The Obama Deception


Alex Jones’ documentary on Barry Soetoro is now out, but you can watch the whole thing below the “read the rest…” button here.


Alex Jones may be Zionist Disinfo. From a supposed ex-Jew’s site:

“Think about it. If the controllers wish to direct and condition many patriots to give up and accept their domination, there is no better way to desensitize them than to construct a fly paper forum wherein the throngs who care are exposed to the continual, repetitious, non-stop rantings of someone who preaches doom and against servitude.

This NLP technique of repetition, especially, the grandiose and bellicose variety, achieves – over time – a fatalism and desensitization which serves the elite agenda perfectly. People will only be told to go out and take their country back so many times before the futility of same turns them off and they withdraw and give in to the paradigm of control which has been so carefully constructed by Zionism for well over 100 years.”

Read more here: REAL JEW NEWS

Full-length version now on Google:

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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78 Responses to The Obama Deception

  1. gncarlo says:

    I don’t think I would want to get so obsessed as to see a Jew under every bed. If you’re going to say “Jones”, “Ross”, and “Nichols” are common Jewish names, it would be helpful to print a few links proving this allegation. I see no evidence of it. Does the picture of Jones’ wife prove she is Jewish? I don’t think so.
    “Jones” is the most common surname in Wales (I know, I know; you’re going to say there is no “J” in the the Celtic alphabet; but, virtually all of them use English in school and trade.). “Jones” is also a very common name among American negroes. Does this mean these Congoids are Celts? Or Jews? Please… That you know of one or two Jews named “Nichols” means nothing. Anecdotal evidence is not persuasive, i.e., if I have never seen a red squirrel, does that prove there are no red squirrels?
    Rumor and speculation don’t seem like a very helpful approach to the situation we find ourselves in…..
    Just one man’s opinion 🙂

  2. anti-zionist says:

    I am on the fence with Alex, he has texe marrs on who is like a wolf sniffing out the jew, then that turdball jim marrs. What gives? I say fuck it, stick with incog and the posters on here. The jews as the problem is so obvious once it is revealed. For me the great awakening was stumbling onto the dearborn independent.

  3. American says:

    I’ve never really gotten into Alex Jones. Too many other truthful places to participate and share.

    Last time I heard Jones say anything, he was screaming at Mike Delaney for asking a question about 9/11. I don’t even visit his site.

  4. American says:

    I meant I don’t visit Alex Jones. Our situation is serious enough that we don’t need anybody that dances around ANY of the issues, especially when they are related.

  5. Z.O.G. says:

    gncarlo, I already posted the links proving beyond that “Jones” and “Ross” are common surnames. Most people don’t know that “Jones” can be a Jewish name, but I would think that most people would know that “Ross” is an exclusively Jewish surname. Why are you playing dumb?

  6. Z.O.G. says:

    gncarlo, this is for you.

    The surname “Jones” is listed in the Avotaynu Consolidated Jewish Surname Index under multiple databases:

    [i]Searching for surname [JONES] with soundex code 164000[/i]


  7. themadjewess says:

    His WIFE is a Jew you dumbbells.

  8. themadjewess says:

    Figure you jackasses would have SEEN THIS already.

  9. themadjewess says:

    “Alex Jones’ ‘w-i-f-e’ is Jewish. He has two children by her. His children are therefore by rabbinical law, considered fully Jewish. This is because in rabbinical law, children are considered fully Jewish if their mother is Jewish, regardless of the race or ethnicity of the father.

    Alex’s w-i-f-e and children therefore qualify for Right of Return status under Israeli law. The Israeli Right of Return statute allows any Jew anywhere in the world to immigrate to Israel and receive instant automatic citizenship. Alex Jones’ ‘w-i-f-e’ and children are therefore de facto dual citizens of the state of Israel.

    It is well-known that many years ago Alex Jones used to complain on his radio show about how difficult it was for a non-Jewish spouse of a Jewish person to immigrate to the state of Israel because of the excessive bureaucratic red tape and regulations involved.”

    And Alex Jones is a dumbass MORON.

  10. Z.O.G. says:

    LOL @ themadjewess


  11. babette says:

    I’ve never had the intestinal fortitude to listen or watch Alex Jones for more than a few minutes.

    Rubbed me the wrong way, he did, right from the get-go. I haven’t been back since.

    I did notice, on certain photos of him with his bullmouth, uh, horn…that there appear to be nubs, as of of newly formed horns, about to protrude from his forehead.


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