So, I’m a Supremacist — Like I Care?

That’s right, all you PC police out there: I’ve always have liked listening to the damned Supremes. Since I’m a White guy, that must make me a “White Supremacist,” right? I will admit I am a low-down (not down-low, please), mean SOB — I already know that much — why try to hide it anymore?

Those Motown Supremes really were something — back when Negro music had excellent rhythms and understandable words. Now it’s all basically jungle tribal chanting not worth a flying flock. Tell me that’s not true? Diana Ross and the Supremes were indeed far superior to the Africanus American hip-hop crap out there now. So, if that makes me a White Supremacist, fine, sue me.

You first time visitors to INCOG LAND, are all probably thinking I’m some kind of crazy, racist, bigoted and “virulent anti-Semite.” Well, hell yeah! Big-time, no duh and like, what-ever. Thanks — I’ve always liked that term “virulent,” you got in there. That’s always used in conjunction with “anti-Semite,” right along with that another old-time favorite: “canard.” Us “Neo-Nazis” read these same Jew “canards,” or Whitey-be-bad business day-in, day-out even when we just want to have a little fun.

“Virulent” conjures up images of hate-filled evil Whiteys, our faces erupting in nervous, spasmodic tics, jerking around as beads of perspiration burst from our beet-red, raging faces. Yeah, I do get this way a lot — every time I read about whatever those damned Jews did recently (like every five minutes), or whenever I visit the local department of motor vehicles.

Read on you fellow supremacist bastids!

So, why is wanting self-detrimination and a decent future for your own kind — your own race — the same as catching a deadly virus and going spastic? Or is it only a tired, transparent way of trying to shut up Whites to it all? Look around, think about what’s going down, Jack. The more you check into it, the more you’ll see that the Zionist Jews are the most racist and “Nazi” acting bunch on the planet — by far. Like they say, it really may be a disease — one that you catch from the Jews themselves.

And I’m also a big “Nativist.” And why the hell not? The Native American peoples had a rich natural lore, living one with the environment — while engaging in spirited woodland gang warfare. I usually call them Indians, even though I know I’m not supposed to. Columbus, a Dead White Guy (even Whites in history get hell), thought he had reached the subcontinent of India and labeled them as such. You might find that one hard to believe, but back then no one had a Magellan GPS — just another dead old White guy from Portugal.

I like that term “Hater.” Yeah, that’s a good one. “Oh, we’re so worried about you becoming the big HATER and all,” your friends and family might intone with a look of concern etched on their faces. Like they don’t hate things? Hell, that’s all we hear outta them anyways, but only ever on the stupidest, most insignificant things: “I hate having to cut the grass, I hate my hair like this, I hate it when I get stale bread at a restaurant.”

For some reason they seem to miss the fact that the Jews are robbing this country blind, getting us into foreign wars (killing our sons and daughters) and brainwashing our own race about the “benefits” of diversity — all of which majorly impacts this country and our lives, but they just don’t have a clue. And they call me the blind hater?

Yep, I’ll admit I’m a total “Xenophobe.” That’s right: I’m scared to death of those half-dressed crazy women, engaging in lesbian acts and bestiality while running around with sharp swords out in the woods back behind the strip mall on highway 101. Most people don’t have a clue how many of these wack-job, but really hot babes, are out there.

And it’s not that I don’t like members of the opposite sex, now. Let’s get that one straight. Funny how all those liberals who claim to be so “tolerant” are the first ones to start calling me a Homo around here. Hell, I do some post showing some sick Gay thing and the next thing you know these people are accusing me of hanging out in Greyhound bus station restrooms and drilling holes between the cubicles. Right.

So yeah, I’m a “Sexist,” I’m a red-blooded American male who’s into hetero sex. I dig Pro-White women of all sorts: Blonds, brunettes or redheads (redheads like me big-time, for some reason) and any reasonable shape, will do. Even those without makeup, if you can believe it. I’ve even been called a perv just for that — by women themselves! You might think they would appreciate the break from all the hours getting dolled up in the can.

OK, ok, so maybe my taste in women is a bit “eclectic,” but at least they’re bona fide females and not some funky looking dude or a barnyard animal. I like all kinds of White women and am damned glad of it. What I can’t stand are those big-mouthed, Manhater types — they can go lick a Greyhound bus toilet floor, for all I care.

So what if I like swimming with bow-legged women, or kicking back with big-chested, pot-smoking gals — just as long as they don’t start up with that New Ager talk. A regular guy can only take so much celestial plane crap while trying to act all interested. Am I wrong here, guys? I just try not to sleep with anyone crazier than me, if at all possible. OK, I can hear it coming now! Yeah, that’s right, it’d be hard finding such a woman.

And what is the effing deal with all these people screwing around with the “Sexes” in our race in the first place? You know, Radical Feminism, Homosexuality and Gender-Bender bull now out there? The reality is that it creates divisions and confusions in our relationships with the opposite sex, destroying the family unit and our race’s future. You want to go along with these self-styled, intellectual Jew perverts, who get off on messing around with our heads and what’s betwist our legs? It’s these people who are the total sickos!

