Do the Jews Own Hollywood and the Media?

‘Zionist Jews do own and control Hollywood and the media. So beware of their lies and deceit. The truth is precious.’

By Texe Marrs

Do the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media? Are they using the media to mold and shape American opinion by constantly injecting Zionist propaganda and bias into news programs, movies, television shows, even children’s cartoons and entertainment?

The answer is so blatantly “Yes!” that you wouldn’t think these questions are even worth pursuing. But recently, the untoward comments of a patriot talk show host made me stop and rethink it. Are there people out there-even in the Patriot Movement-who really are that much in the dark, who deny Jewish influence in the media?

Recently, when a caller to a talk show on the Genesis Radio Network suggested that the Jews control the media, the host went wild. He raged on and on, playing the race card. He branded the surprised caller and others like him who are weary of Zionist influence “Nazis” and “anti-Semites.” Angrily, he denied Jewish involvement in any conspiracies and ridiculed those who had the audacity to suggest that Jews run Hollywood or the media. Then, in a real fit of spewed venom, the talk show host demanded that the caller and all others who believe like him should go out and hang themselves to promote population reduction.

As if that wasn’t hateful enough, the pro-Zionist host then stated that all the “Nazis and Anti-Semites” who opposed Zionism and the Jews should plug in an electric toaster, hold it to their naked bodies, jump into a bathtub filled with water, and have a party.” In other words, kill themselves.

Quite a rampage by the supposedly “patriot” talk show host. And all because the poor caller had dared to propose undue Jewish influence over the media.

Hearing the actual taped broadcast of this unbelievable tirade by a pro-Zionist advocate confirmed my resolve to inform good folks once again of the truly dictatorial grip that Zionist Jews have on the media. The best way to do this is not to rage and spew venom, but simply to present the facts, to document the truth of Jewish control of the media. 

What Do Knowledgeable Jews Say?

How about going to top Jews in the media themselves and see what they say? Take Joel Stein, for example, columnist for the Los Angeles Times newspaper and regular contributor to Time magazine. In his column in the LA Times (Dec. 19, 2008), Stein says that Americans who think the Jews do not control Hollywood and the media are just plain “dumb.”

“Jews totally run Hollywood.” Stein proudly admits. He then goes on to provide a long, long list of Hollywood/media chieftains-all Jews!-to prove his point. On his list: Fox News President Peter Chernin; Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey; Walt Disney CEO Robert Igor; Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton; Warner Brothers Chairman Barry Meyer; CBS CEO Leslie Moonves; MGM Chairman Harry Sloan; and NBC/Universal Studios CEO Jeff Zucker.

That’s just the top brass at the studios. Then there are the actors and entertainers – predominantly Jews, from Barbra Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow, from Adam Sandler to Ben Stiller… Jew, Jew and Jew again. As Stein wryly remarks, even the head of the Actors’ Union, the Screen Actors Guild, Alan Rosenberg, is a Jew.

“The Jews are so dominant,” writes Stein, “I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies.” “But lo and behold,” Stein says, “even one of that six, AMC President Charles Collier, turned out to be a Jew!”

“As a proud Jew,” says Joel Stein, “I want America to know of our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood.”

ADL’s Foxman Admits Jewish Control

Stein says he then called Abe Foxman, Chairman of the Jewish ADL, to ask him, why don’t more Jews just come out and boast at this great accomplishment? Foxman responded by admitting that yes, it’s true that most of the top execs “happen to be Jewish.” In fact, Foxman told Stein, “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish.”

Ben Stein (no relation to Joel), the well-known Jewish actor, economic commentator and writer, when asked “Do Jews run Hollywood?” stared blankly at the questioner, then retorted, “You bet they do-and what of it?” Shahar Ilan, writing in, the internet division of Israel’s top daily newspaper, commented, “The Jews do control the American media. This is very clear, and claiming otherwise is an insult to common knowledge.”

Neal Gabler, also a Jew and a noted media researcher, wrote an entire book outlining Jewish control of Hollywood. It was entitled, An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood. But to really see how the Jews, in their own publications and press, view the reality of Jewish control of the media, all one has to do is take a look at a recent issue of the Jewish Daily Forward, which featured an article entitled, “Billionaire Boychiks Battle for Media Empire.”

Billionaire Jews Battle for Media

This fascinating, look-see article discussed how the Jews had for decades owned the media and now were competing; that is, vying, to buy one of America’s most powerful media companies, Tribune Company, which owns 23 television stations, a baseball team, and many major newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

“However, it turns out,” gloated the Jewish mag, “we’ll have a Jew in charge of the (LA) Times, which was once one of old Los Angeles’ most famous WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) institutions. What a great day for old LA Jews!”

The publication noted that among the Jewish billionaires (“boychiks”) vying for the Tribune media empire is “Liberal, Jewish, media mogul David Geffen.”

And who, pray tell, is the current owner of the Tribune Company? Why, that would be Jewish billionaire Sam Zell. Zell is a major donor to Israeli, Zionist and Jewish causes. His own rabbi proudly reports that Zell is “a committed Zionist, a generous supporter of Israel, and a member in good standing of the synagogue.”

Asked who his own favorite newspaper columnists were, Zell quickly answered, “Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Friedman, and David Brooks.” Surprise! The trio are all ardent Zionist whack-jobs who clamor over each other demanding the U.S. attack Iran, provide billions more in foreign aid to favored nation Israel, and so forth.

Local Newspapers Owned by Foreign Agents

So powerful is the Jewish control over the media that Nathanael Kapner, a rare Jew who converted to Christianity and now is adept at reporting these things, asserts that no longer can we trust our local daily newspaper. “Zionist Jews have taken over the ‘local newspaper’ in America,” Kapner writes. Indeed he explains that there basically is no local newspaper anymore, because, “Most local newspapers are owned by companies controlled by Zionists whose offices are hundreds of miles away.”

Kapner provides manifold evidence of Zionists’ dominating control of the media at all levels. The Newhouse Empire of the Jewish brothers Samuel, Donald, and Theodore Newhouse, Kapner says, “illustrates the insatiable appetite for opinion control:”

“Today, the Newhouse Empire owns 40 local newspapers across the U.S.A. These include the Newark Star Ledger, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Portland Oregonian, and the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.”

Then, there are the vast array of magazines run by the Jewish Newhouse family-including the New Yorker, Vogue, Golf Digest, Glamour, Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ), and the massively circulated newspaper insert, Parade magazine.

Jewish Media Spew Out Pro-Zionist Propaganda

The fact that Zionists control virtually every media outlet in America is no doubt why the American citizenry hears only one version of events in the Middle East-the pro-Jew, pro-Israeli side. This led Dr. Kevin MacDonald, professor at California State University, to write:

“In the contemporary world, organized American Jewish lobbying groups and deeply committed Jews in the media are behind the pro-Israel U.S. foreign policy that is leading to war against virtually the entire Arab world.”

