Celebration, come on! I’m pleased to report breaking 1 million hits on my blog, barely over 2 years old now. Considering I’m semi-censored by WordPress, I’d say that was pretty good. All you spiteful little Jews can just go and suck on that! Of course, you already suck anyways. Isn’t that right?

Sorry, Jews, but the word is spreading fast about you commie and immoral Nation Wreckers. I’m doing everything I can to spread the word too. Guess what? Soon, it will hit critical mass and no amount of belly-aching, whining or crying about being “poisecuted” will stop it. Censorship tactics at this point will only fan the flames, speeding the day we frog-march you outta here. Which is going to happen, sooner or later. May as well get the hell out now, while the getting is good.

Just think a minute: You had it pretty damn good here in America. And you screwed it up royally. You know it too. Better stop spending your time reading INCOG MAN and better spend it checking out Real Estate prices in Tel Aviv or God-knows-what other country might be stupid enough to take you in.

You’ve been kicked out of every country you’ve ever lived in the world (except for America and that’s next on the hit parade). How can you even wonder why you are so hated anymore? I believe even all that is pretending by now. Has to be.

And don’t think for a minute your current attempt at the take-over of a country not your own (America), will succeed before Americans put a stop to you. Just because it worked once in Russia (killing millions), doesn’t mean you can do it here — even after you trashed the place and turned it into Third World crap hole.

Far too many Americans are patriotic and gun owning. Part of the problem was your phony conservative Neocons using patriotism to jack us up to fight one too many of your stupid Jew Wars. Looks like you made a little mistake, huh?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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353 Responses to INCOG MAN HITS 1 MILLION

  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    ha ha Velikovsky’s basic thesis was that the fall of the middle kingdom in Egypt was caused by the close passage of a comet( the nucleus of which was nearly the size of the Earth). The “greenhouse effect” was invented as an attempt to discredit his work; and the failure of people to recognise the truth of Velikovsky’s work, is going to cost them a pretty penny(carbon taxes).

  2. kerdasi amaq says:

    one other thing about Velikovsky. He attempted to explain the events recorded in the Book of Exodus(the ten plagues of Egypt); by means of the natural sciences and without invoking the existence of a supernatural entity.

  3. hoff2 says:

    That’s a great link Hoff, although it’s the first site I’ve run into that I couldn’t Pagenest!!!

    If you haven’t used it before…Pagenest kicks ass and it’s free!!! There’s too much information to go trying to “copy and paste” it all in the traditional ways…I’ve been using Pagenest for years and recommend it highly…

    Hoff> l got 6 MB up and o,3 down. l select the info l want Copy-Past the old way. Say Download and l get a headache. lts so easy? Okay copy and post up my entire blog.

    l need a mirrorsite, or 20 so the Lying Jew Scumbags cant take me down. Then do the same with Incogland, and RealZionistNews com

    You got the knowhow, the net speed and the time?
    Just do it. Thx in advance from Hoff 90)

  4. hoff2 says:

    @ Incogman: Just click Simon Gibson and look at the URL.


    • incogman says:

      Yeah, I see that, but does that mean he is a Jew? I’ve checked his site and there is things I don’t agree with but I have yet to see anything that points to being disinfo.

  5. hoff2 says:

    @ lncogman: Br Nathan at Real Zionist News sent Simon Gibson to Spamblinka. And he know a jew when he spots one.

    As the police cheif said during the Jew Riots in Jew York: Get these fucking jews out of here.

  6. Karl says:

    Next they will quote Zacharia Sitchin, see what happens when you don’t get rid of Jews straight away, they just come in greater numbers, next thing you know, your drowning in filth and lies.

  7. hoff2 says:


    “Moscow 1949…Golda Meir…mobbed by 50,000 jews outside the synagogue in downtown Moscow”

    That’s what turned the tide for a lot of Jews. The huge support for Israel, the open praise for “the Jewish state” after they’d wrecked Christian Russia. All really pissed off many Russians and Ukrainians. Esp. post-war with many veterans around. So Zionists were smacked down, and it was a good excuse to settle scores.

    And keep in mind that when many Jews were charged with espionage. it was in fact true in some/many cases. They did have US, Western, Israeli connections.

    Chaim Weizmann wrote in his autobiography that his mother was
    proud to see her sons in power in both capitals of the Jewish world (Jerusalem and Moscow). -Akira-

    Hoff> “So Zionists were smacked down, and it was a good excuse to settle scores.”

