Obama: The Installation of His Negro Highness

Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, is now the PC propaganda star of a sort not seen this side of North Korea. It will be positively ridiculous on Tuesday as 10,000 busloads descend on DC, turning the place into a total zoo and quite possibly even worse.

Get ready America! This coming week will be a non-stop Negro love-fest — with Martin Luther King Day on Monday and then followed with the crowning of his holiness, the Obamanation, the next day. Negroes, White Multicult freaks and the Jew-owned media are now quite delirious with unabashed glee.

Pretty cheeky considering he’s really half-black, or more accurately a Mulatto (liberals hate that word so I use it lovingly). But he’s also demonstrably an illegal alien and totally unconstitutional to be sworn-in as president. This is what goes with having a sock-puppet monkey installed for your president: You have to take what they give you, as the “Free Media” keeps their mouth’s shut about all the rest.*

If you are a White person reading this — especially if you are for peace, “diversity” and all that jazz  — then you need to read this all the way till the end and ask yourself some important questions that only you can answer for yourself. The media, as you may now suspect, has not and will not give you the full story for politically correct reasons, as well as being owned by people who have vested interests in the whole “schmeil.”

You may try to discount all this right off the bat as being “racist,” or even think that it’s all “a good thing,” but you should stop and give serious thought to what’s really going on and what this means to the US and your children’s future in the end. Please read on.

Someone in Taiwan needs to start cutting royalty checks to Obama.

Yep, this coming week will be an interesting one, as well as a sad one for America. The elite White buffoon and Jew dupe, George W. Bush, who laughed at the Constitution as he created police state powers to fight created “Islamic Terror;” has fawningly described Obama’s Installation as the first “Black” president to be a “a moment of hope and pride.” Right. Sounds like the bastard is bucking for a pardon. Hell, it doesn’t matter, nothing is going to happen — all these people play for the same side, anyways — the Zionist Jew’s side. Always have.

Bush even went and declared the DC area a Federal Emergency — just so they could technically get at 15 million more of your tax dollars to pay for the Obama Installation (total cost so far: 170 million). So, whatever happened to the half a billion in election donations for Obama? Did he give it all back or spend a little too much in Hawaii taking care of a few things?

Oh, it’s a “Federal Emergency,” alright. All across the board, this country is now in a economic death spiral and the media hypocrisies over this and the bloody Israeli Zionist’s genocides in the Gaza Ghetto is so thick you can cut it with a dull knife. Note how the media, this week, barely breathed a word about Citigroup getting 20 billion dollars, but went on and on about the auto makers getting 17 billion last month. Note how the entire world is now up in arms about the Jew Zionist atrocities in the Gaza; his use of phosphor munitions in populated areas, threatening with force and turning back humanitarian relief ships, etc. etc., yet the US mainstream media, as usual, has carefully toed the Zionist’s propaganda line and stays silent about such inconvenient details.

Of course, some Negroes might be reading this because it looks to be a mostly Negro subject. Spoiled, militant American Negroes are almost totally consumed with the sad fact they were born Negro and, apparently, that’s all that concerns them. We could have a Comet or Asteroid headed to earth, threatening mass extinction, and these people would be screaming about a “racist” plot, while Whitey hides out in his secret underground caverns. Negroes only care about Negro or race-related issues.

They are just so excited about the Obama and all the free stuff they now think they’ll get for being Negro. From having their car, house or rent payments discontinued; to getting free gas or the perennial demands for slavery reparations  — the possibilities for Negro self-aggrandizement is endless. Of course, all the hand-outs and special treatment (called “Entitlements”) they’ve been getting will have to continue unabated.

Obama once read a book about Abraham Lincoln and now fancies himself a later-day Lincoln. Get this: The skinny punk is even taking a train from Illinois for his Installation and asked the Library of Congress to provide Lincoln’s very own bible to be sworn in. How’s that for some serious Negro chutzpah? The Jews must love this guy. Funny, no one must have ever told him that old Abe thought the Negro would never equal the White man and wanted to deport their asses back to the Dark Continent after the War of Northern Aggression. Thanks a lot, John Wilkes Booth!

Unfortunately for the Negroes, since they don’t pay much attention to non-Negro subjects, this country is now going totally down the tubes — as in bankrupt. No if’s and’s or but’s. Obama and the Democrats want to spend like a drunken sailor in the vain hope to stave off the inevitable, with Obama’s wish to further the debt to the tune of 825 billion. He has to pretend, at least, to do something, anything, to put a stop to what’s in this country’s future. But the spending will only make the inflationary hole that much deeper and the misery long-term.

But for the International Jews and spend now, pay later Negroes, that’s going to be A-OK! Our country’s economy is being handled exactly like some spend-thrift transaction at a used car lot: You can’t afford it? Let’s not worry about it — for right now. No wonder Henry Kissinger said last week that Obama and the global economic crisis will be really good for the Jew World Order. Don’t cry for me Argentina! Read more here

Public schools are even having “celebrations” over Obamanation’s Installation, getting the kids indoctrinated with loyalty to the new “Great Leader.” They’ve sent out letters to parents about what the kids should wear and all the happy “Cultural Revolution” pep-rallies they’ve planned. Folks, this is all starting to sound like Commie Land!

