Blood is Thicker Than Water. Or Is It?

By Jayne Gardener

When my children made mistakes while they were growing up, especially if those mistakes had unpleasant consequences for them, I often reassured them that it was okay, that some lessons just seemed to need to be learned the hard way. Truer words were never spoken. One lesson I learned recently is that if you’re going to broach “the Jewish question” with someone, don’t start with the Holocaust. I know, I know! I should have known better, in fact, I did know better. I just couldn’t seem to hold myself back.

I was having lunch with my sister as I have been doing every Monday for the past 20 years. In the course of our conversations during that time, we have covered just about every topic under the sun. Husbands, children, movies, books, the weather, politics, our gardens, her boss… name it, we’ve discussed it. But on this particular occasion we found ourselves talking about the Holocaust.

Now, my sister knows that I read a lot of the Holocaust books growing up, including Anne Frank’s Diary, Rudolph Vrba’s I Cannot Forgive as well as more than a few others, plus she knew that I had seen all the movies. I remember talking to her in depth about Schindler’s List after we had both seen it at the movies just as we had talked quite a lot about the Holocaust after we had seen the television miniseries by that very title back in the 70s.

I first remember learning about the Holocaust in the early 60s when the news was full of details about the capture and subsequent trial and execution of Adolph Eichmann for his “crimes against humanity.” I remember asking my mother what it was all about and she explained it to me. I recall being horrified by the details and my mind boggled trying to picture 6 million people suddenly gone from the planet in such an inhumane and ghastly manner.

Since then I had read as much information as I could find on the subject and often did papers on it from various angles for History class in high school. I read the books and I watched the movies and I cried. When I was 17, I started a relationship with a Jewish boy that lasted the better part of 5 years and he and I would often talk about what had happened to the Jews of Europe. No one was more of a believer than I. Anyway, I digress.

I believe the subject came up this time because my sister and her husband had just returned from a vacation in Europe. They had visited one of the Holocaust memorials and she was describing it to me as I glanced through her photograph album of the trip. We began talking about the Holocaust as we had many times before but this time, unbeknown to her, I no longer shared her view of it, having learned what I believe to be the truth from reading a lot of the so-called historical revisionist sites online.

My “awakening,” to steal the term from David Duke, began a few years ago when I had questions concerning the Holocaust for which I could find no good answers. I started going to different sites online dealing with the issue and with each word I read I experienced a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, a dawning, creeping horror of realization that, in all likelihood, I had been mislead, most likely deliberately. I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t believe it. But I couldn’t deny the ring of truth in my discoveries and gradually, over weeks and months, I came to accept what I believe to be the truth. I had indeed been lied to.

I sat and listened patiently to my sister for as long as I could before I felt I was about to explode and then, even though my internal voice was shouting “Don’t Say It!” I heard the words come out of my mouth. “I don’t think we’ve been told the truth about the Holocaust.” There it was, hovering in the air between us, like a bullet forcefully ejected from the muzzle of a gun, unable to be called back. I had arrived at the edge of the precipice and like a fool, I had jumped. I watched as a look of sheer disbelief crossed her face, her eyes narrowing as she stared at me as though she was just seeing me for the first time in her life and wasn’t at all pleased with what she saw.”What?” she finally sputtered out, looking at me as though I were a creature to be pitied.

“You can’t possibly mean that.” “I’m afraid I do mean it,” I responded. “I’ve spent the last two or three years reading everything I could lay my hands on regarding the Holocaust and I think we’ve been lied to.”Oh come on, Jayne,” she said in her most patronizing voice. “We’ve all seen the pictures.” “Of course we have,” I told her. “And we’ve been lied to as to what they represent. Jews were interned by the Germans just as we interned the Japanese but unfortunately the rail lines in Germany were bombed, stopping the flow of supplies….plus there was a typhus epidemic…..many Jews died of either starvation or typhus, but not by gassing……at least there’s no conclusive evidence of that.” “Stop it,” she said, an angry look crossing her face. “Let’s just drop it. This is very upsetting for me.”

