The Vampire Race Now Sucking This Country Dry

“Helicopter Ben” Shalom Bernanke* promised transparency when he doled out tens of billions upon tens of billions of American taxpayer’s money to his bros at Wall Street Banks and “investment” firms (including many foreign). But did he deliver on his promises? Like, hell no! He won’t even tell our elected representatives. Face the facts: International Jewry has a license to fleece this country at will.

Okay, everyone should now have heard something about the Jew scam artist Bernard Madoff (right) and his 64 billion dollar Ponzi scheme by now (the media is lying when it says 50 billion). That’s 64 times 1000 million dollars. Pretty good chunk ‘o change! Some Jews are calling it the “greatest Ponzi scheme” on record — just like they’re bragging (they really are, in that cute little Jew way they have). But did you know that this kind of thing happens all the time with these people?

Oh, yeah, Jews have been scamming us forever. Think about Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken and Marc Rich back just in the last decade. America has been bery, bery good for this criminal race. It’s like the entire country has been one big fat cow that they’ve been feeding on since immigrating here from Eastern Europe in the 1880’s. No lie.

Even though old Bernie got himself busted by the FBI (due to his rip-off fund going kaput due to “recession” and his two Wall Streeter kids turning him in), Madoff  “made off” with billions. You can bet his family and secret Jew pals still have lots of it. Who could really know how much he socked away in hidden Swiss accounts, with his buds in Israel or some Caribbean island banking house? It’s said that he had plans to spread around 200-300 million to the employees of his now defunct company — trying to ease the pain after losing their jobs. Madoff will merely get slapped on the wrist with a prison term to a comfy place like Butner in NC (so easy going, it’s called Camp Fluffy, where all Jews go, like Jew spy Jonathan Pollard).

Awful “white” of the old, thieving Jew, huh? The sneaky geezer and his family will have a nice cushy life and you sure as hell won’t. Here’s an excellent run-down and definite must read on this story from the Zsidozas blogsite:

This is in no way surprising: Jews are disproportionately white-collar criminals and have comprised the highly exploitative hypercapitalist class in every single country they have ever settled in… They move fluidly between the role of predator, parasite, or scavenger depending on their overall situation in the host country. At any given time the individual Jew or groups of Jews in a society are playing one or more of these different roles, but there is always an elite core of ultra-plutocratic Jews who manage to claw, cheat, steal, deceive, and/or kill their way to the top of the economic food chain at which point they commence to vampirically bleed the country dry of as much money as they can and begin to hoard it for themselves and the Jewish community. Hebrew Economics — Helping to expose the exploiters

These vampire crooks are busy all over the place — crunching, shaving and stealing the numbers — this country’s numbers. You and your children’s numbers. They’ve been doing this bloodsucking Jew thing on the White race since time immemorial.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had been warned many times about Bernie Madoff’s hedge fund being crooked and how impossible for it to have been as successful as he claimed, but they blithely ignored it. Maybe the fact that one of the SEC lawyers was dating a Madoff family member (whom he later married) had a little something to do with all that?

Now we hear that Obama has selected (or was selected for him) Mary L. Schapiro (right) to head and “shake-up” the SEC. But guess what? Mary is ANOTHER vampire, too. Just like the Crypto-Jews Larry Summers (his real birth name: Samuelson), Tim Geithner (probably a “crypto,” but definintely married into “the Tribe”) and Paul Volcker (a top secret Globalist crypto manipulating America for decades).

All vampires just like Bernie Madoff. Sure, Schapiro will be “shaking up” her fellow vampires. Right. More like making sure no real PR problems surface for the Tribe as they take the next steps in the Agenda. We’ve seen this line of bull many times before. That’s why nobody ever really does jail time — fellow Jews control both ends of the stick.

What’s is the common denonminator in all of this? Talmudic, Ashkenazim globalist Jews.† Always has been. These bastards are all playing on the same team and the goal for them is not and has NEVER been for the good of you stupid Americans, you still sleeping Goyim. It’s their Globalist Jew World Order gig — figure it out!

And how about the “good” Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the comptroller of the Pentagon when 2.3 trillion just happened to go missing from the books? One part, a trillion (1000 billion) of the loss was reported on September 10, 2001. That’s right, the day before 9/11 and we haven’t heard one dam thing since! It appears that huge amounts of military equipment were classified as “surplus” and given away or sold to the Israelis at mere pennies on the dollar. Rabbi Zakheim has had zero troubles over the matter and eased on into a high-paying job in the military/industrial complex, with the firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

Traveling Gypsies go about making their money in low-rent scams on White people all over the world; they go out and find some elderly woman living alone, toss up a bucket of water up on the roof and ring the doorbell to tell her she has a roof leak. When the poor old woman gives them a payment in advance for the work, they just skip on down the road. There’s an entire little town of Gypsies living down south that goes out during the year (like the circus) to do these kinds of scams and other common crimes, such as shoplifting Walmarts and Home Depots and returning the goods for money, or selling elsewhere.

But the Jews have literally gotten ripping-off the Goyim down to a giant art form. It’s not just little old ladies, either. They are now ripping-off entire nations with their Jew Banking/Ponzi schemes, stealing trillions. Think about this one: The Federal Reserve has been stealing trillions from Americans since 1913 and even from those who haven’t even been born yet.

Who do you think will one day soon have to pay for the Wall Street bailouts? The 750 billion is just what was reported openly by our lousy controlled media. The Federal Reserve actually paid out a staggering 8.5 TRILLION (60% of our Gross Domestic Product for an entire year) of YOUR GD MONEY, to New York “Financial institutions” (probably international banks, too) which Bernanke refuses to tell us, blithely explaining it away as “trade secrets”! Big Jewry has long been plundering America and other countries in the West (they even majorly scammed Iceland recently).

Can you believe all this crap? This is absolute total thievery! Total. It will be us tomorrow paying for it (with inflation), right along with our kids and grandkids on down the road, probably not with government debt like before, but with our very birth rights as Americans after the country is turned into a Third World nation. That’s right.

Get real about these scam artists!

