Just Another Two White People Murdered…

This beautiful White girl, 13 year-old Esme Kenney, was brutally murdered and God-knows-what-else, by another feral Negro who should have fried years ago.

You know, sometimes I feel I’m a little too mean to the Negroes here at my blog, until I read something like the following. Then I realize that it’s all too horribly true: These “people” indeed act like animals. Read on about two recent “hush” crimes — just in the Cincinnati, Ohio area — murders which the national media stays very silent about, with no legitimate excuse whatsoever.

The ridiculous negro pretends to faint in front of the judge.

The ridiculous negro pretends to faint in front of the judge.

Remember to keep in mind, while reading them, that if the races were reversed, or even if both victims and perps happened to be White, such crimes would be all over the national news, 24/7. Quite literally.

The beautiful, young Esme Kenney, was simply going for a short jog while listening to her I-Pod. But in the woods near where she lived, a monster awaited her. What transpired can only be guessed at, but we can safely assume that the girl was totally scared out of her living wits when this monster, Anthony Kirkland (above right), lunged at her from the thicket, before ending her life forever. Imagine the suffering of her parents?

After gaining control of her with two knives, he stripped her naked, sexually molested her in some unknown fashion and attempted to rape her. After doing his thing, or failing to, the monster then brutally strangled the life out of the little 5′ 4″, 100 lb little girl (look at the picture of him again) — so viciously that the capillaries in her eyes and cheeks burst open.

Kirkland then hid her dead body under some brush and tried to burn it with the little girl’s own torn-away clothing (Negroes often stupidly resort to fire to hide evidence). Police, out looking for the missing girl, came across the animal sleeping up against a tree and immediately knew things looked bad for her when they realized who it was:

“They knew he had fatally beaten and burned a woman more than 20 years ago. They knew he was a convicted sex offender. They knew a halfway house had evicted him in late February and he was suspected of a crime spree that included an assault, a stabbing and threats against the mother of his child.

So when they found Kirkland on the edge of the wooded area near where Esme went jogging, her watch and iPod in his pocket, they immediately suspected the worst.

They found the 13-year-old girl’s body three hours later, about 100 yards away, her body hidden under brush in the heavily wooded area across the street from her Winton Hills home.” News report

In 1987, this Negro used lighter fluid to burn to death a woman and for that he got 16 years. Can you believe that? 16 years! He also beat a rape at knifepoint case in court. In March of just last year, he was sent to jail for trying to molest a 13 year-old and was released this last October for that crime. The police have since indicted him in 2 other murders.

Anyone, I mean anyone, who says that all serial killers are White needs a big slap right across his or her stupid fat face!

Fry the SOB, NOW! Yet the parents of the girl urge spreading “kindness” — can you believe how spineless White people have now become? We should all be down there, en mass with blazing torches, to haul that filthy Negro to the nearest tree!

I truly believe Negroes don’t respect anything anymore, since they know they’ll be protected and get free food in the slammer from the taxpayer and not have to work, so they just don’t give a dam if they get caught or not.

And then we have the militant Negroes caterwauling about all the brothers locked up by “the man.” “Oh, too many of us are in prison” they might whine. Like they never, ever do anything to deserve it other than being born black, of course. Well, Negroes, why don’t you start behaving, instead of complaining?


Can you guess which ones were the perpetrators and and which one the victim? If you guess correctly, you must be a racist!

From the Political Cesspool we have this torture of a White man:

Walter Sartory was a brilliant but mentally ill 73 year old retired mathematician living quietly in a small Kentucky town near Cincinnati. He was retired from Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and was an expert on centrifuges, holding two patents related to them. He was also a paranoid schizophrenic who was uncomfortable around others and suspicious of strangers. But not suspicious enough, it seems. Cops say that two blacks, 47 year old Willa Blanc and her 27 year old son Louis Wilkinson befriended Sartory, and then kidnapped him. They duct taped him to a chair in Blanc’s basement, drugged and starved him until he signed over power of attorney to them for his bank account. After transferring some $200,000 of Sartory’s money to themselves, they shot him in the head and threw his body in a trash can. They then drove to Indiana and paid some friends $1000 to help them burn and bury his corpse.

If you live outside the Cincinnati area, this is probably the first you’re hearing about this horrific murder. If the races were reversed, it’s all the national media would be talking about. But the killers are black, and the victim was an old white man, so it’s not news.


