It’s All AIPAC of Lies


Traitor Jewess Jane Harman (D-CA) glad-handing with fellow Jew and Israeli war criminal Ariel Sharon (left). Harman was recorded by NSA wiretap offering to help AIPAC on the case against the two spies, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, in return for getting her the chair of the House Intelligence Committee (she almost did). The so-called government of United States gave them all a free pass. You can read what Sharon thinks about America below. Subversive bastards. [INCOG] 

‘George Washington could never have imagined an America being controlled and manipulated by another government’ 

By Jim Traficant 

American Israel Public Affairs Committee—AIPAC. The single most powerful lobby in the world. So powerful that Washington politicians carefully weigh each and every vote they cast based on the approval of this lobby. 

Yes, a foreign lobby has that much clout, power and control over American leaders and thus, the American people. AIPAC has become so overpowering that they have risen above government investigations and mainstream media scrutiny. So powerful that the following statement was NEVER reported in America’s newspapers, magazines, or electronic media: 

“Every time we do something you tell me that America will do this and America will do that. I want to tell you something very clear; don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” 

You may think that maybe that statement was made by an overzealous Jewish American—or—an Israeli comedian—or—an Israeli talk show host. Maybe. Just maybe! No, that was no comment made at an Israeli barbershop or an Israeli wedding—no maybes about it! That comment was made by the then Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon. Yes, the prime minister of Israel! The head of state—Israel’s leader. 

Think about it. You may not have even heard this statement or read about it were it not for AFP. In fact, this may be the very first time you’ve come to learn of this statement—December 2009. 


Every year AIPAC Jews host a giant ass kissing fest for bought Goyim to attend. If they don’t come, the Jews might get all paranoid and pissed, very possibly resulting in negative press and back-room trouble for the foolish Goy. [INCOG] 

Obama is a giant Jew suck-up too, regardless of any double-talk he makes to Muslims.

The power of AIPAC is so evident that the mainstream media of the USA hid it from your eyes and ears. Yes, you should be upset—really mad—because that statement was made October 3, 2001—more than 8 years ago. Eight years ago you didn’t even know that a foreign leader announced, on an Israeli radio show no less, that “We, the Jewish people, control America.” 

And it didn’t stop there—consider the far-reaching ramifications of the remainder of that statement: “And the Americans know it.” 

What Americans? Do you know it? Do your neighbors know it? Who are these Americans who know it? 

Lets get to the point. Every politician in Washington D.C. knows it and has never uttered a word about it, NEVER even a whisper. 

I opened up a can of worms in my September appearance on the Greta Van Susteren show, Fox TV Network. I said: “Israel has a stranglehold on America. Their lobby AIPAC has pushed and manipulated America into wars of little or no interest to our national security. . . . Our sons and daughters are being shipped home in body bags. These wars have now bankrupted America and no one—no one—has even whispered a warning from our nation’s capital.” I further stated: “Our one-sided foreign policy in the Mideast favoring Israel on every issue has turned the Arab world against us and has exported to America the terrorism, violence and danger resulting from these misguided policies.” 

Former Ziopuppet Bush playing kissy-face with Israel's Tzipi Livni.

I was called a “kook”—demeaned by the mainstream media—labeled an anti-Semite—on and on. The reason is quite clear. No one can even question Israel without being targeted, without retaliation. 

“We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans; know it.” (Ariel Sharon, Oct. 3, 2001.) I’m no anti-Semite—and Israel knows it. Israel also knows that I vehemently oppose any person, entity or government that attempts to control, manipulate, influence or gerrymander our great nation. Truth is, Israel has done just that. 

When a foreign leader such as Ariel Sharon can make such a statement, and get away with it without media or government scrutiny, it speaks to the awesome power that Israel wields over America’s commerce, the American press and the American government. 

Transparency? The new buzzword! Who’s kidding whom? American politicians dare not even whisper their concerns about Israel. 

It has come to pass. Yes, American kids are being shipped home in body bags to grieving parents who have lost their jobs and pensions due to these “Israeli wars.” 

