Blood-Crazed, Israeli Bastards SUCK Big-Time!


As we speak, Jew thugs calling themselves Israeli “Defense” Forces (IDF) are now invading the GAZA Strip on the ground with tanks and armored personnel carriers; just so they can kill more and more Palestinians close-up after bombing and strafing them for days with the latest American fighter-bombers, Apache helicopters, predator drones — all totally impervious to any possible form of self-defense by the Palestinian Freedom Fighters. 

The 1.5 million Palestinians, forced into living in an area less than the size of 2 Washington DCs, have been purposefully starved by the Jews for 6 months now and you never heard one dam thing about that in the mainstream media, did you? Sure, the understandably angered and frustrated Palestinians have tried to get a little payback by launching some pissant rockets at the bastards — hell, you would too! 

…Hamas offered Israel a long, long ceasefire and a de facto acceptance of two states, if only Israel would return to its legal borders… Rather than seize this opportunity and test Hamas’s sincerity, the Israeli government reacted by punishing the entire civilian population. It announced that it was blockading the Gaza Strip in order to “pressure” its people to reverse the democratic process. The Israelis surrounded the Strip and refused to let anyone or anything out. They let in a small trickle of food, fuel and medicine – but not enough for survival. Weisglass quipped that the Gazans were being “put on a diet”. According to Oxfam, only 137 trucks of food were allowed into Gaza last month to feed 1.5 million people… The True Story behind this War is not the one Israel is telling 

The Jews go on and on about HAMAS hiding behind civilians, when they all have to live crammed one on top of another in a postage stamp-sized area, their backs to the sea and escape routes or help from any allies purposefully closed off — virtually a Jew-created concentration camp. So, what would you expect from them, for crying out loud? Go line up in some open field, fire back with pea shooter AK-47s, only to have the Jews napalm them, or use US-supplied cluster bombs and bunker-busters from the sky? Gimme a break! 

How do you think these two-faced Jews describe the Warsaw Ghetto uprising back in WWII? “Nazi” Jews self-righteously considers anyone living in the Gaza Ghetto to be HAMAS and “fair targets” — men, women and children! This is because they voted for HAMAS in a widely described fair and democratic election. And the one-sided US Jew-controlled media fails to report on the Jew’s “collective punishment” policy: 

…Israeli policymakers have sought to reinforce the impression that “it would be pointless for Israel to topple Hamas because the population [of Gaza] is Hamas.” On this thinking, collective punishment is warranted because there are no true civilians in Gaza. Israel is at war with every single man, woman and child. Read more here 

The rockets HAMAS fires, are hardly more than steel pipes filled with propellant and gunpowder. Along with primitive rockets, they are equipped with nothing but small arms, like AKs and M-16s, some mortors, rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) and Molotov cocktail-style guerrilla weaponry. All against modern, high-tech killing devices and possibly even radioactive WMD’s (see video below). 

The bloody Jews are also now dropping one ton bombs — which basically turn an entire apartment buildings into a pile of broken-up slabs of concrete and twisted metal in a split second. Imagine sitting there in the dark, eating your one bowl of rice for the day and one of those goes off under you? You can’t really, you can never understand what it’s like to find your weak and soft-tissued body subjected to an instant hell like that. 

Our lousy Jew-controlled US Media is pretty much toeing the Jew propaganda line — that this is all but a reasonable reaction to those stupid rocket attacks! Jew talking heads are now filling up air time, intoning about the evil HAMAS, with that guttural Hebrew inflection of theirs, like they are spitting up phlegm from deep within their hate-filled Jew guts. 

Look at this smirking Jew Bastard!

This one obviously conceited Jew shill, Aaron David Miller (right), is often trotted out by FOX Jew News and ABC as a Middle East “expert negotiator,” but really to spew the Jew propaganda line. He says nothing about the starvation tactics employed against Gaza and lies right in America’s face that none of this has anything to do with the Jew elections coming up. Right. 

This creepy Jew once wrote his comrades an arrogant article, to stiffen their spine a little about their successful on-going manipulation of America’s Goyim: 

…Many American Jews refuse to accept it, but the real debate between Israel’s supporters and detractors in America is all but over. And the pro-Israeli community has won big-time. Bill Clinton was the most pro-Israeli Democratic president ever; George W. Bush, the most pro-Israeli Republican president ever…” Read his Jew crap here

These “Chosen Ones” think they have all of America eating out of the palms of their greedy little hands! Jews, who have stolen our politics, economy and media; who do everything they possibly can to snow the majority of us on a daily basis; believe we are such best-buddies and all with them — so now they can do whatever the hell they please!