How about “Tin Foil Hat Wearer?” That’s me, alright. Tin foil is in fact, great. With a little practice, one can create a snazzy-looking pork pie hat in minutes; not only will it attract a lot of attention at the office, you’ll be sure your giant noggin (mine is inordanitely large) is protected from the brainwashing ZOG rays from those evil Globalist Satellites on polar orbits. Also, you can make some great gifts by fashioning tin foil sculptures of dinosaurs and dogs to give out at Christmas. Call me crazy and cheap!

Oh, I’m a really major league “Clownophobe,” too. I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely leery of the errant Clown population we now have in this country. Yep, they scare the livin’ crap outta me all the time.

I saw one just today, as a matter of fact. Here I am waiting for the light to turn green and some beat-up old van comes careening wildly through a left-hand turn and, lo and behold, this fat Clown is behind the wheel with a lit cigarette dangling from his mouth, looking majorly pissed about something. Must have had a kiddie party gig turn very bad, somewhere.

Those damn clowns are always sneaking around, confusing our kids with midget prostitutes.

Yeah, those GD clowns are lurking out there everywhere, just waiting to take over the entire planet. You know it, too. Someone once told me they have this whole nest of them living way down in Florida, someplace. Apparently, they like shacking up with circus midgets in warm locales during the winter months. I know that’s a shocking thing to visualize, but there you have it. Oh, excuse me, did I say “midget?” I meant “vertically-challenged” people.

Us White supremacist-type guys can’t say JACK, without pissing off someone, somewhere, some how. We can’t say the stupidest little words like “boy” or “niggardly” and “nappy” in the same sentence containing a garden digging tool without wackos all over having total conniption fits.

If he had worn a priest outfit he might have scored with Madonna.

And, if you happen to be a celebrity or a member of royalty (which I promise you I’m not), be prepared for a camera crew camped on the front lawn, waiting for you to take the garbage out or pick up the paper in your boxer shorts so they can get some sound bite or tape of you looking stupid. You try talking eloquently to some cutesy Blond TV reporter on your front porch dressed like that.

There’s a surprisingly simple reason for all this kind of brouhaha, you know. Everybody else is not a White guy. Yep, I’ve confirmed that fact, all by my little old self — without some big Harvard study costing millions of taxpayer dollars. My skin color matches the bed sheet I sometimes like to wear out at night and I know I have more than enough fixings downstairs. I once grabbed a big fistful and gave it a healthy squeeze, right in front of some TV reporter babe on my front porch. I think she liked it.

White guys and girls can’t have any kind of fun anymore when it comes to all this Adolf stuff. The photo above caused a big stink, recently — my so-called friends are always a laugh riot when they’ve had a few too many and I’m behind the camera. This Hitler stuff really gets old after 64 years, I think.

I do like Nazi paraphernalia though. Always have. Here I’m sitting, right now, wearing a chrome-plated Nazi Helmet with a spike on top, big hob-nailed boots and mail-order West German fleckturn camouflage uniform. Merely talking about this kind of thing gets me worked-up and makes me want to goose-step around the room — excuse me for a minute or two — as Ahhnold would say: “I’ll be Back.”

My mean as snakes, friends and family, would love for you stop by for a little visit. Forget about the tea and crumpets, fool.*

I always like it when some brainiac liberal “grants” you the right to be proud of being White: “Oh, you can have pride in your race too, without a being racist, blah, blah, blah.” Right. Try it sometime. Where’s the line between pride and racism to these people? There is no line whatsoever because it’s all off-limits. Every bit. Once you start down it, then you suddenly become Mr. KKK man to these delirious diversity people.

The reason is that the White race’s accomplishments simply blows away every other race’s accomplishments. It can’t be helped. There is no comparison when you think about it. Sure, other races built some nice palaces or tombs, for a few obese and murderous kings and queens, but all the rest of their civilizations were nothing but adobe and thatched-roof pigsties.

Look at Africa: The best they can do is some pile of ancient rocks in Zimbabwe. They don’t even know who piled them up there in the first place (and no, it wasn’t that civilization in that Eddie Murphy movie). One of the black commenters coming here once insisted that ancient Africans invented steel (not just iron, now), long before the White man arrived. What a laugh — they didn’t even have the wheel or sails back then and Africa can’t even mass produce playdough now.

The Negro wants ancient Egypt, something fierce. Ancient Egyptians were not sub-Saharan Negroid, but North African Caucasoid. The Jew/liberal-controlled US media, like the “History” Channel, are now trying to slip-in Black-looking actors for Egyptian documentaries (pay attention and you’ll see). Militant and overpaid Negro professors are always coming up with the most insane theories about “Racist” White Archaeologists purposefully stealing the mantle of civilization from the ancient Egyptian Negroes. Those bastard White supremacist Archaeologists!

Lying recreation of Cleopatra for black pride, more accurate version on right.Recently, ABC World News Tonight did a big report on some bogus recreated bust of Cleopatra that purposefully made her out as a “person of color.” What a lie: Cleopatra was really a part of the Greek Caucasian ruling family called the Ptolemies, with absolutely zero historical evidence whatsoever of any intermarriage with sub-Saharan Negroes (they didn’t have Jews pushing race-mixing on TV back then). ABC would not have even run the story if it wasn’t for the person of color BS.

