My "Black is Beautiful" Project Update

ACHTUNG! All you militant Negroes, Jew pinkos and overly-sensitive White liberals should probably refrain from clicking on the “read the rest of this entry” button below. This is very complicated research stuff, full of big scientific mumbo-jumbo — I would be SO saddened to learn that any of you had suffered from severe migraines, or possibly had your pointy little heads explode from trying to understand it. Please, just go back to listening to that Fifty-Cent CD, play on the X-box, re-read “Watership Down,” “Das Kapital” or something.


Major Discoveries in my “Black is Beautiful” Field Work!

I am now pleased to announce a huge break-through in the field of Paleoanthropology and the Hominid sciences — all the age-old questions about the missing evolutionary steps in our family tree that has confounded scientists to the present day can now be answered by me, with full scientific accuracy!

Thanks to my on-going “Black is Beautiful” project, in conjunction with my far-ranging field digs in places such as Kenya and South Africa, or merely driving through once beautiful American cities like Detroit and Philadelphia; has now led me to the startlingly conclusion: “The Missing Link” never, ever went missing in the first place! Yes, this appears to be the case, ladies and gentlemen. Read on, fellow researchers.

Since all this became public, the transatlantic cables have been burning up with messages from various like-minded scientists from here to Europe. Apparently, my last blog postings had made quite the impression on the scientific establishment, right along with all you lay people (no, not porn stars).

For example: I recently recieved the following cablegram from “The Continent,” delivered to my door by a freckled-faced young man in a smart-looking blue uniform, white gloves and pill box hat:


March 1, 2009


My esteemed colleagues at the University of Westphalia (Bad Godesburg) wish to congratulate you on your recent ground-breaking research work on the “Missing Link” question that has eluded the scientific community for so many decades now.

One of our younger research associates, Herr Wolf Gangfokker, came across your work and photos while perusing that new marvel of communications called “The Internet” and was astounded, if I may use the term, by your discoveries in the field and brilliant deductions.

I cannot tell you how excited our faculty is about your conclusions. No longer will we need to bake under the hot sun in rocky landscapes like the Oldavai Gorge, or spend hours pounding open rocks in some Transvaal limestone quarry to find crumbling remnants of early man. Now we can simply fly to America!

No, it is not “Homo Habillus” nor “Homo Erectus” nor Homo anything, but Africanus Americans — just as you conjecture. Yes, your photos are quite convincing to us, that the Missing Link is indeed alive and well. And all this time we thought he had gone extinct long ago!

This leads new-found credence to the burgeoning Multiregional Evolutionary model long espoused by our top Hominid theorists, right along with the man in the street, I might add.

As we closely examined your frightening photos from the field, we were amazed to see they have now evolved to the point where they often wear clothing and drive motor vehicles! One of our scientists, Dr. Otto Normalzocker, even conjectured that they probably even use currency and interact using verbal communications of enough complexity to be deemed a language. He coined the term “Ebonics” for this possible primitive new language.

Please let us know if any of this is true.

We would like to organize a field expedition as soon as possible. Would you recommend Detroit, Washington DC or Philadelphia? Or how about someplace deep in the jungles of Mississippi? We can come equipped with cans of Colt-45 Malt Liquor and basketballs to hand out; we have our own bullet-proof vests to wear and have enough financing for the necessary SUV’s and porters for such a rigorous adventure…

Respectfully, [signed]
Professor Emeritus, Dr. Lorenz Rutger Snodgrass, PhD, ScD, DCJ, DHS, DSSc
Professor of Anthropology, University of Westphalia, Bad Godesburg, Germany


Can you imagine my swelling pride (no, it wasn’t Viagra kicking in) when I read of the ringing endorsement in the world’s intellectual circles of my hard and dangerous field work? Further research photos (below) amply backs-up this thesis and will surely earn me some kind of award. Maybe not the Nobel one, since I heard that nothing but Jews get that one, but perhaps I’ll soon receive the coveted Upper Bavaria “Poindexter of the Year” award!

