Are White People Stupid or What?


Since the holidays are all but over and the relatives have left for home, maybe now is a good time to think about this hard question. You know what some of your family is like: That conservative, FOX news-loving Uncle Josh, with whom you had that “healthy” debate before turkey dinner; the touchy sister-in-law from Vermont, who gave you a pissed-off look when you said Obama was not even Constitutionally qualified to be prez; your Che-loving kid brother who so recently discovered Bob Marley music and that’s all he talks about now.

I know, I know, it’s tough because of what it means to racially awakened Whites who thinks of all the things “going down” in the US and elsewhere — often, he or she gets frustrated having to listen to the usual holiday blather. So this question must be asked: We hope that Whites, over-all, are not this stupid, not this oblivious to the reality of where this country is headed and why — or are they?

Just think about all the interracial sex pushed in the media over the last few years — what could be the end result of that? What about allowing non-White immigration into the formerly White countries of the West? Don’t White people  ever put two and two together about all this kind of thing? Yeah, one may very well think that Whites are stupid to ignore what is being done and allowing ourselves to be turned into a minority.

If you’re a White person who has read so far and are concerned with current events, you need to ask yourself some serious questions and find some way to divorce your personal, local “world view,” so as to see the “big picture” going on today for our race. It behooves you to read on and think hard about these matters before you.


Whites are now the monsters and evil characters in a Jew-controlled Hollywood, while the heroes are anyone but. I believe everyone is sick and tired of Will Smith saving the world by now.

Unfortunately, we know that everyday Whites have some serious problems in critical thinking which has brought us to this point. For example: When you talk to a White person about any of these subjects often the first thing out of their mouths is “I know such and such person and he’s a pretty nice guy!” So by inference, if the one person they know is nice than all of them must be. Oh sure, they’ll admit some can be bad — just like anybody else!

That’s the problem. American Whites through-out history have always been for the “little guy.” We don’t like to see evil oppressive powers enslaving innocent people. This has all been part and parcel to the American psyche since before the Revolutionary war — hell, it’s the whole reason we had the dam Revolution in the first place!

But this has been used by some very smart and racially devious people. And yes, I’m talking about the Jews here, of course. But the truth of the matter is that Jews are not a monolithic block, i.e. all of them are not on the same page and same wavelength. That would pretty much stand out like a sore thumb (besides being pretty freaky), something Whites would surely notice. Some are indeed nice people and believe the exact same things we do (well, not everything you see here!).

But on two different, mutually compatible fronts, this mostly cohesive, self-serving alien race has totally distracted and divided up the White race and all quite purposefully. We’ve been snowed people!

Now, one of the questions that frequently comes up is the news media and who owns it. Whites can easily see and understand that if an alien force controlled the media than they would likely control us. This is why we get in all these complicated debates about who owns and controls what, etc.

But the basic building block to thought control is already within us. They’ve created the social/political boundaries placing blinders on all our heads — including the people working in the news media. That’s right: Race politics is the ultimate in censoring mechanisms and thought control across the board. They’ve purposely used the American sense of “fair play for the little guy” to reject any possible thought that we, ourselves, are the real target in the end. It’s quite diabolical when you think about it all.


Jews brag about running Hollywood.

And no, there is no playbook being passed around by Jewry to accomplish all this; general Jewry is left in the dark just as much as we are, but many Jews do make some very noticiable efforts in screwing with White people’s heads and institutions. This is all but a reflection of the Jew’s very real racial arrogance, along with a deap-seated inner fear and loathing of the White race — readily seen in movies from Hollywood today.

A typical screenplay nowadays might go like this: Cute, young White girl in college makes friends with the nerds, gays and blacks. She’s treated like hell by the stuck-up beautiful blond White girls, but eventually overcomes their treachery. All the outcasts become the winners due to everyone saying they’ve had enough of the evil White girls (who are probably racists). The various minorities (specifically including Jewish-looking students) and the hero White girl (who ends up with the handsome but far-sighted White guy) live happily ever after. The Aryan-looking Whites, once again, get their comeuppance! But the trick here is to make sure enough “individualist” Whites are in the mix on the “good side” to identify with. These are the ones who have seen the diversity light and, most importantly, do not group themselves in a homogeneous and potentially Nazi, all-White group.

Now, we all know that there probably isn’t any top-secret instructions going out to the screenwriters to do the above. That would be too prone to discovery. No, this is an expression of the over-all social “screenplay” written for us in the Politically Correct world, fostered by the Jew’s inner atavistic loathings and fears of White solidarity.

Of course, there are many other type of movie genres saying pretty much the same thing: The beet-faced White cavalry soldiers massacring helpless Indians in the West (many, in fact, were Black troops but that’s never shown), Evil White Southern “Rednecks,” going KKK on helpless Blacks and then the usual Nazis goosestepping through Europe and heartlessly killing all the Jews (the Holocaust is big business for Jews). Even the Sci-Fi monsters in Hollywood movies now have White skins and all the heroes and computer hackers are Black. White people do see all this but just ascribe it all to being “Politically Correct.” And they take the small examples they see on a daily basis and say to themselves it’s only this little thing — it doesn’t mean much — we can live with it and are big enough to not sweat the small stuff.

But that’s exactly how brainwashing works — you’re fed small stuff on a constant basis, so that you’re not supposed to notice very much. But it all adds up over time. What do you think the word “tolerance” means? If your body ingests small enough doses of poison, you will tolerate it and survive — in a seriously weakened state — ready for the final finishing spoonful. Think about it.

They do this kind of brainwashing all the time in product advertising. Let’s say you see your hero is having himself a cold beer in this action movie. Companies will pay serious bucks to make sure that hero is drinking himself a Budweiser. Or the housewife using Tide detergent in a scene. They also seed target markets by hiring out of work actors to tout their product on the street, pretending they are just like regular people. It’s little things out there that subtly prod you to buy certain products.