Dead Jews? No, dead Germans — victims of the completely unnecessary American and British bombing of Dresden, Germany in February, 1945.* The Holocaust™ industry callously uses photos of dead bodies from the US/British liberated concentration camps to push the Jew victimhood business — but all those dead (many non-Jews) seen in those psyche war films (see below), died from starvation and typhus from the blockade of Germany and merciless, around-the-clock, allied bombing. What’s totally twisted is that millions of White Gentiles really did starve at the hands of Jews — during artificial famines created by Communists in the USSR. See below for video and links on all of this [INCOG].


“It just doesn’t add up,” I continued, forgetting that retreat is sometimes the greatest form of valor. “To have killed that many people in that manner in such a short time is simply not possible. The Nuremberg trials were a joke…..people were executed simply on so-called eye witness testimony……confessions extracted by torture……It makes no sense. They are jailing people for disagreeing with the official version. Doesn’t that prove they’re hiding something?” “Just stop it!” she repeated.

“I don’t want to have this conversation. It upsets me.” “It’s upsetting for me too, I replied. “I’ve had to rethink everything I learned about the Holocaust. Do you think I wanted to believe what I’ve come to believe? Learning this has been very disturbing for me, but I’ve done the research and I’m convinced. We’ve been lied to and if you listen to at least part of what I have to say I think you’d see where I’m coming from.” “Stop it,” she said, her face visibly tinged with an angry red color. “This is just too upsetting for me and I love you. I don’t want to fight.” “Fine,” I said.

“It’s upsetting you. It upsets me too. But this is silly that we can’t even talk about it. Are there any other periods in history we can’t talk about or is this the only one?” “Maybe it is silly,” she replied with a cold, steely glare. “But it upsets me and I am done talking about it. I can’t believe you of all people……….you dated a Jewish man for five years….how can you?”

Perhaps I shouldn’t have, but I dropped the subject and tried to direct it toward lighter things. But I was hurt, deeply hurt. I can admit that. What my sister was basically telling me was that she would rather believe that I am a horrible person than to even conceive of the notion that Jews might have lied about and/or exaggerated the Holocaust to a political or financial end.

I had been tried, judged and convicted in her eyes without even being allowed to make my case. This is how good the brainwashing has been. This is what has been achieved by all the books, movies, museums and television programs ad nauseum that have led most people to believe in the hyperbolic and in some cases totally fallacious view of the treatment of Jews by the Germans in the second World War.

I had been allowed no legal representation, no plea of innocence, no fair hearing. Nothing. I was condemned simply because I uttered the most horrid of words. “I think we’ve been lied to about the Holocaust.” I had committed the unpardonable sin, one that was unforgettable and unforgivable. I stood condemned.

In the weeks that have passed since that day, my sister and I continue to meet over lunch when our schedules permit but there is a palpable difference in our relationship. I feel wounded, disappointed and yes, angry, that my own sister is not open-minded enough to even listen to what I have to say and she is disappointed in me (and probably disgusted by me) because I have decidedly and unequivocally stated out loud that I believe the Holocaust did not happen in the way in which the history books have claimed. My own sister. The one with whom I shared a room for the first fifteen years of my life. The one who told me the facts of life. The one who stood up for me when I got married. They say blood is thicker than water. I used to believe that.

But then, I used to believe a lot of things.





Above video does not have thumbnail, but works.

Why America Believes in the Holocaust. Episode #9 from Denierbud’s Buchenwald series. Go here for all his Holocaust videos: One Third of the Holocaust Deleted by ADL Thought Police at Youtube:


The USA and Britain caused way more starvation than Nazi Germany. Episode #11. Deleted by ADL Jews at Youtube:

Go to Denierbud’s videos: “Buchenwald: A Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil. An opportunity for America’s Psyche Warfare department.”

MUST WATCH VIDEOS: GO HERE for this Buchenwald series. Denierbud’s main menu: One Third of the Holocaust

This collection of short videos describes what was really behind all the visual evidence that most Americans base their beliefs in the Holocaust. They just don’t have a clue how much this has cost America and the rest of the world (except Israel — the prime benefactor, along with the money-grubbing Jews in the devious Holocaust Industry).

