A Misdiagnosis


By Patrick Grimm

Like a jonesing chain-smoker engulfing one cigarette after another or a junkie with a hollow vein to fill, Jewry has made mad consumption of the goods and wealth of others a way of life. They are “a nation living off the good will of the rest of the world” and are wearing their welcome down rapidly with grindstone tactics.

Jewry as a whole can now choose one of two roads. They can decide that the “world is not enough”, continue raping the countries they infest and then kvetch about the return of “anti-Semitism” or they can detach themselves from their numerous hosts and choose honesty and peace with the world.

These are the two options, juxtaposed side by side. Only one will be chosen. “Choose life or death” the New Testament intones, because those are really the only choices available to every human being. Perhaps, as one thinker said, it is time that Jews stop acting like Jews and start behaving like human beings. Most human beings possess empathy, sympathy, compassion and some warm feelings for their fellow creatures. This does not seem to be the case with much of the Tribe.

The engrained bigotry of Judaic thinking is nowhere more apparent than in its daily dealings with the Others. Market transactions are frequently dishonest, deals are brokered for the good of tribalism and today’s cultural Marxism denies humanity to all swaths of the human family, especially those of the lightest hue. Jewish creations choreograph ugliness and most of their cultural “gifts” carry not one shred of human dignity. Dignity is a selective gift that the Jew chooses to narrow-brush and brand onto himself and himself alone. This is bigotry, this is hatred and it creates acrimony and division. It breeds resentment and guarantees future violence. It is now festering in the body politic, promising to rear its head at a later date and likely in a monstrous way that the always planning Jews have not anticipated. It is the tried and true cycle of history, whether Jewish or non-Jewish history, unfolding. In fact, you can count on it.


Anti-Jewish-supremacist fighters have been telling us for years that many Jews really don’t believe we are human beings. Some of us laughed and shook our heads, derisively accusing these folks of hyperbole and histrionic rhetoric. But now we are seeing that they were and are right. The Jewish art form of defamation and racism has caused our heads to snap in odd directions. Finally we are wising up. Those Jews who truly believe themselves to be the Master Race really do carry nothing but loathing in their hearts for our traditions, our values, our mores and our folkways. It is a fanatical hatred that few of us can ever fully comprehend because it is so foreign to our basic natures.

What contempt it must require to cause a human being to attempt to remake the world anew. This is what the Jewish spirit has tried to do. Hatched schemes, unresearched ideas passed off as scholarship and pseudo-science have been handed to us on silver media trays. They have been declared holy writ by those who run our institutions. When we at first recoiled, these Judaizers smirkingly assured us that this medicine was good for us. If we recoiled still further, we were swept into the dustbin built for non-persons. This is their modus operandi. This is how propaganda works. This is the price of crossing the rubicon.

Those of us with an activist frame of mind have attempted to rehabilitate this Jewish-birthed situation, to treat it as if it were alcoholism, drug addiction or some other compulsion that, if abstained from for 30 days, can be beaten. We have looked for cure-alls, for panaceas, for bitter pills that will bring back health and equilibrium to both our societal mess and to those who are behind it. But we have been wrong in our diagnosis.

Jewry’s affliction is not that it has a dearth of good will. No, its affliction is that the good will only flows one way. Both our good will and Jewry’s are only nourishing Jewry. That is the problem. Our naivety convinces us that this will save us, that this will placate the unquenchable thirst, the unremitting hunger and the unsustainable dreams of Jewish supremacy. The Pollyannas among our fold believe that the beast can be gorged and finally satisfied. This is a flight of wishful thinking tinged with self-deluding fantasy.

No, the way of Jewish supremacy is an earthly damnation, a temporal slave state of the mind and body. How can you talk détente with someone who only knows the language of domination? How can you perfect and hone your language when that very language is so wholly controlled, when it is wielded so effectively by the masters of verbal sleight of hand, rhetorical pretzel-making and Talmudic reasoning? It’s about balancing all those tiny angels on the head of the pin.