This Zionist bias and propaganda spin by the Jewish-owned American media is not new. As far back as 1978, the noted Jewish political writer Alfred Lillienthal, in his revealing book, The Zionist Connection, stated:

“The most effective component of Jewish connection is probably that of media control. It is well known that American opinion molders have long been largely influenced by a handful of powerful newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the St. Louis-Post Dispatch (All Jewish Families).”

To further illustrate the breadth of Jewish media control, we note that Jewish magnate Arthur Sulzberger’s media empire today includes not only the New York Times (which, in Stalin’s day, systematically covered up the genocidal crimes of Jewish commissars in Communist U.S.S.R), but also the Boston Globe, the Lexington Dispatch (NC), the Gainesville Sun (FL), the Ocala Star Banner (FL), the Tuscaloosa News (AL), the Spartansburg Herald Journal (SC), and the Santa Barbara News Press (CA). Each of the newspapers Lillienthal mentioned back in 1978, in turn, owned and still owns dozens of others. So tainted is the news because of this that almost every newspaper in America endorsed President George Bush’s radically pro-Israel policies in the Middle East, including Israel’s savage butchery of Lebanon and Palestine.

There can be no doubt. It is easy for us to document the massive dominance over the media by evil Jewish shills who are continually hostile to pure American interests while, everyday, unabashedly spewing out reams of misleading Zionist propaganda. Time magazine, Newsweek, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX-and many, many more are all owned or run by Jews and operated solely to further the aims of the traitorous, anti-American, ever-growing Zionist World Empire.

All America is in the Grip of the Hidden, Red Iron Fist of Zionism

Of course, the media, even as important as it is to our culture, is only a bit piece of the whole that is now, regrettably, under the big thumbs of the Jewish Zionist elite. Our educational establishment, Wall Street, the banks, the Federal Reserve, our Congress, the White House (just consider Rahm Emanuel, the Zionist Israeli freak who is Obama’s White House Chief of Staff), and our judiciary-each and every one is infiltrated by Zionist radicals who put Israel and their own “Chosen People” first, to the detriment of everything sacred to honest, God-fearing, hard-working Americans.

So, the next time you hear some ignorant rube on talk radio or elsewhere shoving the race card in your face and ranting and raving about “Nazis” and “anti-Semites” who “claim” the Jews control the media, why don’t you just reach out and turn that radio dial to another place. And please, don’t forget to also let the radio network and station manager know of your displeasure.

The fact is that the dishonest Zionist shills out there promoting Zionist lies, drivel, and nonsense truly deserve our contempt.

The Truth is Precious

As for Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy, we have long pledged ourselves to telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And part of that truth, simply put, is this: That yes, absolutely, Zionist Jews do own and control Hollywood and the media. So beware of their lies and deceit. The truth is precious. Let us work together to protect and nurture it.

(Texe Marrs, Author and Researcher may be contacted at

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Watch this video.

Comment left on Youtube about my video “The Nation Wreckers,” (HERE):

“i’ll be witness for my mother who’s worked as a producer for abcnews for 3 decades now. she’s always said that if herself or any1 else employed by her company dared to question the terrorist state of israel & more recently the obama bin biden deity, they’re to be fired immediately . so there’s got to be some truth to this video, we cant deny it…”

— SymAmineC8H11N

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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111 Responses to Do the Jews Own Hollywood and the Media?

  1. Wolfgang says:

    Of course the khazar owns and operates the msm as well as hollywood
    and your gov… and the fucking universities and everything else here in zog land… no brainer… what are we gonna do about it , thats the real question….


  2. Wolfgang says:

    IN RE: JP
    read your post close… you are dead on target with your analyses of the jew…
    excellent .. spot on Brother…


  3. Leif Oldhart says:


    I agree that True European history has more to do with Standing Bear et al. There’s an old saying, “There hasn’t been an England since 1066.” I don’t think there’s been a European culture since Europe was cunningly converted to a semitic philosophy of of self-abnegation, martyrdom, and guilt-ridden servitude. I’m not sure what to do about this.


    Speaking of the abnormal behaviors and mental illnesses common to the Jews, inbreeding may have something to do with that. But doesn’t crowding affect laboratory rats much the same way? Jews are not only crowded into their urban rat holes, they also seem to occupy a “hive-mind.” Imagine the horror of being shut up inside your own head with millions of other puling, screeching, mentally-ill Jews! For those who can’t agree upon a hive-mind, we might just say that Jews tend to share many of the same thoughts or thought patterns, full of self-loathing, self-justification, emotionalism, envy, and so on. These tend to manifest in the “roof-brain” such that the Jew is constantly talking to himself (all negative) — something that is sure to drown out all hope of higher spiritual development. Another clue might be found in the theories of Julian Jaynes, of bicameral mind breakdown fame. This is how the Jews have survived as a “people.” Meaning Jews are not quite individual people. As a useful analogy imagine a obnoxious and malevolent, but otherwise useless weed, growing and spreading by roots, or where ever a stem touches the earth, but also propagating by “seeds” (harmful ideas and memes “broadcast” by the thousand). Now give it legs for mobility and a cunning, perverted “mind.” Talk about your “invasive species!”

  4. JP says:

    Thanks for the kudos, Wolfgang!

    Hey, when the hell do we get to turn this thing into a real MOVEMENT?


    Here’s what we do about it: we revive the heroic, masculine, militant, “anti-Semitic” CHRISTIANITY of the early first millennium. WE HAVE TO. It’s the only weapon that has EVER sent these scum flying into retreat, I shit you not. That’s why they HATE IT! Goddamit, why can’t people notice how they hate it and then realize WHY?? They’re telling us everything we need to know right there. The “hopeless” situation we’re up against now, with Babylon at our throats and seeming to hold all the cards, is incredibly similar to the state of the world in Jesus’ time. I mean supernaturally eery, history totally repeating itself on a global scale. So when history repeats itself, the canny student of history knows it’s time to return to the successful strategy of that last go-round. It’s a “no-brainer,” baby! You are just a particle in this thing called ‘history.’ Why not make yourself a particle in a TIDAL WAVE of your own salvation, of your people’s salvation, by accepting this duty fate has placed in front of all of us and hurling your will into it?

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Goddamn right JP,
    The sooner the movement get started the better,we wont survive as a people if something isn’t done quick… Time is short and preparation should begin now…sure many of us will perish but better to go down fighting these motherfuckers than being led off to slaughter like lambs…yup the slimy bastards are afraid of any thing resembling real Christianity, not the shit we see that passes for true Christianity.
    After todays shooting at the holohoax museum the gun grabbers and media will be coming at us strong.Just another false flag to gear up and take us down….We are already looked upon as terrorist in the eyes of the jew controlled media, so what the fuck do we have to lose?
    Shit we are only here on this rock for a very brief time anyway, so fuck it …let the show begin…
    keep up the good work JP…

  6. Saul says:

    NO JP, I am NOT a jew and would not have responded if I thought you were. I’m quite white, a truly incredible thing to look upon and extremely modest and low key.

