This Country Can Be Sooooo DUMB!


You’ll have to forgive me, folks, for my little tirade here — I’m still reeling over the stupidity of people anymore in America. The following is just going to be a major league rant session, so you can skip it if you want (like I have anything to do with that call, either).

Karl Marx, brainiacs.

This past weekend, I made the mistake of showing this White person my video “The Nation Wreckers.” Not a single name I had in that video meant a damn thing to her — seriously, she had never even heard of those people in the video before — it was all greek to her!

Now this woman wasn’t so young as to be an excuse (she’s close to my age) and I might have understood if she didn’t recognize the image of Karl Marx that I had briefly at the end, since I didn’t put in his name (the text copy might have stuck out too much, I told myself at the time). I’m certain having Karl Marx’s name spelled out plainly would not even have been enough most people in America. Maybe I should have just put in “Commie Jew” and left it at that.

A video doesn’t have a lot of “space-time” to lay-out all the who’s who, what’s what, whens and wherefores. You have to reduce things to the basics to retain visual impact, especially with today’s Youtube and MTV-addled crowd. You have to hope the audience knows at least a little something to begin with so you can make your point.

I didn’t think it was asking too much that people would know who Abbie Hoffman and Gloria Steinhem were, as well as understanding that most people would not know a whole lot about Erica Jong (Fear of Flying) and Alan Ginsberg (NAMBLA). It just looks like I might have to target my videos to the kindergarten level in the future.

All this should not be so surprising to me, by now. I’ve noticed in the past that all the people out there who suck-up all the Jew Media bull know little real history as compared to the more racially-aware White people I’ve met, or what some visitors who come to my little blog like to call “NeoNazis” and “racists.”

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Oh, it’s not as bad as Bluto’s little speech in Animal House (usually), when he tried to get his hung-over sorority brothers all jacked-up for some payback against the evil Dean Wormer, by spouting “Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is. Was it over when the GERMANS bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no…”

Well, at least I hope people are not that dumb. But some of them really might be and even revel in the fact they know so little. Far too many people take the John Belushi route — it’s easier being proudly stupid (funnier they think), than putting in some effort reading a dam book once in awhile.

That’s why it kills me when some moron calls me a “ignorant, blah, blah, blah” at my blog. These people don’t know me whatsoever. These are the people who sit there watching FOX News or MSNBC or CNN and think they know the score. It’s all a self-image they have, as in “hey, look at me I’m such-and-such way politically, believe this and that, and since I watch Rachel Maddow, I must be intelligent…” It’s like the choice they make in cars and clothing to establish their image.

And it has nothing to do with being “conservative” or “liberal,” Republican or Democrat, whether someone is smart or not. Like hair color. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever known have been blond women (one was a knock-down gorgeous).

Take a look at these interviews of people (blacks and whites) who voted for Obama last November 4th and tell me just how stupid our electorate really is in America:

It’s little wonder that the media can sway the masses so readily, with people this plain out of it. You can literally chart the course of media manipulation during the last election, just by the responses of the people in the above video.

The intelligence factor of the so-called conservatives for McCain is not any better, sorry as hell to say. They’ve sucked down the pro-Israel, “Islamofascism” propaganda — hook, line and sinker!

And these TV news shows all go on and on and on about the stupidest issues, like it really means JACK. That’s the thing, take some little BS story and elevate it to a serious BS story and talk about it non-stop, until some other minor story is available to turn into the news de jour and the other story is forgotten by 2 weeks or less.

Like the “Waterboarding” stuff. You think that we’ve never tortured people all through-out this country’s history? Well, I got news for you Bub, we sure as hell have and so has everyone else. The real world isn’t so nice. I could tell you a story or two.

But the TV people have to pretend to be all irate, because there’s plenty of silly people out here in la-la land who have to sound more caring and kindly than the next bozo, since that reinforces the image they have of themselves. They’ll scream bloody murder about anyone who fails to play along (like me, for example).

If you pay attention, you’ll see how on a slow news day (as in no one getting killed by a evil White supremacists), the big corporate news outfits dip down into the local news feeds, like a freeway car chase in California, do a few minutes of overhead helicopter shots and promise you they’ll stay on top of it, which they never do — especially if it turns out to be some crackhead Negro they pull out of the vehicle when it comes to a sudden stop down the road!

Meanwhile, the really important things that effect each person long-term or is too embarrassing to the status quo is carefully avoided. Even the underlying evils that force this country into situations where we have to resort to torture in the first dam place. Am I right or what?