    Jewish gang wars. Thats all there is to it, jewish gang wars masked under jewish marxist-lenenist mumbo-jumbo propaganda-bullshit. The jews will do ANYTHING to hidethat they control the state. Kewish false flag ops all over again. Same jewish MO.

  8. Marshall says:

    Karl and Simon-

    What is “pseudo-quackery” to start with?

    Quackery is bullshit. “Pseudo-quackery” must therefore be “fake bullshit” by definition. How can we quantify or describe this peculiar contextual relationship? 1.) It’s bullshit that relies on bullshit for its very existence. Not to be confused with 2.) “double-reverse bullshit,” 3.) “bullshit to the power of 2,” or 4.) “multi-layered bullshit.”

    Dealing with “multi-layered bullshit” is like systematically peeling off the layers of a fake onion to get down to the original bullshit the resulting bullshit layers were based upon. The core of the entire concept is something I therefore refer to as “Proto-bullshit.”

    Reminds me of the movie “Schindler’s List.” The original premise was “Proto-bullshit,” therefore the Stealberg movie about it was “pseudo-quackery” because it created new and original bullshit based upon the original kernel of same…the “proto-bullshit” spawned the resulting layers of the fake onion we currently peel. There are numerous “quackery” experts available who will offer advice about the version of multi-layered bullshit they have personally observed.

    A recent example would be two Jews, “Siskel & Ebert,” who made a living describing the multi-layered bullshit they personally witnessed, without addressing the real cause of the “proto-bullshit.”

    Perhaps the solution to the overall situation is to recognize that the onion itself is fake, and therefore we are wasting time trying to peel it, when in fact what we should be doing is finding the guy who gave us the precept that the onion was real to start with.

    It reminds me of watching my cat chew on plastic flowers and grass in a vase the other day. I was thinking, “Damn Libby, can’t you see that stuff isn’t real?” Knowing that cats like to eat real grass every so often, I guess I’m going to have to get Lib one of these “cat grass” things to feast upon when she gets the urge in the future, because currently she appears to be the victim of “pseudo-quackery.”


  9. hoff2 says:

    Hoff: at the end of ww2, there were 1.6 MILLION US troops in Germany/Austria, and 400,000 in Japan. at their peak during the cold war there were never LESS than 250,000 permanantly stationed in Germany, as of 2000, there were still 69,000. its a long file, but its ALL there! everything you ever wanted to know about the JEW proxy war machine troop deployment 1900-present.


    Hoff> Great link biker. l have copy-past it, but these #€/(&&)/(= PDF gets the worst out of me.

    l haven’t had time to read it all. But from the intro l conclude the following: As a rule TWO percent of the US population has been in the military for the last century.

    Tghe jew run Neo-Con, PNAC report claimed that the US uses four, 4 percent of US GNP on the military and the jews wants that up to five, 5 percent of US GNP.

    To the jews America is nothing but the jews proxy war machine.

  10. Simon Gibson says:

    I agree with a lot of Prof. Smyth’s writings, Karl, and would endorse some of his esoteric intepretation of the passages and stones of the Great Pyramid.

    But we’ve been discussing chronology here, not the esoterics of the pyramids; and there’s nothing in the writings of those you’ve quoted above that even begins to convincingly counterblast what I’ve written, which is doubtless why you’ve somewhat deceitfully neglected to quote it for us.

    I notice that some of the above writers you’re a fan of have, however, provided material for heavily judaized cults like British Israelism and the Jehovah’s Witnesses …

    “Working upon theories by Taylor, he [Smyth] conjectured that the Hyksos were the Hebrew people, and that they built the Great Pyramid under the leadership of Melchizedek. Because the pyramid inch was a divine unit of measurement, Smyth, a committed proponent of British Israelism, used his conclusions as an argument against the introduction of the metric system in Britain.

    “Smyth’s theories on pyramid prophecy were then integrated into the works and prophecies of Charles Taze Russell who founded the Bible Student movement (most visible today in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, though Russell’s successor, Joseph F. Rutherford, denounced pyramidology as unscriptural).

    “The theories of Taylor and Smyth gained many eminent supporters and detractors in the field of Egyptology during the late 1800s, but by the end of the 19th century it had lost most of its mainstream scientific support. The greatest blow to the theory was dealt by the great Egyptogist William Matthew Flinders Petrie, who had initially been a supporter.