Well, I got news for you arrogant Jews: you don’t own us, you only think you do in your infinite Jew conceit! America is fast growing sick and tired of your line of bull, your political chicanery, your insolence and your social engineering of us to death. You believe in the arrogant Jew philosophy of “Tikkun Olam,” now do you? What a sorry joke! Your days in America are numbered, JEW! 

They want to force the Palestinians to their knees and give up any hope of self-governance and claims to a homeland of their own. Make no mistake, the Jew has been working diligently towards a day that no Palestinians exist anywhere in Jew Disney Land. Why do these Jew bastards even bother with pretenses anymore? Here, look at this map of the Jew takeover and the gradual dispossession of the Palestinians (below). 


OK, so why get so bollixed up about it? Well, for the simple fact that Jewry in the US has got their fat, stinking arms so wrapped around this country’s head, that America can’t give the whole matter a fair shake one way or another. And we don’t deserve all the Jew crap, having these bastards go on and on about how evil and oppressive us Whites are and then these Sons of Bitches go and do this kind of thing on our own G-D taxpayer’s dime? The Jew is absolutely, unequivocally the World’s biggest lying HYPOCRITE, bar none! 

Oh, yeah, he’s going to say that you are a “anti-Semite” for saying all these kinds of things. But guess what? We don’t give a rat’s ass what these people say anymore. Not a single phlegm-filled word out of their twisted little mouths — ever. They can sit there in those US TV studios, with their neat little suits, the clip-on microphones, clip-on ties and the carefully coiffed, oily Jew hair as they blather-on about rocket attacks and how much the IDF is trying to minimize civilians casualties — when we all know that it’s pure Jew bull! 

Bombing these people is like shooting fish in a barrel. Especially so, if you hate every single one of them to begin with — men, women and children. 

The Jews have no sense of proportionality and care not a whit, as they bomb the living hell out of the Palestinians in the Gaza. 

Imagine the anger these people must feel? Would you not do everything you could for some payback? 

Little Palestinian children rendered into bloody corpses by Jew high-explosives and God-knows-what-else those SOB’s have come up with to kill non-Jews. 

Imagine if this was one of your own children or little brother? Photo from an earlier Jew war crime. 

No people, Muslim Semites too, deserves this kind of thing — I’m telling you, Israel SUCKS big-time! 

Jew snipers have no problems shooting down little boys.

They don’t care one iota if some Arab child is blown to bits or shot to pieces by machine gun fire. It means nothing to them, when it’s a non-Jew — get that one straight. These slime will just laugh about it and brag to their fellow Jews how they “got sum.” Hell, the “religious” Orthodox Jews will back-slap them with a big old happy Jew grin for a job well-done. You think I jest? 

And “American” Jews are now over there in the ranks of the IDF doing their part too. Can you believe that BS? They won’t join our military but they lovingly serve a foreign army just so they can kill the enemies of Jew headquarters. They then come back to the US, no problems whatsoever, and act like noble warriors and crap to other swooning Jews back here in the US. 

This evil and vile little race has afflicted America’s head; a race who, time and again, starts wars and economic upheavals across the globe and will soon get their comeuppance from God, trust me. A God that has forsaken them for 2000 years and they know this deep down in their cold, black little hearts, but don’t want the rest of the world to. 

Remember that one of these people’s happiest holidays is in celebrating the killing of 75,000 non-Jews, after one of their whores sweet-talked the King of Persia into ordering it all while sleeping with him (Purim). And it’s not just Muslim Arab or Persian who are enemies, either. Just being born a non-Jew in any race, makes you a member of “Amalek,” the age-old enemy of the Jew and subject to immediate death, should you fail to bow down to them, according to many of the Orthodox Jews. No lie. 

We gave these kind of people succor and allowed them to immigrate into the US and what did we get? Stabbed in the back. White people who dare speak up in defense of themselves and our race, get called “Nazi” from a people who do these kinds of things in the world? They have been the scorpions to the frog, the lousy rat who only uses you to get his way and when through, kicks your face into the dirt with a laugh! 

America will soon be at the forefront of putting a stop to the global Jew brain games, wars and perfidies. He will rue the day he decided he was home free with his line of Jew bull on the US and commenced his trashing of good White people in the USA. His noticeable hatred of the White race has been so plain to see, just like his open hatred of the Arab Muslim. His completely inappropriate level of violence on a weak and defenseless people, using weaponry supplied by us, shows the true side of this dishonorable, spiteful and devious race. 

