One Sick Jew Enjoying Demjanjuk’s Show Trial

Michel Friedman at the trial of Demjanjuk. Who is the real criminal in this photo?

“Friedman was fined for possession of cocaine and using ‘forced prostitutes.’ The fact that the ‘prostitutes’ were young Ukranian girls who had been kidnapped was kept out of the story.”

By Christopher Bollyn

Sick Jew mobsters are raping young Ukrainian women as we speak!

[…] The secret Jewish power that controls Germany can be seen in the severe occupation laws and proclamations, which remain in effect to this day as part of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz) — the “temporary” law of the foreign occupation. The occupation law of 1945, which was supposed to be replaced with a proper constitution, still serves as Germany’s constitution. The Jewish power behind the occupation law can be seen in the distorted system of justice that punishes honest historians severely while letting Jewish criminals run wild. The ongoing trial in Munich of the 89-year-old John Demjanjuk has brought, once again, one of Germany’s notorious Jewish criminals into the spotlight. His name is Michel Friedman. Friedman, born in Paris, is a well-known lawyer, journalist, television personality, Zionist leader and former vice chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

Friedman has been attending the trial of John Demjanjuk, a frail Ukranian immigrant from Cleveland, and promoting himself and the Zionist agenda as he is paid to do. The fact that Michel Friedman is the criminal who should be on trial for the outrageous crimes he has committed is never discussed in the controlled press.

Michel Friedman was the vice chairman of the Central Council of Jews when he was found guilty of possession of cocaine and using the services of “forced prostitutes.” He was forced to resign from his official positions and given a fine of some 17,000 Euros but that, as the late Paul Harvey would say, is only half the story. 

 Prostitution is legal in Germany so the illegal use of “forced prostitutes” gives us some idea of the human slavery Friedman was up to. The “forced prostitutes” that Michel Friedman used on hundreds of occasions were very young girls, mostly from the Ukraine, who had been tricked, trafficked, and kidnapped into becoming sex slaves.

Sick Jew bastard begs for forgiveness. Greasy Jews like this love getting their filthy paws on young “Shiksas,” whenever possible; it doesn’t matter one bit if the girls are tricked and brutally forced into whoring by Jewish “Red Mafiya” gangsters. The big shot SOB walked clean away with a slap on the wrist! [INCOG]

I heard the rest of the Friedman story from a friend in Berlin who is a female police investigator who was involved in the Friedman investigation. I had complimented the German police by saying something about how a 9-11 cover-up could not happen with the honest police of Germany. 

She disagreed saying that she had personally witnessed a similar cover-up of a series of serious crimes committed by Michel Friedman. Friedman, unmarried and using an alias, had on hundreds of occasions ordered two underage girls to serve his sexual needs. They were always to be very young, about 15 or 16, and large-breasted. The police had found evidence of some 371 different times when Friedman, using the alias Paolo Pinkas, had requested pairs of girls to be sent to him. Hundreds of young girls were violated by Friedman, the drug-addicted sexual pervert. Where is the justice? Why is Friedman allowed to get away with human trafficking and sexual crimes that would result in a long prison sentence for anyone else?

Friedman withdrew from all public offices and apologized to the German people asking for “a second chance.” He did, however, not apologize to the “forced prostitutes” or their families because that would have meant revealing the huge number and ages of the young girls involved. That would have exposed this Jewish spokesman for the criminal beast he is. On July 8, 2003, Friedman received his light punishment.  He was fined €17,400 for three packages of cocaine found by the police – that’s it.

The police investigator who told me this, herself a mother of a young daughter of the same age as Friedman’s victims, was personally devastated by the way the evidence of his serious sexual crimes was covered up by the court and prosecutor. She had to take time off and be treated for depression. I can understand how she must have felt to have witnessed such a travesty of justice. What I can’t understand, however, is why the German media has not revealed the full extent of Friedman’s crimes. A well-known German journalist was part of this discussion about Friedman and knows all the sordid details of the Friedman dossier.  The controlled media of Germany would simply not allow such a story to be published about the criminal conduct of one of Germany’s leading Jews.