A few of the blood suckers exposed to the light:

The scumbag Jews above have stolen BILLIONS from this country, not millions. America is now rife with greedy, real-life bloodsucking Jews. Germany had it happen to her in the 1920’s. This is why America is going broke, unemployment is sky-high and our jobs go overseas! These mothers don’t give one rat’s ass about anything but themselves and Israel. The reason you never hear anything about it, is because this race owns the GD media. What don’t you get about that math, brainiac?

We’ve been paying these bloodsucking rip-off artists for almost a hundred years and most people have absolutely no idea. And “our” Congress quibbles about 34 Billion to help this country’s manufactering base (auto industry)? What’s wrong with this picture? If you don’t have any questions about what these people are up to, then God help you and us.

These people have gone so far up the scale on scams that most people can’t even conceive of it all. Across the board, they don’t give a rat’s ass who they steal from. Even from themselves, like with Orthodox and retired Jews — they would sell their own grandmothers to make a buck — Jews get burned all the time by fellow Jews. Not that I care. But trust me on this: They certainly don’t confine themselves to fellow Jews on the smaller rip-offs. Lots of Goyims get sucked in too, in fact, it pleases them much more when they rip-off some dumb Goyim. Why do you think they change their names and hide the fact that they are Jewish all the time?

White hispanic? Please.

How about the story of fugitive fund manager Samuel Israel III (left), who tried to fake out the FBI by making it look like he jumped off a bridge? He swindled 450 million (that’s almost half a billion!) from the Bayou Hedge fund on Wall Street before exposed to the light. After his conviction and when it was time to turn himself in to go to prison; he left his car on a bridge with “suicide is painless” scrawled in the dust on his hood and then drove off with his girlfriend in a RV. The US Marshal’s Wanted poster had the absolute gall to describe him as “White Hispanic” instead of a slimy Jew. And with a name like Israel? Read more here

It was only a paltry 100 million.

And you probably heard not a thing about a chubby Jew named Joseph Shereshevsky (right) hauled before a Norfolk, Virginia Federal Judge, this past August, for defrauding 1200 investors in Wextrust Capital of 100 million dollars in conjunction with another Jew named Stephen Byers in Chicago. When they busted Joseph the Jew, he had a one-way ticket to Tel Aviv, Israel in his possession. The creep was such a cheapskate that he bought the cheapest ticket he could to make his escape to Crime Central! Read more here

Indeed, Jews who make it to Israel often can live quite freely, without worrying about things due to Israel’s “Law of Return”, making Jews a major flight risk in Goyim countries. What extradition language is kept purposefully vague, so Israel may ignore requests for a Jew on the run, or demand the Jew perp spend his prison time in Israel (they actually have the nerve to do this).

These arrogant Jews can’t stand to see fellow Jews consigned to a Goyim jail! How’s that for some cow manure?

Adolf Hitler once said that if the Jews ever got themselves their own country they would soon turn it into a “university of crime.” He was so right.

But they certainly don’t believe us Goyim can get away with anything like that to them. Did you know that they have a law on the books in Israel that if you commit a crime against a Jew, against his person or property, anywhere in the world, they reserve the right to come after your butt all by themselves, regardless of any country’s sovereignty? For now they haven’t done this to Americans (that I know of), but they’ve certainly written it into Israeli law so they can, should they want:

(b) Israeli penal law shall apply also to foreign offences against:
(1) the life, person, health, freedom or property of an Israeli national, resident of Israel, or public servant as such;
(2) the life, person, health, freedom or property of any Jew as such or the property of any Jewish institution as such. Read the Legalese here

Back when the Soviet Union went belly-up, Jew “Oligarchs” ripped-off Russia to the tune of hundreds of billions, too (anyone feeling Deja Vu? Anyone?). These people flew the coop to Israel and London when Putin came to power and cleaned house. That’s why they hate Putin so much and is one of the reasons the Jew media has been trying to make him out as evil in the West. Of course, Western media like the Associated Press, were quite silent about these Russian Jew scam artists when they stole hundreds of billions and got away clean:

Russia was raped back in the ’90’s by Jew bloodsuckers.

Boris Berezovsky [right] is one of seven “oligarchs,” as they are known both inside and outside Russia: massively rich, powerful manipulators who through violence, theft and corruption acquired a mammoth percentage (reports range from 70 to 85 percent) of Russia’s resources, from its oil to the auto industry to mass media outlets.

At the same time, the group steadily gained control over much of the country’s political apparatus. Using extraordinary financial resources and insider dealing, the oligarchs handpicked prime ministers and governmental leaders and barely even bothered to do this behind the scenes.

While Israelis may have been delighted at Berezovsky’s position in Russia, it is not surprising that Russian citizens were somewhat less so. Finding that a powerful leader and member of the Russian Security Council was an Israeli citizen was disconcerting, at best. Read more here

Needless to say, the Russians got a mite perturbed over having these Dual-Citizen Jews manipulating their politics along with stealing all those rubles. Oligarchs like Berezovsky caused a scandal in Russia, which of course we heard nothing about.

The United States of America has the exact same problem of Dual Citizens of Israel running amok in Washington DC, as we speak. How about the Globalist rip-off artist behind Obama, George Soros, and his little gigs manipulating countries left-ward, as he jacks around with various country’s currencies and skims his take off the top? He’s also the front man for Non-Government Organization (NGOS) global gamesmanship, conducted by ZOG/CIA. He’s done it to South Africa, the Balkans, the country of Georgia and now the United States of America with groups like and dozens of other lefty groups, backing Jew tools like Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama.

It’s little wonder that Jews prefer to live among Gentiles. Why would you live in Israel when you can live high on the hog in the White, Western countries as you suck them dry? If you feel the least bit guilty, you can always contribute a few million to some local Jew Yeshiva (school) or to a front company back in Israel that bribes and buys up Palestinian land displacing more Palestinians. Like the disgusting Israeli Blood diamond dealer, Lev Leviev, who lives in a 70 million mansion back in England.

These mothers go where they please in the West, because they’ve brainwashed Whites into thinking Jews are always poor little victims.

