It's Time for Another American REVOLUTION!


On this eve of the Fourth of July, 2009, White people of America need to wake up and face reality. It may be tough to think about, but hell, what’s in store for the White race’s future is infinitely more bleak. White countries are now being flooded with non-Whites, we’re being turned into New World Order slaves and our very own race is slowly getting politically strangled and bred out of existence!

In 1776, we went to War with Great Britain because of the very same kind of people that we now need to put a stop to: 

“The inability of Colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George III and the international bankers was the prime reason for the Revolutionary War.”

Benjamin Franklin

America is NOT in control of it’s own destiny, or more accurately, we don’t control our own destiny because we don’t control our own money. Look at all the evils we’re forced and brainwashed into going along with in the world — look at all the economic turmoil we continually get put through.

Look at the constant — never letting up — worries about having a job and paying for the roof over our heads. Many of us work multiple jobs, commuting, the always rising inflation on what we eat, paying taxes through the nose and dealing with the cost of gas to get us to those jobs — if we still have them.


All Americans — men, women and, sooner or later, the police and military will be gunning for their sorry asses!

There used to be a time when a decent man could support a family of five, pay the mortgage on a $100,000 home (now costing $400,000), have his wife stay at home to watch the kids and fix dinner and do it all on a $25,000 a year salary. No lie.

Do you ever think about all this?

Say you’re sweating in a rush hour traffic jam, staring at some obnoxious radio station billboard next to the freeway. An old pickup full of Mexican day laborers is on one side of you blaring circus music; some low rider rice-burner is in the other lane, the super-base speakers pumping out insanely foul hip hop “lyrics.” You have to get to the day care in 10 minutes to pick up the kids since they asked your wife if she would work overtime again tonight.

“Who came up with this shit?” You ask yourself, angrily smacking the steering wheel with your open palm. Who on God’s green earth benefits from this daily multicult rat race that you and your wife put up with, just because someone said it’s supposed to be the right direction for this country?

For as long as we all stay on this rat treadmill, day after day after day, few of us ever stops and thinks about who’s really behind it all.

Imagine for a second that if you had X number of worker bees, paying into YOUR system, and figured out a way to double the worker bees, virtually overnight, with little to no additional expense. Especially necessary, when you do the math and know that the house of cards you erected called “Fiat Money” continues to require more and more to prop up.

Wouldn’t that be enough of a reason to quietly fund social movements that did precisely that?

The social movements of the 1970’s (like Feminism) have put us in this never-ending change cycle and, right along with all this, they’ve been slowly but surely introducing social movements that keep us blinded, gradually whittling away at our race’s values and solidarity. They want to pump our kids full with Ritalin, indoctrinating them with Holohoax lies, Gender-bending and Homo crap — as young as possible because they know it’s the most effective age for brainwashing.

We've been dying for these slimeballs for far too long!

We've been dying for these slimeball's global games for way too long now!

Think all this talk is so crazy? That’s what they want you to believe, if all the rest fails to keep your brain in check. Make notice of all the “conspiracy theory” ridicule and “hate” business they now have in the mainstream media about anyone who doesn’t toe the line. Their line!

I’ve had ENOUGH!

We can keep asking ourselves when do we take the rifles down from the fireplace all day, but sooner or later we’ll have to.

Alien enemy forces took this country in a bloodless coup on December 23, 1913 when the pen wielded by president Woodrow Wilson touched the paper as he signed the Federal Reserve Act. Ever since then, it’s been one evil thing after another as those Alien people stay behind the curtain, thick in wealth from the sweat of our brows.

This Alien force are the International Bankers and all the Zionist, Asiatic JEW minions who have infested our societies, government and media, only because they look somewhat White. If they where from another planet, they would hardly had a different modus operandi.

They get rich off us, sucking on us like the parasitical race they’ve always been in the world from Time Immemorial. Why do you think they’ve been kicked out or worse from EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY they’ve ever lived in? Why do you think the German public voted for Hitler and all the Nazis went so haywire on them? Just because they looked funny? Please.

