I Say [Deleted Expletive] The Damn Jews!

Imagine hosting a party for a few friends at your house, or those you think are your friends. The party is relatively small and intimate. Everything seems to be going fine so you decide to turn in for the night without ending the party. You tell everyone they can stay and party on. Big mistake.         

The next morning you wake up and find the house trashed from one end to the other. There’s a couple of half-dressed people splayed-out in the living room, you’re not really sure if they are sleeping or dead and are afraid to check. Your humidor, refrigerator, liquor and medicine cabinets have all been ransacked. You had some really expensive champagne stored for you and your wife’s anniversary, but that’s gone. The entire downstairs smells like a rank mixture of cigars, weed and vomit. You don’t want to find out what happened to the family pooch.        

Talking with people, you hear that so-and-so got real drunk, invited a lot of complete strangers over, started agitating and working everybody up. You go and find the culprit and ask him to leave as politely as possible. But he refuses. What’s more, he turns around and calls you a “hater” in front of everyone. He tells whoever is listening that the only reason you want him out, is because you’re the problem. He does this right in your face, smiling away when no one is looking. Read on.        

Not only that, the guy comes up with some bizarre arguments to say it’s not really your house to begin with and belongs to everyone equally. Whatever he says appears calculated to make all your guests angry at you, while patently ignoring anything about him. The whole thing keeps escalating and getting worse by the minute.         

You know you would grab the SOB by the scruff of the neck and frog-march his lying ass to the door and out of your life forever. Anyone would. Hell, some of us might have gone for the family shotgun right off the bat. When do you finally realize enough is enough and do something about it? That’s the whole point right?        

Of course, this is all just a crude allegory for how I now see things going on today in America with the Jew.        

What they don’t want you to know: More White people have died in race* genocides than any Jews — ever. In fact, the biggest genocidal killers of all time were Jewish Communists and not the Nazis. They’ve flipped everything around so much that most people don’t know where to start. At least 7 million Ukrainians were purposefully starved to death by Stalin’s brother-in-law, Lazar Kaganovich, in 1932/33.        


I knew a lot of things about this problem for years and years, yet I refused to speak out about it. I didn’t want anyone to think I turned into a “hater,” “Nazi,” and all the other slanderous terms they’ve come up with to silence White people (quite a few). But it comes to a point where enough is enough and a person must say something and soon.        

I happened to know a bit on some of the subject — the so-called “holocaust” business. And I do mean business. The whole thing is a giant money-making and extortion racket for the Jews. Notice I did not capitalize the “H.” I think all Whites should never capitalize that word any longer. Ever. Plenty of other races have suffered horrible things in history. What’s worse is that White people have been the biggest victims of purposeful genocide and don’t even know it. That’s because our race’s sufferings have been swept under the carpet by the very same people who work ceaselessly to turn the holocaust into a new religion that all of us must now worship.        

Not only have the Jews cynically used the supposed “holocaust” as a massive shekel-generating operation, they’ve used it as a weapon to shut up anyone who dares to breath a word about them. They want people to consider critics as potential Jew killers and concentration camp guards. You can’t say a word, or people see you dressed as a Nazi in their heads. Hell, just commenting on that fact will make the Jews call you a Nazi!        


Just think for a second: Historically, it’s totally proven that tens of millions of Whites have died at the hands of Communists — Jewish or not — yet this is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media like the History Channel, even though they have countless documentaries on Hitler. Doesn’t that make you the least bit curious, if not down right angry?         

Now, I happen to know that a large percentage of Communists were, in fact, Jewish. Jews are seen all through-out the Marxist/Bolshevik/Communist business, not only in Russia but also in White countries in the West, like America. Most of the murdering Secret Police, like the CHEKA, NKVD and Gulag (Siberian slave labor camps) overseers, were Jews. But the Jews do everything they can to keep the lid on all that in the public domain, like in history books and Wikipedia. Also, confusion over Russian names helps out a great deal and Jews (especially those in the public) often change their names to Gentile-sounding ones, even in America and Europe. These are called “crypto-Jews.” It’s not surprising they do this, considering.        

