Random Thoughts About 9/11


Artwork by reader Leif Oldhart. I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t pretend to know everything. All of us need to help share the load and spread the message about the real culprits that day!

Here we are once again: The anniversary of the most important world-changing event since Pearl Harbor. Like many other crucial historical dates, people remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on that date. I don’t want to get into all of the evidence for or against the government’s version of exactly what happened this day but, suffice to say, I definitely don’t believe what we’ve been told.

Basically, I want to think about some of the more human aspects to this, how we all think about it and why. Much of our lives and this country’s financial health in the last eight years and many years into the future, revolves around this seminal event in our history.

I remember visiting the World Trade Center way back in the mid-nineties. At the time, my work required me to stay on Staten Island for six months and so on weekends, I would catch the ferry over to Manhattan for a little sight-seeing and maybe a few too many drinks around town. I still remember that ferry ride to the south side of Manhattan where, as we pulled into the slips, looking up at the WTC and thinking how impossibly large they looked, how they ruined the symmetry of the skyline.

During those weekends, I would hike all over Manhattan with a small backpack and CD Walkman (no Ipods in those days), with my 35mm SLR camera at the ready. One Sunday, I went over to the WTC and stood in the courtyard where that famous bronze sculpture of the globe was located, but for some reason did not go into the foyer, nor visit the Windows on the World (at the top of WTC1), Now of course, I wish I’d done so.

Looking upwards at the towers gave me a dizzying feeling and macabre-like, I wondered how horrifying it would be to fall from such a height. Little did I know that in just a few years people would be doing that and landing all around exactly where I stood at the moment.

On still another occasion, my job required me to fly to the Pentagon, on board a Navy Sea Stallion helicopter, the very same helicopter that was used to fly Nixon away from the White House when he resigned (or so I was told by the crew). We landed at the Heliport on the west side, right next to where Flight 77 would one day crash into.

Photo taken from inside the WTC foyer looking out to the Globe sculpture before the collapse.

Inside one of the WTC foyers looking out towards the Globe sculpture, only a few minutes before the final destruction. Debris and body parts can be seen littering the courtyard beyond the windows, right where I had once stood.

On 9/11 itself, I was at work when people came into my office and excitedly said a plane had just struck the World Trade Center. I remarked on the old story about a B-25 Bomber once hitting the Empire State Building in a fog bank during WW II and just then, someone came in and said another plane had struck the other tower. Everyone knew right then and there, it must have been a purposeful thing: I also remembered about the attack in ’93 and knew it had to have been the same fanatical Muslims as before. My mother later told me that my father had actually said Osama Bin Laden mere moments after the second plane hit, as they were watching it live on “Good Morning America.” I don’t think it was such a stretch to have named him so soon.

Getting home later in the day, I watched all of the coverage and didn’t have the slightest suspicion what I was seeing was anything but real. Very real. That night, I got a return phone call from a friend in Manhattan, who I had tried to talk with all day. She was OK, thank goodness, and she had seen literally everything from the balcony of her building, uptown, just blocks away. She had apparantly seen people falling from the buildings, but was too far away to understand that it was people and not inanimate debris. She said that everyone seemed either numb or oddly excitable.

Bystanders on the street react in horror as they witness people plunging to their deaths.

The famous "falling man" shot, apparently a waiter from the Towers on the World, jumps to his death head first.

The famous “falling man” photo, where the victim (probably a waiter from The Windows on the World restaurant) decides to go out head first.

Whenever I see photos or footage of people falling from those buildings, I’m drawn to it in a way that makes me feel ashamed. It’s like looking at photos of the dead. I think most people have a morbid curiosity about such things, but do not want to admit it. Yet it’s true, people look at things like that because they know inside themselves, sooner or later, they too will be like that.

To be standing in the windows of one of those Towers, desperately breathing in the air and with an inferno raging ever closer to you and wondering if you can possibly find a way to live. Only minutes before, the day was so normal — absolutely sunny and beautiful — and then, all of sudden, comes a terrible explosion literally out of the blue. Flames, smoke and heat drive you towards the windows and fresh air. Finally, with no options left, you decide to hurl yourself out into space, knowing you will soon brutally crash into the ground. It’s all simply too unfathomable for us to really understand. The utter fear that they must have felt, still rings across the years to this day.

For many years afterwords, I believed in the government’s theory of this event. In fact, I laughed to myself that people actually believed it false, something that everyone saw take place in “real time,” before their eyes and which never could have been orchestrated by our own side. Or so I thought.

And how could anyone possibly do something as horrible as this to their own people? I had heard some garbled story about five “Mediterranean” men arrested in New Jersey and wondered just what that was about and then why it disappeared so quickly. I watched the news about all the recriminations and revelations about incompetence and blindly accepted that, too. I mean, after all, the government could screw up an iron wedge!

