Who Says So — Them or Us?


If you’ve been paying the least amount of attention to what’s been going on nowadays, you should have noticed a ton of serious change coming down the pike for America. The tempo is noticeably increasing every single day as the smiling, self-elected change agents, sure of imminent success, march excitedly onwards as they impose their views on the rest of us.

The non-stop change agents, the Jews, have been working towards this for a long time — years, decades, centuries. They’ve had a lot of practice at lying and confusing host populations and, if need be, now have many social, political and even legal ways to intimidate you as they go about turning our societies and countries inside out.

The Jews often try to tell us they are “a light unto Nations.” What they are saying here is that they, not anyone else on the planet, are the only moral force that we need to follow. What a laugh that one is. Most of us out here with any semblance of critical thinking still left and aware of the Jew’s real behavior in the world, knows fully well that they are about as far from true morality as it comes; quite obviously, these arrogant hypocrites represent the exact opposite across the board. Read on.

“A light unto Nations” is nothing but a racial line of public relations from a race of people each working as PR spinmeisters for the rest. We’re surrounded by such phony ad slogans: FOX News tries to tell us they are “fair and balanced,” CNN proclaims themselves the “most trusted name in news” and even the Jew hotdog company, Hebrew National, boldly tells you they have “to answer to a higher authority.” Yeah, right.

Everyone understands that this is just your basic advertising bull. You know, a bunch of over-paid slackers sitting around trying to brainstorm clever word games that will first sell the client, then sell stupid junk later. “Hey Sergio, whatta bout we say blah, blah, blah under the logo? And we’ll use that new edgy urban font style for all the pretend Gangstas out there!”

This same kind of thing is done by special interest groups all over. They work to present just the right image for the “target demographics” they are after. You can also go to their site’s FAQs section and see them list out talking points to use when “educating” people on what to think, but it’s really nothing more than canned scripts designed for minions to shut-up those who have the nerve to question.

One big example is all the “Multicultural” or “Diversity” business. They try to tell us that America will be so much the better if we have all these different races coming here from across the globe. They even prey on your sense of kindness by insisting that everyone deserves the same kind of life that you have as an American, because you “lucked out” by virtue of being born here. According to them, every poor person should have the right to immigrate to America.

Who says so, them or us?

They even have the gall to quote the “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…” poem, implying that this is at the base of the Statue of Liberty and the original meaning of the sculptor (which was friendship with France). Actually, it’s only a bronze plaque installed in the second floor by Jewish immigration extremists many years later, using a poem written by a Zionist Jewess named Emma Lazarus.

What these Jews have been trying to do is turn America into what they, in their infinite Jew wisdom, call a “Universal Country.” They want to turn the US into a polyglot nightmare, a heterogeneous morass of differing people; all so they can feel safer from retribution once the White majority sickens of them, a country less likely in spawning a Nazi party:

“The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-White or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.We have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about a half century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible and makes constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever.”

Earl Raab, executive director emeritus of the Perlmutter Institute of Jewish Advocacy (offshoot of the ADL), Jewish Bulletin, Feb. 19, 1993

Who gave them the damn permission to decide all this for America?

No one, they decided this all for themselves and continuously work to keep you confused and in the dark by slandering any who oppose all this as a “hater,” “xenophobe,” or “nativist.” If you dare fight back against their self-serving designs, it’s always because “you hate us Jews just because we’re Jews” and never, ever for the things we do!

Who says so, them or us?

Another good PC example is the homos saying in a huff: “I just can’t believe people, in this day and age, still think like that!” The operative words are “this day and age,” like it’s a given that we should already think it’s modern “progress” to consider them normal. They want us to imagine them as merely plaid shirt and chino-wearing regular folks sitting around the fireplace with a Golden Retriever by their side, perhaps smoking a pipe as they discuss yard work.

What they are really talking about is the freaky outfits they plan to wear at the big “Blowoff” party this Saturday night down at the Club. Let’s not even talk about what the dog is for.

They want you, maybe those around you even more so, to see you as nothing but some backward, Middle Ages peasant in “this day and age.” Yet, most normal people do find homo acts immoral, disgusting and filthy, they just might not have the guts to say so. To fight that, the Gays tell you “not to think about what they do in the first place.” Because, if you do, then must be a latent homo who desperately needs to come out of the closet.

