If Telling the Truth Makes Me an Anti-Semite…


Israeli schoolgirls writing messages of hate for the Lebanese on 155mm howitzer shells. [INCOG]

…Then Call Me an Anti-Semite.

By Barbara L.

“The Missiles, the bombs the helicopter gunships etc. etc. all carried Jewish symbols and yet we can’t refer to them as being Jewish without it being antisemitic.”

Do you remember when the word “nice” that used to MEAN something?

Or “gay” was a happy light feeling rather than a sexual deviance?

It is my belief that if a word is misused enough that its TRUE intention is lost, or if it is abused enough especially at the cost of truth and ethics, then USE IT.

In today’s world I am proud to call myself antisemitic if it means I can say, “YES, these bombs are from Israel courtesy of the States, and YES they were kissed by pretty little Jewish girls from Israel.”

If being antisemitic means I can say what was done in Gaza by the Talmudic Zionist-driven satanic rabbinical leaders and the IDF and IOF, then I will choose antisemitism.

If being antisemitic means I can say I side with the victims instead of the oppressors, victims being driven into extinction for political greed and religious hatred, then I am proud to be antisemitic.


IDF “soldier” or more properly, THUG, threatening a handcuffed and defenseless Palestinian. [INCOG]

If I curse a caterpillar tank adorned with the star of David tearing down a Palestinian farm and centuries old olive groves being ripped up and sold elsewhere, throwing entire families into poverty, then call me antisemitic.

If being antisemitic means calling a spade a spade and saying, You are starving the people of Gaza and sending back 250 tons of food and boats of medical necessities; they are dying because of your brutality,” then I am antisemitic.

If I boycott and advocate the boycott of Israeli goods, I am proudly antisemitic.

Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie

If I weep for handsome young Bessem Ibrahim Abu Rahmeh, slaughtered at Bilin for calling out “Listen we have children and Israelis with us.” or decry the murder of Rachel Corrie, the attack on Tristan Anderson, then I am antisemitic.

If I point a finger at those behind all this, say the Mossad is largely behind 911, or that the Jews attacked the USS Liberty and Israelis are the greatest terrorists of all, behind the Bolshevik Red Terror that killed 100,000,000 Christians and Catholics, now living in a nation built on theft and nourished on blood, I am antisemitic.

And if I point to the terrorism that is rife in America, created by B’nai Brith that is an arm of the Freemasons of Scottish Right Illuminati, NOT JEWISH in final goals, and controls AIPAC as well as the ADL and JDL, and works to change our western society and subjugate us all to NWO conditioning, then I am again proudly antisemitic.

If I point out that most of the Jews in Israel are NOT of semitic blood, but are Ashkenazim from Europe, Russia, North America, Africa, etc etc, then I am antisemitic. Now THAT one really confuses the hell out of me!

This word “antisemitic” is overused to the nth degree whenever one becomes dangerous to the status quo’s wishes.


Israeli snipers have just gunned down two defenseless Palestinian women. Distant footage of this totally unnecessary Jew evil may be seen HERE, in my video “Wake Up to the Real Deal.” I would appreciate if you would take the six minutes to watch it. [INCOG]

I have done my homework for 40 years and no longer buy the lies. By the way, I also am a humanist enough to thoroughly appreciate anyone who has a good soul and heart no matter where they come from or what their race so do not call me a hater of the Jews or Americans or anyone else.

There are great movers and shakers for the peace movement from all parts of the globe. It is the Zionist-owned media that keeps everyone from knowing of their existence.

I reserve my antisemitism for the criminals amongst us who use that word “antisemitism” like a sword to cut with and a shield to hide behind as they kill and ruin the young men of our country by sending them out to destroy others while they sit back and profit and wait for the arrival of Lucifer and their evil New World Order.

Until people begin to THINK about things this way and stop CARING about such labels, these creatures will continue to suck our life source and kill with impunity the innocent of the planet. And get away with it.

I also believe, if we are still around, 10 ~ 15 years from now, those of us who have NOT stood up and spoken out and said, YES, I am antisemitic, I stand for decency and human values, we will feel, deep in our souls, shamed.


Comment left on Curt Maynard’s blog from someone named Barbara L.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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245 Responses to If Telling the Truth Makes Me an Anti-Semite…

  1. canadian says:

    Greg Bacon: I’m no constitutional lawyer but I do understand the English language. It seems clear to me that the way the second amendment reads: A well regulated militia, being necessary…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, clearly implies that the right to bear arms springs from the need for a REGULATED militia. I do not understand this to mean that everyone is entitled to own a weapon for whatever reason he choses.

  2. gncarlo says:

    comedian:”I’m no constitutional lawyer but I do understand the English language. It seems clear to me that the way the second amendment reads: A well regulated militia, being necessary…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, clearly implies that the right to bear arms springs from the need for a REGULATED militia. ”

    I understand the English language, too. “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is the independent clause. “:..A well regulated militia, being necessary..” is the dependent clause, or rationale. One could interpret it to mean that a “well-regulated militia” would be impossible without an armed citizenry. If everyone outside of what the central government defines as a “well-regulated militia” were disarmed, the militia would be the “standing army” that Jefferson and Washington warned us against.