What’s more, these homegrown Israeli Fifth Columnists take great personal satisfaction in corrupting us Goyim and fooling us on a daily basis. They pat themselves on the back, while being ever paranoid about us coming to our senses and going all pogrom on their butts. Methinks they doth protest too much.

Most of us Whites dare not talk like this openly, or we might be ostracised by our fellow sheep for being “racist nazis,” etc. This whole schtick has been engineered by these very same people — those who most benefit from the charade!

They even have specialized mega organizations, thousands of members with dedicated, purposeful careers in keeping all us White Americans shut-up and in the dark. Most Americans are totally clueless about it. Go up to anyone on the street and ask them who the ADL, SPLC or AIPAC are and what do you get? A blank stare, a “I dunno,” or they make a stupid guess “some government branch?” Maybe that’s not quite so dumb after-all — when you think about it.

Oh, they’ll call me a EXTREMIST right-winger or something of the sort. But get this: Why would I be so against the Iraq war and supportive of the oppressed Palestinians if I was some right-winger? Sounds to me like they got their slanderous political labels a little mixed-up, huh?

Truth of the matter: I’m an American White male who has seen right through the non-stop lies and bull; having a real-life epiphany which evaporated the clouds and confusion from over the years, all the artificial blinders that they erected to keep us from seeing the forest for the trees.

Now, people left and right are finding themselves without a job, depending on unemployment benefits from the state. And our states are going broke under the enormity of it all, yet the media keeps telling us “indicators are showing things are starting to get better, since Walmart sales are up…” Yet, almost another 500,000 lost their jobs last month and, if they figured out the rates with part-timers resorting to “MacJobs,” we are now at 17% unemployment.

Folks, the worst is yet to come. They know this. Hell, they’ve always planned to take America to it’s knees so they could force us into accepting ever more radical NWO and Globalist agendas. It’s been in the works for some time now. Disarming White people of the right to bear arms is all apart of this Globalist scheme — you can take that to the bank (if nothing else).

And with so many people out of work, they probably think they’ll have plenty of cannon fodder for Iran and the furtherance of Eurasian and Mideast wars of Zionist ambition. Maybe that’s the idea — ever think of that?

Also, how about 9/11? If these people could do that kind of thing to this country, then they all deserve to hang. Tell me that’s not so? Look closely at the evidence that’s come out in the last few years and if you still believe all the government and media bull, then I got a dilapidated American bridge to sell you — that is, if it hasn’t already been sold to some foreign investment cartel.

These subversive Jews, the morally bankrupt “Shabbos Goy” co-conspirators, the media diversity mavens and Neocon Zionist shills, are all totally evil and will be stomped six feet into the ground by an awakened and furious giant — the Freedom-loving Anglo-Saxons, Swedes, Slavs, French, Spanish, Greek and Italians — the Caucasian race!

We’re sick and tired of them trashing our race! We’re sick and tired of them supporting that evil little country Israel, at the detriment of what the world thinks of us! We’re sick and tired of them making laws against our religious displays! We’re sick and tired of them allowing any non-White to immigrate here! We’re sick and tired of paying for their financial scam operations! We’re sick and tired of these hypocrite know-it-alls!

I’ve had it America, and I know you’re close too.

One day soon, we’ll all be just like that man in the illustration heading this blog post — not priming the pan on some antique black powder flintlock, but jamming loaded magazines into assault rifles, jacking double-aught buck shells into the chambers of our Mossbergs and peering down the scopes of our most accurate deer rifles.

We should all pray to God himself that we will soon put a schreeching stop to those Globalists who work behind the curtain to destroy America and keep the White race so divided and distracted!

And we should definitely pay the media a visit too. These foppish liberals have been our mortal enemies since day-one, working to keep up the Multicultural attack on Whites and the Zionist status quo through obfuscations and outright lies. They constantly black-out and ignore incredibly vile crimes on Whites — hoping we won’t notice or care.

Once the spineless media weaklings see our detrimened, combat-blackened faces now inside their posh offices and broadcast studios, they’ll be screaming and wimpering like the frightened worms they are. They’ll instinctively understand just what brought them to this point, feeling that cold stone of mortal fear deep inside their shriveled, worthless guts, knowing full-well what they will soon face from us. We won’t even need to say a word.

