I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

Sometimes, I can’t believe I was ever so stupid to have spent most of my life supporting Israel and turning a blind eye to that country’s true behavoir, right along with swallowing the whole line of Jew bull back here in the good old USA. I could see that things were getting messed up in the US, knew something about the “Jew Question,” but just couldn’t bring myself to think these people were this way. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Every time some liberal type or Jew comes on here, they try to say I’m nothing but a HATER for talking about all this stuff. To them, I’m writhing around in pure hate for absolutely no reason and describe someone like me as “virulent” — like my face is all beet-red and glistening with sweat, my eyes are all bulged-out and I’m grabbing out fistfuls of my hair.

I’m here to tell you that I’m not that way at all. Well, sure, sometimes I get worked up, but it’s usually over the same kind of thing most other people get bollixed up about. You know, like when some idiot cuts you off in traffic, you get some bill in the mail three days after it’s due and they now have a $35 fee for late payments, or when you do something stupid with a power tool and bust one of your toes.

Truth of the matter? Hate takes up way too much energy and besides, it makes my crow’s feet and frown lines worse; I can’t be messing up that baby doll face of mine. Yeah, I’m a handsome devil and I do everything possible to keep up my looks — Neutragena, facial deburring tools, mud baths with slices of cucumber over my eyes — you know how it goes.

Contrary to what some want you to believe, White people are not “haters.” Oh, sure, we’ve gone haywire, no doubt. But most of us are just regular people, who just want to get by, have some fun, maybe get drunk and laid on occasion. Yet, we would naturally like to see a world where our children can simply live safely and prosper.

I used to get baffled by all the constant brouhaha about Whites. I knew we didn’t sit around planning how we’re going to get anybody, while dressed up in full Nazi regalia and sipping on mint juleps. But everywhere you looked, there was something on TV, or in the movies trying to make Whites feel guilty for something they had ZERO to do with.

Yet, I often saw tons of groups and organizations devoted to the advancement of every other racial groups but White. One only had to replace the word “Jew” or “African American” or “Hispanic” with the word “White” and imagine all the fuss and rancor soon to follow.

It dawned on me that what these people really feared, was White people getting together in any way, since they knew we might go haywire after comparing notes, etc. etc. They can’t say as much, so they automatically use the “White supremacist” accusation. To these people, just taking up for your own White race, means you think of yourself as a Nazi “Superman.”

The media doesn't tell us that Mark Potak of the SPLC, is just another Jewish White hater.

Looking into it further, I discovered all kinds of specialized groups monitoring us, keeping track, sounding alarm bells should any of the few pro-White groups start gaining traction and new members. I could see people making careers out of it, like Mark Potak (right), fear-mongering Americans about “White Extremists” or “Militia” types, but completely ignoring any other race or Jew transgressions.

One of the things that really scares them (and it should) are American soldiers, coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, “ingesting our lies and propaganda,” becoming extremist and using their combat knowledge against these liars. Recently, I saw that the department of “Homeland Security” issued a warning to law enforcement to be on the lookout for such “evil” Ron Paul-type supporters, etc. etc. They understand what they are doing to America and fully realize that once American soldiers figure these things out, they’ll be gunning for them.

I mean, think about it: Here’s a bunch of guys and gals going over there for deployment after deployment, putting their ass on the line in some hot and dusty piece of crap country for the New World Order and when they come back to the US they see 20 million of their buds out of work, even though the government is still allowing 1.5 million immigrants per year to come here and take their jobs.

It’s such total BS, I can’t believe it.

Since Clinton and NAFTA, companies have been uprooting factory machinery and shipping it to Mexico and China to improve the bottom line; destroying America’s infrastructure while our soldiers are over there “nation building.” For what? It’s all a bunch of pure crap is what it is. We have traitorous parasites now in control of this country, sucking out the life-blood of the land and driving us all into the ground. What is waiting for us once we get there?

I remember once thinking anyone who supported Palestinians must be left-wing kooks, like that actress Vanessa Redgrave and Marlon Brando. How could anyone support those scarf-wearing, crazy terrorists wielding AK-47’s and attacking innocent people, like goofy-looking American tourists?

Looking deeper into the matter over the years, I saw that Jews and America’s blind support for Israel was more to blame than anything else. There was great truth to the phrase “One man’s terrorist, is another man’s freedom fighter.” Besides, the Israelis used completely unnecessary violence against purely innocent people, like the Palestinian and Lebanese women and children.

