How God and the Tea Party Can Save America

‘Instead of Israel-first candidates, the Tea Party must choose America-first candidates’

By Rev. Ted Pike

The National Tea Party movement describes itself as a fresh start for political and moral conservatism. Will there be real change? Not if more “Israel-first” candidates are promoted to high office.

A generation ago, the Reagan Revolution promised to restore America. That hope was sabotaged when Israel-first president George W. Bush surrounded himself by a host of neo-conservative, Zionist Jews and rashly launched foreign wars to make the Mideast safe for Israel. Claiming to be an evangelical Christian, Bush may have thought he was blessing America by aiding “God’s chosen people.” Instead, military involvement in the Mideast has proven one of the greatest curses America has known. The draining wars in Iraq and Afghanistan empowered Democrats to smash the last vestiges of conservative power, sweeping in Obama’s aggressively pro-homosexual, anti-Christian regime.

Will this new movement’s leaders make the same deadly mistake of elevating Israel-first authority? If they do, and succeed in 2012, loyalty to Israel will lead only to more disastrous military ventures in the Mideast—and inevitably discredit and destroy the Tea Party movement itself.

In contrast to the past four US presidents, ex-Gov. Sarah Palin — featured speaker at the Tea Party Nation Convention on February 4-6 — wants to allow illegal Jewish West Bank settlements to actually expand and has criticized Obama for urging a halt! Palin is maneuvering to take on Obama in 2012. She will be joined on stage by arch Israel supporter, and possible vice presidential candidate, Joseph Farah, who owns the popular conservative news source, WorldNetDaily. WND has a history of outspokenly defending freedom, particularly against hate crime laws and their persecution of Christians worldwide. Except in Israel. Over the past six years, because of Farah’s intense loyalty to Israel, he has enforced a virtual blackout of coverage of the rampant wave of sometimes violent hate crimes by ultra-Orthodox Jews against thousands of Jewish Christians. (See Lura Beckford’s This anti-Christ persecution is tolerated by the government of Israel and local authorities.

Which Direction for the Tea Party?

There are two alternatives before the Tea Party movement: Like the conservative revival under Reagan, it can seek media favor and political power by exalting Israel and Israel-first candidates. It can accept vast amounts of Jewish money, indebting itself to the Zionist lobby and Jewish internationalists. If it succeeds, it will then be led into disastrous Zionist schemes and misadventures, eventually precipitating a return to even more liberalism.

Or it can follow a very different path. It can become the Whole Truth Party by embracing truth to the fullest. Instead of fleeing the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s accusation of “anti-Semitism,” it can educate itself concerning the conspiracy against Christian civilization that exists within Talmudic Judaism. This originated with the Pharisees and is now being carried out by ADL. ADL seeks to destroy Christianity and its values and set up its own one-world order under Anti-Christ.

ADL’s globalist intentions were recently confirmed by Orthodox rabbi Nachum Shifren in his unprecedented expose of ADL at News with Views. (See The A.D.L. vs. Faith and Freedom) Shifren said the League seeks world government and is “neutralizing the fabric of America, getting it ripe for a takeover in which the ADL can take part…What the Soviets could not do in Russia, the ADL will attempt to do in America.” Several years ago, Orthodox rabbi Daniel Lapin also warned, “Secular Judaism [ADL] is in relentless attack on evangelical Christians.” (See Rabbi Lapin: Christians Under ‘Relentless Attack’ by ‘Secular Judaism’)

The Tea Party movement largely reflects Christian and conservative values laid down by our Forefathers and based in the Holy Scripture. Scripture says all must trust and obey God until death in order to be sure of salvation. Honored by God, such Biblical standards have promoted America to her status as most powerful nation in the world. But the prevailing evangelical doctrine today, Calvinism, teaches that once a person has been “born again” they can never be lost, regardless of the sins they may commit. Applied on the geopolitical level for the past century, this Calvinist heresy has empowered the Zionist experiment. Old Testament law repeatedly stipulates that a disobedient nation of Jews cannot occupy God’s Holy Land, but Israel-first evangelicals assure Jews that their ancestral covenant with God entitles them to dwell in Palestine, without righteousness, justice or mercy. Predictably, such defiance of God’s will has precipitated irreconcilable Mid-East strife. (Watch Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance here!)

