Watch This Video and Spread it Around!

Want to know why they really make a big deal about the holocaust to this day?

ADL Jews got this trashed 3 times. The Jews do NOT want you to see this one, folks.

DOWNLOAD HI-RES 640 X 480 WMV FILE: HERE! You have my permission to upload anywhere. Give me a credit and link back to this blog, if possible.

(May 11) My Youtube version in general politics section was censored, yet another older version is still on Youtube (see below “read rest of entry…” button). But watch, download or capture the new Vimeo version above, if possible.

>PLEASE download a Windows Media File (wmv — 50MB) directly from Vimeo: <Use this file to spread, archive and upload!

I’ve recently finished this and wanted everybody who visits my blog to see it first and comment. Let me know what you think. Unfortunately, due to certain things, I don’t have the technical capabilities that I’m used to, but I think this is pretty strong. I kept it short (6 minutes) and snappy — to make a dent in MTV brains.

Like a new flu bug — make it go viral, download, copy and upload it anywhere and everywhere.

I’m hoping you folks upload it to various video sites (I’ve put it here on Youtube, but I don’t know if it will get censored or not). Can anybody put it up on Pod Blanc? Also, anyone know how to get this spread around in the anti-War crowd?


5/11: Download, capture or link to Vimeo version above, at top of this post, if at all possible. Youtube gave me “a warning” for “inappropriateness” (how many dead Jew videos are on there?). They may delete my account. I’m waiting to see if the ADL people there “discover” the older version and use that as justification to have that done.

I’ll be moving this to my “CONNECT THE DOTS” video page above soon. By the way, do you folks watch my video pages above under my banner? Any problems accessing those pages? I don’t see the traffic for those pages like the other posts. Any problems or suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Also, if anyone knows any links to free hires, first gen video (wmv format if possible) WWI and II footage, let me know here. I’d like to swap out my clips for better versions and rerip it. DONE (5/11).


Vimeo trashed my file (July 12)


Israeli snipers have just gunned down two defenseless Palestinian women. Distant footage of this totally unnecessary Jew evil may be seen video “Wake Up to the Real Deal.” above. I would appreciate if you would take the six minutes to watch it. [INCOG]

Watch this short video on the Commie Jew murderers in the Soviet Union.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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519 Responses to Watch This Video and Spread it Around!

  1. Saul says:

    I was watching a show on Ovation channel about a totally untrained gardener that learned through doing and what I believe is the essence of what we call wisdom.

    His name was ‘Pearl Fryer’. A black MAN. Not a nigger as so many of his race. His philosophy in life was the epitome of his wisdom and innate ability to create beauty and unify people in common goal (beauty and love) with his way and superb gardens. He is an EXCEPTION to his people yet a perfect example to his people of what they can be and how they act when not contaminated by the snitch of jew spawn education, kulture and diversity excuses.

    This is what I meant when I spoke of wisdom and how even less intelligent and less educated can fit in or hold a productive and truly valued place with in a society. I takes both. I see wisdom as spiritual intelligence or the state of knowing which stands outside of time. I believe it is incarnations accumulated learning or soul experience (not as re-incarnation is described in simple terms). Anyway, his wisdom gives him the ability to give to the world what so many of high intelligence have not: humanity, beauty and a caring and true brotherhood to others (violins). His wife was cool too.

    I noticed that most of the blacks in his community didn’t have the nigger attitudes of jew raised in the hoods. He is living proof that the hood is a sole creation of the niggers mind and that where ever the nigger goes, he will create a hood. Even on a pile of gold. Then he will blame it on whitey and whine incessantly about his self-made plight. Just like the jew.

    With enough Pearls as examples the niggers of his race would soon probably evolve into men in short order and begin creating their own beauty and love. They may not be top programmers, but their contribution to society would be quite arguably more impotent. Until we admit the good and the bad, and until all the third world niggers quit blaming whitey for what they and mainly the jew has done to them and themselves We will not be compatible period.

    On the prior note, I think this Pearl (dude) is a better human being than I or many whites I’ve seen at THIS time. I think people get to caught up in where they’re at and deny or miss potential of their people. How do you tell one to take or fill their place in the world with out being accused of racism or discrimination? To say a race is less evolved than you does not mean your better. At least not at all things. Their race could have more or equal potential in the long term. Flowers are not pretty until they bloom.

    No I ‘m not nigger-lovin or anything else, I’m saying the opposite from the jew. OR each according to their own merits and time (the old way). NOT kultures and diversity rationalizations for mediocrity and failure that is killing us all, except the stinking jew-nigger board of education and Govt.
    Not new jew ed that is training society to be a bunch of self-absorbed, neurotic emotionally driven serial-killers babbling diversity, kulture and green. Pearl is very GREEN and VERY HUMAN. Exceptional – he can stay, in my book.

