TACTICS II: Hot Button Questions

“Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

Ask people if they think the Nazis said this. When they reply in the affirmative, tell them it was the Prime Minister of Israel, Menachim Begin (right), in a speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, ‘Begin and the “Beasts”‘, New Statesman, 25 June 1982. Read more here: Is Israel a Racist Nation?

Continued from: TACTICS I: One on One Basics


Add to the list! This is not finalized without your input.

Feel free to suggest changes or more in comment section.

I-1) Questions for A, Christians:

  1. Why doesn’t the media do a “man in the street” report on how Whites feel about becoming minorities in the future?
  2. Why do they report on the increase in babies in the US, but fail to tell you White births are declining?
  3. Why are interracial couples so celebrated in the media these days?
  4. Why do rich TV Evangelists push Zionism and end times business so much?
  5. Did you know that the term “Judeo-Christianity” is a nonsense term pushed by Zionists?
  6. Did you know that the State of Israel often funds Christian Zionist groups? Where do they get the money to do this kind of thing and why?
  7. Why does the media, like the History Channel, never mention the Jesus and Gentile-hating Jewish Talmud?
  8. Did you know the Talmud says Jesus was a sorcerer and is now boiling in a vat of semen in hell?
  9. Why is the Catholic church always targeted for conspiracy theories and pedophile exposés by the media?
  10. Why are Jews always at the forefront of radical homosexual and feminist groups?
  11. Why have Jews been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived in, sometimes even twice?
  12. Why are Whites never allowed “Racial Solidarity” in any form, before the media goes haywire about racism?

I-2) Questions for B, Anti-War Crowd:

  1. Did you know that Israel broke the ceasefire in Gaza, killing 6 on November 4th while the US was distracted by the elections? Did you know they purposefully blockaded them for months?
  2. Why did the media censor out reports of Israeli torture “experts” in the Abu Ghaireb prison?
  3. Why would Israeli special forces be allowed free reign in Iraq? Just what do they do there?
  4. Did you know the US promised Israel an oil pipeline from Iraq to Haifa, Israel and are building it now?
  5. Why does the media ignore so many inconvenient, but real facts about 9/11?
  6. Have you noticed that many news stories covered elsewhere in the world is ignored by US news?
  7. Why does the media, across the board, use ridicule tactics on subjects they can’t disprove?
  8. Why do media Neocons like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity lable 9/11 Truth people as “left-wingers?”
  9. Why do Jews act like victims all the time and think the Holocaust gives them a free pass in the world?
  10. Did you know that at least 15 to 25 million White non-Jews were starved and shot in Soviet Russia?
  11. Did you know that most of the commie secret police, like the NKVD, were Jews?
  12. Did you know that 3 million Germans were allowed to starve to death in Germany after WWII?
  13. Haven’t you noticed how Jews call you Nazi for saying anything?
  14. Do you know that “hate crimes” laws can be used to shut EVERYONE up?
  15. Why are Whites never allowed “Racial Solidarity” in any form?

I-3) Questions for C, Conservatives:

  1. Did you know that many powerful Jews, like WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, are dual citizens of Israel?
  2. Did you know Jews can freely serve in the army of Israel — supposedly a foreign government?
  3. Did you know that only 17 American Jews have died in uniform in both Iraq and Afghanistan, proportionally it should be well over 200?
  4. Did you know that the Neocons behind the Iraq war were almost all Jews?
  5. Why are Western countries flooded with non-Whites, but not Israel?
  6. Did you know that Michael Chertoff had most of the money for DHS civilian security programs given to Jew groups in the US?
  7. Did you know that Israel once tried to sink a US Navy ship and purposely drown all the sailors (US Liberty)?
  8. Why do people like Kissinger and Rockefeller push for the NWO and the North American Union?
  9. Why do Jews so often change their names?
  10. Did you know that nearly half of Obama’s cabinet and appointees below are “Crypto-Jews,” like Larry Summers and Paul Volcker?
  11. Do you know that many of who you see on the news are really Jewish, like Geraldo Riverra, Andrea Mitchell and Dick Morris?
  12. Just why did the media completely ignore all the issues swirling around Obama’s real birthplace?
  13. Did you know that a convention for a new Constitution is only 2 states away from being called for?
  14. Do you know that the legalization of illegal immigrants is now back on the table?
  15. Why do pro-White groups of any sort get labeled as “hate” groups immediately by the media?
  16. What’s wrong with Whites looking after White concerns?
  17. Why are Whites never allowed “Racial Solidarity” in any form?