    You ARE plain wrong about YOUR assumptions that I was criticizing you.
    I was tired as often am when I spend 3-5 hours here trying to catch up.
    You confused or I was not clear on 2 DIFFERENT IDEAS. 1. Hitler parallel was NOT a critic, but merely saying it was failure. I DID not say or mean I disagree with it. STILL Do not. I am not the type to play kissy ass and try and clean my tracks. PERIOD:

    ” No associations with you at all! Just that this was supposedly his belief in at least some context. ” I did not mean ‘just’ as a call, but that I had heard this before. I never said I was a writer or even literate, and not a bit ashamed about it either.

    What I said OR MEANT, 2. I disagree with is the jews being the first. I STILL DO and so what, it’s my right! I didn’t get offended by your assertions, some I thought quite interesting, and you obviously have a good mind. I did not feel awake enough to comment on all the stuff you said that I thought deserved a listen. You really ARE NOT familiar with my, “your ‘extraterrestrial origin’ hypothesis”, because I don’t REALLY have one as such, all still very much in the speculative and digging phase, though I see much more validity there than you. These realms are far from treated or invalidated. I believe some well placed and I was questioning not stating ANY Fact. Yes, I think the jew had a problem from the start. But I also think, EVERY small body of people that excessively inbred do follow that trend. Their are many issues here.

    We are wasting a lot of bandwidth here. I think we’d still disagree on some of this stuff, which I love to debate, But not this deep in ‘type’, or here. To hard to fully express in short. AGAIN, I read your NEW post last and only skimmed it. Should have started on this article first tonight.
    “Other than these points of contention, I think we’re in agreement. Boy, the world sure is full of some fucking lemmings, isn’t it?”

    You could be right, and AGAIN I’ll read this (latest) again when I come back.

  7. Saul says:


    jezzzzzzzzz correct ‘failure’ to read ‘familiar’ in the 2nd par.

  8. JP says:

    Fair enough Saul.

    “…this hypothesis reflects an unfamiliarity with the enormity of natural history, evolution, and Earth, and the un-knowability of most of it.”

    Is that what you meant? You’re quite right, that is a better word choice. I really didn’t mean to be hostile or abrasive, but I know it probably seemed like an attack. It was just intense, no-bullshit feedback.

    Now I’m going to go piss off somebody else…

    Hey Wolfgang,

    That’s not what I meant at all, man. The Jews would love nothing more than for every red-blooded white male on earth to pick up a gun and start blasting at them. Then they’d have the excuse they’ve been longing for to truly exterminate us. No, this is a war we’re engaged in, and always has been, but a war of intellect and subtlety. We’re no longer in a position to engage in it more crudely on our side; if we do, this will only give them even more upper hand than they already have.

    Jesus didn’t say “turn the other cheek” and otherwise discourage violence as a reaction because he was a pussy; he was incredibly brave, brave enough to knowingly get himself tortured to death. He said this because he was a world-class strategist, a GENIUS, who knew these bastards inside out. He was actually an amazing warrior who engaged them on the Ultimate Battlefield — spirituality, symbolism, metaphor — in which he totally defeated and humiliated them. By making them kill him, he knew he was sealing their doom. This is why they maniacally hate his guts to this day. It’s flying over most of our heads now, but they totally KNOW what he really did, as we only used to.

    Resurrecting the original meaning of Christianity means taking Jesus into our hearts as a role model, both as a man and as the most super-human warrior in history. It means appreciating just how incredibly brilliant, fearless, righteous, subtle, and totally effective he was, and emulating him in these ways to the utmost of our ability.

    This task is UTTERLY different from doing something stupid that just gets you thrown into one of the Jews’ Mengelean torture laboratories.

    Jesus didn’t use any weapons at all. He didn’t physically hurt anybody. He was acutely aware of how they USE violence to play “victim” and politically character-assassinate their enemies and thus triumph over them, and he was not about to yield this advantage to them.

    Look at what Islam has to show for lashing out violently at these stinking Jew bastards, even though the Jews did the exact same shit to them FIRST! That’s what I mean. You can’t beat them that way.

    Why do you think they perpetrate so many “hate crime” hoaxes AGAINST THEMSELVES, as you pointed out about this holohoax museum thing? Shit, the whole “neo-Nazi” phenom is nothing but Jew hoaxers and their useful idiots!

    The REAL weapon you got, the one that makes them shake in their shoes, is the one between your ears. But that thing is like a muscle. It turns into fuckin jello if you don’t work it really hard, all the time, and most Americans have become like fat-ass couch potatoes in this sense. This is why the hooknose hookworm is totally prevailing over us.

    Jesus totally defeated them by doing this: finding 12 sterling men, marvels of virtue themselves, who would go out in the world and reveal to everyone the astonishing example of his genius and virtue. THAT’S ALL HE DID!

    So that’s what we must do, too. Meaning we have to comprehend how he really personifies a perfect strategy for beating them, and in a completely masculine, military sense— but this “war” is nothing like we’re accustomed to. It’s much much more sophisticated. And then we have to convey this meaning to others, so that they convey it in turn. This is what REAL Christianity always was. It’s militaristic, but it’s a very intellectual, moral, abstract kind of militarism, which is completely astute because that’s how they “fight” too. If you don’t comprehend their actions on this level, you don’t understand what they’re doing, so how can you counter their sword thrusts? You can’t.

    Every magnificent Christian of the past has understood every bit of this. Well now has come our time to GROW UP and realize it too.

    If the fascists of Europe had stayed focused on this, Christianity’s true gold — the only weapon that has EVER beaten these “Jew” devils — they could have prevailed over them. Instead they lost their cool and picked up guns and started blasting. This is WHY they lost! If Hitler couldn’t beat them this way, why do you think you can? I’m telling you, that isn’t The Way.

  9. Steve in TN says:

    I hope you will elaborate more on this statement in future post.

    “Instead they lost their cool and picked up guns and started blasting. This is WHY they lost! If Hitler couldn’t beat them this way, why do you think you can? I’m telling you, that isn’t The Way.” — JP

  10. JP says:


    I just explained in the previous post that violent methods don’t work against the “Jews” because they’re so expert at playing “victim.” I don’t think this is new. They’ve probably been sleazy political stunt experts since the latter Stone Age.

