FBI Misses Jewish Radical under their Nose

Another Rat-faced Jew traitor exposed to the light of day. [INCOG]

by Jeff Davis

Politico. com reports: “A former FBI linguist’s guilty plea for leaking secret documents has become a black eye for the law enforcement agency and signals a breakdown in the security clearance process there, according to lawyers who track clearance issues. ‘It’s a big embarrassment for the FBI,’ said Sheldon Cohen, a Virginia attorney who represents employees who are denied clearances. Last week, an Israeli-American lawyer, Shamai Leibowitz, pled guilty to leaking to an unidentified blogger five classified documents Leibowitz obtained while working as a Hebrew translator for the FBI from January through August of this year. Court records also said that four documents classified as secret were found in an August search of Leibowitz’s Silver Spring home. Leibowitz held a top-secret clearance, the filings said.”

What on earth was he translating from Hebrew for the FBI? How many Hebrews are they investigating? And how smart is it to have a Jew doing the Hebrew translation? Jews seem to have little-to-no loyalty to the Gentile countries, which they sometimes reside in. Anyone familiar with the history of Jews from Judas to the Rosenbergs to Pollard should know they can’t be trusted.

The article continues “But Leibowitz, 39, seems an unlikely candidate for a top U.S. security clearance. After news of the charges against him broke, it took reporters only minutes to track down news articles reporting that he was fired from a legal clerkship in Israel and was publicly chastised by a court there for leaking a judge’s private comments. Experts were also puzzled that someone with a long history of public activism on polarizing issues would wind up working for U.S. law enforcement in a classified environment and be granted access to sensitive information. A quick Google search reveals Leibowitz’s public life as an activist and also the frequent controversy that his views incited. Born into a famous family of Israeli Torah scholars and intellectuals, Leibowitz was a Yeshiva student whose experience as a tank commander in the Israeli military during the second intifada horrified him. After that, he wrote and advocated frequently in articles, blogs and public appearances for Israeli soldiers to refuse to serve in the West Bank and Gaza, and at one time supported U.S. divestment from Israel, a view that he later changed.”

Well, good for him. It’s rare to find a Jew who has a conscience about the Palestinians. But it seems very odd that he would be able to pass an FBI vetting given the fact that the Bureau is run by neocon Bush appointees. Maybe they just assume that anyone from Israel deserves a security clearance. Meanwhile, a non-Jewish American applying for a clearance often has to go through the wringer to get the same level of trust.

Bear this in mind when the paranoia starts to get too overpowering. We have this idea that the FBI and other government secret police are omnipotent and ubiquitous. They see all, they hear all, they control and manipulate all, and all resistance is futile. But this paranoid formulation simply isn’t born out by the facts.

The FBI is made up mostly of bureaucrats and some above-average law officers, who by no means approach Scully and Mulder. Like all federal bureaucracies, they are top-heavy with middle management, regulation and Affirmative Action employees. The fact they couldn’t predict in advance this Jewish security risk right under their noses is more evidence of their limitations.


Curt Maynard on this guy

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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106 Responses to FBI Misses Jewish Radical under their Nose

  1. NavVet says:

    Simon Gibson

    Prophetic scripture indicates that Communism is to be shortly revived in Europe — the wealthy Jewish whore is seated upon (dominates and controls) a “scarlet colored” European political beast during the final cataclysm (Rev. 17. 3).
    According to Scripture the allies of antiChrist are:
    Babylon (Iraq)
    Persia (Iran)
    Rosh (Russia – believed by many Biblical scholars as the A/C’s base)
    Meschech (Armenia)
    Tubal (Georgia)
    Togumah (Armenia/Turkey)
    Gomer (European Union)
    Put (Libya)
    Cush (Sudan)

  2. NavVet says:

    The info is there for us, Simon. The “when” isn’t, but signs certainly.

  3. NavVet says:

    Israel would know this, if they’d read and heed the New Testament. But, alas, they’re fools.

  4. NavVet says:

    Simon, here’s an interesting prophecy study website:


  5. foley says:

    Akira, regarding your discussion above with NavVet about Putin.