Friedman is actually paid to promote the Zionist agenda in Germany and is on TV all the time with his own show. Jews get away with murder because no one dares to say a thing about these lousy slimeballs!

This is how the Jewish crimocracy works. Jewish criminals like Bernard Madoff of New York, Joachim Posener of Sweden, and Michel Friedman of Germany are allowed to get away with outrageous and serious crimes, the extent and nature of which are never revealed to the people. Other criminals, like Menachem Atzmon of Israel, are allowed to control sensitive operations in Germany, such as the port of Rostock, and the United States, where this convicted Israeli political figure and Mossadnik ran passenger screening operations at the airports of 9-11. The fact that Atzmon’s crucial role in the terrorism of 9-11 has not been divulged in the tort litigation of 9-11 underlines the Zionist control of the obstructed judicial process in which the relatives of 9-11 seek in vain to obtain justice and accountability for their losses. Eight years after the attacks there has still not been a trial for the families who lost loved ones on 9-11 and it appears there never will be a trial in the court of U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, a devoted Zionist and father of a son who lives on an illegal Israeli settlement on the West Bank.

If the mass media were to inform the people of Germany and the United States of the crimes committed by such Jewish criminals the exposure alone would have a cathartic effect. This is why it is essential for the survival of our nations that Jewish criminals be treated in the same way as every other criminal. This is the first step to recovering our national sovereignty.

Read more from Bollyn’s site: ARTICLE SOURCE



Friedman, Michel, “Ich habe kein Mitleid mit John Demjanjuk”

“Studio Friedman” on German television


The smiling Jew Friedman, photographed at Demjanjuk’s trial. These are the arrogant bastards who call themselves “a light unto nations.” What a sorry joke. [INCOG]

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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97 Responses to One Sick Jew Enjoying Demjanjuk’s Show Trial

  1. Flanders says:

    On our own, here is some info on the Khazars’

    Found: Ancient Capital of ‘Jewish’ Khazar Kingdom

    by Ze’ev Ben-Yechiel

    “In the 7th century CE, the Khazars founded an independent khaganate, or kingdom, in the Northern Caucasus along the Caspian Sea. It is believed that during the 8th or 9th century, around the height of their kingdom, the state religion became Judaism at the order of the king. At this point, the Khazar khaganate and its tributaries controlled much of what is today southern Russia, western Kazakhstan, eastern Ukraine, Azerbaijan, large portions of the Caucasus (including Circassia, Dagestan, Chechnya, and parts of Georgia), and the Crimea.

  2. Whitefella says:

    Interesting NTS, Belushi reading from a lousy jew script that says “Germany bombed Pearl Harbor” will have a subversive jew purpose.

    How many of the brain dead sitting in movie houses back then, and in front of the lousy lying jew propaganda box in their living room today, will take that “information” in and believe it? My guess – at least 50 per cent.

    “Duh! Dem damn Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Those lousy shitheels,” blah blah.

    I have come to the realization that nothing drops out of the Hollywood jew anus by mistake. Every single word, scene, still image, etc is constructed for the purpose of anti-White anit-Christian anti-Western Culture hate propaganda. And we lap it up like it’s sugar-coated shit.

    Yggdrasil’s Library has a very well presented list of droppings from the lousy jew Hollywood sphincter, deconstructed in all their anti-human being hate.

    I recommend it.

    —– —– —–

    And, one other thing, regarding the first post on this thread – the jews were NOT “rounded up and slaughtered like pigs” during WWII. That is precisely the Big Lie the lousy jew has been shoving down our throats for 70 years via their total control of ALL our media and education and information sources in the West.

    The people slaughtered like pigs during the 20th Century were White Christian Russians/Ukrainians and Europeans, in their millions, from 1917 on, by the lousy commie Bolshevik jews.

