Oy Vey! Scary Photos for Jews

Jews: Don’t try to read the copy in the brackets, that’s for Whites only. Thank you. [In a desperate bid to scare off the Jew trolls that comment here, I’ve decided to play the Jew shrink and explore some dark corridors of the Jewish psyche. I can only hope that they click on the “read more” button and become crazier than they already are, committing themselves to that home for the Jewish criminally-insane (Israel) and never visit the INCOG MAN again.]

Whitey talk, continued. [I’m forced to do all this, since my listing of IP address numbers for SPAMMED Jews has now grown so gargantuan that WordPress has demanded that I delete a few million — all so I don’t crash the WordPress servers, bringing down blogs the world over!]

More…quit your kvetching… [Call it “Psyops” warfare, if you will, or just call it the actions of a lonely Internet warrior, besieged on all sides by a truculent and hysterical Jewry, bent on the wholesale annoyance of any White who dares to talk about AIPAC, SPLC, ADL, etc., ETC.]

…OK, Jews, you can read now. Yes, yes, my little friends, you know you need to find out what us Goyim are discussing among ourselves and how close we are to exploding into Goyisher rage. It’s all below the “read the rest of this entry.”

I’ve also included Maxim magazine’s photos of Israeli women soldiers and COMPLETELY butt-naked shots of Scarlett Johanson and Natalie Portman — with Stars of Davids dangling between their luscious Jew breasts. Right along with that, I have photos of me in a Mississippi jail, surrounded by fat, leering Negroes. Speaking of Negroes, I’ve put up shots of Catholic Nuns getting… Oh well, you get the idea.

That’s right, just go ahead and click on the little button here, no harm will come to you — I promise!

Nobody seems to care anymore when you call them a Nazi.

Dad goes off to Atlantic City, leaving Bubbi to stay with you for however long it takes to win back his Madoff investments; if that fails, both of them have to live with you — forever.

There’s an urgent message on your answering machine to call the Health Department about that strangely intense Moyl you hired to perform the circumcision of your son last year.

The Coen Brothers release another movie apparently based on your life.

Even attending Off, Off-Broadway productions is no longer any fun.

It’s now impossible to fantasize about other women when you’re with your wife.

Instead of a nice family of reformed Jews — or even crazy Hasidics — some horrifyingly goyish family moves in next door.

Meanwhile, ICE moves Obama’s aunt into the foreclosed property on the other side of you …where she’s soon joined by the rest of Obama’s Kenyan relatives.

You find out your daughter’s head has been totally twisted by MTV propaganda meant only for Goyim girls.

Iran legalizes weed and Ahmadinejad becomes the darling of all your hipster friends.

Obama insists the press call him “Hussein” from now on and starts attending a Wahabi Mosque in Georgetown.

A crazed Goy on the Internet named INCOG MAN, somehow figures out who’s the real chief of MOSSAD Sayanim operations in the USA.

Torchlit parades of chanting Goyim keep you up all hours.

White people wearing uniforms, start-up baby farms in rural areas.

You awaken in the middle of the night covered in sweat from bizarre nightmares.

And the big Rambam knows you deserve it all, since you’ve only managed to keep 587 of the 613 Mitzvos.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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259 Responses to Oy Vey! Scary Photos for Jews

  1. anarchore says:

    Yes he wrote the book:


    Other facts about Netanyahu:

    says “It is 1938 and Iran is Germany”
    * friends with Larry Silverstein owner of the WTC buildings
    was warned before 7/7
    said 9/11 attacks “very good”
    recently said Isr-el benefited from the 9/11 attacks and war in Iraq

  2. Orion14 says:

    Wow! Thermojewess is going nuclear! She’s capet bombing the whole place! No wonder jewish men are so neurotic. Could you imagine having a mom or sister like thermo?

  3. Nemesys says:

    Hey Incogman – Glorious White Hero! You are the Man!!!!! You see all the IP addies – in the MadHebess fo REAL?

    She /It is really quite entertaining! and all for free! I thought the Kikenvermin charged for everything. I guess she/it didn’t ge the memo.

