Oakland Blacks Hold Vigil for Cop-Killer




Different time, same channel with these non-stop big mouths — so much so, that even a total scum like this is protested over, when he clearly deserved what was coming. Unbelievable! [INCOG]

By James Buchanan

Police Shot

The sorry Negro was a rapist of little girls.

A group of Blacks held a vigil for Lovelle Mixon, who was shot dead by police after he murdered four police officers in a shooting spree that started when two motorcycle police pulled him over for a traffic infraction.

One news article reports “The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) sponsored a march, rally, and vigil for Lovelle Mixon on Wednesday, March 25th. Lovelle Mixon’s mother, his wife, several of his brothers, and at least one cousin were present. Many people were upset with the all of the official sympathies expressed for the four police officers who died Saturday, while none was offered to the family of Lovelle Mixon and the Oakland police continue to level new allegations against Lovelle Mixon in the media every day. That the media reports all of those allegations — and does not hold the police accountable for the numerous people of color killed by Oakland police every year — was a great source of anger.”


Oakland policemen killed in the line of duty by the criminal Mixon. Spoiled Negroes don’t care when a White is ever killed, cop or not. Note how they stay very silent about their own crimes — like they’re nothing but victimized innocents all the time.

Some of these Blacks were upset that the four murdered cops were being honored with a vigil and that Mixon wasn’t. Gee, you don’t suppose that might have had something to do with the fact that the cops were decent members of society trying to uphold the law while Mixon was a psychotic scumbag, who spent six years in jail for assault with a deadly weapon and another ten months in jail for multiple parole violations?

Several news reports about Mixon talk about his “extensive” criminal record. Unfortunately, some liberal judge let Mixon out of prison even though it sounds like he had a series of felonies on his record –more than enough for California’s “Three Strikes You’re Out” law. Maybe the widows of the slain police officers should sue the judge involved for not enforcing the law.

As if all this isn’t bad enough, a new story has come out that Mixon may have raped a twelve year old girl and been responsible for “five other rapes.” It seems fairly certain that Mixon opened fire on police (and had recently stopped reporting to his parole officer) because he felt that police were about to arrest him for a string of rapes.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports “Lovelle Mixon was linked by DNA to the February rape of a 12-year-old girl who was dragged off the street at gunpoint in the East Oakland neighborhood where Mixon’s sister lived, police said Tuesday. Mixon, 26, a fugitive parolee who shot four Oakland police officers to death Saturday before he was killed as he hid inside his sister’s apartment, might have committed as many as five other rapes in the same neighborhood in recent months, investigators said. All the victims of those rapes were attacked in the early-morning hours, as was the girl who was raped Feb. 5, and the assailant’s behavior was similar in all the assaults, police said.”

From White Civil Rights.com


Here’s a thread on a crazed, militant Negro forum: www.assatashakur.org/forum-demonstration-against-pig-terror-honors-lovelle-mixon-oakland.html Assata Shakur Forum: Demonstration against pig terror.

Tell those SOBing, sorry-dam Negroes to get their big fat asses on the next plane outta here, if they got it so bad.

Of course, they won’t. They have it too dam good in the USA. Free food, money, Affirmative Action for those that do work, Section 8 housing support, easy sex, no responsibilities, KFC and they get to play on the X-box all day long. The bastards know it, too. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of them!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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53 Responses to Oakland Blacks Hold Vigil for Cop-Killer

  1. Icey Key says:

    Just remember to keep in mind who pushed for the Snivel Rights Laws – who wrote the Civil Rights Law of 1968. Emanuel Celler. He was also one of the co-authors of the Immigration Act of 1965. A true, white hating jew. The jews made sure that snivel rights weren’t constructed in a fashion that would grant blacks equal rights. They made sure the laws were and are constructed in ways to give them special rights, privileges and advantages over whites. They made sure the laws were put in place to favor all non-whites, including jews. They made sure the laws could be used as weapons against whites. Just as blacks and other violent non-whites are assuredly used as weapons against the white population now.

