The Enemy Within and What I Hate…

A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself… for the traitor appears no traitor: He speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their faces and their garments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the souls of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is to be less feared.

 — Marcus Tillius Cicero

James von Brunn

Everyone, by now, has heard all about the evil “White Supremacist” and “Hater,” James von Brunn, of course. How could you not with all the relentless propaganda now spewing forth out of mainstream Jew TV, 24-7?

Double-parking his car, the WWII vet and PT boat captain, 88 year-old von Brunn (I bet the “von” really gets those Nazi haters) went into the “National” Holocaust™ Museum and fired some kind of antique 22 caliber rifle, killing the “brave, yet kindly” Negro guard — who, supposedly, even opened the door for the doddering, “hateful” old geezer, they now make sure to tell you.

Please take just a few minutes to click on the “read the rest of this entry” button and watch a short video embedded below. That’s not asking a whole lot now, is it?

While I certainly never have advocated violence or any criminal acts on this blog (get that one straight Jew Junior G-men), I do indeed understand von Brunn’s motivations and frustrations. Although I’d never even heard of the guy before yesterday, I quickly looked over his website right before it was taken down. The above quote, by the great Roman constitutionalist and orator Cicero, was featured prominently on the website for his book “Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed.” This title was taken from a quote in the Jewish Talmud. But we’ll never hear any real explanation or discussion about that in the news, now will we?

Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy. Evolutionary edge of collectivist groups in individualistic societies…or how the West was lost (Schell productions). Read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” GO HERE. It’s well worth your time to understand this subject. Go to the preface and see what it’s about.


For those that are ultimately in control of America’s media, they don’t want us to come to our senses, to realize what’s going on nor ask any real questions. Of course they are painting this guy as a blind “hater,” and about another dozen or so descriptions that they always trot out to explain away White people who dare voice anger and concerns these days.

Ask yourself this one question: Why would I or anyone else make such efforts like this, if it was only a matter of racial differences? You think I hate Jews because they look funny or talk funny? Hell, I’ve actually had many Jewish (and Black) friends over the years. Even that statement is now considered “politically incorrect” because it sounds “patronizing” they tell us.

But what can White people say anymore, without being labeled a “hater” or “White Supremacist?” Haven’t you noticed that? They want us to keep it zipped, never utter a word when it comes to what they do in the world or even what they do and say about the White race.

Hey, look, I care about my people and the future of my kind. Does that not make any sense? Can you not understand my point of view? And is it so bad in the first place? I ask you that in all honesty and sincerity.

I’ve paid attention to this matter for many years now (read “A Letter” under my banner, above). I knew that convincing people would be difficult, socially and politically dangerous, not to mention the worries and fear from family and friends. That fact only buttressed my conclusions.

Billionaire media tycoon, arch-Zionist and once an illegal arms trafficker for Israel, Arnon Milchan, along with his Jew buds, the former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and current PM, Bibi Netanyahu. The American media is totally controlled by people just like him. This is why we’ll never hear any balanced views of Muslims, the Palestinian’s side, nor any real investigative reporting on globalist evils like 9/11 and the on-going immigration of non-Whites into Western countries — destroying White people’s will, our political power and racial demographics — in effect, stealing our countries right out from under our feet.


I can only do what I can do. I know that my views (and many, many others) will not be allowed to be heard in the mainstream media. Even real historical facts are purposefully ignored by the media because they lead to the logical conclusions which these people do not want you to form.

Let’s briefly look at one facet to all this: “The Holocaust™.” They want you to not only accept the whole story unquestioningly, but also to ignore very real evils from Jews like in the Mideast with the Palestinians because it’s all apart of the image of Jewry as “victims,” who deserve to have their own country, Israel.

They want you to “hate” the enemies they have, not America. Think about recent history; Saddam Hussein was the big bad boogieman to Israel not that long ago. Now, it’s Ahmadinejad and Iran.

To get us to hate their enemies, they relentless propagandize and jack-up the paranoia in every media format available to them. Which is pretty much all of it.

But that’s not the only thing, I firmly think that these people are behind the False-Flag event of all history: 9/11. This act was such a profound evil on this country and the primary reason that I began my re-evaluation which lead me to the point where I knew I had to speak up, no matter what trouble and effort.

Let’s look at what I’ve said about the Holocaust™ — more than once.

One, I’ve never said on this blog or anywhere else that the German Nazis where so innocent back in WWII. Sure, they committed some horrendous atrocities during the war, but so did America, Great Britain and the Soviet Union. Without a doubt.