Dear Parents: As we begin our 2009 school year, we do so with new hope! As a school community we will celebrate the spirit of CHANGE! We have six days of activities planned for our students, culminating in the viewing of the inauguration of our new president on January 20, 2009. We will all be in our Multipurpose Room, watching together as Barack Obamatakes the oath of office. Read more here

Of course, most Black daddies (when they can be found) and mommies won’t be at their Affirmative Action jobs that day or even the day before (MLK day). They are all planning to call in sick so they can act like they did when OJ got off from killing two people. Remember that? When they handed down the decision, Negroes went haywire with joy over it.

“Being at work is not an option,” said Brenda Wilson, a 51-year-old manager at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta who abandoned her dreams of heading to Washington but will not be in the office. “I wouldn’t be able to get any work done, wondering what was going on.” Read more here

All kinds of stuff is planned for this travesty. Not only are all the networks going off the hook with it, it’ll also be in local theaters and the NY Jumbotron live. MSNBC is so Obama-crazed that it’s gotten down right embarrassing:

NEW YORK — President-elect Barack Obama is on his way to the big screen, thanks to a deal between MSNBC and Screenvision that will put the news channel’s inaugural coverage in 27 theaters around the country.

That means that Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and other MSNBC and NBC personalities will play the big movie screen in addition to the usual MSNBC cable and satellite stream.

“It’ll look great,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin said. “We’re thrilled about it.”

Imagine all this for a White guy? Even HBO is covering it, for crying out loud — when have they ever down that for a current event? Speaking of movies, his humbleness Barry Soetoro thinks Will Smith will be perfect for playing him when they do the biopic of Obama for the big screen (probably sooner than you think):

Speaking at the premiere of his new film Seven Pounds at the Empire, Leicester Square, in London, Smith laughed about reports that the US President-elect had indicated that he would like the actor to play him if his life story were ever to be made into a movie.

“If I am ordered by my commander in chief to star in a film about him, I will do my duty as an American,” he said, beaming.  Read more here

This is all a matter of skin color. Negroes have absolutely no qualms about being that way, but woe if any White were to act the same, they would go Negro ballistic about “racism” and “White supremacy.” And Negresses love Barry Soetoro because he married a full-blown Negro, instead of some trophy White chick. That really endears him to Negro women all over, since they hate seeing “their men” with “dem ebil Whitey gurlz” and marrying her may have been enough for him to have won the Democratic nomination (real issues mean nothing to them).

Read this piece where Vanessa Williams does a race riff on Obama and his Queen:

“Hey, dark ‘n lovely!”

Gotta love the brothers who show their affection for the dark-skinned girls, even if they are hollering out the window of a passing car.

Gotta love it even more when the brother is the president, and the object of his affection is front and center for the world to see.

It’s true: A lot of black women fell for Barack Obama the moment they saw his wife.

If a black president represents change, a dark-skinned first lady is straight-up revolutionary. Read the rest here

The new Jackie-O? Please.

The darker the skin with Negroes, the more they hate themselves. That’s very true, all of them consider being really dark as primitive and African-looking. Look at Michael Jackson, he’s been bleaching himself for years and Negroes spend millions annually for hair straightener chemicals.

They want to turn Michelle Obama into the new “Jackie-O” as in Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. They blather on about what she wears, like she has some kind of classy sense of style, but the real Jackie was a fashion trend-setter — people copied her, instead of the other way around.

What they’re really trying to say is that the Obamas represents a new “Camelot” for America (JFK, FDR, Lincoln, which is it?), so Michelle dresses like some blue blood White women circa early sixties to play the role. She can’t dress like some African queen — this might be too much Negro for Whites and we can’t be having that now, dearies.

The MLK Statue is said to be too “socialist realist” looking, so changes have been called for (scale model above) and won’t make the Negro celebrations all next week. The design is in fact just right for where this country is going. Yet spoiled American Negroes had the nerve to complain that a Chinese man was selected to design it, instead of saying a word about construction in China without American labor. How’s that for Negrotude? MLK Statue Controversy

I have a "dream," too: That these people will one day shut the hell up!†

This Sunday night, the History Channel is beaming a big Martin Luther King documentary. We’re certain this will be another “white-wash” of this guy’s life, since he’s the designated Negro “hero martyr,” so they’ll never reveal any real dirt for fear of getting the Negroes all torqued-up about “dissing the King’s memory.” What a laugh. They’ve been ignoring real facts about him from day-one.

Like the fact that MLK’s writings were well-proven by researchers to be plagiarized whole-sale from other writers. Or that his famous “I have a dream” speech was written by his Jew-Commie handler, Stanley Levison, helped out by Clarence Jones who had it copy-righted the next day (the King family will sue you for using it without paying them hard cash). Or that he used church funds for to party down with prostitutes. Oh yeah, his associate Reverend Ralph Abernathy said as much in his 1989 book, “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down.”

Or that the night after MLK visited the Supreme Court on January 6, 1964, he hired three White prostitutes for a party and as he brutally beat one of them, he screamed out “I’m f–king for God” and “I’m a White man tonight!” This was recorded by three secret microphones that Hoover’s boys installed. Of course, there is a lot of other material just like this hidden away by the US government and not to be released until 2017, for some reason. What’s the deal there? Read more here

Methinks that the History Channel will not say one word about any of this. But then again, the History Channel is owned by the Jew-controlled big-media corporations.