It really is all because of the Jew…

Jew organizations, like the SPLC, get filthy rich milking race friction and attacking White solidarity -- the real target for these people.

Jew organizations, like the SPLC, get filthy rich milking race friction and attacking White solidarity — the real target for these people.

You know, I really can’t blame the Negro totally for all this. We know that it’s the whole Politically Correct business responsible for the situation. It’s this PC “zeitgeist” that protects against any talk about crimes like these two, and was created and nurtured by Jewry (like those on the right). They’ve been working non-stop to keep Whites muzzled about anything they care about, right along with the PC brainwashed White liberals in the mainstream news.

As such, these people are virtually as responsible for these crimes as the perps. That’s right, homies. They’ve set this country down a path where violent Negro animals now roam the streets of this country, looking for quick thrills, as well as having an ingrained hatred of White people and a fierce sense of victimhood instilled by these arrogant Jews and self-hating liberal Whites.

And these people fully realize if the media reported on such evil crimes against Whites nationally, we would rapidly reject all the PC nonsense, becoming racially aware and angry. Very angry. This is the exact same motives they now have when they fail to report anything substantial on the Tea Party movements going on the US — they don’t want you to know what’s really going down!

And Negroes would be much more behaved in the US if they knew we would not put up with their crap any longer. Call it “tough love.” Those blacks who do preach responsibility, like Bill Cosby, are routinely ignored in favor of militant big mouths like Michael Eric Dyson, who can only jibber jabber out big words about White racism 24/7. These kind of Negroes are given the podium by White-hating liberals and Jews in the media, such as HBO’s Bill Maher.

They do all this because the main thing about being Politically Correct, is not really some sense of fairness towards the Negroes (which has suckered the White liberals), but the inner anti-White hate of the Jew. That’s right, if the message bearer tries to talk about personal responsibility and upright moral behavior for Blacks, without blaming the White man for all the problems, then you can forget about it.

This all because of Big and Little Jewry, people. They’ve taken the best country on earth and destroyed it from within, with their own inflated sense of self-importance and an atavistic hatred of White people, manifested across this country’s politics and media.

Remember, this kind of thing could happen to you. Spend some time reading about Whites being victimized in this country — go to my Contents page above (under my banner) and scroll down to see only a few of the many horrible murders of Whites that have been ignored by the national media in just the last couple of years. Also, please, take a few moments to go here and read all about the real history of the Politically Correct business in this country — then the whole stinking mess will become crystal clear!

Until we deal with the Jew, this country is going to hell in a hand-basket!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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171 Responses to Just Another Two White People Murdered…

  1. Fleur de lis says:

    This man could be one of the worst serial killer rapists in the country…no surprise. It’s a negro too.


  2. tay says:

    Shit,there was so much useful info on here too,damn.Sorry author ,you lost me with this peice of racist(couldve been written by a jew )crap.I live in a almost totally white country,almost no “negroes”,so how comes a fuck all the jails are full of the same kinda folk ?white folk…

  3. tay says:

    hello ??

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    Okay, I don’t know about any of you, but these f-ing Jews on this site are only proving Incogman’s point about the ‘thinking whites should be quilty just for being white because of the Holohoax” thing. Notice how if a Jew comes on this site and doesn’t like what he sees, that he refers to all of us as “Nazis”?? So thanks to them for roving to all of us, and themselves even though they won’t admit it EVEN TO THEMSELVES, that all of your Jews are so FULL OF CRAP and are so ignorant of the fact that we KNOW about all of your evil planning of taking over the world that you call “the wants of God” or whatever else you call it….BULLSHIT! Yet you prove his point AGAIN by continueing to play victim and keep bringing up the ” whites are just racist” comments and the charading, and pretending too. Just stop it, and admit atleast to yourselves (and hopefully the world after that) that your kind is a bunch of homo, homicidal, maniacal IDIOTS, who have no REAL business in our country. Trust me, you’ll feel better eventually.

  5. jimmy says:

    You people are psychotic, making bizarre comments then “proving” them by linking to another person w/just as few facts and no intellect. Someone is a “Jew” (as if it is a slur?) if they are Jewish religiously, are citizens of Israel, have ever known anyone who belonged to those groups, anyone who disagrees with you, anyone who flew over Israel, a synagogue, a Jew’s house, etc. Oddly, you claim “tha media” is controlled by Jews….you watch t.v. and movies….so you are what? A traitor? A collaborator?