What is our problem and why have we failed so utterly? Simple. We are very bad at diagnosis. We are trying to treat psychopathy with aspirin. We are attempting daily to modify ourselves and walk on eggshells, politically correcting our words and repackaging ourselves when we don’t even realize that in the eyes of the enemy, the fact that we breathe is what the conflict is all about in the first place. The Jewish persecution complex is not felt because we are persecutors, but because persecution is defined as OUR MERE EXISTENCE. Negotiate with that.

Will Jewry choose life? I’m sorry, but they can’t. It’s not that they won’t; they really can’t. They are programmed genetically to progress along the road they have been racing willy-nilly down for a millineum or four. The fact is, they’ve been doing this for too damn long. It’s been repeated so many times that it went and seeped into the hard wiring, into the DNA. So don’t expect any Jewish “personal growth” to be forthcoming. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing badly. The Jews have gotten it wrong so many times in the past that it could be they’ve perfected their craft and ironed out all the kinks in their operation. This could be why this last big grab for power is so infused with an “all or nothing at all” attitude that throws all caution to the wind. They really are reaching for the entire world this time. Perhaps they will get it. They may even hold onto it for a while, at least until the healthy balm of “anti-Semitism” returns once more to save the day.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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313 Responses to A Misdiagnosis

  1. Nemesys says:

    Did you ban him, Incgoman? If not – I’ll ne Christian, and comply with his request to be called Cajewdian.

  2. Nemesys says:

    Hey fellas – I think I found Psyn:

  3. canadian says:

    You guys are lame. I’m glad to see I’m getting under your skin though…especially you “American”.

  4. American says:

    It’s one thing when they come lashing out, and we can harness their fury, but he’s obviously insignificant to the jews, and useless to Goyim.

    Here’s an idea the whole world can get behind. Americans have been embarrassed by the jews that occupy us. Confiscate their belongings and give to the Palestinians. Take care the rat infestation, and make new friends in the process. Kick jews out of that failed little prison they call is-RAY-al, too.

    The houses built with US money, on Palestinian land, have no place being occupied by jews.

  5. American says:

    LOL…Five stinkin’ jews in a half hour!!! Didn’t 2.5 million (give or take) Goyim show up at a recent new store opening for Walmart?

    There are not enough inbred jews to get any further than they have. Everybody is onto them, and as this video says, all belongings attained through usury should be confiscated.

  6. deathtozog says:

    lardo jewess with a bullhorn (oy vey, they are loud enough, already!) is just one more reason why noone likes jews, no matter how much they pretend:

    SPLC and ADL bleat about White men involved in militia groups. Have a look at a militia group that doesn’t get attention, the JDL:

    And, kike rabbi busted on To Catch A Predator:

    Other pedo rabbis:

  7. Nemesys says:

    Cajewdian – we are the only friends you have, aren’t we? You actually long to be one with us. Perhaps is you are very, very very good, in this life, and repent your Evil, and Come to the Christ – God will make you an Aryan, in your next life.

  8. canadian says:

    I got news for you Nem. If Jesus ever came back the first place he’d go is a synagogue. Without question, you and your friends on this site would not be in his good books. White you may be but “Christians” you aint. Do you want your kids to grow up in the company of people like “American” and incogman, or even that dimwit anti-zionist? I hope not for your sake and for theirs.

    • incogman says:

      You have no business acting like you know what some diety may or may not do. Why is it that Jews think they are God himself? It’s sickening to see it displayed in so arrogant a fashion. You Jews believe the next Messiah will be yours and he’ll slay the world and magically expand the borders of Ysrael to encompass the world. Maybe that’s why you say the synogogue. If he did, he may have something more in mind to do to the place than singing hava nagilia.

  9. gncarlo says:

    Reception committee for Christian missionaries in Arad, Israel.