MLK (#1 at far right) at the Jew-financed 1957 Highlander school, a real-life Commie front for training in subversive political tactics. Commie Jews and Negroes have a long history in the US. Plenty of people, including Ronald Reagan, knew all about this at the time. Read my blog posting about Obama’s Commie childhood mentor and quite possibly his daddy too: Was Obama’s Daddy a Commie Pervert?

This guy was indeed a piece of work. Why is it that Negroes always have these kind of people as leaders? Could it be, that the Jews behind the curtain prefer to have real dirt on what kind of Negroes they allow reverence to? Who they can keep on a media leash and turn into canned heroes for the masses? Why do people like Reverend Sharpton have little problem with ridiculous behavior like in the Tawana Brawley and Duke rape cases? Perhaps it’s because they’ve learned early on, not to touch the Jew and in return get media attention to continue their lucrative blackmail operations against corporate America over race issues.

How about when some White says the most inconsequential racial thing, like Prince Harry in England calling a fellow soldier in his squad a “Paki” and all kinds of stupid attention is paid, but when media-created Negro heroes say anything about the Whitey, it gets completely ignored? Or that horrific Black on White crimes never see any national coverage and go down the memory hole, but when Negroes are victimized by a White, it’s talked about forever and ever. Surely, you’ve seen all this, time and time again.

Now, I asked you White liberals to read on to this point. You know that things with the US are not exactly going well and we have some scary international issues rearing up. If you are basing things just on what you see on the mainstream news, then I have some serious news for you: You are not getting the full picture from these people. And you know it, too.

But you need to ask yourself some important questions. Like why is it that every other race out there can be as free as a bird when it comes to expressing pride and solidarity in the color of their skin but it’s anathema for us Whites to do the same? What will it mean to this country when Obama can hide behind all this PC business, so that if you say anything about his policies or what his minders plan to do, then the liberals and media will scream racism?

The media has created a “Culture of Personality” around this guy and God help you if you can’t see that. They are plenty of Whites out there who are getting sick and tired of all this nonsense fast and if you think for one damn minute the “Silent Majority” will stay asleep forever, then you’d better think again.

You should remember something about Lincoln — who Obama has the temerity to emulate without doing one GD thing but decide to spend us into more debt — not long after Lincoln became president, this country went to war with each other. And, just like when FDR was president (another ridiculous comparison with the Obama), hundreds of thousands of White men were killed fighting a Jew-instigated war. Iran, anyone?

Benjamin Disraeli (19th century PM of Britain and Sephardic Jew) once said that all of history came down to race in the end and if you sit there in your infinite wisdom and think “race doesn’t matter” — well, I’ve got news for you pal: It does indeed matter a great deal to every other race out there. In case you haven’t noticed, all of the business with Obama is over race! Every last bit. They just can’t say so outright on the TV, since people like you might get the message what the real deal is.

But let’s forget about all that race stuff, since you find it so distasteful to think on, let alone speak openly about. Understand that having a situation where the mainstream media obsfuscates and omits what the rest of the world knows, shows us that they want Americans to stay asleep to the real deal. This is exactly the reason why people one day wake up and ask themselves WTF happened? And what will you or your children do then?

Words like “HOPE” or “Change” or pithy slogans like “Yes, We Can!” all sound so wonderful, but that’s utter brainless, wishful political BULL. You can sit there, hoping and praying all damn day long, but it won’t get you anywhere and fix America’s true problems — just keep you in a dreamy, trance-like state — which is the real idea in the first place.

Obama is obviously a media and globalist-created puppet for the multicult brainwashed, PC masses. The evidence is now becoming clear-cut as we see that most of Obama’s cabinet and appointees are socialistic CFR Bilderbergers and Banker Jews.

We are being silently marshaled along towards the goal of what Louisiana governor Huey Long once prophesized as a “Fascist, Anti-Fascist” state and the concept of true “Free” America will be in name only. Non-White immigration and special status for Negroes will only increase day-by-day and you will not be able to say JACK, maybe not even know much about it, once “anti-Hate” censorship finally silences any free speech, talk radio and the Internet.

As of Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, the United States of America will not really have a president, only a “person of color” pretend president — a puppet installed by International Elite Zionists to stultify and appease the Politically Correct American braindead as this country rapidly goes down the toilet and turned into a Jew World Order/Socialist nightmare. This has all been planned out long before, you only have to connect the dots to see the direction it’s all going.

Regardless of all the “Hope” you are now doing, you will soon get a ring-side seat and probably a whole hellava lot more that you will not find so entertaining.

 — Phillip Marlowe

*You think for one friggin’ moment that this country really has a free media? Wake up and smell the horseshit! The Jews tried to get my blog shut-down when I first came on board, but Wordpress allowed it to stay up under “mature,” so I guess I can use a few dirty words here and there. If you are reading this now, you have my address for other reasons, but will not see my posts in WordPress’ blogosphere screens.


† The misspelled “I have a Dream” TV screen image above is very real — it was taken with a cellphone camera of an actual broadcast by KIII-TV in Corpus Christi, TX for the MLK day “celebrations” in Jan. 2007. Embarrassed TV station executives were upset that the video editors missed it and the photo spread so far over the Internet.

