David Duke Arrested in Czech Republic!

This is running me hot, people. Whether you know it or not, David Duke is a genuine American Hero and staunch fighter for White European people the world over. This is truly an outrage!              


On Friday afternoon cops arrested in Prague’s restaurant “Black Eagle” former Ku Klux Klan boss David Duke. They transported him to interrogation for suspicion that he denied and approved Nazi crimes, for this crime in Czech Republic he can be condemned up to 3 years.

“Mr Duke was arrested after previous approval state deputy for suspicion for committed crime of supporting and promoting movements which are try to suppress human rights and freedoms” told speaker of Prague cops Jan Mikulovsky.

According to newspaper Pravo, reason for arresting is holocaust denial.

Police arrested American right after redactor of Pravo made interview with him. On the place of cop’s strike was about 30 cops in masks, which transported Duke away.

“I don’t afraid being arrested, it was never happened in any Europe country before,” told Duke to Pravo 15 minutes before cops arrested him.

Duke’s visit is organized by Filip Vavra, which is suspect to be connected to neonazi National Resistance. American came to make two lecture – at Saturday in Prague’s center and at Sunday in Brno. He came also to promote his book My Awakening freshly published in Czech.

Source (in czech): http://www.novinky.cz/domaci/167334-…lux-klanu.html.

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04-24-2009 05:45 PM CET
David Duke was imprisoned in Prague in restaurant Cerny orel, right when he was giving interview to Czech newspaper.
Duke was on tour to promote Czech edition of My awakening.
30 policemen from special “Anti-extremist police unit” with masks attacked the restaurant and imprisoned Dr. Duke. He had apprx. 10 bodyguards from Czech pro-white activists, but police prevailed.
David Duke is charged from holocaust denial and facing up to 3 years of prison.
Days before David Duke arrival to Czech republic, jewish groups and media requested for strong police action against “KKK leader.”

04-24-2009 07:09 PM CET
Cops take Duke to Police headquarters of 1st Prague district. Attorney Kolja Kubicek is heading there.

04-24-2009 09:40 PM CET
Duke’s attorney Kolja Kubicek told to ?TK (Czech Press Agency), that police will probably accuse Duke and propose a detention because of risk of escape and continuing with committing the crimes. American does not denied holocaust and do not promote racism, said Kubicek.

04-24-2009 09:52 PM CET
Czech political police is asking court to put David Duke into custody. Court should be deciding if David Duke will go to custody.
Duke´s attorney is Kolja Kubicek, very good Czech attorney who is already defending various of Czech white activists.
Court has 48 hours to decide about custody (transfer of Duke to jail).
Main police arguments for custody are: concerns that Duke will continue in “criminal activities” (=holocaust denial, promoting racism) and concerns that Duke will escape from Czech rep. and avoid his trial.

04-24-2009 10:14 PM CET
US Embassy in Prague will not be comment Duke arrest, told to CTK embassy’s deputy.
Far right Workers Party published on his pages statement in which marked American’s arrest as unprecedented and reasonless.

04-24-2009 10:22 PM CET
Apprx. 30 white nationalists is currently in Prague before police headquarters, where Duke is persecuted. Other nationalists are coming to prevent police to transport Duke to prison.


Amnesty International: http://www.amnesty.org/en/contact

Czech Republic Embassy

3900 Spring of Freedom Street, NW, Washington DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 274-9100
Fax: (202) 966-8540


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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101 Responses to David Duke Arrested in Czech Republic!

  1. psyn says:

    Icey Key
    “One more thing – I$rahell is an aparthied state. Arabs have to live in separate areas, marriages between jews and non-jews are not recognized, and the Arabs and others merely have stick figures as political representatives. These are but a few of the truths about this wonderful land of milk and honey. The laws in I$rahell in fact treat jews and non-jews differently. ”

    More neo nazi lies

    It is true that for the most part Jews and arabs are not integrated(ie live in seperate areas) But, that segregation is not enforced by law hence it is not aparthied. Jew/Arab marriages are recognized if one member converts to the others religion or if the marriage takes place abroad.
    Now…since you consider Jews to be of a seperate race…religious conversion should make no difference to you, hence bi racial marriages (according to you definition) can take place in isreal. Quit while you are behind.