    Of course, it is all a moot point now, anyway. Our masters have gone beyond “infringed”. We’re in the mopping up stage. I can have a gun so long as it is registered, has limited magazine capacity, is not full auto, has a certain minimum barrel length, is loaded with coded ammunition, etc. etc……

  3. gncarlo says:


    Why don’t the States separate? I called in on Rense radio a while back and posed the question to his guest.”

    That argument was, for the time being, settled in April, 1865 at Appomatox, Va.

    I would not be surprised if the argument is reopened, with the bankruptcies of the US and Canadian govts limiting their ability to project power. There has long been talk in the western US states and, more adamantly in the western provinces of Canada, about their lack of much in common with the eastern seaboard elites who tax and regulate them.
    All it would take is a little more poverty and a little more heavy-handed repression to set off a spark.

    The feds already got a mini-scare when they besieged the Weavers in Idaho. They kept it purposely low-key because of rumors of snipers and IEDs out in the woods. A lot of the people up there are there specifically to get away from the political cesspool.

  4. Marshall says:

    Babette says:

    “The jewish run gov. is shredding the Constitution and reducing the population to a mass of blathering, quivering idiots scrambling to survive in the economic disaster inflicted upon it by its banksters/Fed.”


    Did you not understand what Jesus Christ SAID?

    What a hoot!!! The FBI,CIA, NSA, JINSA, AEI, AIPAC, CFR, and all their various shill NEWS organizations parrot JEWS…shall I go on? Whom do you WORK FOR, dude?

    Put two Jews in a room, and they will argue with each other. A week later you’ll have a “political action committee” and a pile of black hats, looking for “America” so they can scam you some more. LMAO!!!

    The JEWS arguing with each OTHER scammed you, and everyone else.


  5. Marshall says:

    What else can I say?


    “The thing speaks for itself.”

    You know, The Roman Emporer NERO had a wife named Poppaea, or something similar. Jewish women, are they attractive?

    I Hope she didn’t look anything like Amy WHINEhouse or Sarah Silverman…truly psychotic females manipulating men to do their bidding.

    It’s been going on for recorded history. People are making movies out of their own sins, and expecting people to be fascinated with their endeavors.

    I’m not fascinated with Jewish women. I think they’re naturally ugly. and they can’t escape it with any amount of cosmetic surgery.

  6. babette says:

    My question managed to make Marshall angry. Not what expected. I’m thankful, gncarlo, for your response.

    I’ve been watching “The Arrivals,” a some 40-odd episode series which is collating a plethora of facts for me and I’d like to know what you think of it, if you’ve seen it.

    As for the “Constitution Con” it’s quite clear the US-A were, by subterfuge, controlled by 33rd degree freemasons on a mission for the English Empire from the start, so the battle was lost from the get go.

    Just yesterday the Canadian “gov” rejoiced at Obomba’s review of the US Hellcare system engineering a smoother joinging of the US&Canada re. NAFTA etc.
    Which means lots of useless eaters will die.

    Looking at US “boots on the ground” dressed up in their ridiculous outfits, all over our god given planet, killing on command, well, it makes me sick.

    WWIII will begin on 10-10-09. So be it.

    Be well,
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  7. Marshall says:

    The blood of all the prophets shall be upon you, Babette, if you condone that sort of behavior.

    It somehow just doesn’t seem to add up.

    Iran is a very advanced country. Universities and children who just want to grow up there and LEARN in a safe environment…like a current college campus anywhere you might visit. Hatred is endemic. When you finally release it you can be free.

    Seems to me…JEWS don’t want Iran to have NUCLEAR POWER.

    That’s all I see from the media here. Jews don’t like Muslims…of course not.

    All children are born into this world with nothing. Everyone on the planet currently will die with nothing. The flesh profiteth NOTHING.

    Quit wasting your time, AND love people around you

    Marsh 😉

  8. babette says:

    The blood of what prophets shall be upon me, exactly? Where have you seen me, out of all my comments, condone this sort of behavior?


  9. Marshall says:

    Murder is Murder. “Ira?” “Babette?”

    Whomever you may be, if you are clinging to being a Jew, you inherit the blood curse of 2000 years, and it describes your current behavior so succinctly.

    Hellywood movies are a manifestation of your depravity. JEWS!!!



  10. babette says:

    Fuck U and YOUR blood, buddy boy – you refer to advanced civilizations– check out Iraq, birthplace of the Sumarians! Oldest civilization in recorded history!

    Destroyed by USrael…

    911TruthNow (USrael)

  11. babette says:

    And where or what have I said made you think I was a jew?

    911TruthNOW (USael)

  12. gncarlo says:

    You two seem to be talking past each other……….it’s more than a little confusing.

    Marshall, I don’t know many “dudes” named “Babette.” What is it she said that you’re in angry disagreement with? Or caused you to label her a “Jew”?

  13. gncarlo says:

    More “logic” from the Comedian: “In a single year, 3,012 children and teens were killed by gunfire in the United States, according to the latest national data released in 2002. …..
    In Canada there are about 1000-1200 gun deaths per year.”

    Are you comparing apples and oranges? If not, and the Canadian figures represent the same class: “children and teens”, consider that
    Canada has 11% of the population of the US and , according to you, 40 % of the gun deaths.

    That would mean that, per capita, one would be 3.63 times as likely to suffer a gun death in Canada.

    Must be those long, gray winters and consumption of too much of Comrade Bronfman’s major contribution to Western Civilization (Seagram’s)…..