Other documents pertaining to all this:

The Liberation of the camps: Facts versus lies

The Holocaust: Let’s Hear Both Sides

‘Examine all the evidence’

Stalin’s Jews

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution

Jew and Bolshevism

The Origin of the Artificial Famine in the Ukraine 1932-33

Ukrainian Famine

*The final death toll at Dresden has been a hotly contested subject for decades. Generally, it was accepted by historians to be somewhere between 25,000 and 35,000, but many (like the Jew novelist, Kurt Vonnegut, who was actually there) thought it was well over 130,000. Today, serious Zionist political efforts are now being made to reduce the number to less than 20,000, which is a sorry joke to the truth. No one will ever really know since the city was full of hundreds of thousands of White German refugees fleeing from Stalin’s Jew Commisars and Mongolian armies to the east. It could easily be over 100,000 innocent civilians.

One thing for certain is that well over 600,000 German civilians died due to allied bombing and hundreds of thousands of Germans civilians were later massacred, raped and shipped off to the Soviet Union. Almost 500,000 White civilians — people just like you and me — never came back, dying horrible deaths in the Gulags (Siberian prison work camps).

Right along with all that, over 5.7 million German civilians were purposefully allowed to starve to death over the next 5 years by the US and Britain, with at least 1.1 million German Wermacht (army) POW’s dying in open-air prison camps — all this was planned long before the war was even over by General Dwight Eisenhower and his Jew handlers Henry Morgenthau, Jr. and other secret Zionists and Marxists, back in Washington, DC. Read more here

This was murderous Jewish GENOCIDE, plain and simple. It should be considered a HATE CRIME against White people everywhere and it MUST be understood that the number of Whites killed in Europe during this time (not even including the Communist crimes before then) were far, far more than the number of Jews who did die in WWII. We’ve been totally lied to by these evil people and each of us must do whatever we can to awaken other Whites to the real truths.

But any talk about this German victimhood during WWII is deemed “Politically Incorrect” by the paranoid and arrogant Jew brainwashers who afflict Western White countries today. In their arrogance, they try to force us into believing that Germans were somehow “deserving” of all this, along with not wanting any competition for their “King of the Victims” status, just like they do with the 1915 Armenian Genocides in Turkey. I say BULLSHIT, Jews!

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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173 Responses to Blood is Thicker Than Water. Or Is It?

  1. jvd(s) says:

    incog, you are right they do not have a clue. It is in their genes and it has been transposed into their false religion/culture. jew has absolutely no clue what would happen to it without White people. Again it is their genetics;just as a virus has no idea as to the ramifications of the destruction of its host, so is jew. Their autonomic system would simply seek another host.

    DTN8, tell me your opinion after you look into it.

    Icey Key, unintentionally I left out your name and others. This may be something your interested in, if so tell me/us what you think.

  2. American says:

    “Maybe there are just 3 or 4 of these bugs and they each have ten sceen names”-gncarlo

    I’m starting to think the same thing. I’ve bumped into a few trolls that have been harassing Scott Roberts, and I don’t even have my “jews uncovered” site yet!

    This one guy in particular, “Ravdov” on youtube, is especially twisted, even for a jew. He sure gets around, and always leans on web hosts,etc, by imploring the jew owners to honor his requests SOLELY b/c he’s also jewish. Pathetic.

  3. Bleda says:

    Unfortunately you can’t tell any historical information, just like i expected. All you can say is basically “what how can you say that, it happened, yankee doodle doodle sun is shining cows are running”. Unfortunately i am not a Jew too, and the speech i sent is belong to Justin McCarthy a white American who constantly gets threat because he’s talking the truth. And do you even know in France and Switzerland saying anything against Armenian “genocide” is a crime so you can’t even discuss it, yes if you would be someone else who lives in France and defend no Armenian genocide theory you would be jailed. If it really happened why are they so scared of uncovering history? And you know what, just like 2-3 years ago Turkey invited Armenian historians to debate the subject with Turkish historians in Vienna, guess who decided to not to debate at last minute?

    And yeah they also say between 1-1,5 million Armenians was killed, do they even know total Armenian population was between these numbers and if that much Armenians would be killed today there wouldn’t be millions of Armenians in Europe and USA.

