David Duke: Prisoner of Conscience


by Ralph Iver

Contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington DC:
Embassy: The Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom Street, NW, Washington DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 274-9100
Fax: (202) 966-8540
E-mail: washington@embassy.mzv.cz

Listen up, Folks. Dr. David Duke has been arrested and detained by the Czech Republic police and is falsely accused of the crime of Holocaust denial. Jan Mikulovsky, spokesman for the police states this carries up to a three year sentence. He is falsely accused of promoting “movements seeking suppression of human rights.” David Duke does not suppress human rights, he fights for them. We the people of the world must join together to demand an end to the spread of draconian Orwellian thoughtcrime laws throughout Western nations. We must demand this man’s freedom.

David Duke is a prisoner of conscience. This term, coined by Amnesty International, indicates someone who is “imprisoned because of their race, religion, color, language, sexual orientation, belief, or lifestyle so long as they have not used or advocated violence. It also refers to those who have been imprisoned and/or persecuted for the non-violent expression of their conscientiously-held beliefs.”

David Duke is being held on account of his race, his support for his own race, and for the non-violent expression of his conscientiously-held beliefs. He has never advocated violence –- you will not find any of the sort in his books, in any of his writings, on any of his Internet radio shows. You will find no such advocating of violence anywhere by Dr. David Duke. If you have been following along for the past eight years of the existence of this website, you will have heard and read on a constant basis that Dr. Duke opposes the use of violence or force. Instead, he fully supports upholding the basic human right of free thought and free speech. Shared ideas move humanity forward; shared truths help keep us from falling backward; shared opinions is the spice promoting tolerance.


David Duke is not the only one victimized by the Global Zionist Holyhoaxers. When will America be next? [INCOG]

Dr. Duke promotes tolerance–towards people around the world who are White. Throughout the entirety of Western nations, White people have been intimidated into silence at our own expense; our tolerance towards others is demanded by them, but it is almost never returned in kind. Western minds have been poisoned by a design of control by governments, the media, education, film, and even artistic forms. We are disallowed everywhere the right to think thoughts that are considered “unpopular,” much less openly express those opinions. The ultimate act of tolerance is the bravery to weather opinions we don’t like. The ultimate intolerance is the establishment of laws against opinions, thoughts, and speech. In other words, throughout the West, we are subjected to laws against our disagreeing with the people who put them there.

Laws against free thought can, have, and do result in genocide. The least of our worries is legal involvement and imprisonment. One only has to recall the history of communist countries to see how over a hundred million citizens can be murdered by their own governments for what they believe. This is what David Duke stands against; this is what he has spent his life defending against. One of the most basic human rights is the right to what we do with our own minds and voices, and every law created against either poses an eventual threat to the lives of millions of people.

Of all people who should understand this, are those people David Duke has defended, the Slavic people, citizens of the Czech Republic. The loss of millions of Slavs by genocide has been forgotten, deliberately erased and dropped down the fiery memory hole, by an increasingly controlled Western society. Today, it’s David Duke. Tomorrow, it is all the rest of us.

In America, John Adams created the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the War Between the States.

Roosevelt placed Japanese-Americans into concentration camps.

Johnson and Nixon used the military and FBI to spy on war protesters and labeled many “subversives”.

Today, like most of Europe, we stand facing another thoughtcrime law that will apprehend American citizens the same way David Duke was arrested today–even on false accusation, let alone an actual voiced opinion.

Such laws create criminals out of innocent people. Such laws even result in their deaths. Such laws eventually result in genocide. The curtailment of basic human rights is never justified.

The police in the Czech Republic are wrong about David Duke–he is a brave defender of human rights, never one to suppress it. We at www.DavidDuke.com implore the good sense of the government of the Czech Republic to free this man, a prisoner of conscience.

Free thought and the voicing of those thoughts is a basic human right that everyone in the world is born with. Laws against them are a design of mass intimidation that, in its worst form, can kill.

Free David Duke, demand an end to the false accusations against him, and preserve Free Speech. Call the embassy of the Czech Republic.


In a country that has a museum of victims to Communism and the bloody 1968 crack-down, you might expect appreciation of free speech. What’s that tell you? Friggin’ JEWS! [INCOG]


Czech Jews gave a warm, Israel-First style welcome to the ZIONIST PUPPET Barry Soetoro. [INCOG]


Michelle Obama, looking so Jackie-O (NOT!), meeting Czech Jews. Note Soetoro’s Zionist handler, Rahm Emanuel, hovering in the background. [INCOG]


The Czech president warmly welcomed by the Israeli Zionist terrorist, Shimon Peres. [INCOG]


Yes, I am now free, at least temporarily

The outrage by so many Czech citizens and even many in the media after my arrest led the government to release me from my cell in the wee hours of the morning, After about 3 hours sleep I now write these words to you.

