They Don't Care, Nor Shall We!


These “Elites,” in places like Washington DC, New York and Hollywood, don’t give a good G-d dam about what real America thinks; never have and never will — get that one straight. They’ll climb their flabby rear-ends aboard some slimy lobbyist’s Lear jet, break open that bottle of Dom Perignon, smoke that big fat Cuban and, as they fly over this nation’s heartland, look down upon those whom they consider as nothing but stupid rednecks, “bitterly clinging” to our guns and religion.

BushThese kind of people don’t care one iota if all our manufacturing goes to places like China, India and Mexico — leaving real American citizens with pink slips, a few months of unemployment and more stupid talk about some “retraining.” For what, this time? They could care less about where things are made, only that it’s made as cheaply as possible and bought somewhere, by someone.

It means nothing for them to spend us, our children and grandchildren into utter debt, giving untold billions and trillions to unknown globalist bankers to do with as they see fit — without a care in the world. They don’t even deign to tell us who these people are, where the money goes and when we’ll ever see any results.

Repeat after me: THEY DON’T CARE!


And we know that the Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor a Reserve, but a private entity owned by these lying parasites. We know all about the printing presses, now churning out increasingly worthless currency and that little pretend check-writing bit that they use to make money out of thin air — creating the debt that the rest of us have to pay for with real labor. Forever, they think.

Yeah, and we don’t trust any of these Jews one damn bit, either. Why should they always comprise the board of directors for the Federal Reserve, when the chances for a Jew are like over 1 in 300,000 out of our population? And why are the majority of Obama’s financial appointments Jews or secret Jews, like Paul Volcker and Larry Summers? We know well how they purposefully change names to keep us sheep from smelling a rat.

And we also know that, as a race, they seek to destroy nationhood and White solidarity. Hell, they say so all the time. 

These people are not elected by us, they don’t answer to a living soul and live high on the hog with the private tax that we call inflation. As we work and struggle to buy bread and milk, they brag about how much they spend on some stupid shower curtain for a Palm Beach estate. Parasites, all.

Repeat after me: THEY DON’T CARE!

hispanic-criminalThese kind of people don’t care if the Mestizos break the law and cross over the border, willing to work for next to nothing in this country, while our tax dollars go to pay for local services, schools and benefits. Also, our overburdened hospitals are legally forced to help them have anchor babies so they can stay here forever — when we can’t even afford the health insurance to pay for stitches in a little cut on our hand.

These elites could care less if our streets are filled with the flotsam and jetsum from every stinking corner of the world, countries that have the least concern with freedom, organization and honesty. They could care less if our country becomes just another third world nation like those places, only as long as it improves the bottom line, increasing profits for them.

They’ve been telling us lies for years about all of us becoming “information workers,” but neglected to say anything about H1B visa programs, where foreigners are transported from the slums of India by greedy US companies to do this very thing. Last year, 2.5 million Americans lost their jobs, yet they quietly imported 138 thousand foreigners a month to replace us born and bred Americans in those jobs. Now, they are enacting the H2B visa legislation to replace even the service jobs left in this country.

Repeat after me: THEY DON’T CARE!

And these people freely spend our tax money like drunken sailors all across the globe, caring more for foreigners than us, populations who’ve never had any clarity of purpose, nor the will and strength to fight internal corruption and build their own country up. We see our tax money disappear time and again, paid out as bribes to the thieving tin-pot Dictators who funnel our dollars to personal Swiss bank accounts, as greedy transnational, Globalist companies get rich off the natural resources they plunder.

And, yeah, hese people are smart enough to know that once our country’s manufacturing is gone, so goes the rest. With US factories now overseas, it’s now those country’s unprotected smokestacks that fills the atmosphere with pollution. Yet our brave US politicians now, all of a sudden, are acting like they care so much about Global Warming — telling us that we must have cap and trade for businesses, forcing us to add carbon usage taxes to absolutely everything, like our home electricity bills to the smallest plastic product we buy. But we know it’s all, once again, just to fill the pockets of the same hidden Global parasites of New World Order.


We’re sick and tired of being called “Racists” all the time by these people. We know that 600,000 White males died fighting in the Civil War and we’ve spent the last 40 years bending over backwards to spoiled Black demands. We’re dam tired of having to listen to them whining about it.

We fought Hitler to free Europe, saving the Jews and what do we get? Non-stop propaganda and White hate movies on the Holocaust, how the evil White man always victimized the Indians and the Blacks of the South from a Hollywood stuffed to the gills with arrogant, rich Jews driving German cars like Mercedes and BMW’s. Yeah, we know that Hollywood and the media is Jew territory.

The self-obsessed, so sensitive liberals in the media constantly slander us “Nativists,” “Xenophobes” and “Haters” — should we dare speak up. We’re only allowed to hear their views, from those who think they are smarter, more caring and only they know what’s right for America. Or so they believe.

We’re here to tell these people that they are DEAD wrong and no longer will we listen to these made up liberal and Jewish slanders of White people.