Sure, you think they would have even done this story on prime-time national news if the recreation was White? Right. They’ll do whatever they can — even lie boldly — to build-up pride for the always spoiled and militant Negro. It would be all a good laugh, if we didn’t know how serious these people are to rewrite history so they can make the Negro feel good enough not to shoot or stab each other in the streets of Compton or a neighborhood near you. Which will never happen.

Whites love firearms and are naturally adept gun-slingers. This scares the living bejeesus out of some people.

Anytime you deal with these self-elected Politically Correct thought police, they’ll call you a lot of things. Let’s get this damn straight, PC piglets, I’m not “bitter and clinging to my guns.” It’s a whole helluva lot worse than that: I’m angry as hell and you’re dam straight I’m holding on to my firearms. Soon, I very well may be doing more than just clinging, believe you me. You just try to come get them and you might soon hear a metallic click-clack noise — that’ll be the final sound you’ll ever hear, too. Molon labe, Mofos!

And another thing, these PC people haven’t got a clue about: They think, for some weird reason, that all of us are so impressed with their sensitivity about other races. “Oh, did you see the saddened look on Jack’s face when Katie Couric did the news report on the starving, HIV-afflicted, wild goat humpers in Botswanna? I never knew what a caring and globally-concerned person he is!” Funny, hearing something stupid like that when you know full-well what a complete self-centered jerk Jack really is in private — who wouldn’t take a second out of his busy, oh-so-important life to piss on a homeless man on fire. Especially if he was a Negro.

Look, I’m not going to blow smoke up anyone’s ass. Black, White, Brown or Yellow. I’ve said this often here on my blog, so any of you different races had better listen up and listen up good: All of us are “Niggers” to the real powers that be, when you get right down to it, so don’t get all bollixed up about what this mean SOB says. Yeah, sure, I’m not PC when it comes to Non-Whites, but so what? Hell, you say the exact same kinds of stuff about us. Am I right or not?

It’s the Globalist, International Jew behind all the bull going down, Jack. You know it too. He would start a race war between us in a Jew York minute to keep his ass hidden behind the Wizard of Oz curtain. And laugh about it all the way to the bank — his bank. That big bank is called the Federal Reserve and owns your butt. You think long and hard about that one, brainiacs.

CONCLUSION: I’m a pro-White, White heterosexual guy-type person. I stand up for my race and speak up whenever I want. I am not a “Social Construct.” Social reject, maybe. You White liberals can feel free to let loose with your PC parroted slogans since I always enjoy a hearty guffaw — so, please, use the comment form down below. There it is, sitting wide open for all you mental paraplegics to fill in with your fashionable support of any race but your own, your logic-defying word gymnastics and your worn-out tirades about long irrevelent “oppressions” — and all because your daddy didn’t give you that pony when you were a little girl.

Any of you gotta problem with all this, then you just go tell it to the Marines. I’m sure they’ll be all ears.

You Jews just need to shut the flock up and take that free one-way plane ticket deal to Tel Aviv. Whites are sick and tired of you hiding behind other races, your Homo loving and Gender-bending, all the while incessantly peddling your Nazi paranoia crapola. And don’t forget to take along that little Gay lover of yours!


*Photos for illustration purposes only. And no, I’m not the mean-looking guy in the top right shot — I’m far more handsome. Far more. All these pictures are just stuff I collected off the Internet, except for the Cleopatra photo — they had cameras back then, don’t you know?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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69 Responses to So, I’m a Supremacist — Like I Care?

  1. anarchore says:

    The forbidden truth IS virulent! It wouldn’t spread like a virus if it wasn’t true, and they hate that. I hope the Zionists and Isr-el firsters take their flights as well, but we need to make sure they don’t get away with any more stolen money!

  2. Woodsy says:

    The IncogMan takes a comedic turn. Good stuff, funny too. Keep ’em coming bro!

    Just stop being afraid of Xena, would you?

  3. Don Robison says:

    Hey incog I’ve been browbeating blacks lately. On tuesday I was talking with a friend about where copper comes from. I got loud and went off on how horrible the Black copper mining industry is in zambia. I got a good glare from a black sitting a few meters away, but I kept up the “Bantu immigrants to zambia are assholes” rhetoric. Today I was in the library where they were celebrating the tuskeegee air men. Again I took the opportunity to browbeat all the blacks within ear shot about how insignificant the whole crap is.

    • incogman says:

      Oh God, don’t get me started on that Tuskeegee airman crap. They turned that squadron into the biggest bullshit legend of the war. Of the 100 German planes they credited them, most were on the ground and the rest were totally untrained Luftwaffe newbies. The business of never losing a bomber was a big fat lie, too. It’s all been a PC creation to boost Negro pride.

    • Anonymous says:

      Next time they start going on about the Tuskegee airmen just rattle off a little bit about Hans Ulrich Rudel. Who single handedly had destroyed more enemy targets then the entire Tuskegee airmen combined.

