Today's News Moron: FOX's Brian Kilmeade

news moron

Brian Kilmeade is one hellava moron. Is he Jew? I don’t know, but one thing for sure is that he’s definitely a pro-Zionist shill — just like all the other allowed talking heads. Have you noticed that one?

This guy has got to be one of the biggest blithering idiots on TV. The third wheel on Fox’s morning happy time show is always sticking his stinky foot in his fat mouth and stomping off the set like some little boy.

Both are Jews, NOT White.

Not White, but Zionist JEWS.

Just where do they get these people? Are they lobotomized as part of the contract? Shepard Smith is another FOX News major moron, plus a closet homo. I just might have to set up a new category topic for these people here on my blog.

All the MSNBC lovers are now up in arms about Glenn Beck’s comment yesterday on the show “Fox & Friends,” saying Obama is racist towards White people. Brian Kilmeade then makes this ridiculous rejoinder, the irony of which probably went over the heads of most out there in JEW-TEEVEE land:

“You can’t say he’s racist about White people, he has friends that are White, David Axelrod is White; Rahm Imanuel, his White House Chief of Staff is White…”

Hello! Anyone home? These are Obama’s Jew handlers and are not White AT ALL. Emanuel even served in the Israeli army and holds dual citizenship with Israel (which is completely traitorous in my book). Since everyone else is now yapping away on what we already know about Obama, I decided to just zero in on this moron’s little inane comment. And, I will admit, that I’ve got a low threshold for putting up with putzes and suffer fools poorly, but this dolt takes the cake. Watch video below.

VIDEO REMOVED FOR “TERMS OF SERVICE VIOLATION?” WHAT ON EARTH FOR? I guess if something proves too embarrassing to the status quo, they get rid of it.

And Jews are not White. Oh, sure, they may look White, but they think of themselves as a race apart, and superior to boot. They’ll use the looking White business to fool the Goyim, like Kilmeade, but if it helps them racially and politically to look like another oppressed, non-White minority — like to establish street cred with the homies — they’ll go that route too.

What they (Ashkenazim “Jews”) really are, is a mongrelized Eastern European race of Turkish Asiatics (Khazar), with some incorporated White genetics (like with the Slavs), and only a smattering of real Middle Eastern genes. The Palestinians have more ancient Israelite DNA than they do! Read more here about the origins of these people and why it’s so important (links included). It’s perhaps the biggest lie of history!

“You are not Whites — either symbolically or literally — as anyone knows who goes to Israel.”

– Professor Leonard Fein at speech at 27th biennial congress of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, May 15, 1972.

Mitchell is part of the Zionist Power Structure, and dumb too.

Mitchell is a part of the Zionist rats keeping this country in the dark.

Then, earlier tonight, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell had an all-too-typical BS report about “race relations in America” which included the above clip with Beck and the now never-ending nonsense about Professor Gates and Officer Crowley.

But guess what, America? Mitchell is nothing but another Jew too! And married to Jew Alan Greenspan, no less, the former Fed Head who was part of the Jew threesome that spearheaded the dismantling of the Glass-Steagall act that got us all into this financial mess, most likely on purpose.

Then she goes for a “birthers” hit, the new tin-foil hat poster people for the lying media, that just will not report the real facts of the case, when they know all too well where it will lead. “Birthers” are those who are justifiably suspicious that Obama was not born in America. Mitchell tells us “…those who believe Obama is not native-born when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary…” right as a screen image of that obviously faked COLB goes whizzing by her head.

My ass! The evidence for him being born in America is far from overwhelming, Jewess. Here readers, go read this short synopsis about the Obama birth situation and you tell me: Political Hacks tell us not to doubt Obama’s citizenship

Andrea Mitchell is one of the dumbest overpaid Jew hacks on the planet and that’s saying a lot. She’s a laughing stock Diva in the industry, costing NBC millions in salary and demands for this and that; everywhere she goes she has to bring along a little retinue. If she wasn’t a Jew, she would have been shunted off to a Milwaukee station long ago.