Now, getting back on topic, these same people have been using mass marketing techniques to shift the American consciousness in a “leftward” direction. This “Multicultural” direction shields them and their efforts from exposure and scrutiny. It is indeed thought control — via social change brought on by advanced propaganda techniques.

The first level is in our heads with all the Politically Correct business. But they also have a secondary protection that works in conjunction with the psychological efforts over the years. This is where media infiltration and ownership comes into play, making sure that the one danger of an altruistic belief system does not find a home in some inconvenient way — like with the Palestinians. They have to make sure this issue is ignored, blacked-out or at least replaced by the Israeli’s excuse of fighting “terrorism.”

There is an old Polish saying that goes like this: “A Jew cries out as he strikes you.”

You might see something on the Palestinian “problem” in the US media, but it always carefully worded and balanced out so that the Israelis are always seen as the victims and it’s only them justifiably defending themselves against “terror.” Americans are always “down” with the concept of defending oneself.

But a lot of inconvenient facts and real evils are invariably left out. The Palestinians might shoot a few primitive and ineffectual, unguided rockets into Israel, usually exploding harmlessly on some empty plot of land. Sure, they might kill an Israelis or two. If that happens, the Jews go completely off the Richter scale, being God’s “Chosen Ones” and all. The resulting amount of retaliation is insane — the Israelis may massively bombard the Palestinians with 155 mm artillery and F-16 cluster bombs — killing hundreds, maybe thousands of Palestinians, even children.

Palestinian "collateral damage" from a US Hellfire missile.

Palestinian "collateral damage" from a US Hellfire missile.

Nor are we told that the first puny rockets fired from the Palestinians are almost always in retaliation to begin with, such as when land is stolen using devious methods (just look at the maps); access points are closed off to prevent medicines and food from reaching them —  literally to starve them into submission; or when one of their duly-elected HAMAS political leaders (conveniently termed “terrorists”) is blown to bits by some Hellfire missile fired out of the blue from a Predator drone given to the Israelis by America. We are never told this side of the story — almost always never reported on during the US nightly news.

Jews are indeed the modern-day “Nazi” of the world. They’ve managed to so flip-flop things around that any kind of peaceful, pro-White people are slandered as “Nazi,” instead of them. We’re not only being taken for a major-league ride by these bitter and spiteful people, we are also paying for their evil actions in the world (like above right) with our tax dollars, inflation and even outright theft in our economy. No friggin’ lie!

The Palestinian problem is but one area that’s considered too hot for the US media to fully cover and investigate in any detail (the real bosses might get mad). But sometimes stories do get exposed, usually only when things are just way too big to ignore — like the Bernie Madoff 65 billion dollar Ponzi heist — but the “Jew part” is verbotten to mention. After-all, that would be politically incorrect, right?

All these people on the news shows — from hosts to pundits to producers and writers —  know plenty well not to talk critically about any “people of color,” the Gays and, of course, the “eternally victimized” Jew — which is what the Jews really want in the first damn place.

White people who pat themselves on the back and say they are “conservative” because they watch FOX news are just as much at the mercy of these same kind of things. If you tell them that FOX news is really not much different from the other cable news, they may look at you like you’ve uttered some kind of crazy talk and might be turning into a MSNBC liberal Obama freak.

Each cable news venue has their own kind of viewing audience, but they are all pretty much the same, coralled by a “No-Go” system on what they can or cannot talk about on-air. It does not take much beyond the over-all Politically Correct framework to enforce all this. Plus, the talking heads on the air are usually following a teleprompter or hearing something in their ear pieces, from copy written by a producer who knows the score and is more easily fired than the talking head. Then you have video editing on the canned reports, where tricky issues can be cut-out from the broadcast version.

Basically, if people don’t see it, then it will never exist in the minds of the clueless viewing public.

Whites are also infected with the same Politically Correct viewpoints in the universities and schools;  this has been going on since the fifties, or even earlier. The real people behind the curtain, like the Council of Foreign Relations (US), the Royal Institute of International Affairs (UK) and the “Bilderbergers,” have been behind the funding of radical liberal education through groups like the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, Carnegie Mellon endowment and a British-based group, that specializes in population manipulation, called the Tavistock Institute.

They have expended billions over the years in our universities, colleges and even in the high schools pushing liberal agendas on formative minds. These efforts have been clearly recognized in the past, ascribed to the unseen “Communist Conspiracy” and laughed-off by the general public as mere “right winger” talk. But the fact of the matter is that these efforts have been frighteningly very real, to this very day.

Even our Gentile religions have been targeted by these people; which on the face of things is incredibly stupid for Whites to ignore. Jews hate Christianity and are always subtly and even openly attacking it, yet the corrupted TV Evangelicals preach that we need to support the State of Israel. Our schools even have “Christian Zionist” groups openly funded by a foreign government (Israel) and the Jew Anti-Defamation League (ADL) provides strategy handbooks to combat any on-campus anti-war groups that have the temerity to bring up Israel, the Palestinian’s plight or Zionism.

This “unmentionable” Jew business is why you see so much blind hatred of Bush and Cheney. White activist “liberals” know the war in Iraq, etc. is a total lie, but stupidly ignore the Jew and intensify the blame on a politically correct target — evil old White men. That’s not to say that some on the left don’t recognize Zionism, but they get no public traction since the “progressive” leadership is often Jewish. “Conservative” Whites are equally retarded, swallowing the whole Neocon, Israel-First, “War on Terror” viewpoint hook, line and sinker.

Now, let’s say you are a “liberal” or a “conservative” who has read this far. Unfortunately, most people take a quick look at something like this and dismiss it out of hand, without even reading and thinking about it. People are too busy, so they rely on initial impressions to save them effort and time. Plus, it scares them to consider that such things could be possibly true. They don’t want to hear it! Unfortunately, it is. It is the only “World View” that fits all the inconvenient facts now facing White America today.

White people are not stupid — they just don’t get the information from the public domain to consider and make conclusions, except on their own. Also, a White person may be a brilliant engineer or something, but when it comes to subjects like this, he or she may lack the personal bravery it takes to come to this understanding. Way too often, he’ll simply dismiss whatever comes his way as “conspiracy” nonsense. Which is just another form of thought control.