The charges, of course, from the beginning are specious. I was invited to the Czech Rep. originally to speak at one of the oldest and most famous universities in Europe, Charles University in Prague. It is also famous for being founded by heroic Czechs like Jan Hus who stood up and told the truth and believed that truth and its pursuit is the most important thing a man can do in his life, even if costs him his life and freedom. This is the man who is the national hero of the Czech people.

As those who read my material know, I do not seek the suppression of any people, race or religion, but simply believe that Europeans have the human right to preserve our homelands and that our governments should be in the service of our own people and not the International Zionist Global matrix of financial and political power. I am not a man who denies that atrocities took place against Jews in the Second World War, but I argue forcefully that freedom of speech on this or any other is issue is a basic human right of all people.

My lectures in the Czech republic were not on the subject of the Holocaust at all, in fact why all the constant attention on this subject by the media, when one considers the fact that Bolshevism killed, tortured and harmed tens of millions of more people. I never speak about the Holocaust in Europe other than to say that it is a human rights outrage that people are imprisoned for simply having a differing opinion about an historical event.

I was going to lecture about the Israeli influence over American and European foreign policy and the International Zionist Banking firms that are leading America and the world to financial oblivion, globalist hegemony and unending war.

Now they seek a terrible, catastrophic war with Iran.

That is why extremist Jewish organizations worked to keep my message and ideas from the Czech people and the world.

I am doing tremendous numbers of interviews because of this false imprisonment, so we are reaching literally millions of people here in the Czech Rep. and around the world that I would not have reached otherwise.

I was lucky to have excellent legal representation, but although I am free we must be prepared for any legal challenge against my freedom and the right of Europeans to hear the legitimate ideas that I offer. I certainly am not guilty of any violation of Czech law either in its letter or spirit.

To that end, we need to raise considerable funds for legal defense and hope that all supporters will take a moment to contribute to that necessity as well as the vital work I endeavor to continue for our people.

Please go to David Duke.com and give me the support I need to stay free and to continue to support your cause and mine.

— David Duke





100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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201 Responses to David Duke: Prisoner of Conscience

  1. Nemesys says:

    Well, SoftBrain. I am a chick. I still have a harder dick than you castrated Euros, who love to slag off on the USA. Are you a Limey? You are even more of a Kike tool that clueless, unawakened Americans. The Hebes have screwed England over worse than they have the USA. At least we have guns. You are apparently gloating over what we are currently enduring. If we fall – there is NOTHING left to stop you from total, literal slavery.

    Which is what the Hebes are going for.

    Grow up, idiot. We’re not your enemy. What are you gaining by your lame insults towards us?

  2. Nemesys says:

    SoftDick – are you a Muzzie? Actually, they are much more intelligent, when they post here. So you can’t be one. Let’s just say that Paki nukes are the least of my worries, but if those sorts of fantasies are waht it takes for you, and your hand, for the full 2 minutes – hey! Live your life to the fullest degree you can anticipate, within the parameters of your totalitarian UnterMenschen existence.

  3. themadjewess says:

    HEY!! What are you all doing today for AMERICA?? Are we still dreaming that the reich will last 1000 years?? LOL Well, you have a Dictator- Hussein, whats the problema Chumps?
    Incogman, you have a FRONT page on WORDPRESS, courtesy of your FAVORITE little JEWESS, me 😉

  4. PC_11 says:

    The person trying to write like they are a pom is a jew. They always do things like this. They hate the US, they hate Britain. They hate all white countries. That’s why they are doing what they do.

  5. gncarlo says:

    Rhein, you asked about the origins of the KKK. The silent film, Birth Of A Nation (1915), directed by D W Griffith, will give you a different perspective than what you will hear today. I saw it on cable about 15 years ago, but the NAACP was trying to get it banned at the time. You may be able to find it on DVD at half.com or amazon. Even the President at the time, Woodrow Wilson, said he thought that it gave an accurate depiction of the post-war South.


  6. American says:

    Thanks for the link, gncarlo. I’m gonna check it out too, as the links I’ve found here always offer up excellent information. This one might have to be a weekend project for me though, as I’m busy beating back Beelzebub on another thread! 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    “–the arrogance is absolutely breath-taking. My primal instinct is to compose a genuinely nasty response – but what’s the point? I have come to the conclusion that they ARE genetically incapable of ever considering, for one solitary second, how their thought processes MAKE others despise them, and want them out. All we can do is remove them. They can not EVER be accepted, on any level.”

    Nem’s comment on her past jew friends and the above say much. I feel pity for the average joe jew who truly seem clueless in their profound arrogance and assumption about the gentiles. I’ve worked for jews that treated me pretty decent over all. Still their perceived kindness and concern is for that of a pet or slave. In their private lives they are so programmed of their illusionary status that they do not even realize how arrogant and aloof they sound when ‘correcting’ you. This breed doesn’t hate us. They just fell sorry for us, because we just don’t understand. They always reminded this silly Goy on the Holidays how they worshiped the ‘real’ G_d, themselves.