  2. themadjewess says:

    I might REMIND Jews that DO come to this BLOG that Jesus was a JEW, he taught from the TORAH, they called him RABBI. He was born in ISRAEL and murdered by ALL people in ISRAEL, he was HEBREW and one of us. That the BOTTOM LINE.
    Calling Jesus mother a nevermind and saying Jesus was a nevermind is a NASTY ROTTEN THING to say about a brother. PERIOD.

  3. psyn says:

    Mad Jewess
    ‘I dont disagree with that psyn. I am not self hating though.

    Yesterday you TOOK UP for leftist Jews, I CANNOT. Leftists, Liberals, enviro-wackos, Bolsheviks have DESTROYED my nation. You cant deny this, and it is EMBARASSING what leftist Jews have done, but you are also missing btwn the lines, b/c FRAUD Christians like Rick Warren are a detrement on this society as well.

    IF people can SEE a difference, then WHY is that wrong?? I AM NOT AS THESE DAMNED LEFTISTS ARE.

    As far as the neo-nazi crap. They dont scare me.

    I am a Jew with a 22. I practice what I preach.

    I 100% BELIEVE that leftists, no matter WHAT their race SHOULD be hung. I dont care of they are Jews, Christians Hindus or whatever.

    As far as copy and pasting silly FOOL, Icey PEE- like I have the time?? Stupid MORON.’

    I am confused by your linking of lefists and jews. I make no such links.
    Because one is leftist, it does not follow that one is Jewish. You evoking of this link is classically anti semitic and I also reject you contention that ‘leftist’ is bad.

    The whole arguemnt about America being a ‘christian nation’ is a topic onto itself and from a legal perspective the US state is neutral in this regard.
    We shall have to agree to disagree here as the topics you raise are way beyond the rather limited scope of this forum…and most of it’s contributers.

  4. psyn says:


    I don’t think so, once again. I do believe the most casual perusal of my meager blog will show the reader many posts of mine, original material, in my own words and thoughts, however crude.

    “Borrowing,” you say? I put in quotes and reference them with links, all the time. This habit of mine is simply to buttress what I’m saying. I think that’s a common tool all over and perfectly acceptable by everyone. You’re being totally pedantic, as usual.”

    How witty of you incognant..it took you who long to come up with that.
    Whatever, it is alot tamer then some of the things I have been called by you and alot more subdued then the threats you have made against me

    None of your ideas are orginal incognant, alot of you blogs are replete with extended quotes from other sources. Your ideas from Jews come workd from word from the protocals of Zions(it self a forged work). So get off this idea of trying to pass your self as ‘original’

    The more people that come here and challenge you the more it is apparent how truly stupid you are.

  5. Marshall says:

    Madjewess those are qreat quotes…I copied them to my HD!!!

    Madjewess, maybe you’re aware that John Quincy Adams wrote a scathing book denouncing Freemasonry, and there was even an official “Antimasonic” political party at that time. Of course we now know that Masonry only serves global financial elites, aka Rothschiilds and their “moneychanging” Zionist/Communist “New World Order” ilk.

    Psyn, I’m not a “Neo-Nazi,” nor am I member of any other group, public or clandestine. I consider myself a Jeffersonian Libertarian, and Constitutionalist. I’m a Ron Paul supporter. I’m Pro-Life too. Raised Episcopalian, but have since become very personal in my relationship to Christ, as I have yet to find any mainstream denominations who are not in the pockets of the modern Pharisees in one way or another. I have a couple of guns, a rifle and shotgun, been hunting with them all my life. I’m an entrepreneurial, independent and incorporated small-business owner.

    Psyn and Madjewess should be aware that things are about to heat up substantially in the USA between the modern Jewish Bolshies and people like myself. If I’m not on “their list” by now, I should be LOL!!!

    Link to current lawsuit:


  6. themadjewess says:

    Leftism is of the SATAN. period. I LIVE around the leftist Jews. It is NOT anti-semitic to be AGAINST TRAITORS to HaShem, psyn.

    I just showed you our nations quotes from its founding fathers, you cant disprove that.