    “When Petrie went to Egypt in 1880 to perform new measurements, he found that the pyramid was several feet smaller than previously believed. This so undermined the theory that Petrie rejected it, writing “there is no authentic example, that will bear examination, of the use or existence of any such measure as a ‘Pyramid inch,’ or of a cubit of 25.025 British inches.”

    I actually know the true esoteric significance of the Great Pyramid, but I’m not so sure I should present it here, because God says not to “cast your pearls before swine nor that which is holy to dogs, lest they turn and rend you”.

    One thing I will say is that you and dupes of the doctrine of the CI cult of the ilk of RazorWit are definitely somewhere lost in the descending passage that leads to the dead-end chamber called the pit; so you should repent and turn to God through the biblical Jesus Christ before it’s too late and you can’t get out of the hell beneath the earth you’ve made for yourselves.

    On the other hand, I know I’m somewhere not far short of the end of the Grand Gallery with the rest of the saints on earth at the present time, or about where the “airshaft” exits that chamber into the blue; because I know there’s a resurrection or rapture of the church, the body of Christ, that’ll leave judaized dupes of the Jews like you behind to face the biblical last great social cataclysm, which is illustrated in the last half of the portcullis chamber, which follows the Grand Gallery and immediately precedes the King’s Chamber or that which is symbolical of the millennial reign of Christ.

    The return and reign of Jesus Christ is also obviously anticipated in the esoteric significance of the discarded top stone of the Great Pyramid at Giza, which is why that stone’s absence is often vindictively used by Jews and their Masonic acolytes as a symbol of their anticipation of the reign of Israel’s antichrist, and as a corruption of the intepretation of the biblical verse that condemns the Jews for hating and rejecting Jesus Christ, where it’s written …

    “Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded. Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto they also were appointed” (1 Pet. 2. 6-8).

    Anyway, why are you opposed to my idea that the Great Pyramid may have been built during the governorship of the Hebrew patriarch Joseph? You should know that it’s obviously the most biblical position you or anyone can take.

    The Hebrew Joseph certainly would have encouraged the building of such a structure with its obviously divinely inspired esoterics that probably came from an architect from the east of the ilk of the Hyksos; and there’s no doubt that of all rulers of Egypt he would have had the best provision, labor-wise, for building it, because all of the people of the land were his slaves.

    Note these biblical verses:

    “Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold every man his field, because the famine prevailed … And as for the people, HE REMOVED THEM TO CITIES FROM ONE END OF THE BORDERS OF EGYPT EVEN TO THE OTHER END THEREOF” (Gen. 47. 20-21) —sure looks like he might have been planning to use mass labor for something big like a pyramid, doesn’t it!

    Also, I don’t see why you’re so bitterly opposed to the writings of Immanuel Velikovsky. Readers might be interested to know that many Christians and even authors on sites like endorse his works …

  11. hoff2 says:

    Yeah, I see that, but does that mean he is a Jew? I’ve checked his site and there is things I don’t agree with but I have yet to see anything that points to being disinfo. -lncogman-

    Hoff> Okay lets turn it around. What have SG contributed to lncogland? Shitload of text (m)asses. Akira and Karl is on the right track here too. l don’t take Spamblinka anyone easy. SG is the Alex JoneStein of lncogland. SG to Spamblinka!

  12. Karl says:

    Simon Gibson:
    “I Actually know the true esoteric significance of the Great Pyramid, but I’m not so sure I should present it here, because God says not to ‘cast your pearls before swine, nor that which is holy to dogs”

    Well he just called you all dogs and swine, is there anymore evidence one needs to identify this kike, can he make it anymore obvious?

    I’m outta here, I’ll check back in a week or 2, maybe someone should clean up the jew infestation.

  13. Simon Gibson says:

    @ Hoff 2,

    You’re lying about me, because you don’t like me as a Christian, because you get convicted in your guilty conscience by what I write about the gospel, and because I opposed your idea that the massacre of Jews by Germans in WW2 was a “Holohoax” on my blog and ostensibly criticized your autism.

    Bro Nathanael did NOT ban me from because he thought I was a Jew; but because he thought I was a racist NS and caused him to lose a Web host back in 2008 by what I wrote AGAINST THE JEWS.