If these Government Quislings, Globalists and Zionist traitors climb aboard their Lear Jets, steal our taxpayer-owned 747’s and fly the coop, we’ll hunt them down one by one across the globe. If any country refuses to give up these criminals, we’ll send in special people to take care of business in the dark of the night. It might take some time, but we’ll git ‘er done!


And if I have the honor of sharing some culvert or garden wall with you in the line of battle, you can be sure that I’ll do whatever I can to cover your flank, if I have enough life left to pull the trigger! 

If I buy it later on the field of battle — in some ruined shell of a government building or beside some freeway overpass during an ambush against these people — I’ll die with a big smile on my grimy and bloody face. I’ll know that someone, somewhere will remember the old INCOG and what I said here today:

WHITE AMERICA: Let’s get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!

— Phillip Marlowe

Word Count: 1776!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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242 Responses to It's Time for Another American REVOLUTION!

  1. White Master says:

    Ill bet joe has hair that belongs on a f****d up halloween mask, and a voice about as deep as a 10 year old girl!

  2. White Master says:

    Exactly pussy Jew, you nailed it bitch!

  3. American says:

    Ahhh, this dick is finished. I have better things to do.

    If we leave him alone, he might have to “service” the madjewbagess, which is punishment enough, IMO.

    Be back later, if we get an intelligent JEW to light up like a menora.

  4. White Master says:

    We know madspewess is your puppet master BOY!

    She is orchestrating your every word!

  5. joe says:

    Come on guys think of something clever to say btw I am a marine and you are not cause you cant even tell me where you were stationed. Or maybe you never even served a day in your life in the military 🙂 hmm what a pity men who talk of being patriots but never have sacrificed anything in any cause for their patriotism

    • incogman says:

      I don’t need to go around bragging about what I’ve done to anyone. I let my words speak for themselves. Hell, if I wanted, I could blow your squirrelly ass out of the water.

      All you can do is copy and paste something you found on the Internet. You are 1) A Jew. 2) A chump. or 3) Having a serious acid flashback. Maybe all 3?

  6. joe says:

    their so called patriotism lol

  7. White Master says:


  8. gama12 says:


    Finish intellectual American story.
    Joe is A Canadian from mexico…………….
    His IP is from Zimbabwe…………
    That’s why he is brown………….



  9. American says:

    Look at these JEWS bragging about “recovering” 1 billion from the Madoff sham! Gotto love it. Some estimates of the stolen funds go as high as $170 billion, but we know at least 65 billion, and the JEW administrator found 1 billion, but he calls it “significant headway”! LMAO!!!!

    This JEW is ALSO in on the crime (they always operate in groups, and this one was DEEP). Even his fees and expenses are nearing 10%!!! Let them rape even harder, the world is noticing, and people ARE changing their mind about the JEWS!

  10. joe says:

    Well listen kiddies its been fun but daddy has to go to work now so his money can pay for your unemployment checks, dont worry someday youll get out of your parents basrment find a job working for some jewish guy sweeping floors, move into a trailer meet your wife at a Klan rally have some kids and raise them to hate ppl just like you….. hmm or maybe youll wake up someday in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and just think to yourself why the hell did i believe in this bullshit,,,it never got me anything

    ok so good night kiddies keep on hating so the rest of us have good jobs while you self destruct in your own darwinian ball of fire 🙂

    Here ended the lesson

    • incogman says:

      Yeah, this guy is a JEW. All Jews love to say “get a job working for a Jew sweeping floors or cleaning toilets.” That’s a sure-fire sign of some arrogant Jew prick.

  11. American says:

    Yeah, but you had notes on me when you jumped in, and that says something.

    JEWS are finished, especially once any kind of momentum starts. That’s why clowns like you come here, desperately trying to stem the tide.

    It’s too late. There is nothing you OR I could do about it if we wanted, JEWS have seen there best days, just like most Gentiles. The only difference is that it gets MUCH worse for JEWS from here. Even your own (Mossad) are your enemies, now.