Nazi propaganda from the thirties (left) sure does appear to be right-on in this day and age (Borse is the European Stock Market and Geld is German for gold). (Right) read this piece on the “Multicultural” brainwashing for children, that inadvertantly reveals so much real truth, here: Can you spot the odd one out?

Now, we know that they are rotten Gentile’s doing white collar crime, too. But nowhere near the scale of the Jew and they always pay for it when caught. Jews have been busy perfecting the schtick since the days of yore, in whatever country that hasn’t wised-up to the deal with these people. Plus, he’s got the monopoly on printing monopoly money and has used that power to buy up all the Western media, along with our politicians to keep his actions cloaked.

They’ve got their dupes and minions who won’t dare breath a word. And — here’s the kicker — if one of them did say something (they do), then you would not hear one damn thing in the media. To you, it’s just like it never happened, like a tree falling in a forest with no one around to hear it. Oh, you might hear a lot of brouhaha about such and such being arrested for income tax evasion or losing an election due to the media backing the opponent, but nary a one of the real facts behind it.


THIS JUST IN: Samuel “Mouli” Cohen scammed 30 plus million from West coast liberal organizations and Silicon valley honchos. He even fleeced the entire life savings from the parents of his luxury-loving, trophy blond shiksa wife!

This whole thing is why the US has been so bleeping F’d up for the last few decades. Lately, we’ve seen it increasing dramatically, because greedy Jews are racing in to gobble down the last few juicy pieces cut-loose from the whole rotten mess before it all comes crashing down — just like piranhas in a feeding frenzy.

These people have longed worked together across continents and nations to further nothing but their own race. National boundaries and citizenship have never meant jack to them, mere speed bumps in their efforts in stealing the Goyim blind. Even nationhood is in their cross-hairs to eliminate for good. They want to control the whole bailiwick and that’s why the US is now being turned inside out to make us go along with their ambitions and designs.

The selfish Jews have destroyed what the US once meant with their unfettered greed, avarice and a wide variety of immoralities. All you foolish couch potato FOX News “conservatives” and Obama-loving parlor liberals are to blame for allowing these people to manipulate you with PC “Diversity” politics, Islamophobia and never-ending Holocaust bull — all so these people can get away with whatever they want to in this country. Including run it straight into the GD ground!

You may try to tell yourself that all this is not real — just can’t be true — but the facts are all there in front of you. But you’ll have no one to tell you this on the mainstream news, because they will not touch any of these real subjects with a fifty-foot pole, or else they’ll be out looking for a job selling widgets to midgets. They’ve been owned by these same people behind it all, for quite some time now and will only talk about safe or minor subjects like the latest White on White crime to fill the time. Make note on how the least little non-Jew, non-Israel and PC correct (if it’s just Whitey then it’s A-OK!) news is endlessly droned on and on about.

It’s entirely up to us schmucks to connect the dots with past history and current events and lay it all out. And when you have it all before you, it’s obvious that we’ve been turned into schmucks by this poisonous and insidious race. This country has been scammed by the true blood suckers of all history. Figure it out: If not now, you will this coming year.

— Phillip Marlowe

* He’s now being called “Helicopter Ben” for his willingness to print all kinds of money and shower it down on his buds.

† The Talmud: Books containing convoluted debates between Rabbis through-out the centuries and definitely not the Torah or Old Testament of the Bible. Ashkenazim: A Mongol Khazar race from Eastern Europe who insist they are the Israelites from the Bible and work hard to make the foolish Goyim Christians believe the same.

Madoff’s Money Trail Led To Washington

The Madoff Affair: A Guide To The Perplexed Anti-Semite

The Steinger 1 Billion rip-off

350 Million Florida Swindle

Samuel Israel III gets Country Club medical facility

Read on how they’ve been stealing us blind for the State of Israel now for years: America: Enslaved to Zionist Bloodsuckers

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Fleur de lis says:

    Looks like Mark Glenn is all over this one. Our Economic 911 actually happened on Sept 11, 2008!

  2. reaper says:

    Come on not all Jewish people are bad you can’t generalise I have Jewish friends that are poor.

  3. American says:

    There future will see a whole lot more poor jews, too, just like the last time world economies collapsed, only this time we have much bigger problems thanks to globalization. The common jew is being used like the Goyim, and maybe even worse. Too bad they don’t understand that.

  4. incogman says:

    Over 50% of the top 1% richest Americans are Jewish (that we know). Pretty good for a group that’s supposedly only 2.5% of the population (not true).

    19 of the 25 Billionaires in Jew York City are Jews and that’s mainstream info. Actually 3 of those labeled Gentile are “Crypto-Jews,” which is quite real, they even have books circulated among them on who is a Jew (besides plain talk among themselves).

    OK, some are chumps like you and me. So what? What’s the deal over-all? The Jews have giant scam ops going on this country like the Fed and Kosher taxes.

    Look at what the Jews did to Russian before Putin kicked the Jew Oligarchs out. Look at all the Crypto-Jews in Obama’s court, like Volcker and Peter Orzag OMB director overseeing the final death throes now in this country.

    You go ahead and stew on matters in the bread line down the road, fool.

  5. vaksal says:


  6. anti-zionist says:

    We need a leader with iron will.

  7. nancy says:

    I truly appreciate some one out there writing facts about what Jews are doing to this world. and have never came upon such honesty and thanks to this page I now know what the bull s**t media is doing to us. Thanx!

  8. Anonymous says:

    ok bullshit

    they are real but

    there faangs are feak they been put in

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stuipd

  9. Anonymous says:

    You make me sick.