    This you know damn well you atheistic hypocrite — you remain in my eyes a freak of nature, who deserves to be punished by God when you meet him in judgment.

  14. Simon Gibson says:

    @ Karl,

    The “dogs and swine” I had in view were judaized religious cultists like you and RAzorWit, not everyone in incogland, as you well know. You are just straining at a gnat after swallowing a camel I’ve written to try to get me banned.

  15. Marshall says:


    Those people would never have been “slaves” to start with, had Joseph not whispered his SCAM to STEAL their land into the Pharaoh’s ear to start with!!!

    The same is true today. If your farm is indebted to a banker based upon next year’s potential crop output and backed by the collateral of your very farm ITSELF…PLEASE!!!

    OOPS!!! You have a tough growing season next year? Well, guess what? The banker gets your whole freaking farm!!! Were you “over-leveraged?” DUH???

    If you don’t like it, the Pharaoh’s “boys” are gonna come around make things even tougher for you…OR, you can go to work on this new “pyramid project” he’s got going. Take your pick, sucker!!!


    What do you make of this Synoptic Gospel text? “Freemasonry” whom I am assuming are “the builders” referred to by Jesus Christ, appear to have made a huge fundamental mistake…what say you?

    1.Matthew 21:42

    Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?
    Matthew 21:41-43 (in Context) Matthew 21 (Whole Chapter)

    2.Mark 12:10
    And have ye not read this scripture; The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner:
    Mark 12:9-11 (in Context) Mark 12 (Whole Chapter)

    3.Luke 20:17
    And he beheld them, and said, What is this then that is written, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner?
    Luke 20:16-18 (in Context) Luke 20 (Whole Chapter)

    Marshall 😀

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just ignore him, if you don’t like him. Trust me, if I can see he’s a definite Jew scum, he’s outta here. -lncogman-

    Hoff> Trust me, l trust you 9o) SG is nothing but trouble. He was the first l banned on my blog. And trust me, l don’t ban people easy. But lets have “democracy”. Lets have a referendum on Simon gibson. Make a poll lncogman.

  17. Hoff says:

    Phööööööööö … ls that SG one pain in a bodypart. He is a typical Jew, accusing people left, right, center of all and nothing. Okay lncogman, keep him and just wait until he turns on you. Because he will turn on you lncogman. Just read what he writes, ACCUSATIONS UPON ACCUSATIONS.

  18. Marshall says:


    Like I said, your previous Red Terror link was the first I’ve run into that wouldn’t Pagenest.

    I did however just Pagenest the first page of your Jewise site in a millisecond.

    I DESELECTED the “fetch graphics from other servers” option, because you have links to 500 MOVIES listed there!!! Pagenest would have gone after them all, and I don’t have the HD space or time right now to deal with it.

    Be advised that I have Pagenested completely, and so much other gigs of stuff that I don’t even have the LIFETIME to go through it all.

    Pagenest ROCKS. If you want to backup all your stuff, just get a new terabyte drive and “do it to it.” Even they are cheap these days. Also backup online to a file archiving site that won’t mess with your data or allow prying eyes into it without your permission.

  19. Hoff says:

    Why us? Now even the dogs want gas chambers and ovens all over.

    “Should The Doggie Take The Gas?”

  20. JamesTheJust says:


    Just wanted to stop in and wish you well. One Million hits, eh? No small feat! Congratulations.

  21. Marshall says:

    I think that dog “Adolf” is hilarious Hoff!!! I suppose he will personally spread Nazism to all the creatures in the yard if not immediately stopped by all means out LMAO!!!

    I personally admire Border Collies, supposedly the smartest dogs on the planet…truly, the shepherd’s best friend. 😀

  22. Marshall says:

    JAMES!!! YOU LIVE!!! Where have you been? You’ve missed alot of extensive digital bantering…too much fun, bud!!!

    Marsh 😀

  23. JamesTheJust says:

    I’m fine. I’ve been spending my time studying. Also was preparing to host a show on Talkshoe for Christian Identity. The show went fine, but about a week later a wind storm hit the Phoenix area and the Internet was down for a while. Still spotty.

    Just perusing through the comments here. You have to admit that even when we White folk disagree, we are very intelligent and articulate. 🙂

  24. anti-zionist says:

    I agree hoff, jew bullshit, but then again half the people who post here think he was a jew or rothschild agent.

  25. Louis from Montreal says:

    It’s really good for my heart to see so many people waking up. Thanks to folks like INCOG MAN.