      “According to official Luftwaffe figures, Rudel flew some 2,530 combat missions (a world record)[5], during which he destroyed almost 2,000 ground targets (among them 519 tanks, 70 assault craft/landing boats, 150 self-propelled guns, 4 armored trains, and 800 other vehicles; as well as 9 planes (2 Il-2’s and 7 fighters). He also sank a battleship, two cruisers and a destroyer. He was never shot down by another pilot, only by anti-aircraft artillery. He was shot down or forced to land 32 times (several times behind enemy lines), but always managed to escape capture despite a 100,000 ruble bounty placed on his head by Stalin himself. He was also wounded five times and rescued six stranded aircrew from enemy territory.” – From Wiki.

    • Big Duke 6 says:

      I have an old bud who was in the French Foreign Legion in Africa. He was on a project monitoring a uranium mine there, and they had these huge copper cables leading to instruments in the mine. the local natives came and chopped up the cables, took the copper back to their village, and made plates, pots, and utensils out of it. The thing is, the copper was all “hot” from radiation LOL!!! God knows what resulted…:-O

  4. Joy says:

    This is thousands of White People together in one place. Think about it.
    To borrow a phrase “YES WE CAN”!!!

    • rocketman 66 says:

      aahh yes,the mid seventies,southern rock,patriotism at it’s finest.
      what a great time it was to be a teen.
      after watching this fine clip and seeing a sea of white(i did see one black dude,it was kinda like finding waldo)it made me realize how white it was where i grew up compared to now.
      the southern rock era was the best part of my young life,keg parties “down by the river”,smoking weed and wrecking my car in the woods.
      back to the black dude in this clip,atleast he wasn’t of the pimp looking variety negro with the pistol at the altamont stones concert,you know the one that got knifed to death by the hells angels,that bastard got what he deserved,i’d like sonny barger to know, i thought it was a rightous kill.
      and again onother fine blog incog man,i am also a fan of pre hip hop,rap ghetto jew financed bullshit negro music,i have a nice collection of intelligent black music,it is by far the negroes greatest contibution to american society,without negro roots in jazz and blues we’de of never had rock and roll.
      as the southern rock era of the seventies cannot be confused as being driven by negro root music,you can certainly see why it didn’t survive the mainstream by the TWO flags you see flying in the clip provided by JOY.
      the evil RASCIST music cannot be funded or supported by the jew entertainment industry.

      in the 80’s the jews got their way,and look at our white kids now!

      thanks joy,for the memories

  5. Joy says:

    Also those thousands of White People are us. That was most of us here now. We know what we lived is gone, and we’re pissed. Pass it on.

  6. Street Thunder says:

    Incogman, your life must be pretty fulfilling if you spend so much time and energy writing this piece of crap blog which is filled with grammatical errors, logical fallacies, and unsubstantiated claims.

    Judging by your brilliant observation skills and eloquont manner of expression I’m assuming you have a book deal in the works. Or maybe you just sit at home on your fat ass and vent anger at everyone else because your life is such a piece of shit.

    • incogman says:

      Thank you, I’m happy you like my work. Please come again.

    • Ice Key says:

      “Street Thunder” shows the lack of creativity amongst the tribe and their tools. It’s always “… you’re a loser…have lots of spare time on your hands…aren’t very smart…you have no facts to back up your claims,” on and on and on, variations on the same theme. All because they have no arguments against the facts presented. These morons must have a memo or checklist (approved by Abe Foxman of course) that everyone must follow when performing their ADL mandated internet monitoring and harassment.

  7. m says:

    incog, a little gift for you my friend.

    I took the time to archive your blog into PDF format. I archived your blog before but it literally turned out to be 1000s of files. This is a much simpler approach, IMO. It’s not perfect. The videos aren’t embedded but all text, pictures and comments are included. I don’t think pdf files can contain viruses but please run the files through a virus checker just to feel safe. The PDFs are inside of ZIP files. Also included is an HTML file listing all of your posts with easy hyperlinked access.


    incogman blog archive topics AM (File size: 117.44 MB)

    incogman blog archive topics NZ (File size: 116.69 MB)

    You enter a 3-4 letter security code on the right, wait 45 seconds, and then you can download.

  8. John says:

    It’s an argument between host and parasite. ‘Street thunder’ up there, and his ilk, wouldn’t even care if others didn’t have what they wanted. They can’t just let the goose that lays the golden eggs fly the coop.

    ..a child is white, a child is black, together… (the black wants to fuck her)
    Flock you, 3 Dog Night, you touchy feely limpwrists. You’re on my list

    You can’t be a racist (I want to fuck you)
    You can’t be a homophobe (I want to fuck you)
    You can’t be a xenophobe (I’ll starve, if I don’t get killed by my racial kinsmen first)

    It’s all the rationalization of a parasite’s right to live. Jews and blacks have to have some common ancestors way way back. Jabal, the keeper of cattle, comes to mind. They sure think alike.

  9. American says:

    ” You Jews just need to shut the flock up and take that free one-way plane ticket deal to Tel Aviv. Whites are sick and tired of you hiding behind other races, your Homo and Gender-bending, while incessantly peddling your Nazi paranoia crapola. Don’t forget to take along that little Gay lover of yours!”