  2. Saul says:


    Looks like Marshall’s got the run down on the software – some good stuff.
    I still say if you can afford it. BUY A NEW COMPUTER. especially if you have a high speed connection. I personally, though many would probably disagree, would go with XP (are you running XP now or 98?). Your bottle neck could be in many places (buffering etc), but more likely in the system it’s self. You usually will not get more than 5-15% increase by upgrading the RAM or CPU. The money spent on upgrades is usually a 3rd to half the cost of a far superior system that runs much faster. Plus newer systems (most, minus the proprietary or weird) are far more friendly to the newer components (removable media and even the firmware and software, BIOS, networking and such). They were designed well after a lot of these later spec devices were already in use. CPUs now are multi core, bus speeds have greatly increased (video, memory and CPU) and memory is multi-piped so it all works much quicker and for the most part much more compatibly with newer peripherals.

    Your S3 graphics are Jurassic at best (good ol GameDaze), your bottle necks are your graphics, your memory bandwidth, CPU, even your net card. Even the cheaper computers can be had with on-board graphics, sound and network that are all faster than what you have. And You can then Upgrade Graphics (probably will not need to) to more benefit than upgrading existing. Some come with XP though Vista is getting better. A lot of old programs will not run with it or are a pain to try and make work. Depending on you type and version of Winblows you probably will not be able to transfer to new drive. Your data can be transfered many ways. I recommend always buying a second hard drive or multi partitioning your existing drive to 2 or more drives (C&D).

    Put the OS one C and user data and progs on D. Several advantages are: Back up faster, back up your OS not the WHOLE crap huge boot drive that windows default has. You’ll back up more often. Then you can back up your data at the point where loss would be undesirable. Recovery from virus or malware is most often much easier – Infected? Feel insecure sense you installed all that crapware? Use a good back up program like Acro_is True Image or etc (also good freeware ones) and restore the partition to a pre-saved date that you liked or after you installed all your regular progs and had everything the way you liked. And a few progs you like and back up C: again. C: is most likely to get contaminated if you have your user accounts set up and don’t run as admin all the time. If you have to restore C: do to contamination you can just rewrite the whole partition and all the progs you had installed on D: (etc) up to your lats C: backup will 99% of the time be fine, still installed (all the registry values and links will be restored for them minus the poison).

    You can get a New older clearance model for $400.00 or less that will run circles around what you have with the same cost in upgrades!

    They have been intentionally not maintaining and upgrading the net as they should to force this concept of jew resource ‘pay-as-jew-go’, like all other hew planned shortages: water, food, environment, Goy life span, jew-money, on & on. Also a lot of these providers, I believe, use bandwidth limiting to control your through put. The more you DL the slower you may DL, slow sites aside. I think they probably make a fortune cheating Goy out of many mega-bytes here and there.

    IBM Bill Gates Hates you having (U)r own hard drive and for years, with his jew buddies have been promoting an ON-LINE mother computing base by which we Goy have dumb terminals and store all our data online for total kontrol, tracking and implication. He was made by the IBM/NSA jEW Nazis inspite of his ‘Genius & foresight’. The jew NSA didn’t want a bunch of Goy controlled and open source OSs running around out there. They gave us Winblows for stupid Goy conformity that would never touch a Computer with DOS or non-GUI. They hate Linux for the same reasons. Net books while way-cool (and faster than your current) as mini-cheap notebooks are one of the early stages of ‘charm’ sales and promotion as well as online spooks, all offering disk space ‘online’. F_ck Me.

    My outlook of the Net is very dark as they know it’s their bane; their leak. Originally their planned Globalizing tool. Backfiring somewhat? For those with the deep pocket and of Goy mind I would suggest (probably long thought of, already) A Goy NET back bone in place as NET 2 and pay-as- jew-go starts being implemented. U’ll still have to deal with the NSA, CIA FBI, Homeland and local jew-Nazis, but it’s a plausible start for better brains than mine.

    I personally don’t try to hard to ‘hide’ on the Net, my tracks or otherwise.
    Unless you’re literally a Network and OS expert (that you use) it’s almost impossible. Winblows itself has so many registry and other crapload on you system that with out specialized utils or scrubbing, your screwed. Not to mention all those little icons, personalizers and tool/searchbars are almost ALL spyware of sorts. I figure when they come and get me or it’s time to fight. It’s time to fight. Screw’em. I just hope I get a fight’n chance with the filthy cowards. Like the Masked pussy bitchs they are, they’ll gang bang you.

  3. Saul says:

    Not to wear the CPU thing out, but the reason I suggest cloning and back up is that Windows, though it has back also (never used), it’s restore, I feel is pure crap. It seems to allows some crap in some cases to remain, which often keeps your system from REALLY restoring – it sucks. I turn it off and reclaim the wasted space. It’s designed to violate and torture you.