  26. kerdasi amaq says:

    “OOPS!!! You have a tough growing season next year? Well, guess what? The banker gets your whole freaking farm!!! Were you “over-leveraged?” DUH???”

    This is why finance is the high ground of business. It is important for you(the local community) to control its own finances. To keep the Wall Street banksters at arms length. i.e. to control both ends of the contract.

    One book I read, says that the way to make money out of farming is not to maximise output, but to minimise inputs.

  27. American says:

    Arrest all 536 elected representatives of Federal gov’t, or at least those that don’t admit guilt for being Traitors more loyal to the NWO than the United States. The majority could be easily found, arrested, sentenced, and hung in just a few days.

    We all know it’s JEWS and loyalty to Israel, but no need to mention race, because shabbos goy Whites need to hang, too. Even angry niggers could get in the action (although they’re more likely to get in the way, as usual). Nobody likes or trusts government these days, and irate crowds could do the above with ease. Or even 15-20 good men at the capitol?

    No need to worry about our own military cracking down. They’re all in the Middle East, fighting wars for Israel.

  28. Hoff says:

    To this day the only one that have ridiculed the statement that communism is a jewish conspiracy are hardcore communist non-jewish scumbags.

    In one complaint lodged at the National Archives, a 27-year-old German journalist being held at this camp said he had spent two years as a prisoner of the Gestapo. And not once, he said, did they treat him as badly as the British.

  29. Hoff says:

    Many of David Irving’s books online in full text and free download.

  30. Hoff says:

    Diden’t know that did you?

    “A Tribute To Our Black Confederate Heroes”

  31. kerdasi amaq says:

    The South shall have to rise again!

  32. Hoff says:

    Just another jew-whore in office.

    Hansard records first Chanukah celebration in NSW parliament (Australia)

  33. Marshall says:

    A “little” off-topic…has anybody caught this yet from Rense? 😀

  34. Hoff says:

    Obama sends Hanukkah greeting to Jewish people,7340,L-3818676,00.html

    “Rabbi Shea Harlig at House of Representatives”

  35. Nemesys says:

    James. I missed you!

  36. Akira says:

    How on Earth can anybody get sucked in by by this Shimon Gibson’s Jewish nonsense? You might as well start citing Eric Huffshit or Alex Jones.

    “Semitic King Henry” “Semitic King John”

    What a tool.

    The City of London does indeed have some autonomy withing Britain and is the centre of the Rothschild’s empire, but “The Crown” in Canada does not mean the City of London.

    Gibson’s just a Jew lie-factory, tasked to obscure facts, ridicule, conflate to the point of absurdity, and confuse.

  37. Hoff says:

    Eric Huffshit

    Hoff> Whats wrong with Eric?

  38. Akira says:

    So now we’ve heard from Shimon ben Gibson that:

    – The ancient Irish name Brian is “a jew cryptogram”

    – Stephen Harper is sending tax-payments to Israel “unbeknownst to the Canadians”. With no evidence.

    – Medvedev [whose name Shimon can’t even spell], who is criticized for promoting Christian education and morality and Russia’s historically Christian identity, is a Jew. With no evidence.

    – That Viking-Saxon Henry I and John I were “semitic”. etc

    – That Christian Russia has always been the most Jew-friendly state. etc

    Is his IP address connected to Chabad, I wonder.

  39. Akira says:

    “Whats wrong with Eric?”


  40. Simon Gibson says:

    Like I said, Akira, you can rant well but you can’t refute me, which is the real reason why gnat strainers like you on this blog keep coming back to attack me.

    Just saying the Angevin and Plantagenet kings weren’t Semitic and “the Crown” in Canada doesn’t mean the private sovereignty of the City of London doesn’t prove a thing, except that I’ve either got you thinking or baffled.

    You’re the wet Jewy disinfo agent that rides roughshod over truth, not me, pal.


  41. Akira says:

    Sure, and Hercules was a Semite because his Korean-Semitic father mated with a Martian, who are the lost 15th tribe.

  42. GDL/White Master says:

    “No need to worry about our own military cracking down. They’re all in the Middle East, fighting wars for Israel.”

    No doubt American,

    Our elite fighters are in the Middle East…who the hell they gonna get after us….a bunch of zit faced 18 year old punks who join the military to get into college and have MTV brains?