Whites are secretly afraid of being called Nazi by friends and family.

Whites are secretly afraid of being called Nazi by friends and family.

Talking about any race issue is socially dangerous to White people and when they do, it’s usually in a whispered form, in case Blacks are nearby. Or it might get a liberal White family member upset, causing them to loudly curse you as a Nazi or Klansman, running off crying about what an evil bastard you’ve become and you’re the reason the whole holiday dinner is now ruined!

Anything that cannot be combated with real facts, is then relegated to “conspiracy theory,” “black helicopter” or “tin-foil hat” talk. This purposefully embedded social constraint (pushed a lot by the media since 9/11), has worked to keep Americans silent about the New World Order or anything to do with 9/11 Truth or the obviously phoney “War on Terror” pysops programs, because of where it might lead. No one wants to be considered a nut case by friends and family!

Another form of thought control is describing people who do talk about such things as ignorant and inbred. This is popular with those who have a vested interest in the situation, the other races of course, but also includes White people who visualize themselves being the “good guy” — intelligent, fair and “progressive.” And these are not always whom you would call “liberal,” either. If you bring up a subject that may cast this “World View” in error — what they have bought into and have internalized — they will attack you by calling you stupid, thus preserving the fact that they have been right about the matter all along, hence smarter than you.

This is usually accompanied with a narrowing of eyelids, tightened lips and dismissive waving of hands. They are fearful that you might make a point that will put a crack in the social edifice they’ve built-up around themselves, or the mental image of how they see themselves; instinctively, they take the fastest and safest way out — by turning to a stereotype created for them by the very people supposedly so against stereotypes!


What’s wrong with this picture? Whites showing racial solidarity in any form is considered “evil” and blindly attacked by the government, law enforcement and media as “White supremacy.” Many Whites, liberal or otherwise, will call these Whites “ignorant” when the direct opposite is often true — racially aware Whites often have a firm grasp of history and are much more insightful of geopolitical realities and societal influences, than those who stupidly parrot liberal slogans. They are the real modern-day patriots and enemies of the war-mongering, Zionistic power structure now afflicting Western countries.

One thing that often greatly surprises Whites coming to their senses racially, is that Whites whom they once considered as racist and dismissed as “ignorant,” are far from stupid. They are actually very intelligent, educated and much more knowledgeable about subjects like history than the layman.

This has been aided by the Internet, since people can’t make judgements based solely on what a person looks like. You could have some guy who looks like a NeoNazi skinhead with biker tattoos — the whole nine yards — discourse quite expertly on the details of the Dual Monarchy in Austria-Hungary before World War I and how this led to conflict, or even our foreign policy today. Hell, such people could do rings around your typical White FOX or MSNBC news viewer on many subjects these couch potatoes don’t have a clue about.

Racially-aware Whites have seen right through today’s bull and have the critical thinking skills necessary to form their own judgements, not what the mainstream news has trotted out for them.

But Whites do indeed have some serious Achilles heels, racially-speaking, and the Jews have used these very things against us. One race weakness is the sheer inability to conceive of another race, one who happens to look like them, working in concert with one another to only further their own race. Whites can’t imagine such behavior since they’ve been programmed to think that’s evil!

Most Whites think Jews are White. Too bad they don't.

Most Whites think Jews are White. They sure as hell don't think so.

They never see the fact that Jews consider themselves a separate and superior race to begin with — only thinking Jews have a different religion, related to Christianity. Even the fact that most of them are usually atheistic and secular, doesn’t seem to register.

Another real weakness of Whites is the inability to see bigger trends outside of their own little local sphere of the world and extrapolate out on what it means for them and their children down the road. They may base their political views on a media that has no problem keeping them in the dark about becoming a minority, right along with inferring Whites as evil — causing them to internalize the message to the point where they actually welcome these very attacks on their own race!

Whites even go so far as to say the White race doesn’t exist, when the other races think otherwise. Whites will tell themselves that they are “cool” and “with-it” and then trip all over themselves to keep from saying the wrong thing which could be misconstrued as “racist.” This is often a source of humor for other races and leads to disrespect and, like children, further spoiled militancy.

To conclude: Whites are not dumb per se, but have been confused and manipulated on two different fronts without consciously understanding the real deal. One front is from self-hating Whites and Jews in our media. The second front has been a silent long-term assault in the education arena and in political processes financed by the unimaginably rich Globalist Jew Criminal Network, the International Banking cartel which controls the lifeblood of this country via the private, monopolistic Federal Reserve.

All these things can readily be researched over the Internet, for now. It is entirely up to you to look into it and decide for yourself. If you are waiting for someone like the friendly Charlie Gibson on ABC’s World News Tonight or the feisty Bill O’Reilly on FOX news to tell you of these things, then you can just forget it and roll over like a dog and take it. It just will not happen.

White people are indeed smart. Our average IQ level is the highest on the planet (contrary to what the Jews say, Episcopalians score the highest), but we’ve been relentlessly brainwashed for the last few generations to confuse and divide our race in so many devious ways that it’s difficult for the regular White to grasp the totality of it all. They may suspect they don’t get the full story, but that’s about it.

In the end, when Whites figure out the real deal, we’ll come out swinging. When Whites get mad and organized, then our real brain power and talents come to the fore and woe unto those on the other side of the equation. It’s this very prospect that most scares the people behind all of this and is the real reason they’ve done this as stealthily as possible. They don’t want the White race coming to our senses, putting a screeching stop to their devious agenda and making America number 80 on the hit parade of countries which gave them the big boot!

— Phillip Marlowe

Like Overripe Fruit We Fall

Has America Been Turned Into The Golem?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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438 Responses to Are White People Stupid or What?

  1. Hypocrite Spotter says:

    Moshe :-),

    To recap:

    In your last post, you informed that you:

    choose not to use your mind, so there is nothing to reason with.

    have no “seeking” abilities” whatever that means.