    Think of all the millions of non-communists (Christian Orthodox nonjews) dispossessed and genocided in Russia and Soviet Union over the past 93 years. Think of the millions of nonjews in Ukraine, Poland, Germany. Non jews who were dispossessed of their properties and wealth to starve and freeze to death, died in slave labor camps, and slaughtered such as at Katyn forest. While all these nonjews were dying and suffering jews were propagating and flourishing by plundering the assets of the vanquished. Every non jew eliminated opens up more lebenstraum for the carpetbagging jews, or as the carpetbaggers were called in WW2, displaced persons or just DP, in an attempt to conceal from western non jews who they had really fought and died for.

    Now think about the millions of Muslims and Christian non jews in the middle east murdered for oil and land for Israeli jews to thrive and build more settlements (at American taxpayer’s expense.) Israel is literally built on the graves of Palestine.

    My point is by now Russians (and Germans) are either all a bunch of fucken judens or they’ve been so heavily judaized by commie “reeducation” campaigns they might as well be.

    IMHO, Medvedev and Putin are both crypto jews wearing the mask of Russian Orthodox Christian. They are not trying to fool Russians, the deception is to fool the western goyim that Russia and Putin offer some kind of resistance to the jewish communist and zionist NWO agenda.

  6. gtrman says:

    I read years ago of the “globalists” plan to implement their longed-for “WW3”, invoving Russia and China. I remember thinking at the time it seemed far-fetched.

    It does’nt anymore. Sometimes it looks like all the pieces on the ‘chessboard’ are controlled and acting out their roles.

    I also read that China could take out all U.S. aircraft carriers at a stroke. We live in interesting times

  7. kerdasi amaq says:

    The real question is: are Putin and his gang willing to be serfs for the so-called NWO?

    Those bastard bankers may have bitten off more than they can chew!

  8. American says:

    That’s right, ‘kerdasi’. Kevin MacDonald had something to say on the topic of Russians taking back their country from the JEW-rat. I believe that most Gentiles on earth have immense and justified hatred of JEWS now, and all it needs is a spark.


    For example, imagine how pumped the Muslim nations would get by watching JEWRY be held accountable in the US, USSR, or Germany. Israel would vaporize overnight, as JEWS get arrested all around the world! We’ll see people’s true feelings surface.

  9. Biker says:

    damn Incog! that link from the Desert Conservative is SCARY! i wonder if Zundel will save me a bunk??? GREAT find! i passed far and wide, thank you..

  10. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    Mikura-chan let those bad baad guys have it!


  11. Akira says:

    Some people here have some very bizarre vague notions (or theories, if you prefer) about Russia, that are virtually detached from reality, from politics, from military capabilities, from psychology, and from history.

    + + +

    Me: “The USA brought Communist control to Russia.”

    Response: “The Zionists globally may have funded and fueled this, but “USA” didn’t.”

    No. The USA destroyed the Russian Empire and enslaved Russians for 7 decades, then robbed the Russians blind until Putin took over and put an end to it.

    It’s pathetic to say, oh…uh…Zionists did it…

    Jews and Freemasons, mostly operating out of New York, and crawling all over and through the halls of power funded the hoped-for death of Russia.

    It’s worse than weak to say, “well…uh…okay…but they did it…and we just watched, and let them get away with it.”

    + + +

    Me: “Wrong. Communism was born in Frankfurt via the Jew Freemason Hess, raised in London by the Jew Freemason Marx, foisted on Russia by Britain and America, and maintained by America.”

    Response: “Where does Marx’s sugardaddy, Engles, come in on this – Paris?”

    Of course Engels played a part. And of course Paris and the Grand Orient are key Masonic players, but Marx and Engels were commissioned by their superiors.

    + + +

    Me: “How has America played nice? I still don’t know what you are referring to.”

    Response: “I read an indepth article a week or so ago posted on GretaWire regarding US discussions (boychild and comarde clinton w/China & Russia) scheduling tours of our defense systems across the U.S. for them and negoiating dismantling terms with them. I may have that article saved, if so, I’ll certainly post it here.”

    Oh, GretaWire.


    Any such inspections are part of mutual treaties and negotiations. How is that “giving” the Russians anything? The US and its allies have Russia surrounded. Israel, Britain and the US went to war with Russia last year. And lost.

    + + +

    NV: “I’m not convinced that he is their main enemy, Akira.”

    Me: “Then who is, NavVet? Who is?”

    Response: “If Russia is siding with the globalists by supplying Iran and Syria while pressuring the US to dismantle our defense systems — clearly this indicates a pitting against the U.S. Yes? Because the U.S. is going to support Israel (should the shit hit the fan).”

