White Kids Beaten in Public Schools


Negroes took turns punching a lone, younger White male, while all the rest looked on and laughed about it. See video below. How much more of this diversity crap are we going to take? [INCOG]

by Jeff Davis

Here’s another example not only of the horror that White children face in integrated public schools, but the sickening hypocrisy and cowardice of the White adults who refuse to protect them. An article in the St. Louis Today reports: “A Belleville police spokesman now says an incident where a white student was beaten by teen black assailants on a bus may not be racially motivated. ‘It was premature on my part,’ said Belleville Police Capt. Don Sax. ‘It was my personal and emotional comment after only seeing the video briefly.’ ”

Sax had originally stated that the attack was racially motivated. In other words, somebody got to him and threatened him between the time he made his first statement and the time he issued his “corrected” one. In the extremely rare case of a group of Whites attacking a Black, it is automatically assumed to be a hate crime. In the extremely frequent case of a group of Blacks beating a White child, liberal politicians pull strings to make sure the Blacks are (1).all charged as juvenile offenders no matter how close to age 18 they are and (2).never charged with a hate crime.


[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.873416&w=425&h=350&fv=file%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.wntube.net%2Fuploads%2FetNlGlBSn2XvulZwwBGq.flv%26amp%3Bimage%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.wntube.net%2Fuploads%2Fthumbs%2F%26amp%3Blogo%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.wntube.net%2Fimage_s%2Fplayerlogo.png%26amp%3Bskin%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.wntube.net%2FSnel.swf%26amp%3Dtrue%26amp%3Bfullscreen%3Dtrue%26amp%3Bstretching%3Dfill] 

Belleville West Bus Attack

The article notes “Some of the students on the bus yesterday during the incident cheered the beating, the video shows. Sax said a formal statement would be made available later today. ‘After having reviewed the video, it doesn’t strike me nearly as racially motivated,’ Sax said.”

Well, how could a group of Blacks cheering the beating of a White child be considered hateful? It sounds like it’s all about political correctness and nothing else. The hate crime laws ONLY exist for the very rare case of a hate crime by Whites, not for the extremely common hate crime by Blacks. Considering that the liberal authorities absolutely refuse to prosecute Blacks for hate crimes no matter how obvious, we should get rid of these laws once and for all.

How many times per day do vicious assaults on White children in public schools occur, all across this country? Multiply this incident by thousands of times. How often do White parents load their children up onto school buses full of little black thugs every morning because they are too poor to afford a physically safe private school? And how often are the White victims betrayed by cringing White cowards like this police captain who thinks more of his career and his salary than he does of the truth or the safety of the very children he is supposed to “serve and protect?”

The only reason we have racially mixed schools is so that Jews and sick-minded, middle-aged White liberals can get a warm and fuzzy feeling when they see White and Black kids shoved into the same classroom. Never mind the fact, the White kids are covered with cuts and bruises. All for the sake of the liberal false god of Diversity.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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185 Responses to White Kids Beaten in Public Schools

  1. JamesTheJust says:


    The Jew thinks long term, but their M.O. remains the same. This is how they destroyed Egypt (originally a white nation), Israel (originally a white nation), Greece (originally a white nation), Rome (originally a white nation), and now ALL the nations of the West (fast becoming mud nations).

    It’s is ALWAYS the same. This is not new to them. But this time it is different. Aryans have no place let to run. There is no more fight OR flight. There is only fight. Those who refuse to take up this mantle, deserve their fate.

  2. Ultrarabid says:

    biker they are not even untermensch
    that word implies that they belong to humanity! these people have, since they appeared on this earth demonstrated their detachment from humanity.
    Its them against all of us!
    they will use their lapdogs as cannon fodder, just like the british used the gurkhas, first wave to waken the lines, the only difference is that these jews know nothing about warfare, unless killing women and children from a rooftop is considered.
    They will reap the benefits like they did with germany there they made shore to eliminate the best and the bravest. and not only germans. consider the last to fall in berlin were french, and in stalingrad you had your spaniard falages men.

