The Conspiracy Business and All That Jazz


The first part of the equation: Are Bigfoot and Aliens Jewish? 

Now, we all should know something is up. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. In fact, I consider those who blow it all off as hogwash as fairly naïve (which is a nice way of saying blithering idiot). Something’s going on — you can just sense it. Plus, if you know some of the more unmentioned, but factual history of the last hundred years or so, and are not blinded by PC, you’ll be able to spot it. Some call it “hiding in plain sight.” 

I once read (or think I did) this one particular quote and I’ve looked for it a lot in the past, but just can’t find it anywhere. I think it was from Machiavelli, but I don’t know for sure. So I’ll just rewrite it and call it my own: 

“It not WHO they talk about that’s in charge, but who they DON’T talk about, that are the real powers that be.” 

Just who don’t they talk about? If you simply watch TV (woe unto you), you can get some sense of it if you read between the lines a little and make mental notes on what they seem willing to discuss and what they don’t. Make note how they slander any racially-awakened Whites, White patriot communities of any sort, or use tin-foil hat ridicule tactics on the “left-winger,” but still PC 9/11 truthers, since they might get too close to the real deal. Which, ironically enough, is the true raison d’être behind “PC” in the first place. Read on. 

Going back to the first part of this series “Are Bigfoot and Aliens Jewish?,” I pointed out that regular Jewry is NOT under some secret orders from Jew headquarters, since such a thing is clearly ridiculous. But the real powers that be, have socially and politically enlisted hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers through the owned media and by quietly financing educational foundations that indoctrinate the masses with the PC mantra; all of which effectively shields the real Power Structure, since they are undoubtedly Jewish. 

It’s quite simple really, when you think about it. And diabolical. 

All of the Political Correct business, all of the Holocaust and Jew victimhood stuff, all of the evil White Man racism biz — all of it is expressly designed to silence and intimidate White people from speaking out and forming political groups dedicated to White interests. If such open political groups existed, attention would quickly fall on those really behind the curtain. They’ve understood this simple logic and group dynamic for quite some time now. 

In doing all this, they’ve also effectively turned their own race into Public Relations spinmeisters for Israel and Jewry in general, right along with making them extremely militant and paranoid about any White who dares breath a word about them. 

Even saying the “Jew” word is now virtually off-limits in the media. When uttered, it must be in conjunction with the victimhood angle, absolutely never anything to do with any conspiracies, unless it is done in a contemptuous fashion, like ridiculing Medieval Whites for believing some evil superstitions about the Jew (along with great TV imagery of ignorant and unwashed White Europeans). 

DOLLAR HEXOne recent example: The History Channel they did this thing recently on Freemasonry and Freemason symbols. They showed the US seal on the back of the dollar and did a cute graphic of the stars forming a “hexagram” which moved over to the left corner forming an anagram of MASONS. How sinister. Funny thing: They completely failed to mention that it could also be the Star of David, or the Rothschild Shield, even though it stood out like a sore thumb to any viewer with half a brain. 

No, I’m not saying it was the mark of Jewry on us all. Could be. But what I am trying to say here, is that they blatantly ignored this possibility. Completely unmentioned in the documentary were all the Jewish Freemason organizations out there, like the self-admitted Masonic brotherhood, the giant international B’nai B’rith (the Anti-Defamation League is their strong arm), and all the specifically Jewish lodges from Israel to Manhattan. 

What they don’t want, and I do know for a fact that they have express orders not to, is feed the “Conspiracy People” or, God forbid, any of us “evil White racist, anti-Semitic, NeoNazis” now out here.

Illuminati symbols on children's TV programing?

Illuminati symbols on children's TV?

There’s a lot of talk about who’s really pulling the strings in this world: Freemasons, Scottish Rite Freemasons, Illuminati, Templars, Sabbateans, Satanists, Moloch worshippers, Fabian Marxists, Learned Elders of Zion, The Joint, Gnomes of Switzerland, The Black Pope, the Vatican, Committee of 300, Lizards from extra dimensions, etc. etc. Everybody has got some theory. Someone may well be right, but chances are, it’s probably some odd combination. One thing for sure, it has a carefully-guarded, private name used only by them, which none of us out here in the real world should ever know.

But we do know for certain is that a Globalist/Elite community does exist and this is purposefully kept hidden from the general public. There’s plenty of factual data and history that proves it conclusively. There are quite a few people and organizations dedicated to tracking the various players and groupings — by putting together all the biographical sketches and the occasional insider info to form a bigger picture of just who they are and what they are up to right now. 

One of the most fascinating and credible groups that track these Globalists and fully disclose who is who and what they do, is The Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP). 

We do know that the mainstream media has express orders not to discuss this “hidden” Globalist community. The media is owned by them and any yellow Journalist knows that one phone call from someone high-up in the food chain will mean the end of their cushy journalism career. Hell, same kind of power thing goes on at your office all the time. 

Intelligence agencies like the CIA, work in a similar fashion power-wise, but they also have a “need to know” levels of secrecy. You have your “Desks,” which are just departments concerned with one region or country. The analysts that staff these desks know full-well that they are not allowed to delve into other areas, or to draw conclusions that point to the wrong people. Wrong as in keep your mouth shut. They don’t want to be “reassigned” or worse, get their security clearance downgraded a notch or two (embarrassing and effectively the end of your career). 

There’s always the next level up, where one is supposed to let them make the conclusions and decisions about X and Y. And, more often than not, even they defer to the next higher people in the food chain so as to not be seen as “bucking the system.” It’s all CYA — just like at work. 

This is how something like 9/11 can be easily accomplished. Impenetrable “walls” already exist that uses people’s natural instinct to keep their jobs, fat paychecks and pensions intact down the road. After-all, Johnny and Sue want to go to that expensive Ivy League school this fall and your wife would kill you for ruining her in social circles, right? 