    Anyway, Hitler definitely resorted to military aggression to counter the menace of “Communist” Russia, did he not? He aggressively escalated against Poland because Poland was the gateway to his real targets— Russia and the “Bolsheviks,” right? If you believe “Germany’s invasion of Russia was defensive,” you just go right ahead…

    I understand why he felt duty-bound to do it, and I don’t condemn the action. It was 15,000 times more justified than this bullshit invasion of Iraq, for example. But it was aggressive. And therefore it abandoned Christ’s knowledge that berserk aggression against them is just dumb, because they’re like kung-fu geniuses at turning aggression to their psychological advantage.

    My belief is that the only weapon you really need to destroy them, the only one that can do it … is TRUTH. This was Jesus’ weapon, and it’s like a nuclear-powered flamethrower against them. Oh, they hate Christianity quite a lot, but what they really maniacally hate and fear is TRUTH. Truth and ‘black magic’ are total polar opposites. The “Jews” really are Satan-worshipping occultists; this is the true principle behind everything they’re doing. And evil can not defeat evil. To adopt their methods in fighting them just pours energy into every demonic hex they’ve got. Only WHITE MAGIC can defeat the black stuff. Black magic is lies and depravity and madness and hate; white magic is truth and innocence and sanity and love. I think Jesus and the apostles understood their struggle in this poetic way, and it’s why they prevailed, almost effortlessly, magically, when no one ever had before. And I also think Hitler turned his back on this “idealism,” and adopted the Jews’ own methods to “fight fire with fire.” Politically, for example, national socialism bore amazing resemblances to communism, but they’re NOT the same. This was to make national socialism a popular counter-proposal to communism. But “fighting fire with fire” does NOT work. The counterincantation against evil and hate and murder can not be more evil and hate and murder. Hitler failed to comprehend this highest meaning of Jesus’ example, and so he ‘dropped the ball’ in terms of adhering to THE principle that really turns the tables on them. He actually played right into their hands.

    That’s what I meant.

  11. Steve in TN says:

    Thank you JP.

    I don’t think people will believe the truth. It is just too incredible. They find it easier to believe a lie than the truth. I can’t explain it other than that people trust & believe the jew media; whether it is some stupid commercial to sell you the shit they want you to buy or the information they peddle to unsuspecting readers or listeners to indoctrinate on current affairs. Until they goyim can be convince that the media is nothing but lies, it’s a complete lost cause–in my opinion. One might ask you…. what is TRUTH??? Is that the same thing as opinion? How do you find truth if recorded history is swept out the door? Tell me what is the truth? Respectfully, Steve in TN

  12. Steve in TN says:

    Only WHITE MAGIC can defeat the black stuff. — JP

    That was interesting stuff. I just wished the scourge of Judaism would magically disappear. That’s my truth. So, should we love the Jew since love conquers all??? Sorry, it’s all I can do to look at them and not become physically ill.

  13. Saul says:


    You have a mind I could listen to for hours and, no doubt learn something from. You think, you apply. Wisdom, also an inquisitive nature questioning, whats taught VS what experience tells them, regardless of how simple\complex they are teach me too. Nothing said here is designed to debate anything you put forth, only to explore.

    I tried to inspire background thought on the mater. Perhaps I am lousy at it or it’s mis-placed here. Both? Not to be solved here; does not apply to many here. They are quite well read as you. People will formulate their own conclusions, based on their own level of receptiveness and understanding. Now to pose a consideration or two on a few things you mention in general on ‘civilization’ and so-called ‘history’:
    “… the events of which should completely explain human evolution and its present end products.”…“…this hypothesis reflects an unfamiliarity with the enormity of natural history, evolution, and Earth, and the unknowable of most of it.”
    I still see too many gaps to trust any of the accepted ancient history to far. Regardless of how much data or any conclusions, however insightful to mundane. Not so much in the general outline as the particulars of racial offshoots, archeology and even myths and legend which are highly discounted and ignored. Things like cohesively connecting all the races. I see some of the mainstream histories and genetic assertions are not near complete enough or proved enough to come to any real conclusions. I’m not an economics major, but I have seen enough of jew-nomics 101 (graphs, fine print and all) to know they’re full of shit.
    I don’t believe we ALL descended from the one mama in Africa. There are counters. I find some merits. Because we share common genetics traits does not prove or disprove we descended through linage deviation, neotony deviations or anything else. I don’t see enough proof. All the old tales of bazaar mating and perversions of the gods and worship of them, their actions. To common and to far spread to discount them all as folklore (IMO). They are the basis of most temples. Mesopotamian, I lean toward aftermath and remnant survivors, not origin. Wrong? Not for denial or of lack of searching.
    In fringe, I see a moth or a wasp as opposed to a bee or butterfly in nature, I ask myself, ‘are these normal’. The first(some) seem more destructive and some seem to play no real part in ecological balance or maintenance. Same with predatory creatures of all kinds. Natural to offset imbalance in inherent population maintenance or created predatory purpose rather than a natural expression? I can not comprehend vastness of nature, no doubt. Is it the work of ancient ‘gods’. Even prior man. Brings me to the question of how much have been created in perversion. Darwinizing our outlook, yielding possibly false assumptions about the character of man, beast and nature in general. Clichés like, ‘We are sinful by nature’ and ‘It’s a dog eat dog world’, come to mind . It certainly does ‘appear’ to be. Does part of the problem lie in the possibility of being artificially advanced beyond our social evolution or an unnaturally created diversity?

    Time, agenda and method take on a whole new meaning if you live for hundreds of years, manipulate time\space or are advanced enough that genetics and Nani-tech, even perhaps thought form are your new gears and transistors of play. The more I learn of the world the less ‘speculative’ such things become – to me. Science is proved wrong every day, by science. Much operates as religion. We plain don’t have enough facts, in spite of the assertions of fact or truth. Modern public ‘ET’ may be ALL psy-ops. These things while fringe, are ingrained in the New Age, mother-earth, Green/Red party, channeling, ETs and occult Elite manipulation psy-ops, they set the unspoken and even spoken to the nation under current of a lot of NWO agendas. For now it just BS.