But getting back to my media moron of the day, Brian Kilmeade of FOX: This dork, like I said, is always putting his foot in his mouth; such as the time when he said “[Americans] keep marrying other species and ethnics . . . Swedes have pure genes” while talking about some medical story. This set off alarm bells with the Multicults on several levels.

The guy tries so hard to sound like a conservative regular Joe for the FOX masses and still be multicult PC. It’s kind of pathetic. He’s just not smart enough to know how to play the game when adlibing on his own; I’m certain all the FOX producers have ulcers when he walks on the set and breathe a sigh of relief when he storms off it.

I like the time when Jesse Ventura put the little twerp in his place and Kilmeade stalked off the set in a huff. Ventura states real historical truthes about Vietnam and our government, right along with casting some serious suspicions about 9/11. Ventura really makes his case, while the FOX News people try to imply the 9/11 Commission’s book was definitive, even though it’s full of holes wide enough to drive a Mack truck through.

Ventura doesn’t touch the Zionist angle (he’s smart); because if he did, that would be the last time he sat in front of a TV camera for a national audience. Still, just talking about 9/11 will not get him a lot of guest spots, either.

The gibbering Kilmeade trys to act patriotic, like it’s nothing but commie talk or something. Then the jerk storms off the set (he’s done it before) when Ventura questions just how much he’s really read about the 9/11 subject (anyone who does read a lot has got to have some serious questions or is in total denial).

This is a great interview, watch:

I’m with Ventura, and I certainly don’t consider myself some Commie pinko at all. The business about being a “conservative Republican” or a “Liberal Democrat” are now just polite labels used by the owned, corporate media to pigeonhole people in their own little artificial TV reality that the Jews have set up in America. The people out here watching, follow suite.

Anyone who uses their heads and question things now gets slandered, or even worse. Like “birthers” or “truthers.” These media people always try to come up with something that makes people sound stupid. What happens is that they read someone’s new word used out here and then turn around and steal it for their TV propaganda.

They also use brainwashing experts to dream-up specialty terms that resonate with “focus groups.” I believe the newly introduced slander “Holocaust negationists,” now being used for historical revisonists, was purposefully created in this way. Negation sounds negative and that’s what they want.

Another thing is that any questioning of 9/11 really threatens some people. They are just so scared to death that there might be something to it, that they close their little minds to the whole business. It’s sad in a way, but infuriating as hell, since this kind of cowardly behavior allows the truly evil people to get away with such things — and then laugh all the way to the bank.

That’s how I see a lot of Americans out there right now. Cowardly little brainless Brians like Kilmeade.

— Phillip Marlowe

Another video of Kilmeade stalking off the set over nothing:

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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85 Responses to Today's News Moron: FOX's Brian Kilmeade

  1. White Master says:


    Hang in there, we’ll get this shit done. The White race will NEVER EVER be destroyed or bred out of existence.

  2. White Master says:

    I speak about the Whites I see asleep and that really pisses me off, but I always remember the ones that are awakening and already awake, and that helps alot.

  3. guitarman uk says:

    marshall wow! thanks for that link. i have had the EXACT image in mind for a couple of years now-i even suggested it to incog just a week ago! guess im just not that old is it? i swear ive not seen it before.thankyou

    and,re. pink floyd/oz, whens this banana skin gonna kick in,i must have smoked like,4 kilograms already….joke

  4. American says:

    From Curt Maynard’s blog:

    “Just this Thursday dozens of jews from New Jewsy have been arrested in an FBI sting dubbed “Operation Big Rig”. Politicians, officials, and a whole slew of rabbis were arrested in a scheme that included everything from political corruption, money laundering, and human organ trafficking. Unfortunately the operation took ten years to reach the point where any kind of action was taken. For ten years the FBI stood by and watched these jews launder money, play insider politics, and chop up children for their organs. Many will see this and say how good it is to see jews finally caught in their schemes, but I tend to see this as a sign of how pathetic our FBI and other investigative agencies are. I also see this as a sign of how complicit these agencies are when it comes to jew crimes. If I was to launder $10 today, I’d be in jail for eternity tomorrow. If I were to be selling organs on the black market, I’d be hung within 24 hours. Why doesn’t it ever work this way for the jew? You figure it out.”

