly ethical–the most “moral” of all people–as they use their perfectly free wills to “CHOOSE” to doing “good”–whatever that means.

    See, that’s why it’s so necessary to be so “intelligent”–so as to know then what “good” is–so that they can then “choose” to actually do that good, which all conduces, u understand, to making them so blessed and dear to God in heaven who’s so impressed by these hook-nosed people.

    Of course there’s just one tragic flaw and drawback to being a kike, blessed as they are in sight of dear God. And that tragic flaw is THEY’RE SOOOO INCREDIBLY UGLY–what with those hook-noses, the “mark of Cain,” I swear to God. Hook-noses hanging off of a hatchet-shaped face. Gad, but such ugliness–it’s enough to thank God one ISN’T a Jew–aside fm their otherwise so incredibly keen intelligence and morality.

    CONCLUSION: So aren’t we glad we have Jews?–to be able to know what we’d all be like if we were luckier and just a little more blessed by God? But at least we aren’t as ugly, anyway. So I guess it all evens out in the end. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  8. Skinnylegsandall says:

    After wading through another applenian writing attempt exposing jews and he fact he is a nut.I thought maybe some great white music might be in order.

  9. Orion14 says:

    “Psyn is a rotund dyke with a fro.” Bahahaha!

    LFD, you’re right about that. It’s hard to believe that Albright got away with masquerading as a human (non-jew) for so long.

  10. incogman says:

    Let’s make note that Madeline Albright knowingly lied about being Jewish in a transparent way. Also, she patently admitted that 500,000 Iraqi children dying made little impression on her.

    In short, she’s a Jew pig.

  11. Anonymous says:

    incogman, you’re the best!

    Let’s take a timeout and enjoy some superior white culture:

    LOL! That would be considered a ‘hate group’ meeting nowadays! No mexis, no blacks, no feminists, and since Karajan was a member of the party, I’d like to think no Jews as well ….

    Love You incogman! Never forget that!

  12. Nemesys says:



    You’ve out-done yourself! This is a GREAT essay! Yikes – the pics are even scarier thna the ones in your Congoid essay. The females, in particular, are terrifying. Their faces are so genetically mis-shappen. The Black females are grotesque – but’s it’s because their demented African “personalities” won’t quit. Their actual facial structure is not mis-shapen. It’s prognathic – but their faces “make sense”, in terms of their genetics. They have natural proto-human assymmetry. Am I making myself understood? The female Hebes you’ve posted – their actual facial structure is….distorted….the features…don’t belong to each other. There’s something “off” about every face. The Jew “Darkness of the World” just shines through


    FYI – to the Anon. – who posted that link to that Jewssip site – I’ve had a little fun there, today……..

  13. Nemesys says:

    There’s always something either hawkish, or reptilian, or fishy, about their features. The Treu Jews. They’ve been breeding Goyishe DNA in for a long time, so some, like Alicia Silverstone, and Scarlett Johansson, don’t betray the Sign of the Hebe………but the faces of Madeline Al-jew, Rahm E-Hebe-ual, and the Ultimate Jewess Living Fright Mask Tamara Jewcoby show the pure genetic Lineage of Lucifer. And mondo apologies for my typos. I try to correct – but I always miss a few. I type much slower than I think. And I type badly. So please forgive, Incogman!

  14. Nemesys says:

    Psyn – I don’t know who is behind that site – but I suspect it’s a silly joke. Those girls are still innately more attractive than any creepy Hebe. And your boychicks know it.

  15. psyn says:

    Nice move, posting twice…I was not commenting on their attractiveness, rather, their attention to ‘culture’…..

    Seriously what you see in pasty white skin, that is so ‘fragile’ and weak, that it cannot withstand the rays of the sun without breaking out into cancerous lesions is beyond me….. Especially with these drunken pictures here of white sluts….clearly over indulging…

  16. Fleur de lis says:

    Here is another great article about getting sub-primed and fleeced by the bankers and politicians.

  17. incogman says:

    I put up a blog post of a blisteringly arrogant race running this country straight into the ground and causing world-wide grief and psyn puts up a link to some drunken sorority girl’s party shots to counter it.