“Oh, I better not say anything,” a normal person might think to himself. “They might think I’m a closet queer and I don’t want anyone to think that.” This double-whammy keeps people shut-up and cowed. One, you’re nothing but an old-fashioned loser, or two, you’re secretly just as sick as them so you must be a major hypocrite (they have well-funded organizations that work to “expose” and intimadate people in public, even helped by the media).

Who says so, them or us?

Yet, no one seems to get the connection on how they use disgust as a way silence those who are disgusted about homo acts in the first place. In other words, it’s a sure sign that you’re one of us! Welcome, fellow fag, but first you have to do major penance before us high and mighty victims can forgive thou.

This is one way on how they silence us at the root level. This is the kind of social blinders they’ve erected which allows these sick people to get away with what they want. And what they want is to turn the entire USA into a nasty, Third-world hell-hole, full of people doing anything and everything they want to get their rocks off, along with forcing us to finance their social and school brainwashing programs with our tax dollars, your tax dollars. Not only do we let them scare us into silence, we also pay the freight.

What they really want is not “equality” but special treatment above and beyond what the rest of us have. Even when we vote to keep marriage between a man and a woman, they work to throw out our wishes by getting liberal court judges to circumvent our votes, because the rest of us are just too dumb to know what’s right.

Who says so, them or us?

Hey, you know that’s the case. You see this all the time in the media. Some White character in a movie kicks out his homo kid from the house and the whole plot now revolves around what a jerk this guy is. His White T-shirt belly sticks out, he drinks beer and talks with a southern accent. The brave and fashionably dressed FBI investigators interrogate the obviously evil and retrograde White man as to what happened to the poor, victimized gay son. We all just know the Evil Whitey Homophobe killed him.

This is the social mantra now controlling the US called “PC,” and it is all to protect them — Blacks, Homos, Jews — not only from violence, but also from absolutely any question or criticism. Still, they can freely get away with attacking White people and our beliefs all day long. They can ignore real facts and events if it does not fit into this PC world view — like whenever a Black horribly murders a White, it necessarily must be considered a “garden-variety” crime, always just a robbery due to economic “oppressions” of the White man. Yet, if a White kills a Black then hell, it’s gotta be looked at hard as a hate crime because we know that Whites are so “racist.”

Who says so, them or us?

And think about it here for a minute: You know if you come across anyone writing or talking about the almighty victimhood class — Blacks, Jews, Homos or illegal immigrants  — than some of you immediately jump to the conclusion that such and such person has to be a “hater” or “Nazi,” right? They’ve got you programmed to stay silent at the very least, or often even parroting the slogans they’ve decided you should say!

They’ve recently passed laws that gives them the authority to shut you up for good should you victimize one of the victim groups, mistakenly or not. They even openly admit that it’s not to protect you White people in any way. In their world view, you are still the problem, while any member of the victim groups are always as innocent as new-born lambs, no matter what they’ve just done to your boy in some bar, or wherever.

Us Whites are the bad people according to the on-going propaganda. This has been going on and on and on for the last 50 years, maybe longer. And they never let up: Slavery, Jim Crow laws, stringing-up Blacks in the South, Aryan brotherhood and Skinheads, KKK in White hoods, White Nazis trying to take over the world and kill all the Jews.

Who says so, them or us?

And that’s who all this is to protect in the very first place — the Jews. These people are mortally afraid of us going all “Nazi” and start goose-stepping around while wearing uniforms and stuff. One of their rabbis once was asked: “Do you think a holocaust could happen in America?” To which he replied: “It could happen tomorrow.” Why do these people think we could turn over-night into Nazis? Because they know all about how Jews really think of non-Jews, the activities of their brethren and fear greatly that the rest of us will find out. 

And it’s true, the more you learn of the Jewish Question, the more you will look at these people in a whole new light. The PC business to begin with was the creation of Jew Marxists and intellectuals to prevent this very thing.

It’s never been America that these people are loyal to. It’s always been the Jew first, wherever he lives. Look at the business about Israel, for crying out loud. The whole nation is built on exactly what they fight against in our countries — a nation for Jews only. These people try to tell us that they are “the light unto Nations,”  the “Chosen Ones” of the Bible, closer to God, etc. etc. I don’t think so. Look at their real behavior in the world. God must grimace to hear the money changers utter that line.