    As others have stated, blacks (and mexicans, etc) are merely the symptom. The jew is the disease. A true, parasitic, deadly disease to any healthy society. In the end, the jews are ultimately responsible for this tragedy in Oakland, they really are. I suppose the good lot of them are actually amused by it. I truly believe they get off on whites being killed by non-whites.

  2. anti-zionist says:

    As others have stated, blacks (and mexicans, etc) are merely the symptom. The jew is the disease. A true, parasitic, deadly disease to any healthy society. In the end, the jews are ultimately responsible for this tragedy in Oakland, they really are. I suppose the good lot of them are actually amused by it. I truly believe they get off on whites being killed by non-whites.
    That is a true statement Icey. We have to focus on the jewbag so we can remove the chains.

  3. Icey Key says:

    That’s right anti-zionist. People have to be focused on the source of the problem. The problem is the jews who have created this chaos in an attempt to keep our attention off them wreaking havoc behind the scenes.

  4. RebelFire says:

    Is anyone surprised?

  5. Nemesys says:

    Keep this story alive. Tell every-one – EVERY-ONE about the scum Mixon, and the sub-human vermin advocating for him. Tell eVERY-ONE that the Jew is behind all of this. Post those pics everywhere you can.

  6. MUNTU says:

    It boggles the mind that Commies have push this “egalitarian bullshit” to such an extreme, that we actually believe it despite BLACK crime stats to the contrary.
    I would assume that most posters here believe that this is due to biased MSM coverage and we all know where those “alien” interests lie.
    A good place to start is not to pay them for “Our” own “brainwashing”, by a simple economic sanction of:
    No cable or satellite TV, only cable DSL package from local provider, will cause the parasites to rethink their “stimulus package”.
    How many Newspapers have recently folded because of lack of revenue?
    The Media is only an effective “mind control” tool when consumed by someone. No consumption, no Media, no “Mind Control” victims, no “Nigger Ball” sports freaks.
    THEY will be GIVING it away for FREE in order to keep you in control.
    It’s up to the individual to choose & name their “poison”.

  7. Rachel says:

    Question for the group here, what is your opinion of this guy: http://subvertednation.com/

  8. Nemesys says:

    By the by – did you notice the ANSWER signs, professionally done, at the ready? Again?

  9. rocketman66 says:

    dead nigger tribute t-shirts?.
    4 police officers killed by a multiple felon nigger rapist linked by DNA to the rape of a 12 y/0 girl.
    niggers hold vigil for the poor lovelle mixon.
    the jew media sucks it up like some $10.00 whore.
    it looks like oakland should be bracing itself for some good ole’ nigger riots.


  10. incogman says:


    The photo was from the last protesting they did, with recent BART Negro killing. I just replaced it with a shot from the Mixon vigil and may even replace that one after I go over the other shots I got.

    I couldn’t find any other shots, except from the SF Indy site above, since mainstream news apparently made an effort not to report this particular Negro demonstration for some reason.

    Funny how they are smart enough to know what might piss off Whites.

  11. American says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I’m just getting into that site, and thanks for the link. I’ll reserve judgement until I’m further into it, but so far, I’m listening to a radio show that came from the second post on Subverted Nation.

    It features both John Alan Martinson and Adam Austin. Always interesting.
    Jews had no idea that the internet would rapidly become the biggest media (for thinking people), so keep sharing. 🙂

  12. Rachel says:

    To be truthful, I wasn’t impressed with the tone or attitude of this person(s)…I ran into the radio show on CM blog…beating up your own audience isn’t an effective strategy in my opinion…nor is “they know who you are anyway, send me some $ for the cause”…as if people will send you $ when you’re calling them lazy/weak/useless?

  13. Rob Chapman says:

    Yet one more reason for us Whites must live apart from non-Whites, particularly Negroes.

    Although, of course, there are good and bad elements present in all races, would you ever see such a display of support for such a scum bag from a group of Whites or Asians? Never.

    Personally, if the murderer was White, I’d say take him to a public square, hang him upside down, pour gas on him, and let the families of the slain officers set him on fire.