Of course, intelligence people do often put two and two together, but it takes a helluva lot for them to talk openly. Besides, they probably only have access to smallest part in the first place and they know that it would be easy to track where it came out of. That’s not to say they are not any latter-day “Deep Throats” out there (there are), those who pass on little tidbits on what they see or hear to those they most trust out in the regular world. 

Imagine the bigger picture as a set of concentric rings, like a target. From an individual perspective, within the circle you belong, it looks like a vertical thing, the “career ladder.” And all of us poor slobs out here, are on the outer circle for life, right along with almost all the media peons. The true Globalist hierarchy is the next circle in, these are the folks who are apart of an “good old boy network” to end all good old boy networks. 

It appears that they are three main Globalist groups. First, the biggest and most in control, is called the Pilgrims Society and was founded back in the 19th century. And the Pilgrims are certainly not all Jewish (the early members were often “anti-Semitic”), but the core financial interest is based on the Rothschilds, Warburgs and other German Ashkenazim Jews who control the Axis of Wall Street, the City of London and Central Banking of the Western nations. 

These are the true financial powers behind the NWO and organizations like the CFR, Trilaterals, IMF, CIA/Mossad, Israel and things we can only guess about. 

The second, the 1001 Club, appears more worldly, maybe even more New Ager and Nouveau riche. This group hides behind a veil of environmental concerns, the World Wildlife Foundation is their front group. But make no mistake, resource-hungry multi-national corporations are the prime benefactors. Al Gore and “Global Warming” science efforts are bankrolled by these people.

The third is called Le Cercle, or Pinay Circle, and is kind of old hat, originally comprised of anti-communists, blue-blood monarchies and the Vatican. They’ve been mostly circumvented by the first two.

But Zionists and pro-Jew/Israel organizations are embedded in all three, which is the usual method of Jewry — having fingers in all the pies so as to keep International Jewry informed and on top. They quietly inform the other Jews of what is going on within their particular group, so all Jews can geo-politically and financially take advantage. To Jewry as a race — it’s all business.

Often, members of one group belong to others (like Rockefeller), so there isn’t really a whole lot of difference. All seem to have liberal, conservative and reactionary elements to various degrees. The Anglo/US Pilgrims are the real powerhouse NWO mafia and are much more radically Zionist, now then ever before. Quite probably, they are totally Zionist for all intents and purposes. 

Don’t think you can apply for entrance to these people! That’s right, you are a part of it or you’re not. Some are born into it (like Bush with his silver spoon stuck in his mouth), but that’s not to say people are not long groomed and promoted into it (like Obama) — even before they know what’s going on. 

First, they have to know whether or not you got a big mouth, plus have something about you that they think they can use. Or better yet, have something on you that they can use against you, should it ever come to that (like Obama with his birth location problem). 


Face the facts, America: Our presidents must be approved by NWO Big Jewry or they don’t get anywhere. Remember how shabbily they treated Ron Paul in the media? Paul was the only candidate saying the things that THEY don’t want Americans to hear and was purposefully ignored by the media. Also, Mike Huckabee was enlisted to fulfill the role of the “dark horse” candidate for the media.

Usually, it’s family connections that gets you entré to the circle. Uncle Ariel tells your father that he can get you a job in the Foreign Bonds department of Goldman Sachs once you graduate from Princeton, just as long as you stay out of trouble with all the Goyim shiksas at the Phi Beta house. You don’t even have to be particularly bright. In fact, most of those in the inner circle are usually no smarter than you reading this and sometimes even a whole lot dumber. 

At this stage, you get married and go to cocktail parties. People pay attention to how well you married and how you come across when socializing with the crew. Don’t put away too many martinis! If you got what they like, you get promoted fast. Before you know it, you’re apart of the next circle in the power structure. If you belong to this level and start talking in public, you immediately get the ax, usually financially bankrupted, but possibly even worse. Or your wife might even kill you! 

The next circle in is the fairly to very wealthy. This is the golden ring on which all the other circles in the Merry-Go-Round revolve. You will either make it here or just become another forgotten cog in the machine. Most of the time, these people did not do all that much to get here. They were literally handed the keys to something sweet because they fit in and knew the right people at the right time. Of course, the public will end up being told he’s a “self-made man.” 

Buried deeply within the mega-wealthy circle is the core power group, one that goes far beyond even the description “mega-wealthy.” No one ever sees the real engine in a Merry-Go-Round, just like these people. But we do know for a fact that one serious as hell “Money Trust” exists, simply because the Federal Reserve is owned by privately held stocks in banks that control the issuance of our money. It doesn’t grow on trees! 

This whole sweetheart deal (Federal Reserve act of 1913) provides the inner power structure with a virtual river of wealth from the labors of all us chumps out here in Chumpland. Just imagine if you had the right to print up 1 million dollars in wealth, for less than $300 in printing costs, and then get to charge the government a nice interest percentage on top of that sum, would you not have it made in the shade? 

Most of the time it’s not even printed, simply zeroes added to the computerized ledgers in the system. That’s real wealth drawn out from you and your children’s pockets, without almost all of us having a clue! 

With that kind of financial power you can pretty much do whatever you want, as long as it does not draw undue attention from the unwashed masses. This hardly ever happens since these people already own the media, and the media barons always work to keep us schmucks in the dark (at least till the Internet). These people can start wars, bankrupt entire nations, have mediocre putzes elected to office (look at the last few presidents) and generally act like God themselves. 

Jews love to think of themselves as Gods. They say so all the time. The inner core of International Jewry is at the controls of the biggest SIM game of all time!

There’s probably so few people to the inner group, that I could type out the names of them and all their family members in less than an hour. There’s probably only a dozen, or so, heads of families, “in the know” at the very center of the Merry-Go-Round. 


His real last name was Swartze.