That’s right, “ISRAELI WARS. ”Wars of expansion for Israel, at the expense and pain of the people of the USA. “BEAM ME UP!” 

Our first president, George Washington, warned: 

“Beware of permanent alliances.” George Washington is rolling over in his grave. GW could never have imagined an America being controlled and manipulated by another government. 

If Sharon’s statement had been made by any other foreign leader, it would have been headlines in every newspaper in America. It would have been the hot subject of every American talk show, radio and TV. But not Israel. No talk show host, whether conservative or liberal will ever question Israel. If they do, they will lose their show. Beware, American politicians, or you, too, will become a target. 


James A. (Jim) Traficant, Jr. was born in Youngstown, Ohio on May 8, 1941. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was a well-known football star. He also received a M.S. degree from Youngstown State University in 1976. For ten years he served as executive director of the Mahoning County (Ohio) Drug Program and from 1981-1985 he served as sheriff of Mahoning County, prior to his election to the U.S. Congress as a Democrat in 1984. He was re-elected by overwhelming margins every year up until 2002 when, following his conviction on trumped up corruption charges, he was expelled from the House of Representatives. Despite his conviction and expulsion and being sent to prison for a seven year term Traficant still won 15% of the vote running for re-election to the House in the 2002 election as an independent. He recently completed a seven-year prison sentence, having refused to seek a pardon or clemency, refusing to admit to or apologize for crimes he did not commit. 

(Issue # 49 & 50, December 7 & 14, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)
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Article Source: American Free Press 


It’s not only AIPAC, but dozens of other traitorous Jew groups like the Council of Presidents and B’nai B’rith. They all work in conjunction with each other to push the Jew and Israel line on America’s head. With these people, if you don’t agree with exactly whatever they want, they come out and tell everybody you’re nothing but a Nazi.

The Israel Lobby: The full documentary from the Dutch Public TV. Segmented, full English versions available on Youtube (for now). Download PDF of the discussed Harvard study here: The Israel Lobby. Book is now available, yet the Jews have managed to get it classified as “Conspiracy Theory” on Amazon and on major bookseller’s shelves. (English and some subtitles: 50 minutes) 

It’s not just in America. Oh no. Subversive Jews have done the same thing to Britain, too. Watch Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby, Channel 4’s devastating expose of the Jewish lobby in the UK.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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100 Responses to It’s All AIPAC of Lies

  1. Marshall says:

    Jewish “Mr. Rogers” educates the kiddies about Global Warming way back in the 60’s!!!


  2. The trilion idiotman says:


    Thats a written HTML tag, get some knowledge idiot………..
    You can fool your American PR moron .
    Next time look for hit counters Jewboy.

    Marshal keep on adding black metal Video Clips, maybe it will bring you some Nazis hits

    • incogman says:

      That’s a WP widget on the left, under my gravatar, spunkmeister — not any kind of HTML bullshit, Jew. Doesn’t really matter what you think, anymore Jewboi. Your days are numbered.

  3. GDL/White Master says:

    That punk Jew isn’t convincing anyone, except maybe himself. I do believe they actually believe their lies.

    Sink down to hell where you belong Jew!

  4. The trilion idiotman says:

    Incogman = GDL/White Master

    What a a lovely pair, strange you always come together……………..

    Thats the way to get a Million hits, or………………………

  5. American says:

    You’re not helping the count, Israeli. You just keep bumping Incog up in ratings every time you visit. Thanks for your participation.

  6. American says:

    Still making 6 shekels an hour to troll the internet while all your buddies are out robbing Goyim for millions? You didn’t even get a proper education out of the deal! Get back to work for your JEWmaster.

    And to think that not one of those MILLION visitors gets paid to come here! I hope Incog makes a quick article about the numbers, all in the name of ‘trilion’ the JEW-rat.

  7. The trilion idiotman says:


    Don’t you know, we work together……………… why not help our friend Incogman.