But many things did not seem to add up. The inconsistencies and omissions spoke volumes — the more I looked into it, the more problems I found. No, I’d pretty much discounted all the outlandish stuff out there. I knew they were websites touting totally ridiculous theories like video fakery, laser-projected imagery, stealth jets and the like. I avoided all that, as much as possible.

Three of the “Dancing Israelis” on a Hebrew TV show in Israel. During the show the middle one lets it slip that “our purpose was to document the event.” Go to my 9/11 Videos page to see this show. All evidence pertaining to this matter has since been classified by the US government — can you believe that? There should be nothing classified whatsoever. And another thing: Why would these skinny Jews come over here to work as “moving men” in the first dam place? Think about that!

But other things stuck out like giant thumbs. The five “Mediterranean” men turned out to be Israelis. My friend in Manhattan had actually read an article about it in the Bergen Record, a New Jersey local paper. Now, if these guys were indeed Israelis and were there before the first plane struck the North tower, than that would mean one thing — one very, very big thing: They had to know in advance. The article said the police had found maps on these men maps marked in such a way that the police immediately believed them to have been a part of the attack itself. And they also took photos of themselves celebrating and holding up lighters like they were at a rock concert — and all the while innocent people were obviously dying, for chrissakes.

The whole police business was covered up and classified. I read that the FBI confiscated everything and even told the local police keep quiet about it. The company these men worked for, called “Urban Movers,” closed up overnight and the Jew owner hurried himself and his family on to Israel (leaving everything behind). It’s certain that Urban Movers was an Israeli MOSSAD front operation. The five men were released and allowed to return to Israel by a dual-citizen of Israel, Michael Chertoff, previously in charge at the FBI and then as Director of “Homeland Security.”

All this, is not even half of the story. God, it’s so obvious the whole deal was MOSSAD from the very beginning. Of course they covered it all up.

Now, I’ve been privy to a few things before that have never made it into the news. One, that the US Military bombed a drug runner’s plane sitting on the tarmac in Columbia. This was related to me by someone involved in the electronic eavesdropping of the drug cartels and saw it happen with his own eyes. Another story that I heard from a soldier I knew in the Army Rangers, was that US Helicopters herded together frightened Somalis civilians in an open-air market and then launched Hell-fire missiles at them in retaliation over the famous “Black Hawk Down” debacle the day before. I was also once told a lot about the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, long before it made into the public domain.

So, I knew that they were many things in this world that never sees the light of day. I know the government can and does manage to keep secrets and that the media is more than willing to stay silent. With the continued revelations in the public about 9/11, mostly from the tireless efforts of just a few American Patriot civilians and the foreign press — I knew many of these facts should have received non-stop attention from a “free media.” It was then that I realized, with a sickening feeling in my gut, that we never really did have a free media, after-all.

It was a beautiful fall day when the attack came literally out of the blue. NORAD appears to have had a exercise called “Vigilant Guardian” or possibly even a “live-fly” hijacking exercise called “Vigilant Warrior” for that very morning, maybe even for the exact same hour.* The 9/11 Commission hid this daming fact from the American people. Could this exercise have been used as cover to confuse and paralyze our people?

Now, after finding out more about the Dancing Israelis of 9/11, I read just about everything I could about 9/11. Both pro-government theory and the so-called “Truther” movement. Eventually, I concluded that the government was indeed hiding many things about it and more than likely, knew about it all in advance, at the very least. Many other details and evidence painted a much more horrifying conclusion: That Zionist elements within our government had an active hand in the whole thing.

I believe that this will all come out one day. There is way too much going on over this to be kept hidden away forever. The media has shown a purposeful disconnect with the public on this and it’s easy to see why. If 9/11 was ever fully revealed, then the actions and agendas of powerful forces, those who seek to turn this country and people into what they think we should be, not what we want to be, will be shockingly evident.

And yes, the Jew has good reason to fear this exposure because he knows that the only way something like this could be covered-up to this extent, is because the mainstream media is going along with the government’s version of events. Just like how they patently ignore anything to do with the North American Union, all of the Globalist’s doings and virtually anything negative pertaining to the State of Israel. These news people should be more than ashamed of themselves. They do not have our interest in mind.

And they know well that Jewish extremists, rabid Zionists and the MOSSAD have no problem with inflicting collateral damage in the pursuit of their global ambitions, both here and in the Middle East. Collateral damage as in people jumping to their deaths off skyscrapers on a beautiful fall day, eight long years ago.

Never forget those people who died that day and learn everything you possibly can about it while you still can. And, most importantly, be willing to speak up about it to every one you know. Don’t let people use ridicule to silence you: This tactic is directly attributable to Jews who purposefully make up crazy stuff as “disinfo,” right along with a media that we know cannot be trusted any longer as a “free press;” a media that should have the interests of America before the State of Israel, but obviously doesn’t.

