Maine: Buggerists and Benders Bite the Big One

Good news! Obama was dealt a decisive slap in the face by voters Tuesday in Virginia and New Jersey and came close to another big loss in New York. Doug Hoffman almost upset the Democrats, after running on a conservative platform, and despite the backing of Bill Owens by the lefty and turncoat Republican Dede “Scuzzy” Scozzafava. I guess they were one too many Jews, Homos and Negroes up there to pull it off (and there is a lot).

"Now I can't wear my strap-on in holy matrimony!"

Most importantly, independents came out in droves to vote down the pro-Obama candidates, who have done JACK for us normal, American workers. They voted more than 2 to 1 against the liberal Democraps everywhere (and I’m not a Retardacan, either).

But the one vote nearest and dearest to my heart was the big slap in the face to all the Sodomites wanting to marry in Maine. In May, the State Legislature voted to allow the homos to wed, but in a state-wide referendum held yesterday, a huge turn-out of Maine voters said “HELL NO” to the homos, rolling-back Gay marriage instigated by traitorous politicians and Judges. Even Commiefornia voters in 2008 said fuggitaboutit faggots when they voted for Proposition 8, stating marriage is only between a man and a woman, just as it should be.

The poor homos have lost every single time when decent Americans get to have a say and vote on the matter (as we should). The record now stands: 31 state referendums against the homo perverts desecrating the sanctity of marriage, to a big fat ZERO for the forces of faggotry.

But all this doesn’t matter to the devious Jews and homos. Many of them are now arrogantly trying to say that it is “all too important to leave to the voters” (our voices mean nothing) and are working non-stop to get their vile wishes come true through backroom deals with liberal Judges and corrupt Politicians. So appropriate considering they like going the backdoor route in the first place.

Just think about that for a minute. These homos want to force down the throat (they’ll giggle about that too) their vileness on America, no matter what it takes. They want to turn the US of A into an absolutely degenerate country, where they can freely expose our youth to the sick things they like to do to each other (let’s not go there). This actually turns them on in a major way — corruption is part and parcel to homo excitement — these sickos are so narcissistic that they brag about how queer they can be: “Look at me everybody, no one could possibly be as sick as I am to do this kind of thing!”

These are unbelievably foul people who love to openly parade their filth through our cities, even publicly engaging in sexual perversions to shock onlookers. The perv in the upper left is performing oral sex on strangers, while onlookers pee on him. They also proudly display their utter hatred of Christianity, but never Judaism (note the sale prices on dildos in the shape of the cross). Demonic!

Then they have the unmitigated gall to call us “haters” because we are against them displaying perversions in public. Allowing them to even exist is not enough for these homos, they are doing everything they can to make Sodomy “as normal as heteros.” Friggin fags!

The homos get all kind of upset that money comes in from out-of-state religious organizations to fight them like the National Organization for Marriage, the Mormons and the Catholic Church. Oh man, they hate that, big-time. Yet, they get plenty of moolah from homos, Jews and liberals across the nation too.

They just can’t bring themselves to admit that most Americans are decent folk, and get sick to their stomachs when they see these foul creatures planting big wet kisses on the steps of city hall. Americans plainly don’t agree that they have the right to marry as “husband and wife” when they are NOT husband and wife, but one pervert engaging in perverted acts with another.

Plus, decent America sure as hell does not want seeing these homos getting to adopt, or even have Turkey baster babies, because they know the homos will subject them to sick behavior in the effort to bend them into Gayness. Or maybe even get them to have sex — Homos are far more likely to engage in pedophilia than straight people, no matter what lies they tell you. Gays get all kind of excited at the thought of hairless, innocent youth being seduced by their groping, grubby hands. Nothing excites these filthy, pedophile Gays more.

They know this is the God-honest truth, too.

And the Jews want all this homo crap because 1) it cuts down on Goyim reproduction, 2) it destroys the family unit, undermining White countries and 3) a substantial percentage of them are moral degenerates in the first place. Hell, they even declared Tel Aviv the homo capital of the world! I guess San FranSickos might do some boohooing about that!

Jews want to use all the hate crimes legislation to hide themselves behind. They try to tell you that it’s all about protecting the homos from us straights busting them up, but the reality is that they want to use the same protection racket to keep us from them! What they most want to do is silence any talk about the “Chosen Ones” before the majority gets too wise. The Jews are a truly subversive force in America today.