    She wants you. She fighting it. She knows she can’t have you. But she WANTS you. HA!!!!

    • incogman says:

      Nemesys — she’s in the US, but I try not to dig into people’s privacy, even the Jews.

      Yeah, the Mad Jewess has the hots for INCOG, but now she’s raving in my special JEW room with Keyboard Whorier. Maybe the two of them can keep each other company.

  4. Orion14 says:

    Rep points for Nemesys!

  5. orion14 says:

    Aww, let her loose, man! She’s hilarious and we can have lots of fun with a neurotic jewess 🙂 HAH HAHAH ho ho.

  6. orion14 says:

    Anyone visit her blog? She’s a right wing half jew Israeli firster in the DC area. Everyone in the DC area is either jew or half jew. That pretty much says it all.

  7. anti-zionist says:

    orion14, dont worry , they will send another one tomorrow. When the aryan man gets the jews by the throat again its madagascar here we come. No way they are escaping to Israshit to press the button. Jews have fun parasiting off the new host. I could care less, just get the fuck outta here. You think niggers are scary when they get mad, you aint seen nothing yet.

  8. orion14 says:

    You’re right about that, AZ. The jews and niggers have nothing on the Aryan when he begins to hate. The ZOG is going to find this out very soon, because they won’t be fighting turd world muds like in Iraq or Somalia but deadly Aryans.

    I put her on my blog roll anyway. Someone with that much spunk just makes me laugh, I don’t know why.

  9. maxcade says:

    Yes, Obama is a Muslim, but you fools are not worried about that. Just some Jews.
    You get what you got coming with Sharia finance and Sharia Law. Dont say you werent warned by MaxCade.

    • incogman says:

      You JDF Jew’s hatred of Obama only goes to prove what complete idiots you really are. Obama is a Zionist tool and you fools don’t even realize that. Unbelievable!

  10. themadjewess says:

    “Obama is a Zionist tool and you fools don’t even realize that. Unbelievable!”

    YOU are a RIDICULOUS JACKASS. Really fuckin STUPID. Obama was put in by Bolsheviks DUMBBELL.

    a. a member of the more radical majority of the Social Democratic party, 1903–17, advocating immediate and forceful seizure of power by the proletariat.
    b. (after 1918) a member of the Russian Communist party.

    2. (loosely) a member of any Communist party.
    3. Disparaging. an extreme political radical; revolutionary or anarchist. {HELLO???? THE CURRENT ESTABLISHMENT}

    a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel. (OBAMA JUST TURNED HIS BACK ON ISRAEL STUPID MORON- he is NOT A “ZIONIST TOOL, he is a FUCKIN BOLSHEVIK ANTI GOD)

    Obama is a MUSLIM.

    Bolsheviks HATE ANY FREE STATE.


  11. American says:

    I don’t expect the jew-troll terrorists that spew here to understand this video, but Goyim will. I didn’t know the owner of the WTC’s spoke frequently with Benjamin Netanyahu!

    The Japanese and 9/11? Of course not, it was criminal jews “investigating” themselves.


  12. American says:

    “She’s a right wing half jew Israeli firster in the DC area. “- orion 14

    ALL “Israel firsters” should and will be hung for TREASON. They should run to that prison they call Israel, since that is where their loyalty lies.

    Either way, they cannot be allowed to live in our country while loyal to another. Greed will be their downfall, as we are starting to witness.

  13. themadjewess says:


    You are one FUCKED UP individual. YOU are a PALESTINIAN FIRSTER, that makes YOU the fuckin traitor ASSHOLE.

    Why dont you go to the corner on incogFAGGOTS blog, and jack off with your microscope and tweesers, you BALL-LESS panty WASTE SONOFABITCH PAGAN bastard.

  14. American says:

    Nope, you crazy jew-bitch. I’m an “American Firster”, and now have a newfound compassion and love of Palestinians, thanks to you and the internet.

    See how that works? 🙂

  15. themadjewess says:

    “America first” NOT by a LONG shot.

    EVERYTHING you say sounds just like HUSSEIN OBAMA.