— Phillip Marlowe 



Watch this short and moving video called “The Falling Man,” with music written by Michael Wright in a hotel room soon after 9/11 and set to film clips from Oliver Stone’s movie “9/11.”

Excerpt from “Missing Links.” Michael Delaney ties it all together and says what the others avoid. You can afford 10 minutes of your time to watch this. Go HERE for the full movie.

“I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks. … The American system is totally in control of the Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States.”

— Osama Bin Laden, in a tape shortly after 9/11, which was kept from Americans with the excuse given that “he might have embedded secret codes to terrorists.” It has yet to appear in the American mainstream press, but did appear in Europe.


* Richard Clarke said in his book “Against All Enemies” that acting JCS Chairman Richard Myers told him in their videoconference on 9/11 “not a pretty picture, Dick… We are in the middle of Vigilant Warrior, a NORAD exercise.”

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Sentinel says:

    You bet on anything.

    Doesn’t a KIKE make his “money” from JEWistan, LAS VEGAS?

    YOU had better RUN JEW!!!! I will spend a small part ofmy time trying to show the world what you are…but your laws ca protect you

    filthy cathifornia whores

    IT’S TIME…. for a cool change

  2. Nemesys says:

    Thank you Incogman, from my heart and my soul, for sparing us the torments of Die Jude. For at least one day.

    The thing that makes me sick is that we cannot really escape them, on this day (or any other) – as they created this day.

    David Lane said, “There’s no way out excpet through the Jew” – and he was right (as per usual).

    It’s time. They are due – and so are we.

    Justice. I want truth – and justice.

  3. Nemesys says:

    Rock – I don’t want to spew filthy language, as that is a Jew thing. Our language is English, and it’s a magnificent, expansive, and glorous tongue. A language that shold and must be spoken with reverence, imagination, and deep, abiding, and heartfelt love.

    However – once in awhile one must get really, down-in-the-dirt “Anglo-Saxon”. These are the times that do try our souls, and elegant lamentations just don’t do the trick.

    Especially with demented sadists like that W Creature.

    A brick, and baseball bat, or a thick skull getting an intimate introduction to a great big concrete wall = that usually gets one’s point across in no uncertain terms.

    And use the “C” word. Feel free, gents. Call ’em like ya see ’em. Call a “C” a “C”, if the “C” fits. I believe that is another perfectly apt, valid Anglo Saxon word.

  4. Nemesys says:

    James the Just – re: your thoughts on censoship – you are right, as usual.

    Fellas – if we do, somehow, against all odds, manage to save our Race, and rebuild our Civilization, our Nation – it’s gotta be somehow planted deep down in the DNA. NOT to let the women slip the leash again.

    There are a few of us older gals here. We’ve seen the horrors wrought by the Jew Fraud called “Women’s Lib”.

    We are definitely not mousy women. Meek little cringing things. disappearing into the wall paper.

    Leave the instruction of the younger gals to us. We’ll teach with our hard-won experience. We’ll tell the young women that men and women (White ones – the only ones that count) are desinged to compliment and help each other – not compete, and thus destroy and hate each other. We’ll tell them that “Women’s Lib” was a Satanic ploy to divide our men and women from each other, and from themselves, and especially to rob a young woman of her maternity.

  5. You let one through, incog…. How could you!!!!

    I feel insulted…. One Zio-pig got through!

  6. Not a coward, you scumbag…. Just not wanting to put up with any of your sayanim zio-bull for one day.

    Time for the door at Spamblinka to be opened up wide…. The “canadian” needs to be disposed of!

  7. byucougar says:

    It looks like the Mad Jewess actually let my post on her blog through. She even referred to me as a piece of excrement and then gave a shout out to Incogman. I feel so loved 🙂

  8. White Master says:

    Cici- Do you know who the excrement TRASH is up above you is? It is a viscious anti-semite, who posts on incogman.wordpress.com
    Maybe you could join in the fight against anti-semitism WITH me, and be a good sister….that would be a change I could believe in…

    There is part of Jewess’ response to byucougar, my God that Jew is deranged and looney.

  9. fanning says:

    History Channel is doing a special on 9/11.

    If you pay close attention, you’ll notice they’re interviewing Jews but giving them non-Jewish sounding names.

    So a big Jew gives his/her opinion but his name is ‘Frank Jones’ or ‘Jane Smith’ or something like that.

    Can you believe these people?!!!

  10. Nemesys says:

    Incogman, and all- I wish your blog was a town. (Or a Nation. Even better!). I’d move right in.

    My kinda place.

    Thank you for this blog.