    Sleep well, America. These are the people who own your government:

  10. gncarlo says:

    Tailoring the agitprop to their favorite American “useful idiot” ethnics.
    Drop these flakes off in inner-city Detroit after dark some Saturday, if ya wanna see some real Jew hip-hop:

  11. Icey Key says:

    I don’t want any white kids growing up in the company of deceitful, disingenuous, hateful, manically self-absorbed and self-deceptive jews like canadian and the rest of his ilk.

    They really are incapable of seeing any wrongdoing among their own. The only time they think one of their fellow tribesmen has done something wrong is when he gets caught, meaning it’s the getting caught that’s wrong, not the illicit activity itself.

  12. Coal Nigra says:

    The Jews are caught trying to label all patriots exposing or speaking of their Manifesto treason practices. Maybe more in Law enforcement are waking up to all their FBI style WACO Megiddos terrorist ops against the people:


  13. Kol Nidra the Mason Creed of Treason says:

    yes he is a jews punk-hole and traitor, just like bush and all before him for a long long time. If these troops are not on our border they should be dead. Support the troops? Why? They will be used to kill and disarm you
    under the guise of fighting ‘terror’ (resisting the poisonous foul stinking jew pig). Until troops show us otherwise they are the enemy, and they NEVER belong on OUR streets except arresting jews.


    There is NEVER an excuse for Martial Law. Martial Law is for tyrants and COWARDs. Repeat NEVER.

  14. Nemesys says:

    Cajewdian – OMG. You’ve never read the New Testament, have you? I read everything. I try to what I’m talking about, ya see. Based on what IS – unlike your self-worshipping Tribe, who fancy that every word you utter is Self Divine inspiration, and every turd is a mircale of creation.

    We already have the agenda, about what Jesus is planning do to with Himself, upon His return. He may VERY WELL go right to a synagogue. The synagogue, and the inhabitants, won’t survive the visit.

    Having all my kids, and all the children of my Fam and friends, growing up around any of these fine White men and women – it’s my DREAM.

  15. American says:

    Coal Nigra,

    Thanks for the article, very informative. Looks like the jews were listing just about every single concern possible!

    Time to write my morning letters in support of those that made the good decisions.

  16. Marshall says:

    When Jesus returns, two-thirds of Jews are going to DIE. He will not only visit a synagogue of Satan or two, He will destroy the antichrist who will be squatting in the rebuilt Temple of Solomon, which they are currently just itching to reconstruct. (Masons of course are involved, and so is Abe Foxman LOL!!!) See Here:


    Now that the Sanhedrin has officially re-convened, it surely won’t be too long before the final SHTF. 😉

  17. American says:

    “Until troops show us otherwise they are the enemy, and they NEVER belong on OUR streets except arresting jews.”-Kol Nidra

    That deserved repeating.

    Now that the letters are done, I’m following up with phone calls. The phone is even easier and more effective than writing. Join me if you think it’s important, as it’s one of the ways jews have subverted our society, and it obviously works.

    When your legal ‘system’ is hi-jacked by jew judges and jew lawyers, you can be sure the law ONLY applies to Goyim (and especially Whites). Where does one turn, the government? LOL

  18. jvd(s) says:

    jew currently alarmed re white backlash blaming jew for financial debacle. I have noticed (but not marked or specifically noted) jew alarm re what jew sees as “antisemitic” activity, ie: various US university sponsored speeches/programs (seems like most are focused on gaza or fascist zionism).

    jewprotested a program at an Oregon unv. focusing on the genocide of the bolsheviks against white russians. jew complaining said that stories of bolshevik jew atrocities were antisemitic and should be protested. I wondered why now? It must be that this history is increasingly becoming transparent to the populations of the west and the effect is bleeding into the current crisis (as jew sees it) of antijew sentiment.

    Stalin released the entire store of Soviet food supply to alleviate the Ukrainian famine when he became concerned that the famine could lead to his downfall. We may see some sort of consiliation from jew in an attempt to deflect publicd opinion against them re the financial debacle and gaza.
    I don’t know what it would be but possiblities are national (within US) or some grand gesture toward Palestine. Whatever, jew is now concerned with the delution of the power of the jew lobby everywhere.