    Did you ALSO know that PROFESSORS of the Christian faith ONLY are suppose to take high offices in this land>??? NOT Jews, NOT Muslims, not ANYONE but Christians.

    There IS a difference in beliefs, morals, LAWS of GOD. Leftist so-called Christians and leftist Jews HATE Christian people psyn, I DO NOT. They have DESTROYED this nation.
    You can think I am anti-semitic all you want, but I will NOT stand by and take up for people that are IMMORAL.

    HaShem held the whole camp of Israel accountable for the act of one man and He withheld His blessing until the matter was dealt with. There was sin in the camp and God would not continue the blessing of the nation as long as this was so.

    SIN IN THE CAMP. The Hebrews did NOT go through to the Promised land, psyn, remember that generation that DIED in the wilderness?? THAT IS THE “LEFTIST” today, taking up SPACE in AMERICA.

  7. themadjewess says:

    Marshall, I inderstand. You are HURT for our once great nation.

  8. themadjewess says:

    I didnt ASK these people here to ‘like me’ -Ask them yourself.
    But America IS my nation, and I have to ease any pain ANYWHERE I can, whether they like me or hate me. You need to OPEN your EYES, because people are HURT. It is NOT “hate” psyn, it is HURT. Big difference. I am VERY HURT over the assault on my nation. Enough to have opened my OWN eyes. There are MANY things I do NOT agree with these people on, they deserve my honesty though. They ARE people, and their way of LIFE is being destroyed, and you cant see it.

  9. themadjewess says:

    Yes, I know Marshall, Savage is suing Napolitano. ^5.

  10. Volkbeobachter says:

    Outrageous. Is the so called “Czech Republic” controlled by Jewish PM also ?
    Hungary and Poland are – and of course France – Germany may as well be. The world is getting a good taste of Jew control – and it’s only beginning – the Kikes are promising to rule with an “iron rod”. Has anyone set up a legal defense fund for Duke – I want to contribute !!

  11. Marshall says:


    I noticed that and am truly amazed. The question is, what are his motives? I used to listen to Savage, until it dawned on me that he was actually Jewish (this is what I really hate, “name-changing” WHY? He pre-screens all his shill callers, and can’t seem to get through 15 minutes of his show without mentioning Hitler.

    Savage strikes me as an opportunist and “fake opposition” agent. Maybe he expects to make some serious shekels off this upcoming confrontation, gain publicity, or ultimately DIVERT his followers from the real issue at hand, hmm? “Controlling both sides of a debate”…CLASSIC.

    Perhaps his ratings are dropping, like they are with ALL major media personalities…but be assured I will be watching this affair closely. Where was Savage earlier? I didn’t see him suing Michael Chertoff LOL!!! 😉

  12. Marshall says:


    Czechoslovakia has ordered Duke to leave the country apparently. It was all THEATER. Were I Duke, I would be saying, “Hell no I’m not leaving, I’m going to remain and SUE your sorry asses for wrongful arrest and anything else I can come up with.”

    Marsh 😉

  13. canadian says:

    You’re appealing to Amnesty International? You’ve got to be kidding.


    Maybe some stupid Jews will take up his cause.

  14. Icey Key says:

    Psyn never answers. He erects so many straw men he should be roaming the cornfields of the Midwest. This deflection is typical of Communist jews.

    Marshall, Savage is much like the jewish disrupters here. The Commies can’t go one paragraph without mentioning nazis. So we may as well mention Commie jews every chance we get. It’s been a great tool to use when waking up the ill-informed. It’s time for everyone to wake-up and they are, bit by bit. The jews want to turn most of the world, at least the West, into a giant, zionist controlled Communist Camp. They want a larger version of the USSR, so they can torture and kill whites, and use the darker folks as slaves. But they overreach every time. A lot of things haven’t gone the way they’d hoped. That’s why they’re here. They kvetch about how silly and unimportant this blog is, yet they sure spend a lot of time here. Psyn and others accuse others of being on every post, yet a quick perusal of entries here shows them to have 10 times or more the posts of most of the people they attack. Typical Communist jew tactic. The Communist jews always accuse others of what they themselves are doing or have done.