    Yep, now that you stole Palestine and all the cash from Goyim for generations, it’s time to get the hell out. However, I suspect the critical personality flaw in Jews will get the best of them, and they will push too far. They have already overstayed their welcome as far as this host is concerned.

    We’re onto the scam. 47 expulsions in 1000 years can’t be wrong!

  10. psyn says:

    Oh please, when I first posted on this site, you were the one who made the sexual accusations against me(ie bestiality) and now you whine about the fact that people accuse you of being gay. Well the reason they do that is because you seem obsessed with the topic as can be seen in this posts with it’s fevered imagery of lesbians doing strange things on ‘hwy 101’.

    BTW you did ask me some time ago about my ‘credentials’, while fulminating against the elitism of others. I have a degree in chemistry….I hear your an ‘engineer’, just one of the many ‘degrees’ one can get on the back of a matchbook. Low attack, of course it is, but in line with the attacks and threats you have made against those who post here and disagree with you.

    I always find it amusing when people such as yourself construct strawmen and knock them down and think that it is a valid arguement. You spend you days attacking and hating people merely because they are a different colour or religion in the face of reason a feel you are superior for it. One wonders what is lacking in your life that you need to spew such hatred.

    • incogman says:

      Hey psyn! I know you lurk around reading here. Am I a guilty pleasure? I love it that I have that effect on some strange woman. Any woman, really! Even you, especially you.

      Fevered imagery of lesbians on hwy 101, you say? I had a bit of hard time making up exactly the right highway number. I wanted it to sound kinda rural, you know. Don’t worry, I made up the violent femmes part too.

      I don’t know where you got the Engineer bit. And if you’re so tight-assed on degree mills, then you should check out the state of black education. “Ahs grad-joo-waited and ahs be jean-yahs.”

      I don’t hate anyone, to tell the truth. Even when I see all the hate directed towards my race (and my sex). Somehow that escapes your steely brain.

      I do get very very angry when I see the evil violence the Jew does to the Palestinian and what this country does to innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan for these dam Jews.

      You need to reevaluate things: I’m a fairly nice guy!

    • Don Robison says:

      Were did you get your degree? I hail from the university of california. Around here, chemistry majors are failed medical doctors. I am the only person here claiming to be an Electrical Engineer.

      • Icy Key says:

        Don, I went through the UC system also, although most of the chem majors I knew did go to med school, pharmacy school or off to some big gun companies for research. The white ones did have a lot more trouble getting into the “best places” even when they had the best grades. But that’s supremacist of me to point this out. (My degree is in a technical field is all I’ll say right now, heh)

        This country was built by whites. We don’t need non-whites and we don’t need jews truth be told. Despite jew interference, look at where this country was, and the rest of world in comparison, by 1965. Then things caved-in as the tribe was able to exert its power over the take the money and run traitors in Washington. Now look at where we are, and the rest of the world in comparison.

        Are you still in CA Don? I am. I guess I stay because I feel like fighting it out when things finally collapse, as I’ve lived here since I was 6 years old. However, with the new state budget that just passed, I am beginning to think it’s time to pack up, move someplace a lot more white, fight through the coming battle and then maybe come back when all is said and done. Sounds stupid, but I think a second civil war is inevitable.

  11. American says:


    I wonder what sort of guilt complex you “enjoy” to keep coming to a place where nobody wants you?

    On another topic, I’m no fan of NYU, but the wheels are definitely coming off! If I were a Jew, I’d take my stolen money (or the money Jew family stole)and run to Israel while the “getting is good”. It’s getting real serious, and attempts to keep things quiet will only add fuel to the fire:

    In the course of defending its secrets, NYU put students and its security guards at risk by encouraging the use of physical force to end a non-violent protest. NYPD officers used billy-clubs and mace against demonstrators outside the building. These acts of aggression have gone unmentioned and unquestioned in the course of NYU’s handling of the occupation.

    This protest is just a beginning to what is to come. The action made national and international news, and showcased the real power of the new student movement sweeping the globe.” from “Take Back NYU” website.

    It took me while to put aside all the BS and realize that one race is truly working to syphon and destroy all others, and that is the Jew. psyn doesn’t denounce any of the numerous crimes we’ve pointed out, but instead works to justify. We’re onto the parasitic Jews, and all Goyim know your ways.

  12. Grumblingone says:

    Going to hell in a hand basket as the saying goes.

    Everyone is picking up on this story it seems. Sad not a single site denounces this fucked up situation. It’s hailed as some sort of breakthrough moment in diversity. Whatever. Figures it is in DC. What a cesspool.

    • Big Duke 6 says:

      Grumblingone I hear ya!!!

      “Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equity and a former adjunct professor at Mason, said the lack of controversy “shows that the students and the George Mason community have a good sense of perspective.”

      Look at this freak on youtube:

      A PROFESSOR at Mason? As usual with Jews and Commies, they go after the impressionable kids FIRST. All part of the Protocols. Lenin spoke openly about corrupting the children of Western countries. Sheez… 🙁

      An extended family member of mine recently enrolled in an old Ivy-League school, and came back after her freshman year refusing to shave her armpits and legs….wanting to talk about the “Diary of Anne Frank’ LMAO I kid you NOT!!! PATHETIC!!!