    “If a technological civilization anything like the present one preceded this one by many thousands or even millions of years, the artifacts would be so abundant that it would simply be impossible to keep it a secret.”
    I see there is tons of such evidence all over in plain sight, some documented, some buried intentionally in many proverbial archive drawers, not to be opened here, covered elsewhere, and all over the planet, in line with, yet denied by science. Quite terrestrial. Arguably, and not so, all over: rock fossils (nails, human bones and such, not just foot prints), histories texts and art in plain sight. In dirt, unlikely, period. Some may yet to be found. Some possibly so organic in nature that they may not be found, if current, if existing at all, millions of years, not thousands, buried and dissolved most of it (No use here). Enough remains to question. I find a lot still unanswered that doesn’t fit. The rest of what you say is enticing, but would take pages, much in agreement. Your studies surpass mine in history proper… Closing this end of Pandora’s Box. Now you can really kick me…maybe I’m a victim of ‘Western Civilization’ 🙂
    Last thing is: “That’s what “civilization” really is: Planet-Cancer, organized by people so insanely Evil nobody else “gets it.” Also other civilization comments by all:
    I feel this is an issue of semantics’s and mis-labeling. Like most forms of Govt in principle, would work if truly applied. Ideal or not. Most forms of govt are not what we say they are, in practice. Civilization is inevitable. What we call civilization in practice is abominable. Some I would put off to the growing pains of mankind. If executed in a civil manor, it can be that which propels us to new heights and levels of discovery, if not, it might well ruin us. It’s coming. No amount of facts or speculation will changes this truth for me. It’s coming. And…

    “Hey, when the hell do we get to turn this thing into a real MOVEMENT?” ~ JP … I’m thinking…

  14. Saul says:

    ” Talk about your “invasive species!” ~ Leif Oldhart

    Yep an purty much every thing else you said. They seem dominated by the reptilian portion of brain, no ET thing implied at all.

  15. JP says:


    You asked:
    “what is TRUTH??? Is that the same thing as opinion? How do you find truth if recorded history is swept out the door? Tell me what is the truth?”

    If you were to just *poof* vanish this second, the physical reality that is all around you — the water trickling in the stream, the bugs chomping leaves in the trees, your wife running errands somewhere — would continue unperturbed, at least until your absence was noticed, would it not?

    This ever-present physical reality outside our skin, that is infinitely larger than each of us or all humans combined, is Truth. It’s not arbitrary or ambiguous at all; it’s absolutely definite. Have you ever seen an object denser than air fall UP when released? The illusion of its ambiguity is in our heads; it’s not reality itself that causes this dissonance, but the failure of our frail intellects to attune to it, to even acknowledge that it is greater than us, that we are subordinate to it. Narcissism and solipsism are profound delusions that the opposite is true, that we are “God” and reality is subordinate to US. It’s a cognitive tendency of infancy, but it’s always present in our minds and we’re always vulnerable to it, and people unconsciously succumb to this sneaky little bastard all the time.

    Truth is what you see and sense right in the front of your mind, when your eyes are truly open and the clawing greedy me-me-me-ness of your mind is truly suspended.

    To me, God is literally the physical fabric of the universe, and love of God, reverence and humility in the presence of God, means struggling to always remain cognizant of the primacy and magnificence of the physical world.

    This world speaks to us, Steve! It communicates directly. One has to be in a calm quiet place, alone, completely free of worries and inner preoccupations, and truly emerge from Self to hear it. I don’t mean dramatic moments of clarity, like Hollywood-style psychic episodes, but more a steady long-term cumulative experience. Such experience and sensitivity was probably always in short supply, but it’s getting much rarer.

    And I don’t mean it speaks with words. I mean primal sensory input that people usually shrug off as “random,” or don’t notice at all. We all tend to have these yammering insistent voices in our heads that tend to muddle or misinterpret our experience of raw physical reality.

    The bible is a very imperfect scripture compared to this physical Word, which is absolutely perfect, not tampered with by other men or diminished by the limits of human language. This Word of the World is God’s true scripture. You don’t even have to be able to read to access it— an animal can do it, and I suspect they do. Unlearning is more important to restoring this ability than anything schools pound into us.

    History is not dead dusty boring nonsense in books. It is the main tale the physical world is yearning to have us know. It is a living force, a physically present memory, all around us. We just have to open ourselves to this presence, and incredibly rich verifiable visions of the past pour into us as if they just happened. TIME is an incredible enigma that science has never penetrated, and that we take for granted far too much. As humans, we are mostly locked into a specific experience of time, but the essence of my experience of historical discovery has me suspecting time is far more dimensional than we usually imagine.

    Perhaps most of all, you have to be worthy to receive this message, because it’s not just you longing to know; there is clearly a sentient sapient presence — physical reality — opposite you that is granting your wish because it has been witnessing you all along, and it loves and trusts you now and wants you to know it consciously.

  16. JP says:


    I’ll have to get back to you

  17. Steve in TN says:

    Thanks JP. Enjoyed the reading of your mind. Do you do drugs? Just kidding. Interesting thoughts. Preech!

  18. JP says:


    I was feeling pressed for time and got flaky in my dash to say inexpressible things quickly. Please let me edit some of that. I’ll keep it as brief as I can.

    I have never experienced God or the Great Spirit or whatever it is plopping knowledge about history into my lap. That was flaky bullshit. How it works is, you have to do all the sweaty mental legwork yourself, do the research and work through all the blind alleys and pit traps, form all the rational connections and conclusions yourself. Real history is extremely rational and coherent; it has to be. The way Jew Fake History is so incoherent is a dead giveaway.

    It’s like working on a million-piece 15-dimensional jigsaw puzzle with no picture on the cover to work from. Or being a blind man climbing Mt. Everest alone. That’s what it really feels like. You’re struggling to attain the Ultimate Summit of Truth. What saves it from being impossibly difficult is that all the major pieces of historical Truth are common knowledge; we’ve just been taught to interpret them wrong and fit them together wrong.

    I believe this recovery of the world’s Truth is why we are here. We each are being tested.

    And then when you get it right, the moment you surmount a lesser pinnacle of the Mountain of Truth, “God” floods your body with confirmation, scintillating energy and elation. It’s the “Eureka Moment,” but I’ve had it happen when there was no confirming evidence, no empirical grounds for feeling triumphant, I was just idly musing to myself, and I’m very rigorous about these things. It came from outside of me, like a giant wave of the ocean crashing over me. I know it sounds crazy, but it just DID. I was stunned and spooked the first few times it happened.

    At other times, when I have ventured into subjects no one should ever touch (topics that become inevitable when investigating the “Jews”) I have felt this God-energy leaving my body, abandoning me, when it had been moderately present all along. It’s a “sinking feeling” like no other, or maybe like being in an elevator when the cable’s snapped. This was also totally unexpected and eery.

    This is what I was thinking of but saying poorly.

    I have been an atheist most of my life, but now I find I can not be. This Presence has spoken to me too clearly, and it was through intrepid “secular” questing for Truth that it happened.

    To return to your very important conundrum, “what is TRUTH?,” how can I convey to you the fundamental awareness and conviction that there IS Truth, i.e. reality that is always present external to us and independent of us? I can’t. Call it “an intellectual bias” if you want, but also know it’s an extremely important one. The contempt for this “bias” is an attitude that most fundamentally sets the Jews apart. They are solipsist-narcissist-nihilist abortions who don’t believe in Truth at all. In fact they hate it and long to annihilate it.