    I’d have to agree.

  5. Marshall says:


    Yeah maybe I was overly happy to see that go down, kind of like Madoff…who is obviously taking the fall for quite a few other people in high places, probably even major national politicians.

    Let’s hope they aren’t just “making a show” out of it. It’s an international situation of course, and the FBI doesn’t have overseas jurisdiction. Bigger guns need to get involved…let’s see if they do or not.


    Can’t remember where I saw that first. There are several versions, just google “Jaws” + “Jews” This is what white girls have to watch out for around Miami LOL!!!

  6. JamesTheJust says:

    Sorry I missed out on so much of the interesting conversation.

    As to the DNA of Jews – ITS ALL OVER THE PLACE. They are about the most racially mixed up “race” (if you can call them that) in the world and they have their peculiar genetic diseases to show for it.

    When they say that you cannot call them white, they are right. You cannot call them yellow. You cannot call them black and you cannot all them brown. They are “IT”.

  7. Marshall says:


    Curious how Hal Turner got yanked from circulation right about the time this was all happening, and he’s right there in Bergen NJ as well. Did the FBI fear he would rouse local listeners to some sort of action? I wonder if the incidents are related. Strange timing. Then again, Turner is now saying he himself is an FBI informant. Things that make you scratch your head.

    I wonder if the Israeli sex-slave business is linked in with organ trafficking, along with their snuff films, etc. It could be really huge.


  8. When I saw this I immediately had to tell you Incog Man.

  9. rocketman66/67 says:

    i’ve heard that A1A running through jupiter is all condos now and the beach is private.
    is that true?
    has belle-mead reached 100% HIV positive yet?
    i remember when i lived in florida the state was giving grants to home owners in belle-mead for home improvement, too much of an eyesore to tourists travelling intersate 95, i think it was 1989.
    i remember the news interviewing a pure nigger,he was ranting that it was “about time they do something for us”.
    what i noticed was the niggers house had a big hole in the side near the driveway clear thru to the inside,must have been for the chimps.
    also the front door was hanging only by one hinge.
    nice black bmw in the driveway and the jigaboo had a neck full of gold.

    this microchipped wristband stuff is pretty damn disturbing, i wonder if this is a part of barrys job creation plan or if they will be made in china.

    joking aside, people in this country(whats left of it) better wake the hell up soon, that dumbing down of america video i viewed here last night is no joke.
    i see these fools everyday and if you have noticed the level of quality service you recieve from anywhere these days is degrading as fast as the weeks go by.
    damn shame, it is saddening to me to see all the mindfucked people watching our country turn to shit.

    great link to NWV and that GREGG EVENSEN article,that guys right on.


  10. rocketman66/67 says:

    i read about the horse molesting nigger today in the paper,the lady should have blown his head off,what a sick bastard.

  11. American says:

    Those are good questions, Marshall. I find the “disinfo” agents are even useful, as they have to cough up a lot of truth to be believable.

    I thought you might find this interesting, from the other coast in Florida. I have not checked, but would be my last worthless dollar that JEWS were sitting in the bank that loaned the money, or JEWS were the developers, or both. This condo could not fail more miserably, so now American citizens in the Midwest get to pay for it:,2933,535660,00.html?test=latestnews

    Notice the unruly Negroes (another bet I’d make) pounding on his door at night, and taking over the pool….the wheels have come off, and nobody with a brain better count on law enforcement to help them!

  12. hoff2 says:

    lf you was a jew and want to control the world, in essence control all the 200 states of the world, would you want goyim to know that you is in control of their state? Of course not, so what do you want: Bright and educated or as stupid and ignorant (m)asses possible?