And the Jews use HATE as a tool to advance themselves, all the time. Cynically, they manipulate with propaganda entire populations and even subject with False-Flag violence, including their own in Israel, just so they hate designated enemies or any non-Jews in their way. One prime example from the past (among many):

“Terrorism and ‘revenge’ were…to be glorified as the ‘moral… and even sacred’ values of Israeli society. . . . [T]he military symbol was now Unit 101, led by Arik [Ariel] Sharon. …The lives of Jewish victims…had to be sacrificed to create provocations justifying subsequent reprisals. … A hammering, daily propaganda, controlled by the censors, was directed to feed the Israeli population with images of the monstrosity of the Enemy.”

— from the dairy of Moshe Sharett, prime minister of Israel, in Livia Rokach’s “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism,” p. 44 (1980). Rokach’s father was Sharett’s minister of the Interior and she was later found dead in a hotel room in Rome.

Here, it’s revealed that the leadership of Israel were behind terrorist acts to get the Israeli population up in arms against the local Palestinians. This is was a “two-fer” for the Jews, because it scared the Palestinians, while at the same time getting fellow Israeli Jews ticked off. Note the part about Unit 101, led by Ariel Sharon who, just like all the other Israeli terrorists, went on to become Prime Minister.

This kind of thing is going on even today. Look at all the non-stop paranoia they’ve done about the evil Muslims and Iran. The whole media apparatus in the USA now revolves around this kind of Zionist propaganda.

Same thing with race relations in White countries. Jews have long been at the forefront to all of this. They even go so far as to surripitously create phony Nazis so they can later call for legal measures against any Whites organizing for themselves.

A few Jew fakesters (clockwise): Frank Collins insisted he march his Nazis in Skokie, Illinois, but later turned out to be a Jew named Frank Cohen. A “brave” Jew of the ACLU just “happened” to come to his free speech rescue. The news coverage at the time was incessant and was obviously the start to the endless holocaust “psyops” we see in America today. Top right: Coed Jewess Sarah Marshak was caught painting swastikas on dorm room doors. Bottom right: Nazi-acting Davis Wolfgang Hawke’s real name was Andrew Greenbaum and was buds to the Columbine killers (at least one of which was Jewish). Chances are, Greenbaum is just a nutcase on his own. Bottom left: A rabbi was arrested for spray painting swastikas on headstones in a Jewish cemetary in France.


People like Frank Collins, who pretended to be a Nazi so him and his group could march through Skokie, Illinois back in the 1970’s. In 1980, it was discovered that he was a really a Jew pervert named Frank Cohen when he was caught molesting a child. He served a 3 year term in a pissant country club jail, granted him by a Jew judge and after release, suddenly came into a lot of money when his jail guard buddy stumbles upon a treasure trove of “ancient” gold artifacts in Wisconsin, of all places. Right. He now publishes a magazine called Ancient American under the name Frank Joseph.

The real background of Frank Cohen is carefully ignored to this day by the Zionist-owned media. The History Channel has a Hitler/KKK day about once every two weeks where they tell about the evil Nazi wanting to march on Skokie, but conveniently leave out what was discovered later about the guy.

A Canadian named Grant Bristow revealed that the Canadian Jewish Congress paid him and supported various NeoNazi groups in Canada back in the 1960’s and over which the Jews used to pass “anti-Hate” laws that now keep Whites shut-up north of the border. Then there’s the American NeoNazi, a Jew who called himself Davis Wolfgang Hawke, who’s real name was Andrew Greenbaum and was later busted for spamming ads for fake penis enlargement pills (typical Jew scam).

Fritz Kuhn of the American-Bund Nazi party back in the 1930’s, was revealed to be funded by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith) when he embezzled this mega Jew operation’s money. But you won’t hear a word breathed about any of this on the Jew-owned History Channel, believe you me.

One way of knowing who these fake Nazi Jews are, is by watching the Media. They lavish attention on the phony Jews who get dolled-up in Nazi attire and play along like it’s all real. That’s the reason for it in the first place: Showing that “hate” groups are on the march and how we have to be on the look-out for them getting out of hand.

Can you believe it? That’s how these people are. Whites just don’t have a clue, since they can’t conceive that anyone would be so devious. Face up to it, people, Jews are that devious. In fact, they take quiet pride in getting away with such things on Whites and brag about it among themselves.

Another plus in the equation is that Jews can also point the finger at real pro-Whites and accuse them of being “Jew Disinfo agents” so other Whites will not trust them and listen to what they say. Jews do that to me here and elsewhere, on the occasion. Here’s what one said on Greg Bacon’s blog when Kenny’s Sideshow blog appeared to have been taken down (but wasn’t):


Get the f – – k out of here and get back to your rat hole.
You are NOT WHITE you stinking Kike.

