Brendon O’Connell: Rising Up Down Under

The powerful, but forbidden “Fruits of Zionism,” (videos below deleted by Youtube). BUT SEE IT HERE while it lasts on Vimeo.

“As long as you [Jews] continue to remain silent and gild the lily, saying I’m a nice Jew but refuse to denounce the homicidal mania within Judaism itself… the bell tolls for you.”

— Brendon O’Connell

Watch these remarkable videos made by an Australian Christian man, named Brendon O’Connell (right), who is now facing up to 14 years in prison because he had the guts to confront the Jews on the street and loudly say the truth about the Jewish/Zionist religious hatred of non-Jews, Christianity and the Palestinian people.

Australia passed anti-free speech laws (really designed to protect Jews) — just like in Canada — and this very thing is now on the horizon here in the USA. Will we face the exact same kind of thing if we dare expose the Zionist’s evils in the world? Do you really want that in America’s future?

Or do you even give a dam?

They have arrested Brendon and are accusing him of “hate crimes,” for merely putting up his video “Fruits of Zionism” on Youtube. Now some Jews are out trying to say he physically attacked them over the years, with no evidence other than usual Jew racial lying to protect the PR image of Jewry. Kind of like the “Holocaust” — They expect us to believe anything they say without a single murmer or else they’ll scream about us being “anti-Semites” and “NeoNazi” and all the other Jew slanders to try to shut us up.

You can just watch the videos yourself to decide what kind of guy he is and what he’s saying here.

We know that it’s really his message which the Jews want to shut up. You know it. The revengeful and arrogant Jews are now positively giddy over him getting busted (note the usual bragging about Jew lawyers like they do here). Listen to one of these sorry bastards gloat:

GOOD NEWS! Brendon O’Connell has been charged by the Morley Police.. he was arrested in Maylands… they even showed him on the news inciting his hateful remarks towards the Jewish Community.. he could get up to 14 years in the slammer, with the new laws.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY Justice shall prevail. Hope he can get a lawyer, willing to plead “not guilty!” That’s right, all the good lawyers are Jewish! :)

These people will do anything, say anything to protect their race and what they want to do in the world (note the Jew above all happy about the new laws). If you decide to speak up against them, they’ll do whatever Commie thing they can to have you shut up. If they could, they would probably put a bullet in O’Connell’s head, just like they used to do in the Soviet Union when they controlled the secret police apparatus.

And then they’ll laugh among themselves about what they did to the foolish Goy!

If this was someone talking bad about the Muslims, like Geert Wilders, they would be all for it. Hell, they’d fly him over here and put him on FOX news and give him book contracts up the ying yang — look at all the media coverage and riches they gave that satanic-looking Zionist tool, the Lebanese Muslim hater, Bridgette Gabriel.

Folks, this is typical, unbelievable Jewish hypocrisy and utter evil! 

Fruits of Zionism, deleted by Jew censors at Youtube:

Gaza Protest, part 1

Watch Brendon get right in the face of some Christian Zionist puppet.

Gaza Protest, part 2


Here’s something on that “Amalek” business that O’Connell mentions in his videos — yes, I know that all Jews don’t or say they don’t believe this, but note this salient fact: Rabbis hand-out religious tracts to Israel Defense Force “soldiers” before they go on the attack in Palestinian areas, absolving them of killing any Palestinian civilians, since they consider them to be members of “Amalek.” The religious effort to indoctrinate the IDF about the evil Amalek must be, has to be, allowed by the chain of command — hence it’s a de facto Israeli government position.

Amalek is a secret race opposed to the Jews for all eternity, mentioned briefly in the Old Testament, but turned into some kind of imaginative hate army by bearded old men rabbis in the Middle Ages (Jews are so paranoid). According to these freaks, you were born a member of Amalek and don’t even know it! From the modern-day Jewish professor, Hannah Kasher, that Brendan mentions in his videos:

Parashat Ki Tetze 5760/9 September 2000
Rationales Justifying Collective Punishment of Amalek

Prof. Hannah Kasher
Department of Philosophy

… 4. Wiping out Amalek as just personal retribution.
The assertion that all of Amalek’s descendants deserve this punishment by reason of their own fault stems from the assumption that each of them is considered a sinner. Avnei Nezer by Rabbi Abraham Borstein (19thcentury) provides an example of such an assumption: “It is disclosed and well-known to the Holy One, blessed be He, that hate lies in their hearts. Go and see what Haman the Agagite did” (Orah Hayyim, 508). In other words, for reasons that are not spelled out – perhaps genetic or educational — the descendants of Amalek persist in the ways of their ancestors, “the root of the Amalekites’ sin being that they are in no way willing to subjugate themselves to Israel. So that an individual descendant of the Amalekitesnot be doomed to death he must prove that he has renounced the deeds of his ancestors. The proof lies in his expressing willingness to be subjugated to Israel, but not by conversion for that would make him an equal of the Jews.