And we know that this inner core has to be Jewish. Why? Well, for a multitude of reasons. One, we know that certain people are Jewish to begin with — like the Rothschilds. Just outside of this inner core are the braintrust, fellow Jews like Henry Kissinger, Ben Bernanke, Richard Haass and organizations like the CFR, Trilaterals and the Bilderbergers.

Replacing the now aging Kissinger, the internationally subversive Jew George Soros (right), is the “hitman” being used by the inner core for ZOG/CIA destabilization of countries; laying the groundwork with NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) and “Color Revolutions.” Along with this, Soros has used his insider connections to make himself fabulously wealthy, attacking and short-selling various national currencies in often immoral and illegal ways.

He was behind the bringdown of South Africa, the Balkans, the British Labour government, the country of Georgia and coming up: Greece and the US. This devious Jew is now hard at work in his latest project for the hidden elite: Promoting Obama, “progressive” operations like the Tides Foundation and a whole slew of lefty causes in the US. Drunken Senator Ted Kennedy was under his daily control. It’s all part of the final “Agenda.”

Do you think Jews like the Kissinger and Soros would be doing all this kind of thing for some secret group of White Nazis or a “Big Oil Cabal” of Texas good old boys and pampered Saudi princes? No way. And you call me crazy? This is another sure-fire proof which points to a secretive core of Zionist Jews in the driver’s seat. 

Soros is tied in with the mega-intelligence Globalists, going far beyond mere government-style bureaucracies deemed the CIA or Mossad. In fact, there’s probably a new Globalist group created from the Intelligence Underworld, a veritable Super and Supranational group of spooks with no real patriotism to any nations, except for Israel and the Zionist entity called “the USA.” This international intelligence organization originally had the name “COREA” and derive operating expenses by corruptona and running drugs with compliance of the Globalists who really control our nations. 

These intellingence people are just like the fictional “CHAOS” in the James Bond movies, a real-life evil organization that spans continents. Responsible for destablizations, political assassinations (wet-work), renditions, human trafficking, you name it. False-Flag ops like 9/11 are obviously their handiwork, at the behest of rich chums in the US/Great Britain/Israel Zionist Globalist axis. Sometimes they are called the “Zionist Power Matrix.”

Also, much of what is going on is obviously Talmudic (Jewish religious books) in character. From the Holocaust promotion of “six million dead” (as a burnt offering for the religious establishment of Israel), to clear efforts in blending Talmudic law into American jurisprudence. They even had “our” politicians pass a resolution that declared America to have been “Founded on Talmudic law” in 1991. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? 

Plus, we all know where they are going with it. Nationhood and sovereignty are being gradually dissolved before our eyes for the NWO. This has always been the goal for the Jewish people, pretty much overtly. These people don’t care a lick about what happens to the regular citizens of America, nor any national patriotism anywhere (except Israel, of course). Never did. 

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” 

 — Jewish Banker James Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschilds when they came up with the Federal Reserve at Jekyll Island in 1910. He also formed the Council of Foreign Relations. 

Sometimes, people question “how could Big Jewry be so heavily involved in Marxism?” Or, “why would Capitalists, like these people, want to do such a thing? It just doesn’t make any sense!” But it’s true — we know historically that the International Banking Jews, like Jacob Schiff, financed the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. 

The point is that they don’t want unrestricted Capitalism for you. All they really want is unrestricted Capitalism for them! As far as they are concerned, they would have you sleeping in some hole, slaving 12 hours a day while they feed you gruel, if they could get away with it. To them, you mean about as much as some dot-head in Timbuktu, or even worse since your uptake is so expensive nowadays. You’re bad for profit — for the moment. 

Israel's Supreme Court building. Note the pyramid hidden in the roof.

Israel's Supreme Court building. Note the pyramid hidden in the roof.

We also know that these same people are behind the creation of the State of Israel. In fact, it’s a matter of historical record that the Rothschilds have been behind Israel from the start. From Edmund de Rothschild buying up property in Palestine back before even the turn of the last century, to them constructing monumental government buildings today. Take a look at the Supreme Court building on the outskirts of Jerusalem for a big dose of Jewish Illuminati/Masonic symbolics! 

Look at all the Jewish influence in our government here in the USA. Our “elected” politicians in Congress and Senate, never say JACK against the sacred State of Israel — if they know what’s good for them! It’s not so much Zionist OCCUPIED Government (ZOG), but Zionist OWNED Government (still ZOG). So far. 

The one real danger to all these plans has long been evident and targeted. And that’s White solidarity. I’m not talking about just white skin, now. But it’s the non-Jewish White Goyim who sometimes get the inconvenient notion that “Jews are bad for them” and this concept, if allowed to spread, could be really dangerous to them and so Whites must be corralled. They’ve had to deal with our type for way too long, so why not take care of us across the board, before we get wise to the real deal? 

This is why certain corrosive social, political and racial movements have long been well-funded from afar (like mega educational foundations such as Ford, Carnegie-Mellon and Rockefeller). They’ve been at work on a wide variety of levels to destroy our hold on moralities and social institutions. The introduction of non-Whites into our countries through immigration, legal or otherwise, will kill two birds with one stone for them: Cheap labor and the further weakening of White demographics and political power. 

All the politically correct stuff, is designed to keep you silent, to muzzle the White majorities of the West (not just America), and to keep us divided and distracted about what they have been gradually planning all along. These people certainly don’t want 100 million angry Whites with guns coming to look for them! 


OK, we can talk about all this “Conspiracy” stuff till the cows come home, but we really don’t know all the real inner details. That part can easily be kept hidden within a tight group of the same racial members, when all is said and done. 

So, let’s just mention some of what it means for your White butt. 

For one thing (a very big thing), you’re always on the GD treadmill working for these people, dealing with inflation and all the other day-to-day BS. Like getting laid-off, paying through the nose for bread and gas every five minutes, having to deal with real aliens (illegal Mestizos) and the usual Multicult pile of crap every which way, every day. 