    Make assumptions without facts

    Something about assumptions that makes no sense – except to a paranoid schizophrenic, perhaps. You were pretty angry and losing control so I’m not sure

    You’re trying to find a place where you feel important, so you’re desperately trying to impress others

    You’re about as intellegent as an 8 year old.

    You don’t like what you actually say, so engage in a lot of deflection when someone points out – what you actually say

    You drip with hate, but want everyone to ignore that

    You’re foolish and immature

    You’re about as exciting as watching paint dry

    You’re out of control with anger, and need to take a deep breath and think before you type.

    I think that about summarizes your self analysis. Is there anything else you wish to share? 🙂


  2. psyn says:

    Ahhh incognant you flatter yourself so……with your roster of insecure neo nazi’s who can’t even agree amongst themselves. And look at yourself with your lurid descriptions of “Jewish wrong doings”. When you cannot logically debate someone you resort to attacks of a personal nature which usually involve you accusing that person of some sort of sexual perversion.
    I think we ‘jewish pests’ are doing a great job of keeping you and your fellow travellers on the run as it seems the more energy you spend on us the more disorganized and un unified you all become.

  3. Hypocrite Spotter says:

    I guess you don’t get it either psyn. ALL I did was MIRROR Moshe’s behavior back to him, and he, like you, can’t handle it. All you can do is blabber on about “logical debate” – which, by the way, people like you avoid like the plague, because you can’t handle that either. But if things get down and dirty, you lose too!

    All you really want is for us to play by YOUR rules, so hence the tiresome
    endless lectures. But you people have no wit, no creativity, and can’t think on your feet. You’re like zombies, without life or soul. Beating you, individually, is like shooting fish in a barrel

    Let me put this in terms even you can understand: People like you and Moshe aren’t shit. You’re not shit on the street, and you’re not even shit on the internet. Jews are whiny little pussies. We are going to kick your sorry asses, of that I am becoming increasingly confident.

    Hugs and Kisses 🙂

    • incogman says:


      “canadian” “psyn” and “Moshe” are all the same Jew from Canada (Toronto). How’s that for an example of sneaky Jew behavior?

  4. psyn says:



    “canadian” “psyn” and “Moshe” are all the same Jew from Canada (Toronto). How’s that for an example of sneaky Jew behavior?”

    You lie incogman you know that all of our IP addresses and subnet masks are different. Toronto is a city of over 2 million people, having 3 users from the same city is not proof that they are the same person….Stupid idiot, you fell into my trap….

  5. psyn says:

    Hypocrite Spotter

    I guess you don’t get it either psyn. ALL I did was MIRROR Moshe’s behavior back to him, and he, like you, can’t handle it. All you can do is blabber on about “logical debate” – which, by the way, people like you avoid like the plague, because you can’t handle that either. But if things get down and dirty, you lose too!

    All you really want is for us to play by YOUR rules, so hence the tiresome
    endless lectures. But you people have no wit, no creativity, and can’t think on your feet. You’re like zombies, without life or soul. Beating you, individually, is like shooting fish in a barrel

    Let me put this in terms even you can understand: People like you and Moshe aren’t shit. You’re not shit on the street, and you’re not even shit on the internet. Jews are whiny little pussies. We are going to kick your sorry asses, of that I am becoming increasingly confident.”

    Yeah Hitler was ‘confident’ too and winded up killing himself in a bunker…connect the dots…..


    This person who started this thread doesn’t even know that the Vatican controls the Jews. The Vatican uses them to bring down America and the rest of the world, to the whims of the Vatican and their Jesuit (CIA) minions. Either that, or this author is just another Jesuit agent of the Vatican, trying to pin all the blame on the Jews. Jews don’t have as much as power as people think. Jews are completely controlled by the Vatican.

    That little beanie yamlaka the Jewish males wear is really Roman in origin. That is why the Pope wears one. The Yamlaka that Jews wear is not even Jewish, but it is Roman in origin. After the Jews were conquered by the Romans, the Jewish males wear is to show respect to Rome.

    The British Monarchy and the Vatican are who own the U.S Corporation. The UNITED STATES Inc. was put into power after the Stock Market collapsed in 1929.

    Most of you don’t even know that when you are born, your Birth Certificate is traded on the Stock Market and you are sold to the Vatican and the British Monarchy. They pay their U.S. Corporation $1,000,000 when your mother donates your body to them by signing your Birth Certificate.

    Your name then goes to all capital letters, i.e. JOHN DOE, instead of John Doe, denoting you are now a Corporate Product and Asset of the British Monarchy and their masters, the Vatican. Corporation that word comes from corpse. You’re not alive in the eyes of the law, you’re just corporate asset. Capital Letters in legal terms denotes an asset, non-living corporate entity and product. Also cemetaries have the buried dead in all capital letters. Judges wear all-black, to denote you are dead and they are in judgment of you, just another dead corporate product. Occult Religions base all of the laws, mainly Roman Occult Canon Law.

    When your mother signs your Birth Certificate the line where she signs it says “Informant” not “Mother”. That is because she is informing the banks she has produced another product and is donating your body to the International Bankers. Who in turn change your name to all capital letters.

    That means in the eyes of the law you are a Corporate Asset, not a living breathing human. You have no rights if you are an employee-slave of the foreign corporation called UNITED STATES Inc. That is what U.S. Citizenship really means.

    The Jews are the servants and slaves of the Vatican and British Monarchy. The Vatican and British Monarchy own the Jews and control everything they do.

    You people think everyone else but your race is up to no good. That is why when the Vatican and British Monachy collapse their U.S. Corporation by 2010, they want you to think the Jews did it. So they can get rid of not just you common citizens but their Jewish bankers too.