And now, without further ado, my discoveries to this point:

Like all scientists, I must confess I stand on the shoulders of great achievement: Prof. Biggelsworth Babcock of the Cambridge Primate Society (1882), Dr. Heinrich Himmelbladder of the Horst Wessel Academy (1936), Prof. Schlomo Schtuppmeister of Weiner-un-Bratislava University (1952) and Dr. Jorge Quasimodo of Madrassas Polytech, Spain (1983). I doff my pith helmet to these famous past academicians and scientists!

Nostrils flared all over when my research was finally leaked to the public by unknown parties. Apologies were demanded, ultimatums flew. Did I buckle? Like many famous science heretics, past and present, I told them: STFU!

I commisioned the renowned science illustrator, Francoise DeBoner, to grace my reported findings for submission to the exclusive science magazine “Nature.” For some reason, I have yet to hear anything back on publication dates.

My anatomical studies and facial recreations made giant strides after I cleverly convinced my modeling subjects that I was sculpting heroic busts to put on public display.

While traveling, I spotted this female cradling her infant in a modern thoroughfare and managed to snap a photo before they went howling and scampering up the escalators.

I came across this large, boisterous troupe in a otherwise pleasant city park, making all kinds of racket about not getting something or other for free.

Close by in the same city park, I found a competing troupe that was apparently upset with all the ruckous and attention-grabbing of the first group. I quickly took this photo and hurriedly left the vicinity.

Here I found a troupe of them taking a break in the trees, after another hard day of howling about something.

When not busy making a loud stink in public or waiting in line at the food stamp office, it appears that shopping sprees during natural disasters constitute a popular pastime.

Although it’s often difficult for John Q. Public to make out specific individuals — law enforcement assures me that they all have names and records. They also say things are under control, but I’m not so sure.

Some of the more intelligent individuals of the species have managed to learn the English language and so cram as many big words as they can come up with in a single sentence. They’ve figured out how to con their way on to university faculties and TV shows simply by injecting the words “bona fides,””articulation,” and “eloquence,” in describing anything about themselves.

I sincerely apologize to any Upland Gorillas or Chimpanzees out there, who may now be reading this and are offended by any unintended comparisons.


Additional research papers:

Favorite Field Techniques for the Stealth Racist

My “Black is Beautiful” Fieldwork Progress

My “Black is Beautiful” Study Continues…

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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243 Responses to My "Black is Beautiful" Project Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    jvd(s):Well, today a piece of black debri named Lavelle Mixon, excon, on parole for deadly assault, warrant outstanding for parole violation, shot and murdered four Oakland Police Officers. These guys were from 35-43 yrs old. There have been no riots over this.

    First of all, I think only one cop was White. The rest were mystery meat, affirmative action types from the pics I have seen.

    There are some positives to the story as someone elsewhere pointed out.

  2. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    cool. just found a pretty good deal on a scope base (rail) adapter that fits the weaver ring slots on the mini. it was off of ebay for a lot cheaper than i’ve seen advertised elsewhere. It should work fine. hopefully this red-dot scope will do the trick. Don’t need any magnification, I just hate peep sights………how I ever got my marksman badge in basic is beyond me, peep sights were all we used. That’s what I get for being a right hand shot with a dominant left eye.

  3. Anonymous says:

    With a holosight, you don’t have to shut one eye. That’s why the military is using them. I recommend them. Fast target acquisition, too.

  4. Watcher says:

    Just make sure your red dot scope is decent. That parallax can be tricky.

  5. Big Duke 6 says:


    Women brought from the former Soviet Union by Jews to be in forced prostitution in Israel? Now THAT is a topic for discussion indeed.

    Who made that abomination on film, “HOSTEL?” JEWS!!! GLOBAL PIMPS!!!

    As far as you guys getting ready to go “sniping” or so forth…take a break. You won’t have to. America is starting to wake up from 50+ years of Hellyweird… and I’m thankful to have my say in it.

    Talk about ILLUSIONS taking control of GENTILE MINDS…that’s how they MAKE MONEY!!! They start with YOUR CHILDREN.

    Spend 10 minutes watching “Disney Channel” or “Nickelodeon” with your children. What do you see?

    I watched for about 5 minutes this Disney TV the other day…where this Jew kid always seems to”outsmart’ the gentile kids of Disney, and the gentile kids always act like fools and play along with this TRIPE!!! SCAM!!! ACT!!!