  43. Akira says:

    Akira: “Gibson’s just a Jew lie-factory, tasked to obscure facts, ridicule, conflate to the point of absurdity, and confuse.”

    Shimon: “I’ve either got you thinking or baffled.”

    + + +

    Summa quod Sumus

  44. Hoff says:

    l asked you a simple Q and all can come up with is a on word ? What is wrong with Eric?

  45. Marshall says:

    This freaking Pharisee “Harlig” even mentions the Noahide Laws on the floor? I hope people are aware that the penalty for disobeying the Noahide Laws is BEHEADING.

    These hellspawns MUST BE STOPPED. Filthy DEMONIC VERMIN!!!

  46. Akira says:

    I thought you were being ironic.

    Besides having listened to Eric Huffshit’s endless disinfo in all his Jewish whininess, the fact that he says that David Irving, Ernst Zündel, Frederick Töben, G. Edward Griffin, etc., are “All Zionist Jews!” ought to give one pause, to say the least.

  47. Hoff says:

    Our elite fighters are in the Middle East…who the hell they gonna get after us….a bunch of zit faced 18 year old punks who join the military to get into college and have MTV brains?

    Hoff> Yes!

    “Commie Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America:”#1 Issue”, Gun Owners are Terrorists”

    “Obama’s Plan for The Draft- MANDATORY SERVICE everyone 18-25”

  48. Akira says:

    Re: “This freaking Pharisee “Harlig” even mentions the Noahide Laws on the floor?”

    But the Congress and Executive already declared that American Law is based on Noachide Law. And the Supreme Court is establishing a Talmudic institute.

  49. Hoff says:

    the fact that he says that David Irving, Ernst Zündel, Frederick Töben, G. Edward Griffin, etc., are “All Zionist Jews!

    Hoff> He said that? Source.

  50. Hoff says:

    @ Akira: Don’t think that what you know everybody knows. Because we don’t!

  51. Akira says:

    Besides the fact that the first tenet of Freemasonry is submission to Noachidism, here’s the record of US formal submission to Jewry:

    US Public Law 102-14

    “Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded. These ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws.”


  52. Akira says:


    I didn’t mean to be rude. I thought you were kidding about Huffshit.

    I don’t have time. Here’s a catalogue of some of that idiot’s nonsense:

  53. Akira says:

    Here’s Huffshit on “the Jews” Ernst Zündel, David Duke, Michael Hoffman, etc etc etc etc etc:

    One of the funniest lines you’ll ever read in your entire life:

    “Hoffman’s articles are difficult to understand because he produces propaganda; ie, his articles are designed to confuse and manipulate. Also, as with other “academics” and “intellectuals”, he uses unusual words in an attempt to intimidate us with his education and intelligence.”

  54. Nemesys says:

    Marsh – The Jew in the video is contradicting himself, and he never does give the “correct” definition of the word “goy”.

    Whatta Jew!

  55. GDL/White Master says:

    Those 18 year old punks will back down and switch sides VERY easily!

  56. Akira says:

    Sorry, should have included the Hoffman passage that Huffshit was referring to:

    HOFFMAN: “The most disgusting aspect of the verdict against Zündel, aside from his incarceration, is the effect it will have on the Muslim world, which is sanctimoniously hectored by the West to permit more freedom of expression and to be less defensive about blasphemy of Muhammad. But the imperial West has deigned to create an exception for its own tutelary idols, about which no blasphemy may be countenanced, on penalty of five years imprisonment. The verdict against Zündel represents a resurgence of the Dark Ages and that fact will not be lost on Muslims.”

    HUFFSHIT: “Hoffman’s articles are difficult to understand because he produces propaganda; ie, his articles are designed to confuse and manipulate. Also, as with other “academics” and “intellectuals”, he uses unusual words in an attempt to intimidate us with his education and intelligence.”

    Those “unusual words” intended to “intimidate” us must be:

    – aspect
    – verdict
    – incarceration
    – effect
    – sanctimoniously
    – hectored
    – blasphemy
    – tutelary
    – idols
    – countenanced
    – resurgence

    Oy vey! Such a headache I have now!

  57. Akira says:


    “Fredrick Toben…voluntarily traveled from Australia to Germany to be arrested for Holocaust denial. This is evidence that Toben is another Zionist who allowed himself to be arrested in order to frighten people around the world to remain silent about the Holocaust.”


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