    Taking responsibility for ourselves and the behavior of our perspective racial kindred is a critical difference between Whites and Negroes. This point is key. For until the Negro community stands up and begins to police its own, they will forever remain the loathsome creatures that they are.

    Negroes, stop blaming Whitey for your own lack of self-control. It’s well past time to take responsibility of your own lives and act like adults.

  14. American says:

    Rachel and others,

    I’ve been on the site all afternoon, and like what Adam Austin and his guests say. Thanks for providing the link.

    I see your point, and I’m sure foul language doesn’t help the cause, but I’ve been working hard to see the real intentions of people. How people deliver the truth has a big effect on how many get with the program.

    What I like is his overall concept of the jew-defined idea of only two races, jew and Goyim. All races are abused, at any opportunity. From my observations, the Latinos in South America are as much or more “jew-rigged” than us.

    Here’s one quick example of Adam exposing the TRUTH, on a 1 min video (Angela Williams in middle of page) here:


    Anyway, I guess that’s how it all works. As friends, we share and cross paths, growing stronger. We’ll need all types, and thanks for the link.

  15. Don son of Robert says:

    There will probably be a demonstration at the campus tomorrow, Anyone have any good agitation strategies/suggestions?

  16. American says:

    I forget who shared links to Peter Schaenk’s interviews, but I listened to the 3rd latest (of Merlin Miller) this afternoon. Again, it’s right on the money. The only thing to remember is that immigration is a device of the jews. It is a problem, BUT jews are behind this, and almost every subversion, like financial crimes (both scams, as well as the Fed, Treasury, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, etc.)– they are all jews, with a few collaborators. It is treason.

    Look it up for yourself. In the meantime, here’s the link to that radio show:


  17. Nemesys says:

    Incogman – gotcha. Like it really makes a difference. All the Nigruhs do look alike, when they are protesting the RIGHT of one Negro ot commit all kinds of mayhem, without facing ANY consequences – especially when it comes to attacking and killing Whites.

    I know the Controlled Media won’t show pics. However – and to his credit – Michael Weiner (Savage) HAS been running this story all week. He devoted his entire show, on Friday, to the funeral. You didn’t see pics of course, but you could HEAR. ANY-ONE with a cell of functioning brain tissue could not help to notice the Congoid voices of the “protestors”. He keot running the interviews all week. His screeners got idiotic Negros on air, to “Blame Whitey”, and make all kinds of deranged, pathetic excuses for Black criminality. They were set ups, of course – al these shows do that. I’m not saying they were actors; they just put the most moronic, childish, narcissistic Blacks on air, that called in. Savage SCREAMED at them, and told them off, and told them how STUPID their excuses were, and SNEERED at their excuses, and dared them to blame “racism”.

    It was great.

    I know he’s a Jew. I hear him quote the Talmud, periodically. I know he, like all other Jews, use ANY Goy for their purposes. Still……..

    Weiner has a nightly auduence of 10,000,000 listeners. Ten million. Ten MILLION devoted Whities.

    Last week he just demonstrated, all week long, that the END of Negro excuses is HERE. NOW. People heard it, too.

    I know that Jews foment Race War. I know that they pit people against each other. I know it’s PATHETIC that we are in a postion where a Jew is speaking the words WE should be able to SHOUT, without fear of any repercussions what-so-ever. But that’s where we are. He may have saved countless Whites, who will sign off on the “White Man’s Burden” mentality. He just told 10 million people that’s it’s A-OK top tell crazy Black bastards where to get off. And that Negroes killing Whites is NOT acceptable. Not to be tolerated for ANY reason. If even a thousand Whites “get it” – more will follow. And who knows where that realization may lead?

  18. Nemesys says:

    Rachel – I was impressed with that site. The bad language is un-necessary – but it may not turn as many off as you may think. People may forgive a young man for unleashing. People are ANGRY.

    The iste is very porfessioanlly done. Does any-one know who Adam Austin is? Any history? I think that the common malady of WN paronoia may have set in a bit, w/ me.