I-4) Questions for D, Liberals:

  1. Do you know that if you speak of such things you can be slandered freely in the media?
  2. Or that the government could trump-up some charge to discredit and shut you up?
  3. Did you know that Israel kicked-out Black Darfur refugees, calling them “infiltrators?”
  4. Did you know that Israelis take over Palestinian land by simply moving onto it?
  5. Did you know that if a Palestinian from the West Bank visits the Gaza, he is never allowed to return home?
  6. Do you know Israelis have their own special roads?
  7. Why does Israel get more US Aid than all of Africa combined?
  8. Did you know that Egypt and Jordan get billions in “peace bribes?”
  9. Why has the Holocaust keeps growing and growing, 60 plus years later?
  10. Haven’t you noticed the subtle brainwashing that Black is better than White?
  11. Have you ever stopped and considered whether your best intentions are really being used?
  12. Why are Whites never allowed “Racial Solidarity” in any form?

I-5) Questions for E, Hunting and Gun Enthusiasts:

  1. Did you know that Obama wants to outlaw gun shows and make all semi-autos, not just “assault” rifles permanently illegal?
  2. Why would the Justice department include the stats for Hispanic criminals (including illegals) in the stats of White criminals when they publish facts on crime?
  3. Why do you never hear of any horrible Black on White crimes on the national news?
  4. Why do they stay silent about real Black crime stats?
  5. Why does the media go on and on about any White crimes, like the Caylee Anthony case?
  6. Do you know Whites are targeted by violent crime in Zimbabwe and South Africa?
  7. Why does the media stay silent about Whites being victimized in Africa?
  8. Do you know that Israel’s lobbyists are the biggest in DC and sometimes even write US legislation?
  9. Did you know that liberal Jew politicians are at the forefront of radical gun control legislation everywhere?
  10. Why are Whites never allowed “Racial Solidarity” in any form?

I-6) Questions for F, Laid-off, under-employed and displaced workers:

  1. Did you know that approximately $1 of every $30 of your grocery money goes to pay Jews in Kosher taxes?
  2. Why does the media always celebrate “globalization” in India and China?
  3. Did you know that the North American Union plans are real?
  4. What is the real reasons for California and many other states going bankrupt?
  5. Why doesn’t the mainstream media ever talk about the North American Union?
  6. Did you know the Federal Reserve is not federal nor is a reserve?
  7. Did you know the Federal Reserve is a private corporation?
  8. Why do Jews always head the Federal Reserve?
  9. Why do so many Jews get busted for running Ponzi and scam operations?
  10. Did you know that leftist, vote-rigging ACORN is slated to get 5.2 Billion in Obama’s “stimulus” plan for “neighborhood stabilization?” Do you think Whites will see any of that money?
  11. Did you know that Section 8 legislation seeks to move ghetto blacks into the suburbs and pay 2/3rds of the rent with taxpayer’s money?
  12. Did you know that H1B visa holders from India often get those “info worker” positions once promised by Clinton to pass NAFTA?
  13. Did you know that EU plans were discovered to import 50 million Africans into Europe?
  14. Did you know that Robert Reich, Jew money advisor to Obama, wants to find a way to keep “White construction workers” from getting any of the “stimulus” money?
  15. Why are Whites never allowed “Racial Solidarity” in any form?

I-G) Questions for Environmentalists, G:

  1. Did you know that Israel is considered the biggest polluter in the Mideast?
  2. Did you know that the Israelis and the US Military use depleted uranium weapons that do horrible things to the environment?
  3. Did you know that NAFTA allows companies to abandon environment laws by simply moving to another country?
  4. Did you know that the US Geological Survey discovered an unknown radiation hot spot in the basement of the Israeli Consulate in NY, during a survey shortly after 9/11 and this story was quickly covered up?
  5. Did you know that orthodox Jews use cruel forms of animal slaughter in Kosher factories in South America and even sometimes the US?
  6. Do you have any idea of the huge environmental impact on the US with immigration?
  7. Did you know that a huge, valuable Natural Gas field was recently discovered off the Gaza Strip?
  8. Why are Whites never allowed “Racial Solidarity” in any form?