    And yeah, that idiotic comment about Native American population, i think if orion14 know even a little shit about Asian nomads he wouldn’t say those stuff (or he would) because Asian nomads are among most adapting and survival communities of the world history, if they can reach millions of population in the land of Mongolia and Central Asia (where desserts are huge and climate is terrible) they can easily reach millions in the rich lands of North America. A million ha? Ridicilious. I bet you would say those who died in Vietnam and Iraq were all terrorists too…:)

    And about Jewish genocide i didn’t tell my opinion even though you marked me as Jewish.:D I am not Jewish and i say 6 millions Jews didn’t die because of Nazis but indeed many Jews were imprisoned and died.

    As the last word; those who keeps repeating “Khazar Khazar” screams i wrote about the subject before, Khazar people were mostly Muslim, Christian and Shamanist. Only the elites of Khazar were converted to Judaism. And today reminiscents of Khazar lives in Lithuania, Ukraine and some in Russia, they all speak Turkish, they don’t believe in Talmud and they don’t look Jewish. Search for Karaims on net…

    Gosh information never had been so free yet ignorance is more common than any other time…

  4. American says:

    “Only the elites of Khazar were converted to Judaism”-Bleda

    You jews would be hilarious, if you weren’t so dangerous to the rest of us non-jews.

  5. Bleda says:

    Oh btw, i don’t have any friends who read this blog, so gncarlo, let’s see who is tag team member…

    April 12, 2009 at 3:44 am

    Icey Key

    Comment was written on 3:44 almost 50 minutes after my comment and here’s gncarlo’s comment who’s a lying bastard:

    April 12, 2009 at 3:45 am


    A minute after “my tag team member”! Apparently he was waiting and refreshing the page every minute to write a comment just a minute after my “tag team member”!:D

    • incogman says:


      All JOOS are RACIAL tag team members, taking turns keeping the Goyim on the ropes. Hell, they even have dedicated groups on the Internet, using software like Megaphone and organizing secret editors on KIKEpedia.

      You’re a JOO and don’t try to say otherwise. I know that 3 of the different names posting here in the last 24 hours come from a specific overseas place, not you, but you still could very well be another JOO, hence a fellow tag teamer.

      Understood, JOOmanja?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bleeder, you and dicephalus need to get a new script. People get sent to jail for merely questioning the, eh, extremely questionable numbers presented by jews regarding the Holoco$t®™©. Always twisting the truth. Are you creating the vague feelings of doubt that your Hasbara instructions theorize take place in the minds of readers? No. All you’re doing is demonstrating once again the never-changing tactics the tribe dictates for use against those who are aware of what’s really going on. Fill up a page with false facts, grandstand as if they’re real and then run for it for a while. If this site is so silly and unimportant, what are you doing here? Hah.

  7. orion14 says:

    Happy Easter to all my comrades in arms, Christian and Pagan alike. This is a time of rebirth, to renew. We shall overcome!

    Now, go forth and multiply! 🙂

  8. orion14 says:

    I’ve been wanting to install megaphone on a computer I have here, but I’m very leery about it. Anyone have any experience with it? It would be great to use one of their own weapons against them.

  9. Bleda says:

    Wow… Everything has a limit but ignorance.

    I am telling a fact that anyone denies/questions Armenian genocide (including historians) could go to jail in France and some idiot telling me “so does Holocaust deniers” did i say i support those who question Holocaust should go to jail?

    Whatever… I’ve told what i wanted to, those who aren’t blindly believe anything they hear from media (apparently you people believe anything you hear but Jewish genocide) can visit and learn about the subject.

    And you Incogman, i started to think you need medical care, i am telling i am not Jew and didn’t defend Jews for a second in my comments yet you tell some stuff and claming i am a Jewish, and telling some weird stuff and sound like you think all the Jews in the world reads your blog, do you know that’s called paranoia?

    • incogman says:

      And you Incogman, i started to think you need medical care, i am telling i am not Jew and didn’t defend Jews for a second in my comments yet you tell some stuff and claming i am a Jewish, and telling some weird stuff and sound like you think all the Jews in the world reads your blog, do you know that’s called paranoia?