The whole Communist ideology ended-up killing way over 100 million people, quite possibly upwards of 200 million, not only in Russia but in Eastern Europe, China (Mao killed 70 million) and Indochina — places where the Jews did not even live. That’s how horrible the influence these people have had on this planet’s history.         

And some people talk about Nazis, Christianity and the Vatican? What a sorry joke. Jews have been directly, or indirectly, responsible for more human misery in the world than any other race — ever.

Anytime a person turns on the TV there is something on the holocaust and Hitler, Nazis, KKK, Whites killing Indians and Negroes, etc., etc. Never did they do things on the massive starvation and killing of White people in Russia and Germany. Because of the Jew’s role, even the tragic and sad story of the execution of Czar Nicholas and his family hardly gets any mention, even when all the details of Jewish involvement are patently blacked-out.         


It was obvious that a real disconnect was going on. And, knowing the things I did, I could see that it was totally because of Jewry. It was incredible, but really happening. This race was working quietly among themselves to keep the wool pulled over America’s eyes. And I knew that Jewry presented a real threat to my race.         

Nowadays, everyone sees the efforts in pushing race-mixing in the Jew-controlled media, both Hollywood and mainstream TV. But these hypocrites surely don’t want that for themselves and work openly to keep fellow Jews from what they want Whites to do. This, plus other divisive social engineering like radical Feminism, immorality, anti-ChristianityAbortion (whether you are for it or against it) and homosexuality, are forms of genocide of OUR RACE, pure and simple. As such, I consider all of us Whites to be in a silent racial war with these people, whether other Whites knew it or not. 

(TV commercial still on the bottom right is from a multinational campaign against intermarriage. In Hebrew, it reads “assimilating and getting lost to us.” Imagine a pro-White or Christian organization running that kind of ad in America or anywhere, for that matter?)        


I could see them involved heavily in propagandizing race-mixing for Whites in the media, while at the very same time trying to limit it for themselves. Although they could not openly do so on the same mass media level, I saw organized, below-the-radar efforts where they worked to dissuade fellow Jews from race-mixing, even with White people. Efforts, that if were done by us Whites in any organized form, would bring down open and loud media condemnation about it being “racist.”         

Jews push for race-mixing, anti-Christianity and various other socially corrosive movements all the time on TV and in Hollywood movies. It is blatant and in your face. For example: Jewish Media Mavens like Barbara Walters of the View trot out Seal and that White model wife like media royalty. I knew that Jews, like Barbara Wawa, belonged to the Council of Foreign Relations and run with the same elitist, globalist crowd behind the NWO. She even once dated Henry Kissinger, a truly evil Jew globalist schemer.         


The Rosa Parks bus incident was purposefully staged by Jews in the ACLU. Liberal and Marxist Jews have long agitated the blacks against Whites.

I found out they were completely behind in overturning America’s Immigration policies and openly espoused non-Whites to come here for their own racial “comfort.” Almost all of my friends knew nothing about the landmark 1965 legislation they forced down this country’s throat that had the entire racial percentages of immigration turned completely around. I found out it was easier to immigrate to the US if you were a AIDS-afflicted Nigerian instead of a White Irish man or woman. I once even had a British friend unable to immigrate here due to the anti-White immigration laws fostered by Jewry.

These nervy Jews have giant, well-funded organizations dedicated across the country and world, dedicated to shutting-up White people. Like the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League (ADL), SPLC, ACLUSimon Weisenthal Centers, and uncountable numbers of smaller groups like the Jewish Defense League. It seems like Jew’s entire lives revolve around causing trouble about something, somewhere. Not only did these Jew Thought Police attack Whites on immigration, etc., etc., but also worked at eliminating the symbols of our religions, like Christmas and Easter. If that wasn’t enough, these bald-faced hypocrites are now pushing for war with Iran. Why? Because of Israel, that’s why.        