    The ideal of Truth is a bedrock predicate of morality and sanity, as I see it. You might as well ask, “is there really air? Is breathing ‘rational?’ Do we really have to breathe?” Well, in an absolute sense, no— but if we don’t we die. And people who abandon the reverence of Truth also “die” in a sense. A crucially important part of their brains turns black and rots.

    Stop believing in Truth and you’ve crossed the fatal Rubicon to becoming THEM.

    You also asked:
    “So, should we love the Jew since love conquers all???”

    We should hate their stinking guts and fight them tooth and nail, but we must remain disciplined. What comes naturally to this feeling will not work.

    All that “turn the other cheek / love thy enemy” stuff in Christianity is, I think, the exoteric presentation of an awareness that was simply too much to ask of average people: the “Jews” are these super-ancient very sophisticated Mesopotamian decadent elitist scum who know every weird elite trick for destroying predictable human reactions to themselves, so if you do the hot-head thing and just lash out violently at them, they’ll just destroy you using your own energy. That’s all you’ll “accomplish.” They’ve dealt with this reaction 10,000 times before, so they’re the inscrutable kung-fu masters of crushing it.

    So IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO WIN instead, you shouldn’t go that route. Instead, you have to keep your cool and remain every bit as intellectual and strategic as them.

    But it couldn’t be explained this way to average people. They’d just get confused and dissatisfied and go shopping for some simpler shit to believe. So they were told “turn the other cheek” instead because this is how that sensibility translates to the emotional level most of the time. Everbody can understand this rote, trained emotional response just fine, even retards.

    But meanwhile, while Jesus et al were instructing them this way, he expressed a very different feeling directly to the Pharisees, i.e. the Mesopotamian Satanist “Jews,” basically baiting them to kill him:

    John 8:42-47
    Jesus said to them,
    “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and have come from God, for I have not even come on My own initiative, but He sent Me.
    Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear My word.
    You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me.
    Which one of you convicts Me of sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me?
    He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God.”

    I kind of explained all this already, Steve. Why are you not getting it?

    See also Matthew 23, an excerpt of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

  19. JP says:


    You said:
    “I don’t believe we ALL descended from the one mama in Africa. There are counters. I find some merits. Because we share common genetics traits does not prove or disprove we descended through linage deviation, neotony deviations or anything else. I don’t see enough proof.”

    This essentially means you’re rejecting evolution as a theory of human origin. Whether the common ancestor was a human “Eve” 250,000 years ago or an insectivore 100,000,000 years ago, evolution always arrives by some route at the conclusion that there was a common ancestor, not just for humans but for all vertebrates.

    If there’s no common ancestor between Africans and Europeans, why is our anatomy 99.99% identical? Things like hair and skin tone are pretty trivial in this scheme. You know, there are caucasians in India who are just as dark as any African.

    Rejecting evolution is your right and prerogative. It just means there’s not much point in you and I debating this stuff, cuz we fundamentally believe different things, so there’s never going to be a resolution.

    “They are the basis of most temples.”

    Actually, what I see empirically in temple architecture down through the ages, from the neolithic stuff right down through the gothic and modern variants, is the co-optation of TREES and FORESTS as the primordial scene of our spiritual feeling. Think of stone columns as giant simulated tree trunks, or the Gothic cathedral as a soaring forest canopy that filters sunlight. I didn’t come up with this interpretation, just restating it because it’s so perfect. Historians of architecture had this pegged long ago.

    “I see a moth or a wasp as opposed to a bee or butterfly in nature, I ask myself, ‘are these normal’. The first (some) seem more destructive and some seem to play no real part in ecological balance or maintenance.”

    These insects and many others are actually fantastically important to the natural order because they’re pollinators. Insects as a whole and flowering plants as a whole evolved together and are totally interdependent. Do you like flowering plants? They wouldn’t be possible without “icky bugs.”

    “Same with predatory creatures of all kinds.”

    If you think about it, “peaceful” vegetarian animals are just as aggressive toward plants as “nasty” carnivores are toward them. We just “moralize” the two cases differently because we tend to empathize with and humanize other animals more than we do plants, but this is actually completely arbitrary nonsense. Actually, if you’ve ever tried growing a garden in deer country, it’s pretty damn easy to switch over to seeing deer etc. as nasty parasitic vermin!

    “I see there is tons of such evidence [of previous technological civilizations] all over in plain sight…”

    Where? Show me.

    “Civilization is inevitable.”
    I totally disagree.

    “Some I would put off to the growing pains of mankind.”
    And what are these “growing pains” leading to? Toward humans living in nuclear-powered bubble-cities on a dead fucking planet, that’s what. Like I said, a TERMINAL CANCER. Wowee zowee, what “progress”! How “glorious!” Yeah, let’s fly off into space and go find other Gardens of Eden SO WE CAN FUCKING KILL THEM. We’ll just chalk it up to “growing pains.” I mean, who gives a fuck, anyway? The universe exists so we can jerk off while gazing into a hand mirror, right? Right!

  20. Marshall says:

    JP this is all fascinating stuff to study…where can the ultimate answer be found? You know, if you accept “evolution” doesn’t it follow that some variations of humanity are more “evolved” than others?

    I saw a funny exchange one time about the old “Which came first, the chicken or the egg” argument, from an evolutionary perspective. It went something like this:

    At some point in pre-history, there was a creature that very closely resembled what we today call a “chicken.” Maybe it was part reptile, as birds are supposed to be. Anyway, this creature can be labelled as the “Pre-chicken.” It mated with another similar enough to itself so that conception between sperm and egg could occur, but neither could be correctly identified as “a chicken.” They were both “Pre-chickens.”

    The female laid an egg, from which what we currently call a “chicken” sprang. Therefore, the egg came first. TADA!!! SOLVED!!! My question is, does a chicken or pre-chicken give a damn what we call it?

    Does a deer wonder if it is harming the plants it eats? The deer is just doing its thing. It’s true that deer, in the process of “doing their thing” overpopulate…OK…so they’re good at it!!! YES, they become a menace to their own environment eventually, as I’m sure you know…there are specific times when we are allowed to have “doe days” and there are times when Fish & Game steps in and says the herd is getting too big for their current environment…they can be legally “culled.” Hunters come out, and it seems to work all the way around. Is this a good thing for the future of deer in general? I think so. They have no conception that they are eating all the plants up that they need for the future. Yet WE can see that’s what’s happening, so it’s incumbent upon us to “manage” their populations.

    In NO WAY am I suggesting that similar programs are appropriate for people. Henry Kissinger does, though…referring to “useless eaters” and GOYIM as “human cattle” are you catching my drift?

    Marsh :-O

  21. Steve in TN says:

    I get it JP. ‘Just hoped you would spell it out in a way most people can understand. That was the reason for my asking you to elaborate. Thanks again for your patience.

  22. Marshall says:


    I think we are on a similar journey here from what you have thus far written so eloquently. I had a “Eureka” moment myself back in about 1993. It was roughly like suddenly realizing most of what you see and hear is utter bullshit.