  14. canadian says:

    To clarify:
    us has 25-30000 gun deaths per year…which is about 30 times the number of deaths in Canada despite only 10 times the population. (3000 deaths refers to children and teens only…I don’t know what those numbers are for Canada).
    Sometimes alcohol purifies and clarifies.

  15. Marshall says:


    Well YEAH we are talking past each other, it’s a blog!!! There are maybe 20 people trying to get their points across at all times, and we’re not really sure who we’re talking to…it’s chaotic at best!!! INFO OVERLOAD MAN!!!

    I personally feel like I’m about to explode…I have so much information, and the old saying is true…”with much knowledge comes great sorrow.”

    Sorry if I insulted Babette. Seriously Babette, I apologize. I’m just extremely angry now, and have been for several days. After just flipping the TV off Glen Beck trying to explain the GM disaster with a JEW named “Weiss” trying to sell a book about it at the same time!!!…WHAT THE HELL??? These people will try to make money off ANTHING, and they don’t care what it is. They have no morals whatsoever. Pardon me while I vomit!!!

    Babette…of course Iraq has been a bastion of culture and yes, Arabic people were instrumental in the development of higher mathematics. If I personally have no desire to go over there and drop BOMBS on people I never met, nor know comparatively little about, why is my government doing it? Why am I paying taxes to support this disgusting, inhumane travesty?

    Like I said…at least to me, the more I know, the more disgusted I’m getting to be. YES, I believe 911 was done by the Mossad, or at least with their oversight using Arabic agents. ODIGO is the only Google term people need to type to be aware that Jews knew in advance. What about the “5 Dancing Israelis” who later appeared on Israeli TV? I have the show on my HD as we speak. Michael Chertoff just quietly LET THESE GUYS GO, along with quite a few others…catch my drift?

    In NYC they call it “Jewish Lightning” and have for many, many years. This filthy “Larry Silverstein” cat has made quite a bit of money from 911, and even had the CHUTZPAH to ask for “double damages” on the curiously installed insurance policies he took out…what…only several months before 911 actually occurred? MY GOD people, HE helped ORCHESTRATE the “attacks.” Is this not patently obvious?

    WTC 7? “Pull it?” Then he tries to claim the NYC Fire Department made that decision? I have that video too. The PNAC Neocons are ALL JEWS, and JEWS got us into the War in Iraq. The biggest false flag in history thus far. What will these depraved hellspawns come up with next?

    I don’t have to go looking for Jews to blame for things, they’re right in my face every time I turn on my TV set!!! I’m pretty ticked off guys.

    There’s nothing people hate more than being scammed and ripped off, and for the sheer magnitude of “scams” Jews take the cake. My problem is that people in the USA seem to be afraid to call a spade a spade. WHY? GROW A FREAKING PAIR AMERICA!!!

    Sorry Babette and GnCarlo…please forgive me.

    Marsh 🙁

  16. American says:

    JEWS are calling Tiller’s killer a “Christian terrorist”. Wake up, people! Last week it was veterans, this week the Christians are “terrorists”. LMAO!

    It’s time for individuals to collect information on Sayanim in their own areas, then publish on the internet for others to be aware. No need to do more than that. It’s no different than little Stanley Kayser taking pictures of Brendan O’Connell (recon).

    Like the JEWS, we need to know who’s “operating” in our communities, especially when it’s TREASON.

    Put the info out there, and perhaps the people that need it will find it well.

    One thing for sure, Tiller isn’t ever gonna kill anybody again. His liquidator was a man that acted on his principles. We’re headed back to values, for sure.

  17. American says:

    ALL Sayanim are most definitely guilty of conspiracy against their host nation.

    Share the names and facts with others.

  18. Randall says:

    Also may be good to infiltrate their groups to better get a grasp of their MO at the point of being conceived.
    Like JIDF foe example.
    I downloaded Megaphone once a couple years back, but
    for me it wasn’t that active at the time.
    Maybe will try again.

  19. babette says:

    Forgiven. I feel the same rage you and many others do, Marshall, the same sense of helplessness and despair. At least that’s how feel most days.

    And gncarlo, thanks. I’m not a guy, and I sure ain’t no jew. Although, WE, in fact, might be the true Israelites. According to many ancient texts those who call themselves jews are no such thing! They are a pack of lying, cursed and diseased hyenas, but they aren’t the real jews. (Sacred Texts on-line Library).

    Have you guys seen this series: THE ARRIVALS ? Youtube. About 40 or so segments. Covers pretty much everything and explains what will soon occur.

    Also, researching lots of stuff re. 10-10-09 starting date of WWIII. One more grandiose False Flag event, say like, a nuke (missing nuke, ‘member) goes off in a major US city or “they” pluck the strings of their ol’ HAARP and split cities asunder.

    USrael then blames and attacks Iran. Russia erases the US and takes control. Finally, the NWO is attained.

    These charming events are to be followed by the earthshaking arrival of Planet X. 10-10-09. Remove the 0’s and reverse you get 911. Interesting, eh?

    Anyway, as Marshall said, “With much knowledge comes great sorrow.”

    Well, misery loves company! And the ranks of the “sorrowfuls” increase with every passing day.