The media bombards this country with contrived images of a happy, loving multicultural paradise, when we know that the people who dream up these false utopias live richly cocooned in protected high rises and gated enclaves. These same know-it-alls are quite careful about where they go and how they get there. Yet, the hypocrites scream bloody murder should we dare say one word about Whites being victimized by horrendous crimes.

These fools want us to be “good” Whites, for us to keep our mouths shut and look the other way, as we see our own people raped, murdered and even tortured. Not only that, but they tell us we must mate and procreate with these other races, even though we see this as a terrible despoilation and the eventual doom to our kind. This bothers them not a whit, since they say Whites are all evil anyways.


We have been told that the media is free, but we know for a fact that it’s owned by a handful of giant corporations, beholden to these rich special Zionist, Globalist interests. This media pretends to have our best interests in mind, yet constantly puts out news promoting this “Globalism,” decrying “Protectionism” and running glossy magazine inserts extolling the wonders of the rapidly expanding middle class in countries not our own.


This same owned media patently refrains from any true investigative journalism on topics involving the real masters, but thankfully — because of the Internet — we can see what people elsewhere talk about and we’re smart enough to know the real deal. They try to laugh in our faces for doing all this, ridiculing us about thinking anything on our own — anything but what they decide to tell us.

On September 11, 2001, 3031 people died horrible deaths, yet so many real questions remain on what happened, ignored and termed crazy by this owned media. Concrete evidence of Israeli Zionist involvement is brushed under the carpet, even Jewish investigators and Judges are openly assigned to this task without a murmur from a media who dares call themselves free.


And we’re quite aware that the majority of Neocon bureaucrats, analysts and policy wonks are described in Israel as “warm Jews,” as in doing whatever they can get away with for Israel — or any Jews in the world, even outright spies, scam artists and criminals.

They somehow expect us to hate anybody that they tell us to hate; they transparently use fear tactics, patriotism and are even willing to use false flag terror, all to jack us up to kill the enemies of them, not us. They don’t care a whit about the death and destruction of any innocent people, just as long as their sons and daughters stay out of military service.

But they sure as hell don’t care about sending our children, who care greatly for America, off to these pissant little countries to die or brutally kill other people. We all know it’s really a global chess game designed to keep up the flow of debt on us — right along with the profit to the Military/Industrial complex and megawealthy Jew Bankers. We’re sick of the “War on Terror” propaganda designed as an excuse for this.

As we spend this country’s hard-earned wealth on these military gambits, we get nothing, zip, nada. Not even cheap gas. There’s absolute no return on the investment to the American citizen, nothing except for the mangled bodies of our children shipped home in caskets marked “unfit for viewing.”


zion-flagThey do everything under the sun for that stolen, apartheid State of Israel, giving them billions a year of our money without the least idea or say of what they end up doing with it, even committing terrible war crimes on Palestinians, like in the Gaza strip recently, or to unduly influence our elections and media back in the US.

And we’ve have heard quite enough of this non-stop “Holocaust” victimhood business, 64 years after our grandfathers fought Hitler. Somehow they seem to forget that part of it.

We also have serious questions of the historical facts and make note of your censorship laws to silence legitamate doubts of certain parts in the narrative touted by you, not us. Yet you demand us to believe the whole thing, no questions asked, no matter how overly-imaginative or ridiculous the story put out by any Jew, anywhere. Truth never fears investigation and we know it.

And these people see no problem allowing Israel to have dedicated organizations such as AIPAC (“American” Israel Public Affairs Committee), Congress of Presidents, JINSA (Jewish Institute of National Security Association), etc. etc., with tens of thousands of Jew members all over, who pretend to be such patriotic Americans while spending millions yearly to manipulate our government and politics. Such groups have even have been caught spying for Israel and accurately should be labeled agents of a foreign government, if not outlawed altogether.

They even allow these “American” Jews to have dual nationality with Israel, voting in their elections and actually serving in the Israeli armed forces — for crying out loud — and return here without the least problem, even gaining high positions in government and intelligence. They refuse to see how a loyalty to a foreign country could be a conflict of interest for America in general.


They’ve never cared a dam about whatever we consider as proper and moral. They insist on having millions of unborn babies, mostly White, killed every year, all for the convenience of those who want short-term pleasures and immoral freedoms. They laugh at us for wanting programs on abstinence and charactor, since they don’t want our children hampered with any kind of moral responsibility.

They would like to see abortion clinics in every strip mall across America, paid for by our tax money, as well as legally enforcing any doctor, anywhere, to perform this murder against their own personal beliefs.

gay-pride-paradeThey want us to emasculate our boys, pumping them full of drugs like Ritalin to turn them into maleable PC zombies, right along with using our tax dollars to brainwash our children in the schools to accept as normal whatever bizarre sexual behavior, orientation and gender bending these sick individuals want to engage in.