    You are not “race heroes”, but dimwitted psychos. Go get help….medication can help get your mental masturbation under control.

  6. incogman says:

    It isn’t “you people,” jimmy crack corn, but one person: Me, myself and Irene (to borrow the movie title).

    YOU go take the Jew psychologist/big corporate pharma dope and call me in the morning (after you masturbate — wash your hands boy).

  7. jimmy says:

    but i don’t have bizarre ideation. you didn’t knock down anything i said. in fact, you reinforced it. you don’t have a leg to stand on. you simply make bizarre statements, then have a conniption when someone disagrees. I don’t recall how i found this pg, but the two stories you have at the top prove my pt.

    You post two stories about people who happen to be black, killing a white person, then extrapolate to “all blacks are lowly beasts”. The justice system is run by a majority of whites, and THEY let these people out of jail after egregious crimes. why not actually get involved and fix the justice system?

    White people have killed many blacks. why is that any less tragic/ignorant/disgusting? Is your persona/worth defined by the fact that the BTK killer/Gacy/Bundy were white? how is the logic different? A white guy killed a crap-load of people, therefore, all (or most) whites are scumbags, degenerates, and low beasts who should be killed/shipped off. No different, except for your bizarre mental problems which ignore one and elevate the other. I also forgot to ask: how does one “humanely” strangle someone, as opposed to “brutally” strangling them? When somone is strangled, blood vessels burst in the head….it is the nature of very high blood pressure that results from the act. If the killer were white, somehow he would have “humanely” strangled the girl and there would be no horrible signs? What would you call it if someone beat someone to death over a period of days? Super-duper-extra brutal?

    If your pt is, “the press doesn’t cover it”, then you should be writing letters to the editor and to govt. officials to change it. You are not interested in “equal coverage”, it appears, but only in trying hard to justify racist hate. Your actions lead to nothing good for anyone.

    • incogman says:

      What a brainwashed, self-hating White (or Jew agitator, one). You don’t know the numbers of Black serial killers because you base everything on what the Jew media tells you; to say nothing about all their street crime over chicken bones and Colt 45. I’ve had it with all the stupid excuses for these people.

      Figure it out — Blacks suck BIG-TIME. They commit horrendous murders left and right. Go to my contents page for more, should you have any backbone left. Or are you just another spineless worm? I’m betting on the spineless worm description.

      Go here and STFU on my blog:



  8. rocketman66/67 says:

    jimmy is a little too conditioned to handle all of this incog.
    the problem is there are far to many jimmys running around in this crumbling mess that used to be OUR COUNTRY.
    to jimmy and all the other brainwashed dopes there is nothing wrong.
    the televisions and all of its numbskulls have got us outnumbered.

  9. JamesTheJust says:

    “I believe that a lot of the “top jews”, unfortunately, will get away when the jews run for it. ”

    That is why in this next war, we must not stop until every single joooo has been eliminated.

    White people have always wanted peace. We are funny that way. When we see the opportunity to stop fighting and start enjoying a peaceful and just life, we take it. But this time must be different. We must not allow the jooo problem to persist anywhere in the entire world. Our children and children’s children will rightly curse us for it.

    No joo must live. NONE!

  10. JamesTheJust says:


    You’re full of shit. Your argument denies the facts and the statistics.

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    Yeah right sayzzzzzz:

    May you come out of your mysery and realise that you do not know the truth but are obsessed with your thoughts and beliefs about what the truth may be ! As you judge others so do you judge yourself. In believing that your fellow humans are animals you entrap yourself in your own most anamalistic nature.



    Yeah…right…white people have such an animalistic nature….oooooooo.

    We go around murdering people and stealing and gathering on street corners and harassing people and committing gang violence….oh wait. Nope that’s the niggers.

    My bad…and you’re an ass.

  12. White Master says:

    Jimmy wake the hell up!

    When will you figure out that your guilt trip is nothing but a pack of lies placed in your head by Anti-Christ bullshit.

    Stop being chicken shit and stand like a man against this tyranny of evil that is destroying our race.

    If you are too damn stupid to see that black people are nothing but animals compared to White people than just go to the nearest nigger ghetto and let them put you out of your misery puss!

