Jew Spy Case Down the Rabbit Hole

Just look at this rat-faced Jew! How much do you want to bet the guy had nothing concrete to do with the engineering of the technology in front of that fat face?

Back on October 19th, I wrote about Stewart Nozette getting busted by the FBI that very same day. In my original article, I mentioned a report that the guy had already hand-delivered a USB thumb drive containing secret data to Israel. Turns out that this was all too true. The guy had long been spying for Israel and the whole media business about a FBI sting operation and innocent Israel was all total bull.

Read the following Philip Giraldi (former CIA officer) article from

…Stewart Nozette, a scientist working for the US government, was arrested on October 19th and charged with conspiring to commit espionage. Nozette was caught in an FBI sting operation in which the Bureau officer pretended to be an Israeli Mossad spy. Nozette enthusiastically embraced the offer to cooperate, demanding in return an Israeli passport and money for the information that he would provide. The US media quickly went into damage mode, the New York Times headlining its coverage “The Scientist Who Mistook Himself for a Spy.” Many in the media quickly noted that the FBI agent was not actually Mossad, meaning that Israel was not directly involved. The convenient spin ignored the fact the Nozette told the agent that he had already “communicated classified information” to Israel for many years through contacts in the Israel Aerospace Industries, for which he received $225,000. Nozette stated that he believed he had already been spying for Israel, telling the pretend Mossad but really FBI officer “I thought I was working for you already.”

So what has happened to Nozette, who, according to the court papers, “had regular, frequent access to classified information and documents related to the US national defense”? Well, as in the case of Ben-Ami Kadish, he seems to have disappeared. The media has dropped the story and Nozette did not appear again in court on November 10th as scheduled. He may have been consigned to that limbo where those who spy for Israel seem to wind up prior to being released. The Federal District Court for the District of Columbia’s website is giving nothing away. Nozette’s name does not appear anywhere and if one calls the court clerk and requests information on his status, the call will not be returned. READ MORE HERE

Folks, these are rats, pure and simple.

Giraldi, in his article, also talks about the spy case of Ben-Ami Kadish, some Jew who gave Israel secrets about our Patriot missile systems which allowed Israel to build their own version called the Arrow. Because the Jews did not have the expenses relating to research and development, they could undercut America when it came to selling the missile system, costing US jobs. Hell, they probably even sold it to China by now.

The Jews told our government they would not spy on the US after Jonathan Pollard was busted. Of course, all that was total Jew bull, as usual. They would sell their grandmothers to make a buck. If it helps Israel, even better. That’s the equation in a nutshell: money and other Jews over anything else. Loyalty to America means JACK to them and always has.

Have you noticed that not a single word has been breathed in the mainstream media about the case ever since? That’s Zionist media censorship in action, my friends. If this had been some White schmuck selling secrets to the Russians, or a Chinese guy selling to China, then we would hear all kinds of stuff coming out. The greedy little Jews get a free ride when it comes to all this, as usual.

It’s so bad that the Jews are now trying to imply, as carefully and subtly as they can, that Israel has a special status and “spying is not really spying between us friends.” What pure gall these people have! They’ve often turn their thefts around and sell to the highest bidder, possibly even to those who might be fighting our troops in the future, like China. Hell, they sold the Lavi Fighter (along with critical US parts) and our Predator, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology to China.

They don’t give a damn about anything except themselves, always have. They can’t stand it when we finally figure that one out, so they rely on the “anti-Semite” crapola as a way to redirect the issue back on evil Whitey. It’s a big game for these rats: Screw us over, scream “Hater” should we dare to say something and then chuckle among themselves about the stupid Goyim later.

Writer John Kaminski lays out the real deal.

The Jew is the source to America’s on-going destruction. All the business you see coming out about this poisonous race has always been absolutely true and is true today. It’s definitely the worse problem this country now faces. The problems of America are often directly and indirectly attributable to the Jew. But it’s not only America’s future in question, but our entire White race. No question about it.

We need to show them the door now. They should just hope and pray the door doesn’t hit them in their fat asses on the way out!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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213 Responses to Jew Spy Case Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. GDL/White Master says:


    I agree that it would be funny as hell to see non-Whites turn against the Jew too. I will not have a problem with sensible “Jew aware” non-Whites helping Whites against the Jew.