And they could care less about grotesque perverts openly marching in our streets, sometimes even performing foul sex acts right in public — in broad daylight — without the least fear of being justifiably arrested. They also expect us to not notice the eventual health care expenses of these people; which, when factored in by the companies, makes our insurance rates sky-high.

They don’t care a thing about our desire to openly celebrate the teachings of Jesus Christ and do everything they can to outlaw the mere mention of him in our schools and other public venues — even try to keep us from saying “Merry Christmas” in our stores. But we notice all those odd little Jewish Dradels and giant Menorahs are now freely shown anywhere — somehow deemed “secular” by the US Supreme Court.



Even the possibility of Barack Hussein Obama being unconstitutionally qualified for president was laughed at by these people. Our reasonable questions about Obama’s birthplace and how he was vetted meant nothing to them; they expected us to blindly go along with some contrived screen image on a website, believing that this would be enough to shut us up when bona fide, real-life documents where never investigated by unaffiliated experts. And now, with the power of US intelligence services at Obama’s fingertips, even this possiblity maybe rendered moot.

They’ve never cared a whit about the Constitution of United States. To them, it’s just a piece of paper in some museum. Our Founding Fathers, now fashionably dismissed as dead old White men by the White haters, showed brilliance and unbelievable prescience when they carefully crafted a document designed to keep these kind of corrupt people from power.

But we know they’ve been doing all kinds of run-arounds, having the unmitigated gall to name one of these as the “Patriot” act. Other executive pronouncements, like the ability of the president to have you arrested without habeas corpus and freeze your bank accounts, simply goes unmentioned by the media. We know they want to remove the parts of the Constitution inconvenient to them — especially the right to free speech and own firearms — all so they can shut us the hell up, target us as “homegrown terrorists” and find some way to disarm us.

Yeah, we see where all this is going.



Nor will these people tell you about the Judaized Socialistic direction this country is now being led, the real reasons for the police state and all these games on America’s head. The media people will not breath a word about the North American Union, Centralized World Banking and eventually, World government. They’ve failed to report in depth on the NAFTA superhighway, the Amero and the plans to rewrite the Constitution — dropping any pretensions that could impede the greed.

And we know that these mainstream media people traitorously belong to globalist groups like the Council of Foreign Relations, working hand in hand with the power structure to keep us in the dark. We see how they turn a blind eye to any kind of White victimization, trying vainly to keep us from rejecting the diversity ideology they insist we go along with. They know all this but, as usual, haughtily laugh in our faces.

You media people are not our friends, but allies and bed partners to the lying Elite behind the destruction of America. You even think you’re one of these same elite, yourselves. Remember these words when we pay your TV stations, editorial offices and broadcast studios a surprise visit from out of the blue: The revolution will not be televised!

Even the corrupted White elites could care less about members of their own race, people who share the same genetics, background and history. None of it makes the least difference to them — you could be willing to put your life on the line for this country and they would have no problem lying to you with a straight face. They don’t care if you live or die, so why should they care about you having a job in the first place and wanting a decent future for your children?

They never ask us about any of these things because THEY DON’T CARE!

Just because these high-flying elites wear expensive Brioni suits and Berluti shoes; have insider connections and overpaid minions rushing to and fro; that all this makes them better than us, smarter, chosen by God. They’ve never walked a mile in our shoes — hell, these pampered, priviledged pigs have never even walked a mile before in their entire lives.noose-drop-out

White America has had quite enough of all this lying, immoral bull. We’ve played by the rules, followed the law, peaceably voted and tried our level best to be heard regardless of the censorship and ridicule tactics of the owned media. But these people just keep ignoring anything and everything that we have to say, or care anything we care about.

Our patience has now run clean out, gone. In that space something a whole helluva lot different than mere patience is now filling the void.

Oh, it’s time for a change, alright. We’re not angry, anymore: We’re furious as all hell.

You just remember these words that I speak here today because, soon enough, we’ll be dragging you out by the scruff of your fat necks from those black limousines and SUVs. We’ll root you out from those walk-in closets of your posh Upper Eastside mansions and Georgetown townhomes and lead you, kicking and screaming, to the nearest wall or lamp post.

And, as you tearfully cry out to us for mercy, we will scream this in your arrogant, piggish faces:


— Phillip Marlowe

Read here about AIG writing mortagages in Israel

This is what a collapse looks like


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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0 Responses to They Don't Care, Nor Shall We!

  1. m says:

    You know what I’m sick of?

    People driving around the USA with those stupid COEXIST bumper stickers.

    No, I don’t want to coexist with:

    Do the Jews in Israel drive around with COEXIST bumper stickers on their cars?

  2. adi-indonesia says:

    Anonymous… it’s never ending debate over which community based religion is the best. Moslems kiling doughters? What data is it? Christians rape douthers all the time? What data is it? Young women christian killed unborn childrens every hour? What data is it?

    I believe phsychopats, insane or something else kill or rape doughter everyday. Only jew kill for religion motivation (remember Damascus case, or talmud?)