  13. White Master says:

    What word starts with an n and ends with an r you never want to call a black person??


    You get that Jimmy?

  14. Coon Hunter says:

    Good ol’ boys like to go coon hunting sometimes.

    Wouldn’t doubt they have a kike hunt planned.

    Filthy nasty niggers suck and eat shit. Grimy dirty kikes are scum.

    You do the math.

  15. Belle says:

    I just can’t believe you white idiots voted the way you did. Welcome to hell!

  16. JamesTheJust says:


    I didn’t vote for Obama, however, I realized years ago that there is an agenda and this agenda will be promoted no matter who wins.

    From Reagan to Bush I to Clinton to Bush II to Obama (and further back) the agenda has not changed. New World Order – One World Government. And the Jews are the head of the beast.

  17. White Master says:

    Obama is really just a distraction to hide the Jew hiding behind the curtain.
    This whole Obama mess, whether it be the birth certificate or anything else from, racism to socialism to being a Muslim is really to distract from seeing the Jews.

    Its the Jew, don’t lose focus, don’t be distracted, don’t be seduced into confusion…

  18. I agree that brutal violence against the elderly and the young by low-life drug addicts is something that belongs in the jungle and not in our cities. It doesn’t stop it from happening. What can we, as a society, do but point fingers and slap offenders on the wrist?

    This problem is not something that lynching, lies or racism can ever fix.

    Harsher sentences, for crackheads, child abusers, rapists and murderers, is one way that our ancestors used to punish those who attack and kill the innocent. We are a society that is busy releasing unrepentant murderers into the same cities where they have killed and are expecting them to be somehow less dangerous. It makes no sense.

    Proposed solutions:
    A) Death penalty for attempted and convicted Murderers. This has worked for 2000 years in many cultures to punish and deter killers. Think that’s
    extreme? Look into Saudi Arabia’s penal system.
    B) Implement mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for heinous crimes such as crack cocaine trafficking, rape and severe cases of child abuse where the offender must spend 5-15 years in prison.
    C) Identify “the dark triad” of behaviors in juvenile offenders such as abuse of animals and gang related crime. Kids can be reached much more easily than adults.

    Racism is not an answer to dealing with violent crime. It’s a diversion from the real issues of poverty, neglect and failure to take personal responsibility. Weren’t Jeffery Dahmer, Charlie Manson, Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, David Duke and George W. Bush all white men? How many people do you think they killed versus street crime in the past 100 years?

  19. GDL says:

    John Brown’s Bones,

    Your an idiot!

  20. GDL says:


    Give negroes the world and they’ll turn into a hell-hole overnight. Wake the f**k up and don’t spout that poor oppressed negro shit.

  21. GDL says:

    Why do these idiots not read the damn articles before they make spectacles of themselves?

  22. GDL says:

    Absolute Solution:

    Jews going back to hell, along with the removal of negroes, Mexicants and ALL other non-Whites from America and ALL White nations!

    Is that racist enough for you Bones?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Absolute Solution:

    Jews going back to hell, along with the removal of negroes, Mexicants and ALL other non-Whites from America and ALL White nations!

    Ah GDL…you’re da bomb!

    White nations…white people ONLY. It is the only thing that we KNOW works and we equally KNOW that the more integrated a WHITE society becomes, the more violent. Non white are simply violent. That’s a provable fact.

  24. JamesTheJust says:

    I doubt Bones is white. Only the extreme idiot left is that stupid and I’d like to think that there are few PURE whites in that category. Usually any liberal whose appearance is white, ends up having polluted blood somewhere along the line.

    YHWH calls the “broken cisterns”; unable to hold the water of life.

  25. ultraR says:

    Sorry folks, for highjacking…

    JTJ, what’s your take on this..?
    I took the hint from Marshall (don’t remember which post) on NACHASH. and came upon this


    the poster “MizLindaLinda” has put some perspective for me on this issue.
    Also there is something on the gnostics in which I’m interested, as a way to shed some light on certain topics -tv, movies, books that are bent on defiling truth in the subtlest way-.

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    What MzLindaLinda wrote is basically true, but I can also tell you that some of her words and paragraphs mimic, almost to the letter, articles I have read, which were authored by CI Pastors. It makes me wonder if there isn’t some amount of plagiarism going on here. Just a thought and I really don’t care one way or the other.