    Thanks Marshall and gncarlo,
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  20. gncarlo says:

    “These charming events are to be followed by the earthshaking arrival of Planet X. 10-10-09. Remove the 0’s and reverse you get 911. Interesting, eh?”

    Now I’m even more confused. I think I’ll go play some hold ’em…….

  21. Moses says:

    Actually its not so much of the telling of the truth that makes you an anti-semite, but you being an actual anti-semite, well….that makes you an anti-semite.

  22. Saul says:

    “Why don’t the States separate? I called in on Rense radio a while back and posed the question to his guest. His answer was, and he was adamant, that the splitting apart would serve only to weaken the US.”

    Though true, sounds like jew-spew. How could we get any more weaker than we are now, with the jew and their Green Meanies and Neo-con World Police Globalizers and National identity destroyers?

    It would be the start of the pocket civil wars and probably forced jew run military coos to take back state offices with at least localized martial law. Something the jew wants, but needs to happen anyway. It’s high time to roll the dice. The jew has trained shock troops with your kosher taxes for just this purpose.

    Are founders made it clear in many a writing that militias and armed people were also to protect us from the enemies within (the 5th column jew Gov’t that tries to call patriots and Christians a 5th column – gallful jew pigs). References also to protection from Govt ‘TYRANNY’. Their is no confusion here other than what the South Park Political jew Sockpuppetsteins try and create, like the jew egg laying whores Fiendstien, Ceribrial Polsi and Co.

    There were to be no standing armies. That could be used against us or to create on going jew wars that Jefferson (I believe) warned us of.

    Doubtful the founders banked on a Govt militia to totally defend against surprise or short notice attacks. They knew all of America was armed and planned it that way. They all so planned to be able to recruit the majority of them if needed for same. It was a necessity for most except in the Cities. We were Civilization Builders who still relied greatly on hunting, not to mention protection.

    Remember ‘a gun behind every bush’. What even well trained foreign or 5th column army wants to deal with that! Thats Why Silky the Pimp Obamma Kenya Warlord wants to dis-arm you and create an army of little nigger thugs, fully armed like the military (he said so!) as an offshoot of his prior CIA Masta’s Freedom Corps now NEW Nigga Corps American Indentured Service plan. He wants young sociopathic recruits like the ones you saw on all those ‘Scared Straight’ and military school rehibilitation programs designed for same. The kind of kid who through military service has been reconditioned to be a warrior and have self esteem, that will respect his master\trainer and follow orders, but still lacks any basic respect for the REAL America, Americans, or life in general.

    A well regulated criminal militia to suppress patriotic uprising. Just like the African and Liberian Warlords try to create. Raped white Christian girls and dead white Christian boys will be their fuel. Plus all the spoils as jewsual.

    I Pledge Allegiance To The Fag And The Liberian States Of jEWMERICA

  23. Saul says:

    Why do these little Jews feel the need to use the name of biblical figures? Could it be because they consider themselves G-Ds?

    Jew or not:
    Blacks often use these names also. IT IS A FACT that they (many) are taught that they are the REAL origional jews and isrealites and that whites were a later ‘mutation’ (abomination) that plagued them and lowered their King and Queenly status though the evil oppression of the blond haired, blue eyed devil. Can Iz Have A Wittness! Ahhh Kiss maself!

  24. gncarlo says:

    Gun control in Canada.

    “To attempt to intimidate people to register their sporting firearms (rifles and shotguns) they have instituted the threat of a 5-year prison sentences for failure to comply as of July1, 2003. This has not resulted in any significant increase of compliance. It is interesting to note that actual convicted criminals receive a fraction of this sentence for use of illegal firearms”


  25. Saul Super-stinchous says:

    “These charming events are to be followed by the earthshaking arrival of Planet X. 10-10-09. Remove the 0’s and reverse you get 911. Interesting, eh?”

    Someone else mentioned their use of numbers and numerology in the elites actions fairly recently. It is a fact, if you research jew\mason legislation Bill #s, Bill dates (like the most dangerous being numbered like 666) and the dates of major jew-swing political or terrorist activities. It’s always there. They don’t want you to believe it. They are OBSESSED with it. For good reason.

    Reality does seem to flow in cycles, the jew scientist and PR folks constantly remind you of this, while constantly mocking and distracting the Goy from the less-substantial more important cyclic nature of reality in general. Such as the cycles of mans mind, the yet to be proved cyclic effects of planetary and possibly other energetic phenomenon that can effect our reality and states of conscious, allowing us to be more susceptible to manipulation, rage-response and submissive or receptive states. They take it very real. You can laugh that it’s part of their typical jew-neuroses or not.

    I believe it, not to act as a fringe dis-info (u have to know something for that, I don’t) distraction agent. Reality is cyclic, conscious is cyclic, I believe. They swear and live by it! Even the more scientific creeps in their structures use it, if nothing as a Freudian style manipulation tool. Do we really know that the EMF or other subtle energies from say, Mars doesn’t make us more war like (EMF is very distance effected), does Venus make use more willing?

    Even without this we have a clear jew history of filthy jews passing law, some not even having to be properly recorded or documented in the wee hours of our favorite holidays like: New years, Christmas (Xmas, if your jewish), July 4th & etc. Hey let’s jew it at 2 o’clock in the morning where only a fraction of the legislative body is here. Almost all Amerikans are either asleep, drunk, winding up (yeah baby) or winding down. Cycles even a silly Goy could appreciate.