  3. Cobine says:

    whats funny is that scenario fits a norse myth perfectly. in one myth, when the Aesir (the gods of men) arrive in scandinavia, they attempt to conquer the Vanir (gods of nature). they capture the goddess Gulleveig, and kill her and burn her body, but she came back to life. so they kill her two more times, but she still comes back to life. at that point, the Aesir realized that they couldn’t defeat the Vanir so they made peace and exchanged hostages.

    but seriously, Odin is far more powerful than jesus. first off, jesus doesn’t come back to life every 3 days, he dies once then 3 days later goes to heaven. then Odin would have to wait who knows how many thousands of years for jesus to come back to kill him again.

    also, Odin created the world, the sea, and the sky, and when his brother Bor carved two people out of wood, he gave them life and wisdom. he has magic spells, can read the future, and enchant items. he can shapeshift, move between heaven and earth freely (something jesus couldn’t do), and learns of all that happens in the world from his two magic ravens. all jesus ever did was create bread and fish, and heal some sick people. where is his power? what proof is there that he has any fighting power? he is a weaklinng compared to Odin

    and if, somehow, jesus impossibly defeated odin (lol), there is still no way he could defeat Thor. no chance at all. its more likely that jesus went to hell than him defeating Thor.


  4. Wolfgang says:

    James…… I was not aware of jesus being anything other than a jew..so I guess I was taught wrong….However I will consider what you say and research it …
    Who knows.. maby he was Aryan….
    I wouldn’t put it past the theiving jew to steal our people’s religon..
    but even so JamesI only beleive in the ultimate power of Nature and the laws of Nature that govern every living thing on this rock we call home…
    so lets just say we differ in religous matters and call it a draw… OK…
    We have an enemy …many enimies to deal with so we shouldnt waste our time discussing wheather this god is the one or that god is the one…
    Alright Brother… ; – )

  5. White Master says:

    No other White country has had freedom ingrained within the people like here in the United States. The Jew is done for this time.

  6. JamesTheJust says:


    You’re my brother. I have no qualms with you. Our enemy is common and so are our goals. I just wanted to expose one more facet of Jew (Edomite) lies.

  7. Ultrarabid says:

    “Aryans have no place let to run. There is no more fight OR flight. There is only fight. ”

    exactly to the point! this vid, is not just a random act of violence, it is the metaphor of what is happening in all aspects and levels of life.
    That white kid IS the representation of all of us.
    He is the mirror in which we all are being reflected!!!!
    think about it for a while.

    Its not about going all gungho and in a blaze of glory.

    we are living in the point of almost no return, we are being pushed against the wall, but until they get us there, be alert, be prepared, learn, be wise, don’t fall before the time comes. and it will come, and then the more we know, the less difficult to take sides it’l be.

    live free or… teher is nothing else to chose from but death

  8. biker68 says:

    Wodin- in Anglo-Saxon England, but wasnt this god derived from some mesopotamian diety? (snarf snarf, sarcasm)

    OUR power lies in OUR gods. if Norse or Germanic mythology was taught as the norm, where would our worship for “the holy land” be? in northern Europe of course! fuck Israel and Palestine! cut ALL aid, and let them fight it out…

    whites would not be sniveling servants of Israel, but warriors that conquered the WORLD! what is the most widley used language? ENGLISH! a GERMANIC TONGUE! how did that come to be? well we WHIPPED ASS ALLOVER THE PLANET! and we WILL do it again!

  9. White Master says:

    We are the strongest and best of the White race (awakened Whites), many more Whites will continue to awaken. What was once braindead weaklings will become some of our best warriors….Guaranteed.

    We will know how and when to act when the time comes, no doubt….stay vigilant.

  10. Wolfgang says:

    James…. We are Brothers and we will overcome this enemy in our midst…
    and if we can learn something from one another on this journey so much the better… And I will certainly look into what I have learned here today..
    We have our backs against the wall it would seem… but hey we know what time it is now and all White Folk should start preparing for the eventual day when this thing goes live….
    You are a Good and Wise Brother James….

  11. biker68 says:

    UltraRabid: the only German ‘soldiers’ left in Berlin in April ’45 were Swedes, Danes, Dutch, French, and Belgians. aside from under 15 and over 60 year old men.

    no… the things ive read… why wasnt Tiffany Long reported as widely as Dahmer? because SHE was shite, and THEY were niggers.

    all this time looking for the “missing link” in evolution, and its alive! just watch march madness, theres missing link allover that Jew media endorsement money orgy of pigshit!