    Individuals-groups-organization-political power!

    • incogman says:

      Jews calling White altruism and sacrifice dangerous to Jewdom:

      “Gentile (non-Jewish), or shall I say goyim, altruism is something that every Jew should fear. Whenever goyim have forsaken their own vices for the greater good of their own ethnicities, communities and nations, the Jewish people have historically suffered, usually in the form of expulsion.”

      Then the son of bitch goes on:

      Relax. The circumcised sons of Abraham are on the job.

      Fellow jew, Nadine Strossen, is second in command of the ACLU. She was given the “Woman of Distinction” award from the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism and the “Women who Dared” award from the National Council of Jewish Women. Below her is Steven Shapiro, who commands an army of 90 full-time lawyers, with an active docket of cases against Gentiles…

      …This is why Jews, whether holding the reins to civil rights groups like the ACLU or leading the guilds of feminists, homosexuals or pornographers, have always been faithful advocates of Gentile “individualism,” although, as we all know, individualism really has no place in the party line of international Jewry. Can you imagine the consequences to Israel if Rosa Parks lived to ride on this Israeli bus? Israel would be teaming with Mutti shvartz!

      This article must be seen to be believed. Basically, the arrogant Jew is bragging about their manipulations and why. Read it and know why we need to spread our message about these people:


  19. gncarlo says:

    After reading just a few paragraphs of this “cohenreport”, I suspect that someone is jerking your chain. They are not that blatant in public. It sounds like a lame parody to me. Maybe it’s the “birdy num num” and “blue apples” guy?

  20. Marshall says:

    HEY!!! Listen to this Talmudic whining bastard make comments about a recent movie, which you can watch FOR FREE at http://www.watch-movies-links.net



  21. Watcher says:

    My take on cohenreport is that it is most probably written by a White Nationalist who is having a little fun showcasing jewish methods and intentions.

  22. Watcher says:

    LOL incogman. As you can see, the strategy works, even on a jew-wise man with your brilliance.

    As previously mentioned, I’ve done a similar strategy on YouTube, posing as a gloating, obnoxious jew in an attempt to enlighten sleeping Whites. It enrages jews, which is also fun. I’ve also posed as an anti-semite black and Latino on YouTube. It is a lot of fun, and effective in waking up gentiles of all stripes to the jew menace.

    Keep in mind that jews often pose as White Nationalists, as well as militant blacks and Latinos. Jews do this to foment hatred between the gentile races.

    Since this centuries old jew strategy of divide and rule has been working for jews, sometimes it pays to turn this strategy around against the jews and focus gentile anger right back on the jews.

    BTW, your blog is the first blog outside of YouTube, where I’ve actually EVER done any repeated and extended commenting. Your article “Are White People Stupid Or What?” which I found through David Duke’s website was so moving, I felt like your article was describing my exact thoughts. (I still think that is one of the better articles I’ve seen from anybody, ever). I think I first commented under the name “Watching” because for the last 12 years or so, I mostly only read or “watched” the comments on White Nationalists websites and almost never commented. While I occasionally commented on WN sites, I usually only commented on mainstream sites, trying to wake up the clueless. But I like your articles and the people here, so I keep coming back.

    But, back to the subject of “false flag” commenting. I personally think WN should use some of the more effective propaganda techniques jews use against the jews. I’ve probably opened more than a few White and nonwhite eyes up to the jewish threat.

  23. incogman says:

    Thanks for the comments and support. Nice to know I’ve made an impression. I do write my articles with the unawakened in mind, always. That being said, I still like to hear from other aware Whites.

    On the disinfo bit: I’m with you in spirit. Agit/prop is the Jew’s middle name and we need to use every tactic they do and more. We have to out think the bastards.

    I’ll keep writing for the common man in the meantime.

    I did check out the links in that site, and it’s definitely some kind of joke or agit/prop biz. The article was linked from another White blog and the moment I read it, I was pissed.