I-H) Questions for Computer/Internet Junkies, H:

  1. Did you know that Australia is planning China-style filtering ostensibly to censor out porno, but may well include government deemed “hate sites.”
  2. Why is the Holocaust the only historical event EVER that can land you in jail in many countries for questioning any of it publically?
  3. Have you heard about Net Neutrality issues, where they plan to commercialize the entire Internet?
  4. Do you know about the plans to make you pay extra to access sites outside of “approved” lists?
  5. Did you know that Israel has organized teams world-wide to edit and manipulate on-line sources like Wikipedia?
  6. Did you know that Jews world-wide use software like Microphone to alert fellow Jews to flood polls and forums with the pro-Jewish/Zionism line?
  7. Did you know that Talmudic Jews are always at the forefront of censorship laws, supposedly to protect homos and minorities, but really for them?
  8. Do you you know “cyber-bullying” laws could be used to shut down free speech?
  9. The US patriot act allows the government to read and listen to everything you say, no matter what.
  10. Why are Whites never allowed “Racial Solidarity” in any form?

What don’t you get about the real deal, White people?

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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39 Responses to TACTICS II: Hot Button Questions

  1. Joy says:

    Wow! Alot of good questions. In and of itself is worthy for printouts. I like the different catagories too. Good job!

  2. American says:

    Great start, Incog.

    This one got me. “• Why are Western countries flooded with non-Whites, but not Israel?”

    Everywhere I looked recently, I saw Jews being only concerned with being Jewish, no matter where in the world I was. They all looked, dressed, and spoke the same, regardless of the particular host country.

  3. American says:

    But the quote from Menachim Begin to start this article really takes the cake.

    Once somebody hears stuff like that, it doesn’t take any work on our part. Facts speak for themselves.

  4. apollonian says:

    Don’t Forget: Keeping Things Simple Is Great Virtue, Attraction
    (Apollonian, 27 Jan 09)

    Mighty InCog: here’s good time to introduce a cautionary note. Of course everything honest people do should help in some way. But now I submit distinct danger approaches for over-complication. That’s why Christian New Testament is so brilliant in its way, defending TRUTH against Jew lies (as Gosp. JOHN). Thus, don’t forget Christianity IS SUPPOSED TO BE anti-semitic.

    For one thing we can well remind ourselves is note we’re up against CRIMINALS, pure and simple, Jews predominating for the master-minds. I just got finished looking at some Ron Paul videos where he jousts with motor-mouths and crack-brains on TV.

    CONCLUSION: But we should remember, for thematic example, US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)–see RealityZone.com for expo/ref.–is basically just a COUNTERFEITING scam/operation, engine of the LARGE conspiracy. Thus we just keep things simple for people to understand. And note as things get worse and worse, evermore people will be willing to listen. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    I saw that Begin quote and I got an idea. Maybe sorta halfassed and unrealistic but still an idea. We could find some way of having the masses exposed to that message ala “Turk 182” style. It would be something if folks are watching the evening news and suddenly that quote just happens to scroll its lil ol way across the bottom of the screen. Of course we’re getting into the legal gray area akin to hacking and so forth of which I have absolutely NO TALENT in. Just and idea altho unrealistic but a goyim can dream can’t he?

  6. keep your eye on the donut says:

    A question I’ve been asking lately has been. Why aren’t whites allowed racial solidarity?

  7. incogman says:

    Good question. I have similar ones in this. But it can be asked of anyone. Any suggestions on which group?

    Maybe it should be the final question to all the above groups!

  8. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    Many whites I have talked to lately are well aware of that. Many times they bring that question up to me without me having to say a word. It sometimes gets disheartening how badly we have been cowed as a race.