  10. D, , says:

    Ignorance is ignorance.I am a Native American. it was the Mormons and the Catholics who exploited the natives on the side line joke.we might as well slight the whole white race if we want to be ignorant, but you know it enough not everyone is the same.individual cases

    First lets say this Real Vampires are all races and all religious backgrounds even recently discovered Muslims.
    so leave The vampire Community out of it out of it
    this hippocracy of white America, mutt America, there is a lack of any racial purity, genome projects say were all from Africa,
    the complain about illegal immigrants Mexicans, the difference from white to Mexican, is a boat. Might is not right or there would be more people in boxes that’s why they have laws to protect the weak big mouthed,crybaby. i suppose the guys stealing your job too,(they love to cry… petty racism, greatest ignorance.) id love to see you working in the fields.

    there are thousands of people on and offline that feelthey are vampiresfor no monetary reasons.
    D, ,


    November 11, 2009
    Five Reasons Vampires Aren’t Jews

    By Rabbi David Wolpe

    Their day begins at night, they show a certain aversion to the sign of the cross and they dress in black. Of course, I am talking about Jews.

    But add some invidious stereotypes — bloodsucking and a predatory nature, and you get vampires. So, are vampires Jewish?

    There are Jewish vampires. In his classic, “Jewish Magic and Superstition” (Forgotten Books, 2008), Joshua Trachtenberg writes that medieval Jewish literature has tales of “Estrie” — a bloodsucking demon who can assume different forms. But Trachtenberg points out that the Estrie and similar fiends are of non-Jewish origin, imported into certain strands of Jewish folklore to express deep-seated fears of dangers lurking in the world.

    Despite such glancing references, there is something essentially un-Jewish about vampires. Although no definitive conclusions can be reached, I have identified five reasons why vampires are not, indeed cannot be, Jewish.

    1. Proselytizing: There are many and varied legends about how vampires are created, but the most common is that they’re made by each other — by fellow vampires. Countless movies recount the hero’s fear not that he will die, but that he will be reborn as one of these creatures of the night. For reasons not entirely clear (loneliness? herd instinct?) vampires seem intent on enlisting others. In other words, vampires proselytize, though I wouldn’t call them missionaries; they opt for a more direct approach: fangs over persuasion.

    Jews, on the other hand, have for most of their history been content to accept those who convert, but not seek them. Historically, being Jewish was a considerable burden. Jews felt that someone had to push hard in order to ensure he or she would really accept the travails of Jewish life. When men, in particular, converted to Judaism, it often did involve a small amount of blood, but not from the neck.

    2. Blood: Vampires live on blood. They relish it. But in the vampire lexicon, not all blood is equal. In the bestselling “Twilight” series of books and movies, there are vampires who call themselves “vegetarians” — not because they sink their incisors into soy and seitan, but because they abstain from human blood. Animal blood is still essential.

    Despite the mad and murderous blood libel, Jews abhor eating blood. The Bible is explicit in its prohibition against eating blood, and generations of salted meat are our culinary legacy. Jews overcook and oversalt. It is what we do. My mother, God bless her, thought meat underdone if it could not double as a club for batting practice. Moistness was the enemy.

    3. Nightlife: Vampires are on uneasy terms with the day. They can only live at night and in darkness. Shadows and secrecy are the vampires’ friend. Nocturnal creatures are denizens of another world, never fully glimpsed or understood.

    Jews love light. “Let there be light” is God’s initial declaration in the creation of the world. We light candles on Shabbat, for Havdalah, on Chanukah; we follow Hillel who taught us, on Chanukah, to increase the light each night, rather than Shammai, who counseled to begin with eight candles and diminish to one. One of the blessings preceding the Shema is Yotzer Hameorot, God who makes the shining orbs. God even creates a light for the Earth before creating the sun. Jews rise for the Shacharit prayer, greeting the shining new day. A Jewish vampire would never be awake to make the minyan.

    4. Immortality: Vampires don’t die. Or at least, not before the end of the movie. Then someone drives a stake into the heart, and they expire amid swelling music. But the fundamental premise is clear; the vampire is designed to be immortal and only the most drastic Van Helsing-ish intervention can contravene the design.

    Judaism believes in death. Yes, it believes in immortal life, but death comes first. The entirety of Jewish ritual is crafted to emphasize that all creatures — all of them — ultimately, unequivocally die. We shovel earth on the grave to remind ourselves of the finality of death. The very first human story in the Bible, that of Adam and Eve, talks about their expulsion from the garden — so that they cannot eat from the tree of life and be immortal. Jews cannot be vampires because Jews have to die. It is part of the scheme. Even if at the end of time we are all resurrected (Daniel 12), well, there are no resurrections without deaths.

    And while we are at it, vampires misuse coffins. Jews are traditionally buried in plain pine boxes because the boxes, along with those in them, return to the earth from which they came. A coffin is not a pied-à-terre or a Posturepedic.

    5. Imaginary Creatures: Finally, vampires, I hasten to remind you, are not real. They have a long and startling history springing from the depths of the human imagination, drawing from our fears and from real-world creatures (bats, mostly), but they live in books and movies and powerful projections of our minds. But what they share with the abominable snowman, the Loch Ness monster and political bipartisanship is an essential unreality.

    Jews not only are real, they know real monsters. There are things in Jewish history, as Abba Eban wrote, too terrible to be imagined, but nothing so terrible that it didn’t happen. We have known the kind of monsters that turn day into night and have a thirst for blood that puts Nosferatu to shame. They are not deterred by a cross; some have marched beneath it. These days, the world’s demons have a different but equally terrifying aspect. Once you have encountered true monsters, the imaginary ones seem not quite so vivid or frightening.

    Vampires are not Jews. Maybe we can allow one powerful, popular trend to be about someone else for a change?

    David Wolpe is senior rabbi of Sinai Temple.

  11. anti-zionist says:

    A jew loving indian. Is that a first on here incog?

    • incogman says:

      D, , is not a Indian. He’s merely assuming the persona for his tricky Jew psy-ops bit. He’s a Jew. Where he comes from is not someplace where the Indians toil in the field, let me tell you. Also, note the attack on the Catholics and Mormons. Jews hate them with a passion. Mormons are very Jew-wise.

      And look at that stupid Jew article that he has the GD nerve to past in here in it’s entirety. “Proselytizing” blah blah, writes Rabbi Wolpe (a California Jew who gets big buckage from the media, like the History Channel) is the reason Jews are not vampires because they don’t proselytize their religion. What batshit. 2 different things. Besides, it shows how insular the Jewish faith is. Then we get to the subtle allusions of the holocaust again. The Jews are the eternal victims who never, ever commit crimes like genocide and murder. Total Jew bullshit as usual.