  8. American says:

    HAHAHA!!! I was just wondering if ‘trilion’ the JEW-rat was the individual that put Incog over a million?

  9. incogman says:

    Yeah, that would be ironic, would it not?

  10. The trilion idiotman says:


    Tell this stupid American where the counts are……………..

    Based on the average number you made in the last 2 hours (385 hits), you should have 3,363,840 hits by now.
    So don’t report a lower number. you should get more !!!!
    So get to work…………… don’t say you don’t get help from me jewboy.

    • incogman says:

      Next time you post a comment on this thread, Jew boy, you’re outta here. Let’s see what you gotta say in my new 1 MILLION post thread. Or are you a fag, too?

  11. The trilion idiotman says:


    I give the orders and you know it.

  12. Nemesys says:

    One day, sooner than every-one can imagine – Spamblinka will be REAL. Incogman – I am still calling for the gig of High Judge of Jew and Their Race Traitor Minions Crimes. Don’t forget.

  13. redbaron says:

    I just did a check on jewish whiskey peddlers and seagrams is owned by the world jewish congress, seagrams is running booze out of canada (a safe haven for jews) so if ya like whiskey dont drink BRONFMANS booze enclosed with a snake wrapped around some symbol of like a crown or a pillow or something fit for there personality… edgar bronfman sr and jr are prominent jews of the jew world order ZOG WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS! and alex JONES has the same legal defense as them, the most powerful defense the jews can find. which fought against jeff rense when the rense/jones conflict happened, so remember next time ya want to get tanked DONT BUY JEWISH BOOZE!!! Ive been buying beer instead of whiskey lately because I dont trust any whiskey anymore. please look into the beers and booze ya might buy if you drink. seriously I avoid any kosher symbols on beer labels anything that sounds jewish. GUINNESS suits me fine. coffee now this early hard to find non-kosher coffee (FUCK!)

  14. redbaron says:

    dont give them money, they use that money against us.

  15. gtrman says:

    Red Baron, what you wrote reminded me of this comment over at RealZionistNews, that I read a few moments ago:

    “Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Freud once said that the Irish were the only race impervious to psychoanalysis. Perhaps this meant that you just can’t change a true Irishman into a Jew. You cannot guilt, condemn or hypnotize him out of his nationalism and his Christianity.

    Frankly, there is ample evidence to conclude that they outright stuffed the ballot boxes during the recent Lisbon treaty vote, and the Irish story is not over.

    MacDonald is a Scottish name, and for all the differences maybe the same underlying truth exists for the Scots. They remember who they are and where they came from. It was a Jew-bought Parliament that supported Cromwell against the legitimate Catholic monarch Charles I, and Jew money that financed Cromwell’s New Model Army.

    Scotland certainly has been a social engineering laboratory for Tavistock’s Freudian Jews to experiment on dissolving ethnic identity. Of course, nothing is a better solvent than heroin, pornography and whiskey so there is plenty of all three going around. Demoralization, I think it’s called.”

    From this:

  16. redbaron says:

    poison through the gentiles taste of whiskey. heres there plan

    Samuel Bronfman
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Samuel Bronfman

    Born February 27, 1889
    Soroki, Bessarabia
    Died July 10, 1971 (aged 82)
    Occupation Entrepreneur
    Spouse(s) Saidye Rosner
    Children Aileen Mindel “Minda” Bronfman de Gunzburg
    Phyllis Lambert
    Edgar Miles Bronfman
    Charles Rosner Bronfman
    Samuel Bronfman, CC (February 27, 1889 – July 10, 1971) founded Distillers Corporation Limited and a Canadian family dynasty, the Bronfman family. His father grew tobacco and was a grist mill owner in Imperial Russia. His surname, coincidentally, means “liquor man” in Yiddish.