    The Truthful information is all still available on the net. Do some research before the jew gets the net censored all over the West by their puppet traitor “governments” to once again hide their centuries long list of crimes against humanity from the brain dead, deluded, fat, comfortable and just-waiting-for-their-slaughter sheeple.

  3. Biker says:

    GREAT vids Hoff and Northern! also remember the Simpsons skit where they go to London, and Homer is talking to the hotel manager, or car rental agent? and saying to the Brit ” LOOK, we saved your ass in Vietnam”… LOL! idiocy IS hilarious, unless it means the destruction of your race, and homeland…

  4. foley says:


    Thanks for the excellent analysis on Yemen. Cut through the BS and find the jews hiding inside. Otherwise it’s impossible to tell what’s really going on.

    I read an article a while back that Yemimi jews were being brought to America as refugees. At American taxpayers expense of course. The article included a photo of an old yemini jew being welcomed to America by an American jewish organization. The article said they were planning to bring the rest of his family and, if I’m not mistaken, that their goal is to bring ALL yemini jews to the US because they are in danger of being persecuted in yemen.

    That’s just great! All we need is more traitorous subversive foreign jews living off government handouts. No doubt these jews are all living on government assistance, cash payments, food stamps, housing, medicare, their children will go to the finest American schools without paying a dime cause they’re so brilliant and gifted. The adults will find high-paying government jobs with full benefits while Americans starve.

    The only thing I really heard about yemini jews at that point was that Osama bin Laden’s family was originally from yemen and his mother is a yemini jew who now lives in Tel Aviv.

    What seems to be happening is we are bringing the bin Laden/al-CIA-da jewish terrorist operatives to the US before they bomb the yeminis who have woken up to the dangerous jewish presence and fighting to take their country back. Thanks again Hoff. Now I can see what’s going on.

  5. Biker says:

    yes, great lesson on Yemen Hoff! (still reading) thank you!

  6. kerdasi amaq says:

    Reality must be made to accord with the imaginary world of the jew. Jews imagine that John Demjanjuk was a concentration camp guard, they imagine that he committed crimes against humanity: so he must be really convicted of these imaginary crimes, so that the real world is brought into conformity with the imaginary world of the jewish imagination!

  7. Biker says:

    the Dem’s Ron Paul. i like this guy, always have, Dem or not. Trafficant is (was) also an Ohio Dem…

  8. Jewish imaginary world, kerdasi? Hmmmm…. Maybe they also imagined the Holoco$t of WWII??? Wow!!! Talk about powerful imaginations indeed!

    Problem is that they will ‘imagine’ Demjanjuk a prison sentence!!!

  9. Biker says:

    HAHA! vats of boiling human fat ? (all this fat from starving people?) geysers of human blood? (absolute horseshit, “mythbusters” couldnt make THAT LIE happen!) lampshades of human skin? ( oh come the hell ON?! what person would even WANT such a thing!) gloves made from human hand-skin? ( no GERMAN would want a soft, skinny fingered money changer skin going over his MAN HANDS!!! especially when a leather glove lined with rabbit fur was available!) we KNOW the imagination is there! look at inglorious assturds, JEWS are overrepresented in GOVT, BANKING, and SHOWBIZ!! NOT the Rangers, Green Berets, Sea-Bees, or Marine force recon, LOL! my grandfather, being wounded in Holland and sent back to the rear, got to see what he called from then on “the JEWISH Army” REMF’s! Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers..

    sad thing for Mr Demjanjuk, to many people believe the bullshit ive listed above, and think him the anti-Christ. when in reality he was probably standing at a gate, checking ID papers for 12 hours a day to get his family bigger rations. as i said, try ALL involved with Rhinemeadow, or leave Demjanjuk alone!!

  10. OnOurOwn says:

    Northerntruthseeker & Flanders, thank you!

  11. Marshall says:

    Oh Biker come on!!!