You, my friend, are just another “Nigger” to these kind of people, even if you’re a blond, blue-eyed Aryan, who looks like a real Übermenschen. Sorry to say. 

How about all the American soldiers, the sons and daughters, dying for these people? A lousy 17 so-called “American” Jew soldiers have died in BOTH Afghanistan and Iraq, out of over 5,000 from the rest of us, 74% have been White Christian Gentiles. 

How about all the innocent civilians in these countries that get blasted to hell by our Military/Industrial complex fire power, while they steal these countries for Globalist designs? Yeah, the powers that be are all so altruistic and humanitarian in what they have planned for us Whites in the end. Right. 

And guess what? You are the one paying for absolutely everything they do! Yep, your hard, day-to-day labor paid through inflation and your Federal Income taxes. Hell, some of you have given the ultimate, by losing your very own flesh and blood in wars for their global chess games. 

Had enough yet? 

So, getting back to all the “Conspiracy” business, what I’m trying to say here at my little old blog, is not some unbelievable “Conspiracy” nonsense after-all. It’s real history (albeit never discussed openly in the mainstream media) combined with good old common sense and logical extrapolation from current events. Sure, I don’t know everything, if I did, I’d probably be dead right about now. 

What these people are really doing is running this country straight into the ground. Quite purposefully too. I’m firmly convinced that they are now far along in the process of bringing Americans to our knees so they can roll out what they want — which will be called Socialistic to those of us who cannot bring themselves to say the words “Jew Commies” — and the reality is that it will be a “Fascist, Anti-Fascist” nightmare; one that will eventually turn into Marxist Jew World governance. Big Jewry is now going for the whole bag of marbles. 

You think things are bad now? Just you wait. Whites will be an openly spat-upon race. Should you finally come to your senses and dare say a word in public, you can expect harsh treatment at the hands of a police and legal system geared to seriously shut Whites up. Jews themselves will have their own private legal system carefully unmentioned in the media. 

The general zeitgeist for all this is now in place, one only has to have the guts to realize that’s the case. It will become dramatically worse, changing virtually overnight, once they’ve finally rendered Whites and American patriots powerless. 


We are now already seeing puppets openly being installed as presidents, no two ways about it. People will laugh at that, but take a hard look at things with Obama and you’ll see that he’s not any real “change.” Some of the smarter people on the left are now coming to this very conclusion. Even some blacks think he’s a joke. 

Obama has broken every campaign promise he’s made, or buried them in double-talk and half measures. He’s surrounded himself with NWO Jews, the very same who have put America in this economic situation by destroying the Glass-Steagall act in 1999, creating the bubble that put us here. Obama is obviously deep in the pocket of Big Jewry. 

Whitemen like Bush, Cheney and Rove still come in handy as PC-allowed targets for the left. No one would dare criticise Obama like they can get away with the Old White guys, for fear of being called racist. Obama acts good on camera and he’s a person of color (he’s smarter than Bush, but depends greatly on teleprompters and agreed-upon questions). Plus, they have the goods on him so if he decides to get a little too independent, well, a phone call or two and he’ll reap the scandal whirlwind (probably by his birth records). 

Another good thing about Obama for the real rulers is that he’s also a major ace in the hole for them. Should a majority in this country come to their senses and wake up, they could do a Kennedy on this pretend Kennedy, sparking a real race war to occupy us in a big, big way. This will also give them the excuse to use all the cool tools in the police state quiver and kill off as many intelligent Whites with leadership qualities as they can get their hands on. 

This may be the final “End Game.” By doing this, they can also easily segue way into the Marxist police state that Jews so love. It would all be a “two-fer” for Big Jewry and their minions globally. 

In any case, White people have got themselves into a real racial jam, and all because of activist regular Jews and liberal Whites who have sucked down the diversity slogans making them the unwitting foot soldiers for the real “man.” The so-called conservative Whites are no better, cowardly toeing the PC line and putting all their energies into hating the Muslim, the designated hatees. 

One more thing, before I go. If you pay attention to the media these days, you’ll notice a curious two dimensional quality. It’s like everything seems flat, not quite real. This is because they have to elevate the minor things to fill the time, resulting in a continous white noise. Muslim fear-mongering and Islamophobia, too, is now falling on the deaf ears of a public tired of it all. 

You can also sense a quickening, like we are all rapidly moving towards a dramatic goal of some sort. It’s all coming to a head. 

The Globalist powers have to be very careful at this stage of the game. With the Internet having so many eyes and people talking fairly unencumbered, they need to find a way to silence those Whites who dare to say “Jew,” without all the sheeple taking notice. And they need to do it fairly soon, because of Iran and the next planned stage of the NWO. 

Unfortunately, because of the Multicult cover these people have fostered in White, Western countries, the next false flag event may very well be laid at the feet of racially awakened White patriots. Get ready, White America. 

— Phillip Marlowe 


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. White Master says:

    But your still here canadian!!

  2. White Master says:

    A Jew talking about having class. Thats funny!

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    Why don’t you try reading my blog articles, canJEWian? The words too big for you?

    Oh, too dangerous, huh? Might be too much a downer and you’d have to commit suicide, like you thought of doing so many times before.

    Hey! I’ve got some good pictorial essays about Negroes you can look at. That might cheer you up a little, after just getting rolled by another street walker.

  4. Alpha Wolf says:

    CNN American Morning: Missouri Car Dealership Gives Away an AK47 with Each Truck Purchase!

    “God, Guns, Guts and American Pickup Trucks”

    Great video and this guy kicks this dumb cunt reporter’s ass, check it out:

    fuck off bitch

  5. GermanGal says:

    Someone brought this up on another site and I wondered the same thing: When will Israel get a Muslim leader? Wouldn’t that be something to see?

    • incogman says:

      Don’t hold your breath on that one, GermanGal, Jews can’t stand Muslims one bit. Hell, they can’t stand Christians, either. Hell, they can’t stand themselves, when you think about it.