    According to the book of “The Life of Adam and Eve” and the first and second “Books of Adam and Eve”, we are given the account of MANY Adamic people in the garden – AWDAWMIC meaning people of fair (white) skin who can blush. We should not find it surprising that Genesis focuses on one particular Adam as he is called Eth ah Adam; meaning The Man Adam – a particular one. This begs the question – A particular one among whom? Obviously among others or many.

    NACHASH does not simply mean a literally snake in Hebrew, although there can be a play on words, as often is the case in the scripture, but also has some other quite LITERAL meanings, one being “Shinning One” and the other being “Enchanter”.

    Without going into too much detail (as a lot of information can be written about the first two verses of Genesis chapter one alone) I provided a brief synopsis in another post on this site, which basically allowed the scripture to speak for itself.

    You can view it by clicking the link below.


  27. ultraR says:

    Thanks JTJ!
    you’ve been a great source in my search!

  28. JamesTheJust says:

    You’re welcome UltraR. Anytime I can help a kinsmen it is well worth it.

  29. S. R. Chasm says:

    After reading such well tjhought out remarks I feel brave enough to I admit it. Guys, Al Einstein and Jesus Christ, the infernal Jews, had finally corrupted my pure, lily white soul in a coerced three-way with Mr. T. They stole my lunch money and made it so I can’t think for myself.

    There I said it. To make things worse: they used their fearsome Jew powers to deny me the ability to listen to an opposing view point – having been programmed (against my will!) with their vicicous Jew scheme of Jew world domination through debate, study, prayer, deliberation and education.

    It all happened in Jew York! But they threatened to take me all the way to Jew Hampshire or Jew Mexico for even more programming – I wised up before they could out the evil Jew eye on me and Jew force me to Jew read more of their Jew books.

    Jew-whiz! It was insidious!

    And you know what, my brothers? Although I’m deeply ashamed of it, in light of my recent forced epiphany, I really enjoyed it.

    But now, having read this blog, I’ve completely wised up. Thank you for showing me the light my pure, proud brothers. Now I know that all white people can be implicitly trusted while non-whites like the preacher of pure evil Gandhi and war-mongering Barack Obama cannot be trusted!

    Thank you!

  30. kerdasi amaq says:

    Someones pulling the leg here.

  31. ultraR says:

    yep, and kinda lame…, not so good with irony and humor.
    You got some homework to do, Chasm; from scratch, your style lacks of…, well, of, everything.

    But keep trying tho…, to no avail

  32. GDL says:


    In case you haven’t noticed your Messiah, the incomparable “negro-mutt on high” Obama has proven himself to be a liar. Are the Middle East wars not still going on, one year later?

    You suck at being a smart-ass…You need lessons wimp.

  33. filthyjooz says:

    Congress is viciously berating a timid, polite, apologetic Japanese because he inadvertently made a few defective cars yet Israel can bomb our ships, kill our sailors, conduct false flag operations to try to drag the US into wars, spy on us and Congress doesn’t even make a wimper about that. They are very brave to beat up on a polite decent Japanese but if called upon to confront the jew for their crimes, they urinate in their pants. I have nothing but the utmost contempt for our despicable, cowardly Congress.

  34. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha. thats like saying, all ” white men ” are good white people.

    NOPE. SORRY. the vast majority, of people who view child porn, child molest,

    pedophilia, mass murder, serial killers, are majority WHITE. if you don’t think

    so, do a google search. plus, the library has a huge archive on this.

    there are white people and other groups of people, on welfare too. your

    just in complete denial of this. you r the type of people, who can’t stand to

    see society changing all around them. so thats why, you have to resort to,

    manipulation, coersion, scare tactics to prove a point. you prey on the weak,
    the uneducated and so on. know one has ever lost there heritage or skin color.

    other than the ” NATIVE AMERICANS “. this land is rightfully theirs’. there the

    one’s who should, get rid of everyone. including whites and non-whites.

    through-out HISTORY, the europeans’, have ben the most BARBARIC,


    OF PEOPLE, than all the races combined. WHITE RACIST WOMEN HERE,

    WAKE UP, WITH BOTH EYES WIDE OPEN. do your history. at one point in



    white women, were considered property by their WHITE HUSBANDS.