But the absolute final straw was 9/11 for me. Digging deep into it, the more evidence I saw of false-flag perfidy and Jewish involvement. The fact that all the new revelations were ignored by the media only confirmed what I already knew deep-down: 9/11 could never have been so successfully covered-up unless backstabbing Zionist Jews and owned, “Shabbos Goys” (greedy Gentile slaves to the Jews) were neck-deep in the whole thing!         


It’s absolutely astonishing all the evils Jews now get away with because they pull the “anti-Semite” line of  bull on Whites. From: WWII war-mongering, WWII deceit, holocaust liesholocaust enforcementholocaust evidence hoaxing, German genocide, racial and social strifeattacking White institutions, social engineeringperverts, oath breaking, lying, censorship, kosher rackets, NWO scams9/11, war-mongering and religious hate; Israeli aggressionoppressions, spyingparasitism and false-flag attacksPR spinmeisters for Israeldisloyaltyworld gangsterismred mafiya, organ snatchers, financial scam artistshomosexuality, immoralitiesrabbi pedophiles, immigration, communismpolitical genocides — so many world-wide and historical things involving Jewry that it makes your head swim. Literally.        

It was easy to see where the disconnect occurred with White people. It was called “Politically Correct.” Sure, I knew of PC long before. You couldn’t talk about these kinds of things in polite company or, chances were, you would be immediately branded a racist and hater. Thinking deeply on the matter, I realized that this was precisely the blinders put on White people’s heads that has kept us from seeing clearly or, at the very least, voicing even a mere mention. It was so pervasive that it not only censored America in the mainstream media and personal social interaction, but reached all the way down into our own families.         

This whole mind-set prevents people from speaking about even the obvious. Everybody knows how Whites will not go certain places in cities because they justifiably fear becoming victims to black crime. But do they even know how bad things really are? What’s the real reason the media stay so silent when some absolutely horrible crime gets committed on Whites by blacks? Why is the media so circumspect about race crime stats? Why are Whites in the US kept so blissfully ignorant of the horrible farm murders in South Africa? Because they don’t want Whites to wake up and see the Jew!        


Jew police laugh about Palestinian boy they just wasted.

It just got worse and worse when it came to these people. Every time I turned around there was another Jew hypocrisy staring me right in the face. The Jew-controlled prostitute press has been constantly propagandizing† us about Muslims and Iranians being the biggest danger to the world, yet never a single word was ever uttered about Israel and what they ever do. On one hand, Whites get continually vilified in the US media for being so racist and evil, going back centuries, yet Israel is virtually the most racist and immoral country today — right the [deleted expletive] now. It was incredible.         

Every five minutes we have something on the Iranians trying to get the bomb. But have you ever seen anything in the US news about the Israelis having the bomb? How about that time when old White House reporter Helen Thomas (forget the biz about her being a liberal for a moment) tried to ask Ziopuppet Obama about it during a WH press conference and he just ignored her with a lot of gibberish? Did you know she no longer gets to ask questions?        

And who says Israel is some kind of sane and rational country when it comes to nukes? Pissed-off Palestinians might shoot a bottle rocket, resulting in some high-strung Jew woman having a conniption fit, and the Jews kill 1,400 — hundreds of women and children — in retaliation. They routinely blockade Gaza from food and medicines and don’t even allow them to fish off their own shores. Israel kills any of them they please and then afterwards deem the victims “terrorists” to excuse it!        


Now the Jews have been getting the media to jack us up about evil Iran and Ahmadinejad. The Jews will not allow countries not in their control to stand up to them and if it means more Americans dying, then so be it.        

Does anyone remember all the paranoia pushing about Saddam Hussein? How about the “yellow cake letters” hoax and Iraq WMD paranoia that has cost America 5,000 plus dead? Same pre-war propaganda is going on now with Iran. Guess what? Iran signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has on-site inspectors, which Israel refuses to do. Plus, there is no evidence of secret bomb development in Iran (they are at least 2 years from possibly doing so). Yet the war-mongering Zionists often fabricate intelligence, such as the Iranian “neutron initiator” document recently published by the Times of London.        

