The Magic Negro Hallucinations

LAST NIGHT, IN his West Point speech, Barry Soetoro (AKA Barack Hussein Obama) committed another 30,000 American soldiers to the infernal Jew Wars this country has now been plagued with since 2001. And along with his expansion of the war, Obama gave us another slick dose of America’s moral rights in the world and the usual double-talk about “exit-strategies” that, once again, we have to wait to see if it comes true. Some change, huh?  

These wars mean squat to real America, wars created by outright lies, false-flag terror and the machinations of dual-loyalty citizens, the “warm Jews” (Neocons) who only really care about Israel, for all extent and purposes. All we ever get in return are body bags of our children and deeper in the national deficit hole (it cost 1 million dollars for each soldier sent to Afghanistan). Hell, we don’t even get cheap gas out of the deal. 

With all of Obama’s talk tonight about how wonderful America has been in spreading freedom and democracy and that jazz, absolutely nothing was said, as usual, on how we let that evil little country Israel get away with pure murder on the Muslim and Christian Palestinians. But that’s par for the course, huh? Can’t be putting the spotlight on the real source of the problem. That GD little “Country A” is still out there and none of these spineless SOB’s dares breath a word in front of real America. It’s a trip, alright. 

We should all hope after Obama’s speech at West Point — using the army cadets like props — that you folks who voted for him should start to seriously re-evaluate the whole deal (if you haven’t already). Obama is NOT some kind of Magic Negro — more like a Magic Mushroom fed to us by the real wizards behind the curtain. His candidacy was nothing but a political designer drug to make you hallucinate and think everything is going to be good again. Looks like the rush has worn off. 

America’s hallucinations have made us the laughing stock of the whole planet, to say nothing about those who justifiably hate us for blowing their children and houses to smithereens in all these far-flung places our soldiers keep having to rotate in and out, apparently now for good. 

Obama’s standard issue “Americans have always been the good guys” speech in front of West Point cadets is just the same old, same old. No different from what Bush would have said, just more of the same patriotic pap.

The greedy bastards who really own our presidents are just interested in their goals, of which the lives of America’s soldiers and wealth are merely vehicles to that end. We know that one of Israel’s minions, some rich globalist named Yosef Maiman, planned to build a pipeline in Afghanistan, so the Jews could profit off the oil in central Eurasia. Plus, in 2000, the Taliban completely halted the growing of poppy. Now the opium crops are back big-time under the corrupt rule of Hamid Karzai (which Obama did briefly mention) — whose CIA-backed family has long been involved in drug-running (not mentioned). A Russian general recently accused the CIA/MOSSAD intelligence community of raking in 50 billion a year off the deal. 

TAPI Oil Pipeline planned for Afghanistan.

These Jew Wars of aggression, also feed the Military/Industrial complex and the International Bankers, right along with furthering Israel’s security and hegemony in that part of the world. How much more BS talk out of these people’s mouths about “terrorists in tribal areas” always “threatening America’s freedoms” and crap do we have to take when it’s so painfully obvious that they are plenty of far cheaper ways of dealing with these kinds of situations? Let’s get real, people.

This anti-War talk against the Iraq and Afghanistan is supposed to be all liberal and “lefty loon,” right? That’s what the media gatekeepers and those behind the curtain want you to think. They want two separate camps: “Lefty and Righty” and for us Americans to blindly play the braindead roles they’ve written for us. They expect “conservatives” to support the war because our boys are out “defending our freedoms” and all that crap; right along with trying to keep the anti-War “liberal” people relatively silent since our commander-in-chief is a “person of color.” 

And that’s what gave us Obama. What a sorry joke. Back in 2008, far too many liberal Whites sucked-down Obama’s sickly sweet, chocolate-colored political utterances, simply because our race has now become so throughly brainwashed with diversity by the Jew media, that we literally trip-out when it comes to “people of color.” 

Race has been used against White America as a blinding drug time and time again. Race is always out there, even to those who tell you they are so color-blind. These diversity people are not at all oblivious to skin color, we know because they will pick a person of color over a Whitey any day of the week, just to prove how color blind they are. 

These self-hating White hypocrites should make anyone with half a brain vomit. To them, “people of color” have to be better since Whites are always evil and we need some kind of heroes for the movie to have a happy ending. Call it the Will Smith effect. In their convoluted thinking about race, they’ve taken the easy way out from any real thinking about the matter, simply by elevating anyone who is non-White high up on the pedestal. This is often called “reverse racism.” 

The diversity nuts have turned against their very own race because it’s easier to deal with socially. These gutless wonders can’t stand the thought of anyone calling them a “Nazi” or “Klansman.” That would be so terrible, boo-hoo. 

We’re told that “race doesn’t matter” blah, blah, blah, yet that lie shows clearly in how the media pushes any race but White, left and right. It’s all part of the careful, long-running propaganda program on this nation’s head. Whites are made to feel guilty about stuff none of us had anything to do with, things that happened hundreds of years ago and now all of us must make amends by sucking-up to anyone who’s skin color is darker than ours — even when we’re supposed to think “it makes no difference” in the first place. Right. 

Tiger Woods is a perfect example of a media-manufactured Magic Negro. Hell, they were chomping at the bit at turning him into one when he was just some precocious little kid out on the course. His enthronement may even have been a race trial balloon for Obama in the first place. 

Here’s a guy, undoubtedly a pretty talented golfer and all, but turned into some kind of sports God by the national media just because he was partially black (25% black, half Asian, with the rest Native American and White). Like, when did the media ever care this much about Golf in the first damn place? With Tiger, they went bonkers over the game, or pretended to. It was all purposeful media hype to push the diversity line.