  4. gncarlo says:

    Saul, thanks for taking the time to explain this stuff. Unfortunately, I am an old geezer and wasn’t raised with computers. So, the paragraph that starts with “Put the OS one C and user data and progs on D.” might as well be in Serbo-Croatian. I did have Norton Utilities at one time and it did partition the hard drive into C and D. I have no clue what the backup stuff in D would do anyway, or how to access it. If the hard drive failed, C and D would both be inaccessible, so what purpose does it serve?

    I have Win XP. I would buy a newer computer but I don’t particularly want the hassle of transferring stuff that might not run on it. I have a lot of stuff on Lotus spreadsheets, for example.

    Can I put a second hard drive in an open bay, that will create a mirror image so that, if one fails, I just unplug that one and run the system off the other?

    Finally, one of my brothers, knowledgable in these things, sent me a newly setup computer last year. I have never taken it out of the box. He says it has a Linux Ubuntu OS. I am not sure that Lotus, MS Works, or any of the other stuff I store data in, would even run on that.

    Life’s a beach……..

  5. incogman says:

    This video has gone over 30,000 views across the net, so far.

    If you link the URL, please use the Vimeo URL if at all possible.

    If anyone wants to upload it to a site, please download the original wmv file at Vimeo, instead of screen capturing it (the quality will be better).

    The one at Youtube is a older version.

  6. gncarlo says:

    “I’d rather be insulted by somebody who can’t rob me, than be robbed by somebody who praises me for it.”
    [“Ich finde es viel noch erträglicher, beschimpft zu werden, von jemandem, der mich nicht ausplündern kann, als von jemandem ausgeplündert zu werden, der mich dafür lobt”.]
    Adolf Hitler, September 12, 1938

  7. Saul says:

    Sorry GNCARLO, missed your post. I know this isn’t really the place, but a I’ll try and say it short (kinda) for a change. I’m kind of an old geezer too.

    If C: and D: (drives) logical in this case, as opposed to separate ‘real’ drives, are on the same drive, and fail, yes you’re screwed, in that scenario. Unless you have a backup or partition(S) clone on another drive also. I recommend such, if you want to keep your stuff anyway. Linux would probably be a little much for you. XP is what I would suggest. Yes you would have to by a copy OEM system builder copy, non boxed with help limitations etc and you usually have to buy a computer component like in your case a second hard drive, but is ~ 99.00 for XP – to 129.00 for XP pro. Boxed retail is higher. Then you clone it after you get it set up the way you like it to another drive. Yes you can add a drive and not much cost; or removable and even big thumb drives if your data isn’t, say more than 10 Gigs or so. This way you don’t have to rely on service calls. Non-OEM allows more migration options, but you’ll probably keep your computer past that time anyway. Go OEM\System Builder disk if choosing this route.

    You can use that NEW computer, if it is relatively new (like last year or so) as your new system. But seeing how it has Linux, you would have to delete the Linux partition and install windows. This might be a little more than your familiar with. If you have a local friend to help you, get em!
    Windows gives you an option early in the install to do such things, but not advised unless you (or a friend) knows how.

    Windows wants to give you one huge boot (drive) C:\, and then put all your programs and stuff in it’s default locations ie: C:\ or some subdirectory of C:\ (drive). I install an OS (operating system, like Windows) on C:\, and then create and format a secondary (logical) partition on the same drive OR another physically separate ‘real’ hard drive. That’s where you can put all your personal data and the programs like Lotus X, Works, ANY program that will let you when you install them via the option of choosing another install location, like D:\ Works or D:\ Utilities, D:\PhotoHobbies\ or similar.

    This can also have some benefits:
    One, if your OS gets trashed, you can just restore C:\ drive from your back up drive (can be removable also). Chances are almost certain that all your programs were not harmed (on D:\ drive). If said backup (partition clone was made after these installs, then all your links and registry references to same (Windows DB\way of keeping track of all the stuff and operating perimeters on your Computer) will also be restored. Back in Business. Also if you have you user accounts set up right it allows more inherent system isolation from external sources between C:\ and D:\, your stuff. Like Administrative (god, in windows, ha ha – sure) account for certain installs and control, then ‘user account with non-admin rights for most Net surfing etc. It’s a choice.