    not their other half. if you spoke out against them, they had the right to beat,

    you in anyway, they felt like it. and the law, could not do a damn thing about

    it. it was all PERFECTLY LEGAL back then. they even beat you, if you tried to

    get a job, spoke about equality for women. YES WOMEN, LIKE YOURSELF.

    so, if you ever been abused, ( SEXUALLY, PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY ), by

    any man, regardless of their relationship to you, why turn around and do the

    same thing, to another group of women, who is different from you ?. just

    because there skin is different fom yours. abuse is abuse, rape is rape.

    it doesn’t matter what your skin color is, or the color of the perpretrator.

    it’s the same crime. PERIOD. women as a whole, are still treated as

    ” INFERIOR ” to their male-counter parts across the board. whether it be,



    WHO WANT IT ALL FOR THEMSELVES. period. don’t be fooled. you may be


    DON’T WANT YOU TO RISE ABOVE THEM. if this don’t sit well with you, why

    do you follow in their footsteps ?. stand up for all women. any man can rape,

    any women, can be prone to a violent episode. wrong is wrong. quit the cycle.

    stand for equality for all people. if you don’t think of yourself as submissive,

    why treat someone else thay way ?.


  35. GTRman says:

    Junk food.

  36. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Anyman can do a lot of things,
    But the preponderance of evidence shows, black men are more likely to do BAD things, statistically way out of proportion, to their actual numbers.
    Problem with facts?
    Don’t shoot the messenger.
    Bust a cap in the ass of the turd who sent it, homey!!


  37. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Fuck it.
    Here’s the whole site.

    Come back when you turn 11.

  38. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    And while you are here. Check out the brains on this knucklehead!!

    But that’s O.K.

    He meant well!!

    Everybody is equal hmmm?

    Wouldn’t want to draw attention to the pig-ignorant!!

    You’ll hurt their feelings.

    You might even hurt them so bad, that they’ll have to try harder!!!

    You cruel, heartless bastard!


    More lumps of shit for your evident amusement.


  39. Anonymous says:

    @ cannibal rabbi. black men, are more prone to do bad things you say ?????.
    thats really hard to swallow. recently, facebook found a network of about, a
    thousand men, being involved in ” child porn “. HOW SAD “. the only way

    to be involve4d is, you have to be sponsored. what sick bastard, would want
    to be apart of that organization ?. then yoyu also have, i think it was
    ” mamba ‘. i could be wrong. anyway, these are a group of men.

    ” WHITE MEN “, who was on an episode of PHIL DONAHUE ” in the 80’s,
    wanted the right to sleep with boys. ” UNDER AGE BOYS ” at that.
    what perverted mind, do these people have, to want to participate in some

    event of nature ?. ( if you want to call it that ). this right up there,
    with the so-called altor boys and priest. everytime you turn around

    there’s a priest ( WHITE MALE ) and a ( WHITE MALE VICTIM ).
    you never see anyone of a non-white race involved in this why ?.

    or, if there is a idolated case, please tell me. i would very well like to read it.
    as long, as it’s from a legitamite and well known site. these two groups

    of men, are no different. they have the same sick-minded desire.
    ( perverted fantasy ) that is. lets also talk about, ” violence in the workplace “.

    they are vastly committed by ” WHITE MALES “. who either has been denied
    a promotion, a raise, or whatever the reason may be. especially,
    when they are terminated altogether.

    then, you also have another group. ” CRIMES OF PASSIONS “. which are
    carried out, by ” WHITE MALES “. these groups of men, become soo
    obsessed with their, significant others’ soo badly, that they are willing to

    kill them, out of despiration. WHY ?. they can care less, about both families involved, the children, of the most importance. if they don’t want you,

    then let them be. walk away. why kill them and the ” innocent children “.
    there was a case, a year or two, where a ” WHITE MAN “, beat up
    his other half, brutally. dragged her outside, torched the house, while two

    small children were inside. about a year later, he got his. i think, he was
    brutally murderd or set on fire. why did he take his anger, out on the little
    one’s for ?. there innocent.

    lets see, oh yeah. lets look at all ( some i mean ), ” WHITE WOMEN “,
    who killed ” their own children “. just to be with another man or, not
    wanting the responsibility of motherhood altogether. WHY ?.

    how can a mother, use the excuse ” god told me to do it “. yeah right.
    this was very big in the 90’s. whether it be by drowning, stabbing,
    burning, strangulation it’s wrong and horrible.