  9. avonal says:

    the new testament is a book with many phantasmagorical dialogue and scenes written by men who have recorded the fact some sixty years after the mock crucifixion.

    none of the apostles versions match with one another-they constantly disagree with each-

    john-paul-and ringo would ve done a much better job in recording the events.

    the best eye-witness account comes from a person called john who was constantly jesus companion and who witnessed the melchizedek brotherhood healing jesus within the tomb once judas, joseph, lazarus and nicodemus left it on that very night.

    read the good books. Apoll

  10. apollonian says:

    Best, Easiest Thing To Do Is ISOLATE Jews, Not Whites
    (Apollonian, 27 Jan 09)

    “Keep ur eye…,” it’s (targeting of whites as “oppressors”) because Jews lord it, culturally, pretending they’re “white,” and idea is it’s already understood, according to Jew arbiters, that “whites” have TOO MUCH “solidarity.” Note otherwise it is necessary to attack Jews, keeping them isolated, reminding everyone Jews ARE NOT white. Observe problem in first place: “white” is an abstraction, often requiring definition.

    For remember, the entire working principle in this degenerate, Jew-infested culture is PRESUMPTION, hence condescension and patronizing of supposedly “oppressed” non-whites–including then, in all irony, those supposed “whites,” Jews.

    CONCLUSION: Another “complication” is the Jew-ally, the “Judeo-Christians” (JC–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) will second the Jews for this obligatory, routine condescension of non-white races. Easiest, best thing to do is to break it down to Jew vs. gentile Christian–as in original Roman Empire. We don’t want to isolate whites–but rather Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  11. incogman says:

    Yeah, sure, avonal. And I suppose the Talmud is infallible, huh?

    Your ravings in my JEW room, prove well that you belong with your chums I’ve locked there.

  12. keep your eye on the donut says:

    the next time you hear someone quote Einstein. Tell ’em that freak married his first cousin. Jewish queerness really surprises people.


  13. Grumblingone says:

    But “science” says it’s ok now.


  14. avonal says:

    to Grums: whats wrong marrying your first cousin?

    In the Muslim religion first cousins often marry.

    And after adam and eve- all relationships were done by this nature-how do you think civilization was created?

    The Roman Catholic church banned this type of marriage not because it was banned by god- but- because the wealth REMAINED with that same tribe- the wealth wasn t spread out- best family that has and still does use this are the Rothschilds and Oppens”

  15. gncarlo says:

    “January 27, 2009 at 10:44 pm
    keep your eye on the donut
    the next time you hear someone quote Einstein. Tell ‘em that freak married his first cousin. Jewish queerness really surprises people.

    You know it was me that quoted Einstein, and you dislike me because of my criticism of Christianity as a means of achieving shared goals. Why not come out of the closet and quote me?
    Furthermore, where, in the link you provide, does it say “FIRST” cousin? Why not “cousin four times removed”?
    Because Einstein was a Zionist, does that mean nothing he said is of any value? You may choose to smirk at your enemies; I prefer to learn from them.
    Resist the temptation to build an argument based on partial truths.

    BTW how many screen names are you using now: Don/Robison/Don Robison/ keep your eye on the donut/donut….?

    Of course, you are aware that if each of twenty people participating in a conversation used five names, it could get pretty confusing. Could that possible be one of your goals? Why not a straight answer on why one screen name doesn’t suffice. Of course, since you share many of the prejudices of the most habitual accusers, there is not much danger of your ever being called a “Jew” or a “disinfo agent”, is there?

    What’s wrong with being up front?

  16. apollonian says:

    Apollo: “U don’t even understand Christianity; hence u’re not really fit to criticize it.”
    I don’t understand why my cat sh*ts behind the refrigerator. So, I guess I’m not “fit to criticize it.”
    Incog, bring back the “Birdy num-num” guy. He was at least entertaining.
    “gncarlo,” January 24, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    * * * * *

    “Gncarlo’s” Rebuttal Needs Something More
    (Apollonian, 26 Jan 09)

    “Gncarlo,” comrade, surely if u have half a brain, u understand ur above response/reply is mere false-analogy, pretty poor as attempted rebuttal. Don’t u think u owe more to the readers?

    So u don’t understand why a cat shits?–oh, u mean why it shits behind the refrig, where presumably u didn’t want it to do so. Well, it’s obviously because u didn’t TRAIN the cat sufficiently or properly. Fact remains, ur criticism of Christianity requires a “leg” to stand upon–which u fail to demonstrate. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  17. keep your eye on the donut says:

    wrong GN. Not everything is about you. I was reading a post by widdekind on stormfront, who posted about jew scientists and the kabdalah. widdenkind also mentioned that einstein had retarded children and multiple wives. I did a google search on einsteins family, and found out he married his first cousin. I love you GN.