CNN lyingly implies “White supremacists,” David Duke and Stormfront wants Obama assasination!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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247 Responses to Obama: The Installation of His Negro Highness

  1. gncarlo says:

    Thanks, Incog… you seem to be one of the few here who actually passed ‘reading comprehension’ in grade school.
    When people have invested a lot of emotion in a belief system, it is hard for them to “think outside the box.”
    I was simply trying to get them to examine some of what hasn’t worked before.
    I don’t give a ratzass if they want to worship trees, the crocodile god, or Dolly Parton; the principle is the same. We can’t afford to wait around for the Second Coming or all the multiplicity of Christian sects to coalesce into one unified CentCom.
    The barbarians are already inside the gate. I turned CNN on a few minutes ago; white marine guards standing stiffly at attention under US flags at (I assume) the White House, while in front of them, hundreds of porch monkeys shuckin’ and jivin’, frenetically dancing or whatever it is they call it. One wonders what was going through the Marines heads. One wonders how many of them will reenlist…
    Your enemies are focused. As far as America is concerned, we are getting into the end game. I don’t know what will work but I know that waiting for the Second Coming or a white Obama won’t.
    I would never bring up this religious stuff but some of your posters keep popping off with this “nothin’ to worry about cuz Jesus is in control” crap. I think even Christ himself would eventually get annoyed enough to come down off his cross and jap-slap some of these people and tell them to “wake the f*ck up”!

  2. gncarlo says:

    Nemesys: “GN – you are asking for a double hiding. ”

    Uh, if ya promise to give me $20 and wear one of those little fishnet thingies with the tassles, I might let you do it…

    Sorry, Incog. The Devil made me do it ! 🙂

  3. gncarlo says:

    “There are many preachers who preach against the jewish crimes in Gaza. The Presbyterian Church has divested all Israeli investments.”

    Yes, the Presbyterians have divested Israel. I didn’t dispute anything about divestments. I accused them, and other organized Christian groups, of moral cowardice for not speaking out in an official capacity.

    Here is a link from the home page for the PresbyterianChurchUSA, giving their position on the violence in Gaza. A bland non-commital statement describing the situation as if it were a traffic accident. It’s no accident; it is mass murder. Like I said before, how do you build a coalition out of moral cowards?


    The problem with institutions is that, as they grow larger and more successful, they develop interests of their own, apart from those of the people whom they were supposed to serve. Some people make handsome livings with these arrangements. They don’t want to risk losing their seat on the gravy train by saying unpopular things. Saying “Jew” in an unflattering context in America today can cost one dearly, socially and financially. They go along to get along.

  4. gncarlo says:

    ““Gncarlo,” u’re sooooo brilliant: tell me why Jews are so DESPERATELY, absolutely, vehemently AGAINST Christianity. ”

    I don’t know. They seem to be against everybody but themselves.
    They’re against eating pork, too. Do you suspect they are afraid of the PIG GOD?
    Now , take your meds, get back in your box and tomorrow, when the library opens, you can find us the answers to these and other burning questions. Please try to condense it down to the size of the Tokyo phone book, though.

  5. gncarlo says:


    Thanks for your patience in practicing the principle of free speech. I think it was Jefferson who said “free speech is a gift which has no value unless we are willing to give it to those with whom we vehemently disagree.”

    I seem to have become a polarizing element here. I think it would be better if I take a time out for awhile.

  6. Watcher says:

    Yeah, the ACLU is just filling up those court dockets with anti-pork lawsuits, demanding retailers and restaurants to take pork off the market.

    Why is it that the only crosses on public property jews don’t complain about are the crosses in military graveyards?

    gncarlo, it is true that in its present form, most organized Christianity in USA is too mild in its criticism of jews. You are correct in that the leadership has gotten too fat and complacent. But, Christianity is the only functional structure in America, in which a majority of Whites belong (either actively or inactively), which by its very definition excludes Talmudic jews, rightly blames jews for Christ’s crucifixion, and which is still socially acceptable for White’s to belong. It is a huge part of our culture.

    This is why it is dangerous to jews. This is why jews hate Christianity. They would hate to see a resurgence of Christianity. They would hate to see another Martin Luther, or another Spanish Inquisition. This is why Christianity is a market that should be aggressively tapped.

    The only other doctrines that existed and successfully fought off the jews (for awhile) was Nazism. Well, the jews have succeeded, for the time being at least, in demonizing Nazism, racism, White Nationalism, et al.. The majority of Whites are so hopelessly brainwashed due to years and years of jewish indoctrination, that it would take a catastrophic race war declared upon Whites to wake them up. By then it might be too late.

    Christianity is still socially acceptable. It has all of the elements to ward off jewish evil. A sheppard is all that is needed to lead the flock.

    It shouldn’t be the only approach used in waking up Whites (and others) against the jewish threat. But it could prove very effective against the jews. Our number one objective must always be to remove the jew from power. This involves multiple approaches, from many different angles, in solving the jewish problem. Trust me when I state that we are on the same side and that we have more in common than you know.

  7. Watcher says:

    The jews use multiple approaches and various angles when breaking down White society and White cohesion. Yet, you don’t see “open border” jews criticizing or sabatoging “anti-Christian” jews. That is because jews work for a single purpose, which is doing what is good for jews.

    Likewise, Whites need multiple approaches in rebuilding White society and White cohesion. We need to work whatever approach best suits our beliefs and talents in rebuilding White society and cohesion, without interfering with the other approaches. Remember, what is good for Whites is bad for jews.

  8. American says:

    “Your enemies are focused. As far as America is concerned, we are getting into the end game. I don’t know what will work but I know that waiting for the Second Coming or a white Obama won’t.” -gncarlo

    I think we’re really all on the same page. Yes, Christians could do more to denounce Jews, in general, but some are quite vehement. The bigger picture is we all know the problem!