With the rebirth of conservative/Christian values through the Tea Party, we have a wonderful opportunity to save America. If the Tea Party becomes the Whole Truth Party, God will “make a way where there is no way” in a hostile political wilderness.

Petition to Tea Party Leaders

I urge you to email this article, including the following petition, to as many Tea Party chapters and leaders as possible, especially in your area. Many hundreds are listed at You can make a powerful contribution to freedom by moving the Tea Party in the right direction at this formative time!

Dear Tea Party Leaders:

As Tea Party supporters, we are concerned that the Tea Party movement makes a fresh start toward American renewal and not repeat the same mistakes that brought us to political, economic, and moral crisis. President George Washington warned America to “beware of foreign entanglements.” Gen. Douglas MacArthur said that if America ever became militarily involved in the Middle East, it could lead to her ruin.

Undue loyalty to Israel has made America’s leaders discard their sage advice and embroil us in no-win wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These wars could spread to Iran, Pakistan, and further — all to make the Mideast safe for Israel.

It is time we return to the advice of our forefathers. The Tea Party platform should state that Israel will no longer receive “most favored” status by the US but must mature as an equally accountable nation. It must be fully responsible for actions that violate international law. No longer can Israel expect America to aid Israel when she persists in illegal settlements, war crimes, collective punishment of innocent civilians and restriction of free speech and religion for minorities in Israel, particularly Christians.

Those of us who are Tea Party members and Christians resolve to bless Jews and “seek the peace of Jerusalem” in the way the Bible really teaches: by sharing the soul-saving gospel of Jesus Christ with the Jewish people. No longer will we “bless” a Christian-persecuting regime by providing it with horrific weapons of war or unconditional approval.

Instead of Israel-first candidates, the Tea Party must choose America-first candidates. Only a return to American interests and values can begin the long journey back to the autonomous freedom our nation’s founders envisioned more than two centuries ago.


Let the Anti-Defamation League teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians, and spearhead attempts to pass the federal hate crimes bill:

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015
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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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114 Responses to How God and the Tea Party Can Save America

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Gtrman, thanks for the article Chavez Says U.S. ‘Weapon’ Caused Haiti Quake. Chavez might be right. After 9/11, nothing surprises me anymore with this government. Their evil Knows no bounds! They have decided to emulate their bosses over in Tel Aviv. When I was reading that article I noticed another one: ‘Israel Seeks More Involvement In Afghan War’. They are selling drones to us. I wonder how many other ways, they are profiting from that conflict!

  2. American says:

    Although the Tea Party movement is controlled by JEWS, we should not forget that even Alex Jones type followers often get converted once shown the truths of JEWRY. Many sincere people start by knowing something is wrong, but not yet able to identify the real problem that is JEW-rats.

    Keep spreading the word until ready to step it up. And now that financial markets are beginning to crack again, it’s easy to find people willing to listen. We even see the election upset in Massachusetts, possible Bernanke “firing”, etc. I know JEWRY will just place another JEW-rat in position, but it shows the masses are extremely angry. Massachusetts is the most liberal state in the nation, and still Coakley lost a 30% lead from November. The situation continues to ripen!

  3. American says:

    Almost forgot. Fuck Israel, we can’t afford them!

  4. American born says:

    @ Frank The jew is the ultimate war profitier. jews will seek profit in anything and everything.

  5. American says:

    Are these the same JEWS over in Haiti? Sure don’t look so charitable here:

  6. American says:

    Apparently Nancy Pelosi wants a bullet is her yarmulke, too.

  7. Fleur de lis says:

    JTJ, don’t get the Incog blog in trouble with that talk there.

  8. Randall says:

    Fleur- exactly.. That kind of climate now.

    “Fleur de lis

    JTJ, don’t get the Incog blog in trouble with that talk there.”

  9. tony says:

    The Tea Party movement will never succeed unless it can keep crazies like you away. If it becomes associated with jew-bashing, it is doomed.
    Let’s hope that the good people of the Tea Party movement can take the country back from the politicians, and leave you anti-semitic loonies still sitting on the fringe.