I do believe anyone who’s read anything on my blog, sure as hell doesn’t think I’m a Jew. Was the above commenter a Jew? Probably. He also could have been some psycho White, gone a mite insane with all the Jew bull out there now.

Damn right!

Jews do love getting pro-Whites bunged-up at each other. They call it “going incognito,” ironically (I’ve read some of them talking about doing such things). Maybe that’s why some might suspect the INCOG MAN of being “disinfo.”

For the record, I’m not some weasily, hollow-chested Jew (as if I have to say) — but a 100% corn-fed White boy, with a bit of Hillbilly ancestry and proudly a full-on Southern, Confederate SOB. Got a problem with it? Then kiss my White you-know-what!

Now, I’ve said often here that all the little Jews don’t work off some secret instructions passed among themselves. This is another form of mockery that the Jews use — they try to make it look like any Jew-wise person thinks that way, when logically anyone can see that’s impossible. That’s not to say Jews don’t engage in various forms of subversion, quite on their own.

Americans just can’t see what a “Culture of Deceit” Jews belong to, advancing themselves while working to keep the surrounding non-Jews cowed by calling them “Haters,” “Nazis” and the tired “anti-Semite” accusations. Whites just don’t operate in this way, can’t concieve of using rhetoric to surreptiously advance their race. Read this quote and definitely go to the link for the rest:

What is the archetype of the Jew in the Jews’ own founding myth? It is that of the liar or trickster. Recall what happened in Genesis 27:5-45. Nearing death, the elderly Isaac sent Esau out to trap game in order to prepare a meal appropriate to the blessing Isaac was to bestow upon his first son. With Rebecca’s participation, Jacob deceived his father into believing that he was in fact Esau. Numerous times Isaac suspected a ruse, finally asking, “Are you really my son Esau?” “I am,” Jacob lied. Jacob was ultimately successful in deceiving his father and received his blessing.

This passage is a stark instance in which we see one origin for the still-common Jewish belief that others (goyim) are to serve them. “Let peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers.”

— Edward Connelly, The Culture of Deceit, Part II

They also want you to think that it’s just because we hate their religion, which explains it. While the Jewish Talmud is one of the most hateful things you might read, I also realize that most of  Jewry is pretty much atheistic. But that’s not to say they still don’t consider themselves God’s Chosen Ones of the Planet. Jew arrogance is so bad that most of them (not all) just can’t see, or admit to, their own evils and hypocrisies.

They must consider us a bunch of idiots in the first place to let them get away with murder for so long in this country. Sure, they’re scared that we might figure it all out, so that must be why they spend so much time monitoring us and yelling “anti-Semite” for the least little thing. It’s like the little Dutch boy, running around sticking his finger in the dike.

It was easy to put two and two together and see why America is so messed up. We have a segment of our population working to keep the rest of us in the dark about what they do, support their little evil country in the Mideast (Israel), all the while milking the wealth from the country through various economic scams.

If one says anything about Israel, you have the “American” Jews getting all torqued-up about being a Jew hater. Howard Dean once had the temerity to say that America needs to be more “even-handed” about the Palestinian issue and then was quietly warned not to use that term by other democrats. Did you notice how the media subsequently unleashed a storm over hime getting a little excited at a campaign rally and sunk him? Also, the phony Jew Neocons attacked him for courting the White, Southern voter, calling us all “rednecks,” “trailer-trash,” etc. Yeah, those Jews are so conservative. Funny, it’s mostly Southern White boys doing the real fighting overseas! G-D Jews.

Hell, they practically side-lined Jimmy Carter during the last Democrat Convention simply because Carter wrote a book exposing the real Palestinian deal. They cannot and will not allow any fair and balanced treatment because they know that if America ever hears the other side openly, we would go livid about what the Jews get away with in the Mideast.

Even real facts mean nothing to them. According to the Zionist Jews, Palestinians are nothing but terrorists and have no claim whatsoever to where their ancestors lived.

Our blind support for Israel, at the behest of the powerful Zionists in control of the media and banking, has made the entire world laugh at us or worse. And it’s not just the deal with the Mideast, either. Back here in the US, they’ve been giant pains in the asses.