      • Don Robison says:

        every year at my school there is a display put up to honor the transqueermos who have been killed. most were in mexico, where queer-o-sexuals are used for target practice. They take the opportunity regardless to procure sympathy for the freaks. Maybe I should attend next time and go off on how horribly intolerant all those browns down south are.

      • gncarlo says:

        That CNN talking head at the beginning of the vid (Rick Sanchez) is a one-trick pony whose idea of “news” is a nonstop narrative of alleged white victimization of everyone else. I don’t know if it’s an obsession with him or if he is just aggressively trying to promote himself in the eyes of his masters.

  13. rocketman 66 says:

    go report now to the ADL ,why are you here?

  14. Don Robison says:

    hey incog. Do you ever notice how many people HATE america. The whole world is clamouring to get in, but most people I meet go on and on about how desperate they are to leave. The way the human mind can be inverted is amazing.

    • incogman says:

      Yeah, it’s all flocked up. The Jews can’t control the media apparatus all over the world, so many people outside the US hate America for what we do for the Jew.

      General America is pretty much oblivious about it. Yeah, they know people hate us, but they think it’s because of our “freedoms” and bull that the Jew propagandists in the US have done.

      The Jew’s instinct is for a “pluralistic” and minority heavy country, one where a White backlash won’t happen. Trouble is, the efforts will be why they get their subversive asses frog-marched out.

  15. American says:

    Primarily in America the Jew-rigged media has managed to keep citizens in the dark. The whole rest of the world hates Israel (and Jews by default). As soon as we can yank all support for Israel, the rest will fall into place. Israel won’t be able to hide behind the bankrupt United States much longer.

    That is where we should focus. Israel first, rather than “Jews”, should be the path of least resistance. From there, the connection is an easy jump, and we can run the others back to the stolen “homeland”.

    Today, I saw some veterans (mostly Vietnam) protesting the wars we start in the Middle East, so I stopped to say ‘hello’. They seem aware that we fight not to liberate, but rather to promote globalization. It was my pleasure to make the connection to Israel, as some did not yet know Rahm Emmanual has dual citizenship. These veterans and their friends were all painfully aware that Obama’s foreign policy is identical or worse than Bush’s was, and I again explained Israeli’s run our government.

    Establishing Israel might have been their worst mistake, as they now have an impersonal country to associate with Jews, rather than just a religion, I didn’t once say the word ‘jew’, just “Israel”. People are getting the message, and they are very receptive.

  16. Don’t forget ‘protectionIST !’ ‘racIST ! among other various ‘ISTs !’ I like to add a hysterical ! to those things. This was great the way you listed some of the endless made-up name-calling stuff. People are starting not to care about what they get called, and that’s very, very good. They are starting to be able to think for themselves and realize how the PC crap has gotten way out of hand- not that it made a whole lot of sense to begin with.

  17. tizdayen says:

    any guy this angry must be impotent

    • incogman says:

      That the best you can come up with Juden?

      A race who gleefully enjoys subversions and the violent death of any other race, but the self-described “Chosen?” All the Jew propagandizing, government jack-off Jew Neocons and regular Jew’s Israel-First attitude to get us into GD Iraq! You make us SICK!

      Yeah, that’s right, Jew. You just have yourself a little laugh about it all. Your time is coming FAST.

      • Icy Key says:

        The increase in “hate traffic” from jews and their lackeys is a good thing. It means you’re getting more people to see the site and that means they’re looking at sites created by other like-minded, fed up, open eyed Americans.

        It is amusing to see them always take either the “You are a loser” approach, and apply to wealth, work or sex. Same thing over and over.

      • incogman says:

        That’s the only thing these Jews can say. They can’t argue with facts, since they know well the deal. Few of them can bring themselves to admit to anything.

        One thing I’ve noticed about these arrogant Jews, when they think they’ve scored some non-existent point, they literally demand you to accept defeat. You can almost see the leering grin and salivating at the prospect of a Goy bowing before their brilliant highnesses. Like I would.

        Every comment from a Jew here has fortified my beliefs. The only time I felt concern for their side was when a NK Orthodox (non-Zionist) lady came on here and told me I was correct about these people and how much they attack them for not going along with their world-wide dominance games. I sincerely hope that those Jews do not have to pay the price for the rest of them.

  18. Big Duke 6 says:

    I just watched Richard Perle LIE very “slickly”

    He said that “neocons” don’t even really exist, nor do their ideologies, and it was all George Bush’s FAULT!!!


  19. Big Duke 6 says:

    Well…I agree with that incogman….I don’t believe in “mass expulsion” YET.

    I do notice, however…that all Jews seem to congregate around PORT cities, Like NYC, South FLA, and Los Angeles. The exception is around Chicago, because the BRONFMAN family made their money smuggling liquor over the border there. Of course, RAHM EMANUEL didn’t go from being a “ballet dancer” (no I’m not kidding, look it up) to Wall Street and make $18 million in TWO YEARS by accident…

    But I digress…

    Perhaps they do that “by nature” because they realize within themselves that they will ultimately be kicked out of every country they inhabit eventually, and they can always flee to Israel from which they can not be extradited, or perhaps DUBAI, which seems to be the new “refuge.” I’m just examining this problem myself, because I start to notice trends over history, and if there’s anything I can’t stand…it’s being conned and ripped off.