    The bizarre Jew kid always gets the last laugh!!! FROM BIRTH, our children absorb this FOUL PROGRAMMING into their precious little brains.

    TOM BOSLEY, from “Happy Days’ was a freaking JEW, so was “FONZIE”

    WOW…how they insinuate themselves into a culture to destroy it from the inside… SEE?

    Jews belong on a stage somewhere. Look at Weimar Germany, where Jews controlled the “Cabaret” please. I see this movie, “Chicago” same shit!!! Sexual degradation and exploitation of women. In other words…they’re making you a WHORE. What ever happened to those “Mouseketeers”

    Then, do my test!!! ‘Ten minutes, Ten Jews.” pick up your remote control, and flick by a channel at a time…and identify JEWS…right up to ever channel your service provides.

    THEY LIVE!!!

  6. American says:

    “Then, do my test!!! ‘Ten minutes, Ten Jews.” pick up your remote control, and flick by a channel at a time…and identify JEWS…right up to ever channel your service provides.”

    This is the truth, and more people keep waking up every day, despite the jew-rigging. The subconscious is a mother-fucker (like goosebumps, fight or flight, etc). Jews are done.

    They know it, we know it, it’s just a debate of how it unfolds. Patient, focused, and dedicated is the only way to be. They can’t lock up everybody, so keep smiling and sharing.

  7. Watcher says:

    Big Duke 6, who said anything about “going sniping?”

    I keep weapons strictly for self-defense, in case the criminals try kicking down my door, meaning to do harm to my family.

    While it would be great if America just suddenly woke up, and violent criminals stopped being violent criminals, unfortunately reality rarely has a Hollywood ending. In this day and age, it never hurts to prepare.

    I agree with your assessment of how the jews have corrupted our culture.

  8. American says:

    Forgive me for confusing Madoff with Geithner/Shalom Bernanke sometimes, but the story always reads the same.

    Jews try to convince real people they need jews, but when we look around, they don’t do anything except create conflict.

    Don’t worry vampire-Jews, myself and all broke Americans will pay the tab. Keep laughing, even as Goyim are just beginning to smile.

    Anybody can figure out that this won’t be good for others, and especially jews. I guess that is their fatal weakness. They must not be noticing the same things I hear/see everyday. People are ‘all ears’, and barely watch Jew-TV anymore (only a bonehead watches ‘tv’ anymore).

    And I’ve noticed LOTS more homeless, white, single males, otherwise employable . They are now too far behind the ball, so pay attention.

    Strangely, I see no new JEWS, or Negroes wandering ‘down south’.
    Jews want us to ‘blame’ Negroes for the White man’s trial, but it’s the jew, always. They have never co-existed peacefully.

  9. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    yup, self defense here also. no offence is planned. that’s just what the elite want us to do so they can use us for an example. preparedness is the key here-other than that I’m carrying on as usual.

  10. Big Duke 6 says:


    There’s no economic solution to a problem that isn’t economic. There’s no financial solution to a problem that is the problem itself.

    Hopefully, love will guide people in the future.

    I, am interested in the the behavior of these porpoises and manatees…lovely mammals…as we all are these days

    I hope to move down to Key West soon, just for some excitement

  11. American says:

    When we purchase a weapon, the form asks “what race:?”.

    They have all races listed, except “Jewish”. That’s another reminder of how subversive jews are. Anybody that reads quotes from actual jews (like Menachim Begin or Israel Cohen) knows that they do not consider themselves to be “White”, but a separate race. When it’s convenient, they like to give Whites a bad name, but always point out they are different, and “entitled”.

    So which is it?

  12. Fleur de lis says:


    I Need a Jew

  13. Watcher says:

    Big Duke 6. Birdy-num-num?

  14. Anonymous says:

    American, the jew is whatever someone is buying. So, sometimes they pose as White, sometimes not.

    Haaretz, Jerusalem Post have both ran articles on the genetics and racial aspects of the jew. There are scientific papers, as well.

    But I always think of them as a race of people who worship themselves religiously.

  15. American says:

    Imagine that, a “jew invasion”, complete with JIDF payroll and all.