  18. apollonian says:

    Remember–If Nothing Else, Try Good Old Agitation, If Possible
    (Apollonian, 28 Jan 09)

    Note good patriot comrades whole purpose of “tactics” is to AGITATE, and “tactics” should keep in view large, general strategy which must inevitably achieve JEW-EXPULSION–for that’s what we must ultimately attain if we’re seriously to succeed at anything useful or productive. For “tactics” must FIT within strategy.

    What’s latest great example?–Well now a lawyer is suing (see WND.com), demanding to know what went on and what was said when Obama MET with the Supreme Ct. “Justices” recently who were presumably getting ready to adjudicate one of still numerous cases pending regarding this outrageous USURPATION and insult to rule-of-law–precious and necessary to ALL PEOPLE, of any race, culture, etc., never forget.

    CONCLUSION: So it goes–it ain’t gonna go away comrades. Thus Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) must seek a distraction/diversion, hence CRISIS, as always–then they have to BLOW it up (as with “Jews-media”) so dumb people forget everything else–as usual and typical. Thus our purpose is to MANAGE our agitation “tactics.” Note then necessary Jew-expulsion has never been successful without sufficient Christian activity/input/effect. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  19. keep your eye on the donut says:

    Why have I never heard about this either? Charles Darwin married his first cousin. I’ve heard about Poe being an inbreeder. And it is common to condescend to red necks, by saying they are all inbreed and inbreeders, so why is this news to me?


  20. Stug says:

    The Yitts really look like “Ubermen” don’t they? Actually, although most States outlaw first cousin marriages, New Jersey has always had an exception for Yitts, permitting first cousins to marry. Not sure about Jew York, but this allows Yitt families to maintain wealth.
    Is anybody out there as sick and tired of listening to Kikes brag about their”Joooishness” ?
    Anyway, the White’s who built this country did so on a “White Only” basis and it’s only been since the American Communist Revolution of the 60’s (aka “Civil Rights Movement” launched by “Ike the Kike” and Earl Warren & Co.) that White society was dismantled and White people reprogrammed via the media and institutions to give it all up. WE ARE NOW JUST BACKGROUND NOISE. I frankly think that there are too many Whites of marginal intelligence ( CA, WA, MN,NY,NJ, New England, MI, most western states) for anything to happen other than morphing into an inferior mulatto race.

  21. keep your eye on the donut says:

    Heres a good question. Why are jews allowed incest while whites never hear the end of it?

    23.02 per cent per thousand consanguineous marriages among the Jews of Alsace-Lorraine as compared with 8.97 among Catholics and 1.86 among Protestants (“Die Eheschliessungen in Elsass-Lorhringen,” 1872-76, Dorpat, 1878). It would therefore appear that the proportion of first-cousin marriages among Jews is about three times greater than among the non-Jewish population.


  22. gncarlo says:

    “So u don’t understand why a cat shits?–oh, u mean why it shits behind the refrig, where presumably u didn’t want it to do so. Well, it’s obviously because u didn’t TRAIN the cat sufficiently or properly.”

    Ever tried to train a cat, “Mighty Apollo”?

  23. keep your eye on the donut says:

    a Tempest in a teapot = a cat behind a refrig

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey, avonal;

    a) Did you know that in Jewish*t religion an uncle and niece can get married and have mutants..er, I mean kids (or something resembles kids)?

    Only that so they can retain their sick perverted practises, genetic diseases and swindled wealth as well, stingy joos!

    Did you know?

    Why joos use toilets made of transparent glass? Because they want to know how much they consumed in food and water.

    Why they use forks in their sugar and salt bowels, so they don’t use too much of it.

  25. gncarlo says:

    Donut: “I did a google search on einsteins family, and found out he married his first cousin. I love you GN.”

    I didn’t say he didn’t. I said that the link you furnished did not say that.

    I didn’t know that about Darwin either. BTW, what bearing would his marrying his first cousin have on his opinion of the negro? I believe that would be an example of a non sequitor.

    Since Jews are a closed community, a higher than average frequency of incest would be no surprise. Just out of curiosity, though, I would like to see the sources for such data.