    It’s Saturday night now…and I’ve taken a break from my current woman for awhile over “philosophical differences,” In fact I don’t feel like sleeping with her unless she’s on my same page.

    There’s a “Time/Life” music collection on sale on the TV…with “BOWSER” from “Sha Na Na” as the HOST…he’s a JEW, trying to sell me this 50 year old crap as if it’s NEW!!! For only FIVE PAYMENTS OF $19.99!!! LMAO!!!

  20. Don Robison says:

    well the ponzi economic mess the jew financiers have created is tumbling down. What they gonna do now? Who is gonna purchase our country, now that its severely depreciated? Kinda feels like that week the old franchisee lost faith. He sold the pizza parlor, and I was left throwing dough and wondering if I should just pocket the profits and walk before the new jew franchisee arrived.

  21. Wolfgang says:

    Yeah im a RACIST… any you fucking jews or your nigger pets dont like that…well… FUCK YOU!
    White Pride World Wide

    White Homeland for White Folk

  22. orion14 says:

    If only it were so. But as a great General once said, “nits make lice”. We can’t allow a few “good” jews to live among us anymore than we can allow a few good non-whites the same luxury. There must be total and complete separation, or soon we’ll have a new crop of swindlers and cultural destroyers to contend with. I quote the great Dr. William Pierce from his broadcast of March 13, 1999:

    “And for those Americans who really want to get Israel off our backs and get Jewish influence out of our lives, we’re going to have to change our ways. We’re going to have to forget about the exceptions. We’re going to have to look at everything in black and white, with no shades of gray. Our situation is like that of Perseus in attempting to cut off the head of Medusa: one look for Perseus and the game would have been lost. If our people listen to the reasonable Jews, to the supposedly patriotic Jews, the honest Jews, we fall under their spell again. If we let them give us advice on how to deal with their tricky tribesmen, it’s like the country bumpkin meeting the carnival huckster all over again. So it’s going to be a rough and unpleasant future for us for a while yet.”

    All the coming unpleasantries could have been avoided if only there had been some backbone in people during times past. Now, we are stuck with the dirty work.

    I would urge every White Patriot to revisit the wise words of Dr. Pierce, blessed is his memory. (opens up in an audio player)

  23. American says:

    “it’s like the country bumpkin meeting the carnival huckster all over again.”-Dr. William Pierce

    Carnival huckster/Gypsie/Jew, they’re all the same, and will continue to take advantage of the good nature of others. This country has been wrecked, and they hope to leave it in flames when they feel there is no more that can be exploited. It’s the same game plan as always.

    The whole world hates Jews for a reason, and it’s always the SAME reason. Goyim around the world just need Americans to get with the program, and it’ll flush quickly. As Dr. Pierce said, “So it’s going to be a rough and unpleasant future for us for a while yet.”. I agree, but would add that Jews are running out of time. It’s over for us, but also them.

    Let’s start by dumping Israel entirely. We just can’t afford that “friend” any longer, either financially or the damage to our reputation. They have made the world view us as one in the same.

  24. Stug says:

    Talking about the Tuskegee “Airmen”, I was in Alabama, on the coast, several years ago and went to a military museum – boy are the modern “Alabamians” skullfucked. They had pictures of Medal of Honor winners starting with turncoats that fought with Lincoln’s minions against their own people on the wall and another pic of a Negro pilot propped up next to some WWII fighter planes – only – get this – the Negro crashed and burned due to his incompetence – but he’s a god awful ‘Merican and Alabama hero now !!
    As for the Egyptians, they were an Indo Aryan peoples until they went “Diverse”. They even prohibited Negros from entering their territory for centuries – but finally relented. At the end of their culture they were mixed race trash – one of their last Pharaohs was a Negro, Shabako, in the 25th Dynasty. At that time the mullatoized Egyptians were overrun and destroyed by the Assyrians. Anyone see any parallels to our situation ?? Shabako-Obama ???

    • Fleur de lis says:

      Lol,…..No F ‘in doubt about the parallels. In 2000 years from now the Pan-Afro-American studies programs will then be proclaiming how they built the North American civilization.

      Dey besigned an built dat big ol metal Arch!! And went to da Moon

      Ain’t it curious how the newly discovered great pre-World War Presidents had straight hair and caucasian bone features.

  25. American says:

    Can you believe it? This must be where all the Jew trolls here come from.

    To think we do this for free, when we could be in Israel getting $20/hour, if we’d only sell our souls.

    Whomever donates to the JIDF should be executed.

    • gncarlo says:

      Great link, Americano. Maybe we could all follow these JIDF marching orders, go over to youtube and flag every video that we feel promotes hatred and violence. A lot more flags will give the management an opportunity to hone their censorship skills.

      In addition to Newt Gingrich vids, I think I’m going to flag all the Streisand and Carly Simon vids. They promote torture, hatred of music and musicians, and have been known to trigger bouts of vomiting.

      • Joy says:

        I testify to the that gncarlo! Great idea too!