They commit all kinds of horrible acts on the Palestinians and constantly propagandize us Americans to hate Muslims and fight wars of aggression on Israel’s enemies. Wars that totally innocent people get obliterated by our advanced weaponry; we even give these weapons to the evil Jews to hold their own hatefests on the Palestinians:

“It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments — there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

– Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, in the recent book “King’s Torah” given out to Israeli “soldiers” with the government’s blessing. Can you believe that?

The Jewish religious people go out among the Israeli soldiers and tell them it’s OK to murder the non-Jew; creating books and pamphlets to hand out to the “soldiers,” with the government’s blessing. All just so they don’t feel guilt about loading that phosphorous 155mm artillery shell to fire at a Gaza schoolhouse that they say is “crawling with Hamas terrorists.” “Terrorists” are anyone who dares to fight back against them —  just like when they call us White Americans “Nazis” and “anti-Semites” should we speak out.

Who says so, them or us?

They say if we express any “strong criticisms of Israel and it’s leaders,” that makes us anti-Semites. They get to decide, of course, how strong it is or not. They have such a strangle-hold now on the US that they are now busy creating the legal framework designed to silence any future criticism of what they do in the world, or even about history.

Should you doubt anything about the sacred holocaust in many Western countries, you can literally find yourself put away in prison. Trust me: Thats on it’s way here and sooner than you think. Even the slightest public doubt about any facet to the narrative will not be allowed by these people should it conflict with how they expect you to think.

Common sense tells us that any historical truth that must be enforced legally must have something wrong with it.

This is not the ideals of our founding fathers. This is not the ideals of freedom-loving Americans. We didn’t go over to Europe and defeat the Nazis to have them force us how to think in our country. This whole thing is now rapidly engulfing America. You can feel it in your bones. They are now on the course of doing to America the very things they once did to Russia and Eastern Europe and once tried to do in post-world war one Germany back in the 1920’s, before the people flocked to Adolf Hitler (who they now propagandize us about 24/7).

Look around: Our economy is teetering on the edge of a cliff, the dollar is dying, we have massive, Great Depression levels of unemployment, hyper-inflation appears to be just around the corner. It will be like the Weimar Republic in Germany. The imminent collapse of the commercial real estate market will send us free-falling. Add to that the socialistic efforts of Obama and the on-going, never a let-up efforts to destroy White racial solidarity, Christianity and the family unit.

They don’t want any of you to come to these same conclusions and do everything they can to confuse and befuddle us. First, they own the media. They can say whatever they want openly and you can’t. They can tell people you’re all kinds of things, should they want: Racist, Hater, Nazi, Right-wing Extremist, Xenophobe, Nativist, Homophobe, Negationist, Klansman. And, should you have any legitimate questions about 9/11, they will call you a “Wing-Nut” (the new favorite slur by the braindead), or “lefty loon” simply because being “conservative” doesn’t quite compute since they can’t conceive that a truly conservative person could ever think “our” government was capable of such acts.

Who says so, them or us?

These are arrogant, spoiled people who think only they know what’s best for you and America. They’ve been busy for many decades working to turn America into something radically different and probably something that most of them, in the end, will not like much either. That’s how mind-bending all these socially destructive efforts have been.

Now, we know that a few Jews are what are called “conservative” and against the radical left. But equally true is that these same people are total Israel-Firsters and work non-stop to instill paranoia about Israel’s enemies, the Muslims. As such, they are not to be trusted. They are working off a page written for the Jews, not America as a whole.

These are the people who dare to tell you they are the “right thinkers” and expect you to shut your mouth when it comes to them. As an American you must now start speaking out forcefully and openly whenever you hear them attacking your beliefs. If we as a people do not put a stop to them now, later on we’ll lose more and more of this country until we have been turned into a spat-upon minority, laughed at for stupidly going along with it all, or having to resort to real violence to save ourselves.

They are indeed stealing America away from us and what it once meant, like thieves in the night.

— Phillip Marlowe


I started this blog two years ago to get my fellow White Americans to sit up and take notice of what is going down. I put in all kinds of links, videos and quotes from other Whites (many famous people) and revealing quotes from the very mouths of the people behind it all. Spend just a little time here and see for yourself. Think for yourself.