    How are Iran or Syria globalists? Is Assad controling the NYSE? Is Iran editing the NYT? Is Russia bombing Yemen and Pakistan? In your upside-down world is Michelle Obama sexy too?

    America, Britain, Israel, Brussels: these are the globalists. Get it?

    “The US is going to support Israel”?

    And how the fuck is that Putin’s fault if Americans are slaves!?


    Russians are free. Nobody orders Russia to do anything. They only have to pay attention to foreign nations if they need something, or just to be polite, I guess, see how things are going… work out some trade. But you think that in Russian presidential elections Putin or Medvedev had to go kowtow in a foreign land to get elected, the way America’s big niggers Bush and McCain and Obama and clinton and the rest have to go and suck Israel’s dick and put on their beanies and grovel at Yad Vashem if they want to even get on the ballot!?

    No. Get it through your head. Russia negotiates with foreign nations. America gets on its knees for the Jews.

    + + +

    NV: “Putin knows Communism is being installed in the U.S. as we speak”

    Me: “Then obviously Russia must treat America as its greatest threat.”

    Response: “On the contrary, this helps Russia’s position in their world order.”

    First of all, your wrong. It doesn’t help Russia in any way if America were to become Communist. But even if it did, how on Earth is that Russia’s fault!?

    Look in the mirror and stop reading Revelations on crack.

  12. Akira says:

    I never did get an answer.

    Re: “I’m not convinced that Putin is the Zionists’ main enemy/”

    Repeat: Then who is?

    If not Putin, then who?

    Alex Jones?

    Tiny Tim?


  13. Akira says:

    It’s funny how the Jew Atzmon Gilad identifies the Jewish disease, but then completely screws up at spotting the Mason.

    His review of this new Coen Bros. movie is great, but then he falls over himself praising James Cameron’s NWO sledgehammer, “Avatar”

    From his Coen review:

    – Quote –

    “The People of the Book consistently fail to detect when something is going horribly wrong. … Jewish ethnic campaigners and institutions (ADL, AJC, BOD etc’) are always flagging up statistics, they prefer to present numbers of ‘anti Semitic’ incidents instead of wondering why these incidents occur in the first place.

    “Larry is totally detached from his surrounding environment. He fails to notice that his wife is cheating on him. His wife seems to be libidinally overwhelmed by Sy Ableman, a greasy fat, patronizing stuffed-shirt widower who hugs those he screws over. Larry’s daughter is horrified by the nose given by her creator and wants a manmade one. Larry’s son cannot cope at all. He spends the best part of his time smoking his brains out while trying to consume American culture via an incurably fuzzy TV. In Coen’s world, even the television aerial is incapable of picking up on the surrounding signals. But it isn’t just nature Larry fails to cope with….”

    – Unquote –

    Just another day in Judonia, it sounds like.

  14. Biker says:

    i dont know what to think of the guy Akira, he could be pro, or anti Jew.. but he provides a list W/bio of the top oligarchs Putin is taking down… lotsa hebe’s there!


  15. Akira says:

    “exile” is a very shallow guy.

    He got baptized just to get married, and wrote about what a big joke it was for him. He’s a typical English guy.

    He states quite openly the level of Jew gangsterism there because everybody knows it. Also, it would be a waste of time for Jews in Russia to act like they do here “we’re a moral people, we care for the downtrodden, we follow the OT,” because Russians know that’s crap — only Americans and westerners in general are that dumb.

    But exile also swallows and propagates every dumb Jew excuse –

    the protocols were “a forgery” but now they’ve become true! the russians are to blame! pogroms! etc.” slav-only KGB? .. the NKVD was a Jewish social club!

  16. Akira says:

    Exile has a lot of “rumour has it…rumour has it”

    There are all sorts of rumours, but the facts are easy enough to establish, by seeing who goes where, when, with whom.

    It ALL goes back to Washington, NY, London, and/or Tel Aviv/Jerusalem

    Some background here:


    See from the part just below the Chechen flag:

    “Muslims Against Sharia” have said it’s absurd to suggest that Chechens could possibly be funded by Communists, Jews, Americans, Britons and Georgians to perpetrate terror in Russia, even though the links are a matter of public record. ”




  17. Akira says:

    Keep in mind that “exile’ is just repeating info from the Masonic disinfo rag Forbes.

    Speaking of which, here’s a funny article from Forbes in 2002:

    – Quote –

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky…is Russia’s richest man and appears to be the West’s best friend.