      • American says:

        I with you gncarlo and Joy, let’s get flagging!

      • American says:

        When flagging, don’t forget they quickly judge what is harmful (to Jews) or not, ignoring the rest of us Goyim.

        If you find a video that promotes violence, for example on the”merits” of the IDF, it helps to add the reasoning that “It is bad for Jewish people”, when prompted.

        Any quick glance, and the person censoring might just yank the video!

        Much better than explaining why this Goyim feels violated, which we know will get swept under the carpet. I don’t use JEw-tube much, but was viewing a couple videos just now, and it’s truly amazing how many people scream at Jews lately! There are too many fires for them to contain at this point. The process has begun, as the world’s financial system continues to disintegrate.

  26. jvd(s) says:

    anybody have an update on the new york unv. occupation student demonstration?

  27. Wolfgang says:

    Filthy vermin jews are always calling someone they disagree with a fag,you would think these maggots are obsessed with sodomy.Well all we have to do is look at who promotes this vile act and crime against nature,the law’ you jew fucks,not a law written in one of your poison books.But the un-written law of nature.The supreme law,not the law of moses or whatever the fuck you asswipes call him.Natures law surpasses all law you jew scum.

  28. Fleur de lis says:

    I went to this Obama forum from Rense. Apparently these freaks want to ban websites. I must say these profiles seem like jew creations. I get a kosher vibe from the entire thing. Anyone agree?

  29. American says:

    Mike Delaney at has a very interesting video made years ago, that explains the many ways Jews are screwed in the head.

    It’s just over an hour, so if you’re in a rush, be sure to check out the video at minute 35, and minute 58 (approx.)

    Better is to watch it straight through from #35.

    At min. 58, I can guarantee that you will never pay a Kosher Tax again! The Kosher butchery should be outlawed as it pleases them to torture other living things.

    They are cruel beasts, devoid of any decency, and are the meanest animals on the planet. Jews are dangerous.

  30. orion14 says:

    haha, that obama forum is a parody by the same guys that did the Huckabee Forum. Pretty slick!

  31. Paulette says:

    “I hope the Zionists and Isr-el firsters take their flights as well, but we need to make sure they don’t get away with any more stolen money!”

    You….are NO conservative. You are a FAUX RIGHTIST.

    Your so called ‘beliefs’ are taken straight out of neo-Marconianite replacement theology.

    If you dont support Israel being GODS land, since GOD HIMSELF says that ALL the earth is HIS, and he OWNS THE CATTLE on a thousand hills- thats FINE, just STFUP about the people who do.

    The FACT that YOU put them down so immensely, is PROOF that you ARE INDEED, a LEFTIST FASCIST, imposing YOUR words and WAYS on CHRISTIANS that LOVE God.
    If they dont agree with YOU; they are the ENEMY…sounds ALL too familiar… HEIL HITLER! CASTRO! CHAVEZ! MOUSSALINI! ALLAHU ACKBAR!

    • Steve in TN says:

      You really are a nutcase Paulette. You need to take out your trash once in a while. Besides who cares what you think? It’s mindless drivel. Try making a point if possible.

  32. Fleur de lis says:

    The Federal Reserve has a Supreme sassy mama jama telling you what to do now. No video of dis builden!!!

  33. Wolfgang says:

    shut your filthy jew mouth paulette,you fucking stinking jew bitch dog…

    you ignorant cunt…

  34. Fleur de lis says:

    This is the funniest prank on a jew family, of all time. Don’t miss this.

  35. Fleur de lis says:

    Quick Incog, here’s a link with a pic to save for your ‘crazy looking mulatto’ file. Damn that is an ugly woman.

  36. Big Duke 6 says:

    Jackie Mason rags on Jimmy Carter…says he belongs in a TOILET. Jews are always fascinated with fecal bodily functions.

    Mason is really making the most of Jewtube…I can’t stand to listen to him snort while he talks OY VEY!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Oh look another plastic nationalist!

  38. Anonymous says:

    you guys are crazy. the black gene is supreme the more we mix with your race the more “brown” babies being born. what happens when you have a cup of white milk and put just a tiny drop of chocolate milk in and mix? the whole thing becomes brown. im sorry guys, whites are beautiful as well as all other races, but there will come a day when there are barely any true cacausians left. only various shades of brown.

    remember you guys are the MINORITY. (sorry) there are way more brown people on this earth than whites. not just africans or negros. people in general. you can try to kill us all by messing with food and water and other things but in the end it wont work. and i hope none of you guys are Christians becasue God encourages us to love ALL.

    PS- i LOVE being mixed (scottish,jamaican,chinese) and i DONT look weird. quite pretty in fact. 😛

  39. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    You’re all dying of aids, or some other sexually transmitted disease.


    Good luck with that.

  40. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Chew on this, you glorified dromedary.

    Attackers in Burundi pull out albino woman’s eyes, chop off son’s limbs

    ? ?/?dr?m??d?ri, ?dr?m-/ Show Spelled[drom-i-der-ee, druhm-] Show IPA
    the single-humped camel, Camelus dromedarius, of Arabia and northern Africa.
    Use dromedary in a Sentence
    See images of dromedary
    Search dromedary on the Web

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