They’ve always been behind jacking-up the Blacks about how racist and oppressive us Whites are, while staying silent about the major role Jews had in the slavery business; not only during the Africa trade, but also back in the Middle Ages in Europe by trafficking in Whites slaves to the Muslim world. And they don’t want you to know how they kicked out 8000 Black, Darfur illegal refugees from Israel, too.

Yet in the White countries of the West, most Jews have been for “open borders” and immigration, legal or otherwise. Did you know that Jews where behind the 1965 legislation that changed our immigration policies from mostly White Europeans, to mostly non-Whites? Go here and read this PDF: Jewish Involvement in shaping US Immigration Policy: 1881-1965

And they are always pushing for homo rights, transgender sicknesses and feminism, etc. etc. Their owned media has been given carte blanche, in the last 10 years or so, to promote interracial sex to our young of our race. Whites are now all the bad guys in film; the heroes, even the on-screen “computer experts,” are now all Black.

And yes, Hollywood is indeed predominately under the control of Jews. Always has been. Why do you think so many holocaust movies? You think the rich Saudis own Hollywood? Don’t make me laugh.

The “holocaust,” with a capital H,* has been blatantly used by these people to bilk billions upon billions out of our countries, while at the same time giving them some kind of excuse to inflict evil on the Palestinians and steal their country. Us Whites in the Western world are supposed to look the other way, since the Jews “deserve their own country” after what us evil Whites once did to them. All kinds of genocides have been committed in the past, but only the Jews get the royal treatment.

Do we ever hear one dam word about the millions of White people killed and starved in the Soviet Union by Jew Commies? Why is that, pray tell? 

And besides, they are far too many questions about the whole Holocaust business to begin with, over which these people go ballistic should we even dare ask questions. Dr. Fredrick Töben in Australia is now serving 3 months in jail for doing so. Ernst Zündel is still in jail about it. The Jews are so arrogant and paranoid, that they will one day soon try to make it illegal even here in the US, calling it a “hate-crime” for questioning the least thing.

The mainstream media is now keeping the American populace in the dark on so many levels it’s not funny. The Jews are indeed controlling what we can or cannot hear anymore. People sometimes ask, how can they possibly do this? Well, it’s easy. Those in the media know that if they breath a word about certain topics, they’re gone. Poof. Also, word comes down to not mention particular events and subjects, like the recent FDIC bank busts such as Colonial bank, because they don’t want people to panic over the economy. It’s easy, just tell the producers not to talk about something and the whole story henceforth does not exist in the minds of millions.

So, yeah, I hate the whole Jew thing. Big-time.

If it was only this or that, I might not give a dam, but it’s not that way at all. The so-called Neo-“conservatives” are only concerned with Israel to the detriment of the US, while the rest of them (about 80%) are liberal bastards and commies, sprinkled through-out with thieving scam artists and Israeli spies.

I hate seeing my country gradually being destroyed by lies and hypocrisy brought on by these people, a group that historically has been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived in because of what they end up doing to the non-Jews around them and to the country as a whole.

The question really is: When will YOU get it?

The United States of America has a major problem with these Jews. Major, is not the word for it: The Jew will be the death knell for this country unless they are stripped from power in our government, media and finance. Without a doubt. I know that sounds drastic, but there you have it.

I don’t know of any other way. It may be too late for even that.

— Phillip Marlowe

* I’ve decided not to capitalize the word “holocaust” any longer. It’s ridiculous. If anyone has a problem with it, tough damn luck.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. pjrtor says:

    “August 22, 2009 at 2:53 pm


    psyn, or “pjrtor”, your IP number was removed from my spam que 2 weeks later. You can say what you want, but you had better not threaten me.

    I’m certain “canadian” will soon show up. As far as enjoying your Jew oral fixations, I can assure you nothing would be more vomit-inducing for myself. So you can go back to your lesbo activities for now and stop fantasizing about me throwing up on your head.”

    How did I threaten you? Explain that incognant and to top it off you deleted my post? For what reason.?? You are totally lying about my IP being removed 2 weeks later….I tried to access this site a week and a half ago and my IP was rejected so stop your f***ing lying…

    Threats…how about your threats that I will be “taken care of” when the time comes eh incognant….Of course all made from behind the safety of you white stained keyboard…

    You are a piece of work….are you not…The facts don’t back up what you say and you lie…and you have the gall to complain about people censoring you and you do it here….

    Oral fixations…yep lets look back at your sexually chagred posts and Phil Spector and have a discussion on your “fixations”. You brought up “sucking” first…but then again we all know you get off on describing the supposed sexual perversity of Jews and anyone you don’t like..