Two, there is no conclusive proof of the “industrial gassing” of Jews. Never has been. Yeah, I’m familiar with the evidence, or more like lack of evidence. The “confession” of Hoëss, extracted under torture but with purposeful errors on his part. The one letter from Auschwitz barely mentioning something called “gassing cellars” and which may have been fabricated. The horrible-sounding “final solution” term from the Wannsee Conference, etc. etc. But I have yet to read any real unquestionable documentation that proves conclusively that gassing of Jews with Zyklon B occurred, nor using carbon monoxide produced by gas engine at Treblinka (ridiculous to begin with). Clothing and personal effects were fumigated to prevent disease, yes (the Germans did try very hard to prevent mass deaths, believe it or not).

Three, the Jews have used this Holocaust™ business to blackmail the White Western countries out of billions upon billions of dollars and marks to this very day. Germany has paid out over 65 billion to Israel and so-called Holocaust™ “survivors,” have magically increased their numbers. America now gives Israel 10 billion dollars a year and spends over 100 million a year in what the Jew Norman Finklestein called “the Holocaust™ Industry.” It’s been nothing but a giant Shekel-making gig for Jews all over.

Four, the Jews are literally turning their victimhood into a new religion, one that demands you worship or you’re called, once again, a “hater.” Children are being indoctrinated in the schools; Hollywood movies and TV shows propagandize us about it, left and right. Whites are being jailed in many countries right at this moment, should they dare question one thing about the official party line in public. That’s coming here, mark my words. People, this has gone on for too long: It’s just going to get worse and worse until we start speaking up and putting a stop to this Jew merry-go-round of lies.

Five: If Jews suffered so badly at the hands of us evil White people, then it’s only “fair” that we turn a blind eye to them stealing the Palestinian’s land and acting all Nazi themselves. Two wrongs do make a right! Plus, with the sacred Israelites back in Jerusalem, Jesus will finally make his reappearence and we’ll all live happily ever after (for a thousand years at least)!

Six, and most importantly to me, the Jews themselves committed mass genocide of White people. Soviet historians say 20 to 40 million Whites (some say it was 66 million) were purposely starved to death, executed singly and in mass shootings (some even say gassing) by Communists, the majority of whom were Jews since 1917. Even many Jews themselves will admit to this.

Jewish genocidal murderers, like Genrikh Yagoda, are unknown by virtually all Americans.

Let’s just take the smallest figures possible and do a little comparison, shall we? Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said Jews comprised 60% of the secret police, like the NKVD and CHEKA (from his book “200 hundred Years Together”). I’ve read Jews bragging they were 80% of the Secret Police during this period. Let’s also take the low end figure of 20 million victims during of this period of Soviet history to get a look at the real deal.

60% of 20 million would be 11 million. So, at the very least, 11 million White Gentiles died at the hands of Communist Jews during the 20th century. Continuing on, let’s use the enforced 6 million number for Jewish victims of the Holocaust™ (the actual total is probably somewhere between 500,000 and 1.5 million). This means, even if the Holocaust™ was everything they say, Jewry still killed 5 million more White people to begin with.

Now, I realize this little exercise in mathematics is a bit shallow and simplified, but is more than fair and should illustrate the incredible historical discrepancies being played out in America and the White countries today.

Some of you might consider all this as “ancient history,” but it’s history that’s ignored for some serious political purposes by people who have only their interests in mind — which effects your pocketbook in a major way. They want you not to know any of these things and will do whatever they can to confuse you, obfuscate or even outright lie to your faces about it. They even have dedicated, secretive teams of Jews all over the planet (Hasbara groups and Giyus Microphone operations) to do this kind of thing, such as Wikipedia, for instance.

The Jew, Mark Potak of the SPLC, is being trotted out left and right for the Goyim masses.

Current events and what effects you personally, begs you to look at all this from a standpoint beyond what the cable news people tell you.

Yesterday, I watched that blithering Zionist sycophant, Shepard Smith of corporate Fox news, go on and on about the “hate” etc. etc. of James Von Brunn and all us evil “NeoNazi” and “White Supremacists.” Shep, as they call him, is so stupid that he doesn’t have a clue how embarrassingly obvious that he’s toeing the party line — he’s like the major office suck-up that everyone sees right off, but keeps quiet out of politeness or fear of retribution. Oh, you know how that works.

The media is now on a tear talking about all the “Hate groups” springing up because of the evil Internet, the downturn of the economy and the first election of an “African-American” president. The Southern “Poverty” Center’s Mark Potak must have a contract with ABC News to deliver his tired “it’s a ‘perfect storm’ now for the growth of hate groups” line. As usual, no mention of his Jewishness is ever made nor the yearly millions of dollars the SPLC hate business rakes in.

And no, I’m not uptight, moralistic kind of guy, either — like some freaky White albino monk, sitting here with a shaven head, wearing a bizarre hair-shirt and flogging away at myself with a whip in some wierd religious ecstasy. I save all that for when Zelda stops by for her weekly visit (just kidding now).

So, I’m not some “blind hater,” just a regular patriotic American and one who cares deeply about his race.