  12. EHHH YO! says:

    I had the pleasure of receiving this website link in an email this morning; but honestly people, how can we defeat an Indian Jones cave full of living breathing snakes like the Jew?

    Violence didn’t work in the late 30’s or 40’s because the snakes started all working together and came back stronger. Violence now is just a little too over-the-top, politically incorrect, and puts you in the same category as some hillbilly KKK member from the deep south: da derp da dooooooo.

    Anyways, to combat this growing problem, we need to beat them at their own game. We need nationwide boycotts on some of their greatest assets.

    We need to stop using credit cards, or at least pay them in full every month and not give a kike any comeupins for your swipes. We need to use the abundance of Irish cops in our American cities to help us stage “non-violent” rallies. We need to elect public officials that honestly do not give a fuck about what makes things right for the jew. We need to boycott movies, journalism, and other forms of entertainment no matter how painful that could be to us. When they run out of money because we refuse to buy their products, THEN we can take back over.

    We need to unite Blacks and Whites together instead of against each other to make this happen. The jew media has pitted us against each other since day one, and we all fall for it 100% of the time. We need to bring manufacturing back to this country, not export it around the world like the jew CEOs and CFOs have done in the past 20 years.

    We are a nation of immigrants. Each race has come to this country and risen through the ranks by creating gangs or other crime organizations to get ahead. EVERY race in one form or another has acted like this. Italians are blasted to this day for “mafia”, etc. yet the Jews are the biggest living breathing GANG this country has ever seen, but they are a non-violent gang and that is why they have won. If we quit killing each other, screwing each other, fighting each other, bickering with each other; and focus on the GANG that is in the most control of our nation’s longevity we can bring this once great nation back to its true form.

    No group should have more power over another group. When this happens, we see war. How can we have a war within our own country though? How can we act violently as if we did not learn the brutal lessons of the past? The entire race of jews are not all bad; but their leaders are horrible people. What is the difference of killing a few people versus being responsible for eliminating MILLIONS of jobs to benefit for your own fiscal purposes? Don’t be bullshitted by any of the media outlets. The rich are still getting rich and the middle class is quote on quote “FUCKED”.

    We need to organize but not come off like racist psychos. These are real issues to EVERYONE.


    Let the jews lay the chalk and lose! Let’s make this country like one big happy Epcot Center again. I don’t think they have a jew display there!


    • incogman says:

      We need to piss off as many White people as possible, any way we can. Should be easy to do with all of what the Jew has done. Read more here.

      • incogman says:

        In other words, no time for subtlety or too many caveats. Keep it simple, for the stupid. Outrage all Whites with the real situation without too many complications. Do a Jew number on their head.

  13. D, , says:

    Once again another ignorant statement. it amazes me ,i am not a”Jew lover” nor am i a racist anti Semite.anti-zionist the term is native American. Indian is more a term passed on by ignorance, sad excuse for a Americans.

    This country is a melting pot country so take off your pillow case. if you don’t like it,get a island,and you can burn flags, and crosses all you want.
    their are evil elements from every race Might is not right ,it is not just. ,if you would not want to be stereo typed you might put the shoe on the other foot and reverse the role a little or can you not open your eyes and stop acting like a satanist, try playing the devils advocate once in a might learn things about your self that your clearly blind to grow a little buy a smaller belt buckle.

  14. Akira says:

    Re: ““Proselytizing” blah blah, writes Rabbi Wolpe (a California Jew who gets big buckage from the media, like the History Channel) is the reason Jews are not vampires because they don’t proselytize their religion.”

    Most Jews are from conversion. Very very very very few Jews are descended from the Jews who pissed off from Palestine even before the Incarnation, or from those who subsequently spread out.

    Spanish Sephardi and E. European Askenazi are almost entirely descended from converts to the devil

  15. Akira says:

    Jew-Injun “D” writes:

    “This country is a melting pot country”

    Melting Pot is a Jew term, that came into general usage in 1908, after the premiere of the play The Melting Pot by Jew Zionist Israel Zangwill.

    Another Jew: “Bring us your wretched…”

  16. D, , says:

    No you ignorant man i am native american . many of us have shed that american indian term . your a jew assuming the roll of a racist anti jew comie who is mearly controlng the propaganda placing extra propaganda go stare at a got with this psy ops bull.
    mormons are morons. the reason i say this is the historical lies, and that additional doctrin, i am actually a nondenominational christian, i Believe in GOD and jesus Christ, though the church has made quite a few changes.

    you are quite ignorant and simply talk tp hear your own nonsense it detracts from anyones intellegence that reads this .. your attempt at covering your own arse… its pittyfull your also sladering the wrong person . as its slander to associate me that way with jews in a negative lite .
    shows how ignorant you are to make such statemnets with out even knowing eho your talking about .
    (that should be expexted as most of your propaganda seems just the beautiful ignorance of many of the skin heds i have known in the past. o have known and associated with racists of both colors . but they cant save them selves . Christianity is not meant to be a thing of hate though you people have used it or people just like you . sad, that faith can be perverted. christianity if you ever payed attention is the compleation nd open to the world relisation of the jewish religious beleif, christ being the messaiah etc. people here in california toil in the feilds. for some ignorant reason we call them mexicans , a mixture of the indigenous population and a variety of white european majority spanard, but also dutch ,german, even japanese and chinese but thats a simple history lesson you should read up on.