    They must understand though that the Jew has worked to destroy the unity of White folks. The Jew is responsible for the salad bowl mess in White nations. Non-Whites who stick with their own people and cause no trouble are not my enemies. There is no such thing as a multiculti paradise. Without the Jew there would be no mixing of races to begin with. Without the Jew races of men would desire to be and stay with their own.

    Non-Whites (especially negroes) are so easily controlled that I do not waste my time trying to awake them….if they can see the truth, that’s great, but I focus on my people.

  2. GDL/White Master says:

    And when “niggers” committ crimes their asses are responsible for those crimes. Same goes for Whites, as has been mentioned here before, the backstabbing White criminals and race traitors need to hang first!

  3. Biker says:

    HA! HA! HA! “also has lawsuits against the franciscans(???) and the Swiss, which paid out over 1 BILLION.. most of these survivors live in the U.S.”

    but they didnt win this one LOL! the shameless theiving pity whores!

  4. GDL/White Master says:

    Aww, when will the poor persecuted Jews ever get justice for their sufferings? LMAO!

  5. Biker says:

    this just PISSES me off! its THEFT! plain and simple.. this and “jewish charities” W T F?! where are the Portugese charities? the Dutch charities? the Albanian charities? its fucking insane. the Albanians, as the poorest country in Europe need more charity than ANY Jew!!!! but still, they shamelessly BEG for CHARITY!! and of course their “Holomoney” or “guilt geld” its fucking PIRACY!!!

    WHO still wonders why anti-semitism is a problem? what ignorant, blind, braindead moron doesnt get it?

  6. GDL/White Master says:

    The Jews want to make sure European countries stay poor so they can continue to dupe young White girls into becoming sex slaves. I tell ya the Jew sucks big time!

  7. Biker says:

    they arent done raping Eastern Europe just yet, makes sense…Korea was FULL of Ukranian working girls.. figure that one out!

    when the crackdown on Korean girls to service the UN GI’s came, they got rid of the Koreans, and imported the Ukranians.. most were promised a job modeling, with their families poor and 1000 miles away, what does a 19 year old girl from Kiev stuck in S. Korea with no passport do? exactly what she’s told! for who ever shows up at her bed.. disgusting.

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Lucy your going to have to toughen up, for what is surely coming. You have to understand that the people that hang out here, at Incog Land, are angry. I don’t always agree with everything that is said here, either. But I realize that we are all individuals and we have our own beliefs, and they don’t always match up with each other. On Incog’s other article “One Sick Jew Enjoying Demjanjuk’s Show Trial,” someone (((JEW))) came on, their and called all of us Nazi’s. As though we’re all in lock-step, with each other. If any group of people is in lock-step with each other, it is the Jews. No group of people, acts more like a hive of bees, than they do.
    I sure would rather see people angry, like these people, than be like everyone that I live around! They don’t have a clue, as to what is going on. It’s pathetic! I’ve given up! You can’t wake someone up, if they don’t want to be. The more facts you give them, the angrier they get.
    Keep up the fight Lucy! We need women in this fight too. Not just men. The Jews have done everything they could to separate us. That is the main reason for the rise of the womens movement in the 60’s. That is why Jewish women ran it.

  9. Octo says:

    @lucy van pelt

    “Kerdasi, don’t you dare mistake me for a bubble head and don’t be so quick to judge people as trolls. I put myself out there long ago. It’s easy to hide anonymously behind a keyboard and blather on.”

    And don’t you dare pull that football away as Charlie Brown’s trying to kick it ever again!

  10. kerdasi amaq says:

    Everyone gets called a jew troll sooner or later. The way to detect them is analyze how they say something and see where it leads.

  11. Akira says:

    lucy van pelt: “Don’t put words in my mouth smarty-pants.”

    You put the words in your own mouth, Pissy-Pants.

  12. lucy van pelt says:

    You go Charlie Brown! White people, all of us, christian, atheist, pagan, european, north american, eastern european, educated and uneducated, old-school jew-wise and newbies, our ONLY HOPE is to stick together. You go Charlie Brown!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Charlie Brown: existential hero, Sisyphus of our decadent age.