    LMAO…jews are so hot, they’re on fire. I wouldn’t get near one for a million bucks.

  16. Dienst says:

    Kudos for Warrior Woman – the world is growing oh so weary of the oppressive and mendacious Jew – all except that sizable percentage of idiot Whites in the US who think Obama Hussien is Christ returned. Like the Polish politician said, America is run by a coalition of Jews and Niggahs (I think it was reported as “Blacks”).

  17. American says:

    Jews like to ‘score points’ by talking about anything but the issue. They can do nothing to people who think for themselves, as things stand. Keep sharing, laughing, and pointing out subversives at every opportuntity. It’s true, life is short, and jews can’t have any more of my blood.

    There is nothing the vampire can do to an awakened victim. Just take what is ours.

  18. American says:

    How come jews that come here (hiding under real memebers names) don’t ever address the fact I’ve stated here many times before, regarding Goyim “servants”.

    Forget what race, all Goyim feed Jews dirt, poop, pubes, whatever they can find. Nobody likes jews, but we all share recipes.

    Yep, at least I’ve seen that with my own eyes, unlike the holoHOAX!

  19. Nemesys says:

    FYI – all the cops were White.

  20. jvd(s) says:

    ALL of the cops killed were white and there were NO riots, imagine. One bum, accident, riots. (black bum)

    Nemesys……………Pool our money, effort, organize! You are right but apparently, like your artsy associates, no one is yet ready. The impetus is lacking. Of course their is a feeling of futility involved. It requires great effort and unfortunately success is elusive. The Reform Party failed when
    Perot withdrew and Ventura proved to be less than effective.

    I had little regard for the influence of the net on politics/power but have changed my mind somewhat. Info unavailable from the media is on the net. jew has its’ sites on the net (adl). So the net may be more effective than I formerly suspected.

  21. Nemesys says:

    Oakland is a Congoid dump. Whites, alas, are too busy working. If they still have jobs. There is always a Negro population, ready to go, who aren’t worried aobut missing work, cause they don’t, and they aren’t afraid of “getting into trouble” at all.

    Things are going ot have to get a whole lot worse……

  22. orion14 says:

    Anon, I think 2 of the cops were white, Dunakin and Hege. I think that’s just a bad pic of Hege. He looks southern Euro to me. Although, in California in 2009, the gene pool is so freaking polluted it’s hard to tell. He could be a high yella turk or even a mixed jew for all I know.

    I have a category called weapons on my blog and in one post the guy doing the AK speed load has a bushnells Holosight. They are a good deal for the money, although the batteries will wear down fast. I plan on adding more to this category including mil-dot ranging and night vision, if anyone would like to contribute just email me with your article and I’ll post it anonymously.

    I concentrate on the AR and the AK primarily but there are so many good weapons out there it’s hard to cover them all. Knowing how an AR functions is good to know though, when you relieve a ZOGer of his.

  23. Steve in TN says:

    Slave reparations? Surely this is a joke. Next the 60 million native american holocaust reparations?

  24. Big Duke 6 says:

    Hey Steve…

    I think American Indian people are pretty cool…after all, they were here before we were. They have some very good things to say.

    Seems that JEWS are skimming dollars from their gambling operations these days, and setting up more!!!

    NOT cool. Vampires are easy to trace…the question is, “You wanna take them on, or NOT?


  25. Big Duke 6 says:

    A wind doth blow…a sea doth turn, and so forth…(ahem) sorry HEY!!!

    Watch THIS PEOPLE!!!

    Love ya 😉

  26. Steve in TN says:

    Let’s just say I will resist the evil machinations of ZOG in every way that may become neccessary to survive. But I ask, where does one begin? It’s never-ending. It’s death by a thousand cuts. You’ve got the bailouts, the hate crimes bill and now this little gem on top of all the bs since 1913. If they are given more welfare for reparations, what will anyone do?

  27. jvd(s) says:

    Steve……………….You are right, where DOES ONE begin? One begins with a first step? Ok, but what about the 2nd. step, etc.. Just one can’t start to begin. Some speak about how they have weapons/ammo, some speak as to their food/water supply, some re their energy efficientness; no matter how well ONE person is prepared that lone person will go down if it comes to needing to be “prepared”. Ideally you need to belong to a group of like minded people who are connected to many other groups of the same. Alone nobody stands a chance.