  24. Marshall says:

    Dear “Watcher”

    Everyone is watching all the time. Listen yet, to more Talmudic Jewish crap…because TZVEE the Talmudic “scholar” is sounding off about a NEW MOVIE!!! Hmm? Well, well.


    He doesn’t know jack squat about Ezekiel’s Wheels, he’s not welcome there. It gives Jews a big problem LMAO!!!!


  25. Marshall says:

    Two GENTILE children are saved into Ezekiel’s Wheels, and that just chaps a Talmudic Jew’s ass…

    Sorry!!! It’s only a “movie” bud… you should know LMAO!!!

    Marsh 😉

  26. Marshall Rand Ellington says:

    I’m not pulling any punches now. I hope Jesus Christ loves me.

    The future will tell. I haven’t been sinless throughout my life, but I’ve never really made any money out of sins either. Life is short, and I run out of energy pretty often. SO…

    LET’S GET IT ON, and determine what is what.


  27. American says:

    “On the disinfo bit: I’m with you in spirit. Agit/prop is the Jew’s middle name and we need to use every tactic they do and more. We have to out think the bastards.”-Incog Man

    Well said. The ‘divide and conquer’ via smoke and mirrors seems to be all they know. Just about every scam they operate is built on this. Even the Fed, for example, buying bonds they create, with the currency they create, is nothing more than a shell game meant to confuse most Goyim.

    If anybody doesn’t yet know an abusive jew (or many), they are not opening their eyes. Turn on a business channel on TV, all lying jews, all the time.
    Geithner is a PROVEN criminal (and still got the job!), and just check up on Chertoff, and Dov Zakheim.
    If that doesn’t prove jews are abusive, one can look at that fat bitch screaming at ‘Freshjive’ on youtube, or ‘this is why people hate jews’ video. Palestine, don’t get me started.
    Or, how about every single major-scale ‘thief’, like Madoff, Perlman, and SO many more?

    Lastly, how about attorneys and judges. The fact a little freak like Phil Spector isn’t hanging from a tree by now, when he shot a beautiful Goyim girl through the mouth (he only knew for a couple hours), says it all.

    The jews want Goyim to think that it’s too far gone, and there’s nothing we can do. That’s just another deception.

  28. American says:

    It’s OK to expel jew-rats, and we wouldn’t be the first:


  29. American says:

    Regarding George Schwartz (Soros), “When we ask whether he prefers booms or busts, he replies: ‘I have to admit that actually I flourish, I’m more stimulated by the bust.”

    Good guy, who also thinks the UK might have to go to the IMF. Imagine that.

    Here we see Ralph Nader name Israel for it’s war crimes, but near the end of the video he discusses the numbers: 3,500 Hezbollah vs. 175,000 Israeli soldiers and another 400,000 reservists.


    And here, Galloway congratulates “the resistance” for the victory:


    Invigorating, to say the least.

  30. Nemesys says:

    Here – people are really waking up.

  31. Rachel says:

    Nemesys – Great Vid, thanks…I’d say my age group (thirty-somethings) are definitely waking up to these issues. Twenty-somethings, I’d have to say no – too busy worrying about global warming and other environmental stupidity/bs. The “save-everything-but -yourselves” types…

    I was also REALLY happy to hear a young-ish/far end of youth woman say that something was actually NOT President Bushes’ fault…not that I am any great fan of Bush, but I have always been “forced” into the peculiar position of defending him – because EVERYTHING wrong in the ENTIRE world is not this man’s fault. For example, Hurricane Katrina/weather in general was not his fault. The mortgage fannie/freddie crisis is NOT Bushes’ fault…The liberal blame Bush thing was SO irritating.

  32. jvd(s) says:

    Rachel………………….I blame bush for everything wrong in the world, even my arthiritis (though I really think cheney is responsible for that). I hate the SOB’s and the scum criminal jew for whom they worked. I extrapolate blame (and rightly so). How much suffering could we be closer to alleviating if the SOB’s had allowed fed funding of stemcell research when they went into office. No Rach., bush is responsible for everything, traffic accidents, AIDS/HIV, cruelty to animals, rigors of old age, uncertainty of youth, everything. Oh, include ugly, dumb and lazy, they are responsible for that too and much, much more.