    • incogman says:

      Tony: Everyone will soon be “anti-semitic” soon enough. America is rapidly figuring out the real deal about this slime. Besides, the Tea Parties will never get anywhere as long as they kow-tow to Jews. That’s why Jews always insinuate themselves into any movement, just so they can deflect any exposure to the Jew.

      If you don’t see it you’re one of two things: 1) A Jew. 2) A blubbering moron.

  10. GDL/White Master says:

    tony, your Jew spew doesn’t work here punk, better move on down the highway and find some place it does work.

  11. kerdasi amaq says:

    The Tea Party is doomed because the you know whos started it and control it. It will not achieve anything worthwhile except as demonstration of how many annoyed people there are in the country and may lead to the awakening of some of them to the truth of who is really in control of their country and that the professional politicians they elect do not have their best interests at heart.

    The united States is going the way of the Roman Empire and for exactly the same reasons!

  12. GDL/White Master says:

    “anti-semitic loonies”, that sounds Jewy to me.

  13. American says:

    Give ‘tony’ a gold star for his jacket, then push him on down the road.

    Or maybe this is more his style:

    Mr. Dick must have a death wish, pushing his doping, homosexual ways in WV. Let’s see him move a few counties over, to say Boone or Logan (coal country) and see what he gets for his antics. I promise they’d tie his pink ass to a chair and leave him on the train tracks.

    • incogman says:

      I think I read someplace that Andy Dick is a Jew who was adopted by a Gentile family. Look at him — he’s definitely a Jewboi. His sickness is in the genes.

  14. tony says:

    ok, I won’t post here any more.
    Some of your points are certainly valid, but most of the message won’t be heard.
    The Tea Party is an important movement than can’t afford to be marginalized, which will happen if it becomes anti-jew the way you want it to be.

  15. American says:

    Anti-semetic? But I support Palestinians (true Semites) against the incessant abuse and murder that Israelis commit on them.

  16. American says:

    Mr. Dick is another droopy-eyed JEW, no doubt. I originally read about his escapade in the Washington Post, and we know what that means.

    I give ‘tony’ credit for acknowledging the truth of JEWRY. It might not be too late to save him. Perhaps he’ll stick around awhile and join us on another thread?

    I understand it’s difficult to admit your whole world has been manipulated by a group of criminals that have exploited every angle towards your intentional demise.

  17. GDL/White Master says:

    I know Dick was adopted and the parents name sound Gentile. What ashamed, the Jewboi gets adopted by White parents and still is a raving Jew faggot! Jews and niggers are really alot alike in that they are both ungrateful and worthless.

  18. American says:

    Take a peek at these pics, ‘tony’. Creepy, wouldn’t you agree?

  19. GDL/White Master says:

    Sad thing Incog, many White men see Ron Jew Jeremy as their hero….Gawd thats pathetic.

  20. American says:

    They’re all gross, except the White ladies who they’re groping and molesting, as usual.

    • incogman says:

      Typical Jew humor now being broadcast in America today (SNL last night). Lorne Michaels of SNL is a big Jewboi:

      Can you believe this crap anymore?

  21. American says:

    It’s “unavoidable” they tell us. To me, it looks like one more big JEWfest:

    I’d be willing to bet that ‘tony’ knows JEWS own all of the media, except the internet, where truth is spreading like lightning. That’s why JEWS work so hard to tell us the internet is unreliable, so people will turn to JEW-media for their “news”, thus avoiding the sharing of alternative viewpoints. That’s really not very open-minded of him.

    • incogman says:

      This is what the lousy Jew is up to:

      “Says Doug Herzog, president of MTV Networks entertainment group: ‘The line moves every day, so you got to move with it. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.'”

      “Greenblatt notes Spartacus could raise the bar — or lower it — when it comes to both the pervasiveness and explicitness of TV sex. ‘I’m sure after Spartacus, there’ll be more,” he says. ‘It’s the natural evolution of things.'”

  22. GDL/White Master says:

    Is Justin Timberlake a real puss or what. Talk about identitly crisis. He’s either jungle bunnying with niggers or jizzing in his pants with Jews. LMAO!

  23. GDL/White Master says:

    Oh yeah, we can put the Jew back in the ghetto….and WE WILL!