    The U.S. $1 Bill’s Masonic Codes tell the entire story on the reverse of the U.S. $1 Bill: You have 13 which represents the capstone of the Pyramid. 1 Sun 12 Zodiac Houses, 1 Graduation 12 Grades, 1 Jesus 12 Apostles, it all leads to 13. On the right side you have 666, or the Hexidecimal Computer Language for all electronic banking, which is also 18. You have the Internet which is watching everyone, under 666 or www, you also have the two triangles of Saturn one pointing up and one pointing down. The Elites worship the planet Saturn. The planet Saturn is really called ‘El’. This is where we get El-ite, El-der, El-ectricity, El-evate, and it all leads to 6+6+6 = 18.

    13 on the left x 18 on the right = 234. May 01,1776 is the day the Vatican and Illuminati/Freemasons of Britain financed the U.S. Corporation in to power, under the guise it was just another country. Notice the date May 01,1776. Not July 04, 1776. Freemasonry is what started Communism. It was experimented in Russia and China. Communism and Socialism is when the super rich take control of everything and control the capitalism.

    They have been experimenting their Communism, Nazism, Corporate Fascism in all their other slave colonies such as Russia and China. Any Communist in the world knows May 01, 1776, is Communist May Day. May 01, being a big day is distinct to world globalist communism.

    13 x 18 = 234. 1776 + 234 = 2010.

    2010 is when the British Monarchy and the Vatican plan on collapsing their U.S. Corporation into a Communist state. Note that Socialism is Fascism is also Nazism. Nazism was invented in Rome, in the Vatican not in Germany, where starving Germans were dying of malnutrition.

    Germany was starved out by the British Monarchy and the Vatican from 1913 to 1924. Then Germany was given 20 billion DM and an Austrian Catholic Extremist named Adolf Schickelgruber, was financed to go test the British Monarchy’s and Vaticans “Nazism”. Nazerite Priest, Ashkenazi, Naza, Nazereth, are all code words for Nazi Reich. There was no “Nazereth” city until the Crusaders built it in the 1300’s A.D. Jesus was a made up character and was all about worshipping the Sun. The so-called “Jesus” that was made up into a man, is nothing more than Nazism.

    Because apparently, this Jesus comes from the Middle East, but looks like a White guy from England. No no, he is “Jesus of Nazereth” or Jesus of the Nazi Reich.

    Nazis didn’t lose, they own the U.S. Corporation out of the British Monarchy and the Vatican.

    I feel it is my need as a Researcher to tell you all this, because the vibes most of you are getting on what is going to come over the U.S. are accurate. No one senses anything good coming. Well that’s correct. North America is heading for another Nazi-like Dictatorship.

    Germans were used, exploited and stomped on by the real Nazis. Same with the Arabs. Germans and Arabs have a lot of similarities in the fact that the Vatican and British Monarchy set both of them up, glorified them as “noble people” then accused them of the war crimes they did, then blew them up.

    So why do these Vatican & British Monarchy Nazis do this to people? Because they believe they are the only humans on Earth and the rest of the people on Earth are non-humans. They practice their Teutonic Zionism and base all of their policies upon the world from that.

    After testing out their Nazism in Germany, their Communism out in Russia and China, their Islam out in the Middle East, their Socialist Corporate Fascism in so many lands including the U.S. now, they’re ready to implement their Global World Order.

    There is so much more to say, but these are some basics to inform the reader on what is really going on. There is so much Research amassed now on my part, that revealing this is important.

    They want you to attack the Jews, and other groups so that they can lock you people up and gas you. There are 900 FEMA Death Camps across the USA as of now. The Elite want to kill off all the commoners now. They are done using you. There is no more use to them of the commoners.

    The Elites want to kill off most of the whites, blacks, jews, arabs, chinese, and all other races. That is why they promote all this racism so you all kill each other. What you the common person needs to do, is to unite with your common citizen, because to the Elites all of you are Black and they are White Racists. If you’re not part of their circles you’re a sub-human.

    All the races who are commoners need to shake hands and unite. Then you all might stand a chance to be too powerful for them to divide and conquer.

    But if you want to attack a group, attack the Vatican and British Monarchy. They own the U.S. and have been doing all these evil things for so long.

    I know a lot of what the Jews do is wrong, evil and stupid. I used to think it was the Jews too. But you gotta do your homework and find out what’s really going on. It’s NOT what you think!

    The quality of the information one has, bases the quality of the decisions and accuracy one makes.

    As of now you people here don’t know very much, and are reacting to the snares and traps set up for you.

    The Vatican and British Monarchy represents everything that is sick, twsited and evil with humanity. The U.S. is their privately-owned Corporation and they control the entire planet. Only Corporations have Presidents, this is no country we live in. The American Republic was done away with after 1929.

    The gold fringe around the U.S. Flag denotes that we are under Maritime Admiralty Martial Law. The American Flag of independence and sovereignty is positioned vertically and has no gold fringe around it. The current flag we have now denotes that Britain owns the USA and that we’re under Martial Law.

    Martial Law isn’t necessarily an obviously Martial or Militant Law. But if you ever bring up the American Constitution in a Court of Law, the Judge will warn you that you are under contempt of Court. Because under Martial Law the Constitution is to protect Government officials not U.S. Citizens. Citing it in a Court of Law will place a U.S. Citizen under contempt of Court.

    You people have no done your homework or even read any laws. You have been tricked and used by the devils behind all these terrible events, who are putting the blame on the Jews. These people committ horrible acts and then blame the Jews, hoping one day you people will be the next Nazi Germans, which all that is coming.

    I used to seriously believe it was the Jews too. It’s really the Vatican and British Monarchy who is behind all of these evils.

    Muslims also need to know that the Vatican set up Islam in 618 A.D. then financed it into power in 632 A.D. The Vatican used Mohammed to rob and loot the lands outside of Europe and kill the real Christians outside of Europe. The Vatican set up Islam to spread their Roman Religion outside of Europe with their new enforcers the Muslims.

    You’re all being set up for something terrible. It is so easy to conclude the Jews are the ones behind all this. What most of you don’t know is that the Jews are 100% servants and slaves of the Vatican and British Monarchy.

    Now you know who your real enemies are, and who the real terrorists are, they’re over there in Europe/UK no where else.