    Mormons also believe the color of a natives skin is reflected on them killing the other tribe, of jews ! yes they are just as stupid as you , they think native Americans are jews were closer to Asian .
    (your jealous that that guys making big bucks … life rolls on money wish i had sum, but being a poor philanthropist is hard ,while all you can do is bitch here, and as we see it you are a hypocrite “proselytizing ” as you try and convert people in your own crude way.

    hum you must not be from California explains the backwater thought pattern … One of my friends found that in a LA Library and brought it to my attention because of my Connection to the Vampire Community on and offline since before the advent of the internet well its sad to say people like you drop the bomb cowards , all because the Japanese were too hardcore it took two bombs, to make them surrender that man was a hero he risked his honor to save his people otherwise they would have fought on till the stuff we buy from china and Taiwan glowed.
    Sorry to say it but the sins of the jews are a simple diversion that is a attempt to misdirect that the white race on a whole have committed many crimes and atrocities with the satanic belief that might is right. might is not justice, it is nor moral, the idea is that we as Americans are to be good and moral when it comes to our interference with the outside world. but money has always been involved .
    Last time i checked the jail and prisons of the world contain every race and creed actually most of the people i know of there was 1 jew to a large group of catholics and not too many satanists, but this is just my personal knowledge, some of the catholic doctrine allows for sin and redemption and even safety from hell l with a scapular(all you have to do is wear it). that is not biblical thats part of my problem with them, but i am not claiming to be anymore than moral , as i’m not calamining to be religious that is there are some issues or conflicts with my personal faith,
    the last part you are ignorant theres another word id use it, but for some reason people have branded it a racial slur N
    you should never attack people with ignorance. theres enough info on me to dins word of me while not finding me think through before you show your retardation Wasicu
    D, ,

  17. D, , says:

    EHHH YO seems a bit more intelligent in whats he is saying, but i would still not side on a individual race, i think this should probably send you guys on the concept of what i all island theory. , though i do have some gay friends i would suggest a island where they can all be gay, and id through the Neo Nazis on the or own island with a bomb set to go off if they ever breed out of control trying to build a army while they do the same things of what they say is wrong with the other races rife with hypocrisy ifs rich.. but i think some people should be happy we still have some semblance of freedom here. after all they let you speak your mind no matter the views. unity is something that should be key to every nation of the world but people are stupid and cant pull together , … this is part of the problem with the vampire community, while it is not a jewish problem or even a Italian mafia problem, you may only be a made man if your Italian, but then there is yakuza and the Irish mob, we all have mobs and greed. just move on passed it and protect people from the crap. it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak.
    D, ,

  18. D, , says:

    Baka! Akira shows intelligence with stupidity i’m sure he is not Japanese while picking such a name there are several kinds of jews, one kind is hebrew , and then there are those religious converts, but incogs clearly racial not against the religious conversion . but the jew is so mixed with all the races of the earth , ( it was against the original rules , supposedly ) jews come in all colors black, white, and dark , though they are from the line of shem making them dark but not black ad shem means dark, i don’t quote that melting pot for the reason of who said it it is because it is in the books i read when i was in school .
    i do love getting the jews i know to eat pork, but that is because it is just so yummy, im not a injun or a jew im a native american can you watch avatar with a odd feeling of guilt? i am also for human rights well vampire rights fall into that freedom and anti persecution issue . baka means stupid in Japanese
    D, ,

  19. Marshall says:

    Avatar= “Dances With Wolves In Space” 😀

  20. GDL/White Master says:


    Shut your trap Jewboi, you can’t fool anyone around here. Many Native Americans believe it is absolutely absurd that White people have allowed themselves to be swindled into losing their racial identity…so STFU already Jew!

  21. Akira says:

    D for Dumbass: “i am actually a nondenominational christian, i Believe in GOD and jesus Christ, though the church has made quite a few changes.”


    If it was a Christian (not a christian) then it would believe that Jesus Christ is God and not have written ” i Believe in GOD and jesus Christ”.

    It must have had a hard time not writing “G-d”.

    Overall: a Judeo-Masonic propaganda line.

    + + +

    Re: “Christianity is not meant to be a thing of hate though you people have used it or people just like you . sad, that faith can be perverted. christianity if you ever payed attention is the compleation nd open to the world relisation of the jewish religious beleif,”

    The “tolerance” and “peace” pose is contradicted by the later: “hum you must not be from California explains the backwater thought pattern”

    Christianity is partly the condemnation of Judaism. That’s why Jesus Christ said the Jews who didn’t believe in Him are of their father, the devil.

    + + +

    Re: “my Connection to the Vampire Community”

    No comment necessary.

    + + +

    Re: “Last time i checked the jail and prisons of the world contain every race and creed actually most of the people i know of there was 1 jew to a large group of catholics and not too many satanists”

    Yes, you are correct. Jews and Satanists have the right connections to stay out of jail. Thanks for pointing that out.

    + + +

    Re: “we all have mobs”

    Where’s the Amish Mob? Yes, that Icelandic Mob is causing havoc all over the world.

    + + +

    Re: “Akira shows intelligence with stupidity”

    Dumbass shows stupidity with stupidity

    + + +

    Conclusion: Dumbass is so illiterate and arrogant that it is very likely it is in fact an Injun. Some sort of Judaized, apostate pseudo-“Christian” Injun. I have compassion for its mental problems. God bless it.

  22. Octo says:


    “Dumbass is so illiterate and arrogant that it is very likely it is in fact an Injun. Some sort of Judaized, apostate pseudo-”Christian” Injun.”

    I’ll thank you to refer to him as a Naive American.

    The Amish mob runs a chop shop for carriages in my town. A buggy can be taken off the street and dismantled for parts in 15 min they say. They’re also racketeers: selling the “English” furniture and pies, even ribbon candy.

    There’s talk of them joining forces with the Mennonite gangs across town.

    Gawd help us if that happens.

  23. GDL/White Master says:

    I believe the Injun is a Jew. How many Injuns come across this site talking stupid shit like that?

  24. Akira says:

    There are such creatures as Jewish Injuns.

    For a “people” so obsessed with maintaining their “purity”, they sure fuck around a lot!

  25. Octo says:


    “There are such creatures as Jewish Injuns.”

  26. Marshall says:

    I hate to say it, but “Native Americans” are just as bought off by Jews as anyone you could possibly meet these days.

    Who do you think runs their mega-casino operations, right here in Florida?

    I like American Indians. I know a few personally in fact. Is it now “politically incorrect” to refer to them in that fashion these days?