      Man, I thought I scared off all the Jews with my “Oy Vey! Scary photos for Jews” photo essay, but I guess not. Seems like I’ve only irked them once again. Oh well.

  10. Icey Key says:

    What have we all said constantly? SAME SCRIPT. Make up facts. Then present them as something that “everyone knows” are true. People are thrown in jail all over Europe for just questioning the fairy tale numbers jew present as fact for the Holoco$t®™© legend. Then they claim that those who are aware of jewish lies and treachery are “mentally unstable”. The jews have been using this tactic for decades, claiming that anti-semitism is a mental disorder when in fact it’s a healthy reaction to evil jewish behavior. They are truly the most self-deceptive haters on this planet.

    Paranoia? That’s the kettle calling the pot black. Look up the rates for paranoia amongst different ethnic groups. The jews have the market cornered. It’s genetic. Just like their hive-like, insect-like group behavior that most of them refuse to acknowledge.

  11. gncarlo says:

    “All you can say is basically “what how can you say that, it happened, yankee doodle doodle sun is shining cows are running”. ”

    “Central Asia (where desserts are huge )”

    “Gosh information never had been so free yet ignorance is more common than any other time…”

    How true, how true….

  12. gncarlo says:

    Bleda sez:

    “April 12, 2009 at 3:45 am


    A minute after “my tag team member”! Apparently he was waiting and refreshing the page every minute to write a comment just a minute after my “tag team member”!:D ”

    WTF I didn’t say anything like that (whatever it means ?), meshuganah. It must have been those voices in your head again.

  13. Icey Key says:

    gncarlo, the tribe always uses that tactic of “you said such and such” when you never said anything. They make sure to use a tone that they hope will convince bystanders as fact. Too many people are aware of this, so it works less and less well as time goes on. The best weapon is the truth.

    • incogman says:

      gncarlo, the tribe always uses that tactic of “you said such and such” when you never said anything. They make sure to use a tone that they hope will convince bystanders as fact. Too many people are aware of this, so it works less and less well as time goes on. The best weapon is the truth.

      I’ve had them use that tactic on me before. They come up with some bull out of thin air and state it as something you said, knowing full well other readers are not going to know any different. They want you to go off half-cocked and sound shrill in your denunciations. It’s an all-too-typical Jew strategem.

      Debating anything with a Jew is like nailing Jello to the wall.

  14. gncarlo says:

    The blacksmith’s son discussing the carpenter’s son:

  15. whitefella says:


    Found this link at a White site tonight. It would be useful to have unaware Whites have a look at this, then give them a couple of links to video footage online of WTC Building 7’s controlled demolition. It may be enough to get some of them thinking.

    Like the woman’s sister from that excellent article, it is perhaps too much to expect to break through decades and decades of Holey Holoco$t®™© brainwashing straight up with most unaware Whites. A relative tried to tell me long yeas ago that it was a con job and I remember thinking he was obviously nuts. I didn’t tell him that, but I clearly remember that was my pre-programmed mental response after all those years of khazar TV and movie Holey Holoco$t®™© propaganda. I think the same probably applies to a majority of Whites around the world still today.

    It was WTC Building 7 that woke me up, and there are bound to be other Whites for whom it can also be the key that unlocks their atrophied brain.

    If my experience is typical, then the realization that 9/11 was pulled off by the khazar mossad can eventually lead them to the sites that reveal the long suppressed truth about the khazars’ Holey Holoco$t®™©, the khazars’ murderous coup against White Russia early last century and the khazars’ flooding of all the world’s formerly White countries with third world coloreds starting in the mid-60’s, etc. etc. etc.

    Another closer to this wake up deal is helping them become aware that it is the khazars who have stolen all their money, all their pensions, and all their jobs and homes today. By the time they get to this point they will understand that these absolutely evil khazars have been hiding behind the label “jew” for centuries.

    Keep up the good work, Incog,
    ~ whitefella

    {chosen [Master] people [Race]}

    judyism: a racist supremacist political ideology.

  16. themadjewess says:

    Too bad MORE Gemans were not KILLED.

    TRAITOR to our grandfathers- what a TREASONOUS SEDITIOUS FUCK you ARE IncogFAG.