    YAWN big f***ing YAWN….
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  2. White Master says:

    So do you..you see all white women merely as instruments to make more “white” kids

    pjrtor, you are full of shit Jew!

  3. White Master says:


    Take your feminism propaganda bullshit straight to HELL, where it and you belong…JEW!

    • incogman says:

      pjrtor is pysn, her latest cute and clever name.

      Everybody: She’s a Jewess Dyke.

      Her comment she’s referring to getting deleted was “yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” where it was caught in my Jew spam and restored. It was obvious that she was testing my defenses, but she didn’t bother coming back to check if it went through. Now, she tried to come in under a new name (which I immediately saw) and has the Jew nerve to act like she’s bored. If she was, why would she even bother showing her crusty Jew face here?

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  4. Marshall says:

    Why waste time with PEJORATIVES

    Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing. It’s also a global right which I happen to endorse…unfortunately, some miniscule sects of society seem to try to monopolize that right for their own ends.

    They always do. They hate truth. They prefer their own illusions to the reality of the blood curse they brought down upon themselves, and they will continue to suffer under their self-imposed “blood libel,”…cursed among the nations of the world, until they repent of their horrendous crimes, which seem to get larger every day.

    They never will…but that’s their destiny. It’s a sad thing to watch Jews die in their sins, and try to manipulate the law to suit themselves.

    Marsh 🙁



  5. White Master says:

    Yeah, thats why she is spewing this feminism bullshit, trying as Jewusual to turn White women against White men. She is a butt-ass ugly Jew no man wants so she pushes feminism nonsense.

    Its obvious she is jealous of our hottie wearing the stars and bars bikini!

  6. Thomas says:

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  7. Thomas says:

    Incogman – White Master

    Nemesys wrote

    “no. I’m not. I’m a redhead. I am very fair – so I avoid the Sun like the plague……I do go to the beach………but I’m the one under the beach umbrella, or the boardwalk, and a ton of SPF 3000 sunscreen”

    Well a white sexy lady, sounds like your description of a JEW……..

    That makes Nemesys a JEW ! Damn another undercover Jews

    Add your Stupid Warning !

    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

    • incogman says:


      White Master is his own man. There is only one INCOG MAN, here. But Whites will be everywhere, once the full awakening happens. Hopefully, it will be me that ends up at your door to frog-march your lousy, traitorous JEW ASS out of America.

  8. White Master says:


    Is that all you got Jew? PATHETIC!

  9. White Master says:


  10. White Master says:

    Incog and I are not the same person, however we share the same goal…Kicking Jew ass all over the globe!

  11. White Master says:

    We Whites do not sink to the levels of you Jews, we don’t pretend nor bullshit around. I would never pretend to be someone else, thats a Jew thing. You know this Thomass!

  12. Marshall says:

    A frightening image Incog, to be sure. “Of all the bars in all the places” LOL!!!

    You know, “Lauren Bacall” wasn’t HER “real name” either. Betty Persky or something like that. Seems that alot of our early memories were spoon-fed to us by the TV set, growing up in the USA as we have, illusions created by JOOS.

    Chances are…umm…”Lauren Bacall” ain’t looking so hot these days, Photoshop notwithstanding, there’s only so much you can do. :-O

    By the way, parts of “The African Queen” were filmed right around here where I live…in the canals around Stuart. Check it out if you want.

    Now… Katherine Hepburn had some personality, even though she was a lez apparently. Still, she had something going for her…I think I would call it “CLASS,” Don’t you think? She could banter, swap jokes, and all the while maintain her integrity and her feminine beauty (at least on film.) Too cool!!! My kind of woman. No “tramp stamps” on HER lower back, sheez…

    NOBODY CAN “BUY” CLASS…it’s just a quality some people have, whether they know it or not.


  13. Radio K.A.O.S. says:


  14. White Master says:

    Hey Incog,

    Ya know, I bet even the braindead can tell this Thomasjew is an idiot at best. He is just trying to play the Jewusual Jew games….The good thing is that we piss them off and get under their scales!

  15. I see the sayanim agents are all starting to come back in here…

    Damn them and their precious Isra-Hell…. If they love it so much to be Zionist lap dogs, then they should all get on the first flight out of here and over to that racist, homosexual, evil, murderous country! It would also eliminate their need for “dual citizenship” since they have already pledged their allegiance there and not here!

  16. American says:

    JEWS like us to address their petty comments, when we should really be showing people how the JEW is ALWAYS in their pocket, like when the entire population pays fees to have something blessed by JEW Rabbi’s (Kosher tax).