Would I bother with any of this if I didn’t think it was true and really happening? Every day there is something new that backs all this up; in fact, sometimes it seems like a nightmare. One thing good, however, is that you will not be so confused by all the seemingly incongruent events in the news. What may have not made any sense will now be crystal clear and understandable.

Another thing: These people are really much fewer in numbers than we are. Sure, there are a lot of White liberals out there, but most of these are weak-willed types who only bend with the wind. Once they realize how many of us now openly and angrily reject their continuous PC drivel, they’ll reinvent themselves overnight — then have the nerve to pretend to have always been on our side. True heroes and leaders don’t make decisions based on a status quo accepted by weaker people.

What to do? First, you have to commit yourself completely in speaking out to all around you. Second, you have to prepare for bad times ahead. Even if you don’t think everything I say is real — I feel certain you understand that something is just not right and troubles are on the horizon. Thirdly, you must avoid attacking those Whites who do speak up. These people are fighting for you and the future of your children in the end — whether you know it or not.

Thanks for your time.

And please take a few minutes to check out my blog pages: The Real Immigration Deal and Political Correct History Read more about the people who claim they are the Israelites of the Bible: The Most Monstrous MIME in History

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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231 Responses to Who Says So — Them or Us?

  1. ultraR says:

    Hoff, your site is one heck of a place to find resources!!
    You sir are of great value!
    I’ve enjoyed your proposed reading material! Needless to say that I’m downloading and sharing with as much kinsmen (Thanks JTJ for precise wording!) and “getting awakened” people as I can!
    I’m backing up as best I can these sites, so they may not get lost!!! A good thing to have is a backup disk, and a big one!!!
    Kudos Hoff!

  2. hoff2 says:

    ultraR Thx 8O))

    l have read most of it, not all but like at least 80 percent. And this is but a fraction of all links l have. The best of the best. As l said before, l was determinant to go to the bottom with the jewish riddle. After three years 24-7 study of the jews l found one sentence that connected all the dots in the spring of 2oo9. That what happend in Moscow 1917 to 1991 was nothing but jewish gang wars, masked under jewish marxist-leninist bullshit.

    Understand that communism is a jewish fraud and that jews was in total control of the Sovjet state from 1917 to 1991 and it all make sense from the jews way of thinking, what the jew run Sovjet state did.

    l keep stressing this: Understand that the key to understand the jew riddle is to understand that the jews want to control all the 200 states in the world and to do that the jews must have a proxy war machine.

    The most amazing thing in the jewish conspiracy is that the jews have managed to HIDE the fact that jews was in total control of the Sovjet state from almost the entire world.

    The jews have been expelled more then 130 times and the jews tells us it was because of insane jew hate, when the truth is that the non-jewish elite realised that the jews had taken control of their state and hence expelled the jews due to this fact. What the jews realised was that they were doing something wrong, so what all the jewish “intellectuals” have been thinking about for the last 200 years is: How do we take control of the state AND HIDE it from goyim?

    This is now when the jews comes up with their biggest fraud after the holohoax – communism. lt all sound sooooo good on the paper: We are all equal comrades. There are no races and blahblahblah.

    When the simple truth about communism is that it’s all about jews getting stupid non-jews to help the jews taking control of their state AND hide it from goyim.

    The jews stole the biggest country in the world, Russia and turned her into a jewish proxy war machine. Sovjet imperialism was in fact jewish imperialism.

    On top of that another jewish gang took over the American state 1911, the zionist-jews, and turned America into a jewish proxy war machine. American imperialism is in fact jewish imperialism.

    Zionism or communism are twins and both are jewish frauds. The jews don’t care if you call it communism or zionism as long as you do as the jews tells you to do and fight the jews proxy wars. You Americans fought the jews proxy war against Hitler and screwed up the entire western world because of that.

    Had you Americans instead helped Hitler he would have rotted out every single communist-jew in Moscow and the jews would have zero power today 2009.

  3. JamesTheJust says:

    Wow Biker. Beautiful pictures of Germany. All I kept thinking was how the jews destroyed it all. They are a destroyer race. Makes my blood boil. I can’t wait until we get our revenge!

  4. hoff2 says:

    This online library with full text books is a GOLD mine.