Let’s also remember another major thing that these social sickness engineers want to do. They want us to go along with something called “Gender-Bending.” This is when some crazed individual wants to dress any damn way he pleases and use your bathroom even if he/she/it has different equipment than you. And if you say jack squat about it, then he/she/it can go call the police and have your White ass arrested!

Think that’s so impossible? Hell, they are trying to pass laws in Massachusetts to do exactly that!

Imagine some freak with a beard wearing a mini-dress wanting to work in your company. If you don’t like that idea, the freak may just decide to make a stink about it and then you have to fight it in court! Or get fined by the government. And us straights will be first out the door during lay-offs, because companies may elect not to let-go Gays or freaks — opening them up to court cases about “discrimination.”

Imagine having to work next to some bizarre-looking transgender, what they cutely call “trannys.” The one on the bottom right had her breasts surgically removed so “IT” can now look more “man-like.” And the trannys love to walk around in public with their shirts off to show off their titless chests, it’s just too bad that they all look like flabby losers!

Also, the traitorous Federal government wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of our armed forces. Since Obama may very well be a bisexual in the first place, none of this should be surprising. This White homo named Larry Sinclair had some very believable evidence of Obama doing drugs and allowing the Fag to orally do him. Several Negro homos in his church and in the Chicago area may have been wacked for knowing too much. Also, the Jews undoubtedly have something very big on his ass, maybe his real birth facts, maybe his homo-ness, or quite probably even both!

We are in a giant war, everybody. It’s not some mere “culture war” but a war against decent White people, very possibly a part of an over-all Satanic effort to destroy Goodness. I mean look at it, step back and think what kind of society we’ll have should these people have their way — all kinds of vile evil will be gleefully celebrated and thrown in our faces on a daily basis. Innocent children and even straight adults will end up as victims to these people’s foul lusts.

Haven’t you had enough?

Americans all over are angrily speaking out and showing justified disgust about so many things these sickos and Commies are now trying to do to America. Join with me and all other Whites who have had quite enough of this crap and let any liberal faggot or Jew near you know that they had better shut their big foul traps or we’ll soon be shutting them up with “extreme prejudice.”

Let God or us decent Americans burn these scum right off the face of the earth!

— Phillip Marlowe

DO NOT GO TO THIS LINK WITHOUT A GIANT BARF BAG AT THE READY! (one section does have parts blurred).
Sickening San FranSickos doing it in public


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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0 Responses to Maine: Buggerists and Benders Bite the Big One

  1. American says:

    Or, “JEWS stole it”, “It’s ALWAYS the JEWS”, “JEWS are a criminal cabal”, “JEWS love abortion”, “the banksters are JEWS”, “Media is JEW propaganda”, “there were no gas chambers”, “Israelis are the real terrorists”,and my personal favorites:

    “Read the filthy Talmud”, and “Fuck Israel”

  2. Bill says:

    If all you filthy,corrupt anglo-saxons obeyed the laws of Yahveh the jews would be of no consequence.

    It is your corruption that invites your destruction,oh stiff-necked generation.

  3. I hate to say it Bill but you’re absolutely right.
    If we all had a solid sense of direction then no one would lead us astray.

  4. Bill says:

    Thank you Rifleman Dodd.There aren’t many of us on this site,certainly not near as many as I hoped.

    You can’t shit in your mess kit and enjoy good health.

  5. kerdasi amaq says:

    “Chemicals used in plastics are ‘feminising’ the brains of baby boys, a disturbing study shows.
    Those exposed to high doses in the womb are less likely to play with ‘male’ toys such as cars. They are also less willing to join ‘rough and tumble’ games.”

    and the queers then whine ” it was God that made us this way! waah waah waah”.

    I really blame the contraceptive pill.

  6. kerdasi amaq says:

    “Klimov discovered that the Soviet system was dominated by a secret society of sociopaths bonded by a common pathology termed ‘the power complex’. “This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is result of latent homosexuality. Anybody who has knowledge of this forbidden area can influence and promote these leaders-to-be to position of power”.