  6. Marshall says:

    Wow I just posted a link that everyone should see, and it didn’t post.

    “adin steinsaltz” + “essential talmud”

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    Alpha Wolf, I saw that article. Can you imagine what Detroit is like today?

    I wouldn’t want to be there.


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    I think those demonic jews should be forced to deal with a Muslim or Palestinian leader. Then they would get a taste of their own medicine! They sure let an invader take over our country.

    • incogman says:

      GermanGal: Let’s concentrate on the Jews in our countries right now. But don’t hesitate to use IsraHELL when educating the masses to Jewry. The whole country is one giant piece of evidence on how Jews really are.

  9. Marshall says:

    After our manufacturing base is gone…we get…

    “Well we’re living here in Allentown, and they’re shutting all the factories down..and we won’t be getting up today…anyway.” Billy Joel, a jewish guy who certainly is fabulously wealthy, hmm.

    I like Billy Joel, but I don’t believe that songs create industries, I don’t think anything digital is real. Believe me, I’ve seen the computer biz from its inception. I even met the guy who invented the 5’1/4 inch Floppy Disk.


    Once people understand that, they will treat global information with the proper accord of their innate intelligence that it deserves.

    It’s not an “economy.” It’s FAKE.


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    Off Topic:

    I Love that Ad on the lower left featuring a nigga getting thrown out of the house.

    Too bad It’s not a screen saver.

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      Dave: the only real ad I got is for the Surfrider foundation and it’s really a charity. Watch the vid from Body Glove if you got a minute.

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    I Can’t stand all of this jewish sabotage againgst all western societies! It has all got to end soon ; this is all so unbelievablble that a race of such scumbages hads taken control of a ounce great white culture ! WHEN are people going to finaly stand up to these demons and take back civilization !

  12. Marshall says:

    “adin steinsaltz” + “essential talmud”

    I just wish everyone would take a good look at the cover of that book…

    SATAN? That would be your local Chassic Rabbi….BOING!!!

    Sort of like GENE SIMMONS, otherwise known as “CHAIM WITZ” claiming to march around the country, licking women’s clitorises, and be a demonic person who can satisfy all womens desires. The stupid audiences of “Oprah” seem to like that. Such are the old references to sexual desire that women obviously have. The essential weakness of women to desire an orgasm.

    Well, they have had plenty of them. I would have to none of them are better than any else, and I wouldn’t put too much to much interest in woman’s desire to have an orgasm.

    Seems to me, quite every woman throughout history has had an orgasm at some point…is there a problem?

    The original “SIN”

    Funny stuff to look at.

    Marsh 😉

    They’re completely depraved!!!

    Women fall for that crap.

  13. Orion14 says:

    Thanks for that link, WW. Posted on my blog. Everyone grab your gun and come to Missoura, We’s gonna have a revolution! 🙂

  14. kevykev says:

    Are you for real or are you just a paid jewish disinfo agent incog . And please don’nt delete my coments if you aren’t ,also , because you failed to report on the news of the the hate bill that was before the senate. So, this would lead me to believe that you are not on top of every thing or you are a jewish devil! If this is not the case you should respond to this .If you don’t I will know what is true , and I will there fore wish you to fail in the most painful way. This is because your message is just not complete enough. Why don’t you report on more than you do?

    • incogman says:

      Uh, I did have a post here on the Hate bill. For quite some time brother man. Look under my topic “Free Speech” on the left for lots.

      Hey, I can’t cover everything going on. Hell, the best I can do is write what you see here. I expect that those who come here and read my pieces will go elsewhere and find out things. Plus, you can post stuff here in the comments.

      This is just a one man band thing-a-ma-jig. Jig, not as in Negro or Jew. And I certainly am NOT A JEW DISINFO agent. Jews hate my White butt.

  15. kevykev says:

    I’m sorry IfI offended You with my previous comments I was drunk at the time;therefore , I feel your blog is great and is well informing people . So,I am sorry for the negative comments i posted brfore.

  16. Marshall says:

    Nobody I know has ever obeyed the Ten Commandments, other than Jesus Christ.

    That means, it’s “field day” for Jewish lawyers, because their law isn’t based on the Ten Commandments to start with.

    That’s the JEWISH SOUL, or lack thereof. Jews are the opposition to Christ. That’s the TALMUD. Has Anyone seen a JEW fight in a WAR? Did JEWS predominate in WW2? They certainly got YOU to fight their wars FOR THEM…

    But what if I said…they played you all off yourselves, kind of like Robert DeNiro acting like he was a Jew who runs gambling, in that movie “Casino” and it was all bullshit to start with, because NOBODY EVER WINS at a CASINO”

    It’s a scam.


  17. Former says:


    Incogman writes:
    “I certainly am NOT A JEW DISINFO agent.”
    Ask yourself a simple question, how come ALL other “white butt racist” blogs are closed one by one, while this blog is still on the air ????

  18. Randall says:

    Fuck man, I can’t go off fall in love, without a ton a shit hitting
    all the places I like to hang out.
    Former, lies. Nothing has been “closed”” on the web, dickhead!
    Create shit where there was none.
    Incog foreve!!!!!!!

  19. Randall says:

    Canadian, can do no better.
    Fuck the truth not on his side, what do you expect?
    Too wahcked jack.

  20. Randall says:

    WTF, incog, why am I banned?

  21. guitarman uk says:

    i agree about digital being unreal. cant compare leafing through old postcards,letters (still smell the perfume if youre lucky) souvenier napkins etc.
    real handwriting.A box of old vinyl records,each one cared for might remember the day you went to buy it,who you were with etc..i know this sounds ol fartsy but theres some truth here.Whats the future of nostalgia,trying to fire up some old hard drives?! sometimes wonder whether a massive electromagnetric field could just wipe everything! Ive been a musician for years and digital recording has brought advantages and drawbacks.One drawback is that everyone and his dog is now a ‘producer’ and everyone feels the need to use all 154 tracks,all the time! Radio music now is all shiny dross,no substance,all overproduced to sound good ‘in da club’ and shit elsewhere.Most ‘urban’ music is produced by writing ‘a phat beat'(yawn) first and thats why there are no songs anymore..without songs we are lost,someone said once…a litle off topic,sorry incog

  22. guitarman uk says:

    this is priceless.the word irony means nothing now..