    Wow! Chutzpah runs deep in the tribe.

  18. psyn says:

    Actually, I was responding to the post by anon in regards to ‘white culture’, but then again, I am not assuming that you are smart enough to figure it out….

    I love how you repeat the myth about Kosher taxes, the false story that jewish groups charge ‘taxes’ to have the kosher label put on various food products…one that has been debunked numerous times over the years Yes, I realize this is a wiki source, one you do not accept,but then again, that is not suprising

  19. incogman says:

    Yeah, you got that right about Wikipedia. I’ve personally tracked down specific Jewish meddling on KIKEpeedia. Here’s a facinating source on the Jew jacking this country’s chain thru KIKEpeedia:

    Oh, yeah, the kosher tax: Wall Street Journal back in the good old days of the 50’s did a report and estimated that one kosher scam group made 20 million a year from it. Since they are about 300 such Jew scam organizations (actually, mafia-like Hasidic family groups) doing this and accounting for JEW-flation, what’s that say for today’s profits? And, yeah, I realize only about 4 or 5 kosher scam ops have the lion’s share of the theft.

    And also note, that all the so-called discounting articles or bull about it, NEVER gives any accounting whatsover about exactly how much it is. They say it’s such a miniscule slice as to be incalcualable. Right. Then why have it anyways?

    And what’s the excuse for kosher taxes on nonedible items like aluminum foil, ziplock baggies and rolled steel for auto manufactering? What’s the deal with the unnecessary forms of cruel death for animals in kosher plants?


    You’re increasingly a JEW JOKE to the country of the US and White Western countries in general. You need to pack up your phony money printing presses, your big mouths, your sexual lubricants, leather halters and dildo collections, and move your FAT BUTTS on to Tel Aviv.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “Other examples of ‘white culture’

    psyn, I want to thank you for posting that link. Why?

    If you scroll up, you can see the picture of the six Jewish women. The woman in the lower right hand corner is Betty Friedan, one the Pioneers of Feminism. Feminism is another Jewish creation from the Frankfurt School & Critical Theory. The girls in those pictures at the link you posted have adopted a mindset of Slut Feminism that’s instilled in them by the Jew Media & Jew Educational System (Universities are inundated with Feminism & Critical Theory). This mindset tells them to HATE & be CRITICAL of their supposedly oppressive WHITE Patriarchal culture that resulted in a strong, traditional family structure (You destroy the family; you destroy the Country). We tried to protect our culture from these elements but we’re called anti-Semitic. I want to thank you for posting the evidence of what terrible damage Feminism has done. In other words, thanks for confirming WE’RE RIGHT. Eradicate Feminism that comes from the poisonous Jewish Intellect and those pictures wouldn’t exist. Women behaved differently before Feminism, and society flourished. Women used to be Mother Hens; now they’re Black Widows all because of this nasty Feminist Jew Virus.

  21. Fleur de lis says:

    I was checking out Bill Maher’s new jungle love interest and found them together at this webpage. Look at the Afro-Romance ad above their pic. You think this is just coincidence? I wonder if Billy is getting spokesman compensation for the miscegenation agenda. Lots of young white guys think he is cool. Also on Myspace the interracial ads are beyond obvious and an affront to all decency. My ‘favorite’ one is a Country inn suites hotel ad showing a white guy and black gal sipping coffee closely in a bedroom like scene. They are ramping it up.

  22. Joy says:

    Wow she is just as ugly as he!
    (Jew Maher & negro)

  23. Orion14 says:

    I’ve noticed the interracial ads too. You can’t even go to a news site anymore without seeing ads for interracial dating sites, or some slut hanging on a nigger.

    Anyone ever see that Viagra commerical with the couple on the motorcycle? Take a close look at the male. It’s a high yellow nigger!

  24. incogman says:

    Thanks for the input on that Maher SOB. I updated the shot.

    In case anyone says he’s Irish — well, you got a lot to learn. His mother was Jewish, which makes him 100% Jew. Not to mention his big fat mouth and nose.

    He’s a Christian and Muslim basher, plus he’s as arrogant as they come.