    It may seem strange to attribute power over world energy prices to this soft-spoken 38-year-old. … But Khodorkovsky is in the right place at the right time. …
    Khodorkovsky [‘s] company, Yukos, accounts for 17% of Russia’s oil production and has significant influence in the Kremlin.

    – unquote –

    Ha ha

    Russia’s Greenspan, Rahm and Gaithner all in one — “significant influence” — “in the right place” — now rotting in a Russian jail!

  18. Biker says:

    i got it Akira, another “Alex Jones for truth” type. from the bit that i read, he uses various literary ruses to keep you guessing, never claiming one side or the other. the Protocols being a forgery got my spidey senses tingling, but then he went on with a list of Russian/jew criminals… wtf? well KNOWN criminals … of course. thank you for the analysis. it seems that he is indeed not to be trusted.

  19. Steven10 says:

    I find it hard to believe that after killing 66 million christians in Soviet that the bolsheviks all left Russia after the wall collapsed and it is now our buddy. I’ve asked about this before but no credible or incredible analysis has been offered. I personally believe it is still run by Sovietjeus and the carpetbaggers crawled out to destinations in US and around the globe for one last push to destroy everything not labeled as kosher. I’m with you Foley. I believe all this intrigue etc. like always is just another set up to be blindsided as is their MO warfare by deceit. Probably just another mafia war.

  20. Simon Gibson says:

    @ NavVet

    Thanks for the link to http://www.prophecyproof.org. I don’t go with everything on his sites, but the guy did break some new ground for me, confirmed a few things, and certainly writes pretty close to the leading edge of end-time truth.


    “An Antichrist-type figure rising from either North or South Ossetia is not unprecedented when you consider one major, historical figure. Leon Trotsky noted that Joseph Stalin, one of the most infamous leaders in Russian history, was half Ossetian on his father’s side.

    “Stalin was a Georgian native like most Ossetians since they had no homeland to call their own. However, Stalin, in one of his first acts since he rose to power in April 1922, took land from Georgia to create North and South Ossetia and made them separate political entities.

    “Soon Stalin decimated the Russian Orthodox Church, ordered the execution of its priests, and ordered for the destruction of all religious images. He replaced the religious void in the Soviet Union by establishing himself as god and received worship from the people who bought into his Cult of Personality.

    “Stalin felt no remorse when a life was lost, especially when it got him closer to his goal. In fact, he personally decided who should or should not be included on a death list. Sometimes Stalin was disappointed with the number of names on the list, so he wrote instructions on the “disappointing” list requesting that more names get added next time.

    “Regardless of who was listed, according to historian Anton Antonov-Ovseyenko, Stalin’s death quota had to be filled no matter whom was listed: “Just like the production quota for timber, the quota for extermination was over-fulfilled especially among the country’s elite. That was absolutely typical for Stalin’s type of terror”.

    “Throughout his reign, Stalin authorized the deportations of entire ethnic groups from their lands, including the Chechens and Ingush. However, Stalin left the Ossetians alone and actually expanded North Ossetia’s territory at the expense of the Chechens and Ingush.

    “In 1953 Stalin made plans to exterminate all the Jews in the Soviet Union, but died suddenly just a couple of weeks before these plans were to be executed. Minutes before Stalin died witnesses at his side saw something that they would never forget. Here is one account from Stalin’s daughter Svetlana:

    “He suddenly opened his eyes and cast a glance over everyone in the room. It was a terrible glance and something incompressible and awesome happened. He suddenly lifted his left hand as though he were pointing to something above and bringing down a curse on all of us. The next moment after a final effort the spirit wrenched itself free from the flesh”.

    BTW, the end-time, European based political beast is indeed AN antichrist, but it’s more correct to say Israel’s end-time sorcerer-prince or the biblical Middle Eastern false prophet is THE antichrist, because he will more closely imitate Jesus Christ who did miracles and is, of course, the messiah of Israel.

  21. Simon Gibson says:

    Did Stalin’s death have something to do with the fact that the Russian Federation’s Prime Minister’s paternal grandfather, Spiridon Putin, was Lenin and Stalin’s personal cook? Jews rats are pretty good at poisoning things, aren’t they.

    Stalin died somewhat mysteriously just two weeks before his planned genocide of Jews in the Soviet Union, and after an all night dinner at his Kuntsevo residence just west of Moscow.