    Ctrl + D to Bookmark


  5. JamesTheJust says:


    I will reiterate what UltraR has already said. Your site is great. Evidently I bookmarked it at some point and only really looked at it today. (There are so many sites; it takes time to weed out the good from the bad) Yours is a keeper for sure. Excellent.

  6. hoff2 says:

    The next time you hear the Jews say that they don’t own Hollywood, listen to them brag about it in their own video!

    Got that Alex “Arabs owns Hollywood” JoneSTEIN?

  7. hoff2 says:

    Thx JTJ. Trust me, l only use good links. l have weeded out the bullshit. No Alex JonesTEIN or Zeitgaist BS. l’m JeWise you know 9D)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for that analysis of Soviet jew state, Hoff.

    You explain it well.

    I have my doubts though, that the jew has let go of Russia, even after 1991.

    I would sincerely like to believe Russia has rid itself of the jew but I can’t see the jew releasing ANYTHING without huge bloodletting.

    And like I mentioned some time ago, Russia took Auschwitz, Russia has the original documentation in its archives PROVING that the holey holoco$t is a jew fraud, but still even since 1991 they don’t release it.


    If any country has a reason to put the Truth about the genocidal commie jew mass murderers out there for the world to see, it is Christian Russia. They should care deeply that the jew murdered tens of millions of their Christian country men, women and children. But no, nothing.

    And one of the worst of the jew mass murderers in the decades of slaughter following the jew butchering of the entire Russian Royal Family was a jew named Medvedev. That name ring any bells?

  9. Whitefella says:

    oops, that “Anonymous” is me, Hoff.

    Don’t know what happened there.

    Keep on with your excellent posts, I enjoy reading them.

    They are full of good information.

  10. Flanders says:

    There is some great documentation provided in this thread. There are so many they cannot all be acknowledged. The German cities on the Skyscraper site and “Joe and Jose” are great , Biker. If we can provide truth faster than the Kabbalists can stick it down their rabbit hole, we can eventually awaken sufficient numbers of the slumbering masses who happen to retain any dignity or sanity.

    Hoff, You do provide a ton of good info on your site and you’re correct that the 1st Hitler video is MANDATORY. The other two parts are self-compulsory. Seriously, everyone should view these three videos and actually pay attention. One is good, but parts 2 and 3 are better with the information they give.

    On another matter, Hoff, I tried to save your site on Linkagogo, a favorites saver site, but it would not save to my private links. There are only a few which have not. I don’t know whether someone considers your site too dangerous to register it, or whether there is a technical glitch, but I thought you might be interested in knowing.

    UltraR, It couldn’t be said any better:

    “isahellis in combat…, in COMBAT!!! WTF!!!
    if going into a concentration camp and happily shooting women, children(especially children), old and young UNARMED CIVILIANS, who have NOWHERE TO RUN OR HIDE, is defined by these JEWISH PIECES OF SHIT as combat, and everyfuckingbody agrees with them, then we all are living in a truly fucked up world!”

  11. hoff2 says:

    Thx Whitefella. Putin have chased some of the jewish oligarchs. l really can’t say how much power jews have in Moscow. But Putin expelled the jews proxy war machine Georgia out of Ossetia. The “defence minister” of Georgia was a jew.

    You can take any war mess and all you have to do is listen to who the puppident of America is siding with to find the jew in that war. The White House jews ALWAYS side with fellow jews.

    The First Press Report From Auschwitz (ln the jew run Sovjet “press”)


    If any country has a reason to put the Truth about the genocidal commie jew mass murderers out there for the world to see, it is Christian Russia. They should care deeply that the jew murdered tens of millions of their Christian country men, women and children. But no, nothing.

    Hoff: l belive that they have released some or all documents about it, but that is page 12 or nothing in the jew owned “media”. We were told that nazis made soap from jewish bodyfat. The holohoax-shrine in Jerusalem have made DNA test of the soaps and not one single human DNA was found.

    How many knows that? You don’t because that was page 12 i Jerusalem-Post, english edition.


  12. Flanders says:

    Hoff, This goes with your 10:31 comment about the boycotts. I have a photo of the newspaper page saved somewhere and will post it when found.


    “”Judea Declares War on Germany!” – Daily Express headline, March 24, 1933.