    Speaking of the term “Indians” in general…do American Indians have anything in common with a guy named Bashweet Punjeerab from INDIA? Not that I can see.

    A typical “Zionist Jew” has about as much legal claim to Palestine as an American Indian has to Bangladesh.


  27. Octo says:

    Aside from the fact that they crossed over from Asia 10K yrs ago, the “Native Americans” do not refer to themselves as such.

    It was a term coined by the state dept in 1971.

    They usually prefer to be identified by their tribe: “The Lakota people”, e.g..

    To outsiders the less militant settle for being identified as American Indians. In Canada, they seem to go by Indigenous or Aboriginal Canadians.

    Here’s an Canadian Indian worth talking about: David Ahenakew.

  28. Octo says:

    My mistake, Mel Brooks is not to be confused with David Ahenakew!

  29. Hoff says:

    “Truth about Palestine PART 1 OF 2”

  30. Akira says:

    I didn’t know Jews could ride horses.

    You learn something new every day.

    I think “Injuns” (feathers) is a very respectful term, to distinguish them from “Indians” (dots)

  31. Akira says:

    A hilarious radio clip. They had David Duke on in order to embarrass those who wanted Irish law changed so children of foreigners born in Ireland are not automatically “Irish” citizens. They mention Whites driving Injuns onto reserves to imply that Irish have no right to keep out foreigners. He turns the table on them:

  32. Marshall says:

    American Indian people are cool with me. I love ’em!!!

    You know, I’ve personally driven across the Southland USA in a VW Westfalia Campervan…been in some tough bars, rode around with some guys in dune buggies with 4 cases of beer shooting coyotes all night…

    All these stories about the South made up by Jews are accurate, about themselves, that is…their inner fears of truckers and REDNECKS, YEE-HAW!!!

    Don’t come around Alabama now, JEW BOI…

    Marsh LOL!!!

  33. Akira says:

    Yeah, this was just half kidding:

    “Dumbass is so illiterate and arrogant that it is very likely it is in fact an Injun.”

    The illiterate part is unfortunately true. They’re generally very poorly educated in the basics…high rates of child abandonment, poverty, addictions, and so on.

    The “arrogant” part is not really true. I find they’re generally quite passive. I’d say too passive, except that, unfortunately, their “leaders” and the college miseducated Injuns are all brainwashed in the poor-poor-me Jew-school of the never-ending victimology cult. I’ve seen once proud Injuns grovelling before Jesse Jackson and Nelson Mandela and America’s Last Black (Puppet) President. Pathetic.

  34. Marshall says:

    Their beads are made…IN JAPAN!!! (Brian Akira) something to think about…


  35. Lynda says:

    Ha Ha. Injun D. Dances with Goyim

    A Voice I am sending….

    U R (Ur get it? get it!) a real Skin.

    Mishpuka O Yasin.

  36. Bella says:

    Akira is OK. The natives are generally more sob story assholes looking for money…sound familiar???

  37. Lynda says:

    Hi Rabbi David Wolpe,

    Hope you had a productive Nitel Night. Probably there was no need to cut toilet paper for the coming year – like in the good ol days. But I’ll bet you got right through your list of prohibitions. And whatever you all do to generate your good vibes, let’s hope for your sake that 2009 was another successful Jewish blackout / blockout of the Christmas vigil celebrations of the goyim.

    You do hate that man, don’t you? Even as a little, bitty baby lying in a manger, just the thought him really refries your beans. My advice: you people should be over this already. He forgave you from the Cross.

    For my part, I liked that 11.11.11 transmission over here to Incog turf to stir up the klipot. A very good touch for all who like to see the numbers run. Obviously you are one of those.

    If only I had been able to reply on Nov 29, 2009. But I never saw your post until today. Bummer.

    Now, as a goyishe shiksa, I don’t put any stock in vampyres really – Jewish or otherwise. I must confess, I don’t know any Jews with fangs or batwings. (Although I think these would look really cool on Rahm). Very Twilight. If only, if only, if only some day while he is standing there behind Comrade Ziobot Prez Barry Soetoro at a press conference or something – he could just spread his batwings. The assembled bought and paid for Jew MSM liars and spinners would just piss themselves. But. There would be a total chimpout of the under 20 female goyim (future voters of Amaruca). It would do more for Barry’s numbers than anything his scripwriters could come up with.

    Dare I hope you will take up this suggestion with AIPAC – since they pull the strings on the ZOG?

    I don’t know any Jews who drink blood either – except at Scottish Hogmanny, when all the merry folk enjoy the haggis. These are, of course, not your observant Jews – spitting on the goyim, spitting on crucifixes, spitting on (well, let’s just say spitting) and jewing the shooks – like in the Michael Jackson song. He did express this well.

    Anyway, I digress.

    The real blood eating Jews I know are more like your party Jews who come to Scottish new year celebrations. Now they could dress up like vampyres and be totally cool. Like Bela Lugosi And what is that I spy with my little eye around his neck? Why it is a magen David, of course.

    I think the whole vampyre idea was probably a metaphor developed by the goyim to talk about the real problem. Make that – The Real Problem. Are you getting my drift here, your Rabbiness.

    The American goyim know. They have joined the factoid dots and see Jewry, its ZOG apparatus. EYEZWIDESHUT. They see the controlled demolitions of the structures hotwired with nanothermite / hedge fund derivatives. They see the 8 digit, 7 zero numbers of capital transference out of the J_WSA as American financial institutions come down. They see the ZOG inside jobs, the psy-ops that generate terrorwars for Israel.

    Even the most batbrained Christian Zionist hopped up on Hagee hooch and rapture hallucinations is starting to see ZOG. Albeit with difficulty.

    But what we had better not see is another INSIDE ZOG / dual national Israeli job on an American city – a SHTF event to kick off a terrorwar with Iran. Nobody will believe it was the ‘Islamofacists’. Nobody.

  38. Steelback says:

    Look out for the infiltrators.Whether they be Mossad or “Injuns” stay vigilant!

    Or else before you know it they’re moderators on your site.No mention Roths,Rockers,Montefioris,Soros or any Jew bloodsuckers will be permitted.