  9. Don Robison says:

    “When people have invested a lot of emotion in a belief system, it is hard for them to “think outside the box.”” -GN

    “Thanks, Incog… you seem to be one of the few here who actually passed ‘reading comprehension’ in grade school.” -GN

    “Now , take your meds, get back in your box and tomorrow, when the library opens, you can find us the answers to these and other burning questions. ” -GN

    ouch. Why the hate?(rhetorical question)

  10. Fleur de lis says:

    Inaugural prayer slam prompts Obama smile

    Rush Limbaugh: Lowery ‘just insulted this country’


    It just shows, that some negroes will never be happy……they won’t be happy until there are no longer any white people or a white majority that reminds them of their failure of being descendents of defeated low IQ african slaves. For some deluded militant indignant negroes, they won’t be happy until you are slaughtered and raped by them in the streets. I believe that.

  11. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    “whites will embrace what is Wright”

    I believe that our greatest hope is not only in the wisdom of our own people to decipher these things but even more so in the stupidity of those whom we are up against to again and again to stick their foot into their neckbone chompin mouths. I swear these folks make gomer pyle look like William F. Buckley. Whites (I mean the dumber of our kind) are gonna hafta learn that the Blacks are never gonna let that tit go as long as it produces milk.

  12. American says:

    The Negro doesn’t worry me one bit. Sure, I find them totally offensive and weak-willed, but as soon as the Jew is contained, Negroes fold like they do in every aspect of life.

    In my recent travels, Niggers we NO different than here (other than more entitled here), and neither were locals’ opinions of them. I still contend Niggers are too dumb to even know there are serious problems already here. We let Jews fuck this country up, and now it’s got to change.

  13. American says:

    And I am to blame, through my past ignorance of the foul, conniving Jew. Now I know better!

  14. Fleur de lis says:

    I want us here on Incogman’s blogsite to seriously and contemplatively figure out the best, terse thing to tell a stranger at a gas pump about the situation which the USA find itself in. What can we say and give them that will have the best impact for waking up. I believe we could t first ask the person if they are a Christian by faith.

    We need to figure this out now.

  15. apollonian says:

    Don’t Forget: Christianity Champions Truth, Objectivity, And Reason
    (Apollonian, 21 Jan 09)

    Well, I’ll tell u all this right off: one great thing about InCog’s blog is it’s gotten people like “Nemesys” and “Watcher” to speak up. Christianity is eminently reasonable, understood correctly, this understanding then still dormant in so many good folks.

    Note I don’t think “gncarlo” is bad at all–not in the slightest. “Gncarlo” makes people think, and challenges us Christians to speak up–which “Nemesys” and “Watcher” have done brilliantly, I’d say.

    “Gncarlo’s” (and most people’s) greatest misconception is that Christianity is AGAINST human reason–it isn’t. In fact, Christianity is reason’s greatest friend, as matter of fact, Christianity an aesthetic dramatization (in New Testament literature) which provides FOUNDATION for reason and truth with necessary criterion of objectivity–repudiating Jew Talmudic lies founded in subjectivism, and conspiracy. Verily, Judaism IS CONSPIRACY, merely a certain kind–which then takes control, like a parasite.

    CONCLUSION: “Gncarlo” also mis-understands “faith” which properly means LOYALTY (not anti-reason), once again, as I note above. Finally, as InCog demands no more than 4 paras, note the ONLY SUCCESSFUL JEW-EXPULSIONS in history are result of Christian inspiration. “Gncarlo” should not hesitate to speak up–but he should be honest and pay attention to our Christian counter-arguments and explanations, I say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    • incogman says:

      Fleur de lis:

      I want us here on Incogman’s blogsite to seriously and contemplatively figure out the best, terse thing to tell a stranger at a gas pump about the situation which the USA find itself in. What can we say and give them that will have the best impact for waking up. I believe we could t first ask the person if they are a Christian by faith.

      We need to figure this out now.

      Yeah, we need to do this kind of thing! I purposefully copied this comment to push it some more.

      Maybe I need to do a “open thread” to get this kind of talk going.

  16. apollonian says:

    “It’s Jews, Stupid”–Is Excellent Watchword/Phrase, Evermore
    (Apollonian, 21 Jan 09)

    “Fleur,” I think we should begin by PRESUMING any fellow citizen is Christian–or willing to tolerate Christianity–inasmuch as USA was made by and for Christians, never forget. This is fair presumption I’d say. But we should eschew mysticism (I detest and repudiate mysticism, personally) and emphasize strictest reason and logic.

    Thus USA has become tragically captive to a CRIMINAL conspiracy founded on lies and fraud–esp. then COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) these counterfeiters then controlling, leading, manipulating EVERYTHING else.