    • incogman says:

      To the little Jew from the Netherlands:

      Look Jew, I know your game and you can keep playing it, but you have ZERO idea about me and my capabilities.

  23. gncarlo says:

    “Thus, when Disraeli died the thing he had striven to avoid had come about: the “secret societies” had
    been welded into one world-revolutionary movement under Jewish control, and this was preparing to blow
    up the foundations of the 20th Century. He had found the perfect description for this organization: “a
    network” which covered Europe “just as the superficies of the earth is now being covered with railroads”.
    Informed men began more and more frequently to use this expression, “the network”, and to speak of “the
    hidden hand” which ruled governments. In the years before the revolutions of 1848 the former Rabbi Drach,
    who like Disraeli foresaw what was coming, published his indictment of the Talmud as the source of this
    disruptive process; his ensuing persecution was described by a Jewish writer named Morel, who among other
    things said, “what can the wisest measures of the authorities of all countries do against the vast and permanent
    conspiracy of a people which, like a network as vast as it is strong, stretched over the whole globe, brings its force to bear wherever
    an event occurs that interests the name of Israelite”.
    The sequence of events is significant. In 1772 Poland was partitioned and, after more than 2,500 years,
    the “centre” of Jewish Government “ceased to exist” (according to Dr. Kastein) or became a secret Jewish
    government (as the Russian authorities believed). In 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded his Illuminati. By 1846
    Disraeli was writing that “the revolution is developing entirely under Jewish auspices”. In 1869 Michel
    Bakunin, the disciple of Weishaupt, attacked the Jews in the revolutionary movement. In 1872 Bakunin was
    expelled and the united Communist movement plainly emerged, under Karl Marx (in 1917 it produced an
    almost exclusively Jewish Bolshevist government).
    Such was the result, foretold by Disraeli, of the removal of Jewish disabilities and of a few decades of
    Jewish emancipation. The lowering of the barriers had not had the effect of amalgamating the Jews in the
    comity of peoples; its consequences had been to give “the most formidable sect” (Bakunin’s words) freedom
    to work for the ruination of these peoples by revolution. The responses given by the Sanhedrin to
    Napoleon’s questions at the century’s start, by its middle-age had been shown to be void of force. Jews would
    not thenceforward be allowed to involve themselves with other men, in the nationhoods and laws of the lands
    where they dwelt; on the contrary, identification with the worldrevolution set them more apart from others
    than even they had ever been before. The century of emancipation had been turned into a fraud even before
    it ended.”

    Controversy Of Zion (pg 128)

  24. Randall says:

    Incog, there is no other writer of truth who is you’re equal.
    You alone convey more truth on a line by line basis than anyone online.
    Know it dude.
    You fucking rock. No oNe like you!

  25. Randall says:

    You fucking Rock!!!!!!

  26. Whitefella says:

    This just up on NewsNet14…

    Russia and China warn U.S. if it allows Israel to attack Iran there will be a World War

    A chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Medvedev and Chinese President Hu have issued an “urgent warning” to the United States that says if the Americans allow an Israeli attack upon Iran, “World War will be our response.”


    Interesting article, but doesn’t the same Rothschild international crime syndicate that controls America also control Russia and China? I smell a rat. And it’s wearing a yarmulke.

  27. Steve in TN says:

    Forget the grand chessboard. It a damn poker game. Enough bluffing. I want to see Israel smoked. If only those damn pesky Palis would leave.

  28. kerdasi amaq says:

    Ever see the movie “A Fistful of Dynamite”? it’ll show you Bakuninism in action. There’s a scene where main character drops a book and the bad guy picks it up, it’s one of Bakunin’s books. He then sucks an egg.

  29. Whitefella says:

    If this guy Paul Craig Roberts is correct things are going to get real ugly, real quick. If you read the entire article at the site I’ve linked to, the words “FEMA Camps” may come to mind after you finish reading it.

    “Traded away for a make-believe economy, the real US economy is dead”

    By Paul Craig Roberts

    . . . It was not the millions of now homeless homeowners who were bailed out. It was not the scant remains of American manufacturing — General Motors and Chrysler — that were bailed out. It was the Wall Street banks.

    According to, Goldman Sachs’ current record earnings from their free or low cost capital supplied by broke American taxpayers has led the firm to decide to boost compensation and benefits by 33 percent. On an annual basis, this comes to compensation of $773,000 per employee.

    This should tell even the most dimwitted patriot who “their” government represents.

    The worst of the economic crisis has not yet hit . . .


    Of course, it was all planned to happen just this way. You know, a conspiracy, just like 9/11 was a conspiracy. In fact, what is being done to the US now is a continuation of the same conspiracy that has been in operation for a long time. Can you say Communism? How about Glorious Peoples Republik of the United Soviet Sates of America? All organized by the exact same tribe that did it to White Russia in 1917.

    Here is the link to the rest of the article quoted above. If you are on heart medication maybe you should take a pill before you read it.

  30. hoff2 says:

    The jewish conspiracy explained easy

    There is nothing complicated about the jewish conspiracy, there are 200 nations, 200 states in the whole world and the jews want to control every single 200 states and once in control the jews starts to destroy your country. This is the jewish conspiracy in essence.

    What every single jewish ”intellectual” do their entire life is thinking about how the jews can take control of your state and then destroy your nation, your country. No nation is alike so what the jews do is that they adopt the takeover of the state to that nations circumstance.