  24. American says:

    It’s the JEWISH “natural evolution of things”, is what Greenblatt should say.

  25. GDL/White Master says:


    Its the JEWISH “degradation of things.”

    • incogman says:

      Jew’s agenda for America: Non-white immigration + anti-White propaganda + perversions of all kinds + perpetual wars for Israel = destruction of the White race.

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    Oh yeah, we can put the Jew back in the ghetto….and WE WILL!

    While you’re doing that GDL, I’ll be looking for a more permanent solution – one where my great grandchildren don’t have to worry that some liberal ass-wipe wiggertard can undo.

  27. JamesTheJust says:

    Seriously though, James. Are you ever going to explain through what twisted process you came to know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that Jesus/Yahshua/Yehshua/ect. was white?


    I could explain it to you. I have given it serious study for over seven years now. (Well recognized historians, archeologists and studies into European ceremony, customs and language too.)

    I doubt you’d be interested in all that. It’s very tedious and boring unless you have a deep desire to know the truth. Based on the general comments and knee-jerk reactions, I’d rather not waste my time. It’s not a one-liner. You might fall asleep before I am finished with the first thousand words or so.

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    JamesTheJust, I read something years ago about a letter that is in a museum in Rome that was from some Roman official or soldier in the Holy Land, to an official in Rome. Apparently the official in Rome had requested a description of this man called Christ. He described Christ as being lighter in complexion than the people around him at the time of the sighting. As I remember he described him as having dirty blond hair and gray eyes.
    As I said, I heard this many years ago, and my recollection may be off a bit. It was in a Christian pamphlet my older brother had.

  29. JamesTheJust says:

    Yes, there are two letters now in the Library of Congress, which describe Yahshua as a dirty blond or blond haired man who had blue eyes. There are a total of three eye-witness letters that I am aware of, but I’m not sure where the third one is located presently.

  30. GDL/White Master says:

    Oh yeah, we can put the Jew back in the ghetto….and WE WILL!

    “While you’re doing that GDL, I’ll be looking for a more permanent solution – one where my great grandchildren don’t have to worry that some liberal ass-wipe wiggertard can undo.”

    No doubt JTJ,

    The more permanent solution is inevitable. I just like to say different things sometimes to let the Jew know that enough awakened Whites can do what they wish with the hate law creating Jew!

  31. Biker says:

    give them the same options Muslims give.. convert, or DIE

  32. gtrman says:

    re the SNL vid, cheap humour, i admit I “Lolled” at the “clean-up in aisle 3” line.

    But why the Euro accent? Are they spoofing Euro pop or just having a pop at Germans again?

  33. UltraR says:

    Nah, Biker, time for options is long gone…

  34. JamesTheJust says:

    give them the same options Muslims give.. convert, or DIE

    They were already given that option (around 313 AD I believe) under The Law Code of Justinian. Their response was to openly convert and then infiltrate the churches and take power. That’s how we got the Catholic Church today. The Merchants of Venice appointed the POOPS. The most powerful among the merchants was the Dominici family who were demonstrably jewish.

    From the moment the jews seized power, they conducted a campaign of mass murder against White Christians and introduced Babylonian paganism.

    Prior to that, White Christians were massacred by the Romans under the rule of Nero at the behest of his wife Poppaea. She was clearly of Edomite Jew extraction as noted by Flavius Josephus. Several stages of persecutions ensued and always at the overt or covert direction of the Jews.

    According to noted historian Adrian Russell, It was from the Jews, and only from the Jews, that the early Church was to suffer persecution.

    If I had my way, there would be no one but pure White Adamic people in the Christian religion today. It is not a good idea to force any Non White Non Adamic person to convert to Christianity.

  35. Biker says:

    god and the tea party?? YES

    this Asshole? NO!! Gingrich is just as guilty as Clinton, do NOT vote Gingrich!!! two heads… one monster.