    In Islamic view, there’s no right to force other religion follower to convert to Islam. God said in Qur’an: “For you is your religion, for me is my religion.” If we forced others to convert, there wouldn’t be christian left in Egypt, Lebanon, Irak, etc. Morever there wouldn’t be jew in Iran, the country where thousands of jew live peacefully. Even there they had representation in parliament.

  3. adi-indonesia says:

    We fight Israhell jew while let Iran jew live peacefully because Israhell jew occupied our land and expulled our people.

    That’s the way we dealt with others.

  4. FloridaWhiteBabe says:

    One more article I found interesting I forgot to post. Be sure to enlarge each of the documents and read them. I don’t know if he knows it or not, but our head nigger in charge is looking for a fight. I hope we have the back bone to give him one. I don’t know if this started under Bush or not, but the driving force behind both of these sock puppets is the Illuminati Jew.

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Welcome to ZOG america, the filthy jew will will see the destruction of this once great country if.filthy jews and the race mixing scheme is everywhere….they are pushing this multicultural bull shit to the extreme…I expect there will be a major backlash very soon… there is only one way to reign this shit in…. and it aint a the ballot box,we tried that doesnt work…the jews either own or control every major media outlet in jewmerica..
    jew money jew media jew entertainment jew government…
    fuck zionism fuck the jew and they’re porch apes…

    excellent post Incogman…. EXCELLENT….keep up the outstanding work..

  6. Icey Key says:

    While I am positive the whole house of cards is going to collapse, and whites will end up cleaning out the filth and fixing the US (it will take time), the jews who will manage to get out and run to their filthy hideout called Israel will still be happy. Why? Happy for simply destroying the US (even if only temporarily). If they can’t completely or ultimately control something (or someone) they then derive great satisfaction from destroying it. This is their primitive urge manifested in the real world. I’ve always felt a lot of it is their jealousy of the white race being able to create actual civilizations, something the jew has never nor will ever be able to do. It isn’t in their genes.

  7. BLUE says:

    The moneychangers ran the market up this week, even as the horrid numbers of jobless claims continued to rise. They really do not care. The banksters, have stolen trillions of dollars, to prepare for the next up cycle of enslavement to the jewish system of distribution. I urge all patriots to boycott the system shun loans and avarice. If possible, go off grid, which of course is a very green idea so, you can justify it on those grounds alone. The term rat race was coined by the jews. Are you tired of roaming around the maze like a lab animal? Downsizing is once again popular. The concept of a frugal lifestyle, with less consumption and, of course the feeling of being debt free is the way to go. Of course the economy is 70% consumer driven so, living off grid will make you an enemy of the zionist state. Remember all of the jews in charge of the bailout, were at one time employees of wallstreet investment banks like goldman Sachs. Paulson,Kashkari, were both employed at Goldmans. Geithner is stright out of the Federal reserve and also has ties to wallstreet. Getting tired of being screwed? Fight back by living a green, frugal lifestyle. Thanks. Sincerely, BLUE

  8. Big Duke 6 says:

    Hey Icey, remember Michael Douglas’s (Jewish BTW so is Kirk Douglas) character Gordon Gekko in Wall Street?

    Bud Fox asked him “WHY are you wrecking this company?” Gekko says, “Because it’s wreckable!” Gekko’s character was based on the REAL Jewish corporate raider criminals of the 80’s…but look how Oliver Stone and Hymiewood make even MORE money making movies about their crimes!!! It’s like these scumbags feed each other in a thousand different ways, while the goyim get fleeced once and then buy movie tickets to see it re-enacted in our faces LOL!!!

  9. Big Duke 6 says:

    Blue I lived on my sailboat for 3 years…it doesn’t get any more “green” or off-grid than that! I learned pretty quickly that alot of crap I had was totally unnecessary, not to mention taking up space in a storage unit…eventually I’ll end up in the islands on that boat…just getting the cash together. If the USA truly implodes, I can be in the Bahamas in a DAY, and can island-hop all the way to freaking Costa Rica if needs be, not to mention having the world’s greatest seafood restaurant right under my keel at all times LOL!!!

  10. Big Duke 6 says:

    What the HELL is this new BS Jew TV series, “Kings” trying to accomplish? Check out a review, and check out this arch-kike’s website while you’re at it

  11. Saul says:


    Those are not Christians, but perhaps judeo-Christian turds, you have a point, maybe the Muslims that would do such are not Muslims in your book – – BUT THEY DO IT MUCH MORE, I BELIEVE. None of us are perfect. All I said was I agree with NO theocracies-period. Under that idea, I see no reason for ANY Muslim to be in USA except, for talking to Goy Government (where? where?) about getting our jew-cannon-fodder military out of YOUR lands, so you can finish off the vile jew excrement in your grand way, if you want to. I despise the TRAITOR jews influence of entangling Goys in their filthy jew wars!