    Do the research, do the math, nothing convinces ones self like a few hours of tedious torturous searches on the net. They’re F_cking TRAITORS, almost ALL of them. They just take turns (cycles) being the good, bad, absentee guy when it comes time to vote. So does it really mater how (U) vote, unless maybe minor local issues? Silly Goy, Tricks are for jews. They run in cycles. Watch them.

    Was astrology really based on long forgotten knowledge of subtle energy technologies? I don’t know. I DO know that we are missing a whole ancient history, that shouldn’t be missing. That jEWs and their later jESUIT Templar creations disappeared, even scum like Rokenfelder has been found ‘buying’ up such lost or questionable history.

    Know history and cycles or you are domed to repeat them, as the jew wants. As the jew History, archeology, sociology and ALL the jew dominated sciences would mis-lead us to deny. Why? Say it ain’t so, man as old as coal? Or Forbidden Archeology? Vimana? Don’t know and not trying to railroad, as I think most know. But I believe our science has somethings very important to the survival and freeing of the Goy’s mind that these Smithsonian/Vatican Type jEW scum would deny us. Their random yet subtle out of place attacks on such concepts, facts, research and ideas as utter junk science, yet never properly, honestly, fairly rebuked or even given fair public hearing VS the Liars is circumstantial evidence alone.

    Kinda like when nigger-jew Crime TV and CSI soul usury TV has you fascinated and watching how they caught nigger joe or Bundy jew killing white girls with their new forensics. When was the last time jew-Tru TV used their forensics to document the jew mass treason and economic crime, or to prove it was ALL jews (ie: just name these shit wads in a running list, like here). Or that all of our Executive is run by a bunch of serial-killing, economically and politically, duel citizen nigger jews? Especially the economics Depts. Concentrate and be fascinated by the little Goy christian(really jews)-nigger criminal Killing tragic, but a few Goy, DO NOT look behind the bigger CSI curtain and see the REAL jew criminal that serial-kills NATIONS like Rahms, Wolfs, Kissingers, Redspans, Rattshiters and MADoffs. Look at the fake Christian or nigger that killed the little girl (a tragedy, but one). CSI – jEW ME. Where are the cowardly, it’s not my job ‘The Interrogators’ mason filth when you need them?

    Why are so many Police chiefs and MKUltra sex slaves Named ‘Kelly’, is it a blood thing for the pigs? They’re ALWAYS TRAITOR mason trash in the first group, no not 100’s but enough to be wierd. Is that a model number or just the jews that permiated Scots and Irish Elite Celts society favorite name? Wonder of the big fascination with Celt themes and elite bloodlines; they’ve long been jewed, since Longshanks (he visited the jew-wop gypsy satanist) at least. Poison the source.

    I maybe spew’n shit and conjecture in the later (minus the TV mis-direction to little Goy little killa VS BIG jEW Genocide), but my CSI sense tells me theres some peanuts and corn in there somewhere even if you ignore the last paragraph.

  26. Saul says:

    “Gun control in Canada.

    “To attempt to intimidate people to register their sporting firearms (rifles and shotguns) they have instituted the threat of a 5-year prison sentences for failure to comply as of July1, 2003. This has not resulted in any significant increase of compliance. It is interesting to note that actual convicted criminals receive a fraction of this sentence for use of illegal firearms”

    I was caring a loaded gun long before the State jew said I could.

    I knew it was a BOR RIGHT! And though can’t say I wasn’t a little intimidated or scared that I might have to enforce that RIGHT on the poor unsuspected unknowing TRAITOR jew-cop that thought it was his job to dis-arm such. Even thinking of his potentially fatherless beautiful white children that need to be protected from the nigger and the jew. I still carried and ALWAYS will.

    The base of the pyramid is ALWAYS stronger than the foul little jEW NON-Seeing Eye at the TOP. Give the the three little finger salute. Not The mason stinky fingered one of cowards.

  27. babette says:

    Saul Super-stinchous: THANK YOU! I’ve recently been slapped down for the very notions you enumerated by a person of great sagacity and logic.

    The numbers mean nothing, according to him, we are all “clinging to grandiose absurdities” and I was effectively deflated.

    There’s this pseudo-science relating to numbers in a text called the Gematria. Do you know of it? It’s beyond my ken, I admit, but these masonic jew luciferians believe in this shit!

    There are 52 miles of ancient SECRET texts in the Vatican alone. Why are they kept secret? What’s in them that they don’t want us to see?

    Anyway, yours was one hell of a comment! Click, print. I really appreciate you taking this numerology business seriously. If “they” believe in it, we should “CSI” it as you say. Know thine enemy, right?

    And how very justified is your rage over those lame, phony tv shows: Little guy does a dirty, “good guys” pull out every damned piece of scientific artillery at their disposal to nab him. Huge production, best brains working with incredibly advanced technology to catch this nobody, this cypher. CSI Heroes! Geniuses!

    No “CSI” on the case on 911, eh? Let’s just clean up this mess pronto…nothing to see here, folks, move along…

    Thanks again,
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  28. psyn says:

    May 30, 2009 at 7:46 pm


    ““25-30,000 gun deaths in the last year. Unbelievable.”

    Take away the non-white population, and that figure would be close to ZERO.