    3. NAFTA and GATT — In 1993, Gingrich proved himself invaluable to Clinton and the Democrats in Congress when he garnered enough Republican support to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the precursor for development of an eventual North American Union, following the same trajectory that has occurred in Europe with the emergence of the EU. (See the October 15, 2007 “North American Union” issue of The New American, especially “NAFTA: It’s Not Just About Trade” by Gary Benoit.) The next year he followed suit by supporting the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO). As Minority Whip, he could have postponed the lame-duck vote on GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) that subjected Americans to the WTO. Gingrich’s Benedict Arnold act helped to hand over the power to regulate foreign commerce, a power reserved in the Constitution to Congress alone, to an internationally controlled body, making America’s economic interests entirely at the mercy of the WTO.

    Gingrich knew GATT sounded the death knell for American sovereignty. In testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee prior to the lame-duck session, he said, “We need to be honest about the fact that we are transferring from the United States at a practical level significant authority to a new organization…. This is not just another trade agreement. This is adopting something which twice, once in the 1940s and once in the 1950s, the U.S. Congress rejected…. It is a very big transfer of power.”

  36. Biker says:

    full story here.. just came to my attention, this traitor has recently been talking about a run in 2012. we can not let him infiltrate the movement..

    3rd party or COMMUNIST PARTY.. the choice is yours..

  37. SBD TV says:

    Painting Post boxes green…A declaration of sovereignty.


  38. SBD TV says:

    Any lessons here?


  39. Biker says:

    check some of the lib-tard comments also, they mock those that are DOING SOMETHING to effect positive change..sick.

  40. FIONN says:

    Yes, for those slimey limeys that were/are the MONEY BAGS of the EastASIA/INDIA Company, Specify their EXCLUSIVE CO CHIN TEA !! IT floats in water much like british sassoon opium did in china !!! ALL FO’ JEEBUS !! WANNA start a revolution ??? Let England’s F&AM freemasons/BAPTISTS into your finances !! Anda cupa cochin tea toya !!