    More power to you. I’m not your enemy unless your here. I root for you against the foul jew pigs. I don’t even deny the jew’s right to think itself better than I. I only deny with great intent the jew’s right to exist in or assert such views in my Government and God Damn them for it. However, the foul jew can’t help itself, so again, limited options…. Peace….

  12. Saul says:


    In Islamic view, there’s no right to force other religion follower to convert to Islam. God said in Qur’an: “For you is your religion, for me is my religion.” If we forced others to convert, there wouldn’t be christian left in Egypt.

    Well it’s my understanding, that Muslims and Christians lived in relitive peace in the middle-east befor the jew viper raised it’s foul venomous head and was forcefully inserted their by j(U)N treaties that foul little stinking cesspole IsHell didn’t follow. As they soon began terrorist attacks, burning your homes, and shelling your lands and began building nukes (against treaty) with the help of the foul jew snitch inserted Nazi-style via the NEW NSA & CIA with rougue military elements, the same way traitor jews gave our Nuke tech to Russia ( they couldn’t even build a breeder reactor right), then blamed it on a couple of patsy jew idiots named Rosenburgs (spelling?). What a friggen joke! The jew Pentagon (gram) said we needed a ‘Balance Of Terror. Like the War OF Terror.

    Then like with Germany, Vietnam and several other wholly-jew-made wars, they said (U) started it and the rest is history jew style.

    That said I also understand your people have a habit of taxing those not Muslim to the point of conversion. Am I wrong? I don’t care. Point is I am not against vyour wishes to remove this deranged parasite for YOUR lands.
    God bless you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Your a fucking idiot, i hope u die…

    i would love to fuck you in your tight —–
    — it, —- you, then — all over your nice hunky chest

    • incogman says:

      You’re a disgusting homo. Thanks for illustrating just how sick you Gay boys really are. Normal? What a laugh. I deleted the truly sick words in this homo’s little rant.

  14. psyn says:

    You slay me incognant. You attacking someone else for posting sexually explicit material when you do the exact same things yourself with your lurid descriptions of the Phil Spector trial, to your posting of gay pictures which got this blog labelled as mature. And of course, I do recall the sexaul remarks you directed at me when I posted here.

    I think you really get off on this stuff….otherwise why would you post it.

    • incogman says:

      Sure, dyke-type-thing.

      You don’t know the vile crap that homo said — never have I said that shit. You would love that kind of thing all over the media. All you homos and dykes are vile sodomites who get thrilled to disgust us straights.

      You JEWS are using this sickness to destroy society for your benefit and we’ve had quite enough.

      And you’re stupid description of the Fed is just that — stupid. Who gave these people the right to profit off this country? Them, that’s who. Anyone can go over to my links section “Follow the money” (on the left) and click on “The creature from Jekyll Island.” It’s a talk on the origins of the Fed and what it’s about. Spend a lousy hour listening to it and then you’ll see the giant rip-off going on.

  15. psyn says:

    “March 10, 2009 at 3:51 pm


    Oh, looks like we have psyn, the dyke Jew, gracing us with her presence. What, does it satisfy your inner Jew to visit here? Why should one bother to reply to your comment, when all you can manage is another half-assed attempt.

    The US government doesn’t own the Federal Reserve! It’s been proven time and again in courts to be a private entity. Here’s the court papers:

    And, oh, I don’t have have to run very fast. Can you run faster than 2700 feet per second?”

    I checked this link you provided and as usual you are lying.

    This link speaks of the member regional banks that make up PART of the federal reserve system. The member banks which control these regional banks are privatey owned. The regional banks are heavily controlled and regulated by the Federal Reserve and the federal government. To say that the regional banks own and by extension contol the federal reserve system is a strech to say the least. You were hoping that I would not follow up this link but I did. Too bad your you incognant.

    The US government over sees the printing of money and the head of the federal reserve is answerable to the Federal government. It’s board of governers is chosen by the president of the US.

    The question of who owns the fed is easily answered, it is the US Treasury department…not the member banks who control the regional reserve banks. In fact these regional reserve banks act as agents for the treasury department.

    GOT THAT INCOGNANT. One wonders about the veracity of your other souces of ‘informantion’

    You claim my post is lame….bull, you could not refute what I was saying so in typical fashion you ignored it

    Finally, meet the objects of your attacks face to face….and we will see how tough you really are….

  16. Marshall says:

    A sophisticated scam indeed, Incog. Get some pictures of SILVER CERTIFICATES, and you’ll have an idea of what a U.S. DOLLAR used to be…

    A PAPER DOLLAR, is just THAT. It used to be nothing but a warehouse receipt for gold and silver on hand in a bank. PERIOD.

    Mr. Goldman and Mr. Silverman figured that one out pretty quickly, and came up with a way to make money from nothing, (fractional reserve lending) while getting to keep the principal!!!

    Oh poor goyim…JEWS would steal the EYES out of your very SKULL if they could, and congratulate themselves for doing it at the same time!!! Bernie Madoff is a FALL GUY in a JEW CARNIVAL OF DEPRAVITY.