But I will tell you what I do hate:

I hate being lied to. I hate knowing what I know and having to put up with all the lying bull from these people, day-in, day-out. I hate that they expect me to believe every GD thing that they say.

I also hate seeing our soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan dead in body bags and wounded with terrible, life altering handicaps. I hate seeing Women and little children being killed by the Israelis in the Gaza.

I hate that my country has done similar things in the Mideast because of Jew manipulations of the politics of Washington and in our media.

I hate to see people in power so morally bankrupt that they even think they can use False Flag terror to brainwash this country into their wars of Pax Americana, Jewish ambition and paranoia. If it was secret Nazis, do you really think they could get away with it?

I hate that these people in control of our media do everything possible to prevent the least little thing covered that shows Israel’s true evils in the world.

I hate the way they manipulate the Christians of America into supporting them, yet are always attacking Jesus and Christianity in the media and any public displays of Christian belief.

I hate to see that these International Bankers have been given the license to control and print our money and suck on America like a swollen parasite, undoubtedly using these ill-gotten gains to keep the status quo, bankrolling wars and forcing us along the path to a One World government under their eventual control.

I hate how they suck-up billions of our hard-earned tax dollars to re-float their scam operations, legal or not so legal, while living the lives of pampered princes as they screw our workers anyway they can.

I hate the fact that these people are allowed to have dedicated political organizations for this one foreign country, Israel, and are so powerful that our elected politicians do whatever they say or risk being attacked by the owned media, losing the next election or even worse.

I hate that these people are allowed to have dual citizenship with Israel and even serve in their military without a care in the world.

I hate that they are trashing America, turning it into a Third World hell-hole, just because most of them push for immigration of non-Whites so they can feel safer knowing that Whites will be a minority, just like all the rest.

I hate they way they manipulate Blacks to feel “oppressed” by Whites, and never ever let up with the slavery and civil rights business even though they had as much or more to do with it than us.

I hate that our values and sense of decency is being spit on by these people. I am dead-set — like the majority of Americans — that marriage is only between a man and woman. Also, I do not like to see homosexuality displayed openly or in the media. I consider it disgusting, filthy and I will not stand idly by as they try to introduce this crap in our schools as if it were normal. And I don’t give a rat’s ass what these perverts have to say about it.

I hate this “New World Order” globalization business. Oh, yeah, sure it’s all imaginery, tin-foil hat talk. Who said that we as a country have to go this route? I never heard about any voting for it, did you?

I hate these treaties they pass, like NAFTA and CAFTA, where corporate whores are given the green light to export American jobs overseas to maximize profits. You think we’re going to put up with it much longer?

I hate to see my race so divided and distracted by race politics that they are actually willing to see their own kind vanish into a sea of mud. The one race that has given so much to the world over the centuries but treated daily as if we’ve been nothing but evil and bad.

I hate to see these people gleefully celebrating our demise, happy to see us become minorities in what was once our countries. I hate that they get clean away with doing everything they can to make it fashionable for us to mate ourselves away to other races.

And I hate to see America, once the Land of the Free, being turned into a police state for these greedy little bastards and their “agendas.”

Now, why is all this so “White Supremacist?”


As an American and proud White person of European descent, I will NEVER just roll over and take all this bull without a fight, no matter how much you call me a hater. If I was the only one with these beliefs, than I would still be doing all this. If my blog stats registered just one hit per day, then I would write it for that one single unknown person way off in the Internet ether (my blog gets a helluva lot more hits than just one, believe you me).

My inner convictions are the biggest reasons that I know which tells me that I am absolutely on the right path and I’m exercising my lawful rights as an American citizen, born under the most brilliant Constitutions ever written.

If any of you government G-men got a problem with what I got to say, then you’re letting the same people behind the destruction of the USA use you as a mere thug to enforce what they want to do to this country. You didn’t sign on for that line of bull!

Let me be quite clear here: Considering me an “outlaw” or “extremist” is what these traitorous people want the sleeping sheep in this county to think, not any real patriot of America. They want us to be considered the Enemy of the State. Always have, when you think about it.

I will fight these people with my words for now, but I will not make any promises if my Constitutional freedom of speech is stolen away from me. Of that, I swear before those dead old White guys who created this once great country to begin with.

Got that G-men, self-hating White liberals, deluded FOX Neocons and Jews?

— Phillip Marlowe


Artwork: Sistine Chapel detail by the great White artist, Michaelangelo. I guess that description makes me such a White Supremacist, huh? Now change the word “White” with Black, Hispanic or Jewish and you’ll see exactly what I’m saying here on my blog.

Internet archive of von Brunn’s site HERE

Read James von Brunn’s entire book, “Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed.” Download and save PDF HERE!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Thomas says:

    Oh yeah, blushing big time. Your insults are top notch. Makes me feel bad about myself. I’m so gay, thank god I have some many white boys to blow me to try and get on top in their jobs.