    Yeah Marshall, Savage is a fraud. Another jew carnival barker, bs’ing the public while making money off the rubes. But the cracks in the facade are getting bigger. That’s why we’re seeing desperate moves like Duke being arrested, and the increased volume of posts by the America-hating Communist jews here.

  15. themadjewess says:

    Maybe he didnt like his real last name?? “Weiner?” LOL

    I think he was a sh*t when he didnt even take up for Palin when the media was treating that poor lady like crap.

    I believe Savage got a hair up his a$$, because I listened to him a lot in the 1990’s-2002, then the books came, and its the book this, its his book that. He got puffed up- the election didnt “RELY ON HIM” 54 million people voted for McCain because they KNEW and KNOW that Obama is a FASCIST. The ‘nazis’ are NOT on THIS Blog, the nazis are in our govt, and WE are the targets.

    Savage and all the other GASBAGS HELPED ease Americas pain, by having them to CALL IN and voice their frustration, since Limbaugh the fatty, in 1992.
    Conservatives and right wingers are the STRENGTH in this nation, and these talk shows and FAUX news has kept people on their duff while the left took over and revolted in our FACES. They played a HUGE part in this destruction.

    I agree, people should be who they are, but imagine coming on a radio show like he has and saying THE WEINER NATION? HA HA lol.

    See this: http://themadjewess.wordpress.com/2009/04/23/obama-hand-signals-and-logos-just-like-hitlers-fascism-yes-we-can-patrol-alert/

    These people want to know what REAL fascism IS, That is OBAMA- NO time in our history did we EVER have a president that had a PERSONAL logo. This was a REVOLT of 40 years…but NOW, their chickens are coming home to ROOST because even blue dog dems have had ENOUGH of the onslaught.

  16. Marshall says:


    Alot of people say Savage is a closet fag too. You have to admit…the dude lives in San Francisco, has a poodle for a pet, and bakes pies for a hobby. When he’s not talking about Hitler, he’s talking about “bath-houses” which is where I assume queers congregate there in Sodom-by-the-Sea LOL!!!

    What did he do before he somehow found his way onto the airwaves? (through Jewish connections, of course) He claims to have a degree in “Ethno-Biology”…what the hell is THAT? Snake-oil salesman. 😀

  17. anti-zionist says:

    madjewess, thanks for not name calling like the rest of your kind. You complain about the bullshitvik leftists, but you wont come to terms that we have no evidence of one gassed jewbag, why? only suppossed gassing camps were only found on commie conquered land. Put two and two together and please dont charge me interest.

  18. Icey Key says:

    Marshall, Savage used to make money selling health food “supplements” among other things. So calling him a snake-oil salesman is apt. I wouldn’t doubt he could be a closet case, just look at Incog’s previous entry. : ) I have to wonder if Savage has a degree at all. After all, the jew who calls himself the “Naked Archeologist” or whatever on tv doesn’t even have a degree in archeology. It’s amazing how so-many jews can move from one gig to another rather easily. Talk about an old-boy network. The commie jews established their “no goy” network in the US and that’s why they’re so frantic about the internet. The truth about them is out, and people can see it isn’t exactly hard work, talent or brains that lead to “jew success” as the jews claim. Most of it is ethnic nepotism that is far beyond that of any other group of people on the planet. That’s why the jews love communism. Good for them, bad for everyone else. Good to see anti-zionist chiming in.

  19. Marshall says:

    Icey Key,

    I really think Savage is a “false opposition” PLANT, an AGENT, and has been for his whole “radio” career. He’s highjacked this current thing in order to DIVERT IT.

    When a huge locomotive train is barreling towards the heads of the tribe, lights on, horns blaring…Savage somehow jumps on the engine, throws on an engineer’s cap, and runs the whole thing off on a siderail LMAO!!!

    Weiner goes on the attack now, like a Doberman with dentures!!! 😀 Well, the “fix is in” by Chertoff already, who isn’t going ANYWHERE other than to operate outside the spotlight, where roaches are most comfortable anyway. 😀

    Again, we get yet more THEATER. I’ll keep watching this charade, recognizing that the Wizard of Shnozz is starting to squirm, and his control panel is going haywire.