    Klimov observed that admission up the ladder of the power structure required membership in the usual secret societies – “Masons, Shriners, Illuminates, Theosophy, etc. – are clubs, where degenerates observe behavior of possible candidates and upon verifying real homo-sadistic inclination of the person – promote him into the real world of power. Of couse there will be some normal curious bystanders, who always be in the background crowd as decoration. The real purpose of this clubs is to select active sado-homosexual maniacs who will not stop at committing any crime in order to be recognized and promoted to the position of power.”

    Klimov uses the term ”degenerates” to identify this secret brotherhood. Degenerates can’t produce or invent or perform necessary tasks. They control and delegate. Through a system of fear and envy.”

  7. Marshall says:

    Pretty interesting Kerdasi. It also occurs to me that such a group might find it easy to BLACKMAIL fellow members as well, out of “fear and envy.”

    Hmm? What do they “fear?” Well…they might “fear” anyone who shows up and identifies what they are actually doing. “Lodge Brothers” have an “oath of secrecy” because they don’t want anybody to know the stupid crap they did to join the “order” in the first place LMAO!!!

    Look, I joined a college frat, just to be in the social scene and meet more chicks. Well, all those college frats are based on Masonic rituals…

    This whole thing about being “blindfolded” and brought to “light” is pretty funny because I did something identical to it, without any “blood oaths.” The threat of being “blackballed,” etc. was all the same. DIRECT mimicry of Blue Lodge Masonic rituals. The great “knowledge” I can claim is that I can recite the entire Greek alphabet many times before a typical match burns out LOL!!! If that’s “Illumination” well ok.

    alphabetagammadeltaepsilon zetaetathetaiotakappalambdamunuxiomicronpirhosigmatauupsilonphichipsiomega


    Alpha and Omega?

    Isn’t that something Jesus Christ said HE WAS ALREADY? Did not Christ say, “Before Abraham WAS, I AM?” The Beginning and the End? Before Abraham. Before Greeks. Before Pelopoponnesians, before Phoenicians. Before the Battle of Thermopolae.

    “I AM THAT I AM.” There’s pretty much no way to argue with that statement.

    I certainly won’t.

    Back to the topic of “secret societies.”

    You know, there are numerous “pyramid schemes” going around the world every day, all the time. They all depend on “secret brothers” keeping their activities and motivations hidden whilst projecting a completely different perception to everyone else. That’s just dualistically uncool to me in the first place. That’s a person living a “split existence.” You’ve been SCAMMED BY JEWS.

    It’s the kind of thing they do. They think it makes them brilliant “masters of the planet.”

    Well, Well, Well…maybe it does for awhile…but let me check my watch. Hmm. Temporarily.

    There’s eternity, and there’s a watch on your arm. Your Rolex isn’t even going to be functioning in 10,000 years. Mine from the 70’s started to crap out. “Oyster Perpetual.” SURE. Not so “perpetual” after all.

    Well, just some posts from Marsh… take ’em or leave ’em…


  8. Biker68 says:

    HA! yeah, one that smells like tuna American…

  9. American says:

    JEW Michael Silverman to the rescue in Tampa, FL!

    JEW media actually publishes this tripe in New Zealand?

    We don’t need subversive JEWS twisting our legal system. Enough is enough.

  10. Marshall says:

    Wow American- he’s a SUPERHERO, isn’t he? Hey…why haven’t Jews come up with a real “Transgender Defender” superhero yet?

    OOPS!!! Looks like Stan Lee beat me to the punch…by the way, is Spiderman making the sign of Satan?

  11. gtrman says:

    So bored of gay this, gay that. See it says Lee “developed” his idea from someone else. Developed as in ‘stole’.

    How many males are gay? Its really not very many, probably not even 1 in 1000. Yet they tried to push that ‘ 1 in 5’ bullshit some years back. British tv is wall-to-wall gay men. I know,yes,you’re born like it etc., but, please fuck off. This ‘tolerance’ that youre currently enjoying is largely through gritted teeth .

    mini-rant over.

  12. Marshall says:

    I think it’s about 5% gtrman- but probably quite a bit higher amongst the Yids. Speaking of TV, I don’t know if you’ve ever caught “Will & Grace” over there…two fags and a Jew girl living together. They push this on us like it’s supposed to be “normal.” Now they’re trying to push lezzies as “normal.”

    This woman American mentioned, “Meredith Baxter Birney” may not even BE a lez, and is probably just trying to get an acting job in current Hellyweird!!!