  11. Damn phony “canadian”…. And he is the real coward for supporting the criminal enterprise called Isra-Hell rather than finding true courage and standing up against their crimes!

  12. I hope enough people get wise to the False Flag agenda
    before they perpetrate another one and plunge us into WW3.
    If every Gentile simply refused to fight another the Jew would be up a creek.

  13. That reminds me
    911 lessons from Star Trek:

  14. byucougar says:

    The whole thing has reeked of a false flag operation from the get-go. With Jews, it really doesn’t matter if they are “right wing” or liberal. Its all just a distraction anyway to buy into the phony left-right paradigm they created anyway. Left Wing Jews support our demise in the forms of homosexuality, drug use, sexual promiscuity, violent music, etc… Where as “right wing” jews such as the Mad Jewess and her minions support our demise in the form of false flag operations, interventionist foreign policy, religious fundamentalism, etc…. The only Jews I respect are those few such as Brother Nathaniel Kapner who is a true man of God and a true Christian patriot that speaks out against the Anti-Christian nature of the Zionist empire

  15. JamesTheJust says:

    We’ll teach with our hard-won experience. We’ll tell the young women that men and women (White ones – the only ones that count) are desinged to compliment and help each other – not compete, and thus destroy and hate each other.

    Right on Nemesys!

    They are help-meets; not slaves and not competition. They are the future of our race and anyone who has studied the history of the White race down through time knows that the true heroines of our race were not meek little kittens. More like a lioness when her kin folk were threatened.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad Mad-Jewess aka ”Wendy” is gone.

  17. byucougar says:

    They’ll be back. Their banishment was only temporary. It was out of respect to the victims of 911

  18. kerdasi amaq says:


    “The problem with Jews is that you really cannot debate them.” a debate with them is a contest to see who can scream the loudest for the longest.

    nemesys. That reminds me of a computer game.

    “The only way out is through”

  19. Dark Dave says:

    Thanks Incog. I don’t comment much but I apreciate your efforts. You got a great site here.

  20. Louis from Montreal says:

    It is truly refreshing to be reminded of the horror of that day; Thanks once again Incog! I haven’t watched the video yet, but I plan on it.

  21. Leif Oldhart says:

    heg. Thanks for posting that video link. This actually contains THE only info one needs to understand that the very highest government and military officials were involved in this plan or went along with their handlers: AIPAC, Israel, or “The Jews” (take your pick)

    Once again:

    Readers should bookmark this video; download it if possible; convert to from YouTube format (FLV) to a format anyone can view (try WMV or MP4). This free, no-install video converter does that. Worked fine for me. but probably not the fanciest thing around.


  22. kerdasi amaq says:


    (PilotsFor911Truth.org) – Newly decoded data provided by an independent researcher and computer programmer from Australia exposes alarming evidence that the reported hijacking aboard American Airlines Flight 77 was impossible to have existed. A data parameter labeled “FLT DECK DOOR”, cross checks with previously decoded data obtained by Pilots For 9/11 Truth from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) through the Freedom Of Information Act.

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 77 departed Dulles International Airport bound for Los Angeles at 8:20 am Eastern Time. According to reports and data, a hijacking took place between 08:50:54 and 08:54:11[1] in which the hijackers allegedly crashed the aircraft into the Pentagon at 09:37:45. Reported by CNN, according to Ted Olson, wife Barbara Olson had called him from the reported flight stating, “…all passengers and flight personnel, including the pilots, were herded to the back of the plane by armed hijackers…”[2]. However, according to Flight Data provided by the NTSB, the Flight Deck Door was never opened in flight. How were the hijackers able to gain access to the cockpit, remove the pilots, and navigate the aircraft to the Pentagon if the Flight Deck Door remained closed?[3]

    Founded in August 2006, Pilots For 9/11 Truth is a growing organization of aviation professionals from around the globe. The organization has analyzed Data provided by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for the Pentagon Attack, the events in Shanksville, PA and the World Trade Center attack. The data does not support the government story. The NTSB/FBI refuse to comment. Pilots For 9/11 Truth do not offer theory or point blame at this point in time. However, there is a growing mountain of conflicting information and data in which government agencies and officials along with Mainstream Media refuse to acknowledge. Pilots For 9/11 Truth Core member list continues to grow.

  23. Fleur says:

    Check out this video of the show Connections, episode 1 produced in the mid 70’s. Watch all of the 5 parts, but notice all of the coincidental references and images to WTC, 911, catastrophy, vulnerability, massive structure and reliance upon a technological world that can trap us, in part one.

    It is amazing that a possible subtle divine message was encoded in this series as a prelude warning to the events 20 plus years later. This show explains what happened during the great blackout in NY in 1965 on November 9th (11-9)

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