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The Banker’s Manifesto: Then and Now

Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr. once tried to warn us about all this and it turned out terribly all too true. Continue reading

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Silence Before Hate Bill Threat

“One thing, however, we can know with ominous certainty. All of us will be shivering in the gulags of tomorrow unless we speak out right now!” Continue reading

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So, I’m a Supremacist — Like I Care?

The PC Thought Police will call you a lot of things and in my case, it’s all true! Continue reading

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What’s the Big Deal about the Holocaust?

Why the Holocaust is protected by the real powers behind the NWO and how it’s all connected together. Continue reading

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The "Stimulus" Bill Gives Illegals Job Access!

Pelosi and Reid strip E-Verify from Stimulus bill, allowing Illegal Aliens to get American jobs once again! Continue reading

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All Jew News, All Jew Views — All The Time

Glenn Beck and Joel Rosenberg both turn into little Dr. Strangeloves over the Iranian threat. Continue reading

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Wake Up Before They Shut Us Up!

An article in WorldNetDaily reports: “Another Democratic U.S. senator has gone on record as supporting the reinstatement of the so-called ‘Fairness Doctrine,’ adding, ‘I feel like that’s gonna happen.’ Continue reading

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The Alien Race Living Among Us

“We allowed an Alien race to immigrate into the US many years ago, pretend to be White, embed themselves among us and control our politics, economy and media — all the while silently stabbing our race in the back.” Continue reading

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Feel The Control

By Patrick Grimm Do you feel the control, the dominance of what was once a great America? Do you spy the truth yet, or are you still blinded by shibboleths, buzzwords and straw men arguments? Apparently, some of you still … Continue reading

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More Vampires For Swindler's List

“Ever since Bernie Madoff’s “Greatest Ponzi Scheme of History” (besides the Federal Reserve) was uncovered, a whole new crop of money maggots have been exposed to the light. The public is never, ever told of the real common denominator (as usual), but Americans are now getting wind of the Jew thing going on today, even though they may hear only a smidgen of the crime details alone in the mainstream news.” Continue reading

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