    For example, we get all sorts of figures for how many Jews are unaccounted for in WWII. As it turns out, they are a fluid, nomadic, secretive population, often with dual citizenship. They say identifying themselves as Jews would set themselves up for pogroms. As a result, figures for Jewish populations and losses come exclusively from Jewish sources, which you will agree, have a fiduciary interest in manipulating them.

    I don’t know about frequency of incest among “rednecks.” I never said they were, particularly. I referred to the hill people of W Va and east Tennessee specifically. First, would you please define ” redneck”. I may be one, at least I’ve been called one a few times….

    I have no more idea what precisely a “redneck” is than do I know what “Mighty Apollo” means by an “honest election.”

    We all know that there are double standards for the Yids. The Golden Rule, of course. Why, for example, is anesthetized circumcision by a greasy rabbi not “child abuse” ? It would be for a Nigerian immigrant having it done to his daughter.

    I love you, too, son. If I am argumentative, I am just trying to make you think a bit more about what you say, before you say it. If you expect to some day score debating points against Jews who attack your positions, you will need to hone your skills. They have been at this for thousands of years. Haggling is what they do for recreation. Look up the term “pilpulism.”

    “wrong GN. Not everything is about you. ”

    Hmmm. And all this time, I thought I was the Center of the Universe.
    Now about your multiple screen names…… 🙂

  26. keep your eye on the donut says:

    “Now about your multiple screen names…… ” -GN

    tempest in a teapot.

  27. gncarlo says:

    Yup. Still no answer. Our operators are standing by 🙂

    Aren’t you supposed to be studying?

    Allahu akhbar

  28. keep your eye on the donut says:

    You must pay very close attention to my comments. I am flattered.

  29. African Warrior says:


    It feels like the Jews are trying to start ANOTHER WORLD WAR and ECONOMIC DEPRESSION.

    They used FAMINE to kill millions of Russians. What will they use this time?

    Why are they trying to scare us about bird flue and SARS? (are they trying to kill us through man-made viruses)

  30. African Warrior says:


    Check it out….its a German/English site! (anyone know German?)


  31. Anonymous says:

    Ask yourself this; why jews don’t accept converts? Not like there are millions dying to be a jew. Well, the only ju-defecation happened, off course, non other than mischief, holohoax, kosher tax, hollyhoax and the rest of the crap the West-and the Palestinians- face in everyday life.

    Why do they need a racist and devious organisation like zionisim? Especially they have their “own country” now- albeit a stolen one?

    There are hundred of millions of Christians, Muslims, Hindu and Buddhists yet only some 17 million of them (despite the fact judaism is over five thousand years old) and they have the eye to say: “not all of us are zionists. Not all of us like the israelis”. Off course, only the adult population-about 60-70%- While the rest, like children and younger generations, are being taught the secret of the trade and to hate ‘goys’.

    When they are the majority (like in israel), they transform everything into a hellish environment for non-jews and create a real racist state, but when they are a minority you see them moaning and screaming: “justice”, “anti-Semite” and all of this meaningless rubbish…Almost tearing down the world to make it “fair and egalitarian” while attacking the majority (as happen to be their hated brand of humanity; white European people).

    If Adolph still around today he’d probably shoot himself again rather than live in a world corrupted by them. I Don’t blame the guy.

  32. Number Cruncher says:

    It’s jews that tell you there are 17 million of them. However, if you actually look at population numbers, school enrollments, etc., you’ll see there are over 50 million of them. While still not an enormous number, picture a cohesive chunk of that group working in concert and the regular jews not doing anything to stop it because they enjoy the benefits of jewish privilege and you can see we have a huge problem. However, never believe their population numbers as they present them. They are as false as their HollowCau$t numbers. As for inbreeding, jews are more inbred than any European population, ranking up there with Samoans and African tribes. This has been known for decades and this is why they are so quick to accuse others of this. They know that selective inbreeding can increase group IQ etc, so they are dead set on other groups not doing this.

  33. Grumblingone says:

    “despite the fact judaism is over five thousand years old”
    Yeah, see I don’t buy that at all. I hear different numbers daily.

    Look up Anatoly Fomenko on Google Books.
    He and a group of scholars of many fields examined history with current computers and the results are staggering.

    Lots of Kingdoms’ reigns are duplicates. OT is one of them.
    You should see the graphs and charts. This is no joke.