  2. Thomas says:

    Hahahaa…stupid incogman. Go ahead and silence me if you want. But it makes sense, silence what you can’t defeat. Little boys playing in a Jewish man’s world. The gig is up!! Stupid asses. Now go back to your little herpe filled life crackers.

    • incogman says:

      Oh, yeah, big bad JEW man’s world. World of cheating not only the Goyim, but each other too. Once the trappings of civilization are gone, you wail like the little hollow-chested banshee bitchs you are.

  3. White Master says:


    I vote to toss him buddy!

  4. Wayz says:

    Thomas Dude
    “I kill a devil right now. . . . I say kill whitey all
    nightey long. . . .I stabbed a fucking Jew with a steeple. . . . I
    would kill a cracker for nothing, just for the fuck of it. . . .
    Menace Clan kill a cracker; jack ’em even quicker. . . . catch that
    devil slipping; blow his fucking brains out”
    “Won’t be satisfied until the devils-I see them all
    dead. . . . my brother is sending me more guns from down South. . . .
    pale face. . . . it’s all about brothers rising up, wising up, sizing
    up our situation. . . . you be fucking with my turf when you be
    fucking with my race; now face your maker and take your last breath;
    the time is half-past death. . . . it’s the Armageddon. . . .
    and they think you are the Jew

  5. White Master says:


    Jew or nigger,

    nigger or Jew,

    White America is going to be SO much better without YOU!

  6. Wayz says:

    We drive around in beat up trucks
    We chew tobacco and we kill ducks
    We’ve read more books than we have teeth
    Our pride and joy is Tobe Keith

    Look at me I’m pure white trash
    I fuck my cousin in her ass
    I hate the black the Jews and myself
    I beat my wife and drink my booze

    We use poor grammar and love nascar
    Our idea of a dates going out to the bar
    We love to fuck sheep then pick on queers
    We dropped out of high school after only 12 years

    We love to kill defenseless things
    Eating all the roadkill that papa brings
    We drive our trucks through the mud
    Cause when its covered in dirt I feel like a stud!

  7. Marshall says:

    If, in fact…Jews are NOT…

    Aliens and Bigfoot, WHY does the supposed “History Channel” run absurd programs about the same day and night?

    What about “undergound tunnels” WhooHOO…

    I can RENT a “BORING MACHINE” for about 250 Thousand dollars a day. I will say, it’s not a bad idea…but I don’t want to live in an underground ‘Dr. Srangelove” thing…

    The last time I checked, about 15 years ago, It could do about a mile a day, so why? What are you boring towards?

    Solid rock boring machines…reminds me of Richard Sauder’s stuff over 15 years ago, “Blofeld’s Secret Lair”

  8. White Master says:

    Thanks Incog,

    Ah, those Jew stereotypes of Whites.

    Damn there in for a suprise!

  9. Marshall says:

    Apparently Richard Sauder figured this out along time ago. Or oer AIR FORCE DID. Don’t look at me for leadership in this, crawl into your underworld.


    DEATH must be interesting to you.

    Marsh been there, done that.

  10. American says:

    JEWS are outta time. They conspire to cheat, rape, and steal, while whining as victims. But when they have the upper hand (and they do), they can’t stay cool. Like a chump at the poker table, they always get expelled.

    Not that we need them, but I can’t believe more Whites don’t see through their manipulations. As much as JEWS hate our types, they laugh at their useful idiots, mainly Christians that support Israel (they won’t tell you to your face, dummies!) Christians should be hanging JEWS left and right!

    We all know that actions speak louder than words. Let these particularly pathetic ones spew their crap, as if nobody’s watching. Even the Christians they get to do their dirty work will see their true motives.

    Btw, while traveling today, I was thinking about the MANY closed caskets we see return from BOTH wars in the Middle East we fight to protect Israel. I bet they’re closed not only b/c they’re mutilated, but JEWS don’t want Americans to see just how many of them are White men vs. all other races.

    At this point, considering JEWS in our gov’t consider returning veterans as “terrorists”, and the fact that wars are fought ONLY for Israel’s benefit, a young man would be a FOOL to enlist. Better to keep his limbs for hanging JEWS in the next few years.

  11. American says:

    Who do Christians think pushes homosexuality, abortion, porn, etc…..?

    It might be uncomfortable, but the Christians than support Isra-HOLE and JEWS had better think twice before sending their sons to Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon to Iran.

    Just look what JEWS did to the holiest place on earth…it’s just a big prison now. Great place to expel the JEWS to, if you ask me, they should’ve been more careful what they asked for!

  12. Pat says:

    “The Enemy Within” vid embedded in the above article was good. Excellent article also. I think that MANY more white people are awake than is generally believed. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that we have a real problem here…and all bad roads seem to lead to the same place. Great writing. Thank you for that.

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