    We ALL know who likes to see people harvested for their skins…

    It’s a Hannibal Holocaust!!! You see…it was all the Nazis’ fault to start with…plot excerpt from “Hannibal Rising”

    In 1944, Lecter is eight years old, living in Lecter Castle; constructed by his paternal ancestor, Hannibal the Grim, in the Lithuanian countryside. Lecter, his younger sister, Mischa, and his parents escape to the family’s hunting lodge in the woods to elude the advancing German troops. Back at Lecter Castle, six Lithuanian militiamen (Grutas, Dortlich, Grentz, Kolnas, Milko, and Pot Watcher) request to join the Waffen-SS. The SS commander orders them to kill the Lecters’ Jewish cook who was left behind, to which they gleefully comply.

    A Soviet tank stops at the Lecters’ lodge looking for water, and forces everyone out of the house. However, the tank is then spotted by a German Stuka bomber, which sparks a firefight. The bomber is shot down by the tank, but subsequently crashes into it and the ensuing explosion kills everyone, except Hannibal and Mischa.

    The SS militiamen then loot Lecter Castle. Seeing their wounded SS commander, Grutas shoots him and takes his Iron Cross. However, the impending Russian advance forces them to hide out in the woods where they locate the Lecter lodge. The SS militiamen storm and take over the lodge. Finding no other food in the bitterly cold Baltic winter, the men look menacingly at Hannibal and Mischa, implying that their only means of survival is through cannibalism.


    The evil Nazis turned Hannibal to the dark side!!! They killed the Jewish cook…now what is young Hannibal supposed to eat that’s kosher? Why couldn’t he get wolves to feed him, or survive on berries and bird eggs like all smart Jewish children? OY GEVALT!!!

    Soviet tank shoots down Stuka dive bomber, but they crash into each other…happens all the time. Where are the freaking Vainglorious Cowerdz when you need them, hmm?


    Betty Friedan is OUTRAGED, but nevertheless calls “Silence of the Lambs” high art, not to be confused with Playboy centerfolds of shiksas, which she apparently likes!!!

    Jew movie review…

    In a 1992 interview with Playboy magazine, notable feminist and womens’ rights advocate Betty Friedan stated, “I thought it was absolutely outrageous that The Silence of the Lambs won four Oscars. […] I’m not saying that the movie shouldn’t have been shown. I’m not denying the movie was an artistic triumph, but it was about the evisceration, the skinning alive of women. That is what I find offensive. Not the Playboy centerfold.”


    Not to be outdone, the KAPLAN bros. have their own high culture masterpiece…

    SILENCE! The Musical is an award winning Off-Off-Broadway musical created by Jon and Al Kaplan as a parody of the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs. The project began in 2003 as a handful of songs published on the internet, which became popular to the extent that a live show was conceived and staged. Six additional songs were written by Jon and Al, and the book was written by Hunter Bell, based on the original screenplay Silence! The Musical, also by Jon and Al Kaplan.


  12. Biker says:

    ker-POW marsh! i never put that whole “silence of the lambs” thing together! Lecter was a product of Nazi barbarism! ! ! ! ! killed the Jew cook!? my god, they probably then ate PORK!! before they ate the child..

    lots of trees around there, bark IS edible..

    shit yeah! half of German aircraft losses were to Allied tanks! ALL THE TIME LOL!

  13. Marshall says:

    Well, Biker…

    Bark ain’t kosher and Charlie don’t surf!!! 😀 Wolf vomit is “certified” though I’m sure. Bird eggs are OK only if you swing the unsuspecting bluejay around your head three times before it lays them.

    I’m still awaiting the Broadway release of…”ZYKLON-B! The Musical.”

    A survival lesson for the audience at Incogland is in order here, lest they too suffer Hannibal’s curious fate!!! :-O

    Biker, I bet you already know that if you strip the outer bark off a pine tree, the inner layers make great potato-chip substitutes when fried, full of nutrients, as do fresh pine needles make great tea. They call it “tallstrunt” in Sweden. Pine cone seeds are great too as a non-cannabalistic source of protein and vitamins…

    Pine cones will keep you alive long enough to escape Sobibor, walk through the snow to Paris, and write a book about your epic journey!!!