    Then you can also even make back ups\clone your data\program drive on the same backup drive or even another separate 3rd drive. So if you install a program upgrade that frags your prog or system you can restore both C:\ & D:\ drives in about 10-15 minutes and smile again. Such back up programs make it easy. It sounds much more complex than it is after the minor learning curve. But you will probably need help initially in set up.
    YOU CAN USE THE HUGE BOOT DEFAULT of Widows default install, it just takes considerably longer to back up and a whole lot more space because you backing up everything at once. No problem with todays HUGE cheap hard drives. All Good\better still. They now have many removable HD options. Even solid state flash type hard drives, though pricer, I would go with old school regular hard drives. Beyond our scope here their are RAID (drive arrays more for networks and the geek) options that would not be as user friendly.

    Another issue you may NOT want to deal with is trying to migrate your beloved programs to the new box, was Works a retail pack and does it have migration rights? I still use my Win 95 one, laugh at me. MS\Lotus & etc. could tell you. Do you have the disk or did it come on your computer. Also you will need the specific Motherboard, sound, video, network drivers & etc for that box. Win has default drivers for most of these things, but the are often far from optimal. Could be a major pain.

    You MIGHT consider keeping that other ‘new’ computer as a experimental and practice box for familiarization with Linux- kind of neat. And consider upgrading to a new box after researching your ability to migrate or at least transfer your data to newer or other programs of the stuff you like You’d have to buy or upgrade versions of programs. Sometimes it’s hard to let go and a mater of if it’s worth it to you or if you can’t (I know, been there). If not Marshall’s ideas and the upgrades route with it’s limitations is it. Hope I didn’t open a can o’ worms fer ya. I’ll be glad to help if I can. Don’t be mad at me though if I sent you down hell trail 🙂

    Which brings me to another point. Incog.

    I looked for a way to donate to your sight (to help cover cost). Call me stupid or blind but I haven’t found one. Am I dense and missing a major point here (incog) or you don’t want to be accused of doing it for money? You can email me if it’s applicable.

  8. Saul says:

    “jvd(s) says “Demand transparency of all others but practise deception against all others.” Some will understand, some will not. In creating alliances/putting words/thoughts into action you NEVER fully reveal your intent or your strength. For one thing, everything changes nothing remains static and that includes philosophy. Adaptibility is the key to survival.”

    I am guilty of being an idiot and perhaps suicidal idealist. At the end of the day could I say that the truly righteous and genius (say the Archetype of gods in a grand universal war for pseudo-arguments sake) do not practice SOME form of deception in order to win for the ‘greater good’. Does the Art of War Have a place in a world we REALLY want to live in? All warm fuzzy tree-hugg’n aside.

    I guess I am a slave to my belief, THAT IS: Deception breeds deception, can a free world we want to live in be born out of deceptions? Even if those deceptions were carried out in the true spirit of a most righteous cause and war. I struggle with the seeming paradox. We all hide to some degree, no false self-righteous BS. I hide a little, only because if I’m called out totally and not supported by my majority Americans(?). I will become the monster that perhaps needs to be. If Only for a short and insignificant time.

    Is God really so concerned with us few little Goy in an infinite ferment that he will insure righteousness and decency prevail? Or does man decide that as co-creators, created by God to express all? Does God really command it, or is he the dreamer and the sum of it’s part command it in the ultimate Democracy (with a BOR if you want it)? Me Don’t know.

    Perhaps a hypocritical rationalization. I pay taxes I despise as an alternative to showing up at the IRS parking lot at let off time. Are they not truly all traitors too, who work for the jew to impose treasonous, fraudulent kosher taxes on us Goy? Even if there only silly Goy trying to make a living? Again The jew is everywhere and is your neighbor. I don’t know. We’re born into a level of acceptance. The jew is constantly re-educating us and our children to except MORE. Those Dying Bastards.

    A confused Goy, maybe. I’ll stick with my perhaps, compromised plan and let the Pattons lead the way.

  9. babette says:

    Wow! A video about another innocent Palestinian, victim of Israhelli madmen and most comments here pertain to computers; their innards; their foibles and failures; their trickery and capriciousness; their demands and requirements…sort of like people, eh? I rather enjoyed the discussion, I’m sad to say.

    And it all started with gncarlo’s discontent with his video speed, I think. As I read on and on, I barely discerned the memory of the execution.

    “The mind is its own place, and in itself. Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.” (Paradise Lost: Milton)

    Thanks guys for your humour & for your characteristic humanity.

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  10. gncarlo says:

    Thanks, Saul. I’ll print out your post and try to digest it a little at a time. I had WIN 98 and bought an XP upgrade. I think I still have install disks for Lotus and MS Works. I have most stuff backed up in duplicate on the USB flash drives. One of my brothers, who is knowledgable about these things, recommended I try Linux. He was of the opinion that MS has snooping ability built into their OS software. For the same reason, he recommended the Firefox browser ove IE
    I tried it for a while. Some advantages, some disadvantages.
    There is a store not too far from me called “Microcenter” (I think). They have a lot of resident geeks and will put something together, to your specs. They seem very knowledgable.

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