    Didnt YOUR father or grandfather fight the Nazis??
    Disgusting SCUMBAG TRAITOR.

  17. Nemesys says:

    I know how this wonderful authoress feels. I personally, want to SMACK THE &^$^& out of ANY-ONE that supports the JEW LIE.

    FYI – I see we have a realy fabulous new Psycho Kike on board. Hey Hebe-ess – I just got another person turned around TODAY re: Jew treachery.

    So you might as well go back to your normal activiites of sucking off Satan. Crawl along now

  18. Nemesys says:

    The Talmud turned me around. I pulled an English translation OFF a Kike site. They are proud of their deliberate, pathological evil. I refer to it, when people try to tell me how innovent and victimized the Satanic Synagogue members are. I tell them where to look.

    MedKikess – I got it for free. BEEYICH.

  19. Rusty says:

    Hilf mir, Incogman! Jews have invaded my church. One took over our Easter Service and told all us stupid goyim that we needed to get in touch with our Jewish Heritage and that we owed everything to the Jews. My story here:

    What do you advise?

  20. Rusty says:

    “It was WTC Building 7 that woke me up, …”

    Me, too. It’s my best line against sheepish idiocy. I just drop in, “Yes, but, what about building 7?”, do a tiny bit of explaning, and then don’t say anything at all. The question eats into their brain and a few months later they are confiding to me their discoveries about the plan for one-world government and the fact that Jews seem to control everything now. Ist schoen.

  21. Bucephelus says:

    Six days before Richard Poplawski, 22, was arrested on April 4 after a shootout in Pittsburgh that left THREE [P;OCE PFFICERS DEAD, he posted this message on the Infowars website: “For being such huge players in the endgame, too many ‘infowarriors’ are surprisingly unfamiliar with the Zionists.” Among others, Poplawski blamed Jews and government for America’s travails, and he took it upon himself to try to destroy those he vilified..” Poplawski tread the dark path by narrow-mindedly despising, hating, and accusing those different from himself, nurturing a poisonous ill will until it led to irrationality.
    “Poplawski believed that the police, federal government, the media, and the banking system were all largely controlled by Jews” SAME AS THIS BLOG DECLARES”, SO POLICE MAN SHOULD BE KILLED.
    It was websites like the “neo-Nazi Stormfront forums and the anti-government conspiracy Infowars site,” that “fueled Poplawski’s racist conspiratorial mindset .”, heated, apocalyptic rhetoric of the anti social forces that spill over at some point into violence in the hands of Richard Poplawski prone to lashing out.

  22. anti-zionist says:

    They came for him and his guns dummy and he fought back.

  23. Bucephelus says:


    “They came for him and his guns dummy and he fought back.”

    Not surprising, that attendance in this blog think like you.
    It makes it clear, that blogs like this should be blamed as direct influencers of killers like Richard Poplawski and as the cause for the Killing of the three police officers.

    • incogman says:

      That’s right, Jew. You Jews are pulling out all the stops to:

      1) Commie-fy the White countries.
      2) Censor us Whites who’ve figured out your deal.
      3) Disarm us, so as to do even more destruction of our race.

      Sorry, Jews, your little rat schemes will never work and soon Whites globally will be coming for your sorry asses, grab you by the back of the pants and scruff of the neck, and frog-march you straight the hell out of our countries. We’ve plain and simple have had enough.

  24. Bucephelus says:


    “Censor us Whites who’ve figured out your deal.”

    All I have seen is YOU censoring and deleting everyone that oposes your ideas of promoting kiiling of police officers

  25. American says:

    Keyboard Warrior can’t seem to do anything right, as FOX reports “John Demjanjuk was released from federal custody late Tuesday, just hours after immigration officers took him from his Ohio home in a wheelchair. He’d been scheduled for deportation to Germany to face a possible war crimes trial.

    An appeals court is giving the 89-year-old another chance to argue that deportation would amount to torture, due to medical conditions that include kidney disease. ”

    Ha Ha. The wheels are coming off! Notice the “German” attorneys trying to prosecute Demanjuk are actually jews. It’s time for jews to quit pretending they are members of their host nation when convenient, while all the time exploiting that nation. Jews are jews, no matter where they live, at least that is what they say.