    What you do is you dumb down the (m)asses. How you do it is that you find the dumbest jew-loving shabbat goyim there are, pay them a little extra and tell them they are “intellctuals”, call them “journalist” and post them up in the jew run Talmud Vision, TV.

    What you have now is stupid people who believes that the dumb goy they see on TV is an important person who will tell them how the world works. What the jews do is that they promote STUPIDITY. Fox News, aka Faux Nonsense is a very clear and easy to understand how the jews is dumbing down the (m)asses.

    Bill O’lier is bashing some “liberals”, ie commi scumbags. Stupid republicans thinks: -There they got it! Finally someone who tell the libs off! What the jews is doing is that they take the steam off the frustrated republicans. That is all there is to it. The stupid mouthpiece Bill O’lier will not change a thing.

    lt’s the same thing with Jesse Ventura, stupid and ignorant rep’s will tell themself: -Now, there you got it! Why the jews is posting up JV is because he takes the steam off frustrated people. Why the jews post up STUPID goyim like Brian Kilmeade is because ignorant people like JV will get a free shoot. Brian Kilmeade is a sitting duck, even the most stupid person can think he is smart compared to Brian Kilmeade. That is why the jews post him up. The jews promotes stupidity.

    Jesse Ventura will not change a thing. Just as the fraud Alex Jones will not change a thing. l don’t say that JV is a fraud, but he is ignorant, and what will ignorant goyim teach you about the jews? Not a thing.

    What do all people you see onTalmud Vision, TV have in common? They will all deny that there is a jewish conspiracy. This is why the jews post them up, they will all tell you hell-bent that it’s anythin BUT the jews.

    Occasionally the jew will post up someone like Bollyn who will say it’s the jews. The only reason the jews do that is to be able to ridicule anyone that says it’s the jews. lt’s the same scam all over. People who are stupid will smile and say things like tin-hat on, and then think they are the smart ones.

    What the jews promotes is STUPIDITY. Talmud Vision, TV = Stupidity and ignorance in order to dumb down the (m)asses. Whatever the jews do in their propaganda-machine is that they promotes stupidity and ignorance. For the self-imposed “intellectual” goyim the jews promotes another jewish stupidity – the bogus, smear-slander accusation “antisemite”.

    Many goyim who think of themself as educated and intellectuals use a lot of their time to think and speak about “antisemitism”. They feel “smart” when they know how to spell “antisemite”. What is “antisemitism” really? Just another jewish fraud to dumb down goyim. Only stupid and ignorant people will take the jewish fraud accusation “antisemite” serious. Most people can’t say, less spell “antisemite”, for them the jews post up Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Bill O’lier etc.

    “”It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)”

  13. Marshall says:

    Yeah it’s me. WOW that was some incredible information you posted there bud!!!

    When did the show business run out? People just sit around and say, HEY??? Where did our money go?

    A JEW CARNIVAL is where it went.

    I’ve never seen a hearse with a U-Haul behind it. Have you?

    Funny movies by Jews. They’re pretty entertaining, like a freaking MIMES.

    What the hell are you doing dude?

    I was trying to find a suit for Buddy Hackett, who came to buy a suit. He wouldn’t shake my hand. He was there at the “Rice Diet” program at Duke Univerity…strange stuff.

    I was thinking, “You bizzare carnival weirdo. You are too short for a 52 regular suit

    He said, “I don’t know where that hand has been.”

    I was thinking…you little KIKE HOMUNCULOUS!!!! After you and CARL REINER partied all over Johnny Carson’s HEAD. SCUMBAG.

    He was there at the “RICE DIET” at Duke University. AWWW…

    SEE…the sham is always the sham. It’s like perpetual DREAMLAND….

    Jews and show business.


  14. Marshall says:


    Dean Martin was the 7th son of the 7th son of what? A Mason he said.

    Well, I have pretty much seen what all you people are about. JEWS.

    That’s what you are about…everything you do in your freaking life is controlled by JEWS, one way or another.

    SAD. Turn off your TV, and quit watching movies from 30 years ago, and thinking it’s great. It Isn’t.

    Marsh 😉

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