    Not only that, you can make paper for your future Holocaust manuscript from bark too on the way, thereby cutting down on production costs, not to mention all the nasty booby-traps you can fashion for your Nazi pursuers…it’s a Jew’s dream come true!!!

    Pine Punjee Pits I’m tellin’ ya!!!


    Pine nuts have been eaten in Europe and Asia since the Paleolithic period. They are frequently added to meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. In Italian they are called pinoli or pignoli[6] and are an essential component of Italian pesto sauce. The pignoli cookie, an Italian specialty confection, is made of almond flour formed into a dough similar to that of a macaroon and then topped with pine nuts. Pine nuts are also featured in the salade landaise of southwestern France. Pine nut coffee, known as piñón (Spanish for pine nut), is a speciality found in the southwest United States, especially New Mexico, and is typically a dark roast coffee having a deep, nutty flavour; roasted and lightly salted pine nuts can often be found sold on the side of the road in cities across New Mexico to be used for this purpose. The Nevada Pine Nut, or Great Basin pine nut has a sweet fruity flavor and is relished for its large size, sweet flavor and ease of peeling. Pine nuts are also used in chocolates and desserts such as baklava. It is also a widely used ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, reflected in a diverse range of dishes such as kibbeh, sambusek, ladies’ fingers and many others.

    Throughout Europe and Middle East the pine nuts used are from Pinus pinea (Stone Pine). They are easily distinguished from the Asian pine nuts by their more slender shape and more homogeneous flesh. Due to the lower price, Asian pine nuts are also often used, especially in cheaper preparations. Pine nuts contain thiamine, vitamin B1 and protein.


  14. gtrman says:

    Hey, Israel.
    Everybody knows.
    Your ballroom days are over, baby
    Dont suck me off and cry rape
    Dont strike me down and complain.
    Its plain and simple,
    we’re on camera
    You’d smile if you could
    But you coolly chew the cud
    A lamb to the slaughter
    is as good
    as Gold
    and a merchants daughter
    Is as good as sold
    when the bread and water
    Is controlled
    By the bankers

  15. Brigid says:

    I AM NOT A BRAIN-DEAD, SELF-HATING, GUILT-RIDDEN GOY, AND I CRY FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE DAMN JEWS. God bless John Demnanjak, treated like most Jews would like to treat me!

  16. Hoff says:

    We thank you for visiting us and will continue to update this site with documentation of the IDF’s humane action and operational success in Operation Cast Lead.

    Please visit the IDF’s new blog – – for news and other multimedia content.Hometown:JerusalemCountry:Israel

    Hoff: Only in the Jew world: Cast Lead =Human Action. Sick fuckers the jews.

  17. Flanders says:

    Hoff, You Anti-semite!!! How can you classify another “human being” on the basis of a label?!!! How dare you call jews sick fuckers!!! Shame! Shame! Shame!

    And Brigid, you know that you would be treated respectfully and with the utmost grace, yet you choose to cast such aspersions. Shame! Shame!

    Holocaust And Pornography In Israel

    “I’m no pervert – Just an Israeli enjoying life”

  18. Flanders says:

    From Part 2 of the above tract:



    “1. – Manipulate members of the host nation into helping the Jewish people, no matter how dangerous it may be to the welfare of the nation.

    2. – If an individual refuses to cooperate, by-pass him and take care of him during mop up operations. This is an unbreakable rule of warfare.

    3. – If the enemy actively resists, mark him for destruction and then destroy him through defamation brought about through control of the media, or by using the nation’s due process of law through Jewish controlled courts and lawyers.

    Listen to this idea espoused in their handbook on PSYCHOPOLITICS, Page 52: “Recruit every agency of the nation marked for slaughter into a foaming hatred of religion . . . You must suborn district attorneys and judges into an intense belief . . . that Christian practice . . . is vicious, bad, insanity causing, publicly hated, and intolerable. Just as in Russia we had to destroy, after many years of arduous work, the Church, so we must destroy ALL FAITHS in nations marked for slaughter. “This is the Jewish TALMUDIC plan for America.