    CONCLUSION: Evermore, people understand “It’s Jews, stupid.” Observe Jews the ONLY ones u really can’t criticise–with, what is it now, 13 Senators, no less, 2 Sup. Ct. Justices, holding incredible number/percentage of cabinet and bureaucratic positions, in charge of all the big corporations. It’s a Jew dictatorship, for gosh sakes, and only moron doesn’t know; only coward won’t admit. How to handle such criminal conspiracy?–JEW-EXPULSION. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  17. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    I believe the best method is to, at first, let the person you encounter play the part of the pitcher. Give him the ball and let him throw you a few pitches to better understand who you’re dealing with. Then if he’s receptive start throwing a few pitches of your own. Don’t start out by throwing him a knuckle ball………..it’ll probably spook him……..you’ll probably come across as a flasher with a teensy winkie…….you’re willing to commit the act but you won’t have much to work with. 😛

  18. American says:

    It will vary from situation to situation, but asking people questions is the best way to get them to open up, making it easier to determine how far along they are in the learning process. Often times it’s better to not even give the answers, but rather to leave questions in their mind. Remember its a process, not just one hit. Perseverance will be rewarded, as people are naturally looking around and taking inventory due to economic crises.

    As an example, most people know that Negroes are useless, at least on some level, even if they don’t dare say a word. That fact, combined with uncertainty that Jew greed has fostered, is a very potent combination. Once it becomes “ok” to question the current state, the truth will spread like wildfire. I’m open to ideas on the best approach, but in the meantime, I keep sharing what I’ve learned recently with everybody. I don’t jam it down their throats, but instead make easy observations, and let them discover the answer. The great news is that truth is on our side, so any sort of inquiry will point in the correct direction.

    For too long, the really productive people in this country have had their noses to the grindstone, not having time or energy to “fight” against the Jew-rigged system. They simply thought they had too much to lose. Now that the Jews’ incessant pushing and raping has pushed these productive individuals into a corner, we will see them bite back. We are close to the boiling point, IMO. People like you and me KNOW there is something seriously wrong!

  19. incogman says:

    Ask them: “Do you think that Americans get the full picture from the media?” Most will say no. Most Whites are starting to be seriously suspicious that the deal is rigged.

    Ask them: “Why does the media promote globalization all the time, when people in the US suffer so much with lay-offs because of it?”

    “Why do they give away hundreds of billions to bankers with not even a clue where it goes, but quibble about a few billion to American manufactering?”

    “Why does FOX news carefully stay away from topics that so-called conservatives would naturally have a strong interest in?” “Aren’t they supposed to be the opposite from “liberal” media?”

    “Why are the most stupid, small things inflated to fill the broadcast time?”

    “Why does the media go on and on and on about cases like Caylee Anthony but purposefully ignore any horrible, shocking crimes that blacks commit? Especially if the victim is white?”

  20. American says:

    ALL are excellent! These questions just get people thinking and searching for answers.

    I must add that our media is the worst of any I’ve encountered. Unfortunately for us, America is far deeper under the spell of the Jew than anyplace I’ve seen.

  21. apollonian says:

    Miracles Still Happen In This Day
    (Apollonian, 21 Jan 09)

    Absolutely priceless: in China, a steel frame building (26 stories) went up in massive flames and burned for 4 hrs–and did not collapse. Shazayam–must have been a miracle.

    I saw this story on WhatReallyHapped.com, for today, 21st, headline: “steel framed building goes up in flames, does NOT collapse.”

    Ck it out if u want to see and read about miracles. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  22. Nemesys says:

    To Fleur, and All Others,

    That IS our most pressing and immediate problem, Making Whites (an evne Blacks and Hipanics, fo that matter) SEE that the p[roblem IS the Jew. FAST.

    I have been experimenting w/ many approaches. It really depends on your subject. I have found, due ot running mY mouth non-stop, which approaches work, and which do not. When my eyes first opened, I was mad as HELL. I YELLED alot. That only works on Whites to like to yell, too. (Which can be a lot of fun! Screaming Celts can be quite entertaining! )I find that quiet fury, in a soft voice, and RELENTLESSNESS, works, the best. Quiet, 100% CONFIDENCE. You are going to GET shocked dismay, and pushback – I got that for an hour, last night. ACKNOWLEGE – before your subject does, that you KNOW they have NEVER heard this before – that all they hear is that “Jews are oppressed” etc. Be very blunt. Depending on your subject – model your tone, and verbiage, on the way that person expresses themselves. Are they folksy? Are they businesslike? Model their speech patterns. Do NOT accept any denunciations. You CAN tell them flat out that THEY are WRONG. They they’ve been conned , and misled – it’s not their fault. I told a guy that his ministers was wrong – and an absolute idiot, ni fact. He got furious – but he’s a lost cause, anyways. If you have some-one who is merely listening to you – keep going .Yeild NO ground. You are RIGHT in what you are telling them. I ALWAYS tell every-one that they can to their own research, and discover anything I tell them is true. “The info is still out there, for now”. Make them take ownership (to employ an annoying term). They are WHITE. Errrr….exploit their Whiteness. Whites SEEK truth, and knowledge. Grab ;em that way. Also – tell them to LOOK AT THE NAMES.


    I’ve been doing THAT for over a year now. The Christian I nailed last night (tee hee) didn’t know that Bernie Madoff IS a Jew. I was like, “WHAT?????!!!! You didn’t know that Bernie is a JEW???!!! You are kidding me – right?!!!”. He said, “No. I don’t know that…”. I said, “Good LORD!!! Look at the names! Look it UP!!! The whole Fed are Jews! The money-manipulators worldwide are JEWS! LOOK AT THE NAMES!!!”

    He will. From now on. Even if he tries NOT to – he will. He won’t be able to stop himself.

    Clueing Whites into Jew names – and that Jews are NOT Whites – but Jews – you’ve freed their minds forever. Even if the deprogramming takes years. Each and every-one thart BEGINS to see, will not be able ot not see. Telling ’em to look as the names IS the Red Pill.