    I recently read a synopsis of the career of Nicholas Yezhov, Stalin’s Bloody Dwarf (judicial). Yezhov was appointed by Stalin to replace Yegoda and of course, to exterminate him. Both Yezhov and Yegoda were scum genocidal jew. Yezhov (who was 5’1″) had Yegoda severely beaten before ordering him murdered. Well, Stalin, being the sweetheart Ossetian Khazar that he was decided after three years to appoint Lavrenti Beria to Yezhovs job. You know the ending. Beria had Yezhov stripped naked and beaten to a pulp before having him killed, just as Yezhov had done to Yegoda. Yezhov cried and whined profusely and begged to plead to Stalin. I laughed my ass off; it was one of the funniest things I had read in a while. The same thing should happen to bush/cheney/wolfowitz/perle/feith/zakhiem, etc.. They should be hung from the very same scaffold from which they hung poor old dumb bastard Hussein.

  33. says who says:


    Based on your answer, there is NO SOLUTION THEN

  34. Rachel says:

    jvd(s): Is Obama better than Bush for the country? Was Clinton better than Bush?

  35. Icey Key says:

    jvd(s) – I’m glad someone else here is aware that Stalin was a jew. So many people still buy the story that he wasn’t. His three wives were jews, his children were raised as jews, and pictures of the young Stalin show a young jew who resembles Jack Klugman. Of course, any serious examination of his family background shows he was a jew, like Lenin who for years it was claimed wasn’t a kike, then it turned out he was, although the tribe now says he was only “part”.

    The jews hope to be able to do same things to us as Yezhov, Yagoda, Beria, Kaganovich and others did to the Ukrainians and Russians. Starve, torture, beat us. They are salivating at the thought of total control, when they can take off the masks, have the white gentile men rounded up and murdered, the white gentile women rounded up, used as sex slaves if so desired, then murdered. The white gentile children rounded up, used for the perversions that are rampant in jewish society (yeah, we know all about their hidden habits), then the children will be murdered. They dream of ruling over a mud-filled US and Europe, with whites wiped out, our achievements cleared from the books or claimed as jewish achievements. I’m not being facetious, they really are this bad. Look at what they did to the history books in the USSR. Russians invented everything. Russian jews that is.

    Dr. Kevin MacDonald has remarked on this lately. How the jews will probably be open in their true nature once they feel they are in total control. Personally, I think it’s all going to collapse over the next 2 – 5 years, and the jews are going to try and make a big push somehow. The big jews will end up running for it, those who get away, and the little jews will end up paying the price for blindly supporting their superiors. The support what they know is evil behavior by their big guns because they enjoy so many benefits. It’s like all the jews who stuck with Madoff even though they knew he had to be doing something dishonest to get the “returns” he did. Greed. It pervades all of their thinking and leads to their lust for superiority, their wish to defile all that isn’t jewish.

  36. jvd(s) says:

    Rachel……………….Well Rach, yeah, the trashy, lying, betraying, manipulative, user Clinton was and yeah, Obama, so far is. Iraq, over 1.2 mil Iraqis killed and still rising, over 4k US dead, 20k wounded and still rising, 1200 + allied dead/wounded- 911, the arrest of the Urban Movers spy jews filming the “event”, they (Israel) knew the event was going to occur, bush jews Perle/Wolfowitz previously caught by FBI/NSA wiretaps giving US secret info to jew embassy, Tenet testified that he told Rice an attack was imminent, infothat bush/cheney had decided to go into Iraq once in power, we now know there is good reason to believe that Chertoff gave the order not to allow FBI Minneapolis to search Missoui (?) computer, many other things all point to bush as knowing that 911was going to occur and allowed it to happen. All of the above and more was orchestrated by bush and he wanted all of it to happen to carry on his plans in the interest of Israel and his /cheneys oil buddies.