    Zionism and communism are twins and they are both judaism. The whole communist (con)cept is straight out of the jewish Talmud. Con = persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.

    The jewish fraud communism has shaped the last century and communism impact on the whole world is unparalleled. So to understand what happend and what is happening you must understand what communism really is and how communism works and what the goal of communism is. Communism is about one thing and one thing only – Jews taking control of the state.

    You must understand this so think hard about it. What can you do if you control the state? You can do anything you like.

    Once you control the state you can do anything you like. To control the state is the ultimate power you can get in your life and that is what the jews wants – ultimate power – and that is what the jewish conspiracy is all about, taking control of the state.

    Communism is all about how the jews can take control of the state and to do that in a dictatorship is very easy, you take control of the secret police and that jews did in Russia 1917. Once you control the secret police in a dictatorship you can do anything you like, now you have the ultimate power and that is what the jews wants.

    Russia 1917 was 150 million and six million jews. Why the jews wanted Russia is because she was the biggest country in the world. lf you want the world you go for the biggest countries, not the small ones, them you take later. Russia, one sixth of the world landmass, twelve time zones, twice the size of America. So how can six million jews take over the state and 150 million russians?

    They can’t – unless they can con stupid and ignorant non-jews to help the jews taking control of the state and that is what communism really is all about – con non-jews to help the jews taking control of the state.

    Anyone who remotely knows anything about communism knows that when the lips of a communist is moving they are lying. Every single thing all communists has ever said or written is a lie. Communism is one big lie and it’s a jewish lie.

    The jewish communist will tell all the non-jews anything, they will promise all the non-jews they can have hell or heaven, that they will be the new masters, that they can have anything they want. The jewish communist will lie and use every trick in the book to get the stupid and ignorant non-jews help the jews take control of the state and that is why the jews could take over Russia 1917, because non-jews helped the jews take control of Russia and rename her Sovjet.

    All non-jewish communist will tell you that the secret police in Sovjet was 80 percent jews but that it had nothing to do with them being jews. The jews just ”happends” to be 80 percent of the secret police. Who controls the secret police in a dictatorship IS the state. lf you was a jew and was the head of the secret police would you want the non-jews to know that you is the state? Of course not so what you do is you appoint some non-jewish NoBody like Lenin and tell the world that Lenin is controlling the state, when in fact you is the true ruler of the Sovjet state.

    The jewish Talmud is a manual to all the jews what they shall do to take control of all the states in the world, communism is only an updated version of Talmud. The jewish Talmud tells the jews that they must use every trick in the book to con the non-jews and that is what communism says too. What the stupid and ignorant non-jewish communist don’t understand is that the jews do exactly that to all the non-jewish communist. The jews take control of the state and then they tell the stupid non-jewish communist that it dosen’t matter that 80 percent of the secret police are jews, and they believe the lying jews.

    What the jews do once they are in control of the state is to get rid of their Useful Idiots, that is the stupid non-jewish communists that helped the jews take control of the state. The only non-jews that remains in the state is stupid and ignorant people that don’t have a clue that communism is all about jews controlling the state. All the marxist-leninist mumbo-jumbo is all about to con all the non-jews to not understand that jews are in control of the state. Marxism-leninism is compleat meaningless bullshit for stupid (m)asses, the people. Communism is all about jews taking control of the state, everything else about communism is to con the non-jews from understanding that jews controls the state in every communist dictatorship.

    That the secret police in Sovjet was 80 percent jews can be confirmed by many jewish only sources that none can debunk. The fact that jews was the secret police in Sovjet from 1917 to 1991 can’t be refuted by any thinking person. This fact is simply irrefutable. The question is: Can you understand that communism is all about jews taking control of the state? lf you can you understand by now that the jews was in total control of the Sovjet state. Sovjet was run lock, stock and barrel by jews. Lenin, Stalin and all the non-jews in the Sovjet state was just jewish puppets the jew posted up to con the whole world from understanding that jews was in total control of the Sovjet state 1917 to 1991.

    Now we have established the fact that jews was in total control of the Sovjet state so what now? One down and 199 states to go so what would you do now as a jew that want control all the 200 states of the world? What l would do and what the jews did was that they turned Sovjet into one big weapon factory. lf you are going to cunquer the world you must have guns and ammo. lf you look at the weapons that was made in Sovjet they all had one thing in common, they were all designed to work under the harshest condition used by uneducated and untrained people. The kind of weapon you need in the 3-world.

    Sovjet 1917 to 1991 was nothing but jewish imperialism. Whatever the jews that controlled the Sovjet state did it was all about expanding the Sovjet state and take control of all the other 199 states. To take control of the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (the size of the State Main, USA) was very easy. All you have to do is show up with some few tanks. But you want Africa and South-America too and than you need easy to use light weapons like Kalashnikov.

    Everything that you ever was told about Sovjet is a lie and one of the major lies is that Sovjet commuism was a classless society. Sovjet had five distinct classes. On top was the new elite, the jews that was members of the communist party, the card-carrying jews. Under that you have the jews that was not members in the communist party. Next was the religious jews. They were accepted but just. Then came the non-jews that was members of the communist party and then on the bottom came the non-jews that was not a member of the communist party.

    The elite in any country at any time and no matter the condition for the people will always have good standard. The jews that was in control of the Sovjet state couldn’t care less if the russian people was starving, had no home and had no shoes. All the Sovjet jews cared about was expanding their empire and for that they needed guns and ammo, hence they turned Sovjet into one big weapons factory.

    The Bolshevik-Menshevik ”conflict” is just more jewish marxist-leninist bullshit. What it was all about was jewish gang wars. But whatever the jews diagrees on they all have one thing in common: How do we take control of the state? Zionism and communism is jewish gang war. The Communist jew gang said: We take control of the Russian state, rename it Sovjet and from there we take control of all the 200 states. The zionist jew gang said: We take control of the American state and from there we counqer the 200 states of the world.