  12. biker68 says:

    Untermensch? youre right, they dont qualify!

  13. biker68 says:

    yes, JTJ is good and wise i agree…

  14. American says:

    I like how the hosts have to ask an unknown nigger about “racial issues’, but the dumbass refers to “Mark Hinckley” on nationwide JEW tv:

  15. biker68 says:

    sorry, she was WHITE. she was SHITE to the media.. thought id clarify

  16. American says:

    Like I’ve said before, JEWS would be better served leaving the niggers in the closet. You mean “John Hinckley”, nigger-expert on race relations.

    With what’s coming down the pike, I’d hate to have my wagon hitched to niggers, like the JEW has done. The truth is spreading FAST!

  17. biker68 says:

    yeah American, TYRONE? what bees you thinkun? jew think deys kill dat niggah? ooohh ah done know, bud deys bee wahntin too! ahn a nigger says dis uhn dat ahn a nigger be like…. MARK hinkley? who is that? lol!

  18. biker68 says:

    hehehe JOHN Hinkley, that had dinner with Neill Bush the day before he tried to kill Reagan to make daddy Bush pres? THAT John Hinkley?

  19. scoot says:

    I’m with you WM I’m sick of the Jews in the shadows and the niggers in my face.I live in a some what racially diverse neighborhood and the niggers know exactly where i stand.Ive made it clear in not so many words that if my house is broke into or if any of my shit is touched expect to be shot.Niggers are soft if not in a pack. No matter WHAT you must stand up to them, ass whippin or not.9 times out of 10 a nigger don’t want nothing to do with a stand up white man.I know this first hand because i spent time with these savages in the MDOC and not ONE time did i back down from a nigger,and as a matter of fact i lumped up a few.Bottom line is niggers dont wanna fuck with a down white man that demands respect.

  20. American says:

    Anybody else notice how JEWS, at their sentencing, will march a parade of JEWS in front of the judge testifying to his generosity?

    This most recent cretin (above) traveled all the way to Russia to exploit underage orphans, and I’m supposed to care that he’s “generous” to other JEWS (which is the case 100% of the time-JEWS only generosity)

    • incogman says:

      Remember that the Jew’s fervent wish is to separate out the courts for Jews and Goyims. This is directly attributable to the Talmud, where the Jews say if a Goyim strikes a fellow Jew it’s death, but not so the other way around.

      The Jew has set-up institutes, dedicated to insinuating their law into American laws.

      They can’t stand any instance where the Goyim sits in judgement of the Chosen, nor any Jew having to serve in Goyim prisons. Convicted spies like Jonathan Pollard run Jews HOT, since he spied for IsraHELL (they think that it was patriotic when ANY “American” Jew does this). He is now in prison with other Goyim, White and Black and this drives them bonkers.


  21. American says:

    Along those lines, JEW-rat Dr. Stephen Steinlight (Director of National Affairs of the American Jewish Committee) said in 2001, “For perhaps another
    generation, an optimistic forecast, the Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions that support our agenda.”

  22. Leif Oldhart says:

    My neice attended a public school where a well-mannered negro girl informed her, “My mamma say white people ugly!”

  23. American says:

    Disgusting. Until one of the JEW trolls here shows me otherwise, we can trust this behavior and name is typical of a JEW:


    Today was a special day, with TWO JEWS getting exposed for sexually abusing homeless or orphaned children. This latest scumbag promised the boys “food and shelter”.

    Keep sharing the facts.

  24. American says:

    Don’t expect JEW-media to tell you the guy is a JEW. Now contrast that article to this one, headlined “Christian Couples Sentenced for Human Trafficking After Trying to Adopt Egyptian Children”:


    Holy shit. These articles came out today, and there is a BIG difference between trying to adopt, and setting up a shelter for the purpose of having sex with unfortunate children.

    JEW-media is obligated to start the headline “Christan Couples…” while in B OTH other articles I linked to, with heinous crimes, they NEVER mention a”JEW”.