    Check out Jordan Maxwell on YouTube. He can tell you what is really going on. You will not be bored you will be amazed.

    I know you people mean well, but you’re being tricked.

    The Vatican uses everyone else, such as the Brits and Jews to go rob everyone elses technology and precious metals to be brought into Europe.

    All mathematics, science, technology and engineering originates out there in the Middle East, India, China, Russia, Japan, and was imported into Europe by the robbers and thugs working for the Vatican. The entire Colonial Era from 1492 to 1945 was set up by the Vatican.

    Now we are in the second Colonial Era, which is the Global Socialist Fascist One World Government Era, to consolidate the entire planet into a one world government. By de-stabilizing all the nations and using the fake paper fiat money system to turn off all banking, because most nations have already had their precious metals hijacked and stolen by the Vatican.

    The Vatican controls the British Monarchy, USA, Jews, Muslims, Communists, Socialists, Drug Trafficking, Child Porn Rings, Oil, Gold/Precious Metals, International Banking, U.S. Foreign Policy and much much more.


    You have to remember Western Civilization has its origin in the East. The Freemasonry, and Sun Worship which bases Western Civilization between Britain and Rome, comes entirely from Persia, India, Turkey, Greece and Iraq.

    The Mystery Schools of Freemasonry which base everything that the West has in every sense, is all from the Middle East and India.

    Whatever that is going on in the Middle East now is really a battle between different Secret Societies over ownership of the entire Middle East.

    Iran is part of the Vatican they won’t ever get bombed. So is India, they’re a combination of both Freemasonry/Illuminati and Vatican Romanism.

    Israel, Turkey, India, Iran, Rome, Britain, U.S. Gov’t are all one alliance, don’t expect to see them bombed anytime soon. But Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq are the three nations who don’t want to go along with the Global Corporate Fascism. You can expect them to be destabilized and done away with soon.

    Sorry to say this, but White people come from the caves and never invented anything. Everything they have now is from corporate trade and investments between the nations.

    The actual mathematics, science, technology, engineering principles the world has, originates from Iran, Egypt, India, Babylon/Iraq, China, the real Jews from Iraq, called Sephardic Jews. These are the original Freemasons and Scientists for which Rome and the British Monarchy learned everything they know from.

    Out of that that and their teachings they created the U.S.A.

    The British East Indian Company created their New Egypt, based on Occult Romanism and Freemasonry, all taken from the East as in India/Iran/Sephardic Jews/Babylonian Iraqi/Egyptians, this they called “America”.

    There more to say, but the people in the West are in for a ride with all that is coming. The Elites have even stopped investing in the West and will promote the East over the West now. Get ready for a “change”.

    Obama is related to so many British bloodlines on his mom’s side. They’ll use Obama to go into Africa and kill everyone there, so the UK can get a free pipeline of resources with all the Africans gone.

    After that’s done, the USA will be collapsed. It’s rather hilarious that a Black face represents the most racist, sick twisted Nazis over there in the British Monarchy and the Vatican.

    But Obama is really on a genetic Mitrochondrial mtDNA sense, a White guy in with a Black face. His 8th cousin is Dick Cheney and his 9th cousin is George W. Bush. He’s another Bush with a Black face and not as stupid, which makes him even worse than Bush.

    Anyway, regardless to what race anyone is, everyone who is a commoner needs to shake hands with everyone else and unite, or else humanity is going to be exterminated off the planet with all that is coming. Only a few slaves will be kept around for their sick twisted future plans.

  8. vicente says:

    we whites are not dumb just most of us lost their way, jews are a ferocious enemy but it´s about time to teach them the lesson once again

  9. Nathan says:

    It’s absolutely laughable! Jew’s actually believe they’l rule the world? Let’s take a look at the facts….
    1. Their are only around 12 million Jews in total in the entire world. just explain to me how a group of 12 million surrounded by countries with gentile leaders, much more powerful than all Jews combined could control say for example one of these countries, let alone the entire world?

    2. Let not forget, their are countless group’s of Anti-Semites world wide, Christian’s Muslim’s Neo Nazi’s The list is endless. Their are even Satanic groups Which HATE YOU!

    3. Time and time again over history, all across the ages from ancient Egypt to Nazi Germany, The Jew’s have been slaughtered, thrown out of nation’s and destroyed! What makes you think it wouldn’t happen again? As a matter of fact with what’s going on in palestine, The dozens of anti-semitic internet groups among other factors- You can expect it to happen again!

    I could go on here forever, The fact is the odd’s are against you, I wouldn’t count on this “YHVH” of yours he doesn’t seem to have a very good history of protecting “His chosen” The reality is- Religion is losing it’s credibility, everyone knows what your doing in the media, Everyone knows what’s going on in Palestine, Their are even groups of Black people, who know exactly how you’ve invented these stereotypes about them with your media control. IN ADDITION TO THIS- TRY RESEARCHING HOW MANY JEWISH OWNERS OF SHIPS IMPORTING SLAVES FROM AFRICA THEIR WERE.
    I will make a prediction here. In this century the day’s of the Jew shall be numbered!

  10. Zvi says:

    Nathan I have answered your statements in brief, but I don’t think they will be of any use to you. If you would have chosen to take 5 minutes of independent reflective thought you could have answered them yourself. I fear you are just a mindless pawn spewing your leaders garbage.

    1. Ones entire body is run by his brain. All other parts are dependent on it. Its value is not in size but in specialization.
    One president rules billions of people. You and your fellow pawns are controlled by your leaders who are few in number.

    2. Lets not forget that historically most nations that have hated the Jews have either ceased to exist, or were assimilated. We are still here and distinct after 3000 years.

    3. If you studied the Bible (Old Testament) you would see how perfect G-d is in his process. Or suffering has been predicted, so to our salvation.

    If religion would cease to exist, then there would be no such thing as the Jew and you would have to find a new hate to avoid taking accountability for your live.