    I’ve seen it over and over.The site starts as anti-Zionist-then it turns left-gatekeeper-then it ends up just another cypher for the Jew-controlled corporate media.

    Stay strong,Incog!

  39. Akira says:

    On what imaginary planet are Japanese making beads?

  40. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of idiot!

  41. GDL/White Master says:

    “What a bunch of idiot!”

    Yeah, Anonymous, those Jews are some scumbags aren’t they?

  42. baruchdovid says:

    in the Wextrust scam, Byers is not a Jew but a goy. And the one way ticket the thief Shereshevsky had was not a cheap one….oh no…he always flew first calss….so this mistake on your part is just indication that you are so blinded by hatred of Jews that you don’t even care to get your facts straight…..Shereshevsky is a pig and a thief and a disgrace to all G-d freaing Jews…..Am Yisroel Chai motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. INCOG MAN says:

    Out of that whole article the best you could do was whether or not one was a cheap skate and his long distance crime partner was not a Jew?

    All I got to say is you SOB’s are truly sorrier than hell. In fact, you’re so effed up in the head you can’t even see it.

  44. ????? says:

    Here’s the SEC charges against Shereshevsky & Byers:

    Yeah, I’m sure Shereshevsky had no Jewbo-collaborators in a 1/4 billion dollar scam. (And Amy Winehouse is every man’s dream…)

  45. ????? says:

    Here’s the SEC charges against Shereshevsky & Byers:

    Yeah, I’m sure Shereshevsky had no Jewbo-collaborators in a 1/4 billion dollar scam. (And Amy Winehouse is every man’s dream…)

  46. Jonnie says:

    @D, ,

    I know this is a couple years old and I doubt you’ll come back and read it but wanted to say there is no way you are a “Native American”

    The Amerindians or whatever you want to call them do not refer to themselves as “Native Americans” at all. I have met several in my lifetime and if they even use a label identifier it is always a tribe name like Cherokee or Ojibwa and if it is not they do in fact call themselves Indian. That is if they even use a label though. Ironically most of them consider themselves white. That’s because the vast majority are mixed. The ones who still blame whites for all their ills do not use the term “Native American” either. Again, they use the tribe name and often they have animosity for other tribes (I guess nothing really changes) as well. The rest have begun to favor European and North African origin stories which might even be part of their history (For example, Cherokee ancestry is very likely Moors/Iberians). They ironically want to be white.

    The politically correct Jew bullshit is even dying among the masses. It’s because the Jews have been trying for decades to kill Christmas and that’s where the braindead masses draw the line or something. It aint my fault nor my ancestor’s fault that Amerindians are alcoholics and often living isolated on reservations. The Jews exploit them for their special privileges and casino profits. Unlike other well-meaning WNs, after the Jews are gone I am willing to try and reconcile with them and Mexicans and Mestizos. There is obviously animosity toward whites among them and obviously their gangs are a real problem. I believe that once the Jew troublemakers and instigators are gone we might be able to get along. I could be wrong. If I’m wrong separation is also an option. This option does not apply to the Jew or to blacks. Blacks are far to animalistic and primitive and should be sent to Africa to live among their own people. Jews are far too cunning and rebellious and if they are expelled they will just find a way back or stir up some sort of army to kill us. That is why the Jew must be destroyed.

  47. Rainbow says:

    Well since we are talking about Banks and the criminals they harbor this is just to much to imagine. Seem the Chalk police are now out and about, are getting Chalk Bandits who hate bankers. Still shaking my head over it. Banks rip off billions and this guy could get 13 years for saying, they are horrid creatures in “Chalk that washes off with water” no less. When you think you have seen how low the American Justice system can sink, it does something ridiculous and sinks even lower.

  48. Dino Montecchi says:

    HOLOCA$$$$…Holocaustica religio in Itlay is law. Viretato criticare gli ebrei,altrimenti vai in galera.FUCK JEW!

  49. Andreas G. says:

    Hi, your website is awesome!! Good work, my friend.

    Tiny hint: In this Nazi-caricature with the Jew sitting on this heap of money, you wrote “Geld” means” Gold in German. That is a mistake.

    In German “Geld” means “Money”, and the German word for “gold” is “gold”.

  50. Pingback: The Vampire Race Now Sucking This Country Dry | INCOG MAN – acesOaces

  51. Whitepride says:

    I do not like KIKES! The kike fuckers I have known dressed like WASP’s and anglicized their names! Still I could tell they were Jews because they are ugly. Big hooked noses, big bulging eyes, unathletic, noisy, and arrogant! I do not have anything to do with those kike bastards! I am a Christian and do not go to the movies cause Jew Hollywood always denigrated Catholics and Christians! I am with you Incogman! Dump Israel now!

  52. Whitepride says:

    Sheeny, slimy, ugly KIKE HEEBS! Dump Israel now!

  53. S O G says:

    fucking jew indian theatrics …you can smell the jew in the blah blah fuckin blah useless meaningless horshit diatribe …hey mother fucker eat a bullet you slimy fuckin asshole ..
    well said WHITEPRIDE …WELL SAID …….
    if they put a bounty on jew heads you would see even religious silver haired little old white ladies come out for sport to bag a few jews limit …
    muslims need to expressly be exterminated as the devils spawns that they are //all of them /.
    they are also the foot soldiers of te jews like turkish armenian genocide was carried out by muslim turkish scum and jews …
    muslims are the reason for the bosnia conflict …and the usa of jew sided with the goat smellin moslems ….nato is israels attack dog ..the united nations os the jew tool for global one world order it should be bull dozed into the river

  54. cole nidre says:

    head baboon netanyahu shifts focus to war on Iran.

    jew chabadist haredim molesters molest on unmolested, never
    reported by the jew controlled mass media.

    the biggest go-fund- me site in the world is the Jews’ Israeli
    Revenue Service.

    Goldman Sachs, mossad connected mnuchin applies tariffs to
    the rest of the world (except israhell), says he is against tariffs,
    then applies even more. Protocols are true.

    Wherever Jews infest, there will be discord.

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