    You left out Monsantos’ seed laws. Reparations for slavery? How would those to receive reparations be chosen? Obama, for instance does not trace his ancestors to west Africa but to east Africa. How many are the same? Black slaves came to America from west Africa not east Africa. It would be way too complicated to administer but that may not stop it.

    Organization of groups is the only ansewer and we apparently aren’t really ready. We would have to follow some sort of order; their would have to be rules and penalties; very few of us are really good at taking orders, which presents somewhat of a problem. One reason we are in the situation where we are controlled by the alien jew is the idea of rugged independence. We go it alone and success doesn’t relate to a “community”.
    jew cooperates among itself and their success relates to their “community”.

  28. Scott Fisher says:

    I came across this blog entry at and I had to post my first blog comment ever.

    Brilliant article. I have added this site to my favorites and will check in every day.

    Incogman you are awesome!


  29. Steve in TN says:

    BD6: Don’t get me wrong. If any group has an argument against the US it is the indigenous people of the US territories/states. I think this bill ought to be directed at the source of slavery in the Americas and should bring to light the real perpetrators of this cruel and inhuman business. As the Jew has targeted German business as well as the government for reparations for holohoax, the courts should do the same and target the families that operated the the slave trading business and their agents. Only a very minute portion of the population owned slaves. I feel like there is a Jew behind this bill to deflect the root cause of the issue and to further instigate further destruction of the US. What’s next? Reparations for the Japanese we locked up during WWII, etc. Where does all the bs end?

    jvd(s): True I left out a ton of stuff. Where does one begin? I hope this bill goes no where. I suppose one brings it forward now while there is a mulatto president in office, or it could be a draconian stepping stone that leads to the next step, just like the ‘hate-crime bill’. Save your seeds.

  30. very pleased says:

    The U.S. government said Today it is asking German officials for travel documents needed to deport accused World War II Nazi guard John Demjanjuk, who is charged in Europe with 29,000 counts of accessory to murder.
    Prosecutors in Munich, Germany, said Demjanjuk (pronounced dem-YAHN’-yuk) will be formally charged in front of a judge once he is extradited.
    We’re very pleased that these steps are being taken to facilitate Demjanjuk’s extradition to Germany so that he can be tried and can be given an appropriate punishment for his heinous crimes during World War II

  31. PC_11 says:

    jvd(s) – the history of whites is that they do get together, form groups, when backed in to a corner. That is happening right now. Even those who were pessimistic – at least at the rate whites were waking up – like Prof. Kevin MacDonald, are becoming optimistic as they see things spinning out of control ever more quickly. Also throughout history, the white backlash has occurred when jewish power reaches its zenith, as they cannot resist their tendency to overreach. That’s part of the inborn arrogance others write about. They also can’t control their hate, which eventually drives them to be more and more cruel and vicious. This will be their downfall in the West. Unlike Weimar Germany, where they stood out, they’ve tried to create cover by using blacks, importing mexicans and other non-whites to create problems and to point fingers at. For all their hard work, a lot of people aren’t so dumb as to not be able to stand back and ask just who the hell started this? There’s really only one answer, the power mad zionist and their jewish army which marches in lock-step to their commands.

    They will probably get a civil war. But there are enough Americans who will eventually snap out of the stupor they’ve been brainwashed into. Those that don’t will result in the herd being culled but in the end, too many armed Americans, and whites have the innate ability to get together and form effective groups when they have to get something done. The jews will never be able to hold the US military together as it will fracture along racial lines. This is good for whites because despite all the hoopla about black and brown soldiers, the overwhelming majority of combat troops are white, as in 75% white.

    It’s going to be bad before it’s over, but I side with others who think whites will eventually take back the continent. It’s just a repeating cycle.

  32. American says:

    To “very pleased”,

    Jews will need to trumpet minor victories as much as possible, because they can’t lock up all the awakened. The smartest Goyim KNOW you’re done, and likely, quite soon. Either way, patience is rewarded.

    PC_11 nailed it, IMO.