    In 2003, a joint group of Russian and American historians said they believed Stalin had ingested warfarin, a powerful, flavorless rat poison that inhibits blood coagulation and predisposes the victim to hemorrhagic stroke.

    BTW, Jews believe internal poisoning is one of the more excellent means of assassination, because it ostensibly destroys the body, soul, and spirit of a person —some of the more evil among them and in-the-know call it a “triple death”.

  22. Akira says:


    Take your Anti-Christian, Anti-Russian, Anti-Ossetian regurgitated Jew Spew lies and swallow them.

    – “Stalin’s planned Genocide of the Jews”

    – “Putin is a Jew”

    – “Stalin was a Georgian native like most Ossetians since they had no homeland to call their own”

    – “An Antichrist-type figure rising from either North or South Ossetia”

    Very unoriginal but I suppose you get your job done. Short and thick, does the trick, eh?

    Do you follow some script they send you? Or you just make it up as you go along?

  23. Akira says:




  24. Akira says:

    Check them all out:


  25. Akira says:

    My video:

  26. Akira says:

    Russia Today:

    “Detroit jet terrorist attack was staged” [Webster Tarpley interview]


  27. Akira says:

    The video mentioned just above, on YouTube. “The CIA’s Arab-Islamic Legion” Classic. Imagine this guy trying to state his theory to Bill O’Reilly or Sean Fuckkity without being shouted down every second.

  28. Steven10 says:

    Hey Akira or anyone that knows about the Russian transformation from Bolshevism to the new christian, zionist-free Russia please provide some links or related articles that I can read to catch up on that part of history. I’m here at Incogland to learn as much as possible. Those videos just aren’t that convincing since they really tell me nothing other than the fact they are reporting the news that we can’t get in the JewSA. Thanks!

    Does anyone have any more thoughts/information regarding Interpol?

  29. Akira says:

    Russia is far from “zionist-free”

    Thanks to Bush Sr and Clinton, Jews seized 60+% of Russian resources. Even now, the stat can’t crack down on them without destroying the economy.

    A good place to start:



  30. Akira says:

    And one more:

    “the substantial Jewish investment in the global arms trade permits Israel to support rebel groups worldwide through mafia channels that otherwise would be credited to Israeli government policy. For example, Russian-Jewish mafia figures are financing the Darfur separatists in Sudan (though the agency of Ukrainian-Jewish boss Viktor Bout), and the Colombian communist FARC rebels through the agency of the greatest boss of them all, the Israeli Simon Mogilevich, who bought the Hungarian anti-aircraft factories in the early 1990s, as well as a chunk of the famous Sukhoi combat jet firm in Russia. Such red-handed deals with as Miami-based Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg’s attempt to supply the Cali cartel with Russian submarines some time ago might suggest a heavy hand in global arms sales.”


  31. Steven10 says:

    Thanks for those links Akira. A good place to start. ‘Should keep me busy for a while.

  32. Flanders says:

    Here is some information about Interpol, but it is so based on “acceptable documented sources” that it seems basically useless.

    There are links to basic info which might be of some help with general knowledge, and I haven’t examined all the links.


    Here is the main alphabetical link to this “espionage information”.

  33. Flanders says:

    Akira, do you know how to access Russian records to determine whether certain information has been released? If you do, I would like to communicate with you as I have a certain item which I know to be true, but have never seen a public release done about it.

  34. Marshall says:

    “Tarzan” Fainberg, that’s a new name on me. I wasn’t aware that old subs could operate without being detected everywhere they go Akira LOL!!!

    Those Sukhoi fighters are still viable technology, although it seems Israel is getting a new fleet of F-35’s, courtesy of Uncle Sam, so what would they need Sukhoi’s for? Something to sell to third worlders at a substantial markup I guess…


    Last update – 22:52 01/10/2008

    U.S. approves sale to Israel of 25 F-35 fighter jets

    By Natasha Mozgovaya, Haaretz Correspondent, and Reuters

    Tags: U.S., Israel News

    The United States government on Tuesday said it approved the sale to Israel of 25 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft and an option for 50 more in coming years – a deal valued at up to 15.2 billion Euros.

    The Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), which oversees major arms sales, said the deal is vital to U.S. national security interests to assist Israel as it develops and maintains “a strong and ready self-defense capability.”

    Israel needs the aircraft built by the Lockheed Martin Corp to enhance its air-to-air and air-to-ground defense, the agency said.