    lets go on. ” MURDER FOR HIRE “, another group of people. this can go
    50/50. ” WHITE FEMALES and WHITE MALES “. looking to kill their other
    half. i say again. WHY ?. why not just leave, pay the damn child-support

    and alimony, instead of taking a chance, in going to jail for a long long time.

    then, you have those who solicitate their kids online. i.e. craigslist, facebook
    and so on. yes times are tough. but, to put your kids innocense and safety
    in the eye of the public. for a stranger(s) to commit unspeakable acts
    on a child.

    how low is too low. people driving hundreds of miles, just to hook up with
    an under-age child. how crazy is that. why not solicitate yourself. that would
    be a whole lot better, than damaging a child for life.

    let me go on even further. the t.v. show ” TO CATCH A PREDATOR “.
    HMM. mostly, ” WHITE MALES “. trying to hook up with, under-age girls.
    once again WHY ?. what is soo fascinating, about an unde-age girl.

    i just don’t get it. i truly don’t. i try to figure it all out. but, just get a damn headache from it.

    i will say this. there are some crimes, that are committed by certain
    ethnic groups over others. i willl say that much. but, to say, they are
    committed by ” one group ( ethnic ) is going the extreme.

    eventhough, this is a crime, a ( victimless crime ) at that.
    suicide/teen suicide. it’s mostly committed by ” white people “.

    this one doesn’t belong here. i just decided to throw it in anyway. it’s
    against one’s self. no one is being hurt here. other than the person themself.

    bank robberies. this can go either way. mostly committed by, males.
    both black and white. rarely committed by women. there numbers are
    greatly smaller.

    rapes. once again, by males. both black and white.

    school teacher/sex scandals. mostly committed by ” white women “.
    victims ( students ) are white. this is neither here or there.

    just through it it. it’s not a brutal crime, but a crime by law, which should be
    thrown out. ( if it’s consenual by both parties ).

    embezellment. ( white collar crime ). committed by ” WHITE MEN “.
    TAKE HARD-WORKING people’s money, for personal gain and greed.

    how many ponzi or ponzy scheme’s have we seen by congress, banks
    and so on. i can’t think of anymore at the moment. but, when i do,
    i will be soo happy to share with all here.

    keep this mine people. it doesn’t matter who you are.

    rich, poor, black, white or whatever. if people pursue the oppurtunity
    to do something, even if it’s wrong, they will do so. if, they can get away
    with it. know one. and i mean know one, is above the law itself.

    if you can do the crime, you can do the time.

    from the 70’s t.v. show ” baretta “. or something like that.
    i was a very little kid.

    we may not like each other for persobal reasons. but, we must show
    soe form of respect. we are all americans here. the world doesn’t like us.


    WAY OF LIFE. ( HOW SAD FOR THEM ALL ). not to piss anyone off here,

    but, you would think, post-9/11 taught us all something. for some, it has not.

    all of those ( VICTIMS ) were minding their own business. going about their
    routine. different races, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs’ and so on.
    taking away from here ” INNOCENTLY “. WHY ?. that wasn’t about RACE.

    it was hate, like we never seen before. we better get it together. it’s coming
    again. we need to stand together and fight together. not against.

    if we don’t. we’re in for one huge awakening. unexpectedly.

    who side are you on ?. i know this, is from what i was talking about in the
    beginning. but, that day touched everyone world wide. i know where i was
    that day. i am in the healthcare field.

    trust me, it was pandamonium for me and my colleagues’ that day.
    what sadden’s me is this. racist groups, use this as their

    ” POLITICAL PLATFORM “. how absurb. immigration wasn’t a big deal, long
    before that unforgetible day. so why now ?. WHY ?. PLEASE TELL ME.

    why don’t all the hate-mogers, of all shades, domestic and foreign,

    go spread your hate, to those who lost love one’s that day. in fact, why
    don’t you tell them ” YOUR VERSION ” of why it happen.

    by all means, please do. then that way, they can TEAR YOU TO SHREDS.
    their love one’s are not coming back. EVER. you think, they want to hear
    YOUR RHETORIC ?. i think not.

    yes, we’re fighting a war. but, it’s NOT A RACE WAR like you think and want
    soo badly. that war is, ” FREEDOM ” FREEDOM FOR ALL. FREEDOM TO BE



    THAT IS.



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