    It’s insane, and we won’t keep feeding the JEWS for much longer, that is clear. JEWS are so thorough in their abuses that every single citizen is exploited in numerous ways, making it quite easy to expose the rats.

    And Incog’s observation about the JEWS that “work” for Israel and zionism is spot on. Don’t the Jew-tards that come here realize they are even more disposable than Whites? The scum they serve is setting these JEWS up to take the beatings when they come. Good going, psyn. Either zionists will get you, or Goyim, but you haven’t left yourself any options!

    And the fact you pathetic JEWS try to return here after getting the boot says it all. No need to explain or justify. Your actions tell us all we need to know. Can any Gentile here imagine trying again and again to get posted on a JEW site? Nope, me neither, and the fact is I’ve never even posted or visited them once. Again, actions speak louder than words, and it’s saying JEWS ARE FUCKED!

  17. American says:

    Most JEWS would be convicted, if honestly tried under RICO statutes.

  18. Thomas says:

    I wonder where you stole that pic of the “hottie wearing the stars and bars bikini”
    As it is a “All rights reserved” pic and wordpress terms and service regarding
    “the Content does not violate the privacy or “publicity rights” of any third party.
    As a moderator you have to publish according to the rules……….

    and as always I am ordering you to add the STUPID WARNING !
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    • incogman says:

      Dumb Jew, see my FAIR USE notice at the bottom of my site. According to US Copyright Law, Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, of which you would change so you could silence any Jew-wise White. You’re just looking for any possible way to intimidate me. I’m giving you another warning right now, Jew, anymore threats and I’ll censor your JEW ASS.

      Got that?

  19. Thomas says:


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    • incogman says:

      ThomASS: I see you don’t FOLLOW my orders, Jew. I expressly told you NOT to threaten me, and yet you still do. For that, it’s off to my SPAMblinka. Sayanora, Jew.

  20. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRxwBSjhw38&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&hl=en&feature=player_embedded&fs=1]

  21. White Master says:

    Thomas sure is one smart ass little wack!

    • incogman says:

      Alas, White Master, Thomas the Jew is now raving away in my Zyklon-B fumigation SPAM que for threatening me when I expressly ordered his Jewness to desist. Jews hate when the Goyim boss them around.

  22. Marwinsing says:

    LOL! ol’ Potok looks permanently flustered AND THIS IS GOOD!

    • I love the Arabs – in Arabia
    • I love the jews – in Khazakstan
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    But I don’t want them in MY SPACE!

    Oh, and one last thing…

    • I love that bikini-clad blonde… and so much more so were she RIGHT HERE ON MY LAP! (euw; can’t say that can we now…?)

  23. Fleur de lis says:

    Vacationing AIG Jew CEO brags about his villa and bemoans citizens scrutinizing fellow tribesmens criminality.
    Benmosche says:
    “It was a horrible period of time and I am hopeful that it is over.”

    Yeah, sure Jew!!


  24. kerdasi amaq says:


  25. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMpJy2uxAQE&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&hl=en&feature=player_embedded&fs=1]

  26. Survey: More White Americans have negative opinions and distrust US owned Zionist News Media

    Trust in news media has reached a new low, with record numbers of Americans saying reporting is inaccurate, biased and shaped by special interests, according to a survey set to be released Monday.

    The survey of 1,506 people interviewed in July by the Pew Research Center showed that self-described Republicans continued to take the dimmest view of news organizations, but discontent among Democrats was catching up.

    On crucial measures of credibility, faith in news media eroded from the 1980s to the ’90s, then held fairly steady for several years, according to Pew surveys that have asked some of the same questions for more than two decades. But in the two years since the last survey, those views became markedly more negative.

    In this year’s survey, 63 percent of respondents said news articles were often inaccurate and only 29 percent said the media generally “get the facts straight” — the worst marks Pew has recorded — compared with 53 percent and 39 percent in 2007.

    Seventy-four percent said news organizations favored one side or another in reporting on political and social issues, and the same percentage said the media were often influenced by powerful interests. Those, too, are the worst marks recorded in Pew surveys.

  27. sept says:

    Mark Potok really gets on my nerves! I’m so SICK of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States


    I’d say Oath Keepers fails because it doesn’t practice Leaderless Resistance. I’d imagine it’s already totally infiltrated by the F ed s by now.


  28. Bella says:

    Hey , I have got absolutely no problem sitting around on my verandah sipping mint juleps. Actually, when properly made, they are simply delicious!!!

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