  33. Icey Key says:

    Apparently Demjanjuk, as a child, bloodied the nose of someone who ended up a ‘big jew’. Whoever this petty yid is, he’s obsessed with getting even. First Demjanjuk was “Ivan the Terrible”. Turned out to be b.s.. Now it turns out he’s some other imagined bogeyman. The jews really are the most strange, petty, self absorbed, hateful racists that ever walked this planet. Their level of self-deception is really quite something to behold. Once you’re aware of what’s really going on, it becomes fascinating to watch some of them in action, as they lie to themselves in order to lie to others. The rest are fully aware of what’s going on, and we can see their frustration grow, along with the almost visible edges of panic as we watch them on TV, and read their posts on the net. They can’t put their finger on what they’re feeling. But we know. It’s called “doubt”.

  34. deathtozog says:

    Icey Key, I well remember the controversy about Demjanjuk in the old Spotlight newspaper in the 90s. These kikes never stop. Yes, they are obsessed.

  35. Watcher says:

    Icey Key, I know what you mean about jews appearing panicked on TV. Hank Sheinkopf seemed nervous when talking about growing public resentment when on the Lou Dobbs show yesterday. As this financial crisis reached epic proportions a few months ago, almost all of them looked terrified. Since I don’t watch too much TV, I haven’t really been paying attention to jew disposition lately. But when the bottom falls, they should panic.

  36. Nemesys says:

    Watcher – we should be harrassing them, then. There are ways to do legal harrasment. I was CHEESED when I saw that damned Hebafeller video. I posted a comment of course, but I’ve been think all day if I should track down a phone number and/or Email. They need to KNOW that the Rabble IS paying attention. I have no problem letting these CRETINS know, in a very soft-spoken, articulate voice, that their thieving and treachery is known, and extremely unwelcome, and is being DULY noted.

  37. gncarlo says:

    Civil Rights, 1959: “We wants to eat wid de white folks..”

    Civil Rights, 2009: “We wants to eat de white folks…”

    Reward any behavior and you’ll get more of it…..

  38. jvd(s) says:

    Steve-PC 11………………. Maybe so we’ll just wait and see!

  39. The beautiful south says:

    Sudan said Friday it believes Israel carried out airstrikes on its soil last month that targeted weapons smugglers. …
    Hey guys
    Time to start packing, we arranged a great new place for you, with Enchanting landscapes, black population that you will learn to love and new advantures.
    No place like Sudan for you whities after you didn’t like Iraque.

  40. Fleur de lis says:

    Damn kikes and their marketing companies have a new Taco Bell commercial with a black man and a pregnant white woman outside the arena. The man says “we can get nachos inside” Then the pregnant woman lifts up her mater. top and reveals that she is a man with different Taco Bell nacho products that he/she is trying to smuggle into the game. These kikes are laughing so hard with the innuendo of blacks impregnating white woman for a mullatto culture. It is sickening obvious.

  41. mister e 1234 says:

    Hello Mister Incog long time!
    How have you been? I see your blog is still running strong.
    It takes a sick mind to compile such a collage of nasty looking people, whether Black, White or in between. They say the internet gives us an inside view of what is on the minds of others that maybe it is better not to see. You prove the saying right.
    Have a great day, your favorite critic.
    Mister E 1234

    • incogman says:

      Ahhh, Mystery Jew, deigns to visit the INCOG…

      I guess my “sick mind” appeals to the Jew in you. And you’re not my fav critic, whatsoever. Keep dreaming. Funny, how you Jews use a Negro post to make comment on — so typical. Might be nice if you were just honest for a change:

      “Mr. INCOG MAN, sir, you’re absolutely right about us lousy Jews. Us Chosenites have obviously been a plague on humankind. Maybe it’s time I consider ALIYAH or simply suicide. Thanks INCOG for leading me to this logical decision.” — Mystery Jew

  42. fred says:

    A pitty the author has fallen for this kind of crap after doing a great job denouncing jewish world take over.
    Criminals should be exposed whatever their skin color, putting aside racial
    traits, otherwise one shows his ugly face be it yellow, red , white or black.
    We’re all God’s creatures even if evil has made many crual, selfish, bitter.
    Intelligent people of your kind should strive to help heal human illness not
    worsening it.