  41. Charles says:


    If you can’t guess the people I have in mind, I’ll give you
    some clues—clues found in a major world religion that is many
    centuries old. I’ll call it Religion X.
    Religion X traces its roots back to the First Couple, Adam and
    Eve. They were on earth before any other form of worship—before
    Islam (appearing 14 centuries ago), before Hinduism or Buddhism
    (appearing 25 centuries ago), before even the worship of various
    gods in Mesopotamia (60 centuries ago).
    Early on, Religion X’ers were told by their God: “Love your
    > neighbor—and even the stranger who dwells among you—as much as
    > you love yourself.” But it wasn’t long before Religion X began
    > rebelling against the laws of the One who had blessed and
    > preserved it so much. In response God warned: “All those who hate
    > me love death.”
    > After centuries of hating their God (which predictably led to
    > hatred of fellow humans, God’s creations), Religion X’ers were
    > allowed by God to be conquered and transported to ancient Babylon
    > where they experienced a 1,600-year-long “vacation.”
    > If you haven’t guessed yet, the religion I’m describing is
    > Judaism. But don’t stop reading. The
    > most shocking stuff is just ahead!
    > While in Babylon, the “wise men” among the people began
    > formulating new laws which supposedly supplemented and explained
    > the time-tested Old Testament writings. But the new rules actually
    > contradicted and eventually replaced the original laws!
    > The “new and improved” laws are collectively known as the
    > Talmud. Even though rabbis are Talmudic experts, probably not one
    > Jew in a thousand (and not one non-Jew in ten thousand) knows what
    > is in the Talmud. Without further delay, here’s some of the
    > Talmud’s “wisdom” (plus sources):
    > Hyenas turn into bats after seven years, and later on turn into
    > thorns and demons (Baba Kamma, 16a).
    > Being naked in front of a lamp causes epilepsy (Pesahim, 112b).
    > There’s medicinal value in dirt found in an outhouse’s shadow,
    > also in a white dog’s excrement (Gittin, 69a,b).
    > The birth of a girl is an unhappy event (Baba Bathra, 16b).
    > It is never good to talk too much to women including one’s own
    > wife (Aboth, 1.5).
    > All women are “temperamentally light-headed” (Kiddushin, 80b).
    > It is okay to divorce your wife if she spoils your food, or if
    > you find a more beautiful woman (Gittin, 91a).
    > It is lawful for a girl three years old to have sexual
    > intercourse (Abodah Zarah, 37a; Kethuboth, 11b,39a; Sanhedrin,
    > 55b,69a,b; Yebamoth, 12a,57b,58a,60b).
    > When a man commits sodomy with a boy under nine years of age,
    > it “is not deemed as pederasty” (Sanhedrin, 54b,55a).
    > Sexual intercourse with a boy under the age of eight is lawful
    > since it isn’t fornication (Sanhedrin, 69b).
    > (In other words, Religion X became X-rated! Is it any wonder
    > that many Jewish persons today are liberally involved with the
    > current sexual revolution and are even favorable towards
    > legalization of adult-child sex?)
    > Since all Gentiles are only animals, all Gentile children are
    > bastards (Yebamoth, 98a).
    > When a non-Jew robs a Jew, he has to pay him back, but if a Jew
    > robs a non-Jew, he doesn’t have to pay him back. Moreover, when a
    > Gentile kills a Jew, the Gentile must be killed, but when a Jew
    > kills a Gentile, “there is no death penalty” (Sanhedrin, 57a).
    > It is okay to “use subterfuges” in a court of law in order to
    > cheat a non-Jew (Baba Kamma, 113a).
    > Jesus was born a bastard (Jewish Encyclopedia, “Jesus”;
    > Yebamoth, 49b).
    > Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a whore and “played the harlot
    > with carpenters” (Sanhedrin, 106a,b).
    > Jesus “practised sorcery and enticed Israel to apostacy”
    > (Sanhedrin, 43a).
    > Jesus was punished and sent to Hell where he ended up in
    > “boiling hot excrement” (Gittin, 56b,57a).
    > Christians will go to Hell “and be punished there for all
    > generations” (Rosh Hashanah, 17a).
    > Those who read “the works of the Judeo-Christians, i.e., the
    > New Testament” will end up in Hell (Sanhedrin, 90a).
    > The books of the Christians “may not be saved from a fire, but
    > they must be burnt in their place, they and the Divine Names
    > occurring in them” (Shabbath, 116a).
    > (Now you know what’s been inspiring many of the anti-Christian
    > attitudes and actions these days.)
    > By roughly 500 A.D. Jewish scribes had completed the voluminous
    > Talmud, the written version of what had long been the Jews’ oral
    > tradition—the tradition that Jesus condemns in the 23rd chapter
    > of Matthew and other parts of the New Testament.
    > Whenever anyone claims that for 1500 years the Talmud
    > needlessly aggravated Gentiles (who in turn put Jews into ghettos
    > and even the Holocaust), Jews can look at even earlier history and
    > claim that the “anti-Jewishness” of the New Testament forced Jews
    > to hit back with their printed version of the Talmud.
    > Actually the New Testament, like a newspaper, merely reflects
    > the true condition of Judaism at that time. If someone could prove
    > that damaging descriptions of Jews never appeared before the New
    > Testament, that would be one thing. But during many centuries
    > prior to Jesus or any Christians, Jews were saying and doing the
    > same things that we find them still saying and doing during New
    > Testament days!
    > If the New Testament record of their words and works is
    > “anti-Semitic,” is the Old Testament record of the same
    > rebelliousness just as “anti-Semitic”?
    > A while ago I was talking with a young woman in Los Angeles who
    > is training to become a rabbi. I asked her about the Talmud. (She
    > seemed shocked I should know so much about it already!) “Oh,” she
    > said, “I don’t think it’s as relevant as it once was.” When I told
    > her that the “hate” movie “The Last Temptation of Christ” was an
    > amazingly accurate reflection of the Talmud—and that more such
    > “hate” films are in the works because Hollywood takes the Talmud
    > seriously—she had no explanation.
    > In the future when “hate” laws are passed, will the incredibly
    > hate-filled Talmud and some hate-promoting film studios be swept
    > under the rug?

    [You are allowed to publish this non-copyrighted article. To avoid the prevalent internet censorship, feel free to change the title to “The Original ‘Hate’ Criminals” (or Crooks, etc.) or “The Earliest ‘Hate’ Rebels” (or People, Persons, etc.) or “The History of Hate” (or the Jews, the Hebrews, Judaism, etc.) or any other meaningful title, or no title.]

    [Also Google “David Letterman’s Hate, Etc.”]

  42. L says:

    The NAZI’s lost already. Get over it…

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