One way to put all this into perspective: Imagine if White Catholic priests had been allowed onto US Army bases during the Vietnamese war and exhorted the troops to kill any Godless Communists Asians — no matter what the age or sex. Remember that the South Vietnamese regime in Saigon was mostly Catholic. Think deeply on all the brouhaha that would have resulted from that, especially during the business about the My Lai massacre. The press would STILL be screaming bloody murder to this day!

Now, doesn’t that illustrate the power of Jews to keep White countries like Australia, America and Canada in the dark about what the Jews do in the world? Now, do you see the curtain lowered by these people over your head?

Make note of that last bold face sentence in the above quote. It’s saying that if you don’t bow down before them, that proves you are Amalek and hence, must be killed. Furthermore, if you do accept the status of them over you, then you still must be the lessor race!

Now listen closely: It doesn’t matter one whit whether you believe this medieval religious claptrap or not. It matters if they think it’s true and are willing to act on it. They want their troops to believe in all this before they are sent out to do what the State orders — so they can accomplish the killing of Palestinian civilians who are taking up future Jew turf and breathing precious Jew air!

It is my firm belief that Christian Zionists who support the State of Israel are committing a great sin before God. No, I am not that much of religious person, but I know what’s right or not. This is just evil, plain and simple. America is not for these people to use for their religious purposes and I will do whatever in my power to raise public awareness of what they are up to.

In addition to which, this very kind of belief system could just as easily be directed towards my own race, the White race. In fact, it’s readily apparent that it has already begun.

Isn’t it time for you, the reader here, to start talking OPENLY to those around you and bravely stand up for the right thing like Brendon did?

— Phillip Marlowe


Brendon O’Connell, 38, was charged under racial vilification laws for allegedly posting anti-Semitic video on the internet (this video, which was originally entitled “Fruits of Zionism”).

The Jews MURDER us, but if we so much as speak their name we face several YEARS in prison. “Free speech” ends with the Jews. Say whatever you want about anyone else, but mention their name or point out their evil deeds and you will face incarceration.

This only illustrates just how firm their grip is over “our” government(s) are. ZOG is in full effect and we cannot expect them to restrain themselves. And we definitely cannot afford to sit around waiting for someone else to come along and save us, we must EACH do our part. Just like Brendon O’Connell has done his.

The message they HOPE to send us is that we need to remain silent or face the consequences that they have so deliberately lined up for anyone who dare tell the plain and simple truth, but it is up to each and every one of us to stand up in defiance and see to it that their plans backfire on them.

I am hitting the streets like never before. And it is time that EACH of you did your part as well. No more excuses, waiting around, or passing the buck. We need to send them a message and we need to make sure they hear us LOUD and CLEAR.

— Scott Roberts


Michael Hoffman giving a talk on Amalek: HERE

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. GDL/White Master says:


    Some of the dumbest people I’ve met are Jews who pretend to be White and think they are fooling me!

  2. boogieman says:

    GDL/White Master,

    You totally got me sherlock! oh boy do i feel embarrassed now. How could you tell?


  3. Anonymous says:

    What an arrogant asshole that boobieman.

  4. Lynda says:

    It doesn’t matter whether you put gefilte fish or hamburger helper on your bagel, Boogieman. It’s all kosher. Didn’t you know you pay the kosher tax when you see the K on the label?

    Zionism is only one projection of the Babylonian, Pharisaic cult that is Judaism and the international race who style themselves ‘Jews’ and whose sigil is the serpent.

    Jews against Zionism. Ha Ha. That is like the Mob telling the Falluci family they can’t run Jersey.

    The Jews against Zionism are all based in the Talmud. Zionism is only the expression of Jewish nationalism which has identified Palestine as their international headquarters under the ‘promised land’ of our religion cover story. Communism is the power projection of Jewish agression against nations they have appropriated by their Revolution. Capitalism is the power projection of Jewish agression against nations they have appropriated by their Federal Reserve banking cartel. Environmentalism is the one of the convergences of the Capitalism / Communism conflict which they orchestrate.

    Islam is a power projection of Jewish aggression against the Arab peoples and their nations – many of which comprised the Christian nations of the former Byzantine empire. JudeoXtianity is a power projection of Jewish aggression against the Church of the former empires of the Christian nations. The Clash of Civilizations strategy is a conflict they are now orchestrating between the post Christian West and the Islamic nations which they control – and have done since the advent of Islam.

    No one knows the covert power apex of Jewry which governs the World Jewish Congress, the World Zionist Congress as a Cryptocracy. But we don’t need to know who they are. All we have to know is: there is an apex and an executive.

  5. We need a follow up on what is going on with Brendon Incogman : D

    Has anyone heard anything from him recently ??????? NOTHING on line is current.

    Brendon O’Connell
    c/o Casurina Prison
    Lockbaged 1
    Kwinana Perth
    Western Australia 6966

    All Postage must have return address to be received

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