    Zionism and Communism are twins and they are both jewish frauds. Zionism is exactly the same con as communism: How do we get the stupid and ignorant non-jews to help us take control of the state?

    If you want to control the 200 states of the world you start with taking control of the biggest countries, the smaller one you take later. There are two major jewish gangs, zionist and communist jew gang and the jew zionist gang took control of the American state starting at the same time as the communist gang started to work on taking control of the russian state.

    The American state is the year 2009 totally controlled by the zionist jew gang. The jews are in total control of the American state and what the jews Always do when they take control of the state is that they start kicking out their useful Idiots that helped them take control of the state, the stupid and ignorant zionist-communist non-jews. Communist or zionist non-jew = Useful Idiot to take control of the state. will explain it all and how the jews do it.

    America and Sovjet is in fact the same thing – jewish imperialism. The communist jew gang diden’t make it, but it dosen’t matter because the zionist jew gang is still working on to conquer the 200 states of the world and what the communist jew gang will do is exactly the same thing as the Menshevik jew gang did in Sovjet, they just go over to the winning jew gang. Then it was the Bolshevik jew gang that was on top, now it’s the zionist jew gang.

    You can call it whatever you want, all the jews care about is to control your state – with out you understanding that jews controls your state. The jewish conspiracy is about taking control of the biggest states there are and make them fight the jews proxy wars to take control of all the 200 states in the world.

    What is American imperialism all about? Taking control of all the states in the world and who is controlling the American state? The jews and what did l tell you the jews want? America is just what Sovjet was, a jewish proxy war machine.

    How the jews destroy your country? The jews promotes racemixing, jewish codeword ”Multiculti”. The more the jews controls your state the more racemixing-propaganda, in essence the more you hear the jewish codewords, MULTICULTI, DIVESITY, HOMOXSEX IS NATURAL, WE MUST HAVE MASSINVASION FROM ALL THE 3-WORLD COUNTRIES etc a day, the more your state is controlled by the jews. Every single paper, TV and radio in the whole western world is promoting MULTICULTI etc 24-7.

    What did the jews in Sovjet do? Mixing people. Chinese to Tibet, russians into Estonia, ukrainians to Siberia and so on. What is mass invasion from all 3-world countries doing to your state?


    VP puppident Joe Biden: -l’m a communist …. Sorry l mean Zionist. Call it whatever you want but l’m a shabbat Goy, a jew mafia whore. And no, l’ll tell you what every jew mafia whore in the whole western world will tell you: The jews do NOT control your state.

    For what reason is America in Iraq? What possible threat could lraq be to America?Oil? All you americans had to do was ask and you would get oil at 2 dollars a gallon.

    “Sen. Joe Biden on Shalom TV”

  31. Alpha Wolf says:

    Fuck those commies. Tell me something I don’t know.

    I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death. -Thomas Paine

    borrowed from DBS-French Connection

  32. guitarman uk says:

    wasnt going to post anymore tonight ,but this is too good to miss.’how to discredit conspiracy theorists masterclass’.file under wtf!:;jsessionid=003C059DCBE27821E9E1716257ACBF3E

  33. coveyrider says:

    i have been trying to get a few friends of mine to see through all the BS that is being rammed down americas throat. some are starting to look more closely at things and not taking them at face value. i have found one of the most eye opening things to them is when i ask, “who benefits from this or that?” if america does not, or only a select “group” does, then what does that mean for the rest of us? and for the pukes that want to call me unpatriotic, my family has served in the military of this country for 200 years, i myself did my hitch in the USMC, so, KMAYMF

  34. guitarman uk says:

    covey rider i too have tried to talk to friends and family.youd think they could give you ,say,an hour and a half and just shut up and watch this or that video(no-one reads anymore) but no. shit,its impossible to get anyone to shut up and listen to a 3 minute track youve spent 2 weeks recording..

  35. The Scum are ON THE RUN says:

    ever notice how ‘shrill’ the calls by the GOP ‘moonbats’ and ‘wing nuts’ and
    ‘conspiracy theorists’ get when the truth starts to become so reinforced and so solid that only a moron can deny it?

    ever notice how the shills come out of the woodwork and use strawman arguments which they then shoot down and attribute those to those who have actually found the ‘truth’ in the rubble of bullshit and lies, and can see the difference?

    ever notice how the more ‘truth’ about 9/11 comes out and gets public scrutiny, the louder the cries by Faux Noize Chunnel and hit pieces by these lying hyena masturbators, get and the more absurd and ludicrous their linkages of ‘truth persons’ to other things that have nothing to do with 9/11 truth exposing?

    ever notice how the U.S. government spent a shitload of money at the NSA to squelch the whistleblowers, and Seymour Hersh’s ‘cheney hit squad’ piece began to reflect a genuine and irrefutable plausibility that our own government has committed ‘assassinations’ on U.S. soil to ‘silence’ people with 9/11 inside knowledge?

    ever notice how incomprehensible the odds are that ALL OF THE CREW of a B-52H that left Minot AFB in North Dakota, stopped at Nellis AFB in Nevada, and then continued on to Barksdale, LA, minus ‘one nuclear armed AGM-129’ cruise missile with a variable yield nuclear warhead on it, would all end up DEAD, and many of their upper echelon command, also are now DECEASED?

    ever notice that Obombaton has now started to flirt with ‘thought crimes indefinite incarceration into infinity as a PRE-EMPTIVE measure on some individuals, since the evidence of THERMITE was irrefutably proven???

    well folks, if you haven’t noticed these things, I don’t know what to say to you. Lastly, I ask you this; “if the 9/11 truth movement was so full of shit and lies, do you think they DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH over the leaking of supposed LIES and BULLSHIT??

    methinks not. and neither should you.

    open your mind, free it, and your ass will surely follow.

  36. Crack says:

    Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  37. kerdasi amaq says:

    Global Warming: Real or Con-job?

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