    He’s cooling his heels at 70+ years old, in prison? Does he miss his wife Ruth Madoff? I’d go to prison willingly just to escape that critter LMAO!!!

    Three hot meals and a place to sleep…better medical care than WE CAN GET, paid for by TAXPAYERS…US!!! Not a bad deal after he financed Yeshiva University and who knows what the hell else? He’ll probably get out of there too…

    Johnathan Pollard is only in Butner, NC…right down the road from my hometown.

    SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN…it’s all a huge SCAM. Might as well walk into a carnival freak show or DISNEYWORLD. Michael Eisner, proud tribesman, states formally that probably 40% of Disney EMPLOYEES are GAY and/or LESBIANS. It doesn’t seem to bother that disgusting freak of nature, he’s a JEW…he made his billions!!!

    THEY LIVE!!! If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny, Incog.

  17. Nemesys says:

    The Khazars have already killed the USA. Soteoro’s “presidency” was the death knell.

  18. themadjewess says:

    You LET it happen. YOU LET IT HAPPEN.

    Soetoro is MORE powerful b/c of blogs like this one.

    YOU ARE ALL OLD FARTS, you were there during the 60’s riots, and you did ZERO.

    WEAKASSES. Just whiney rotten little jerks. Go join a resistance movement. Go do ANYTHING. All that you stupid traitors do is whine and CRY all damned day long. BABIES.

    Whaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WORSE than the LEFTISTS.

  19. Nemesys says:

    We are in a Reistance Movement, you inane Kike. And the only reason the USA, and ethe West, is in the State we are in is cause we allowed your Tribal filth IN. So eff off you pathetic trout. Go take your meds.

  20. American says:

    Hmmmmm. Madjewbagess and ‘canadian” are back (JIDF), and Anarchore has disappeared?

    Anyway, this is a video for those wondering HOW to take the first steps. I think Brendan O’Connell being willing to sacrifice himself for what is right, while ONLY asking us to work on similar projects in order to keep sharing the truth, is the least I can do.

    Scott made this video with some specific approaches:

  21. themadjewess says:

    MAYBE this will make your day- but I DOUBT IT.

    You are NOT in a ‘resistance’ movement, NOT AT ALL. Nobody is going to line up just to murder Jewish people.

    You do NOT target LITTLE PEOPLE.
    Stupid fkers.

    That is why people LEFT S.F. and all of the other ‘white power’ CRAPPOLA. People KNOW that it has to be a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN movement, not a ‘white-only’ DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!!!
    What a bunch of NO GOOD rotten LOSERS.

  22. Don says:

    Was John Demjanjuk one of the “little people”? Did the Jews spare him? Why the double standard?

  23. Nemesys says:

    People come and go from SF all the time. All the time. Words getting out, Mad Skank. Different groups may coalesce, but t always comes down to Race, in the end. Race is Nation. Nation is Race. I feel sorry for all the mongrels out there, who don’t belong anywhere.

  24. themadjewess says:

    <<Is a ‘little Jewess’

    I NEVER did ANYTHING to you rotten bastards. You punish the ones in POWER, INCLUDING the 500 PLUS FALSE pseudo-Christians.

    The UNRIGHTEOUS persecution that you idiots bring on LITTLE people is an ABOMINATION before the Lord your God. You will pay for this, you will. god is NOT happy with the way you asses treat little people. I see HUNDREDS of comments here by well-meaning people and you asses SUCK BIGTIME.
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  25. American says:

    Here’s the window we need to audit then ABOLISH the Fed.

    Get on the phones…it’s so easy, and you have to punch them when they’re weak. Throw these JEWS out, and take back your money (what’s left of it):

  26. babette says:

    They don’t care, but young men still enlist in the war machine to do “their” bidding. They don’t care, but people still flock to Hollowood garbage and pay to see it. They don’t care, but people still shed tears of joy when one politician ‘wins’ over another. Meanwhile, the agenda remains the same.

    I tentatively suggest no one will get hung from the rafters, and no one will have his/her ass nailed to any wall. We are in perfect agreement concerning the urgency to retaliate and to mete out punishment, but I fear you overestimate the sagacity and determination of the populace.

    Anyway, according to savants who study Biblical and other ancient texts, WWIII will start on 10-10-09.
    Should WWIII commence, and one may disregard the date, those pesky questions re. 911, the economic meltdown and so on, simply evaporate. Furthermore, a world war would decimate populations and hasten the imposition of One World Gov.

    I think we’d be well-advised to prepare for such an eventuality.

    Perhaps the time is well nigh past Matthew’s 24:6 “Ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars.”

    I appreciate the insights, and your always very fine writings.

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  27. JamesTheJust says:

    I look forward to the day when I see every satanic jooo and their supporters swinging from the lamp posts!

    What a great and wonderful day for the entire world!

  28. Maggie says:

    @ themadjewess

    Stop typing words in capitals, you silly little woman.