People would rather talk about their dogs and cats, who won “Dancing with the Stars” last night, what their favorite soft drink is (we’re so interested they like cherry coke so much), the bad pass that cost the hometown team the championship football game, the big discount they got on some pair of tacky shoes made in Taiwan. Stupid BS. Am I wrong here?

We’ve been turned into nation of Jew couch putzes who watch the stupidest stuff.

A lot of people who come here make the mistake thinking old INCOG MAN thinks all Whites are superior, smarter, etc. etc. I wish I really could think that was true — dammit to hell.

If Whites were all so smart, we sure as hell would not going down the path we’re on. Of that, I’m certain. Maybe all the dumbing-down is working like they want — ever think about that? Oh wait, you can’t.

Now, I hope everybody doesn’t think I being too elitist and all. I’m not some genius boy, either. I might know a few things more about history than the average person, maybe some obscure stuff like Super String theory, or how to tie a nice-looking Royal Coachman dry fly, etc. etc., but I also don’t know all the real details on the treaty of Brest-Litovsk, nor any of the high-end physics math behind string theory.

And I also don’t know why a trout would hit a Royal Coachman in the first dam place. Must be the Jews, ha ha ha.

But it’s not just regular White folk out of it, either. I once had a conversation at this fancy cocktail party with some distinguished gentlemen, a fairly well-to-do business owner, who insisted that the dollar bill in his pocket was backed by gold deposits at Fort Knox and how it’s all carefully audited every so often by public officials so we know what’s there (neither is true).

What kills me is how obvious the things not covered by mainstream media point a big fat finger at all the stuff they don’t want you to know anything about. Like why doesn’t the History Channel ever do a piece — say on Modern Marvels — about the beginnings to the Federal Reserve and on how money is created out of thin air? No, fool, not the printing techniques to stop counterfeiters. Or why no one dares say anything about the Fed being a private business, owned by secret private concerns, not under any public scrutiny?

Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan — that's why this blubbering crypto-Jew and Zionist shill has her cushy time slot.

Or how about the least thing on the genocidal history of the 20th century Soviet Union — even without a mention of Commie Jews? Or Rudolf Hess’ flight to England and why they kept him locked-up till the ancient, doddering old man managed to hang himself horizontally (oh, yeah) in Spandau prison? I could go on all day about the bull they keep nice and quiet on. Of course, you know I could, don’t you? Just check out the rest of my blog, like this post, chock-full of things for you to look into.

And how about all those stupid “Promo” spots for TV news-people they put on? They’ll have a few seconds of Andrea Mitchell, with a wisely-knowing smile, a barely perceptible nod of her head and some clever line “Few get to the bottom of things like Andrea!” Right. They might do 20 or 30 takes, telling her “Alright, Andrea, let’s do one with you smiling and looking off to the right and then slowly turn and look at the camera.” “Good, now do the same, but don’t smile so broadly…”

They make the same kind of effort in “canned reports.” This is when the crew from the field comes in with an hour of tape from some event or speech. Out of that they may use a minute’s worth of footage and edit out anything “controversial” by a producer looking over the shoulder of some guy or girl in front of a computer running the video editing software. “OK, Jimbo, cut that question out, go back and pick up that shot of Joe Blow looking perplexed for a second and then fade into Katie Couric’s final thoughts.”

They might be all kinds of really tough questions from people in the audience about 9/11, the economy or Iraq, but you’ll only see on-air the part where the guy talks about Israel being threatened with weapons of mass destruction or how the Muslims hate America because we allow bikinis at the beach and like drinking Mai Tais.

People think this media Potemkin village is all for real, as they lap it up and pat themselves on the back thinking they truly know what’s up in the world. As that guy in the movie “Network” said: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

All of us (liberals, conservatives and the really smart people who can’t be defined so easily) should step back and look at the forest, instead of the trees. We desperately need to see the bigger picture, but we also have to look through the prism of how we know personally the way the world works at the most basic level. What I mean here is that everyone is scared of getting fired, loosing that paycheck and will do whatever not to rock the boat.

This is the control mechanism built-in and used by the real people behind the curtain; those that own media, those who manipulate and finance education and social movements in the Western countries.

They do not have to have some giant infrastructure to police it all. No secret memo needs to be passed around or on-site monitors (besides Jew “Sayans” who pick up a phone if they hear about some naïve young Jack or Jill Wasp doing a investigative report on AIPAC). Just an “understanding” that talking about such-and-such is a no-no. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it all out, either.

Hell, you people out there know well enough what not to talk about at work: Your boss’ toupeé, the quasi-legal, yet immoral sales tactics being done over in marketing or the on-going litigation of the owner’s son for pedophilia.