  19. Nemesys says:

    Rob Chapman – yes – self-critique, and reverence for the Rule of Law ARE White things. We are the ONLY Race that has routinely gone to war, and dies for our PRINCIPLES.

    However – no other Race does this. Race comes first, with all others. As you all know, the White Race is reacing the vanishing point.

    Kevin MacDonlad just write that we MUST stop being so principled, and act according to our Racial self-interest.

    I agree 100%.

  20. Fleur de lis says:

    “Personally, if the murderer was White, I’d say take him to a public square, hang him upside down, pour gas on him, and let the families of the slain officers set him on fire.”

    I little over the top, you think Rob? This is what negroes like to do. Set people on fire with gas.

  21. Wolfgang says:

    another psychopath nigger dead but not before the boon manages to kill four Police Officers.And now you have niggers crying for this piece of worthless shit,nigger are sub-human animals who will never take responsibility for they’re actions, its not in the boons interest to work like the rest of us ,why should the nasty fucks do anything when the white man takes care of the filthy boons ass.Wake up White ppl…. wake the fuck up…
    fucking jews are solely responsible for the condition of our fucked up state of affairs…. filthy satan worshiping jews…


  22. Werewolf says:

    About “Subverted Nation” – guy’s on the right track, but until you declare yourself for your own, White, race you are doomed to failure. Being goody two shoes just isn’t going to work. Look at all the organizations devoted to the competing races – along with legal service corporations loaded with non White and Jew attorneys to protect the rights of their racial members. None exist for Whites. White organizations ? Sure there are a lot of candy ass political groups that purport to be for “constitutional” government, or fiscal responsibility, or “conservatism” – but these wilting lilies are to chicken to flat out be for the White people. Only the National Socialist Workers party up in Detroit (of all places) openly stand up for us – when is the last time you contributed to them ?

  23. Werewolf says:

    About “Subverted Nation” – guy’s on the right track, but until you declare yourself for your own, White, race you are doomed to failure. Being goody two shoes just isn’t going to work. Look at all the organizations devoted to the competing races – along with legal service corporations loaded with non White and Jew attorneys to protect the rights of their racial members. None exist for Whites. White organizations ? Sure there are a lot of candy ass political groups that purport to be for “constitutional” government, or fiscal responsibility, or “conservatism” – but these wilting lilies are too chicken to flat out be for the White people. Only the National Socialist Workers party up in Detroit (of all places) openly stand up for us – when is the last time you contributed to them ?

  24. RebelFire says:

    I know it’s not relevent to the topic, but i was watching my local nightly news (yes i know, i’ll do penance later) they ran this “Special Report” about hate groups up here in Massachusetts, you can see the video here:


    i found this report dubious at best.

  25. jvd-s says:

    RebelFire………………I saw your link. It’s the same old ziojew BS. It’s a Fox station; Fox is a jew network. The reporter Ward has to be a jew lackey/ass kisser if he wants to keep his job. The “expert” Levin is an old jew. If the guy Keith Luke had planned an attack against jew he knew enough to go to a jewgog and the same for blacks; he knew where to find them in groups if that had been his plan. The guy probably just got into a neighborfhood pissin contest and fought back. Since he was white, young and large size the news jew decided to create an issue from it. If the guy had been black or jew there would have been no mention.

    One of the assholes said something to the effect that hate groups thrive on the silence of ordinary people. If ordinary people complain about that piece of dung foxman and the adl or for that matter any other jew or jew group they are “antisemitic” and pro facto members of a “hate group”. It is just more jew propaganda directed at the unaware but there are fewer and fewer unaware and jew is concerned, hense BS like the Fox 25 report.

  26. Easterneuropean says:

    Ypu are a negro country, it’s over, all your government, politicians are jews or negroes, the white ones are token whites.

    You are only a few hundred awake people in USA, most of the rest are brainwashed.

    In conclusion most of Americans are more stupid than the average negro from Africa.

    All your decendants will be mulattoes, like Brazil.

  27. Orion14 says:

    A fate worse than being descended from Turks and Mongolians, for sure.