  29. Daniel R. Evans says:

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not confronted by someone of your extremely low intelligence. For the rest of my life, probably, I will continue to have my senses assaulted by the vile and disgusting face of what you represent. There is a simple fact. Everyone cares. It is only when we are confronted by the insignificance of our own voices that we feel unheard. There is no reason what so ever for you to continue to act like an idiot. I believe you are grown up, so why don’t you act like it.

    Alas, I suppose we will just have to wait until you all die out. You see, there is something remarkable at work here. It is, in itself, god. Natural selection. A concept so simple yet so complex. You see as we all grow and evolve as a human race, your breed will just end. Just another flaw on the tree of evolution. You will leave no mark on history, and even your legacy will be forgotten. As your remains rot in the ground, we will joyously dance atop them singing of your demise.

    No matter how bitterly you try to fight it, if you refuse to conform, you will die nameless. Even now, you notice the age and scarcity of those who give their support to you, and that will change. You supporters will get older and lesser until there are no more. You see, those whom fight with change usually change the most. I say all this with a smile on my face knowing that we will outlast you and your hurtful words.

    Toodles ^_^,

    Daniel R. Evans

    • incogman says:

      Listen to that: “REFUSE TO CONFORM.” Yeah, I refuse to conform to my NWO masters and the evil hypocrite minions who kill at will across the globe. Proudly. It is you that is a true walking, talking idiot that these people love to see. A most “useful idiot.”

      Isn’t that just like a spineless liberal? I spit in your fat idiot face right here, right now and your children will spit on the memory of you because of the world you gave them.

  30. Daniel R. Evans says:

    We all have to “conform” whether or not we see it as horrid. In this blog you all speak of death and disunity, and the best defense you can give is to childishly tell me that my children will “spit on my memory”. It truly is sad. While anyone may “spit on my memory”, I fell more comfortable with the fact that I helped this country to become what it will become. I will not be horrifically wounded that I struggled to hold onto a dying, if not dead, ideal.

    While “my children” may “spit on my memory”, there will no doubt be a reason. As that may seem to be a horrible thought to you, it isn’t for me. You see, we all disagree with things that people say and do, sometimes. That does not mean it wasn’t worthwhile. As I said before. We do not need to prove you wrong. We will just outlast you.

    Toodles ^_^,

    Daniel R. Evans

  31. anti-zionist says:

    Daniel you are a slave.

  32. Biker says:

    outlast us? how? why would you want this? when everything about the waltons or leave it to beaver is GONE… when your son and his husband get matching nose rings? when your daughter becomes a satanist? when your children look at YOU (if you are a white male), as everything that is WRONG. everything that ever has gone wrong, and wish that they were BLACK, or MEXICAN so that they could also be cool and fit in? when your grandchildren do not have a spouse of the opposite sex? no little house on a quiet street where noone locks their doors? no Christmas dinner? what we represent here, and i think i speak for all, is a system of values and goodness that is lost on YOUR kind. and … sadly you are right, soon to be lost forever. enjoy your new world dumbass, WE, are the “good old days”. dont say we didnt try and warn you!

  33. GDL/White Master says:

    Daniel R. Evans,

    You are one pathetic idiot! I wouldn’t doubt if you are a Jew. I got news for ya pussy, I used to be a braindead idiot like you (though not as STUPID!) Its called waking up, and more Whites are waking up everyday. Blinded mice like you are going to disappear. You just go along with whatever is popular with no idea where the road leads to (hint: DEAD END), and you are envious of the fact that we have the balls to tell the truth. You prefer to play it safe like the wimpy yuppy you are.

  34. incogman says:

    Daniel Evans:

    You outlast us? What a laugh that is. The only way you could outlast anyone is as a pathetic slave or ass-kissing sycophant, while the true patriots die fighting the evil slime who are at this minute working for the day they make you a slave.

    I bet you voted for Obama, didn’t you? What a sorry excuse for a man you are. You’ve got the brain of cottage cheese and the backbone of a limp noodle. (much like your pecker, I’m sure) Obama continues the JEW WARS, you blubbering fool, and the Israelis commit real-life oppressions on the Palestinians and you spend your time attacking me?

    Suck a dog’s ass, you jack-off.

  35. GDL/White Master says:

    Daniel R. Toodles definitely needs to grow a sack. Its a damn shame a White man can be such a pathetically stupid coward!

    Toodles is probably a fag.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Daniel- your name inspired an anagram: A DEVL’ , R INSANE

    I sure its not the best but it was quick. You sound like a pod-person from a body-snatchers film- ” join us….dont resist…its beautiful here….so calm…”

    Its YOU that needs the cure. toodles

  37. gtrman says:

    me above

  38. GDL/White Master says:

    Toodles says we must “conform.”

    Lets take a look at the definition of “conform” shall we:

    1 : to be similar or identical; also : to be in agreement or harmony —used with to or with
    2 a : to be obedient or compliant —usually used with to b : to act in accordance with prevailing standards or customs <the pressure to conform

    "Conform"to garbage like that Mexi-scum up above making that "I'm a no good spic" gang sign!