  25. Rock says:

    Leif- A while back my buddy called me up & said someone walked into his garage while they were at church(he lives in a neiborhood of $250.00+ homes) & took his kids bmx bikes & left two ratty older bikes in their place. We went hunting around the area for the bikes and found them in a “black community” thats known for drug dealing. They were at a very unkept trailer that looked like it was about to break in half any minute. They would not talk to us so we called the police & waited over 30 minutes for them to get there & say their was nothing they could do without a witness seeing them take the bikes. This is the funny part; When the officer knocked on the door the black woman came outside and I shit you not was knawing on a peice of fried chicken. The cop had to back up because she was spitting chicken when she talked. She said the kids found the bikes in a ditch and we could take them back. I’m in no way condemming anyone for being poor but to lie for the kids and not having them face up to their “crime” just shows the black mentallity. We kept all the bikes and it turns out the other bikes were claimed by other kids in his neiborhood as being stolen. White people ugly?

  26. American says:



    And the article I linked to earlier regarding Spain indicting 3 “ex nazi death camp guards” is equally weak. With all three suspects in their mid- EIGHTIES, it’s safe to say JEWS are running low on material to keep the holoHOAX fable alive:


  27. Leif Oldhart says:

    Rock. That old fried chicken woman acted just like many Jews act when confronted with their misdeeds. “Oy, so take them back, it vas all a big misstake!”

  28. Awakenedwoman says:

    I live in Fl. I’m 29. I remember back in my junior high and high school days this was a daily thing I myself had to live with. Daily. They refuse to fight you one on one. Always it was in groups of two or more. They will throw things at you, spit on you, grope you, cut your hair, steal your property, corner you up, call you names, hit you, etc. etc. Small groups of us paired off and went everywhere together. It helped but not much. If you dared to challenge them they would make your life hell. I had to learn how to fight and fight well real quick. There was no other choice.
    This was fifteen years ago. It has gotten much worse. These people can barely function on a social level. Wolves have a more dignified decorum than a group of blacks. To compare them to wolves is actually an insult to the wolves. Anyone who says otherwise has not been forced into a public school or social setting with them. I see it everyday. Try to go to the library or grocery store and they will comment to each other (loudly enough for you to hear it of course) about “that white b!tc*” or “those cracker MF’ers”. They could care less who hears it. They want you to. They dare you to say something. I’m a tiny girl but I will laugh in their face. Most of the time they back down.
    This is what our country has become. Sigh. I’m moving to a mountain and joining the quiverfull movement.

    • incogman says:

      Thanks, Awakenedwoman for your comment.

      Yes, liberal Whites who go along with the destruction of this country, have little contact with regular Negroes of the street. They base everything on what they see on TV. And Negroes are totally racist towards Whites when they think they can get away with it.

      Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Jews efforts behind all this and you’ll understand when I say: Look at what the lousy Jews have done to America!

  29. Joy says:

    I have not watched this video. I imagine it is just like soo many I have seen before, sickening. It makes my blood boil.

  30. White Master says:

    Hey Awakenedwoman,

    Great comment, its good to see a White woman with the courage to tell the truth.

  31. American says:

    More and more people are telling it like it is. Welcome, ‘Awakenedwoman’.

  32. Damn… It is not much better here in Canada…. We do not have the African-American troubles that you have in the USA, but we have our problems with a massively rising “First Nations” (aboriginal, or native indian) trouble brewing here!

    The “first nations” people here do much of the same crimes that you guys suffer down there in the US… Biggest problem here is their lack of education and morals… They steal, lie, cheat, and even murder, and the court system here basically turns the other way and most of them get off with only minor charges!

  33. ultraRabidly says:

    O’bama dixit:
    “so that the Jewish state is fully accepted by its neighbors, and its children can live their dreams free from fear”…(sure, dreams of mass murder and free from international courts!!)

    “Throughout history, the Jewish people have been.. blahblah..’a light unto the nations.'(remember Dresden) Through an abiding commitment to faith, family, and justice, Jews have overcome extraordinary adversity, holding fast to the hope of a better tomorrow.”…(speechless..!)