    Born in Soroki, Bessarabia, then part of Imperial Russia but now in Moldova, Samuel was one of eight children of Mindel and Yechiel Bronfman. He and his parents were Jewish refugees of Czarist Russia’s anti-Semitic pogroms[1] who immigrated to Wapella, Saskatchewan — soon moving to Brandon, Manitoba. A wealthy family, they were accompanied by their rabbi and two servants. Soon Yechiel learned that tobacco farming, which had made him a wealthy man in his homeland, was incompatible with the cold Canadian climate. Yechiel was forced to work as a laborer for the Canadian Northern Railway and after a short time moved to a better job in a sawmill. Yechiel and his sons then started making a good living selling firewood and began a trade in frozen whitefish to earn a winter income. Eventually they turned to trading horses, a venture through which they became involved in the hotel and bar business.[2]
    In 1903, the family bought a hotel business, and Samuel, noting that much of the profit was in alcoholic beverages, set up shop as a distributor, founding the Distillers Corporation in Montreal in 1924, specializing in cheap whiskey, and concurrently taking advantage of the U.S. prohibition on alcoholic beverages. The Bronfmans found great success bootlegging to the northern cities of the U.S. such as Boston and Chicago during the Prohibition era, while operating from the perimeters of Montreal, Quebec where alcohol production was still legal.

    Bronfman’s Distillers Corporation acquired Joseph E. Seagram & Sons of Waterloo, Ontario, from the heirs of Joseph Seagram in 1928. Bronfman eventually built an empire based on the appeal of brand names developed previously by Seagram – including Calvert, Dewars, and Seven Crown – to higher level consumers. His sales were boosted during the United States’ abortive experiment with prohibition, and he was apparently able to do so while staying within the confines of both Canadian law where prohibition laws had been previously repealed and American law, while dealing with unsavory characters such as the Chicago Outfit of Al Capone.
    His company, Seagram Co. Ltd., became an international distributor of alcoholic beverages, and a diversified conglomerate which included an entertainment branch.
    Because of changes to US tax law in the Lyndon Johnson administration it became advantageous for Bronfman to purchase an oil company[3] which he did with the purchase of Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company in 1963 for $50 million. In 1980, the Bronfman heirs sold the Texas Pacific Oil holdings to Sun Oil Co. for $2.3 billion.[4]
    The Seagram assets have since been acquired by other companies, notably General Electric, PepsiCo, Diageo, and Pernod Ricard.

    In 1952, he established the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation, one of Canada’s major private granting foundations.
    He was president of the Canadian Jewish Congress from 1939 to 1962.
    Bronfman was made a Companion of the Order of Canada in 1967.
    In 1971, he helped to establish The Bronfman Building at McGill University, which houses the Desautels Faculty of Management. The building was named in his honour as a token of appreciation for his donation to the university, even though McGill University had a long history of systematic discrimination against jews.[citation needed]
    The Bronfman family continued its support of the University. In 1993 they created the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, and in 2002 donated the Seagram Building on Sherbrooke St. to McGill. [1]

    look into how they wanted gentiles to drink their brand of whiskey

    with a logo of a snake (venomous poison) seagrams is blatantly jewish dont drink the venom of the snaky jews out to poison you.

  17. redbaron says:

    right on gtrman your on top of things when it comes to the jewish poison as well. thanks for checking into that i just checked into these things a couple a days ago (whiskey/booze/liquor) wise im now a beer man from now on no quick death for me. drink with the REINHEITSGEBOT 1516 german purity law brewed beer with only natural ingredients refined down to a few good natural ingredients with no secret jew potions to poison us. watch out for kosher symbols on beer labels I was at the department store last night and half the beers were kosher labeled (means money gos to jews thats a red light dont buy it) even if ya like the beer buy german REINHEITSGEBOT beer brewed according to the german purity law of 1516 or guinness (man i fucking hope the jews didnt infiltrate guinness) ill go apeshit!!!