    They, of course, would hug us and tell us it’s OK, while grabbing our guns then reporting us to the nearest jew enforcement agency as hate-crime terrorist, probably with the added comment not to be to rough on us we’re really not a bad person just confused and under bad influence. Just like they’ve done around the world. They are after all, your friend, you know.

    I feel for these Jose the most when the proverbial Sh-T hits the fan. I don’t think gas mask and bio-suits for the whole family would be such a bad at this point. Instead of that family vacation. They know people are awakening and they are insane. As for compassion for ANY of them? I ask myself, no mater how well meaning these ‘confused’ jews are, which side of the fence do they always crawl to. Who do they support.

    As for their jew-Canadian and Euro-Goy health care, in a few cases it seems to work better, especially now that the filthy jew scum have utterly destroyed and bankrupt a large portion of our medical system with their jew price fixing pharmacy mafias and their jew-illegal immigration saturation.
    Do you want your mother or loved one waiting for a heart operation scheduled by jew Govt a year and a half after her doctor’s life expectancy estimation? With 20 illegal immigrants in line ahead of you?

    It can and it will happen once they’ve shoved it down your throats. These jew bastard insurance companies already are trying to ship your useless Goy carcasses overseas for ‘better’ medical care and operations in countries like India. This is just another way the jew has impacted and destroyed the quality of life world-wide and in the nation that had the most cutting-edge health care on the planet.

    Yes there are some rotten Goy in this world. I figure it was probably 10 to 20% max in comparison. As the jew has poisoned this nation at every level I see this as having grown to more like 60 to 80% depending on the ‘diversity and people of color or us ‘colorless’ people. The way I see it no mater how sophomoric my estimates seem, the jew is even responsible for 90% of the road-rage out there. Only the foul jew has managed to create such an ambient environment of rage and hate with their usury, treason and way-of-life destruction. At EVERY level of Society. Gosh, they must be powerful! Absolutely! And they are the very kulture such an all-encompassing disease was grown in. One bad apple or potato really does spoil the whole barrel.

    It’s exactly what Kulture and Diversity training was designed to do. Create stealth white hate against hunter-gathers, create stealth hate of color and diversity against whitey. And, as jews plans are ALWAYS multi-tasking, to covert a lot of Canadians, ave Joe jews and Goy into excepting such horse hockey as truth while the broths rape yo girls and call yew a racist. Many don’t need to be raped so many have been taught in jew-school to have a pension for bestiality and 300 years of oppression- women-healer of the world pity sex. Plus 300 years of Northern European inspired Animal-husbandry did grow’em big 🙂

    I blame the jew for EVERYTHING. Kinda like the jew’s treason of checkpoints on our roads. They rationalize that a certain percentage are guilty (often jews), so it’s OK to violate all Goy rights to stop them. Then some lowly scum Goy congratulates the foul pig jew-hauler for their good work in keeping our streets safe, with an added, “I don’t mind the inconvenience”. No? Then I don’t mind if you die, in order that you don’t crawl on your knees blowing some cop congratulating them for their treason.

    These bastards are not setting up jew-illegal check points and they are not going in groups to City Hall to arrest these traitor City Counsels ( multi-color niggers and jews) and Mayors who have put out ‘ILLEGAL’ policies not to arrest or ‘harass’ these illegal parasites. I don’t blame them totally. They’d just lose their jobs and be called racist for ‘really’ trying to do their ‘real’ job. I can here the outcries of racism and hate by whitey that forgot why America was created, it’s laws and it’s Constitution. And now these maggots that dare call themselves Americans don’t even care. If they weren’t at least well meaning in intent, they would be as bad as the jew. They are certainly as deluded and arrogant in their total ignorance.

    The jew has so brain washed our nations children and young adults, they are now not much better, little different, except that they lack the gaulful sense of superiority that the jew is programmed with since birth and now in their genetics. They are almost the same now, even in the later. Most all believe themselves smarter than you and they’re so warm and fuzzy.

    What the jew wants most for the Goy, the world now needs, but it’s needed for the jew most of all. They have a way of making the most hideous undesired thing ( like war and mass- genocide) a necessity to ‘fix’ what they destroyed. This time it’s the Gentile’s job to rebuild a Republic, stoled by this parasite from the ashes that their jew-Mason made Chaos will create. No? Then it will be the biggest challenge yet to awaken a 100 million plus canadian minded Gentiles and Neo-Nazi-Cons before the jew kills us all with their planned bio-terror. Dirty bombs & etc will only be used by the jews for kontrol and effect; blamed on the Muzis.

    I have only 2 things I want to do with the jew. Dialog is not one of them.
    We have NO choice. The jew has two choices. One of them is to convert.

  8. Saul says:

    Anonymous above was me. Sleep walking again. Time to go to bed with visions of suger plums dancing in my head.

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