Democrat Slime Pass Socialist PelosiCare


This just in: Congress in a rare, long-running Saturday session voted to pass the Socialistic Health Care bill. After the Senate votes and Obamanation signs it into law, our country will be further along the route of becoming another openly Socialist cog in the Jew World Order. One more big nail was just banged in the coffin of what America once meant!

Led by that vapid and vain Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats voted 220 for, to 215 against. The Republicans voted almost totally against it, with one (Vietnamese Louisiana Republican Joseph Cao) voting in favor. The Republican substitute health care bill sponsored by Boehner was shot down as predicated. The skinny Mulatto Obammy “graced” the Democrats with an unusual visit to the hill earlier this afternoon to lobby the Democrats to all vote for the bill.

The plan has been called the “Pelosi Takeover” bill, but Henry Waxman (ugly Jew Democrat from California) had a lot to do with it too. Some have called it “the worst bill ever.” Let’s note that Pelosi’s government “cash for clunkers” plan just cost this country’s taxpayers over $24,000 dollars for every piece of crap car deal made this past summer. Hell, the whole stupid thing turned out to be the only uptick in the country’s economy in the last quarter. But you and your children will end-up paying for it even if you didn’t get a new car. They don’t care.


It's not just Texas that's flooded with lousy illegals.

We should do something about health care, alright, but first we should have done something against the tortmeisters and suit-happy Jew trial lawyers, thieving Medicare doctors and any of those bilking the system, including giant hospital corporations. Red-tape needs to be cut and insurance companies should have a level-playing field across state lines to increase competition and lower premiums.

And upwards of half of all the uninsured are illegal aliens in the first damn place! Free spending, Do-gooder Dems on the floor tried to talk down the tort-reforms in Texas as not having any effect in lowering state-wide insurance costs, or children getting coverage, but that’s because the entire state has been flooded with illegals having anchor babies where the costs are passed on!

We would not have all these problems if it wasn’t for illegals. Friggin’ damn Commies want us REAL AMERICANS to pay for every GD thing!

This massive government bill will cost 135 billion from small business and will mean another 5.5 million jobs lost. More than 500 billion will be stolen from the elderly’s Medicare benefits. The number crunchers all agree that it will cost America 1.3 trillion in deficits over the next 10 years. It adds 118 new government bureaucracies and tens of thousands of new government workers. We don’t need another inefficient government program!

How bad does our deficit have to get before these people get it? These people don’t give a rat’s ass what you think or want. They can’t find ways to do things on the cheap?

This country needs jobs, NOT MORE added to this country’s financial deficit. What don’t these lying scum understand? It’s all pure BS, because they don’t really care about the real working class in America — only the whiners, those who seek to get by on the very least effort while making the rest of us support their worthless hides.

This will cost you immediately, once Obama’s pen touches paper. Any insurance package you now have will dramatically rise, since it will force private insurers to accept anyone with pre-existing conditions right off the bat. They will have to increase premiums enough to cover payouts sure to come.

And they will let illegal aliens sign up, one way or another, since it does not require anything more than them lying about being citizens. Rep. Joe Wilson was right — Obama and these Marxist Democrats have always been lying. The illegals may not have to lie for long — the slime will eventually get a liberal judge to declare it unconstitutional that poor illegals within our borders can’t have what other Americans do and the courts will allow them access to the program legally. Chances are, they’ll just make them all legal with the next DC vote they cram down OUR THROAT.


Crypto-Jewess DeLauro

The Jew Globalists want all this to entice future low-wage Slave workers to come here and work at whatever factories they have left in America. They want more, not less, non-White illegals to make their way here from Mexico and Africa — just like they are doing in Britain and Europe.

On the floor, Crypto-Jewess pro-Abortion bitch, the insanely ugly Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut), screamed like a banshee from hell against the Stupak amendment, which merely sought to continue that no federal or public funding go towards Abortion; because the vast majority of Americans are dead-set against it.

Pelosi later profusely thanked DeLauro for chairing the steering committee on the bill, as well as going on and on about that fat drunk, Teddy Kennedy, not living long enough to see it pass (boohoo).

Thank goodness that the Stupak anti-abortion amendment was passed at the very least. Pro-life representatives talked about a Planned Parenthood Executive Director who recently watched a real-time ultrasound of a baby horribly being vacuumed out of the womb and did a complete 180, quitting and becoming a vocal Pro-life advocate.

Abortion is TOTALLY EVIL. I will fight these people in any way I can. If I die in the streets fighting this terrible, horrible thing, I will die a happy man. Got that, you Jew allies reading this?

Like illegals getting benefits, the slime in DC will eventually find a way (perhaps in the Senate next, or in the court system down the road) to get taxpayers to pony-up for cheap Abortions, regardless of any special programs paid into by individuals. More filthy Jew abortion mills will spring up in seedy strip malls across the country, looking to cash in on your tax dollars.

They will raise taxes on all Americans and any business involved in health care or medical research. They will create another Big Government bureaucracy, staffed with over-paid, do-nothing Negroes and dull-witted paper-shuffling morons. A Super Bureaucrat, or Health Choices Czar will get to decide what kind of medical care you can get, and he/she, or even some transgender “it” will make these decisions and rulings, couched in Orwellian terms and insufferable government gibberish and double-talk.