    4. – Never let any individual or organization in the host nation, use the media or the courts to counter-attack us, or for their own defense. Any close look at recent court decisions, will show this bias against Christians, since a majority of the Judges and attorneys are Jews.

    This theory has been eminently successful in America, to the point that when a Jew attacks Christ or Christians it is considered acceptable as freedom of speech, but if the Christian is unwise, or brave enough to retaliate and expose the Jew’s nefarious purpose, it is automatically classified as anti-Semitism, or a hate crime. Often Christians are ostracized by their own people, who are willing to believe the enemy, rather than their own. I experienced this when I left the Fundamental Baptist Church, in 1981, for the Truth of Israel Identity and the Kingdom Movement. I was immediately labeled an apostate by my own pastor, and in the intervening 18 years, not one Baptist pastor, has attempted to show me where I was wrong from the Word. They avoid me as though I had the plague.

    If I as an Anglo-Saxon author, were to charge that my writings were not accepted in Fundamental churches, not because they were unscriptural, but because they would not pass Jewish censorship, there would be a great hue and cry coming from the Fundamentalist camp, and I would immediately be labeled an apostate. Not because I had departed from the “fundamentals of the faith,” but because I no longer accept the anti-Christs of Judaism as God’s Chosen.

    Is the most powerful nation in the world, when measured by tangible armaments, totally unable to defend itself against treason from within, and an ideological war, waged by a handful of aliens against our very foundations?”

  19. Flanders says:

    Sorry, Incogman. I thought I was posting this on your other article, “I Say [Deleted Expletive] The Damn Jews!”. I should have double checked.

  20. Leonardo says:




  21. White Wolf says:

    Leonard, it was only upon the British firing on Americans they’d come to disarm that the fight necessarily began.. to hastily take the low-road would play right into their hands.

    I appreciate the urgency though!
    Just be prepared.

  22. Flanders says:

    Leonardo, we appreciate your shouting at us. I think White Wolf has given you an excellent answer. I suppose you feel superior, being the leader of the Ninja Turtles. Maybe you can demonstrate your leadership style by telling us exactly what you are doing and what you have determined should be done, and what we mutha fuckas should be doing against these “British”?

  23. Please do remember :Even the Jewish court in so called “Israel’ was force to pronounce John Demjaniuk “not guilty despite the previous death sentence from the lower level of Jew-stapo.
    The eyes of the world watching the farce saved Jonh from being lynched.

    What could not be done by the master could be done by the masters dog hence the trial in Germany.

    This time not Treblinka but another labor camp supposed to be a “crime scene”.
    Please feel free to visit my forum:
    and the “Holokaust myth’ section”

    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

  24. Flanders says:

    Dropping some links:

    The “trial” of Mr. Demjanjuk [G. Atzmon]:

    “Seemingly the German legal system lacks that necessary ‘Jewish’ wisdom performed by Israeli supreme judges and Attorney general. As it seems, the German court found a very embarrassing method to deal with the German past. They are now charging a dying Ukrainian/American for attempting to survive a Nazi POW camp by collaborating. That is, a onetime German prisoner became an ‘accessory’ of the German killing machine.

    If the Germans are insisting to search for Nazi collaborators and brutal ‘accessories’, survivor Israel Shahak can adivise them where to find them. “Every Jewish child was taught (in the Ghettos)” says Shahak that “if you enter a square from which there are three exits, one guarded by a German SS man, one by a Ukrainian and one by a Jewish policeman, then you should first try to pass the German, and then maybe the Ukrainian, but never the Jew”.( Prof. Israel Shahak, 19 May 1989. Kol Ha’ir, Jerusalem). Apparently, this story is reflected in many survivors’ personal and academic accounts. The Jewish capos and Judenrat were the most brutal of them all.”