  25. Nemesys says:

    To Psyn – I decided to re-edit my original post to you, and I didn’t realize that I had already begun to post…….my puter was running slowly at the time. You are a perfict Self Chosen Hebe – so I’m sure your Sand Demon God protects you from all computer slip-ups.

    Thanks, Incogman, for removing that first post!

    White skin evolved in cloudy, cool, temperate climates. The DNA is not acclimated to too much exposure to the Sun. Whites shouls NEVER do the things to themselves that Darkies do. I knew about staying out of the Sun since I was a girl. I’ve ALWAYS hated baking in direct Sunlight. Subsequently – my skin is in terrific shape, and I look MUCH younger than most of my contemporaries. The White girls that follow the idiotic practices of Darkies – and include Hebes in that group, make themselves into shrivelled old prunes. The White females that protect their skin are luminous and lovely into OLD age. I’ve seen White females, into their Eighties, with lovely fine complexions. It’s all about honoring one’s DNA.

    Now – I deal with older people, for my work, and Race REALLY makes a difference. Whites that have paid attention to basic health practices are far more numerous, and healthier, than others. Even if they have health issues, they tend to pull through serious injuries and illnesses better than others. The Human Herd REALLY thins out, into the late 80’s and 90’s, as well as those over 100. as far as racial flaws – shal we discuss the general sickliness of Blacks, and the fact that Jews have 4 times the genetic illnesses than other Races? And that a LOT of those genetic diseases translate into madness? Shall we?

  26. Nemesys says:

    Re: Bill Maher-Mouth – that creature pretty much embodies the stereotype of the loud-mouthed, cowardly-bully Hebe. ANY-ONE that thinks he’s anything else but – is a complete idiot.

  27. Fleur de lis says:

    Incog, here is a local chicago news slideshow showing the master race’s Hollywood superstars. This is quite impressive, but only scratches the surface.

  28. Stug says:

    I love this site ! No doubt, the Juden think that this is the end of history for the Aryans and other untermenschen – if they can just sell enough miscegenation then no one but them will have the necessary brainpower to compete. Only the Kikes aren’t as smart as they give themselves credit for – sure – they conspire to control the media and financial markets to scam the Goy’s money – but they can’t engineer, don’t know what agriculture is and are still whining about the Germans making them actually do physical labor at the camps in WWII. The Kikes can only scam and destroy, like a parasite, they can’t produce or build.

  29. Woodsy says:

    That’s funny, they don’t really look like superheroes. They look like 12 year old dork tapirs who grew up to be 50 year old dork bull tapirs who became very out of shape along the way.

    Anyway, putting appearances versus realities aside…that Menorah Man character looks very much like one of the high priests atop the sacrificial temple top in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. I have no doubt he’d feel right at home in such a position.

  30. anti zionist says:

    Jews may have all the money but they sure are poor on looks. I think its because your insides show up on the exterior to some degree.

  31. American says:

    Regarding the transformations when “necessary”, think of an Israeli American, who changes his name when mingling (robbing) the Goyim, but among his own people keeps his given identity.

  32. Grumblingone says:

    Nice, I was wondering if anyone else had picked up on the whole superhero thing. Never had time to really research it though.

    It seems pretty normal up front until, like usual, you peek behind the curtain.
    It would seem most if not all heroism and superhero stories fall under Idol worship of course, but with the added twist of giving false hope that someone will come to save you when things are dire.
    Sounds familiar?
    Reality is…
    This is a lie we know, no one is coming, ever. No aliens, no Savior, no 5th dimensional shift or whatever. This is a con, dis-info, a ruse.
    Brainwashing on a root function level.

    These people still believe, somewhere in the backs of their greedy little minds that they are god’s chosen people, some I’m sure actually think they are decedents of kings and or gods, (star, tzar, many similar words)
    and have a RIGHT to rule over everyone else.

    They prop themselves up as the light and the way, the saviors of mankind and only they know what is best. And most folks buy into it hook line and sinker.

    I call shenanigans.

  33. Lasher says:

    Lasher got a headache trying to decide which kike cunt is the ugliest – Betty freiden or Charlotte Knobloch. LOL!

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