    St. Louis had 167 murders in a city of 350k. Guess how many murders St. Louis would have if the negro were to suddenly disappear? ZERO to TWO.

    By the way; How may gun deaths did Gun Control Canada have last year?”

    To answer your question:

    Actually Canadians stats are incorrect, these are the correct ones.
    The Canadian murder rate is significantly lower then that of the US
    Murders in Canada 2007 594
    Total number of murders in the US 2007 16,929

    The US murder rate is roughly double that of canada once population is taken into account(for you mentally challenged neo nazis just multiply 594 by 10 to get 5940 and compare that to the 16,929 murders in the US, and also note that the US has 10 times more people then Canada)

    You can also note that the highest murder rates in Canada occurred in the prairie provinces which are the least racially diverse (ie whitest) parts of Canada

    Of course you neo Nazi types would like to claim it is because Canada is not as ‘racially diverse’ as the US, but as usual you are wrong as can be seen below with the comparison of racially diverse Toronto to Chicago

    Number of Murders in Toronto 2008 70
    Population of Toronto 2.48 Million
    You can note that ONE HALF of Torontos population is NOT WHITE and are immigrants and we have a significant black population

    Number of Murders in Chicago 2008 508
    Population of Chicago 2,836,658

    Accounting for population again we see the Chicago’s murder rate is more then double that of Toronto’s. Also note that Toronto’s rate is significantly better then that of St Louis….with “negros” and all.

    Finally, below are the rates for murder committed using fire arms. Note that the US rate outstrips the Canadian rate by a significant margin….

    Do the Math Neo Nazi……

  29. gncarlo says:

    Orion makes a good point about who is committing the gun crime in America. He must have read John Lott’s book “More Guns, Less Crime” from about a decade ago.

    Some points from the book: 1. The black 13% of the population commits over 70% of the violent crime. European Americans have a violent crime rate that is as low as white Germans or Swedes.

    2. In a survey of the US (by county), counties which had open-carry laws had a gun-death rate less than half that of the other counties. It seems criminals are as risk-averse as other people, and avoid plying their trade among armed citizens.

    3. Police officers were also statistically far safer in open-carry counties for the same reason. The most common cause of gunshot injury or death among police officers was self-infliction; either suicide or poor gun safety procedure.


    Regarding PC Canada, one wonders what the per capita murder rate is among blacks in Toronto… The other link I posted re Canada asserted that, since mandatory gun registration began, the only category of gun deaths that went down was suicide, a mind-boggling 50% of all Canadian gun deaths. Must be the booze and the long, cold winters…. But the suicide by hanging went up commensurately, so it was a wash. What next: rope registration?

    It has constituted a loss of freedom and safety for most Canadians, as well as over a billion $ and counting, to taxpayers, to set up another intrusive and ineffective bureaucracy.

    Among the so-called “civilized nations” in the Western Hemisphere that keep statistics, the US per capita gun death rate is not the highest. That prize goes to Brazil, which has plenty of gun laws and a huge black population.

    Since “uhuru”, Johannesburg, SA is said by many sources to be the murder, rape, and carjacking capital of the world. However, I don’t have any credible sources readily at hand; it might be interesting for someone with the time to research it.

    Finally, years ago, when they were debating open carry laws in Florida, leftists warned that it would turn Miami into Dodge City. Someone went back to newspaper archives for 19th Century Kansas and found that Dodge City, Kansas was far safer statistically for the average citizen than 20th Century Miami or Detroit. As of about five years ago, only one Florida carry-permit holder, out of tens of thousands issued, was ever convicted of a crime with his gun. If memory serves me, that was a case of brandishing a weapon in a domestic violence situation.

    I think anyone with an open mind ought to read “More Guns, Less Crime.” -John Lott

  30. gncarlo says:

    Babbette: “There are 52 miles of ancient SECRET texts in the Vatican alone. Why are they kept secret? What’s in them that they don’t want us to see? ”

    With all due respect, if they are secret, how do you know about them?

  31. American says:

    I can tell gncarlo and Orion from my own personal experience, everybody feels safer in an ‘open-carry’ state. When responsible citizens own and use guns, everybody is better off EXCEPT criminals.

  32. babette says:

    gncarlo: The Vatican says so. Professors, scholars and the like can perouse documents, but must go through red tape to acquire papal permission.

    Then one is escorted to the text, opened on the page requested, with a priest looking over one’s shoulder, two guards at attention by the door. Cannot study or flip through any more than what was granted. Allowed to bring a pad and pencil. Period.

    American: I salute you. Before 911, in the good ol’ days, I took an extended road trip through the States. Sitting at a counter at a truckstop having breakfast, in saunters this ‘cowboy’ with guns on display.

    The guy I happened to be travelling with, a fairly untrustworthy, unsavory type, nearly fell off his stool with fear. I, on the other hand, never felt safer anywhere in the world. And i’ve travelled far and wide.

    They will disarm you. Kissinger stated that every US citizen will be effectively disarmed by Sept. of this year. What fresh hell have they in store for us?

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  33. American says:

    Well, I’m not in an ‘open-carry’ state, but would like to move to one.

    Next, JEWS won’t have the balls to do what it takes to disarm Americans. They’ll do whatever is easiest, like poison your water, or work with Monsanto to starve Goyim. But as far as firearms, it’s just a “fight” to distract, while they borrow you into the next century via the Fed and “banking”.