    The financial issue has been caused by bush jew. bush gave billions to the Wall Street investent bank jew before O took office.

    I have never had any illusions re O but ALL of the candidates were controlled by jew. Hillary/Bill have long been in the pocket of jew, McCain as well,in March 08 he met Jacob/Nat Rothschild in London re a fund raiser he had . O was the best of a poor lot. So far he hasn’t gotten a lot more people killed. We will just have to wait and see.

    IK………….What I have noticed lately that jew is barking a new tune of awareness. jew is afraid their that their tear the white person down action may have backfired on them. Whites have been blindly tolerant of jew but not so the new immigrant/alien crowd. These people are pushing their native cultures to the detriment of jew. When they vote it isn’t for jew, it is for one of their own. This dilutes jews influence. jew is running a little scared.

    I’m also looking for something to happen in the next few years in the way of some sort of consilience toward whites by jew. I have no idea what it could be but jew is a little apprehensive. Antijew/antizionist sentiment growing, awareness growing that jew is not victim/holocaust is a business, awareness growing that Likud/Israel are criminals, etc., awareness of jew conducting war against humanity, growing awareness of jew control of finance, government, media, hollywood has jew concerned. We aren’t supposed to know all this. Historically such knowledge has lead to purges and jew knows it could happen again and that they have brought it on themselves. They have heard the recent German saying “the gas is still waiting” and they are a little nervous.

  37. Rachel says:

    jvd(s) WELL J, at least we both agree that all of them are controlled by the zionists, so really it doesn’t matter anyway who’s elected now does it? And, I haven’t heard the O’s plan to cease support for Israel’s wars…have you? Now I must admit that I pretty much REALLY HATE democrats, being from NY, this is natural if one has even half a brain (which clearly most of us don’t – that’s why they keep electing them here). Generally the big tax, big government anti-american pc crap comes from Democrats. Take Al Gore as a great example, who should be shot for treason. Aside, at least Bush did not sign Kyoto, which would have been devastating to our economy. Not that the republicans give much of an option, I’ll give you that…

    New Topic:
    This guy is AWESOME:

  38. Steve in TN says:

    All the presidents suck. Same bus for the powers that be, just different drivers. We haven’t had anyone remotely pro-American as a president for and by the people since Kennedy. They are all beholden to the Zionist NWO agenda. Can you say communism?

  39. Rachel says:

    Right you are Steve – the last “real” president was probably Kennedy…the last person NYS elected who actually cared about the people was Daniel Patrick Moynihan – who was actually a democrat, but was strongly adverse to the creation of the welfare state and the destruction of the family.

  40. jvd(s) says:

    Rachel………Yeah, everything the guy said is true. Republicans for the past eight years have been nation destroyers. Dems are no better; they went along with most of it. As I’ve posted before Reps want us to find our own garbage to eat and our own cardboard to sleep in and the Dems want to tax us so that we can only afford garbage and cardboard. They compliment one another Rachel they are the yin and the yang and they both YANK us!

    Steve……….Right. I feel that we have never had a really good Pres..

  41. Fleur de lis says:

    Looks like the Prothink.org webpage owner has really exposed AJ (Alex Jones as the disinfo agent he really is concerning jews. Alex flys off the handle and goes ‘Kosher’ on this guy. Very revealing stuff.

  42. Steve in TN says:

    Good Old Hickory from TN

  43. Saul says:

    Stalin was the essence of jEW Piggery. He slaughtered over 70 million righteous and not-so-righteous Goy all over Europe, using silly Goy to do it for him, like all jEW made wars. Though many leaders of his jEWtopia were jEWs he later ate, as the foul viper begins always begins to feed upon itself. Genetic insanity of the virus jEW.

  44. Nemesys says:

    Incogman, and Steve – Andrew Jackson is my FAVORITE Prez, after John Adams. I wish we could somehow retrieve and ressuract their DNA. We need them.

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