    History has proven that we will survive and thrive. Even an anti-semite like Mark Twain wrote of the indestructibility of the Jew.

    You said it yourself. From Egypt to Germany, and your answer is there. They were all greater in number and physical might yet they are no more. WE are still here.

    Here is a prediction for you. There will be a time when all the nations of the world will beat their sword into plowshares. All nations of the world will recognize the one true G-d and will come to the Jews to learn G-d’s teaching. And if that happens in your lifetime I am quite sure you will soil yourself.

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    2. Lets not forget that historically most nations that have hated the Jews have either ceased to exist, or were assimilated. We are still here and distinct after 3000 years.

    ALL nations who have allowed the Jews in have ceased to exist or were assimilated simply because the jews always infest white nations; WITH THE INTENT to destroy and subvert them. The Aryan people (WHITES) are the TRUE Israelites, and this is now a known fact.

    Jews have sought to murder or assimilate us for thousands of years. The fact that WE still remain is a testament to OUR specialness; not YOURS.

    Jews have no clear blood in them. They are a mixed up mongrelized mess of rag-tag, disease-laden genes (primarily Turko-Mongolian – Khazar – Ashkenazic) which most definitely proves you are neither Judahites, nor Israelites since YHWH commanded the Israelites to keep their blood racially pure. On that score alone; JEWS FAIL MISERABLY.

    The more nations and people bless you children of Cain, the more damned said nations and people become. Europe THRIVED when Jews were rounded up in ghettos (under lock and key) or were expelled. Your lies about the history of the relationship jews have had concerning other nations is not surprising considering that jew lies. That’s what you people do. (And murder and steal and commit acts of sexual depravity…yeah, you’re SOME god’s chosen nut people; but not YHWH’s chosen) By their fruits, you will know them…

    JUST THE FACT ALONE that YHWH promises that those who bless HIS people will be blessed, is proof enough that the jews are not YHWH’s chosen, since every nation or people who have blessed the jews, have been cursed.

    3. If you studied the Bible (Old Testament) you would see how perfect G-d is in his process. Or suffering has been predicted, so to our salvation.

    That’s a hoot coming from someone who hasn’t the first clue about who the Israelites really ARE and what the Old Testament is REALLY about.

    Your sufferink…. Oy vey! Vat a liar. A Jew will beat a child to death and then whine because their hands hurt; demanding reparations from the victim’s family.

    Suffering my ass! You people haven’t suffered NEARLY enough. But you will. Make no mistake; you will!

  12. Zvi says:

    To JamesTheJust.

    You have chosen a good username for yourself. JUST enough knowledge to make noise, but not enough to make a valid argument.

    It reminds me of a 6 year old child who is angry. They ramble on but have no coherence or knowledge of what they are saying.

    I would be surprised if you have every read through the Torah. Unfortunately you are only able to spew what you are programmed to say.

    Be the devils advocate to your own statements and you will find you are calling yourself a moron as well.

    Feel free to respond only if you are interested in having the last word. You have chosen to be ignorant so there would be no real fun in the conversation.

  13. JamesTheJust says:

    JUST enough knowledge to make noise, but not enough to make a valid argument.

    ROFLOL! Not enough of a valid argument FOR YOU, but like all jews, YOU think YOU are the center of the universe and if the argument isn’t valid enough for YOU then it isn’t valid at all.

    I’ve stated my case to MY KINSMEN quite clearly over many posts; proving that you Edomite Jews are fakes and that the Aryan race are the true Israelites. That’s all that’s important and valid to ME.

    Whatever you lying, inbred, disgusting, vile, satanic jews believe is of little importance to me. I do not cast pearls before swine (jews).

    Besides, when all you Edomites are dead, not even history will remember you as joy will be on the hearts and minds of YHWH’s ONLY chosen people; the Aryan race.

  14. ultraR says:

    zvi wrote:
    “All nations of the world …will come to the Jews to learn G-d’s teaching.”

    So, may it be that the Palestinians are an example of how the jew teaches?

    Being that you are of your father the devil, all you have said and “predicted” are lies, and anyone “buying” your crap is doomed.

    Go back to hell

  15. Zvi says:

    Sorry no concept of Devil in Judaism. The Satan (which is not the Devil) can’t have human children.

    Please reformat childish insults.

  16. incogman says:


    You are not welcome here and you know it. Your arrogance and hatred of non-Jews is fully documented, not only in history and current events, but the words out of your very own double-talking mouths.

    BEGONE Jew. Whites everywhere are now learning what you have done and are trying to do in WHITE NATIONS. It is the prospect of our awakening that most concerns you, not truth.

  17. JamesTheJust says:

    The Song “White Boy” written by Askenazi Jew Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane.

    He talks about the lost sheep of the house of Israel, or the lost tribes as we also know them.

    “You appeared in the Caucasus mountains”
    he just confirmed the lost tribes are actually WHITE here but most idiots will miss this part.
    ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——
    “You surprised the Europeans the Egyptian too”

    above is a statement the Caucasians settled Europe, but again the ignorant will miss this one.
    ———— ——— ——— ——— —
    “You made mountains for the Incas built pyramids for the Pharoah man
    And you grew and you lived by their hands”

    This one confirms the bible that the Assyrians drove them out of Israel and some were kept as slaves.
    ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________
    “Viking Roman fair hair Alexander Emperor slave.
    D’you come from the earth D’you come from the sky?
    Nobody seems to know You build and you burn create and destroy,
    You rule me now fair skin man with an unfair hand.”

    Here he identifies the White race. Confirms again some were slaves.
    Also confirms, we eventually ruled the world IE the United Kingdom, which ruled most of the known world.
    ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——
    “Where did you come from where were you born
    Where were you living when the earth was formed
    What can you do where will you go
    When the people of this planet send you away from here
    My bo..”

    Here’s the threat! The bible foretells of the Persecution of the tribes of Israel by the Anti-Christ Hoards lead by that same Anti-Christ. Consider this a threat and only a remnant will be saved from this coming slaughter.

    Be Warned White Boy, the other races are plotting your destruction.