    Auschwitz and Mauthausen are impossible for technical reasons

    “All the arguments against the Holocaust [story] will be meaningless if people are not willing to accept the truth. In the words of Schopenhauer:

    Nothing is more galling
    Than to fight with facts and arguments
    Against an adversary
    In the belief
    That one is dealing with his understanding,
    When in reality
    One is dealing with the will,
    Which obdurately closes its mind to the truth.
    One must understand that reason
    Applied against the will
    Is like seed sown on bare rock
    Like light arrows against armor,
    Like the stormwind against a beam of light.

    Nothing can be done for those who do not want to face the truth. But perhaps, after reading the following, some will be ready to want to comprehend.”

    The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust [Part 1 w/link to Part 2].
    Do the ‘war crimes’ trials prove extermination?

    “Indicative of the largely political nature of the Nuremberg process was the important Jewish role in organizing these trials. Nahum Goldmann, one-time president of both the World Jewish Congress and the World Zionist Organization, reported in his memoir that the Nuremberg Tribunal was the brain-child of World Jewish Congress officials. Only after persistent effort were WJC officials able to persuade Allied leaders to accept the idea, he added.”

  25. Akira says:

    Speaking of Nahum Goldmann:

    Leonid Nevzlin of Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora:

    “Yesterday’s shooting at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a terrible reminder that hatred and violence still exist and must be replaced by tolerance and peace.”

    Nevzlim is a five-time murderer on the lam from Russia.

    He stayed at the White House. You probably haven’t and never will.

    + + +

    From Goldmann’s ‘The Jewish Paradox’:

    “The Jews are the most separatist people in the world. There belief in the notion of the chosen people is the basis of their entire religion. All down the centuries the Jews have intensified their separation from the non-Jewish world; they have rejected, and still do reject, mixed marriages; they have put up one wall after another to protect their existence as a people apart, and have built their ghettos with their own hands…”

    “…most of my grandfather’s patients were peasants. Every Jew felt ten or a hundred times the superior of these lowly tillers of the soil.”

    [FDR to Rabbi Stephen ‘Some Call It Bolshevism, I Call It Judaism” Wise:] “‘So how could you live there as a tiny minority among Arab fanatics? … They would exterminate you.’ Wise was at a loss, and Roosevelt went on: ‘Stephen, I’m going to ask you a personal question: you are a rabbi, with religious and moral obligations. Will you take the responsibility of getting millions of Jews killed if you do eventually get there [to Palestine]?'”

    “Truman was a modest man and left international policy to Acheson [the Secretary of State]. If he had not consented to partition, Truman would never have given the go-ahead by himself. Now the Secretary of State’s main argument was: ‘For decades you will not have peace and you will be risking catastrophe, because the Americans will not be able to support you against the Arabs for ever.’ I replied: ‘… [L]et’s say you refuse partition. What will happen? Terrorism will gain ground in Israel. The Jews will not accept the immigration ban; I won’t accept it myself. Half a million Jewish refugees who have survived Nazism are living in the accursed land of Germany. Their one wish is to leave that country where they are still living in camps. Are you ready to receive them in America? No. In other countries? No. Then Menachem Begin, the extreme rightist leader [and future PM], will take power. I personally will not accede to his policy of terror, any more than Weizmann will, but the extremists will be dominant … What will be your attitude then? When the Jewish terrorists are killing the British will you take a stand against the British? And when the British are killing Jews, where will you be?'”

  26. Flanders says:

    Found this at Jerzy’s forum. There is some good materials linked in:
    “Interesting materials in English”.

    For instance:


    “Next step in holo-terror imposed on Americans ( the rest of the world will follow).