    In their attempt to divide, they want some Goyim defending their First Amendment, others “clinging to their guns”, etc, but not a majority that think it’s ALL too much. Put JEWS in Israel, it’s where they say they want to be, and it’s caused the world enough problems.

  34. Saul says:

    “Babbette: “There are 52 miles of ancient SECRET texts in the Vatican alone. Why are they kept secret? What’s in them that they don’t want us to see? ”

    It is and undeniable fact that these Vatican JEWs Hold much SECRETS. The Arctic Beacon would have you believe that behind every jEW there’s a jESUIT, actually, behind every jESUIT there’s A jEW. I came from the prior cath nigger religion. Fortunately, my beloved family did not force it on me.

    I wasn’t trying to stray too far into the neither -zone. Only trying to get some to think about why and how the jew motivation moves through society.
    Canada’s (like the one) here are jew filth, they rant of our disarmament while their filthy jew govt conspires with ours to use their troops to dis-arm us and ‘quail rebellion’ – – Filthy jews. Convert jew pigs, be saved, let us make men of swine. Save yourselfs.

  35. Saul says:

    Some believe the 2nd Amendment was designed to attack and question gun rights, or more the inalienable RIGHT of COMMON SENSE to defend ones self and have the means to do so. At times I wounder. Outside of that, the first TEN BORs seem pretty much in tact, in theory, minus the later jewed ones, that most don’t count under the law of “Null and Void Upon Inception”.

    Truth is it’s hopeless. regaurdless of the spew. There will be no peaceful solution, the gallfull jew is unmovable. All atempts to say so are attempts to shut down a site, or to radical. I wait for melting eye sockets with a smile. I hate. But i might be back for tea, if that’s OK.

  36. gncarlo says:

    It’s OK….the only gun control I support is to slowly exhale and squeeze, not pull. 🙂

  37. Steve in TN says:

    I don’t understand why Judaics are not actively promoting Christianity. Basically, if not for the forgiveness of Christians, the Judaics would have been exterminated many years ago. If they destroy Christianity where would they go? So a pagan world doesn’t care that they are enslaved? Oh, BTW I got my numbers today. If the statement Kissinger made about guns being removed by Sept., I’ll pick 09-09-09. And wait for the next shoe to fall on 11-11-11, just in time to usher in the end of the Christian era on 12-21-12. It’s not so much a matter of if, but when. Just never forget 9/11. It will go unpunished. But it is to me a clarion call to remain vigilant. And some more hate speech: “Do not think I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” –JC, Matthew 10:34. Question everything. ok, that’s my two cents worth. Have a fine day!

  38. Rebel With a Cause says:

    Can you see the forest through the trees? The 2-3 million population figure is way off. It’s probably closer to 20 million. They are everywhere but try to keep their jew loyalty hidden. Not to say that every last jew is in on the conspiracy, but they do maintain absolute covert loyalty to their race/religion and see all non-jews as inferior and only put here for their use. It’s guaranteed that the majority of possibly ‘innocent’ jews will take up arms with whatever benefits them personally and without conscience or consideration for anyone or anything but themselves. There are also the numerous calculating zionist devils that ‘ordinary’ jews helped by all means to put in control of every aspect of the United States government, media, military, and legal system. If you don’t believe in the devil yet, you will.


  39. Meritocrat says:


    from your source
    “# The top five visible minority groups in Toronto were:

    * South Asian at 298,372 or 12.0 per cent of our population;
    * Chinese at 283,075 or 11.4 per cent;
    * Black at 208,555 or 8.4 per cent;
    * Filipino at 102,555 or 4.1 per cent;
    * Latin American at 64,860 or 2.6 per cent.

    Blacks are 8.4% in Toronto. Ok now lets look at Chicago shall we.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Chicago, ya I know, its wikipedia, close enough and I don’t want to spend too much time on a rat like you.

    “The racial makeup of the city was 41.97% White, 36.77% Black, 4.35% Asian, 0.06%”

    There it is, 8.4% compared to 36.77%. Meanwhile, Toronto is about 60% white while Chicago only 41.97%. Bottom line, you lose, now go home.

  40. gncarlo says:

    I understand that, among real estate brokers, there is something called the “8% rule.” Apparently, when the black percentage of the population reaches 8%, the discomfort level for whites (noise, burglaries, physical assaults) causes the “for sale” signs to come out. People wanting to get out for safety reasons and before property values plummet.
    With 8.4% blacks, the next ten years in Toronto should be instructive….the only certainty is that all the negatives will be blamed on “white racism.”

  41. Meritocrat says:

    “..the only certainty is that all the negatives will be blamed on “white racism.”

    Its all so damn predictable isn’t it. What are now called “progressive and tolerant Canadian whites” will be called “hateful bigots” when things go sour (and they will).

  42. gncarlo says:

    Well, the US is much larger and, in the South, at least, whites have lived in the presence of large numbers of blacks for centuries. So, they have few illusions.

    Killing America has taken a long while, a century at least. Kind of like killing an elephant with pointed sticks. It takes a while.

    Canada, on the other hand, is like watching a train wreck about to happen, and knowing there is nothing one can do to stop it. They are so white and so naive. I see so many websites there taking pride in saying that they are the world’s leading “immigrant nation”. An omelet that they won’t be able to unscramble. The media spins that Toronto won’t end up like Detroit or Chicago because Canadians are “more tolerant” and less “racist.” Power of brainwashing through the media.