    “Judea Declares War on Germany! Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German Goods! Mass Demonstrations!” – These were all headlines in the Daily Express on March 24, 1933.

    “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people.” – Daily Express, March 24, 1933.

    “Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in this sacred war should do so now and here. It is not sufficient that you should buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with any merchant or shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods or who patronises German ships or shipping…. we will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.” – Samuel Undermeyer, in a Radio Broadcast on WABC, New York, August 6, 1933. Reported in the New York Times, August 7, 1933.

    Joining with Samuel Untermeyer in calling for a war against Germany, Bernard Baruch, at the same time, was promoting preparations for war against Germany. “I emphasised that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit.” – Baruch, The Public Years, by Bernard M. Baruch, p.347 (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960).

    Samuel Untermeyer was a Jewish leader and close friend of presidents Wilson and Roosevelt.
    Bernard Baruch was a presidential adviser to Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman.

    “This declaration called the war against Germany, which was now determined on, a ‘holy war’. This war was to be carried out against Germany to its conclusion, to her destruction” (Diese Erklärung nannte den Krieg gegen Deutschland, der nun beschlossen sei, einen heiligen Krieg. Dieser Krieg müsse gegen Deutschland bis zu dessen Ende, bis zu dessen Vernichtung, geführt werden). – Dr. Franz J. Scheidl, Geschichte der Verfemung Deutschlands. ”

    Continues at link above. A couple other links:


  13. hoff2 says:

    This is how the jews starts all wars – boycott. Most people think that wars starts on the battlefield. They don’t. Wars start with jew led boycotts. Just look at lraq. Boycott. Who is in the lead boycotting lran? The jew.

    Olmert at AIPAC: United with Bush on Iran

    Who started the boycott of Germany? The jew.

    The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi GermanyThe Economic Boycott of 1933


    This is how the jew have started all major wars the last century – boycott. Who – except the jew – has gained anything from the war with Germany, lraq and the soon to come war with lran? Nobody but the jew did call for any of this wars and why the jew can do it is because the stupid American fight the jew proxy wars.

    This is the same jew scam repeated all over again and again and again. To understand how the jew do it all you have to do is to look at how the jew do it with lran. This is so blatant in your face that you have to be a retard not to see that it’s the jew that is starting a war with lran.

    l really don’t know what more to say. l have told you WHAT the jew is doing, WHY the jew is doing it and HOW the jew is doing it.

    Just listen carefully to what Hitler says in the video. What Hitler is explaining is how the jew run America and the jews puppident Roosevelt BOYCOTTED Germany and went out off their way to sabotage any peace efforts by Hitler.

    The JEW is doing EXACTLY the very same thing with lran 2oo9. As the jew Edwin Black writes in his book, The Transfer Agreement that boycott is the jews greatest Secret Weapon.

    Most people don’t have a clue what you can do with boycott but l will explain it easy. You must have a itty-bitty amount of salt. The body can not produce what salt contain. The body MUST have salt. lf l Hoff have a monopoly on salt, in essence l control all the salt in the world, YOU WILL DO AS l TELL YOU or l will boycott you.

    Do as l say or die.

    The jew knows everything there is to know bout boycott and you can’t even spell boycott. lf you want to jeWise up you MUST understand what you can do with a boycott.

    Just watch the Olmert video again and listen really good to what the JEW REALLY is saying over, over and over again: Translation: BOYCOTT IRAN BOYCOTT IRAN BOYCOTT IRAN … ad nauseam.

  14. hoff2 says:

    Linkagogo? What is wrong with Ctrl + D?

  15. hoff2 says:

    This is my first blog. Only one Main page. WARNING: Do NOT click the Video Library link if you don’t have a really fast connection. When l made the page it was links only, then Youtube made some change and all the sudden all the videos was embedded.

    Click Hoff at top of any page to goto Main page.


  16. hoff2 says:

    More jewish bullshit. The jews census 1900 to present. From 14 million jews 1925, to 16 million jews 15 years later. We are talking some serious copulating here.


    How many jews in the world? Pic any number. Page 692


    l have read many pages on this j ew mafia website. AJC was the jew mafia’s mafia. Jacob Schiff was the leader. See Edwin Black The Transfer Agreement on AJC and Jacob Schiff. He was the key player in jewry from 1880 to his death 1920.