    White unity is a chimera. Akira told me so. Culture comes from nationhood, he said. And he’s right. But when your erstwhile nation is now known as “the back door to Europe,” due to every third world flotsam floating through — or staying — you haven’t much basis for hauteur.

    So stop extolling white tribalism or he’ll drop on you a bronze statue of Ireland’s greatest hero: a drug and booze addled nigger hack who wrote two decent songs.

    Akira assures me in Eire this musical genius is more highly revered than the noblest “plastic paddy” Irish-American.

    Well, in my experience with Irish nationals, “Nigs rule, Yanks drool” would be representative 10 times out of 10. So hats off to Akira, noble Gobshite.

    But than doesn’t mean White Unity isn’t something worth fighting for elsewhere.

  14. Octo says:

    I keep forgetting to sign these masterpieces while I’m busy channeling Hitler’s ghost.

    Culture comes from a nation, true. Nation — NACER — native born, one race, not anchor baby multicult shite.

    Ergo culture comes from race.

  15. GDL/White Master says:

    Perhaps lucy would prefer to travel to the ghetto to round up the homeys for another American Revolution. Maybe lucy has a negro for a pet, and popped out a nigglet. Maybe lucy is a Jew.

  16. Akira says:


    You’re a tool. I never said that Phil Lynott was “a musical genius” or is “highly revered”.

    I said that most Irish people would identify more with him, because of shared experiences, than they would with Sean Penn or Ben Affleck or a million Plastic Paddies.

    I guess facts hurt your feelings.

    “White unity is a chimera. Akira told me so.”

    No. It’s not even a chimera. It doesn’t make any difference if I said it or not. The FACT is there’s no such thing as “White Unity” or a White “Tribe”.

    There can only be unity from people in similar circumstances or situations, or from a similar background.

    Meanwhile, Ireland is still solidly white, in spite of one ugly Phil Lynott statue, and attempts by the likes of Sinn Fein (Yankee faves) to import “the wretched” of Africa and Arabia. New York isn’t.

    I’ve read a lot of Jewish propaganda here in the past 24 hours about the predominantly white Russian nation. Perhaps that’s just jealousy because there actually is a Russian nation.

    Even centuries of bad blood and political division will disappear overnight when Ireland is eventually reunited, because the Irish are a nation.

    And what are American White Nationalists? (Or are you a White Tribalist? one of those White Jew-Wannabees?) 50% FBI & 3% ADL Jews, it looks like to me. If that’s what turns you on, it’s a free country (with the usual caveats of course). A lot like those “Russian Nationalists” who go around video-taping themselves beating up foreign students and tourists. 1000:1 bet thy are ultimately in the pay of UGLE-CIA-Soros…

    If you don’t have an admirable culture — ideas, music, arts, philosophy, cuisine — then nobody gives a fuck what your race is.

    If you don’t like facts, try The Fairy Tale Channel.

  17. Akira says:

    I read bollocks here like “Christians are Universalists. They are the enemies of nationalists.”

    A Bulgarian Christian can go to a Syrian or Serbian or Ethiopian Church, or even a Russian Church in Chicago, and be in communion with the people there. That doesn’t mean they’re all going to open their borders.

    Do you think some Muslim Albanian doctor is going to bump into an Arkansas barber and the two are going to go for a beer to celebrate their “white blood bond”? Dream on.

    Who’s the universalist?

    There is no such thing as a White Nation. There are only White Nations. And if you imagine some Estonian white person needs lessons on national unity from the likes of Craig Cobb or Alex Linder, again: dream on.

    If you want to identity enemies of white people look for those who try to weaken white nations. You’ll find most of them in America. Most of them will be white (not even including Jews).

    As for “we feed, they breed” (which you mentioned in connection to some church’s soup kitchen and not the mega-billion dollar foreign aid racket): Explain to me how some teenage white person volunteering to serve watery soup to a homeless black guy has prevented you from breeding? Or you just think they should give you the hand-out? Do you need some watery soup to tempt a mate?

  18. Akira says:

    You sound like Rabbi Kikenshtein after a nice feed of Christian babies.

    “Oy vey. I could put another one away. Still too many a dese xtians. Whhat!? I can’t say that word, it’s verbitten! I have to write an hex! Go figure! Why for they haffa ta give free food to homeless schwarzes, when I’m here and nobody giffs me nuttink!? What am I chopped liver already?”