  12. joe says:

    la la la la

  13. joe says:

    lol no im saying it cause i know in your racist mind it would be your worst nightmare…. it would be your own dantes inferno lol it would be so tragically ironic

    • incogman says:

      it would be your own dantes inferno lol it would be so tragically ironic

      Now, WTF does this mean? You can’t even think straight, let alone make any real comments. You need to seriously consider suicide or move to IsraHELL.

  14. American says:

    Exactly, that is all they wish for, just like Menachim Begin (nobel PEACE prize winner…LOL)

  15. American says:

    joe acts as if he actually pays taxes. If he does, he’s one of the dumbest JEWS I’ve ever met.

    Don’t you know, joe, JEWS never pay into the host nation. Just look at Geithner, for example. You know who he is right, Israeli?

  16. gama12 says:


    You are desperate to find a stupid excuse to make American satisfied and delete Joe.

    You tried all your crapt already, nothing new.

    American where the fuck are your intelligent idea’s

  17. American says:

    I’m gonna eat with the lady (JEWS hate that for some reason), and check in later. It’s downright hilarious a buttplug like ‘joe’ acts like he’s “off to work”…..the real backbone of society, heh, joe? LMAO!

  18. American says:

    gama, seriously man, you’re coming up very, very short. You must’ve taken the other monkey’s place, cuz it’s obvious JEWS are running out of internet talent. And what the fuck is crapt? you dumb fucking Isreali!

    You’re not worth the $6/hr they’re paying! I can’t imagine having to spend my time on a JEW site, even if I was getting paid, and that speaks volumes!

    Now JEWboy, I’m about to eat with the lady. If you were any man at all (I know you’re not) you’d hold off till I get back to resume kicking you’re teeth in. Let’s see what you decide.

  19. Steve in TN says:

    Yes Joe, iews are better liars and bullshitters. It’s their inborn nature. In that regard, yes you are correct; they are by far more superior in their perfidy and deception, their greed and hatered for any non-pew. You are a perfect example. If you are white you have fallen under their spell. You are an inferior one that would be best eliminated from the gene pool. We don’t need you. You are such a GD delusional idiot Joe, you pitiful sack of scum.

  20. Steve in TN says:

    Thanks incogman. Another perfect example of the jew and their deceitfulness and their coprological ways.

  21. American says:

    Nothing more pathetic than a broke JEW, ya know?

    He was just starting to show his true racist colors, before being sent to SPAMBLINKA. They have to get their notes straight on me, b/c they keep recycling a very important error!

    Anyway, here’s an article regarding the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s plan to pay “talkbackers” for making positive comments about that little prison called IsraHOLE. JEWS are so weak, they have to pay the biggest losers in their race to comb the net!!! Warms my soul.

  22. White Master says:

    Maybe the Jews will make a porno together while they simmer in SPAMBLINKA!

  23. American says:

    Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. (Turns out “Tony” was actually born Bernie Lazar Hoffman)

    “The funny thing is the Zionists at the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies this Reverend as a Christian anti-Semite, who stirs hatred of Jews. But the problem is this evil pastor is a Jewish man.” LMAO, JEWS WILL DO ANYTHING!

    Romanian JEW? Is that anything like a Gypsy?

  24. White Master says:

    Hey fellas,

    I don’t know how long it will take me to recover, but I got a earfull of liberal bullshit from some family members at a birthday party over the past 2 hours.

    According to them I am closed minded and need to make it into the 21st century.

    Son of a bitch how many times will we hear that broken record. My God they are All like zombies programmed to say the same thing. According to my cousin the great White men who created America were pasty White bastards who raped and murdered the Indians.

    All of this arose after I commented about a situation involving interracial mixing.

    Hell, I consider awakened Whites my TRUE FAMILY now anyways.

  25. JamesTheJust says:

    I with you WM!

    It’d be justice if those white “we are the world” fairies were cornered in a back alley by a bunch of nigga thugs. Their dying breath would be one of total disbelief at the crap they have helped to create.

    Screw ’em!