  17. hoff2 says:

    Missed: l have read many pages at AJC’s website and not once have l read the word holocaust. l guess the jews forgot. Just as the jews who wrote the entry: Holocaust in Encyclopedia Judaica from 1971 also forgot the “six million” holohaxed jews.


  18. hoff2 says:

    My links and sources – by Hoff

    You can think of me as a cruise missile locked on the right target – the Jew. l have used many thousand upon thousand hours wading thru shitload after shitload of lying jew scumbags bullshit. l don’t want you to wast your valuable time on jewish bullshit.

    What l want is you to wake the fuck up and get jeWise as fast as you can. l don’t have time for any BS. Just follow my links and l will tell you what to look for. l don’t do mumbo-jumbo lF’s and BUT’s, l go for the kill. There is one thing the Lying Jew Scumbag can’t take and that is the truth.

    There are jews who are honest and decent people and it’s really easy to find those jews. They all have one thing in common, they are all smear-slanderd by Lying Jew Scumbags.

    This is really easy, when the jew “media” are praising someone to high heaven, you can only be sure of one thing, the jews are deceiving you with more jewish bullshit. When the jew “media” smear-slander someone that person is on the right track. Totally predictably, just follow the ones the jews hates.

    l got some pretty nasty hate-mails from jews. Wonder why 9D)))

  19. hoff2 says:

    “video proof of jews being gassed” — FUNNY 9D)

  20. hoff2 says:

    Another jewish false flag op

    Look at the truck, it’s towed. There are two cameras. Look at the mast. When the second camera kicks in there are no mast in view.


    Here is another jewish false flag op.

    This is a jewish false flag op. This is soooo staged. Look at the truck. Where are the sign that says it’s from SA police? There are no signs.

    There are at least two camera teams recording. The truck is filmed from behind, starigt in front and at 45 degrees angle 0:48

    What is the likelihood that two camera teams just “happened” to be 20 meters from where the truck stops?

    0:20 and the next five sec. The truck drives PAST the crowd and not one single one is raising an arm, less throw a stoon.

    0:25 look at the man in the white car bottom right. He shouting to the camera team.

    And finally: 0:32 The window is blasted from INSIDE the truck with a gun. There is a huge blast out from the truck. No rock can do that. Besides the truck have past the crowd.

    “The Trojan Horse Massacre, Cape Town South Africa, October 1985”

  21. hoff2 says:

    Klein … hmmm … Only a yid call himself Klein.

    Discussions with CNN/U.S. President Jonathan Klein made it clear Dobbs’ style of combining news and opinion was untenable at the network, Dobbs said.


    This is how the jews kill off goyim in a “democracy”. They take control of all the “media” and then they tell goyim what they CAN NOT SAY. Any jew in the whole world can get a half page on page two in Jew York Times. A nativ white american can not even get a ten sentences Letter from the readers published on page 58.

  22. hoff2 says:


    “Toughest Cops-South Africa part 2/5”

  23. ultraR says:

    Have to love them cops!
    “a good day”…? 2 losers off the streets!
    but them drugs keep coming in.
    no politician in chains! ANYWHARE!

    war is always a good source of money, but nothing compared with drugs!

    like my father always says each time something doesn’t add up, be it war, drugs, exploitation, ethnic cleansing, prostitution, porn, snuff, “rise of anti-semitism”, “orange revolution”…, you name it.
    “check out the last names…, get past the losers, and the little men, you’ll always windup finding a JEW.”

    always has, always will.

    the solution is really easy.
    1st, conviction.
    then, just a wall and a handful of bullets.

  24. hoff2 says:

    At lncogman: You have Jack Bernstein’s In racist marxist israel on your booklist. There are very few books l recommend as mandatory read, Jack B book is one of them. An eye opener. The problem is that the link don’t work.

    The book is of course at my book blog. Bottom main page. l would like you to add this little book. This book is also mandatory read. At first l simply refused to believe what he say in the book. But everything can be comfirmed with jewish sources only. Read it and you will get the big picture of zionism.