    “In this season of renewal, we celebrate that spirit; we honor a great and ancient faith; and we rededicate ourselves to the work of repairing this world.”….(REPAIRING this world!!! it really sounds the same as the forced vaccinations!!!)

    this piece of cartload dung is unbelievable!!

  34. Nemesys says:

    Northern – average “Indian” – Land Bridge Asian – IQ is 80. They are 5 pts lower than Blacks.

    Read Rushton. It’s all “in there”.

  35. Fleur de lis says:

    Beware! It’s a jewish holiday this weekend (Rosh Hashanananah….dip dip dip).

    War, death and destruction, and false flags are always a strong possibility during these holy and joyful times.

  36. ultraRabidly says:

    I was making a reference to one of the members of the Charlemagne division Eugene Vaulot… they say it was a russian sniper, but i’ve been told a bullet in the head, close range and the man already wounded…
    wikipedia(or jews rewriting history):
    “Eugene Vaulot was killed in action by a Red Army sniper(as to imply that there was no cowardly action) on 2 May 1945, just two days after being awarded the Knight’s Cross,[3] and less than a week before the German surrender”.

    and then…

    anyway sorry all for this side note.

  37. babette says:

    Was the bus driver black?

    Was he on that bus?

    If if he was on the bus, he must have been black and cheered along.

    If he was white, he was scared to interfere?

    We are now outnumbered by those black critters, I fear.


  38. rofm says:

    What’s wrong with the white kid’s parents? Haven’t they heard of white flight, suburban school districts, private schools????
    White parents figured this shit out thirty years ago.
    If you jump into the gorilla cage at the zoo and get the shit beat out of you, are you surprised?

  39. odinforall says:

    There seem to be a lot of false prophets on here, so I wanted to share with you all my experiences with Odin, Lord of Valhalla. I had a troubled life, got in with the wrong crowd, and consorted with dwarves and giants, but then I met Odin, and my life was changed forever. If you sacrifice your eye and hang on the tree of life for a while, you get the most fascinating insights and wisdom! It can be yours too, if you just give up on your weak, pathetic deities and accept Odin as your personal Warrior Lord! He has a chariot pulled by angry goats, he has magic ravens, he chops people’s heads off! How many of your so-called “saviors” can do that? None! Odin rules!Jesus is out, he destroyed White America.
    With Odin Help we will kill all Niggers and Kikes and be free in a White country we always lived.

  40. JamesThaJust says:

    What’s wrong with the white kid’s parents? Haven’t they heard of white flight, suburban school districts, private schools????

    That’s fine and good, but have you thought that maybe they can’t afford what you’re suggesting?

    White parents figured this shit out thirty years ago.
    If you jump into the gorilla cage at the zoo and get the shit beat out of you, are you surprised?

    Why are you blaming the victim?

    I know it was popular to run some years ago, but did that solve the problem? Instead counties and private developers were FORCED by the Jewish dogs to have set asides.

    The fact is that the White man’s answer has been “flight” for some time now, but that will not do and for two reason:

    1. The Jews HATE us. This is not about equality and never has been. This is about a systematic, deliberate attempt to destroy the White race and this hatred is not recent. It goes back thousands of years!

    2. No way should we run anymore. The nations of the West belong to the White race AND NO ONE ELSE; especially the damned Edomite Jews! We must stand and we must fight. There is no place left to run and if I have to kill every damned non-White in order to secure the future of my people, that is EXACTLY what I’ll do; starting with the instigating Jews!

  41. fanning says:

    You guys ready for Obama to give all the illegal mexicans citizenship so they can get health care?

    “Obama said this week that his health care plan won’t cover illegal immigrants, but argued that’s all the more reason to legalize them and ensure they eventually do get coverage.”

    Washington Times

  42. ultraRabidly says:

    “What’s wrong with the white kid’s parents?”