Same kind of muffler is going on today in America’s media over race, sexual orientation and gender issues (as in Homos), but what’s cleverly buried in all this PC biz? The Jews and the eternal “Jew question.” That’s what it’s all about in the first place!

Let’s say you’ve just got your first big journalism gig downtown at the Gotham City newspaper and you come up with some great idea for a story line. Well, first off, you won’t be doing it without your editor knowing about it and going along. Second, he already knows what can fly and what won’t (he had better).

He’s not going to tell you “oh, you’re not going to do a report on that because the Jews won’t like it…” He’ll tell you that it’s all crazy conspiracy nonsense (but inwardly knows his ass is grass if he runs it because of the Jews).

No, this is not Mrs. INCOG MAN.

Plus, any talk about certain subjects is automatically equated with “hate.” Like that stupid phrase “Holocaust denier.” Yeah, Bostwick, I’m a big, bad “Holocaust denier,” now STFU.

That’s a modern-day Scarlet Letter virtually everywhere nowadays, even among your very own family, sad to say. To be one, means you’re probably a NeoNazi-who-wants-to-kill-six-million-Jews in the near future.

Similar things are done with 9/11 “Truthers.” I hate the term “truthers,” sounds too cult-like. Maybe that’s why they came up with it, huh? No, they’ve aligned any talk about 9/11 being an inside job with crazies, as if anyone with questions is the same as UFO or Bigfoot people. Bring up some inconvenient fact about 9/11 and suddenly people think you’re trying to say the government used ray beams to do it, or that all the passengers are still alive in some secret government Fantasy Island location.

They just tune you out, because they’ve been programmed to do so by the media. Apparently, the only things they believe are true, is whatever the friendly Charles Gibson of ABC World News Tonight or other Zion mouthpieces tell them.

Your buds might say: “Ah, INCOG MAN, that business about nano-thermite particles found in the dust of the World Trade Center doesn’t mean JACK to me.” Or think to themselves: “Hell, I don’t even know what nano means anyways…” since they might sound stupid, which they are.

Even if nine scientists reported this in a peer-reviewed study, backed up with irrefutable chemical analysis — all means nothing to the general moronic minions now watching TV in America. It’s still only real if they hear the Zionist shills talking about it on Jew corporate news.

Which is not going to happen, people, trust me.

It’s so bad that I sometimes wonder if there was an invasion (Chinese, Mexican drug lords, Aliens from Alpha Centauri, whatever) going on outside people’s windows, would they take the time to look outside and see or just wait until they heard a report on TV before they took cover? I’m being as serious as a heart attack.

Most Whites out there have no clue on how many of the TV news people and “commentators” are actually Jews to begin with. Now we know that these Jews are not working from secret instructions from Jew headquarters, that’s what most Whites think you think. It’s just these people are always pushing for Jew crap (like Israel) or just generally being subversive liberal bastards and byatchs, sliming this country straight to hell.

I believe people do suspect something is just not right about the deal, to some degree. I think (and I may be wrong here) is that they are scared little kids inside and hope that it’s all nothing but conspiracy mumbo-jumbo, just so they can go back to sucking on cherry sodas and watching the usual brainless tripe on the tube.

What we ought to be doing is forming damn armies in the street, that’s what. Oh, we’ll probably end-up doing so at some point or wanting to but can’t, since we let ourselves get to the point where we’re too worried about the price of beans at Wally-Mart and surviving day-to-day. That’s what scares me the most.

OK, enough Jew-style kvetching for now. </rant>

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to This Country Can Be Sooooo DUMB!

  1. Barbara says:

    MMMM I just spent over an hour on a response to several people here and when I posted it… it disappeared! How does one spell N O T I M P R E S S E D?

    • incogman says:

      Barbara, I apologize but my SPAM filter shunts off comments with 4 or more links embedded. It’s in now. Plus, I have some traps for all the JEW TROLLS that plague me.

  2. Barbara says:

    I am formally ticked off now, Really I worked hard to answer so many of the things that were left hanging here. Quotes, links, the works. And I just do not have time to do it again. Saul, whitefella, Babette, LiefOldhart, you just got ripped off. Sorry.

  3. Barbara says:

    Oh lord, me dumb. Musta burned my brains out cos there it is after all. Hits forehead with palm and yells, Oy Vey been kvetching too much already today. Must… reinstall… brain…. must… reinstall… brain…

  4. American says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share all these great links, Barbara. I’m gonna get into them right now.