  26. Icey Key says:

    Hey Incog, you’re right. Bacilliphallus is using the Hasbara manual. He types certain statements all in caps to make sure they (hopefully) catch the attention of new arrivals giving the site a cursory glance. Censor all the hypocritical zionist animals. We have enough questions of our own. I know other people have asked the following questions, but since I have a spare minute or two, I’ll ask them again. Of course, jews will chime in and say none of the following statements are true, but a review of FACTS, once you dig through jewish propaganda and lies reveals otherwise.







  27. babette says:






    So many questions, so little time…

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  28. babette says:

    This sort of “boo-hoo, my family doesn’t listen to me” sort of article is no longer relevant.

    All have family and friends who assume the position: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

    Big deal! Who cares! F**k ’em!

    We are well beyond trying to convince the obstinate and the hydrocephalus.

    The chasm widens between those who want to “know” and those who don’t. There must be a reason.

    They are no longer our concern. Move on.

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  29. babette says:

    I grew up in a jew-hating family, those here and those still in Europe, so perhaps I was a bit brusque re. the USraelian authoress.

    So here’s my “nice” advice: Cry a little, blow your nose, and get on with spreading the word OUTSIDE the morons that make up your family.

    My neighbor just left. She’s suddenly really interested in what I’ve been trying to tell her.

    Another, a male colleague is now totally immersed in 911 Israeli Mossad involvement, Chemtrails and the holohaux.

    There are pockets of light, my friends, but it’s up to you to create them.

    So long amigos,
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  30. Anonymous says:

    First of all it’s very dangerous to debate the holocaust, say in Germany you go to jail for it.

    I have read up a bit about this subject and talked to family members (as my country was occupied during WWII) The German occupiers did round up all, Jews, Gypsy and homosexuals they could find and did ship them away.
    They did have an Arian race program, which German occupiers did get local “pure” women pregnant and did send these kids to Germany for Arian training.
    They did arrest anyone who spoke of freedom, and sent them to camps. My Grandfather was one of them. In these camps where they were separate from the jews and other “unclean” people they died in mass numbers of difteria and other deceases.

    I have never meet anyone I know who can truly say the holocaust happened, I was told in school, and by media it happened but I never heard it from anyone I know who lived through the war, even in the camps.

    I am certain they were arrested and taken away into camps, I am not sure if they were exterminated there. I do believe the camps was made for “re-education”, “slave labour” and so on for the war effort. I do truly believe a lot of these prisoners died in human tragedy by deceases, malnutrition and so on.

    I know for a fact the so-called jew-soap is a hoax, in my country there were 100’s of thousands of these “horrid” soap bars, I do believe this hoax was to make everyone feel guilty. (I washed myself with dead jews). Some of these bars were studied scientific and there were zero possibility they were made from dead people. The soap bars were probably made by jew slave labour, which is bad enough.

    Anyway my point is, the Germans did a lot of bad things during WWII, they hurt a lot of people. They did round up all the “unclean” races and took them to camps. They also did this to anyone who disagreed with them. For sure a lot of good people died in these camps, and I can imagine the infections, germs and viruses were not vaccinated, nor properly treated by the Germans, who most likely had there soldiers health and enough strain on there medical system to help opposers. This is all wrong and the idea with these camps to enslave people is absolutely wrong. However I do not believe they would make all the effort just to kill people in the camps, I do not believe they cared if people did die either.

    The Holocaust by bullets, I just saw I found several things a tad weird.

    1. The sole survivor statement was; We had to undress walk up to the edge of the grave and a German (in front of them) had a machine gun and shot them down. He survived as he was not hit, he hid beneath the dead bodies until it was all quiet. (about 20 minutes) he then crawled up and walked, he meet 3 Poles, they were on there way to pick up the clothes which he stated were allowed. One of the Poles had a cross around his neck and told him to go back to the grave where he belonged.
    This story touches several human taboos, undress being naked around others, hide between dead people, people taking killed peoples clothes for there own use, and the inhuman comment by a Christian.