    James, you beat me to an answer! 🙂

    but anyways, not as insightful, here is my thoughts

    some parents are in to this diversity crap, they’ll probably think diferent when they see their son…
    but it’s not just diversity, it’s the whole social system engineered in such a way as to dismember the family so parents won’t interfere with what the school does,
    because they are too busy, or trying to make ends meet economically, or too preoccupied with women’s lib; women competing with men and men trying to figure out what happened, when did he miss the train(but thanks to tv, booze, porn, junk food, and “time is money”) never gets the time to really understand the deep significance of what is being done and for what ends; always we get back to the question of “who benefits?” Cui bono.

    and the answer is …

    Run/flight, is not an option. Study, understand the iner workings of these parasites and their methods…, get to understand psychology and find the virus that has been imbedded by jews, discard that and keep the knowledge of what makes the mind the most powerful weapon in our arsenal freed from the venom of Freud, regroup, strengthen the numbers, draw the line, this war is not about killing…, yet, its a war for the minds of as many people as we can, power in the numbers and quality of thought is our best bet, the times are not the calm before the storm, the storm is raging, until now, they chose the battleground in which they are good at fighting; time will come for us to chose the scenario… and then, it’ll be a ask no mercy, give no mercy battle.

  43. kerdasi amaq says:

    from the Resistance report.

    What’s wrong with this sentence?

    “The government created the war on terrorism by backing Israel’s land grab against Muslims and Christians in Palestine, and in reaction to years of being killed by American made weapons given to Israel for free by the U.S. government, they attacked us on 911.”

  44. Sentinel says:

    Rosh a Sha Na Na…now THAT is funny man!!! 😀 That “Bowser” dude from Sha Na Na is a Jew yip de dip de dip.

    What lyrics!!! Shama lama ding dong yip de dip de dip. Shang chang, changity chang-she-bop.

    What an artistic statement they make. What a mastery of English they display!!! WARNING TO JEWS SEEKING NOSE JOBS!!! Never use a plastic surgeon who has Picasso paintings in his waiting room…


  45. Dark Dave says:

    The nations of the West belong to the White race AND NO ONE ELSE;

    I actually never heard that before. It sounds so good.

  46. ultraRabidly says:

    stumbled upon this site
    and went over here
    … some books in pdf format for downloading. Haven’t read any, except for some exerts which I thought were fine… hope some of you might like.

  47. Kort says:

    Jewish media and Jewish PC police minimize or dismiss (outright)
    black racial attacks on whites. This bus incident is sterotypical and
    goes back to the 60s as I recall as a 54 year old man.

  48. all out of gum says:

    Strikes me that the multi-cult just lost another recruit. And all of his family. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘n’ word is flowing freely in that household now. Bet he’s waiting, seething, planning.
    A dish best served cold as they say.

  49. JamesTheJust says:

    I have been talking to white people about this incident and no one had heard about it. I don’t watch television. Has this made the jew-tube at all?

    I know it made Rush because of an e-mail I was sent.

  50. incogman says:


    The school suspended the two attackers for 10 days today, pending an expulsion hearing, and suspended three bystanders, including D’Vante, for five days for laughing at the incident, D’Vante and his mother said the principal told them.

    If this had been Whites, it would have been all over the news and the kids would be facing jail time. Literally.

    Whites can be freely victimized today.

    Had enough of this shit, yet?

  51. White Master says:

    Suspension is a blessing for those little worthless negroes. I mean I am sure they just excel in academics to begin with.

    Suspend the future dropouts.

  52. White Master says:


    That vacation will motivate them to do it again….until they mess with the wrong or should I say the right White guy(s).

  53. JamesTheJust says:

    Savages only understand one thing and that is brute force.

    It is inhumane to send mixed signals to savages.

  54. ultraR says:

    That was all?!?!?!

    it’s a downward spiral!!!
    No nothing?? 10 days vacations!!These little shits get to walk!?
    Now the question posted as to where were the parents of that kid, really has a significant meaning!!

  55. incogman says:

    Yep, that’s all they got. If it was some White kids, they would’ve faced jail time and the SPLC’s Morris Dees probably would have shown up to sue the parents into the poor house.

  56. ultraR says:

    If it had been my kid, I’d be jailed, I wouldn’t have spared anyone! the principal, the fathers, mothers, of those little pieces of shit and them oh so tough niggs. All of them with a boot up their ass!!! I’d be walking on niggas with laces!(shudder)!!!

  57. The Gentile one for my bestest buddy says:

    That what I was talking about. Turn the other cheek, they’ll smash it and rape your sister in front of you. I think there’s a better way.

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