  18. JamesTheJust says:

    The above post came from this site:

  19. Zvi says:

    Aww Incog,

    You know I am just here for fun. I love watching you fluctuate between normal and nuts. Of course that just proves that the normal is just a facade.

    P.S. I am a firm believer in the Creator of all everyone and everything is here for a purpose and I am commanded to love all, even if I might have to send you on your way one day.

    Thanks for Playing :,)

    P.S. Ever wonder if you leaders pop by here and test you to see if you have the discipline to remain calm and centered under fire. Or are destined to remain a useful but ignorant pawn in fulfilling their own design for personal gain?

  20. BILL says:

    So, if i was just born, into a lower middle class, just graduated high school like everyone else, served uncle sam in the airborne,and now just getting buy the skin of my teeth in the marine biz, working my ass off, and dont have nay rich relarives, i deserve to get tossed int he oven as well, eh? good thing i went airborne then, cause i’m definately ready for nut jobs like you..

  21. ultraR says:

    zvi, I know that you don’t have concept of evil, for you hide your true colors, no childish insults here, just plain fact, stated by Christ (whom you’d rather have boiling in excrement in hell) when He rightly accused you jews; that simple.
    I don’t like gibberish like you and your brethren.

    form Kevin MacDonald:

    “A topic that is not discussed enough is the screaming, in-your-face, hostile aggression that people must withstand when they dare to trample on Jewish sensibilities. We are not talking about the sophisticated rationalizations one sees in the op-ed pages of the mainstream media, or even the smear techniques of organizations like the ADL or the SPLC. We are talking about interpersonal aggression. There is something absolutely primal about it.”

    the rest of the article here:

  22. incogman says:


    OH bullshit, Jew.

    You are merely some weaselly, yarmulke-wearing Jew, sitting in some NY brownstone looking to create a little trouble for the Goyim out in the Internet.

    Your make-believe about leaders and pawns is only to seed doubt and division. We see right thru your JEW GAME. It’s beyond tiresome, Jew.

    Next you’ll blather about Black Popes and Templar Code, perhaps throw in some UFO business, and have yourself a hearty Jew chuckle.

    GET LOST. Go eat your Matzo ball soup, HEIMSTER.

  23. ultraR says:

    “…I am commanded to love all, even if I might have to send you on your way one day.”

    I’ll be waiting for you zvi, just remember, that when you come, it won’t be a woman or child that you’ll be confronting…, I WILL take you down!

  24. Zvi says:

    ultraR it Semen that Jesus is boiling in (because of all the seed that he corrupted)

    Incog I don’t live in NY.

    I prefer beef knish.

    The greatness of a man is in his ability to maintain composure at all times. You really have the self composure thing down pat. Keep up the good work.

    Finished playing. Bye Bye.

    • incogman says:

      I don’t give a flying flock what White country you’ve infested Jewboi, only thing that concerns me is frog-marching your sorry Jew-ass out. And you just go ahead and suck on your beef “knishs,” just don’t come here and tell us about your sick Jew perversions.

  25. ultraR says:

    hey jews, whoever, do you really believe all the crap you write? I mean, one thing is for some liberal brainwashed twit coming here and being outraged at how horribly gentiles have treated you blameless jews, and how everyone should be more supportive on account of centuries of ill treatment you suffered;
    but another thing is you jews showing up with the same pile of nonsense…, you’ve been kicked out of nearly every nation, in the same way someone deals with any pest, or parasite as a prophylactic measure.
    A light onto the nations!? Jews!? Come on! You seriously can not buy the same bull you sell! You resemble an addicted coke dealer, unaware that what makes money is getting others addicted.
    Right, you all stop by just for amusement, waiting for the name calling, and then retort with some pretended wittiness, but always on account some side line remark, then feeling all macher and highfiving yourselves…, the essence of onan.
    I can picture you jews hitting the keyboard and half smiling, recalling the stories your parents, grandparents, or whoever it was that got showered, told you on family reunions, about how life was at the summer camps back in the 40s, and how lucky they were to have survived the holocaust of Dresden…
    Did one of your “extended” family run to the tatoo parlor to get his number, when your ilk jumped on the “reparations” wagon? I bet some of you not old are wanting to leach on with the third generation “survivors” bull… Tell me jews what’s the number on your arm?
    Deep down you know that it’s all a lie.
    Reading you jews, and answering what you like to hear, is so easy, you know, so you might feel you are typing against a bunch of uniformed nazis…, you come here for fun and play, but the best part is that reading what you jews have to say, is like hearing a junkie blabber…, you jews are so hooked on your own drug, that your “playing” isn’t even fun.

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    The greatness of a man is in his ability to maintain composure at all times.

    LOL! What you call composure, I call arrogance, but then jews are noted for self-aggrandizement.

  27. ultraR says:

    This is good! 😀
    Talking about arrogance and never ending whine
    the possibilities are mind blogging:

  28. anoynmous says:

    Jews a light unto nations, hahaha.


    Deranged heeb.

  29. White Master says:

    Jews are a shit stain unto nations more like it.

  30. your foolishness makes a lot of sense.

    * Hong Kong 107
    1 South Korea 106
    2 Japan 105 26
    3 Taiwan 104
    4 Singapore 103

  31. Anonymous says:

    I hope every single inch of this fucking world is vaporized in nuclear fire.

    It’s the only way you can rid the goddamn planet of fucking retards like this jackass and every retard who posted here, including me.

  32. William says:

    Every single fucking inch of this world needs to be bathed in nuclear fire. It’s the only way to rid this god damn planet of the fucking morons festering on its corpse, like everyone here.

  33. gtrman says:

    I love the smell of roasting morons in the morning

  34. CGB Spender says:

    Even a caveman can see that whites have been manipulated out of a continent. But then, they stole it from the Indians.

    It’s just too bad that the untermensch will be running things until the next pogrom/genocide. But it is bound to happen. The untermensch lets greed get the best of them every time.

  35. Apopspoindy says:

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