  26. White Master says:

    good that you protected American and deleted the comment about his Mexican wife.
    they think we will cut off American because he has a Mexican lady, we should protect our fellas and get together as a family

  27. Saul says:

    “you are an enemy of my America and so you are my enemy as well.” Joe Blow

    The filthy jew and all it’s 3rd world diverse hyphenated-niggers of shit kulture that we used to truthfully name such, Is mine. Got jobs? Got Money, Got freedom except to splatter all the diarrhea here? Got Government by the people? Got Government at all? ‘It’ is Americas enemy, pay your jew tax then die for the jew in a jew eternal war jew. Make sure you wear your little jew IsHell Black ALL GOY cap. You don’t deserve a helmet. Just a plain white cross at the jews Unknown Soldiers Monument of Goy sacrifice to Lucifer.

  28. Saul says:

    “they dont give medals out to marines that cant hack it.” Joe Blow The jew

    No they give medals to Goy and their surviving Goy, as a jewish joke for sacrificing their lives and the hearts of their families who lost them for the filthy jew’s eternal war until all Goy are dead or in complete servitude.

    Lives destroyed, wives left without, and now even the wives as the filthy jew made sure, in communist fashion that women serve in military to destroy the family unit and kill the breeders. After all, all Goy are created equal in CIA Gloria C_nt Stienem’s equality. All created equal to die for the jew.

    By the way traitor, no standing Armies of any queer jewness, for any reason, in the U.S.A. We don’t need that kind of ‘Help’ form any filthy traitors. Read the Constitution and see what is totally ignored in this country by you and your filthy jew Government. Whimper Fi to the Rabbi.

  29. Alpha Wolf says:

    Saul- you sure use kike words a lot like calling white American patriots “goy” every fucking time. You might want to rethink that.


    Besides that I recall a jew named “Saul” somewhere, everywhere. (saul of Tarsus?) What’s up with that?

    Can you clarify?

  30. White Master says:

    That phony fuck who used White Master at 2:23 a.m. was not me!!

    You little pussy I whip the shit out of you Jew boy!!

  31. Damn, it… The sayanims are back, and putting up comments using other people’s names again…

    Geez… What will it take to get rid of those sick twisted pricks!

  32. Saul the GOY says:

    Alpha Wolf,

    (U) read’n my mind?

    Yeah, I actually HATE the name ‘Saul’. It started as a joke when I was new to this sight (Saul Goldenburger, I believe was how it started) :). One of the few sights that allow you to say what you think with in reason (I guess). I thought of changing it several times but I figured Incog who probably thinks I’m a bugger anyway would just think I was being slimy.

    But, since you brought it up, I just might. It only creates suspicion, not that I give a hoot much any more. But don’t want to mis-lead as well. It was just another way to spit upon the jew. No one really knows who most are here. I assure you I’m not a jew or jew’s pimp, unless theres a hidden jew in my families closet I never heard of. If so (unlikely), it only served to awaken me. I’m white Northern Euro of Mostly German and some Celt (several) descents.

    As for “patriots”, being called Goy… I call all non-jews ‘GOY’, MYSELF included, only to accent the fact that, that is EXACTLY how ALL jews perceive us. To me it is a badge of honor, I wear it with pride, under my OWN revised connotations, not the jews.

    In kind, I refuse to capitalize ‘jew’. They are a ‘thing’. They can only become a non-jew ‘human’ by denouncing ALL THINGS jew. If not there is ONLY ONE solution. I hope I’ve clarified what I thought was obvious. Yet I know except for the ‘insiders’ here that probably network privately, and even then. No one knows what anyone is here, for sure probably.

    Unless Intel connections have other data, in which case THEY know me and know it’s not in my nature nor my habit to struggle or work to deceive or engage in other cowardly action. I’m at the, ‘Don’t much give a f_ck stage on the last half of my bell curve’. I seek to evolve in a ‘soooo Dumb’ fashion. While not suicidal as such, I’m definitely will’n if pressed. I just want my sacrifice to be worth it when the time comes. Not far behind ol’ Marshall, except in good health and not of as warm a heart. That most people spit on here and show no compassion, while thinking people like me monsters or jews. May God Bless Marshall if he is as he says.

    I assume innocence until proven or strongly suspect other wise. I’m not afraid of looking an ass because I talk to some one here that others question and I maybe wrong. I hate blind Nazis with equal passion. AND NO, I am not implying ANYTHING about YOU at all. Just a general statement in GENERAL.