    Canada appears to me to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bronfman crime family……

    When will white people wake up?

  43. Idiotarian Hunter says:

    Why don’t you just fucking convert to Islam? It’s the perfect religion for assholes like you. And why don’t you head over to “Palestine” and join Hamas? You could be among your degenerate own.

    • incogman says:

      That’s right, Jew, I just might. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Then you can say “lookie here, the evil racist Whites are forming alliances with the evil terrorists!” Hell, you Jews are already lying about that and saying as much.

      You can’t have Patriotic Whites figure out you people. That would be bad.

  44. Meritocrat says:

    Why don’t you just fucking convert to Judaism? It’s the perfect religion for assholes like you. And why don’t you head over to “Isra-hell” and join the Likud? You could be among your degenerate own.


  45. Saul says:

    “Do not think I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” –JC

    Your psychic or am I? That one’s been stewing in my brain pan for weeks.
    I am ulitimatly a very peaceful soul. Getting very tired of seeing us getting picked off.

  46. Saul says:

    I don’t have a taste for ANY Theocrapys, but I’d rather snuggle up to a nice warm muzi babe (mask off at midnight!). Than some inhuman Goy hating kosher slut that thought she was sleeping with her dog in an Ecstasy stupor. At least in the former I’d be ‘knowing’ a human being. We could plan false flag terror afterwards and blame it on the poor innocent jew pig.

  47. Saul says:

    “Little guy does a dirty, “good guys” pull out every damned piece of scientific artillery at their disposal to nab him. Huge production, best brains working with incredibly advanced technology to catch this nobody, this cypher. CSI ” ~ Babette

    American was spot on Turn off the TV for a while silly Goy. If only people would disconnect from their jew and game boxes for just 6 months and start REALLY observing their environment. They would think that the movie ‘It’s Lives’ (is that the name? A CLASSIC, as mentioned here) was reality and this picture show we call life was the movie! Hymie-wood jews puke blood from all their Bohemian Grove laughter at the hypnotized Goy. They are all criminally insane. Yet in spite of attempts to degrade and underestimate their minds, absolutely brilliant, but not unfathomable to the semi-intelligent Goy.

    I’d also like to take a look in all the jew-Anglo inbred’s cellars and hidden escape from the mad Goy secret exit/caverns and at the jew run Area 51, etc #ed plan Goy enslavement sites out der yonder. If they can’t kill or enslave use with planned jew terror and war (nope), they’ll certainly try with Bio-Nuke terror or all their trillions of embezzled Govt funds ‘spook’ tech. From Man Made ‘GREEN and fake water shortages submission terror’ to possible peizo-earthquakes, species kill-off, ET Wannabe BS on & on treason. Wheres OUR money (TRILLIONs of DISAPPEARED, ahhh DOLLERS)? In a bunch of jew Mason treasoners hands that need to be executed for same.

  48. the proud humanist says:

    the image above is from the war in Lebanon, not that you’ll be concerned with Bending the truth a little bit to your liking.

    you would like to believe we shot those shells into populated areas in the Gaza Strip.

    sorry for interrupting…… continue with the bullshit.

    • incogman says:

      Yeah, so what, Jew.

      Ah, I got lots of shots of Jews shelling the Gaza with phosphor shells. Hell, it was even on the mainstream news, but they didn’t bother telling Americans what they were seeing.

      You people are the ones spouting the bullshit and lies across the planet. What? Are you one of the new hires at the Israeli Foreign ministry?

      The Foreign Ministry unveiled a new plan this week: Paying talkbackers to post pro-Israel responses on websites worldwide.

      Foreign Ministry officials are fighting what they see as a terrible and scary monster: the Palestinian public relations monster. Yet nothing can be done to defeat it, regardless of how many foolish inventions will be introduced and how many bright communication students will be hired.

      The reason is that good PR cannot make the reality in the occupied territories prettier. Children are being killed, homes are being bombed, and families are starved. Yet nonetheless, the Foreign Ministry wants to try to change the situation. And they have willing partners. “Where do I submit a CV?” wrote one respondent. “I’m fluent in several languages and I’m able to spew forth bullshit for hours on end.”


  49. drew says:

    It is common knowledge that Hamas and Co. will shoot their own people if there is a host of foreign photographers on hand, to give them the propaganda scoop. Hamas et al, think nothing of “martyring” their own for their causes. This is made starkly obvious by the fact – in one set of instances, where rocket launchers are fired from the positions of children’s schools. Rocket launchers set in residential areas and near border crossing control points manned by UN. “Video Taq’aa” ( jihad propaganda ) is part of the soft jihad by Hamas et al. Obvious to all but but blind.

    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

  50. guitarman uk says:

    damn those wascals wiv dere wockets and wocks,naughty wabbits..

  51. guitarman uk says:

    as for that elusive thing called ‘common knowledge’,one may as well state;

    “It is common knowledge that isntreal and Co. will blow up their own people if there is a host of foreign photographers on hand, to give them the propaganda scoop. Zion,inc. et al, think nothing of “martyring” their own for their causes. This is made starkly obvious by the fact – in one set of instances, where…(insert alleged atrocity of choice)

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