    OT is just a middle ages zionist scam.

  34. gncarlo says:

    Robison aka etc, etc….

    “You must pay very close attention to my comments. I am flattered.”

    Yup. Orange alert. Jew? No. Hijacking threads for Jesus, maybe…
    Was that you in the vid, ‘witnessing’ on campus? There are probably other more appropriate venues for that.

    ‘Keeping you eye on the donut and not on the hole” is more than just a name. It’s a philosophy.

    If there were more time and bandwidth, I’d tell you about Andy. Andy is on a mission from God. He started bringing his young Somali immigrant disciples by the house when I was gone. I politely took him aside and asked him not to do that three or four times. It didn’t work, so I was forced to get a little unpleasant.

    Now he leaves lengthy sermons on the voicemail, praying for me to see the light and embrace all mankind.

    Andy is a 35 yr old virgin, lives on an allowance in his mother’s basement, can’t get a date, has no white friends. Andy has a high IQ, but after a lifetime of control and indoctrination by his Biblesearcher mother, he is totally f*cked up. Even his brothers and half-brothers are embarrassed by him. I have tried to talk sense to him but it is like lecturing a cat on vegetarianism.

  35. gncarlo says:

    Number Cruncher:

    “It’s jews that tell you there are 17 million of them. However, if you actually look at population numbers, school enrollments, etc., you’ll see there are over 50 million of them.”

    Yup they are the sole “respectable” source for population data on themselves.

    It reminds me of a quip from Mark Twain over a century ago. When told how many Jews were said to be in America, he said something to the effect: “That’s total BS. I’ve met that many Jews personally.”

  36. Surrounded by them says:

    Gncarlo, you and Number Cruncher are correct. The quip from Twain is funny as in one article he wrote the official population total for jews at the time was 10% of the US population. The population data supplied by jews themselves is always bogus. In the US alone, when you begin to actually sit down and examine things, you start to see that jews play down their numbers for a variety of reasons. A jewish professor I had in in college (a very large school in the UC system is all I’ll say) told me once that there were over three times as many jews in the US as they “admit tp” but they had to “… protect themselves” from anti-semitism. I’ve googled the subject and one time even found a paper by a couple of jewish researchers (I will try and dig it up) that stated that jews were about 8% of the US population, which would actually make them one of the larger ethnic groups in the country when you think about it. I wouldn’t doubt if this were true, as adding up different jewish population numbers from around the world doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t jibe with jewish supplied numbers. Most of the “white” population in the city of Los Angeles proper today is actually jewish, same for NYC in point of fact. That alone should tell people something is up, that the jews are cooking the books as usual.

  37. Awakened white says:

    Great list of questions to try and turn the tide with the brainwashed. Very good work Incog. You churn out quality despite the trolls and double agents here. We have to deal with facts and reality here and now, not esoterica that hold no interest for the average white.

    The jewish population info is very interesting. I’ve always suspected the jews were lying. There is so much b.s. from these people, whether it’s the holycost or their group being “multi-racial”, a pathetic lie that some of the trolls still try to push as truth.

    The Ashkenazi are an inbred ethnic crime syndicate. It’s hard for people to understand that a large proportion of a person’s mode of thinking can be influenced by their genetics. This is why so many people try to rationalize behavior among jews as being founded in some type of trauma or their collective past. Same goes for blacks. Blacks are not as developed as whites or asians, they are suited for the veldt or the jungle, not modern society. Jews are programmed to be parasites, and some of their hate is founded in their (possibly subconscious) knowledge of their dependence on others having to create civilizations, of jews themselves being incapable of creating an orderly civilization on their own. Look at Israel. Look at what they’ve done to the US and Europe. They thrive on chaos, yet they also create it unintentionally in some cases, as they are not capable of order. This is because their base behavior is based on deception. They will screw each other if no one else is around, but they thrive by organizing and screwing over everyone else. This is genetic for the most part. Do a web search on the research on jewish babies in comparison to babies of other races. The jewish babies were terrified of strangers when they would walk into a room, while babies of other races would look the newcomers up and down. Middle Eastern babies on the whole were more scared of strangers than any other groups/races on average. In terms of mindset, we whites are dealing with aliens when it comes to the jews.

  38. Jen says:

    Bumping for new ideas/suggestions.

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