  28. subvertednation says:

    I am the Adam Austin you speak of. My tone and language is exactly what this movement needs. People need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize this shit is serious. These disgusting creatures we call jews are murdering all non-jews by the millions. They are poisoning the air, the water, the food, and everything they touch. I will not give these monstrous pieces of shit a millimeter of breathing room, let alone an inch.

    The previous works with John Alan Martinson were great, but it’s time I move on. The site is being moved over to http://www.subvertednation.NET instead of .com, which Mr. Martinson owns.

    If you have a question about who or what I am, feel free to ask me directly. I’m a regular fella that won’t take shit from anybody…that’s exactly who I am. I was a painting contractor until two years ago when a botched surgery put me out of business. Now I spend all my time alerting people to the jew, and I do it like it should have been done LONG ago. I give them no quarter, and dehumanize them like the foul wretches they are. As long as people look at the jew as a fellow human being, we will stay in this state of oppression, and they will continue to wreak havoc.

    The bad language is part of who I am. It’s also REAL, because REAL people curse. Real people spit and chew tobacco. Real people wear jeans and t-shirts, and walk among the rank and file. Real people say “FUCK” when they stub their toe. Fake, ass kissing mommas boys and liars don’t curse because they’re trying to charm you. I am not.

    ANYONE who wants to know more about me……ASK. I’m here to put the jews and their mafia six feet under, and I don’t give two shits who likes me. This is something I must do as a man of principle, and has nothing to do with anyone else, but I’ll be damned if my children do like I did and say “look at this fucking mess…wish someone would have done something over the last 2000 years”….well, I’ll do it damnit.

    adam@subvertednation.net – Hit me up.

  29. American says:

    The most important distinction people need to be aware of, is that jews are NOT Whites, and vice-versa.

    I made a comment here awhile back, regarding homeless people I’ve been seeing pop up more than usual (ALL White). Now, I see pictures of tent cities popping up left and right, and again, they are almost all White.

    Look to Europe, and you’ll see Whites displaced, while foreigners overrun the place. What do all these countries have in common? Jews mangling the legal system.

    Remember that “non-jewish ‘white’ people” are the most discriminated against around the world. Don’t worry about the foreigners, as everybody’s being used by the ones who sneak off with all the money, wrecking our liberties in the process.

  30. jvd(s) says:

    Anonymous………….You are right “cool story on many different levels”. By his words he could fit in as site regular. He said “Starvation is cheap”- True
    “Today people got no skill and things is getting worse”- True, especially the no skill part.
    “people”…..”they gonna eat eah other”…- True, for some, they haven’t stopped in some places
    “chemicals and steroids ruins people”- True
    “The city is going back to the wild.”- True, it already has in a lot of places.

    American………………RIGHT!RIGHT!RIGHT! NO jew ANYWHERE IS A WHITE PERSON!!!!!!! Of course this is just more jew propaganda. Among themselves they don’t think of themselves as white; among themselves they do not refer to each other as white. They all WANT to be white but they want white to mean jew. They know this is impossible so they continue the propaganda charade that they are white.

    The definition of semite is arab. Arabs are from the middle east. White people are not semites, not arabs, not from the middle east. Of course jew isn’t either, we all know that. White people emanate from western europe. White people are a mix of those that formed the nations of western europe. jew was not involved in nation building anywhere. You can’t be semite as in “antisemitic” and be white; of course we know that “antisemitic” is a euphamism for antijew but, agasin, of course, jew will not admit that it would put IT (jew) on the defensive. It manifests the schizophrenia in ITs (jew) psychology.

    jew IS DEFINITELY NOT WHITE, NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL BE but very much has (since jew discovered that white people existed) always wanted to be white. Knowing that this is impossible jew is trying to change the definiton of white to fit jew and trying to destroy white values to be replaced by filth in which jew is comfortable.