    The Hidden History of Zionism


  25. ultraR says:

    for Marsh…

    they so want us to be a small world after all…


    thanks for the lead!

    thy keep coming up everywhere!
    so much mice

  26. Jose says:

    I am a mexican-american that has noticed all the things you mentioned above. White people and the other minorities (excluding jews of course) are separated by these people. I strongly believe that jews are taking over the world since centuries ago and now they’re turning people against each other while they recollect all the power left behind because of our wasting time in discussions and wars. I also believe that we should stand together as sons of God leaving racial differences behind us and the focus on our common enemy, the jews. What the jews need to acknowledge is that they have been acting like Satan himself and nothing even remotely God-like.

  27. American says:

    Welcome, Jose. I’m glad to hear others are getting wise to the JEW. Keep sharing the truth!

  28. Biker says:

    the only way they can safely operate, run their scams, and screw the locals, is to make the locals hate one another, playing one side against the other, or both ends against the middle. funny that “anti-semetic” is a buzzword, a buzzword in that the suffix can be nothing BUT ‘Semetic’. they’ve made it so powerful that it is an argument ender, the veritable catch-all for any situation, it slices, it dices, it can be worn as a hat! while every other shade, most Christian, are free to hate, encouraged to hate, they remain above it all, spectating, untouchable by ALL races/colors/creeds behind that phrase… “Anti-Semetic” . welcome Jose.

    “pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name” ! (jew-jew… jew-jew)

  29. Marshall says:

    Yes indeed Biker-

    “Anti-semite” slices, dices, and makes acres and acres of cole-slaw!!!

    Somehow, I have passed up on selling all my gold jewelry, and also avoided buying the Obama commemorative gold coin on TV as well, even if it is .001% 24-carat real gold, comes with its own attractive display case, and easily obtained with three easy payments of only $39.95!!! Why?

    Because, I’m a damn anti-semite, that’s why!!!

    “I was around St. Petersburg, when I saw it was a time for a change…killed the czar and his ministers, Anastasia…screamed in vain! Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name!!!”

    Umm…Marx? (Moses Mordechai Marx Levi) Trotsky? (Lev Bronstein) Stalin? (Josef Djugasvili) Anton Szandor Lavey (Levy)

    Just let me know when I’m getting close…


  30. Biker says:

    EEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEAH! jew-jew, AAALLLLLLRIGHT NOW, jew-jew mmmmmmmmmmhhmmmmm, jew-jew..

  31. Marshall says:


    I notice a name…ROTENBERG, and we have a “Schaeffer” conveniently in there as well. Hmm… (EPIC) “Electronics Privacy Information Center.” Sounds kind of like the (SPLC) “S.ue P.oor L.ouisiana C.hristians.” 😀

    Why SURE, the NSA wants to keep Windows 7 “hack proof”…by everyone except themselves of course, come on now UltraR!!! Hmm…I wonder if they made sure it was compatible with Magic Lantern, Carnivore, and Echelon while they were “consulting?” Want to take bets??? I wonder if one of this Mossad Heeb’s infamous cohorts was also involved, hmm?


    Here’s another interesting guy to watch. Dr. Eric Hazeltine…went from Disney Imagineering to the NSA…that mouse in your hand might have two little black ears on it that operate on their own frequency UltraR!!! Are you using it, or is it using you?

    Marsh 😀

    Oh by the way, UltraR, shouldn’t we have a hearty “shout out” to our ubiquitous surveillance pals, Minnie Microphone and Plutocrat?

    HELLO IMAGINEER-KETEERS!!! WE LOVE YA!!! HEY…I just saw “Men Who Stare At Goats,” so don’t be making the “sparkly eyes” at ole’ Marsh because I’m hip to that light already…


  32. Biker says:

    THIS… is close LOL!

  33. Octo says:

    Jose, what do you call four Mexicans drowning in a pool?

    Cuatro Cinco.

    Why Mexs always do shitty in the Olympics?

    All the Mexicans who can run, swim or jump are already here.

  34. Bella says:

    Fuck the nigs in haiti…voodoo child…slight return.

  35. Bella says:

    Hmmm…why do the mexxes do anything?

  36. Bella says:

    & you all know they ran that coon as a slap on your face!

  37. Bella says:

    Am surrounded by communists.

  38. Bella says:

    & Cunts.

  39. Bella says:

    Love the site…

  40. Bella says:

    What is the US dollar actually worth?? Should I ask Ben Shalom Bernanke?

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