    Little leftist SCHMUCK. What you need is a GOOD BALL CHOPPING from your MUZZIE bastards that you ENABLE.

    This is a HAPPY time for you LEFTIST FAGGOTS- Hussein Obama in there, sucking the BALLS of Iranians, and giving a BLOW JOB to the FAKESTINIANS, and the mother fucker has THREE HUNDRED MUZZIE APPLICATIONS ON HIS DESK, AT OUR WHITE HOUSE so you can submit to ALLAH, here in the USA.


    I bet you LOVE that Sharia financing is HERE in the USA so you can BEND OVER and let the MUZZIE BARBARIANS screw you right up your FAT ASS.


  16. What is shocking is the absolute ignorance of today’s society. The fact that there are no “Palestinian People” represented in any historical document (aside from Jews being called this mis-label stemming from Roman 2nd century antiquity as being the majority of inhabitants of this land) prior to the mid 1960’s. Moses, Jesus, Josephus, Philo, Muhammed himself, Richard the Lion heart and Mark Twain never knew any “Palestinian People”. In actual fact every leader of the Arab World: Nasser, Assad, Hussein and Arafat denied openly their being any such until their geo-political and Islamic Jew hatred could be put to usage in propagating this mythological non-entity to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jew. This proves the truths in a few choice quotes by Joseph Goebbels – “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”, Adolf Hitler – “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” and Vladimir Lenin – “A lie told often enough becomes the truth. ” which is actually where Hitler/Goebbels took theirs…..

    (The Truth of the matter is presented below by one who aught to know more than any other….)

    “The “Palestinian” people does not exist. The creation of a “Palestinian” state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, “Palestinians”, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a “Palestinian” people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of “Palestine”, we will not wait even a minute to unite “Palestine” and Jordan.” – Published interview with Palestine Liberation Organization: PLO Executive Committee Member Zahir Muhsein. Dutch newspaper:Trouw. March 31, 1977.

    • incogman says:

      Uh oh, we got ourselves a Jew who calls himself “Dr!” so we know he’s smart, right?

      Well, get this people, he’s lying on several fronts. One, Hitler didn’t say that line like he quotes it. He’s just pushing an old Jew lie once again. Here, read this on this quote, where you can actually go to the source with my links in the document: http://incogman.wordpress.com/2008/10/19/big-truths-about-the-big-lie/

      And the Palestinian question? Go here and read up on the true history of these people and the Jews, from other Jews: http://incogman.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/the-wandering-who/ These people existed just like Jews, had lives and homes — in fact they have more ancient Israelite DNA than what this guy who comes here and spouts the standard Zionist lies.

      When you do read that link (“Wandering Who” in my blog page above under my banner), you’ll see that many Jews themselves know all this history (the book is a best seller in Israel, but is not being published in America — I wonder why?).

      This “Dr’s” lies are meant to justify their totally evil behavior towards these people. Think about it for a minute and you’ll see that line of logic.

      This so-called Doctor, is just some squirrelly, arrogant Jew, seeking to keep real America in the dark, right along with creating paranoia about the Muslim and sucking big bucks out of the US for Israel. His operation is “Jihad Watch.org.” These Jews are all over the US media, trying to jack us up about THEIR ENEMIES, not ours. They want you to think the Muslims are going to take over the world.

      Typical LYING, BLOOD-SUCKING JEWS. Do your own thinking, America.

  17. themadjewess says:

    M U S L I M… YOU ARE A MUZZIE IN HIDING. LOL— fucking MUSLIMS- Taqqiya- LIAR. INCOGFAGGOT, not only LYING, but is a fucking MUZLIM. Probably FUCKS shhep too.

  18. anti-zionist says:

    Muslims and Christians have a common enemy, so get your moil to suck on that.

  19. American says:

    Ok, I’m back in the fight! 🙂

    Looks like IncogMan is doing something right, and in a big way, as he always has a full house.

    I also just wanted to say my new love and compassion for Palestinians stems from watching Israel murder civilians. Muslims kick ass, and Christians have nothing to fear. Jews on the other hand have created, and strengthened their enemies. Good going, jewbags.