You will find yourself standing in long lines, or making one phone call after another in the vain attempt to get the least benefit before you croak and fall over dead on some dirty linoleum floor, while the rest of us proletariats and non-White global trash shuffle past your splayed-out dead corpse.

This will take away even more freedom from this country. You wait. They can literally criminalize you should you not pay the 2.5% tax fee for their insurance. Should you not go along, some faceless government bureaucrat may decide to send you to jail for 5 years and/or fine you up to $250,000. Can you believe that? Un-FRIGGIN-believable!

Many will decide to take their chances with the bureaucracy and go “bare” on coverage. If they get sick, then they can sign up for insurance at the last minute. Don’t these DC dupes know how the real world works? Hell, most of these fools don’t even bother to read the bill in the first place!


Time for another American revolution!

It will require the smallest of businessmen to provide the government option at the very least, with these expenses passed on to the consumer. Yes, you heard it right, the plan includes a government option and health insurance exchange. Business will likely dump employees from private insurance plans and force them into the government option. And why the hell not? It will be cheaper for them.

It will put taxes and unnecessary paperwork on small business — this bill even legally forces restaurant chains to redo menus to show calorie counts for crying out loud.

Of course, all the Negro politicians wanted it. They are always for anything they can get free from the government. Instead of raising themselves up, they only wish to get more from the Nanny State for their selfish Negro constituents. Worthless bastards.

We should start forming armies in the streets right now to throw the bums out and more. We should hang all these slime up on the nearest light pole. No long stretch of brick wall in DC should go unmarked from the bullets fired from our assault rifles and the sewer system should pour traitor blood into the polluted Potomac. That Shabbos Goy witch Pelosi’s spindly legs need to jerk around spasmodically — her expensive silk underwear and hosiery soiled with her foul wastes — as she swings from the rafters!

I am for limited government, complete adherence to the Constitution and freedom from the ongoing, daily efforts of the subversive Jewish Marxists to turn this country into another disgusting socialistic, Multicult hell-hole in their longed-for Judaized New World Order.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for war. I beg the forces now gathering out there to give me the honor and put me out on the front lines. I’ll even bring plenty of my own ammo to put to good use. Very good use. It’s now time we ruthlessly fight these people in the damn streets and fields of America!

— Phillip Marlowe

What they might do to pass this in the Senate: Sleazy Manuever to pass the health care bill

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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191 Responses to Democrat Slime Pass Socialist PelosiCare

  1. gtrman says:

    Lucy- not picking a fight, i just disagree when you say this, “As for Makow he’s a Jew, and nothing he says can be trusted.”

    SOME of the things that the Makows, Jones’s etc say and write CAN be useful and true.
    Just got to use that filter.

    Darryl Bradford Smith is suspicious to some (myself included- he sounds like a whiny criminal to me ) and he distrusts everybody, especially Rense, cos Rense puts up bigfoot ,ufo etc. stuff.

    I find useful stories at both sites and ignore the shite.

  2. lucy van pelt says:

    gw2bc You sound like a drooling mindless quadriplegiac. Now if you’l excuse me I’ve a date with a MAN

  3. UN CUT says:


  4. Cardinal says:

    This communist healthcare bill is already starting to affect people receiving disability benefits. Letters are being sent out to the disabled saying they can no longer receive certain diagnostic tests like MRI’s. They are not going to cover it.
    But I can go to the local grocery and see a Mexican girl with 5 kids receiving WIC and getting free health care in the hospitals. Hospital social workers are quick to accomodate the heathen & to help them pay the bill using “taxdollars”.
    Our nation is completely off it’s rocker to allow this shit to continue. When do we say enough is enough?

  5. JamesTheJust says:

    But I can go to the local grocery and see a Mexican girl with 5 kids receiving WIC and getting free health care in the hospitals.

    I see the same thing. Sometime I want to castrate and sterilize every MexiCUNT in this nation. They breed like damned cats.

    I was walking with my brother in-law who overheard some damned shit skins speaking in Mexicunt (which I know very little of) and he was livid and said something to them in Spanish, I asked him what he said, he told me that he told them “that’ll be a cold day in hell” (or something to that effect).

    Evidently these Mexicunts were gloating over another shit skinned rug rat that looked like a newborn piglet and talking about how they needed to keep popping out “little warriors” for the day when they drive the white people out of the America.

  6. JamesTheJust says:

    I know you hate the Catholic Church, and I can relate to some of your reasons…

    UltraR, some of our most learned and strongest Christian Identity members and teachers are former Catholics. Most notable among them are William Finck and Eli James. I also think that E. Raymond Capt, a very well known archeologist who uncovered much of the history of our people and translated the Assyrian Cuneiform tablets, was also a former Catholic.

    Some of my most noble and well-loved brethren are reformed Catholics. 🙂

    I don’t know what it is about Catholics, but once they learn the truth, they are pure refiners fire.

  7. anti-zionist says:

    Hitler was Catholic. My Catholic friends are very jew wise.

  8. Flanders says:



    In honor of Americans killed by illegal aliens.

    Deaths that could have been prevented if Congress and the President would have secured our border and enforced existing U.S. immigration laws.

    List of Victims {Scroll Down at the link}

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