  18. redbaron says:

    ive also been looking into toothpaste crest/colgatepalmolive and their jewish studies with flouride in the 40’s and 50’s and doing tests on rats to see not how effective their toothpaste was on cleaning rats teeth, but rather how long it takes to develop cancer tumors and other illnesses such bone cancer breaking down of teeth and so on.., i think it was joseph c muehler or something like that who studied at indiana univ. filled with a roster of nothing but jews studying things like that. so brushing your teeth after drinking some seagrams poisons you even further and causes throat cancer tumors

  19. redbaron says:

    look into this guy too

    regardless of what alex jones says about eugenics stemming from “nazis” it seems the only people interested in “eugenics” were JEWS and “eugenics” would be used to destroy the “GENES” of whites and anybody else they deemed a threat to their plan.

    Hermann Joseph Muller (or H. J. Muller) (December 21, 1890 – April 5, 1967) was an American geneticist, educator, and Nobel laureate best known for his work on the physiological and genetic effects of radiation (X-ray mutagenesis) as well as his outspoken political beliefs. Muller frequently warned of the long-term dangers of radioactive fallout from nuclear war and nuclear testing, helping to raise public awareness in this area.[1] He was also the discoverer of irreducible complexity,[2] which has been an arguement of creationism against the theory of evolution since Darwin’s Black Box, a controversial book by Michael Behe. Actually he did not find any contradictions between IC and evolution, but described the phenomenon as the result of evolution.

    Early life
    Muller was born in New York City and excelled in the public schools. As an adolescent, he attended a Unitarian church and considered himself a pantheist; in high school he became an atheist. At 16 he entered Columbia College. From his first semester he was interested in biology; he became an early convert of the Mendelian-chromosome theory of heredity — and the concept of genetic mutations and natural selection as the basis for evolution. He formed a Biology Club and also became a proponent of eugenics; the connections between biology and society would be his perennial concern. Muller earned a B.A. degree in 1910.[3]
    Muller remained at Columbia (the pre-eminent American zoology program at the time, thanks to E. B. Wilson and his students) for graduate school. He became interested in the Drosophila genetics work of Thomas Hunt Morgan’s fly lab after undergraduate bottle washers Alfred Sturtevant and Calvin Bridges joined his Biology Club. In 1911-1912, he studied metabolism at Cornell University, but remained involved with Columbia. He followed the drosophilists as the first genetic maps emerged from Morgan’s experiments, and joined Morgan’s group in 1912 (after two years of informal participation).[4]
    In the fly group, Muller’s contributions were primarily theoretical: explanations for experimental results and ideas and predictions for new experiments. In the emerging collaborative culture of the drosophilists, however, credit was assigned based on results rather than ideas; Muller felt cheated when he was left out of major publications.[5]

    “He formed a Biology Club and also became a proponent of eugenics”

    “Muller felt cheated when he was left out of major publications.”

    “i wonder if it was for the collectivist good that they sacrificed his recognition?” ~redbaron

    these juden rats want the “eugenics” movement to be blamed on “nazis” as they pushed alex jones out to perpetuate that thought… hhmmmmm bronfmans lawyer defense squad also defends alex jones hmmmm how convenient. ~ redbaron

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERBODY! look into poison/toothpastes gene destroying chems. there is a non flouride toothpaste called “thoms” or “toms” toothpaste that is certified kosher. hmmmm now if they found out what works with flouride is good for people i wonder why its not good for them…? hhmmmm? nobody knows about “thoms/toms” toothpaste (nonflouridated) now seriously guys look into that, Ha! 4 minutes after 8am im listening to alex jones say this very second how “eugenics nazis” are behind this. ironic i was just talking about him. lol this perpetuation knows no end. go to adl and now the site is redone and they claim they are frightened in these anti-semitic times now and at the bottom of the message their is a donation piece…. typical, please approve this post! we love you incog! (no homo)

  20. redbaron says:

    rightfully so the damn jews should be frightened and shaking in their ox blood colored israeli boots (hence the red boots symbolize wading through blood of the goyim/gentiles.

  21. redbaron says:

    this is by far the most fulfilling and confirmed shaking confession of the jewish guilt LOL!!!! hahahahaha we win! they show guilt like always and go back to the victim role in very grim times for the jew. it is very close and we jumped over that line and are ready for war and we shall show them no mercy for they have shown no mercy ever since the beginning of time. like my dad always said “do hard things cheaters never win” thanks pop! i now know these people show the most signs of guilt because they know they have cheated killed and shown no mercy to us or any other race for that matter and now they are cornered and cowering (as they should be) time is up!