    Where do I go from there? It was a bit frightening in way, but also empowering in the sense that I’m pretty hard to fool these days.

    If there is some “ultimate truth” that explains our existence and purpose for our lives, I would have to say that a fundamental dichotomy exists (to me) between being concerned with our current physical reality and whether or not there is an eternal spiritual reality that transcends and is more important than what we ALL have to go through here. Man, woman, child, animals, insects, plants, etc…all live BRIEFLY in the scheme of “physical history” and die.

    Life is short for anyone around this planet, one way or another, isn’t it? I turn 45 TOMORROW(happy birthday YAWN)…and yet…I still FEEL YOUNG…because there are so many things I want to explore and learn about. To ME…my SOUL IS ALIVE…and yearning for TRUTH. There’s a song I heard back in the 70’s that is still true with me today…but until I had a “Eureka” moment with a woman back in ’93…the song never even really made sense to me.

    LINK for everybody…it ain’t gangsta rap or hip-hop LOL!!!

    Then again, if we as human beings have no “SOULS” and are just “intelligent animals,” why do I feel this way all the time? LOL!!!


    Marsh 😀

  23. JP says:


    Okay Steve, sorry I got testy. It’s just hard to be certain anyone here isn’t a snake in the grass (having encountered some incredibly devious Jew infil-traitors over the years), and also so many people don’t WANT to get any of it. Anyway, I hope that helped you, or somebody.


    I’ll get back to you

  24. Marshall says:

    DAMN!!! BAD LINK I just Googled it and it was free…now I guess they want people to sign up…how about going to Gary Wright’s website, and finding out how he’s doing personally? You know, I am going to talk to RONNIE SPECTOR soon, she’s a sweetheart…hmm. What might she have to say about PHIL SPECTOR?

    Hellywood can’t police itself. No JEW can police themselves. JEWS are in open rebellion to the simplest modicums of human behavior that even children can easily learn. The Ten Commandments…are any of those a “Bad IDEA?”

    Apparently SO…or there would be no reason for the “sages

  25. Marshall says:

    ..MAIMONIDES? The ‘RAMBAM?” Have you seen the crap this guy had to say? LMAO!!!

    How about trying to LIVE by 613 behavioral rules every day when you CAN’T EVEN OBEY THE TEN COMMANDMENTS?

    DUH? “Judaism” what a hoot!!!

    Marsh 😀

  26. Steve in TN says:

    Happy 45th Birthday Marsh!

  27. WHITE SURVIVAL says:

    Of course organized kikery owns the mass-media.

    Avoid TALMUDVISION (TV) like the plague! If you have kids do not allow them to watch it EVER!

  28. Saul says:

    Things in common, mean only that. I do denounce the current model of evolution, absolutely and implied relations and dependency. There are 10s of models I can think of that cannot at this time, be proved or disproved. And I base my feelings on evidence that will not be debated here that, I fell if allowed would stand and contradict much of what the current liars spew as evolution and history. I still prefer the term pre-history, as so-called ‘natural history’ denies and ignores it. I stand by this and I believe in BOTH creationism and evolution as an entwined paradox.

    I was ‘questioning’ (not debating) for ideas sake the degree of predatory nature, not the fact that it occurs, and should or shouldn’t. There is however a large degree of difference in sentience between a plant and animal with out even getting into the idea of purpose and design of lifeforms and the way they may or may not be effected by same. Truth is species could be just as regulated by genetic predisposition as being stalked. JUST IDEAS as a return commentary. As for civilization I stand by my comment and have found no argument to sway me. It gave you your computer.
    I’m done as you will NOT change my views on this and I will NOT changes yours.
    As for show you, NO I’ve spent years on it and SCREW jew-school, try Forbidden Archology, Man as old as coal on an friggi’n on. If you don’t agree with such or don’t think them having proved themselfs enough. Fine. One has challanged the mainstream to debates, they will not. I’m not here to argue and have explained myself more than I would normally bother with. I DON”T CARE. GROW UP.

  29. mateo says:

    Great… another site I can bookmark and never come back to

  30. Bella says:

    The protocols are there to be read , The Babylonian Talmud is there to be read & as for ‘Ram Bamm’ what an ass! If you read enough you will conclude , Hitler was not such a bad guy. A Rothchilde dupe , all Bearnaised up!!!

  31. Bella says:

    Bye the way, I really like this site. & I don’t want anyone to forget about David Irving or that old sweetheart Eustace Mullins. I s this gonna be the 100th time for them or what??? Howling winds , snow that bites, & lots of Xmas lights ,happy new year too . Bella. ( Thank you Incog.) !!!

  32. Marshall says:

    The crowd is growing bigger…:-D Can’t keep the truth locked up when you don’t control the media anymore Jews…

  33. Bella says:

    Well , I want to clarify , I mean is this about the 100th country that ‘ these people’ have been kicked out of??? And what about everybody googles up that ‘Kosher Tax ?’ Huh ? What TF gives ??? besides us that is !!!

  34. Hoff says:

    I mean is this about the 100th country that ‘ these people’ have been kicked out of??

    Hoff> it’s 15o times the jews have been expelled, starting in Egypt years ago.

  35. lucy van pelt says:

    re: Jews Hollywood Media…The reason for filth in movies, violence on t.v., degradation of music & literature, popculture & pornography goes back to the Jewish Law, formulated in Babylon. The Law was to give materialism precedence over the spiritual, to draw man away from growth and downward towards his baser instincts…Beethoven versus rap…Terrence Malick vs Mel Brooks…Dostoevsky vs Philip Roth. Light vs Dark. The Eternal Battle.

  36. Marshall says:

    Good call Lucy, but actually that law preceded the Babylonian captivity. Jesus Christ referred to it as the “traditions of men which render the laws of God to no effect.” Before the Talmud Bavli, or Babylonian Talmud was actually written down, it was the “oral tradition” of the Pharisees.

    The Pharisees of Christ’s day, and the modern Chassids, contend that this secret “oral tradition” was given to them ONLY by Moses at Sinai. The Ten Commandments and Torah were for the masses, who were of course busily engaged in raucous depravity and golden calf adulation.

    Give a listen to shows #12 and #13 here for more:

    Texe Marrs and Michael A. Hoffman II, “Judaism Discovered” 1 and 2.

    Marshall 😉

  37. lucy van pelt says:

    Thank you. I’m really not up on biblical history.

  38. AllAmerican says:

    The Word of G-d is perfect, JP. If you’re encapsulating the Alpha & Omega within the confines of this World as TRUTH; then I’m moving on – far above and beyond your “truth.” I’ll glance your way on my way out (on in) buddy. The Word tells us not to be of this world. That’s my Truth.