  43. Nigel says:

    I am so glad I have come accross your site as I was trying to explain to my wifey (ex negro lover) that black males have not fully completed the process of evolution.
    I have been explaining that their facial features even today resemble that of the early primates.
    Once again I thank you for helping me prove my point.
    kind Regards.

  44. Janet says:

    Negroes have always resembled apes. I’ve never understood the fascination with them. Ugh!

    I see the resident Jew troll is still spewing their vile idiotic rants. It’s really quite pathetic. The jig is up Jew pukes, your days are numbered. People are onto your bullshit and your days of ruling the world are coming to an end.

    Nemesys: I was reading some of your posts on this article and you’re one smart lady! I admire you. It’s very comforting to see a smart savvy WN sister. Thank God for the internet.

    As far as the financial crisis goes – shit is going to hit the fan soon. There will race riots and a lot of blood shed. It’s predicted in the bible. There will be blood up to the horses reins in Revelations.

    My grandma told me 45 years ago – Janet – the yellow race will try to rule the world. Look at China. But China is onto the Jew game and so are others. She also told me at an early age, the darkies are envious of the whites. They pretend to like us. They only tolerate you to get what they need from you and will chew you up and spit you out when it’s necessary for them.

    I’ve had to ixnay one of my female friends. I found out she’s a race traitor and sympathizes with the muds. I cut her out of my address book.

    People right now are pissed. In California where I live the hatred for the Mestizos and the Gooks are palpable. We have very few Congoids in my area. I only see the Mestizos and the Gooks when I go to Costco.

    The Mestizos for the most part are fat and unhealthy. They’d never survive a violent race war. They’d be mowed down before their fat waddly ass got to shelter.

    The Gooks are another issue altogether. They’re vile creatures as well. When the women age they look like hell. The men look like hairless rats.

    The White race is the only race who has beautiful people. That’s my take and I’m sticking to it. It’s obvious when you’re out in public.

    Most of the Congoid women are obese and there is no way as well would they survive a major disaster. They’d turn on each other for food and shrimps.

  45. Marshall says:

    THAT is pretty funny. Chinese look like “hairless rats.” There’s a WARGAME you can play, it’s called WW2.

    “Congoid” men had to sit this one out. They were relegated to being decimated on decks of ships shooting at planes, or having their guts washed off the decks of same. OCEANS OF BLOOD and guts.

    The Chinese are pretty smart….I guess it’s the “Year of the DRAGON” after all.

    THE BEAST. Maybe what Jesus Christ said was true all the time. As far as “Morpheus” goes in that “Matrix” film, I remember datnigga in “apocalypse now” he was just a little kid. 30 years gone by, just like nothing, and he’s “Morpheus” sure.

    GO BY…LIKE YOU’RE FIGHTING, YOU’RE FIGHTING. Francis Ford Coppola, how did you get all these people to behave the way you did? You made MONEY FROM WAR. Your nephew does the SAME.

    Talk about “parasites of war.” “LORD OF WAR” that was a funny expose of the JEW.


    I know that you told them they would be “PART OF A MOVIE.” Hey Chief, dat guy jus got blown off a bridge!!! Don woory, you gonna be ok.


    Ah guess dat’s movie career. Glad I’m not in that…or Driving Miss Daisy…

  46. Marshall says:

    ‘MORPHEUS.” Hmm.

  47. Q says:

    incogman you are an arrogant,insane person

  48. Anonymous says:

    i KNOW WHO WROTE THIS. I WILL SEE YOU ROUND AND I GOT TO WARN YOU Am an angry gorilla, just cant waite to shoot your ass, cause you know how violent us niggas get.

  49. anti-zionist says:

    Nigger gonna shoot you with white man invention, incog,also he threatened you on computer,another whiteman invention. No wonder he is pissed, one step above dogshit is still dogshit!

  50. anti-zionist says:

    Off topic incog, I was watching fishtv and saw a guy flyfishing in the appalachians and he was catching brook trout but he was calling them speckled trout. Is that true or are they different species of char?

  51. x says:

    Im from Poland. I am very glad, that some people have good vievs. I am a conservative and a nationalist.I hate Jews and blacks…

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