    The DSCA notified Congress about the proposed arms sale before lawmakers head back to their districts for the November election. Lawmakers now have 30 days to block the sales, but such action is rare, since the agreements are usually carefully vetted beforehand.

    The Israeli embassy in Washington bent over backwards to have the deal approved by the current Congress, and a critical development in the legislation was achieved this weekend.

    The next stage would be Israeli and American defense officials signing the agreement, enabling the provision of the aircraft by 2014.

    The Pentagon agency said Israel wants to buy an initial 25 F-35s in the Conventional Take-Off and Landing (CTOL) configuration, with an option to buy an additional 50 F-35 CTOL or Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) aircraft.

    All aircraft would be equipped with either the F-135 engines built by Pratt and Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp, or the F-136 engine being developed by General Electric Co and Britain’s Rolls-Royce Plc.

    Lockheed Martin said it welcomes the decision. “As the first potential foreign military sale of the F-35, this would be an important first step in expanding interest in the Joint Strike Fighter beyond the U.S. government and eight international F-35 partner nations,” said Lockheed spokesman Tom Jurkowsky.

    Earlier this month, the Pentagon approved up to 330 million Euros in three separate arms deals for Israel.

    Top Israeli and U.S. government officials met in Washington this month for the most senior bilateral high technology dialogue ever between the two allies. Discussions focused in part on ensuring that sensitive technologies were not passed to third parties.

    An embassy spokesman said that the deal is further proof of the U.S.-Israel special relationship, as Israel is the first country outside NATO to receive the aircraft.

    Separately on Tuesday, the Pentagon approved Brazil’s request to buy up to 525 million euros’ worth of 15 United Technologies Black Hawk helicopters and 30 General Electric engines.

    Interesting movie about how a “nice jewish boy” gets rich in illegal arms business…


  35. Marshall says:

    WEBSTER TARPLEY!!! MSM are actually taking an old-time “conspiracy theorist” like Webster seriously now? I never thought I would see that…what a sea-change indeed. 😀

    Hey…he doesn’t sound so “whacky” with his Yemen analysis, does he? Everybody should catch his other stuff from way back…not hard to find…

  36. Flanders says:

    Why many people, especially the youth, led from finding truth. Disinfo shills are around.


  37. Akira says:

    Flanders (stay away from those Walloons!),

    About, “do you know how to access Russian records to determine whether certain information has been released?”

    I’m not sure. What exactly are you referring to?

    Why the ADL promotes Alex Jones?

    Because he said, “Israel [the Zionist Entity] couldn’t have done 9-11. I’ve researched it!” and “Arabs control Hollywood!” and “It’s the Teutonic Zionists! It’s the Elite! It’s the Elite!”


    I’m not sure Russia Today counts as the Piss-Stream Media.

    I think Tarpley’s alright when he sticks to secret services, false flags, but he denies Jew-control, and has hurt himself by being so close to Alex Jones. I guess he needed money for hookers or something like that. Pity.

    About: ““Tarzan” Fainberg’s attempt to supply the Cali cartel with Russian submarines ” and “I wasn’t aware that old subs could operate without being detected everywhere they go”

    That doesn’t mean giant nuclear subs! There are many small subs used for smuggling and so on. Google: “small submarines”

  38. Octo says:

    An interviewer asked Ludwig Fainberg about the logistical difficulties on the international drug and women trafficking he presides over.

    “The way I learned the business is that it has no borders.”

    “That week Lenin’s plan to cross Germany, with the Kaiser’s help…”


    The business he’s describing is not the Organizatia, but Judaism.

    “Friedman interviewed a well-known Jewish gangster in Miami, known to his associates as “Tarzan.” His real name is Ludwig Fainberg. He came to the United States from Ukraine, a country whose natives have traditionally hated the Jews, for very good reasons. Fainberg is not a religious Jew, but he certainly is very Jewish, the kind of Jew the real Ukrainians instinctively despise. But was Fainberg persecuted in Ukraine? Hardly. Friedman reports:

    To . . . [Fainberg] being Jewish simply meant having certain privileges. ‘Jews were the richest people in town,’ he told me. ‘Jews had cars, Jews had money, Jews lived in nice apartments. We were comfortable. My mother had nice clothes and jewelry. We took a vacation once a year to Odessa, a stunning city with a boardwalk and gorgeous beaches. It was filled with mobsters and entertainers. It was a city with a Jewish flavor. ”


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