    I realize much of my views may seem quite extreme. THEY ARE. I am quite a compassionate and passionate person, believe it or not. It is my love of my country and my fellow Americans (where?, where?, maybe here…) that I finally figured out what happened to what, I THOUGHT was America, that has been turned to a poisonous RAGE.

    I have a good heart in truth. Yet I also have the ability to separate blind jew-spawn, feel good emotions with what has to be done. I could shoot an enemies children with out losing to much sleep, because the real mission is to utterly destroy and mutilate that which has destroyed what I love, including beautiful little white girls and women. Oh, GOD DAMN THEM. I hate them and it is poison.

    If you question me or my character, FINE! I am here only because the sewer pits of spineless whining GOY SCUM at other sights spew their delusional crap about a CHRISTMAS endings and PEACEFUL solutions that is NOT going to happen. Then censor ‘GOYS’ like myself.

    I have a fairer heart than most I know. Just not as jew-trained silly. Fact is if the jew were to repent and denounce all filth called jew tomorrow, I COULD FORGIVE THEM. Since they have not and few could do so sincerely. I WANT THEM ALL TO SUFFER, SUFFER and SUFFER, AND DIE, DIE, DIE!!! Plain enough?

    Offensive, or not. I would utterly destroy every FILTHY War Monument to ANYBODY that died in ANY filthy jew’s wars. It is a resonance of jew filth and death. Let the GOY remember their patriotic and heroic, unknowing fools in their HEARTS AND HOMES. THEY WERE HEROES AT HEART AND FOOLS AT MIND. NO APOLOGIES. Only to say they were not complete fools as the foul jew is so slimy and manipulative the average ‘non-jew person’ never saw it coming. Or was that cumming? What the filthy jew does after it kills a HUMAN or a human dies for it.

    As for are troops MOST of THEM are NOT patriots. THEY are STUPID TRAITOR SCUM. I hope they die for their filthy jews they serve OR PREFERABLY awaken to the jews stench and change sides. If not they are better off dead, least they be used against REAL patriots. As for ‘thats wrong because they have good intentions’ – BS. That would be true, if it WERE true.

    The TRUTH is, a good 4th of them are the lowest of 3rd world nigger trash that will be given citizenship and probably become cops. To terrorize you as UN troops, National Guard or cops. Another forth are American Hyphenated-Niggers of Ghetto scum filth. Another forth are deluded white trash human garbage who joined for a buck and a video game. Like the niggers before them don’t have a clue and don’t care one iota about Constitutions or America — I hope they awaken or die.

    The remainder:

    For the troops that follow Constitutional LAW and do not believe they give up their obligations to such when they join the Military or serve a jewN commander – – GOD BLESS THEM. I am pond scum in comparison- almost. Fair enough?

    New Name: (most of the jews have taken the good ones like Amalek):

    How about ‘Fire’ ? As In Michael’s sword? Or the burning rage not quenched by jew’s burning corpses? I’ll think on it…

    Also, I believe I have said this before. UNLIKE the jew, if Incog wanted me gone, all he would have to do is say the word. UNLIKE the jew, I DO believe in private property for the GOY and respect his intentions and choice. I would probably still ‘lurk’ occasionally though.

  33. kerdasi amaq says:

    Martial law in America, hear him say ” Jesus” and the long pause after it. What is in that bill, hiding behind all the “classifieds”?

  34. kerdasi amaq says:

    No I didn’t. Are you sure it isn’t a joke?

    • incogman says:

      Yeah, see the upcoming “Wild Goats: America’s disappearing nuisance” and the little Onion symbol next to SPAN. It’s a fake. Funny in a dark way. They do this all the time.

  35. kerdasi amaq says:

    Some of the people you’re up against have a perverted sense of humour. Sometimes they tell their victims in advance, by means of a joke what they are going to do to them. When they commit a crime, they have to do it as a prank, the more audacious, the better. Humour can be worrying!

  36. Anonymous says:


    ‘Geez… What will it take to get rid of those sick twisted pricks!’

    I would suggest gas chambers, but in truth they are neither efficient nor effective.

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