    I’m frankly more interested in Alan Keyes’ opinion on all this, who has really called these suckers out in the past. Of course his political career was instantly ruined by doing so. As far as Janet Napolitano goes…beyond spooky man!!!

    I have this vivid recurring nightmare…Napolitano and Janet Reno locked deeply in a hot, sweaty lesbo-grip, dressed up like Marylin Manson and Boy George LMFAO!!! 😀

  20. gncarlo says:

    “Isreal is not an aparthied state, Arabs living there have the same rights as jewish citizens plain and simple”

    Bullshit! In order to vote in Israel, you have to pledge allegiance to Zionism, the notion that you believe that Jews are God’s Chosen People. A few Arabs may do it but the overwhelming majority do not. And how can a practising Muslim make such a pledge?

    If you doubt this, go to the official website of the State of Israel and check out conditions for citizenship.

    There are numerous other discriminatory laws as well. I recall reading that an Arab may not sell his land to another Arab but must sell it to something called the Jewish Land Trust (?) for whatever price the Jews choose to give him. The land is then sold or given to a Jew.

    I also read that an Arab may not dig or repair a water well without a permit from the State of Israel. These permits are almost never granted.

    Same principle in the Occupied Territories. There was a special on linktv.org a few weeks ago about Jewish settlers moving in on a strategic hilltop next to an West Bank Arab village, coming out at night and blowing up the only water well the local farmers had. They then sold water to the Arabs, who finally had to give up and leave. Israel would not permit the Palestinians to repair or defend their water well.

  21. gncarlo says:

    Damn, I just took twenty minutes to type a post and it disappeared! Would it have been filtered out because I used the word “bullshit”?
    I’ve seen far worse language here…….

    …and, Incog, did you ever figure out your problem with youtube videos?

    • incogman says:

      gncarlo, your post got shunted off into my Jew TreblinkSPAM, for some reason. I liberated it.

      My youtube vids are showing up OK, now. Had to reinstall Adobe Flash 10 player. Speaking of Videos, do you all visit my video pages above, up under my banner?

      I revamped the whole thing and want all of you on-the-fence types to check it out!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Proud Czech= Jew troll. If you are proud ‘Czech’ you would understand that the last 60 years before the collapse of the Soviet Union was nothing but Jewish Bolshevik colonisation and violation. On a side note Czechs are good looking people except for those freak-show proud “Czech”s belong to.

  23. Icey Key says:

    Yeah Marshall, Savage is another false front. Talk about controlling the opposition. I can just see the ugly turd sitting with his handlers in a hot tub, having a big laugh over the whole situation. To be a jew is to be an instant expert on anything. At least in the jew controlled media. Savage’s show used to be on here in L.A., but I think it was pulled for low ratings. I might be wrong. Doesn’t matter, I don’t listen to that two-faced fraud. I heard his a show a few times, and hearing him warble about the “…energy” some illegal mexican and his son were bringing to the US was enough. Typical Commie jew propaganda. Non-whites are always full of energy, vigor. Their communities enrich this country, blah blah blah. The jews merely wish to fill our country with easily controlled third world dreck to ensure their rule. Too late. They think they can keep us lulled with frauds like Savage or by using non-whites like Michelle Malkin who they script to say things they believe whites will like. As a side note, Malkin is married to a Communist jew but puts on an act that has people believing she’s a “conservative”. She’s a neocon like her husband. Neocons are neo-Marxists. They are Communist jews. Just look at their policies regarding non-white immigration and Affirmative Action. Like all other jews, they are strongly behind anything non-white. Which David Duke has pointed out dozens of times during interviews. No wonder he was nabbed.

    I’ve mentioned on other sites the theater of it all, just as you’ve posted. Most of what we see on the news regarding “our government” is theater. The Communist jews in charge, these hypocritical zionists, have already set the agenda, then they have their puppets in DC pretend to debate and fight over things. Sure, some things don’t quite make it if there’s enough public pressure, but other things that don’t require “legislative sessions” like our out of control immigration, roll on the way the jews want them to, not the way the American public wants them to. Which means stop immigration. Stop affirmative action. Stop all the foreign aid.