    GN – I like fishnet – but those tassels are tacky. I personally prefer the Uber sleek SS black leather look FYI.

  23. Nemesys says:

    Sorry for all my typos; I’m on lunch.

    To ALL – like anything – PRACTICEPRACTICEPRACTICE. Keep talking. Never shut up. Run your mouth until some Hebe IDF assasin shoots ya, or something.

    You will al find what works for you. What approaches suit you the best. Two years ago,when I was tipped off about the Talmud – I couldn’t tell the difference between most Whites, AND Jews. Now – I’m good. I can Name and SPOT the Jew with the best of ’em. Be FEARLESS – but not stupid. Don’t get arrested. Don’t lose your job. But YAK YAK YAK. And keep your powder dry.

  24. American says:

    We can also kindly explain that it’s not always easy to spot influences on our thinking, especially when those attempting it are trying to conceal. Surely we all find it odd that somebody would change their last name, more so that huge numbers of Jews practice this routinely. George Soros is legendary, but his real name is George Schwartz…why?

    Just encourage people to ask “why”? Why would somebody change their name? Why would somebody say something like this….?
    Why don’t Jews allow Negroes in their schools? Why would Jews need to control all media? Why are SO MANY Jews in appointed government positions?

  25. American says:

    I’m kinda surprised that my friends think it’s outrageous a foreigner can be our President. He’s a Negro, in a Jew manipulated society….of course, he can.

  26. gncarlo says:

    “GN – I like fishnet – but those tassels are tacky. I personally prefer the Uber sleek SS black leather look FYI.”

    Don’t forget the $20. I’m behind on my dues at the ADL 🙂

  27. Fleur de lis says:

    Hi you all….what do you think of this.

    My approach with a total stranger would be to start with a comment like, “Things in this world are getting a little crazy huh?” “ohh yeah”, they reply. Then you ask a question with a smile such as ” You realize our country is in an dire economic, social, and political emergency?” “well I don’t know about that”, they say.
    You say, “Well lately I have learned that it really is, and that we are not getting the full story from the newspaper and television. If you have the time please look these webpages”.

    Hand them a pre-printed list of three websites of your choice
    (handwritten, or glued printer paper, onto a squared yellow sticky note) that have helped you when you were first exploring the truth.

    I would have been no where without Rense.com and I have seen the effectiveness of the ‘Money Masters’ google video. Hand them the note and say these really helped me discover the truth that the US media will not tell about our situation.

  28. Watcher says:

    Good approach Fleur de lis. I’ve given strangers lists of websites to read a over the past few years. This guy was already pretty receptive to the media hypocrisy. Never thought about having them pre-written, but that would be expedient.

    With times as they are now, more and more people are catching on that we are being lied to by the media and government.

    One google video I have sent people is “Money as Debt.” Of course, I always explain that the Federal Reserve is owned by jews before they watch the video.

  29. Don Robison says:

    I addressed the “students for justice in palestine” meeting today. They still have hope. When I told them how the U.S has passed a resolution stating that israel is a jewsih state, the leader said “well, they wouldn’t have gone throught the trouble if there wasn’t some doubt”. Don’t hold back. The palestinians land was taken because they are to apathetic. They are waiting for deliverance, lets not make the same mistake.

  30. apollonian says:

    Proper Christian Orientation Necessary To Grasp
    (Apollonian, 21 Jan 09)

    “Fleur,” don’t forget, it’s not only proper, but necessary, the protocol of one citizen to another, theory being citizenship is akin to membership in army or militia. And never forget, native to West is idea life is war, struggle (Greek Tragedy), etc., following fm Homer, Plato, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Darwin, etc.

    Thus proper, obligatory issue is “what will we do about the criminal conspiracy we’re up against”?–the internal enemy–one soldier to another. It’s Christian people versus Jews–and the collaborators with these Jews, taking Jews’ money, working then against the volk, the people, the nation. Thus “it’s Jews, stupid,” and they work first by means of that COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com, etc.)–it’s what inevitably happens in “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, don’t forget.

    And that’s why Jew-expulsion immediately decapitates the conspiracy, leaving the gentile suck-alongs to be mopped-up, as now they’re dis-organized, etc. First though, people MUST have courage to cuss those scummy Jews–this is the big problem, right at present moment.

    CONCLUSION: Hence one merely examines and confirms one’s fellows for Christian loyalty to TRUTH, first of all–against lies, frauds, and conspiracy, hence Jews. Thus Christ was not a Talmudist, hence “Jew.” And that loyalty is what we mean by “faith”–“faith” is not a magic short-cut in place of hard-work of human reason, logic, etc. Gosp. JOHN is most philosophical of the Gospels; also it’s short, my favorite. If fellow citizens are forthright and honest, hence Christian, there’s hope, but if they’re mystics, they’re usually pretty worthless. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  31. Nemesys says:

    This is na awesome thread!!!! This is waht we need – real world TACTICS!!!We need to keep this going.

    Fleur!!! GENUIS!! Pre-printed, not too-scary-in-terms-of-racialism websites. I use Vdare a lot. There must alwys be a site that leads your Sleeping Baby to the Jew. Always. The Money Masters material spells this out. GENIUS!!!! I’m gonna work on my own pre-printed stuff this weekend.