I’ve had it with these Jew bastards — call me a “terrorist,” or a “Palestinian lover” if you want, but the Jew has been White America’s real enemy, right along with every other freedom-loving people of the world. The Jew would do the exact same thing he’s now doing to the Palestinians, to any left-over White race of the future, should we ever allow ourselves to get to such a point and find ourselves at the “mercy” of the Jew — as they once did in Russia and Germany not so very long ago! 

Phillip Marlowe 

Watch this video on Youtube before the Jew ADL Censors get it pulled: A White doctor from Denmark, helping out in Gaza, is interviewed by Al Jareeza and describes evil new crap the Jews are now using. 


As of today’s date, the Israeli Jews have killed upwards of 500 people, 20% are women and children, along with 3000 wounded, 40% are women and children. All we hear from a Zionist-corrupted Bush and Washington is that it’s all the fault of HAMAS. No wonder the world hates us so! 

Top 5 Lies about Israel’s Assault on Gaza

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. incogman says:

    Paulette, the Galloping Chanteuse of Chutzpah is back!

    Uhh, I notice you are using the same avatar as someone else who posted here not too long ago (can’t remember his name but it’ll come to me).

    You JDIF Jews are always acting like someone else. It was you, wasn’t it? Liar.

    And what crap of your’s are you blathering about, other than your dumb-ass comments. And no, they’re staying, too.

  2. Paulette says:

    All I asked was to take my name off of here. I write for the Mad Jewess. Not the vice/versa. So, take my name off of here, or tell people to stop writing about me.

    Why are you so concerned about the Jdif? I am with the JTF, it is for righteous gentiles and right wing Jews. The JTF is a movement, the JIDF is an internet defense force, and if you were a real threat, you would be gone. So, you are still here, maybe they really don’t care what you write?

    So what? My fiance’ uses my avatar too, so what?? Its a free country, stop being so paranoid.

    Have a nice day, and whoever keep bringing me up in this convo. just all I asked was for it to please stop. I am not involved in this conversation.

    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

    • incogman says:

      So you come here and comment and threaten me, etc. etc. and then want me TO DO YOU A FAVOR?

      I don’t think so, Likudnik. Your “fiance” uses a barbie doll avatar? And you “share” an avatar? Get real. You don’t have any fiance in the first dam place — just keep dreaming, I saw your photo.

      This is a FREE COUNTRY so far, Jewess. You commented here and I left your crap up. And you still keep commenting, too. You and your JDF chums think you can go around and intimadate people?

  3. White Master says:

    The JTF is a movement, the JIDF is an internet defense force, and if you were a real threat, you would be gone. So, you are still here, maybe they really don’t care what you write?

    Then why do you Jews hang out here so much???

  4. old mourabit says:

    Thank you for your sincerity and openness, and all I can say these Zionist blood thirsty Jewish suckers need to be exterminated for their ugly deeds in Palestine. The land must return to its rightful owners The palestinians

  5. paki zindabad says:

    fuckin jewish basterd have fucked up bhalf the world with there bullshit

    they need the hitler treat ment

  6. rachel says:

    Jews are modern day Nazis.

    Jews are the real problem in America.

    Israel is to America what Brutus was to Julius Caesar: TRAITOR.

  7. freedomforgazafreedomforpalestine(y) says:

    Let’s just leave it to god to sort these evil things out

  8. TwA says:

    (Far more clear with more data on blog!)

    Grand plan to acquire more land or DEMONIC ritual(s) to feed their non-corporeal demon brethren?

    How does Israel get HAMAS to cooperate on the Qabalah ritual friendly numbers for dates and numbers kidnapped or killed? (Were the BBC follow up coverage similarly riddled with multiples of 3’s?)

    It’s symbolically similar to the Boston Bombing, it should be added, and it looks like Rik Clay may have been right about the UK getting whacked. (Here Sweden’s flag too is whacked.)

    Gaza Base Baal?
    1)”3 Jewish Boys Kidnapped”(9) on 6/12 (6)+(3)=(9)
    Murderers reportedly given an hour head start before police responded to call. (Foot-dragging is how police were found to aid various anointed crimes, and child abductions in the US.(Johny Gosch case.)

    2)3 Bodies are found 18(9) days later on 6/30 (6)+(3)=(9)

    o Starts after the midnight,’witching hour’, [when demons/ etc. are active], on 7/1/2014(6).
    o Name+Date(9)
    o 3 DAYS BEFORE 7/4/2014(9) MM+DD(11), American date of independence.

    That’s a pot full of 3s, multiples thereof and the obligatory “9/11”?

    What are the chances this is random? ZERO!
    (Again the blog makes it far more clear!)

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