  22. redbaron says:

    and we have pride because we work hard and earn our keep. while they get fat and sleep. ~redbaron

  23. redbaron says:

    notice how they play the victim (video message abe foxman) and at the end its about a donation? “violins and hands reached out” the sieg heil salute is from the old salute where you are showing you produce things (hence the palm aimed downwards everybody else enjoys the goods we produce from above and the jew down there has there hands/palms reached outwards trying to catch the goods and peddle them somewhere for twice as much) with violins playing a sad tune…

  24. redbaron says:

    “It was probably the worst year for global anti-Semitism in my tenure with the ADL.”
    —Abraham H. Foxman,
    National Director, ADL

    in plain words “damn, they figured us out and time is ticking”

  25. redbaron says:

    Im glad they are now starting to see the shit they stirred up starting to overflow. now their tactic is get as much cheese as ya can and run back to the rat hole (isRATel)

  26. redbaron says:

    gtrman you rock! i seem to get ingored and only a few touch on what i bring up, i mean ya dont have to, but i wouldnt post as much if i was just talking to myself in the dark. thanks bro! incog rocks! you have brought more to my attention than i had before, i have never come across a blog as effective as yours i think ive only been aware of your blog for almost a year. and i see people from theforbiddentruth over here, i told them about this blog as soon as i discovered it, a few there knew about it already (mickey). so i posted links there on every video they had there trying to unite us all! you have accomplished alot and i respect and learned alot from you and appreciate it there guy!

  27. redbaron says:

    and incog knows what to tell the liberal fags when they blurt out gayness too! lol

    and adresses the filthy jewish problem.


  28. redbaron says:

    i like the part where jack tells the jews how it is.

  29. redbaron says:

    hmmm were looked at as rats, fluoride treatment for the rats. non kosher certified toothpaste for us, and toms/thoms kosher certified non-fluoridated toothpaste for jews.

    it says “not tested on animals”
    isnt there a jewish book where they say we are animals?

    hmmm but they test their toothpaste they have ready for us and wait to see the results, as seen in their eyes, they are testing their fluoride toothpastes on us and rats and they seem to not see a difference between the two thus therefore calling us tested rat animals with their fluoride poison. now im not saying go buy kosher nonfluoridated toothpaste, but is that how they are getting us? either way getting us buying their kosher taxed toothpaste deemed “safe” and make money off us, or get us to buy non kosher toothpaste and die as rats, i think they set it up to where they win either way. please somebody hear me out and lets figure out this dilemma they put in front of us, it seems they want to win either way. so simple put they set it up to make you pay them for nonfluoridated paste or buy their cancerous death. they seem to want to win either way.

  30. Hoff says:

    t says “not tested on animals”
    isnt there a jewish book where they say we are animals? -redbaron-

    Hoff> That was a funny comment 8D) Nasty but funny.


    It was probably the worst year for global anti-Semitism in my tenure with the ADL.”
    —Abraham H. Foxman,
    National Director, ADL

    in plain words “damn, they figured us out and time is ticking -redbaron-

    Hoff> Not really. You see, the jew hate is ALWAYS on the rise. One jew in Europe said a year ago that the jewhate in Europe is worse then in the 30s.

    Yes Ape Fraudman, the jews in America are terribly “persecuted”. Next to half of the 400 billionaries in US are jews. One thousand million dollars. The average jew have twice the incom an average American has. The jews have compleatly taken over all WASP universities in US. While the US farmerboys die in in the jews proxy wars the jrews are getting an education for free, paid for by WASP and sitting out the wars at the uni. and then get a good payed job on the US taxpayers money as lawyers. The jews owns the whole propaganda-machine. The jews controls the American state, There are jews all over in the admi. on top key positions in govn.

    What a miserably life all the jews have in America.

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