  39. Marshall says:

    That’s no excuse Lucy!!! Study up!!! 😀

    I just e-mailed her OnOurOwn, we’ll see if she responds…

    AllAmerican- Christ did say His Kingdom is not of this world…I’m glad it isn’t, because somewhere in this vast universe there has to be something better going on LOL!!!


  40. carnac123 says:

    Television is the most powerful weapon Zionists, liberals, and communist have in this country. They use it to destroy morals and righteous beliefs. It is a hypnotic medium that induces its messages firmly in the brain of the watcher. Your brain produces alpha waves when watching television and that induces a trance like affect. Television gives you lies that seem like truth. They can brainwash people easily with it and they can destroy our culture and even our race in a few years. In the name of God,…stop making television a part of your existence. Cut your viewing time by half and you will find that you live better and your mind will be clearer. It is hard to wean yourself off of television because the alpha waves (simplified) are sort of addictive. Do it anyway. It is a tool of the liberals who wish to destroy our whole culture. Find something constructive to do.

  41. Bailey says:

    100 percent true.
    When TV becomes of little use in life and you do happen to watch it you can easily spot the filth and the filth is 100 percent kosher.

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Your both right. But if you’re a news junkie and you want to know how many rapes and robberies and assaults and murders were committed by niggers today what do you do? And how are we supposed to know what the jews are lying about today if we don’t turn on the tv? Thank gosh for the internet but as with the recent facebook scandal slanting search results to stories the jews want you to know we can see even internet has it’s share of jew infill-traitors. You better keep one eye on the jews to see what’s coming up next as government law and policy. Or you can wait for the swat teams to arrive and kick in your doors and take away all your firearms. Then it’s checkmate baby.

  43. protocolsRtrue says:

    Jews WAN’T us to turn our blind eyes to them and plug our ears. That way they can keep their jew world order agenda moving forward while we chose to remain ignorant until it’s too late to stop it or doing anything about it. It’s in the protocols I will look it up later.

  44. protocolsRtrue says:

    protocol 1 paragraph 3 updated to todays world in bold print.
    3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorization, and not by academic discussions. Every man ( AND SOME WOMEN)aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men (AND SOME WOMEN) who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

  45. protocolsRtrue says:

    protocol 1 paragraph 6.

    6. Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to apply whenever it appears necessary with this bait of an idea to attract the masses of the people to one’s party for the purpose of crushing another who is in authority. This task is rendered easier if the opponent has himself been infected with the idea of freedom, SO-CALLED LIBERALISM, and, for the sake of an idea, is willing to yield some of his power. It is precisely here that the triumph of our theory appears; the slackened reins of government are immediately, by the law of life, caught up and gathered together by a new hand, because the blind might of the nation cannot for one single day exist without guidance, and the new authority merely fits into the place of the old already weakened by liberalism.

    The idea of freedom, called liberalism. Wait a minute the liberals told women to burn their bras. The liberals told us to grow our hair long and smoke pot and free sex and homo promotion. The liberals told us to tune in, turn off, and drop out. Get on the welfare gravy train kids. Liberals taught us a lot of stuff. And we know who the liberals are. The same ones who now tell us how much soda we can drink. What kind of food I can eat and how much salt I can put on my food. Whether or not I can smoke a cigarette ( I don’t smoke) in my own back yard but pot is ok in some states. Now the liberals want to mess with our second amendment rights also. Because the jews always know what’s best for us and trying to help us. Don’t surrender another inch people. They will not stop. They will never stop until you or your kids and grandchildren are either slaves or dead.

  46. protocolsRtrue says:

    From protocol 5 we were talking earlier about people just turning off the tv and not listening. That’s exactly what the jews want us to do. The real news that is and real reality tv like first 48. Otherwise it is trash designed to fuck up our minds and buy jew products and teach our kids how cool it is to be a homo.

    7. Capital, if it is to co-operate untrammeled, must be free to establish a monopoly of industry and trade: this is already being put in execution by an unseen hand in all quarters of the world. This freedom will give political force to those engaged in industry, and that will help to oppress the people. Nowadays it is more important to disarm the peoples than to lead them into war: more important to use for our advantage the passions which have burst into flames than to quench their fire: more important to eradicate them. THE PRINCIPLE OBJECT OF OUR DIRECTORATE CONSISTS IN THIS: TO DEBILITATE THE PUBLIC MIND BY CRITICISM; TO LEAD IT AWAY FROM SERIOUS REFLECTIONS CALCULATED TO AROUSE RESISTANCE; TO DISTRACT THE FORCES OF THE MIND TOWARDS A SHAM FIGHT OF EMPTY ELOQUENCE.

    8. In all ages the people of the world, equally with individuals, have accepted words for deeds, for THEY ARE CONTENT WITH A SHOW and rarely pause to note, in the public arena, whether promises are followed by performance. Therefore we shall establish show institutions which will give eloquent proof of their benefit to progress.

    9. We shall assume to ourselves the liberal physiognomy of all parties, of all directions, and we shall give that physiognomy a VOICE IN ORATORS WHO WILL SPEAK SO MUCH THAT THEY WILL EXHAUST THE PATIENCE OF THEIR HEARERS AND PRODUCE AN ABHORRENCE OF ORATORY.


    11. The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair. THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN PERSONAL INITIATIVE: if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord. We must so direct the education of the GOYIM communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may drop their hands in despairing impotence. The strain which results from freedom of actions saps the forces when it meets with the freedom of another. From this collision arise grave moral shocks, disenchantments, failures. BY ALL THESE MEANS WE SHALL SO WEAR DOWN THE “GOYIM” THAT THEY WILL BE COMPELLED TO OFFER US INTERNATIONAL POWER OF A NATURE THAT BY ITS POSITION WILL ENABLE US WITHOUT ANY VIOLENCE GRADUALLY TO ABSORB ALL THE STATE FORCES OF THE WORLD AND TO FORM A SUPER-GOVERNMENT. In place of the rulers of to-day we shall set up a bogey which will be called the Super-Government Administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world. (League of Nations and subsequent United Nations Organization – Ed.).

  47. protocolsRtrue says:

    from protocol 14 which now includes internet porn.
    5. IN COUNTRIES KNOWN AS PROGRESSIVE AND ENLIGHTENED WE HAVE CREATED A SENSELESS, FILTHY, ABOMINABLE LITERATURE. For some time after our entrance to power we shall continue to encourage its existence in order to provide a telling relief by contrast to the speeches, party program, which will be distributed from exalted quarters of ours …. Our wise men, trained to become leaders of the GOYIM, will compose speeches, projects, memoirs, articles, which will be used by us to influence the minds of the GOYIM, directing them towards such understanding and forms of knowledge as have been determined by us.

  48. protocolsRtrue says:

    protocols of zion. Translation from over 100 years ago.

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