    And clean up your mouth, you foul bitch. It’s hard for me to even believe you’re a woman, but then again, you are a khazar jew.

  20. themadjewess says:


  21. orion14 says:

    Here’s another Dr. with a different take on “jews being called Palestinians”. I give his view more weight.

    “Actually, there are hundreds of books available that were written before the current conflict between Jews and Palestinians began that provide demographic data on Palestine. Just before the First World War, in 1914, Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire. In that year the Turkish government took an official census. Of a total population of 689,000, just 84,660, or 12.3 per cent, were Jews, and many of those were recent immigrants who had come to Palestine as part of the Zionist movement.

    During the First World War, Britain took Palestine away from Turkey and after the war permitted large numbers of additional Jews to immigrate. According to the official British census of 1931, the Jewish population of Palestine had risen to 16.9 per cent: that’s 174,606 Jews in a total population of 1,033,314. The influx of Jews into Palestine during the 1920s and 1930s was a source of continual provocation to the native Palestinians, and there were a number of riots and other disorders. Jewish pressure on the British government, however, prevented the British from making any permanent or effective halt to the immigration of Jews into Palestine.

    After the Second World War, shortly before the United Nations partition of Palestine into separate Jewish and non-Jewish areas, Jews still made up less than one-third of the population of Palestine. The 1946 British census counted 608,000 Jews out of a total population of 1,845,000. The great majority of these Jews were recent immigrants, whereas nearly all of the Arabs were natives who had roots in Palestine going back many generations. What the Jews had that the Palestinians didn’t have, however, was a very substantial degree of control of the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom, and these two countries exerted a decisive influence on the policies of the United Nations. The result of this influence was the partition of Palestine in 1948 into separate Jewish and non-Jewish areas, with the one-third of the population that was Jewish being awarded two-thirds of the land, including the most valuable areas. ”

    How well did Uncle Wolf describe the jewish technique when he wrote in 1925:

    “The foremost connoisseurs of this truth regarding the possibilities in the use of falsehood and slander have always been the Jews; for after all, their whole existence is based on one single great lie, to wit, that they are a religious community while actually they are a race — and what a race! One of the greatest minds of humanity has nailed them forever as such in an eternally correct phrase of fundamental truth: he called them ‘the great masters of the lie.’ And anyone who does not recognize this or does not want to believe it will never in this world be able to help the truth to victory.” – Mein Kampf, Vol 1: chapter 10

    Uncle Wolf was of course refering to Christ:

    “When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Jesus Christ, John 8:44, speaking of the jews and their father.

    So who would you believe? A jew masquerading as a “Doctor” or a Real Doctor who dedicated his life to telling the truth? I axe you.

    You can find the rest of this great article here: http://www.natvan.com/free-speech/fs0207a.html

  22. orion14 says:

    Hey American, she’s a flag waving, “G-d bless America” jewess as long as OUR government is in Zionist hands. We all know she’d be planting bombs and assassinating government officials if support for Israel were ever cut off.

    And she has the gall to call us traitors? HAHA HAHAHA ho ho.

    • incogman says:

      And get all her hype about Obama and the evil Muslims running all over the place. Funny how these Jew types never see themselves behind changing immigration laws, NWO, Zionist perfidies like the US Liberty and 9/11, Wall Street and Banking, DC and Hollywood. Typical crazed JDF Jews. I can’t wait till the day we throw these phony patriots out of the US! I’ll be first in line to frog-march the fat Mad Jewess Byatch to the Sonaran desert.

  23. themadjewess says:

    YOU….are ALL traitors.
    Look at you ASSWIPES. Worrying about some Christians and JEWS when we have a FUCKING MUSLIM ANTI CHRIST BASTARD WITH THREE HUNDRED APPLICATIONS FOR MUSLIMS ON HIS DESK FOR OFFICE, (and 47 are going to get the JOB) and what are you WACKOS GIVING A SHIT ABOUT???

  24. themadjewess says:

    Alright, I apologize to Orion, he has HEART.