Now we see that Mr. Woods just might be another Man-Whore (so easy when you’re that rich). It appears that a National Inquirer article exposed one of Tiger’s little trysts with some White hussy (don’t you love that word?). So his blond trophy wife becomes unglued, snaps up a golf club from all the ones laying around and goes at the guy screaming bloody murder. Tiger, to escape the fury of the woman scorned (this happens to some guys all the time), ran out of the house and jumped into his expensive black Cadillac Escalade with her in hot pursuit. Poor Tiger tries to make his escape and smashes into a fire hydrant and then into a tree. 

This doesn’t mean that old Tiger is some kind of horrible person, or anything. Unless, of course, you belong to the Blond Trophy Wives Association of America (just kidding ladies). He’s just another guy, thinking with his little head, fallen by the wayside in today’s immoral and Jewified America. Easy to happen and not really that big a deal. 

Listen up: All of us are being played for as suckers. Big-time. Not just Whites, mind you. 

Let’s pretend something here for a minute. Put aside all the assumptions and the ways you look out and see the world. Isn’t that really what you mean by being color blind in the first place? Now, try to imagine real hard that Obama was White as snow and his name was Douglass P. Wasp III. Let’s say he had the exact same voice and said the exact same kind of things. Do you, in all honesty, think he would have done as well in the primaries for the election of 2008? Of course not.

Geraldine Ferraro said as much during the campaign and everyone acted like the woman committed murder.

Also, think about all this BS about Sarah Palin. You think she would get all this kind of attention if she came out and expressed any views contrary to what “Republicans” are supposed to say? What if she said that Obama should end the wars and bring the troops home? The woman would be yesterday’s news faster than you could say “Alaska.” Even the so-called “liberal” media would be told to forget the woman entirely. 

That’s because she would not fit the mold they have decided she fits, the role she has to play if she wants to get anywhere. And that’s as a conservative, a friend of the little people who live in “fly-over” country. Also, she does double-duty for the urbanite liberals to skewer, since they need a PC safe target now that Bush and Rove are gone and a “person of color” is the prez. She fills the vacuum. Her being attacked by liberals gives her street cred with those who put themselves in the “conservatives” camp. See how well the system works all by itself?

Clearly, America is being played here by those behind the curtain. They only allow certain ambitious, morally ambivilant and mediocre people to advance in the “body politic” if they do not represent a real threat to the status quo and fit the “package” they are trying to sell. They also probably have something big on them. In other words, the hidden powers have already made the decisions on where they want to take us, all the rest is merely marketing. The politician is barely more than a public spokesman and image. Should a deviation occur in how the actor performs, then the media is let loose with secrets to destroy said politician, or instructed to ignore entirely.

Doesn’t take a whole lot of hands-on effort to control and manipulate a stupid population with this kind of thing and unlimited funds. Which they have, of course.

Skin color is a big, BIG part of it. Don’t pretend otherwise. They have turned Whites into quivering blobs of racial idiocy, so much so that they will vote for someone just because he’s not White. They really don’t have to do much about the blacks since they almost always will vote for their own kind. Race to them is much more critical since they’ve been programmed to think of themselves as so downtrodden and “oppressed.” The brainwashing of Whites, works both ways by jacking-up blacks. 

Fookin’ Lefty Loons!

Hey, we all know we’re being played for chumps here. We have to listen to people like Bill O’Reilly and Kieth Olberman acting like they know what’s good for us and how bad the other guy is. That’s all part of the game and they can’t really deviate from the script much without running into career trouble.

Pay attention to the news and you will also see how they spend inordinate amounts of time on nonsense stories to fill the time and never pursue any real hard-hitting stories on what’s really behind the scenes in our foreign policies. The producers and writers know exactly what they can or cannot talk about. Those that don’t, hit the street.

Once you look at the media in this way, everything will make sense and fall right into place (not just the news, but in shows and movies). You will be able to read between the lines and see the efforts to get you onboard with something political (propaganda). Often, you will even see screw-ups. It’s amazingly transparent when watching mainstream media if you know all this. Try it for awhile. It’s guaranteed that you will never go back to tripping-out on bad media acid again!

The only way America will ever see any real change whatsoever, is if us Whites come together and present a unified front to these people. The White race has been the only real threat to their plans and they’ve known that all along. The solidarity of Whites has been targeted for decades now. Slowly, but surely the fissures in our race have been created, then milked and manipulated to keep us from seeing the bigger picture and the real people pulling the strings. You know all this is true — deep-down inside. 

Sorry about being a buzz-kill, man. 

— Phillip Marlowe 

Tiger Woods Badly Flawed (and so Is Obama)

A Letter to the Editor

You can take that to the bank (Goldman Sachs?).

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Vitali Klitschko vs. Samuel Peter

    This heavyweight fight, went to the 9th round.

  2. hoff2 says:

    o3:40 white demoCRAPS shit for brain.

    “The Inconvenient Truth – Part 2: Roots was a Fraud (2009 Edition)”

  3. kerdasi amaq says:

    The “Hoax” is bigger than Alex Haley, though. The book publishers and TV producers are part of it, too.

  4. Steven10 says:

    You know Tiger’s hallucinations came to a grinding halt when he got whacked by that shitstorm climaxgate.

  5. Steven10 says:

    You’d think he’d wised up after what happened to McNair.

  6. Cindy says:

    Tiger Woods is another total price of shit. Smug ass pervert cheated with probably hu dress of stupid women( cause he’s rich). Ugly little freak. That stupid blonde wife of his was a moron for touching that.

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