    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek


    Editor’s Note: The Tea-Party activists seem to forget that their beloved Israeli Zionists and their beloved Dick Cheney’s national security state are enormous threats to Constitutional liberty. Here below we see how the US government’s adoption of the Israeli thought police agenda of suppressing “anti-semitism” and “Holocaust denial” in speech and textbooks may gradually, through mission creep, result in criminalizing certain ‘bad’ books and ‘wrong thinking.’ If you’re worried about being put in one of Obama’s concentration camps, here are some of the grounds for placing you there: thinking thoughts opposed to rabbinic Judaism and possessing evil textbooks.” [Continues at the link].

  27. Flanders says:

    A jew gets it right!

    “An article in the Newark Star-Ledger of 23 Oct. 1996 (p 15) treats Web sites that some consider objectionable. Among these are sites of Holocaust revisionists.

    Steven Some, Chairman of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, said,

    “These Holocaust deniers are very slick people. They justify everything they say with facts and figures.”

    That’s a hard one to answer.”

  28. Octo says:

    “and a friend of exterminationist historian Nadine Fresco…”

    How many extermination historians are cataloguing the extermination of Whites?

  29. Biker says:

    Jerzey Ulicki-Rek:

    Excellent link!! you have done your homework, thank you!

  30. American says:

    What kind of person would be pre-occupied with diamonds? She thinks because her lie involves excrement that we’ll somehow believe it.

  31. Flanders says:

    Attaching a link which I don’t agree with all points, but the article presents some good arguments as well as contrasts between US and European speech laws (until more recently at least).

    “SO THE REAL DANGER posed by Europe’s speech laws is not so much guilty verdicts as an insidious chilling of political debate, as people censor themselves in order to avoid legal charges and the stigma and expense they bring. And the most serious chill is not of fringe racists but of mainstream moderates and conservatives.

    First of all, it turns out that some denials and incitements are more equal than others in Europe. For all the trials on charges of Holocaust denial, it is not clear that anyone has been charged with denial or minimization of crimes committed by Communist regimes. And the laws banning incitement of hatred on grounds of race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin do not ban incitement based on political orientation or economic status. Moreover, these laws protect speech that incites hatred against Americans and some others. And while there have been some convictions of Islamist radicals for inciting hatred against Jews and others, Europeans have been shy to move against the incitement pervasive in Islamist circles.

    In other words, Europe’s speech laws are written and applied in ways that leave activists on the political left free to whitewash crimes of leftist regimes, incite hatred against their domestic bogeymen of the well-to-do, and luridly stereotype their international bogeymen, often with history-distorting falsehoods such as fictitious claims of genocide said to be committed by the United States and Israel. It may be no coincidence that Socialist and extreme-left parties have played central roles in the design of speech laws. The crafter of France’s 1990 Gayssot law, for example, was Jean-Claude Gayssot, a longtime Communist party officeholder.”

  32. Flanders says:

    A review of a movie from a jewish source which gets some of the facts straight? Done for jews, of course, not for the gullible. It might be one site worth checking for the media freaks.


    No such “savage” Jewish revenge unit ever existed during WWII. Nor was a movie theater with high ranking Nazis ever blown up—and, by the way, Hitler visited Paris just once in his life—he took a quick tour of the city in 1940, shortly after France surrendered to Germany.

    However, there certainly is a (real) glorious history of Jewish fighting men serving in heavily Jewish; American and British armed forces special units during WWII. These heavily Jewish special units were largely composed of Jews of German or Austrian refugee background. These men had critical language skills and were “a natural fit” for anti-Nazi assignments including commando raids and espionage work. Sometimes their tasks were more mundane—but still critical—such as translation of enemy documents and interrogation of captured Germans.

    Many German and Austrian Jews, who fled Nazi Germany for America, were trained for special armed forces duty at Camp Ritchie, Maryland. They became informally known as the “Ritchie Boys.” A 2004 documentary entitled, “The Ritchie Boys,” was an award winner and the website for the film gives a very good capsule summary of their heroic service.

    Likewise, many German, Austrian, and other European Jews who fled to Great Britain—-served in a special British army commando unit that had the official designation of “3 Troop of the No 10 Inter-Allied Commandos.” Winston Churchill dubbed them ‘X-Troop’.”

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