    Napolitano was a tribal stooge when she was in Arizona doing all she could to ensure the invasion of illegal mestizos – as her fellow Communist jews want. That bull-dyke has such an open hatred for whites – especially white males – she’s one of the people I point to first when “proselytizing” for our cause. She’s an automaton, an oaf. But she marches lock-step with the zionist plan to destroy whites and the West.

    They do keep trying all kinds of gags and games to keep us from noticing the jew pulling the levers behind the curtain, but it isn’t working. That curtain is getting threadbare, and the jews don’t have enough tools in the world to get it fixed. It’s amazing how much of their power is based on smoke, mirrors, and threats. Once conditions deteriorate further, the media will lose its hold, the whistle will blow and Sudden Death Overtime will begin. Once some politicians and military people are forced to go beyond worrying about bad press or blackmail from the Communist jews, you’ll see a lot of the other jew tools jump ship out of sheer fear. Hey, whatever it takes. The US can cancel debt to the Fed – and anyone else if we have to – and the jews lose most of their leverage. Kill their banks and basically it’s done. We’ll have a rough time in the US re-industrializing and restructuring, but it could be done. Let it all collapse, then call the jews’ bluff, let them attempt their “Samson Option”. The entire world would then make sure there was a real holocaust.

  24. Greg Bacon says:

    30 cops to arrest one man for a “Thought Crime?”

    Somebody’s getting scared, real scared.

    Best get down on your knees and worship at the Holocaust™ altar and while your there, leave your wallet or we’ll toss your ass in prison for simply asking questions about our very lucrative god, Mammon, who is protecting the never ending racket known as Holocaust™ Reparations.

    90% of all “Jews” do not have a Hebrew drop of blood in their bodies. They are not the seed of Abraham. The majority of all jews are Ashkenazi, Khazarian converts from a Turkish gypsy race that only converted for the cynical benefits of calling themselves “Jewish” around Christian Europeans in the ninth century. The majority of Sephardics are converted Spanish Berbers. Only the Sephardic Cohen can trace his ancestry back to the people talked about in the Bible.


  25. Rob Chapman says:

    Wow, Incog…the anti-White Jews and crazies really came out of the woodwork for this article!

    For Dr. Duke to be arrested for a “Thought Crime” is absolutely frightening. With the Magic Negro in office, I’m afraid that we can look forward to more of this NWO/1984-type persecution of our people.

    Why are the Jews so afraid of what Duke has to say? Could it be that he speaks the truth, shines the light on the dark web of deceit that the Jews have cast about the world?

    Newsflash, Jews, you have once again overplayed your hand; this time with the arrest of Duke. White Nationalism is alive and well and growing every day.

  26. Rhein says:

    Here’s a nice video showing BBC reporter Jeremy Paxman asking some tough questions to UK ambassador Peter Gooderham. Jeremy asks what’s the difference between racism and ‘zionism’ and Gooderham doesn’t seem to be able to answer, just spews the usual rethoric. Hell he can’t even define ‘racism’. If the beebs keep down that line they may be able to redeem themselves, altough it would take quite a lot.


    I agree with most people here, what happened to David Duke will give him publicity wich is a good thing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the sales of “My Awakening” soar within a few weeks.

  27. Marshall says:

    Icey Key-

    Alan Keyes… check out his recent statements. He’s got balls that an elephant couldn’t drag around, and that always works in my book, no matter what color the guy is.


    When black people in the USA finally realize how badly Jews have abused them along with everyone else…Black Christian Churches across the South will change “YES WE CAN” to ‘We ALREADY DID.”

    Speaking of Ron Spector, Incog!!! Shall we ask RONNIE “Be my little baby” SPECTOR what she thinks of current events?


    Oh how the Illuminutty KIKES will indeed have “Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.”

    Black people in the USA aren’t white people’s real enemies. Black people in the USA have been systematically abused, ripped off, and exploited by the very same Satanic SOB’s white people have.

    WE ARE ALL GOYIM. Don’t you get it yet? Apparently NOT.

    SHIKSAS and SCWHARTZES, The current “THEME” Jews promote…(Check the current movie, “Obsession”)

    Well….they’re making WHORES out of ALL OF US, can’t you see that?