Just like their Thought Police apparatchiks, the Jews have an immense Zionist Power Configuration head-lock on Capital Hill and America’s foreign policy. From Jew “Neocons” to giant Zionist lobbies like AIPAC, Council of Presidents, American Jewish Committee and JINSA; these people now virtually control and intimidate “our” government into doing whatever the hell the demanding Jews want. It’s blatantly apparent that these “Fifth-Columnists” and the Jewish-owned national media have only one loyalty, and that’s to Israel — not America. They even allow these bastards to have dual-citizenship and serve in Israel’s military (WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel is but one example).        

If we keep letting these war-mongers get away with all this, we may find ourselves in another terrible World War (worse than WWII) and one where we come out on the losing side. Think that’s so impossible? History is littered with wars that people once thought were impossible.        


Anytime people bring up these things, they quickly accuse them of being the bad guy. Sure, I knew that all Jews are not this way, but way more than enough of them are. Way more. At what percentage does one have to get to and realize it? 60%? 80%? It was just like the Abraham arguing with God on how many righteous people still lived in Sodom before he destroyed the place with fire and brimstone.        

Did anyone ask how many righteous and innocent people were in Dresden when the Jewish-corrupted British and Americans bombed it to hell in WWII? They did it right when the war was pretty much over and Dresden was filled with all kind of refugees from the murdering Jew-led Mongol hordes of Stalin. How about the allies keeping Rudolf Hess locked-up forever, or when they purposely delayed the execution of Julius Streicher just so it would fall on a Jewish holiday (Rosh Hoshana)? Hell, they executed many Germans by hanging just for being “anti-Semitic,” having nothing to do with Jew-invented “war crimes.” Women and young girls, too.    

It was all Jewish payback. Note that most of the Jewish holidays revolve around the killing of non-Jews. Of course, they try to tell everyone that all these “enemy people” deserved their wrath. Compare it to the celebrations of other faiths and peoples, as well as to current events.    

Speaking of Jewish hateful vengeance, how many people know the incredible evils — the rapes of tens of thousands of White women, forced slavery and starvation genocide of Germans, both civilian and POWs, after WWII? Few in the casual, non-history aware American population. Hell, more Germans were killed after the war than Jews during the war — even if you believe all the lying crap they try to tell you about the “holocaust.” Once again, more evidence of Jewry’s immense snow-job they have going on America’s head.         


Traitorous “Israel-First” Jews have created a nightmare for America now caught up in Israeli Jew hate: 1) Israeli “Settler,” (really a land thief) harasses old Palestinian woman on Palestinian territory. 2) Israel military sniper tee shirt bragging about shooting pregnant women. 3) Palestinians are treated worse than dogs by the Israelis; sometimes they die trying to get to a hospital because Jew checkpoints hold them back. The Jews don’t care. Jews even have special roads just for themselves alone. 4) An immense wall to ghettoize the Palestinians built with US taxpayer dollars. Think about our border problems with illegals  just who is more important in Washington, DC? 5) The Israelis used Phosphor munitions on the Palestinians in Gaza last year  a clear war crimes violation. 6) Little Palestinian girl in Gaza crying about one of her family killed by the Jew bombing. You should see some of the photos of what those bastard Jews did that I don’t put up. Truly despicable. 7) Burned victim of Israeli Phosphor attack. The Jews also experimented with something called DIME munitions (Dense Inert Metal Explosives)  an unbelievably horrific and inhuman weapon. I won’t post those photos, either.        

And these Jews have the gall to call me a Nazi?         


I also knew that the whole business about them being “people of the bible” was cynically being used to curry favor with America’s Christians. But, knowing the history of the Khazar kingdom and something of the people who called themselves “Jews,” one could see they were really little more than some bizarre, mixed-up race from eastern Europe and southern Russia. Plus, they were hated and kicked out everywhere they went, much like a sophisticated version of Gypsies.         

I knew that they had a reputation through-out history for cheating those around them. Now, many of them controlled the economies of the West, from Central Banking with the Federal Reserve to Wall Street to the White House. In Russia, these criminal Jew mobsters practically raped the country in the 1990’s. This is happening in America today, as Jews are exposed left and right, running giant Ponzi schemes for millions, even billions. Hell, it seemed like nine out of ten White collar criminals turned out to be Khazar Jews, like Bernie here.         