    2. The study group had this; The typical executions were that the jews were undressed, then lined up naked in front of the grave, shot down, then someone filled soda ash and dirt and flattened out the layer and the next wave came. They were shot from behind to spare the German soldiers from seeing the victims.
    Again the taboo with nakedness

    3. They showed some pictures of people with guns pointed at them, they all were dressed in clothes.

    4. They showed a video clip, a truck with adult men was taken to a mass grave, they had to walk into the grave, stand at the wall and was shot from behind. A lot of bystanders were there, civilians who was there to watch even kids watching.
    These men were jews, they were taken to a grave and shot from behind they all had there clothes on when they were shot, and someone immediately started to fill the grave with dirt.
    Who were these Jewish men? Why were they shot without there sons? Why did they have clothes on? Why did the Germans allow bystanders?
    It was most likely same as what the Germans did to the local population in other occupied countries. If the cooperation was not there, protests, resistance or what have we. They rounded up a random number say 10 of men who had nothing to do with anything. Gathered as many civilians as they could gather and executed the men. Then the civilians were told next time you don’t comply it will be 10 more or whatever number they came up with. This appeared to me to be the likely scenario of the film clip.

    Now from the above, all the photographic evidence everyone was fully dressed. They were obviously shot inside the grave at the opposite wall from behind. Why? if you shot a bullet from behind in a person the bullet goes through and is highly likely to hit any bystanders.

    This is just what I think;
    The naked killings is most likely a hoax.
    Stealing clothes from dead people is most likely a hoax.
    Hiding between dead people and crawling up is most likely a hoax.
    Meeting people covered in blood from dead jews naked, then told to go back to the grave is most likely a hoax.
    I never saw any children killed this way, nor women on the evidences. However a lot of witnesses stated this. For the moment I am not sure what to believe regarding this.
    The film crew stated that SS documents admitted that over 30000 people in one place was killed this way, I did not see a copy of these documents. But it would be very helpful if they did.

    The obvious hoaxes is there to make the “non-German, non-fighting” feel bad and guilty from WWII, just like the Jew soap.
    The documentary even stated this, we should all feel guilty of what happened. This is where I rejected the entire thing.
    The other not so certain what really happened is more hard to nail, I know the Germans killed a lot of civilians (men) to knock down resistance. Make people come forth (who was hiding etc.) They did this to non-Jews everywhere the occupied the land, and I guess at that time it was probably seen as a necessary evil. Like Guantanamo Bay today, it’s wrong we all know it, but it still happen. At that time the level was most likely on a worse scale than today, as the Police used torture regularly in all nations at that time, so what we do today would be fully acceptable everywhere then. Did they mass slaughter men, women and children this way. I am not sure, they could have and they might not.

    Anyway just my 2 cents, the Germans were wrong, they did very bad stuff to other people, and they lost the war. Because they lost the war, the real stories will never come forth. The history belongs to the winners, as simple as that. All the bad stuff the Allied side did, we never hear about it. Like when the US Air force used Napalm to melt the tarmac so it flooded into the bomb shelters in civilian areas, and killed who knows who many in a most terrible way.

    The absolute fact is this, all wars are horrible, the suffering from civilians are always terrible. The attackers always do bad things, the defenders always try there best to terrorize the attackers. It’s nature of wars, in this day and age you wonder why the hell anyone resorts to wars anymore. How can the civilian population in the nation attacking other nations sleep at night, they know they will hurt civilians, they will hurt kids. Ruin life of numerous people, still people today just like the middle age fully support this stuff.

    Stop looking at the holocaust and start looking at how we can prevent more wars, and stopping the ones going on today.

  31. kerdasi amaq says:

    The Germans had the war forced on them. The really guilty parties are New York and London financiers.

  32. Biker says:

    the second world war, the holohoax and everything that happened 1930’s to present is a direct result of the first world war, the treaty of Versaille. the jewish communists taking over Hamburg in 1918, a major shipping port, helping to paralyse the German army was the ‘stab in the back’. also, there were quite a few Jews at Versaille. and Poland drew first blood, the Prussian corridor was the scene of some brutal ethnic cleansing directed at Germans in the years between the world wars.

    all war is wrong, all sides did terrible things, but who got their own country out of it all?

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