    Imagine yourself as a filthy, despised, outcast, untouchable race hated by all the other desert (Levant) tribes (and rightfully so) and you dicover WHITE PEOPLE. Why it was like discovering a magnificent extraterrestial lifeform. jew IMMEDIATELY said “I want to be like them”; yes that is what jew said and true to IT’s psychopathic, psychologically abberrant nature, set out to destroy that which IT most admired and desired to be like. THAT IS HOW DYSFUNCTIONAL GD IT (jew) IS.

    AGAIN, IT (jew) IS NOT WHITE! IT is neither semite. IT defies description; perhaps virus or as antizionist says” AIDS/HIV of humanity”.

  31. PC_11 says:

    jvd(s) – I’ve had several jews I worked with tell me that jews “… aren’t white”. They didn’t think it was a big deal at the time (they were friendly with me). This was back in the 1980’s. They were actually correcting me back in the day for saying that jews were white. In public, they’re white, but behind the scenes they’re not. They also make it a point to tell other non-whites that they aren’t white when dealing with them, that they’re in it against the white man, etc. This is what they tell black, hispanic, asian radicals when they’re engaged in “meetings” with no whites around. They also do this in business dealings around the world. I’ve had the same experience as some others who’ve posted similar on the net when dealing with Chinese businesspeople. The Chinese would remark on jews telling them that jews aren’t white. To the Chinese, the jews are white. You can bet that while the jews are going to rely on the Chinese when they put the hammer on us, the Chinese may backstab the jews. After all, the top level Chinese have to be aware that the jews created this whole financial mess.

  32. Nemesys says:

    I read the story on the Negro coon-hunter (an luv the rich irony). I respect him, cause he’s right about a lot of the things cited in the article, re: food supply, and chemical additives.

    We are White, however; we can do better.

    I do advocate that ANY WN running across this blog either become a hunter, or befriend a hunter. I know plenty; wild game abounds. I do brilliant marinades for game. LUV game meat. Always have.

    That article illustrates the fact that were is not for the Jew, Negroes would be no problem at all. The smarter ones will earn to care for themselves. When we held authority, they KNEW the consequences for getting uppitty were SEVERE; White Rule was better for them, as well as for us.

    The fact that Whites were idiotic and/or greedy enough to allow the Jew to move in, and gain the whip hand, has destroyed life for EVERY-ONE. We must NOT EVER allow this to happen again.

  33. American says:

    “After all, the top level Chinese have to be aware that the jews created this whole financial mess.”- PC_11

    I hope so, but it sure can’t hurt to remind everybody as frequently as possible. As jews teach, “say it loud, and often”.

  34. Glamdring says:

    Re: The Vigil For The Cop Killer

    I was in a coffee shop the other day, watching this story on TV and discussing it with a coworker. Both of us are white, and so was everyone else in the joint, so we felt at least a little at ease. “You know,” I told him, “I’ve come to expect this sort of unseemly behavior from crybaby blacks (I didn’t know any of the other customers there, so I hesitated to use my epithet-of-choice). You look at the sorry bastards the wrong way, and they’re marching and protesting and threatening to hold their breath. What I don’t get is why supporters of the slain cops, friends or family or something, just let this sort of crass display slide. I mean, come on …”

    “You mean, like, a counter-demonstration by aggrieved whites?” my friend said. “That wouldn’t work. I’ve been to Oakland, and I don’t think there are more than 20 whites living there.”

    “I wasn’t thinking signs and effigies and that sort of candy-assed stuff,” I muttered, so as not to be overheard. “I was thinking more like a wrist-rocket slingshot, a pocketful of .50 caliber lead balls, and a grassy knoll. ‘No Justice, No – DOINK!'”

    My friend smiled a bit. “Bad idea,” he said. “Put a knot on one nappy exposed head, chip one gold tooth, and they’d burn Oakland to the ground.”

    “So what?” I said. “You said yourself everyone in Oakland is black. Let it burn!”