    Hey Toodles, what in the hell do you have in common with that Mexi-scum above? Do you think he wants to live in harmony with you? Do you think he is tolerant? Or would he rob, rape, and murder at the drop of a hat?

    Yeah, I got other ideas for scum like that, and there are no "Toodles" involved!

    Get with the program Toodles!

  39. Biker says:

    Mr. Evans needs a sentence of one month in WATTS, WITH his family, to be served consecutively with a sentence of one month in the south Bronx, WITH his family… in 3 months you can come back here and apologize… and then we can talk DAN MAN.

  40. Daniel R. Evans says:

    We all have decisions to make. I understand the values you represent, but things change. Times change. While we can still strive for the best, we must understand that so too must our values evolve. Not completely, no. If a blade of grass were rigid and unyielding, it would easily snap in the slightest wind. It must be flexible so that even on a windy day it will survive. I would rather love life than spend every waking minute lashing out at others because of my own insignificance.

    Now, you may call me a slave, but I am more free than you ever will be. The only obstacles that we have are the ones we create for ourselves, and I choose no to build walls that will inevitably need to be taken down. Redundancy is a tool of the loathsome.

    Toodles ^_^,

    Daniel R. Evans

  41. Daniel R. Evans says:

    I’ve taken some time to think. I believe you are all beyond reason, so you will just have to suffer your lives. I hope someday you all find happiness. I truly do. I hope that you find your quiet neighborhoods, and I respect your keeping values, but none of us have a choice. We have to be tolerant to a point. The world is evolving. It is coming together. I can’t hardly wait for the day it does. What happens when everything is what you want. If there isn’t anyone around for you to spend your hatred on . . .

    Toodles (For the last time) ^_^,

    Daniel R. Evans

    • incogman says:

      Oh God, if it’s not Toodles boy again. Didn’t I tell you to go suck a dog’s ass, faggot? “The world is evolving.” Right. I guess that explains all the uptick of Black and White crime. Which concerns you not a whit.

      Guess what, Toodles boy? America has had enough of your line of BS and soon you’ll be hiding in your closet with your birkinstocks, sucking on one of your dildoes in fear.

  42. anti-zionist says:

    toodles likes toiling at his job 8 months outta a year to pay the jew interest on all the personal, municipal ,state and federal debt. What part of the last statement do you not get?

  43. kerdasi amaq says:

    Thanks for the amusing read Daniel R. Evans. That’s really blinkered prose, but I can respect someone who doesn’t throw around the r-word or the anti-s-word like a nuclear bomb.

    “your children will spit on the memory of you”, that is, if there are any as liberals are not prolific breeders.

  44. GDL/White Master says:

    Toodles wants to remain a blind wimp. Yeah, keep on numbing yourself Toodles, reality will smack you upside your liberal head soon enough. Reality will rip off your love buttons and peace signs. You speak of hate concerning us, you have no idea what hate is. Life is not what you see on tv. Everything on tv is nothing but a sorry lie, but you obviously like to live a lie so you can avoid conflict. That not something to expect out of a man, a heterosexual one anyways.

    Toodles you talk like you are reading some type of (JEW) manual on how a White person should think and talk….but we think for ourselves. Soon enough you will have no choice but hop on the bandwagon, then you will transform yourself overnight, while thinking how you should have never rejected those White folks.

  45. GDL/White Master says:

    BTW Toodles, you came here lashing out at us, we didn’t come looking for you did we?

  46. Marshall says:

    “Conform” Toodles? To WHAT? Keep “conforming” to what comes over that Talmudvision Daniel…it’s the new “Jewality.” Soon you will “evolve” into a cross-dressing pedophile murdering psychopath in a common-law marraige to a mexican black lesbian. Put some flowers in your hair and let the food stamps flow Daniel!!!

    ROMANS 12:

    2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is the good, acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

  47. Biker says:

    Incog: “cowering in your closet with your birkenstocks sucking on your dildo in fear”

    thanks Incog, i woke up the whole family laughing! between you and Marsh: Soon you will “evolve” into a cross-dressing pedophile murdering psychopath in a common-law marraige to a mexican black lesbian. Put some flowers in your hair and let the food stamps flow Daniel!!!

    choking on my coffee LOL!! yeah… FUCK YOU Daniel, YOU are the reason that life is what it is today! “just be tolerant” just drop to your knees with an open mouth huh? ignore the flag draped boxes coming home WEEKLY for Israel? accept the fact that there are neighboorhoods that you just cant go into at night? or even during the day if you dont have dark enough skin? understand that we deserve what were getting for “all the whitemans oppression”? if you dont like the race mixing, gender bending propoganda on TV, just be tolerant, and change the channel… TO WHAT?! again F U C K Y O U ! your kind NEEDS to get into the closet, and the hell outta the way of the MEN and Women that are going to take back our country..toodles? HOMO..

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