    NOBODY can fight against an enemy without HEART and HONOR. He has that.


    Icog, you have SERIOUS issues, and need BALANCE.

    And sorry ICOG, I HAVE fought against the illegal shits. I stood up to a whole city council after they shotgunned my CAR in CALI- so dont give me the BULLSHIT.

    When in Silicon, they turned MY ASS DOWN FOR FKN MEXICANS, and this is MY COUNTRY.
    I AINT GOING NOWHERE. I GO DOWN WITH MY SHIP- GOT IT CHUMP? SO DONT TELL ME THAT YOU are kicking ME out- I will give you the fight of your FUCKING LIFE, GOT IT>?

  25. American says:

    I still like Adam Austin at Subverted Nation. He’s got the jew issue in focus.


  26. American says:

    Speaking of scary photos, my connections were able to get me this video of ‘themadjewess’:

    She’s the “ample” one screaming in the megaphone, calling others fat!

  27. themadjewess says:

    Hey, how did you find me?? I look great there. Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Watch this BITCH dis a nice American man. She is a commie bitch, and he is a good man.

  28. anarchore says:

    Oy vey, leave Obama alone!

  29. themadjewess says:

    I just commented on the little FAGGOT SHITHEAD

    • incogman says:

      Can you possibly tone down your wild Jew Spew, Mad Jewess? Or do I have to lock you back up in my SPAMblinka concentration camp? I realize you serve a purpose and all, illustrating far better than I, the true Jewish mind-set.

      It’s just getting a tad boorish, wouldn’t you agree?

  30. themadjewess says:

    Yeah, Sorry, I get a tad outa hand 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Check this out with the Usurper-Komrade he told Harvard;

    Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request

    (CNSNews.com) – Georgetown University says it covered over the monogram “IHS”–symbolizing the name of Jesus Christ—because it was inscribed on a pediment on the stage where President Obama spoke at the university on Tuesday and the White House had asked Georgetown to cover up all signs and symbols there.


  31. Nemesys says:

    Hey Incogman – I went to my local Tea Party, and my brilliant young associate and I began the deprogramming of some youngsters re: the Reich, and the Holohoax! (TM).

    NEVER miss a chance to tell the truth!

  32. Nemesys says:

    Also – I called the Dept of Israeli Homeland Security, and reported a VERY anti-Amercan female, actively working against the USA, and Constitution. You know – her name is Janet Napolitano.

    The nice White woman in DHS listend to me list all the charges of treason, but she then referred me to the FBI. The Jabooness, in Wash DC FBI HQ was an excellent example of TNB. I had to spell Napolitano’s name for her – and then she hung up on me. Whatta Nigra!

    Hey KrazyKikess – did oyu read that? I just reported you. Maybe you can get a job in a dyke bar, Jewnet.

  33. Nemesys says:

    KrazyKikess sez:


    Yeah. All JOOOOOZ.

    I’m glad your stuff got vandalized by Mestizo vermin. Reap whatcha sow, Jewnet.

    Why are you kvetching about Muzzies? If it weren’t for the ACTIONS of YOUR Tribe – the West would still be soveriegn. So shut up and go suck a knish.

  34. themadjewess says:

    nem ROD:

    Anytime you want, come on the fuck here where I am, I will kick your FAT DISGUSTING VOMITOUS PAGAN SHIT FOR BRAINS ASS IN from here to next FUCKING TUESDAY.
    Ridiculous gutter leech.

  35. gncarlo says:

    Now that’s what I like: intelligent dialogue 🙂

  36. Marshall says:

    No Palestine, never existed? Wow, “Dr. Avrington” certainly never obtained his “degree” in medieval cartography, that’s for sure LMAO!!! UTexas and UPenn seem to disagree with the distinguished “Dr.” for some reason, hmm? Perhaps we could arrange a symposium on the matter. I would gladly referee the debate…we could even do it by conference call!!!



  37. American says:

    madjewess must’ve been kicked off her jew boards, to spend so much time here. With the other kikes attending class, it pays Incog a compliment, but this particular slob isn’t helping anybody.