    “Yeah, right,” my friend said, his voice rising. “Then the taxpayers – who are white, by the way – would get even MORE money extorted from them to build brand-spankin’-new housing projects for blacks to live in, to replace the buildings they themselves just torched. Furthermore, if you got caught with said slingshot – and believe me, they’d go all kinds of CSI on your ass – you’d go away to prison for a llloooonnnnggggg time. No slap on the wrist and probation for you, Mr. Slingshotteer. They only give those kinds of namby-pamby sentences to niggers who commit mayhem with AK-47s … Hey, why did it get so quiet in here?”

    “You said ‘nigger’ in public,” I whispered. “Now everybody is staring.”

    “As I was saying,” he said loudly, trying to smile winsomely at trio of little old ladies in the corner booth digging in their purses, probably for their cellphones so they could report him, “Kierkegaard wrote using SENTENCES that were BIGGER, you know? Long, complex, compound sentences that are REALLY hard to read …”

    We paid for our coffees and left in a hurry before anyone could get a good description of us.

    This is an honest-to-gosh true account of the conversation. I guess there are a number of points I’m trying to make here, but I won’t belabor them. Y’all can “figger” ’em out.

  35. rocketman66 says:

    coon man is the coolest negro in america.
    pretty smart too,”the paw is old school”,i love that.
    looks like detroit if a few years might be worth moving to with all that wildlife right in the city.

  36. Rachel says:

    Although I have never hunted anything, I feel the need to add my two cents…As an avid gardener (food, flowers, herbs…all of it) – the difference between what you grow yourself and what you get in the grocery store scares me when I think about what we’re eating.

    First there is the quality – from the store you get a huge tasteless hybrid tomato versus the quality and variety you could grow yourself so easily and so cost effectively. $3 and a little effort grows a mountain of tomatoes. (As an aside, I would recommend growing tomatoes near a tree – tomato plants like more acidic soil, and what falls from the tree makes the soil ideal in my experience.)

    Then there is the age of the produce: ever notice that what you get at the store is partially rotten, or begins to rot within a few days? I have kept produce grown in my garden for weeks in the fridge and it keeps without any chemical or preservative – even lettuce. So what we buy as “fresh” was probably picked weeks ago. By the time we buy things at the market, I am not really confident that they are fit for consumption at all.

    Finally, last year I bought all my seeds “Martha Stewart” and it was a complete mess/had to buy plants to start over late in the game. Even in my little greenhouse, they produced nothing or spindlely little plants. I am not sure if what I read about genetically modified/terminator seeds is true, but I recommend that you avoid MS seeds ans supplies.

  37. American says:

    Hi Rachel,

    We’ve noticed the same thing. Two years ago, we had bountiful, delicious tomatoes (several varieties). We saved some seeds because the harvest was better than we’d hoped. Last year, we used those seeds, expecting similar results, but were quite disappointed. Similar to you, we had minimal fruit, spindly vines, and the quality was poor.

    We think it had to do with GM seeds, but are unable to confirm, as they were given to us from a friend that had many types. In any case, we’ll avoid the “Martha Stewart” ones, and try an experiment with several sources this year. Thanks for the heads up!

  38. Rachel says:

    Hi American,

    I really enjoy being in the dirt I must say – the garden is the best part of summer as far as I am concerned. Otherwise, the heat just makes me wilt and I cannot stand being in the sun unless I am gardening. It used to be, maybe three years ago, that I would get a bunch of new little tomato plants the next year without planting – where a tomato had fallen off and was left there for fertilizer/compost. This doesn’t happen any longer – for the last two years, I have had no re-growth at all. My crazy (crunchy granola tree hugging liberal) friend insists that one should only use heirloom seeds from the local food co-op. I think she may actually be right about something. I suppose there is a first time for everything. 🙂

  39. Fleur de lis says:

    A ‘set up’ against your 2nd amendment rights was false flagged yesterday April 4th 2009. Everything in this story speaks of it.


  40. Fleur de lis says:

    They will milk this one dry for the public. Here is the start of it:


  41. jvd-s says:

    PC_11, Rothschilds are partners with Li family in ownership of central Bank of China. China is heavily invested with Rothschilds.

    Rachel, grocery store tomatoes smll/taste like cardboard. Growing is good. I use canned plum tomatoes, good tomatoe flavor.