    I just found these quotes a minute ago…quite revealing of facts we already knew:

    “The role of Jews who write in both the Jewish and [American] general press is to defend Israel.” (Commentary of Editor Norman Podhoretz)

    “I am not an American citizen of Jewish faith. I am a Jew. I have been an American for sixty-three years, but I have been a Jew for 4000 years.” (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) a leader of the American Jewish Congress

  5. JamesTheJust says:


    It is good to have you here!

    Perhaps you could direct people to your excellent research on Caucasian mummies. If you have anything on the earliest white people in America, that would be just grand 🙂

  6. JamesTheJust says:


    this link does not work

    Rothschild ~ The Israeli Supreme Court Building And The New World Order


  7. babette says:

    JP: The jews manipulate us into wars, but ignorant white + black trash keep joining up!

    The jew sets the same bs trap and laughs as innumerable morons march right into it. The trap slams shut on one benighted head after another. The idiots are buried with all due pomp and circumstance; all the while innumerable other idiots scurry forth, eager to stick their heads into the same, still bloody, trap.

    The blame cannot be placed solely on the jews. The fault lies with decade’s old propaganda that bellows forth how the USA and the “Americans” won WWII, how it saved mankind, how it & they are the best, the brightest, the bravest and on and on.

    No lie has been more pervasive (after the “death camp” lie) more intense, more enormously fantastical than the US is… blah-blah-blah…

    For all who are deluded into thinking the world has recently begun hating the US, think again. The world, the real world, the world that has a thousand(s) year history, thousand(s) year culture, has hated, with a white hot hatred, the US for aeons.

    The US was spawned upon the blood of the Native Americans and the rivers of blood it intentionally caused to be shed elsewhere. It isn’t alone, of course, yet is remarkable for the obvious pleasure it takes in doing so.
    The US encompasses all four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    So much blood should be, must be, avenged. As the world’s greatest whore the US will cry out, as did the accursed Lady Macbeth, “Out, damn’d spot! out, I say!” till the end of time–or until it gets a taste of the torments it has so generously meted out to others.


  8. Saul says:

    Barbara: yeah, I got a lot of stuff on that ‘family’ too.

    Your last link isn’t a link, it’s a BOOK! I’ll check it out.

  9. Marshall says:

    Hey people-

    Whomever you may be, whatever race, creed, color, sex, or national origin, etc. bla bla bla-

    I’m trying to find a copy of this movie from the 1930’s, which everyone should see if they’re interested in the origins of Rothschild banking. I really enjoy seeing Jews inadvertently exposing their depravity by “immortalizing themselves on film.” When Jews make movies about Jews, what results? Truly, they can’t seem to help themselves…it all comes out in the end eventually. 😀

    You guys should be interested, if you want to see what has financed the current state of Israel from its very inception. (or DE-ception…depending on your perspective, hmm?)

    BORIS KARLOFF, no less!!! Spooky.

    Marsh 😉

  10. American says:

    Thanks Marshall. Check out what’s behind Iran’s “movement”:

  11. Saul says:


    einlightening and interesting on so many different levels. It poses on of the better associtive arguments I’ve for the jews behavior not just being a fluke or learning that compounded by inbreding. Giving interesting and largely valid (in my mind) argument to a real genetic form of parasite.

    It also gives incite to a legitimate reason for their preoccupation with feces, fliuds and the excretory and sexual organs. Especially the Goys organs. One that extends beyond any learned behaivor. Patton even noted the fact that the jews were living in\with their own fecies in the stolen German homes they ‘procured’ with our naive help.

    The part about the Goy and parasite jews relationship and awareness of, brings to mind the relationship of a dumb ghetto pimp and his often more intellegent ‘ladies’. Besides trama based bonding, I think this is quite applicable here. Covered well the root motivation for why the hate us so, ours\mine being only a “reactionary” response to their activities. Also clue’s on in to why such ‘reactionary’ response is so futile and fatal to the host. It pretty well demystifies clinically, so much of their bizaar behavior and why the can’t help themselfs without drifting in to the less tangable areas. Thanks. A great read. It has set me to thinking, especially about the ‘reactionary’ process and dealing with it.

  12. babette says:

    Someone once wrote:

    All of creation would breathe a deep sigh of relief on the day the USA goes back to being the quiet backwater, cultural swamp it once was.

    And that day is near…


  13. Saul says:

    I’m a forest child at heart 🙂

  14. JmaesTheJust says:


    I prefer the agrarian lifestyle. Just as long as there aren’t any Jews, I’ll be happy.

  15. Jim says:

    I couldnt a said it better!

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