    Alan Keyes CAN. I CAN.

    Jews are NOBODY’S friends, except other Jews. A gentile “preacher” and /or “priest’ who tries to “befriend” them, or “act jewish” in some way, because of Jesus Christ, THEY LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY AT.

    They are used to being charlatans for 2000 years now, and perhaps long before then. They are very good at what they do, which is enticing people into ENSLAVEMENT to SINS, all related to MONEY. They’re very sophisticated at it, sly and cunning too.

    Alan Keyes, again:


    • incogman says:

      Marshall, I agree 100%. I know I sometimes get a little mean about the Negroes, but it’s usually after I read about them killing some little White girl or something.

      The Eternal Jew is the enemy of all races, not just Whites!

  28. gncarlo says:

    Next time, shunt me to Auschwitz. I hear they’ve got a swimming pool. 🙂

  29. Icey Key says:

    Marshall, while I’m aware that the jews have used the “divide and conquer” tactic for decades when it comes to blacks and other non-whites against whites, I’m also fully aware that even without the jews, there are too many genetically ingrained differences between whites and blacks to allowed truly integrated living. I’ve lived around blacks and latinos my whole life, and believe me, there would still be fighting, murder and rampant crime unless whitey keeps his foot planted on their collective necks. That’s a lot of work, that’s why blacks were segregated from whites. For every educated or smart black that knows the score, you have to deal with dozen upon dozens of those who will not make the grade. I’ve lived in Detroit, and I’ve lived in Los Angeles. No one can tell me any different. They can have their own space once the country is cleaned up.

    Good remark gncarlo. The old films that show life at Auschwitz with the pools, plays, concerts etc. are an embarrassment to the jews. They’re another reason the hypocritical jews want to shut down the internet. It’s interesting that jews in camps were the ones that shot some of those films if not all of them.

  30. Nemesys says:

    Marshall – I went to an End the Fed Rally in Philadelphia yesterday. We touched on Savage Weiner. I believe is in place to diffuse anger, and misdirect attention. I also believe he is one of those Jews who is not so blinded by his hatred of White Christians (he does make distinctions between Races) that he is intelligent enough to realize that by killing off White Christians countries, Jews are killing off the very best hosts they will EVER have.

    He used to quote the Talmud quite a bit, so I know he’s a JEW. Last year, on the Thursday night, some caller from Southern Florida named “Menachim” started quoting the Noahide Laws. One by one. Weiner clamped right down on him. He said, “We don’t need that right now”.

    Savage loves the USA cause it gives him the best possible lifestyle. He’s a total fussbudget. When he travels he screams his head off about the quality of food, and accomodations, etc. I don’t know if he’s ever been to Israel, but I know of 2 local Jews who “made Aliyah to the Holy Land” – and they said Israel was an absolute dump. The hotel was filthy, and overpriced, the food was rotten, and they felt they had been totally ripped off. Weiner could be gay; he’s bitchy enough. He’d sue Israel if that happened to him. I think that’s why he never goes.

    I am also absolutely convinced that he, or his staff, trolls WN websites. He quotes WN issues chapter and verse. I mean verbatim.

  31. Jim Colyer says:

    Dr. David Duke stands up for the truth and the white race. We need more men like him.

  32. American says:

    I agree, Jim. It’s shocking that he can be arrested for something so weak.

    Since I fervently question the details of the holoco$t, they will have to put me in jail, too. Until somebody can show me some facts (proof), it remains a highly profitable fable. The jews better PROVE it happened, because the world is waking up, as a result of jews pushing too hard. People are now FORCED to examine the facts, b/c others are going to prison over the issue. Critical mistake by the jews, IMO.

  33. deathtozog says:

    Sad to hear that Mr. Duke was arrested in a White homeland. Some of the world’s first jewelry has been found there in digs.

    Europe, though, has been transformed into jewry, leftist jewry, at that. Pure filth. Overrun with these leftist jews, muslims, etc, it should not be that great of a surprise to see this happen.

    Duke has a funny story about the time he sneaked into the UK. He was officially banned and got in the line at customs staffed by a negro and got right in!

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