    Also – I was having a conversation with the Rev, tonight – and we agree that we MUST embrace BEING White. We can’t undercut ourselves by mitigating, or toning down the message. We must be balls out about being WHITE. Tht Rev Lowry just gave US a big boost, with the Great White Herd. Let’s keep it going…..now – we must promote that Being White is not about Hating Non-Whites -it’s about Loving Our One Race. “Other groups promote Racial Pride! Why can’t Whites? Well – why not?” This always works. A L W A Y S. See – we change the template. White Nationalism is GOOD – not scary. It’s not about being a “NaziRacistBigot” – it’s about Self Esteem.

    We must take back control of our language from Die Jude.

    N O W.

  32. Nemesys says:

    Oh – Appollonian – yes! “John” is the best Book to use. Abso-toot-ly. It’s most “relatable”. FYI – to make a Pop Culture tie-in – it’s the Book used by Mel Gibson, for “The Passion of the Christ”. That movie was HUGE. People were VERY emotional over that movie. VERY VERY VERY.

    We need to appeal to the intellect, of course – but a grab for the gut works, too.

  33. Steve in TN says:

    Yeah, grab some ox-tail futures too.

  34. 'Uncle' Al says:

    Another wake-up option is the One Dollar DVD Project. Ron Neil has gathered U-Tube and other clips on various NWO subjects. He has some of Arron Russo’s stuff, Loose Change, Info on the Fed, the 9-1-1 Coverup and other topics. He sells the DVDs in groups of 3, for $3.00. As he says, ‘One to watch, two to loan’ (or give away).

    He doesn’t cover all of the topics that the posters on this blog do, but there’s enough to get someone started. If it does nothing more than get someone to admit that we were lied to about 911 that may be the chink in the armor.

    Check out his site:


  35. gncarlo says:

    “If anyone has been unkind to the Negro, it was Mother Nature.”

    – Charles Darwin

  36. I send all my love to all young white people, who are tired of all this hate.
    I send all my love to all sensible people in this world, who wants to move forward and build up a society there all people are the same.
    I send my heart to USA people, who have vote for change.

    I’m black man, born in Brazil, my ancestor was slaves from Africa.
    I should hate the white forever, but I cant I need to move forward.
    For my child, for my ancestor and for my future.

    I want to tell to all the black and white people who read this blog, incogman are an old man. His still locked in the past, his not the future.
    His only spread bad energi to the world.

    My last message is only to the black people,

    Read about your great history, your race is 25.000 year old, maybe more.
    Be proud of your skin and hair brother and sister you really don’t understand how unique protection you have. Look at pyramid, sphinx and see your history, look later at the England’s Stonehenge and compared them with us. You will understand that you have so much power.
    Build in your body and brain, we have the fastest man in the world, we have the best actors, we make people dance and laugh and we never give up. See the Latinos; see the Asians in USA we have struggled for them to.

    Look at your Moder land Alkebulan “The Land of the Blacks.” And see what Good have given you. Try to come home, every day to be outside will destroy your soul. Be proud that you are the original and don’t let anything destroy you. You see, as slave over the ocean and king over the land – you are free.

    When you not feeling good, think what is 500 years in prison, when you had 25.000 years in freedom and the whole future.

    Give love to all the haters, they are child to.
    They just need more love!

    • incogman says:

      I love you too, Negro. Best actors, what a laugh. The Jews in Hollywood put those people in the movies just to spit in Whitey’s face and try to make Negroes feel good about themselves. Looks like you took it a bit too far.

      Now get on a plane back to Africa or Brazil, because we’re not going to allow the USA to become another shit hole like Brazil. Got that?

  37. Fleur de lis says:

    Negroes designing/building the Sphinx and Pyramids……what a Pan-African studies hoax!!! It is not true people.

  38. incogman says:

    It will be true, if the Jews have anything to do with it.

    Already the History Channel is using Negroes to reenact Eqyptian scenes.

    Folks, this is a Jew/Negro thing. The Negroes want a real civilization they can brag about and the Jews want them as best buds to keep Whites from getting together to put a stop to their bull.

  39. anti zionist says:

    A negroe building the pyramids, ya right. Maybe a dried cow dung hut.

  40. Orion14 says:

    Nigger should be kissing the White Man’s ass for buying his ancestors from the jews and bringing him out of Africa. Otherwise, the nigger would be using a wind-up laptop, if he could get one at all.

  41. Fleur de lis says:

    Incog, I am sure you have seen this Obama/Frank Marshall article. This is how the controllers get their puppet all sweating at the brow with fear. Publish it first in a non-reputable/sensationalist publication like NI. I am stunned that Greenleaf would publish this Marshall trash in 1968, check out that cover, wtf?


    H. Makow mentions it in his article.


  42. clifylq says:


  43. Anonymous says:

    You are a piece of shit and so are your [arents for raising you to turn out like this

  44. A WHITE GUY says:

    you are fucking racist

  45. t bone says:

    …and you are a brainwashed jew/nigger loving faggot who is in desperate need of a brutal ass-whooping.
    Until then, keep licking jew ass you piece of traitorous dog shit.

  46. A WHITE GUY says:


    u fucking faggot…..bet you wouldn’t say none of this shit to a black man in person…..shit you wouldn’t even say it to me……want my address you pink piece of shit?

  47. t bone says:

    Yeah, give me your address.

    We’re going to have a nice little talk.

    You are in for a very serious awakening.

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