    You’ve got kike written all over you. It’ not your fault. Blame society. The most kiked up country on the planet. Even in the Zionist Entity there’s more opposition to kikishness than there is in Kike-America. Unlike American presidents, Zionist Entity PM hopefuls don’t have to go and pretend to pray at the Wailin’ Wall to get elected.

    Russia had to be ridden hard, cause they tried to keep the Jews out. America got the soft treatment, because America’s Anti-Christ “leaders” were whores with price tags on their foreheads and asses. The same kind of parasites who lived off black slave labor are the kind that now import millions of wetbacks to keep American workers working like indentured servants.

    And you have the nerve to criticize other nations for their “lack of racial consciousness”?

    You write your “masterpieces while…channeling Hitler’s ghost”?

    I doubt it. Even Hitler made more sense than you.

    He was halfway practical too. He knew that Germans had more in common with Thais and Japanese and Indians than with the Talmudized white whores in America.

    He might even have won the war too — just possibly — if the Nazis hadn’t followed their suicidal policies in regard to the Slavs and Poles and ?Ukrainians and other Slavs that they viewed as Untermenschen.

    In fact, it was impossible to win the war without properly managing Poland and Ukraine and the Balkans, and then winning over the Russian masses. But no, dumb Nazis hated the White Slavs too much. If that’s your model for “White Unity”, no wonder you’re so confused.

  19. Akira says:

    Correction: “Slavs and Poles and ?Ukrainians and other Slavs” should be “Serbs and Poles and Ukrainians and other Slavs”

  20. Biker says:

    that is bunkum Akira! up to one million Russians/Ukranians fought for Hitler, most under Vaslov. Vaslovs army was mostly repatriated through operation Keelhaul, and were executed to the man by the red army. you cant find much about them, as inconvient bits of history are so often buried. the myth of “untermensch” came from jew propoganda in the Soviet Union. here are three? divisions that fought for Germany..

  21. Biker says:

    also here, “HIWI’s” were in service of the German Army as early as 1942. the volunteers got treated as well as German troops, the “draftees” were not, working in stables, kitchens etc. MILLIONS of so called “untermensch” served in the German forces through the war, in 1944, Hitler finally allowed them to form their own regiments, with thier own flags, colors, and patches.

  22. Biker says:

    “the occupation wasnt so bad” many times, Soviets in German uniforms would enter villages, and murder all population, leaving a few alive to ‘spread the word’ . in reality, Hitler didnt hate them, he merely wanted everyone seperate, and jews out.

  23. Biker says:

    this is titled “nazi fail” the poster submitted that ‘they ‘failed’ to follow their own racial policies’ ive got a comment in there (if it wasnt deleted) stating : wouldnt it be easier to surmise that those policies never existed, moron?

  24. Biker says:

    the rainbow of colors in the German army, all untermensch no doubt. LOL!

  25. Biker says:

    ignore the Holohoax sidebars..

    the writing is biased, but the figures arent.

  26. Biker says:

    Akira: sorry buddy, thats “Vlasov”, not Vaslov. my mistake!!

  27. Biker says:

    ignore the WIKI dicky spew, the war in the east was against Bolshevism (jews) not the people! Hitler attacked the east, because he knew that Stalin planned to attack the west in August of 1941, Hitler got the jump on him.. some called him stupid for attacking the east while he still had a war going in the west, but he really had no choice. he had to deal with the Soviet threat ASAP. and with the British royal family favoring Germany, he hoped that they would become allies, or at least neutral. as they WERE cousins.

    one thing that really helped the Germans in the east? they reopened Churches, as seen in the gallery i posted earlier.

  28. mondo says:

    Someone should compile a list and post it in one single article. Sort of like the “missing biologists and scientists” list that Steve Quayle put together except this list would be “jewish spies and traitors.” Like remember that Navy submariner who was caught with documents trying to pass to Israel? Or what about that California jew who was making explosives in his garage while Mom had a daycare facility in the home? Or the guy who was given a pass to got to Auschwitz for the anniversary after being convicted for spyingbut somehow never returned from Germany after the ceremony? There must be at least 3 dozen cases since 9-11.

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