    Spawn of hell, the Jew. That expose’ Incog did, of all the major “homo activists” being just about 100% Jews…is kind of impossible for anybody to ignore or rebut. Hats off to Incog for that one!!! I have Catholics in my extended family, and whenever I hear them complain that they get a hard time because of queer priests, I just whip that Incog Jew list out…

    Talk about raisng some eyebrows…facts are facts!!!


  13. GDL/White Master says:


    We all need to rant and rave about the bullshit we are experiecing….matter of fact we need MANY more to start ranting and raving.

  14. gtrman says:

    marsh, will and grace is currently shown at BREAKFAST TIME here in uk.

  15. American says:

    And start putting bullets in the yarmulkes of “little” JEWRY too. Rant, rave, bullet…next JEW-rat. Shake ’em up. No reason why they should just get to walk around pretending they don’t know what’s up with the impending race wars.

  16. American says:

    Force everybody to choose their side, including brain-dead Whites. We want all criminals and subversives to be held accountable regardless of race, or in this case, pole-smoking ability.

  17. GDL/White Master says:

    Hell yeah,

    Braindead Whites need to get it together…either with us or against us. If against us, oh well, its their ass.

  18. Marshall says:

    Latest Yid pro-fag movie…AND A HOLOHOAX film…all wrapped up into one!!! Wow…they are really multitasking these days LMAO!!!

    Mick Jagger is in it as a transvestite :-O

  19. gtrman says:

    Ive lived in the UK gay capital. Brighton, for many years. In my experience, lesbians are (with exceptions of course ) stroppy, unfriendly,superior, confused, childish and damn ugly.
    Most ‘scene’ gaymen are carbon copies of each other in looks and ‘personality’- bitchy, shallow, fickle, spiteful, childish. And thats just the good points.

    Both gays and lezzers have a tendency to arrested development, perpetual mardy teens.

    Despite Brightons “San Fran-esque” liberalism, the gay ‘scene’ remains seperate, ie. everyone loves to say they know a gay or two, to prove their non-predudiced status, but no-one really likes fags orhangs out with them.

    Ive got no prob with gay men who dont make it the biggest part of their persona, and dont act faggy. Its overt fagginess that rubs straights the wrong way; just as its intended to.

  20. American says:

    Another story in Maine, complete with JEW homos and murder:

    They certainly have a very high percentage of deviants, don’t they?

  21. Octo says:

    Bruce Lavallee-Davidson On Trial For Fatal Russian Roulette Game In Maine Sex Dungeon

    PORTLAND, Maine — A gun collector who introduced several weapons into sexual play with two other men contended the weapons were intended to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Instead, a lethal combination of drugs, extreme sex and Russian roulette put him on trial for manslaughter

    One of the individuals who survived the orgy had this to say:

    • Biker says:

      HA! and by necktie does he mean strap on?

      i asked a few ‘liberal’ friends, ” if a same sex couple had a child that was in the same class as your child… would you let your kid spend the night there?”

      uuuuuhhhhhhhh, and a blank look was the answer for about the first 30 seconds, followed by the whole liberal diatribe.. but that first 30 seconds was PRICELESS!!

  22. icetrout says:

    Can’t wait for the back-lash to begin in this country.Fucking queers will be killing each other to get the fuck back in the closet.Got Barb-Wire???

  23. Octo says:

    “Gay rights groups have called the actions vulgar.”

    Who can make the obvious statement that homosexuality is vulgar without loss of media credibility and employment?

    This thing has hoax written all over it.

  24. Marshall says:

    Yeah Biker!!! …and some of their best friends are Jews too. Bullshit!!! I always say, “Really? Name a few.” 😀

  25. Marshall says:

    Yeah Biker!!! …and some of their best friends are Jews too. Bullshit!!! I always say, “Really? Name a few.” Those Jew pedophiles are some real talented people, though…an album I gotta have here :-O

  26. Octo says:

    RE: Ginsberg

    Among many other sources of income, that pederast had a $100K+ tenured professorship at CUNY, with benefits the average White could only dream of and platinum health care, of course. He probably didn’t spend more than a few hours a week there.

    How’d you like to have a job like that?

    What are the chances you’re going to get one?

    “Whatever ambitions you may have, you cannot realize these goals because of the presence of the Jews.”

    — Eustace Mullins

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