    Can you imagine having to spend time with anybody even a little like madjewess?

  38. American says:

    I love Palestinians, since I discovered what jews have done to them. Where was I all these years, just taking jew-media’s side of the story?

  39. Marshall says:

    Why American, you were watching the Talmudvision all those years, like the rest of us captive goyim. Without the web, I daresay we would still be denouncing those sub-human Palestinian terrorist land-squatters, wouldn’t we?

    Makes me want to re-examine what the Patty Hearst case was really all about, considering how big the Hearst media empire was at the time. Looks like a classic mind-control op to me.

    Gee, I wonder who kidnapped Charles Lindberg’s baby too for that matter, hmm…

  40. Nemesys says:

    Gncarlo – that does constitute intelligent conversation, for a Jew.

  41. gncarlo says:

    “Gurls just wanna have fun…..”

  42. American says:

    Are we going to let Michael Chertoff (vampire-jew, check for yourself) treat our BEST Americans like this?


    True about the internet, Marshall. No more TalmudVision in this house!

  43. Terrorsaurus says:


  44. wolfgang says:

    hey madjewess bitch, your mouth runneth over…but you know I might just have some use for it…why dont you wrap your big jewess lips around my big goy cock and git to work… ok… I bet you could suck the chrome off the bumper of a 62 caddie…
    what say you madjewess bitch…you gobble i wobble…LMAO…. STUPID ASS FOUL MOUTHED BITCH…

  45. themadjewess says:

    Everyone KNOWS that a rat bastard little gay ass that goes on and on about his ‘dick’ has an itty bitty tiny eenie-weenie one, just like your brain- little HOMO BUTTLICKER.

  46. wolfgang says:

    LMAO……….. HEHEHHEHEHE …. FUCK YOU …… you dike jew cunt…. LMAO

  47. wolfgang says:

    I bet you like it up your jew ass huh … aint that right madjewess bitch… come on … you know you want to suck some big goy dick….

  48. wolfgang says:

    oh almost forgot…
    white power white pride world wide
    doesnt include any niggers or jews….

  49. American says:

    At least we know these rabbis follow the Talmud:


    And with the way jews let jews slide on crime, and look the other way whenever possible, can you imagine how many more are out there?

  50. Saul says:


    How coward traitor jews attempt to silence the goyim chosen.

    The fake jew owes the goy a real holocaust. When will the world collect?

  51. Bob Fairlane says:

    Incog man OWNS.

  52. Bob Fairlane says:

    Incog fans have got to read Billy the Heretic, the comic strip.

  53. Bill Black says:

    Great Blog..

    I’d love to see a story of Obama, and his Jewish Roots.
    Obama’s mother was a Jewess and Atheist, thereby Making Obama a Jew, by his Blood-Maternal.

    There was an article in Huffington Post by a Jewish writer acknowledging this fact.

    Bill Clinton was called Americas First Black President.
    Obama is Americas First Jewish President.

    Peace Out

  54. Northstar says:

    It is time to take to the streets people peacefully protesting the Federal JEW RESERVE.take away their source of power.They have us running around in circles like firemen chasing 100 arsenists the Key is to focus on ENDING THE FED .End the fed it is like cutting off the head of the JEWISH snake.Cut off the head the whole snake WILL DIE.What we need is all of us to take action.Talk is good but lets talk about real plans and how to work together to kill the BIG BLACK JEW SNAKE.

  55. Octo says:

    “And clean up your mouth, you foul bitch.” — American

    “I realize you serve a purpose and all, illustrating far better than I, the true Jewish mind-set.

    It’s just getting a tad boorish, wouldn’t you agree?” — Incog

    A tad boorish, but a might hilarious. Now THAT’S a pissing contest.

    “The fake jew owes the goy a real holocaust. When will the world collect?” — Saul

    I like the sound of that.

    Reminds me of the funniest line I’ve ever heard on a joo Schießkultur show, “Drawn Together”: “Then Moses led the Jews out of bondage in Egypt…to the eternal regret of the rest of the world.”

  56. Need help on writing an article?

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