  42. jvd-s says:

    Fleur de lis, I’m surprised at the lack response. Over the past few weeks there have been a number of multiple victim shootings. The asian guy shot 14-15.

    Perhaps the economic mess is sufficient to keep “them” busy.

  43. Icey Key says:

    jvd-s, unfortunately almost everyone is heavily invested with the Rothschilds (they also use “de Rothschild”). Their era may finally end if enough countries decide to jettison these hook-nosed monsters.

  44. jvd(s) says:

    Yeah Icey everyone is and not a word about it from the media. Of course we know why. Their era is not near to being over and may never be. The only thing that could bring them to an end would be world wide revolution. I do not know of any successfull “peoples revolution”. All successfull revolutions are fomented, financed and led by “elites”. If such were to occur it would likely be worse for us than the present.

  45. Icey Key says:

    jvd(s), I think their current “era” is reaching its peak and that the way the tribe has set things up will be the reason why we are going to see it all self-destruct. You have to keep in mind that if enough governments tell the yid behind the curtain to “…shove off, our debts to your banks are null and void,” most of the current mess is over. Done. The zionist bastards would be so frantic and enraged they might very well attempt their Samson option. Sure, the entire world would be knocked sidewise for awhile as it restructures financially, but it would recover. I’m not so sure the zionists would ever recover – as long as people were educated and taught to be vigilant. Otherwise the whole hymie headed Trojan Horse routine would start again.

  46. jvd(s) says:

    I have NO faith in politicians, ours or any others. I have met a few and know government/big business, etc.. I have never met any who impressed me as competent with the exception of one midlevel guy and he was being forced out. Politicians are lazy, ignorant, corrupt, egotistical opportunists who are good at getting elected. They are incompetent at governing. They are cowardly, covetous of position and priviledge and feel “entitled” simply because of their ability to get elected. To them “doing the job of government” focuses entirely on them keeping their titles, positions and maintaining the status quo which provides them with the comforts/influence of entitlement.

    These people would no more tell jew to “shove it” than they would turn over a sack full of stolen $100 bills to an orphanage. To be redundant; they are cowardly, ignorant, incompetent and greedy, etc.. So in my opinion that leaves your “hymie headed trojan horse” as the most likely scenario. I admit I am somewhat negative. I have found that “happy” “positive” people are either aberrant fools or cons/schemers.

    As far as the “Samson” option jew KNOWS that this would result in repercussions it could not control so I see it as a non issue. jew will rely on its ability at deception (your th reference) and its ability to manipulate the “victim” con.

    I don’t have any respect for the “survivalist” sort basically because in a time of catastrophic upheaval it will be “communities” that survive and I never see these sorts considering any other but themselves. If catastrophic upheaval occurs we had better be part of a community and perhaps we would survive. If society was stripped down to a basic form perhaps then we could get rid of jew but as you pointed out it would require education and constant vigil over 100’s of years to keep jew out. The only other real answer is extermination, ours or theirs and so far they, by virtue of over 200 years effort in the “modern”era, are way ahead.

  47. Gabe Rivera says:

    While police officers are serving unjust laws, maybe they should be shot. Remember Nuremberg.

  48. ultraR says:

    gabe, thou art a complete and utter asshole.

  49. kerdasi amaq says:

    not at all, not at all. obeying orders is not a valid defence. so says Nuremburg.

  50. JamesTheJust says:

    While police officers are serving unjust laws, maybe they should be shot. Remember Nuremberg.

    Maybe we should sic some niggers on your ass and see how quickly you dial 911.

    (Let’s hope the dispatch officer on the other end tells you that they are not going to obey unjust laws and let you fend for yourself!)

    Gabe. the shit skinned gibbering wonder….

  51. ultraR says:

    Nuremberg is/was a juridically invalid reference.
    you should know that kangaroo courts are not valid.
    As the the hollow¢o$t was/is a joke in terms of genocide,
    so was/is Nuremberg in terms of law!

  52. ultraR says:

    better yet JTJ, let them cops be black cops!!!

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