Trying to talk about it with close friends and family often resulted in sheer anger and emotion. I’ve literally had people break down, cry and run off like little children. Sadly, I realized, that being afraid of and avoiding confrontation was a major weakness in my race.     

Even otherwise “conservative” Americans refuse to see the elephant in the room. They complain about democrats, liberals, Gays, Obama, Islamic Terrorists, “culture wars,” Hollywood, affirmative action, black militancy, tax and spend politicians, etc. etc., but can’t bring themselves to see the real root of the problem because they are too scared of being called a “Nazi” at the next cocktail party or barbecue, like I once was. I could only take some cold comfort in the words of Henry David Thoreau:         

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root…”        

Often, people who barely know much about the holocaust and 9/11, make remarks to the truly knowledgable that are little more than veiled ridicule. You could ask them things like: “Do you know the flight number of the planes that hit the World Trade Center” and they go mute. How could they possibly have the nerve to ridicule the idea of 9/11 being a inside job, if they only knew what the media told them and even then few real details?         

What was I to do? Should I go postal? March in the streets with a sign? Go down to my local ABC affiliate and demand air time? Right. Although I was heavily involved with certain aspects of computers, especially earlier in my career, I was not really into the Internet much at all. Basically, I knew people were out here talking about things, but I avoided it for years. Most of what I knew about the “Jew Question” came from obscure sources and occasional nuggets I gleaned here and there from books, some even at the local library.         

About the best thing I could do was start talking openly to any who would listen. Oh, I knew that would be hard. And, sure, I knew that all Jews were not to blame, nor did they get secret instructions from some kind of Jew headquarters. That was another thing that Whites used to block any thought of the matter. It was inconceivable, so why waste the brain cells or time, they might tell themselves.         

But I knew it was much more involved than that. Because of the enormous complications, the problem hid in plain sight. One only had to look at the way things really were, instead of what they wanted you to see.        

Should you say anything about what they are doing, they have the unmitigated gall to call you a “anti-Semite,” or a whole host of slanders they’ve created to shut you up. Being a free-thinking and patriotic White American, I have damn good reasons to be “anti-Semitic.” I also think the term is nonsense, because the Arabs and Palestinians are true Semites, while the majority of “Jews” are not really Semites. More accurately, I’m a huge “anti-KHAZAR.”    

Regardless of whatever you call them, these people have been a real poison to the concept of America, all White people and even the world at large. Without a doubt, these people will be the ruination of America if we let them. Just turn on the TV and pay close attention for a few minutes and you’ll soon see some example of what I talk about in this article.

Why do you think these (expletive deleted) people have ended-up getting kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived? Just blind superstition of medieval peasants every time? Please. If you stand back and look at the over-all situation today, you too will reevaluate the deal. Most assuredly.

Thank you in advance for reading and thinking about this.        

— Phillip Marlowe        


* Make no mistake, Jews are a race and not a religion. They consider themselves precisely that, no matter how much they want Whites to think it’s all nothing but religion (most are really secular or atheistic). But with other races, they act like “persecuted” non-Whites whenever it suits them.        

† Note: For propaganda to be truly effective, the target audience must never know it’s propaganda. And the best propaganda is created by those already brainwashed.        

Please go to the embedded links for more information on what I talk about here (I jam-packed it with links). Go to the links in my blogroll to see what others have to say. Also, you can read quotes from Whites over the years HERE and revealing quotes out of the Jew’s own mouths HERE. This is not some wierd conspiracy nonsense as Jews would have you believe (if they cannot refute it, or the “Nazi” slander doesn’t fit, they often fall back on ridicule in a transparent attempt to confuse Whites).    


My blog will eventually be deleted, Jewish efforts are underway as we speak. If you come to my address and see this: “This blog has been ‘archived or suspended’ due to Terms of Service Violations” then you will know that Khazar Jews have successfully had me censored since they cannot have Whites to even start thinking about these things.        

As a White person, you need to think seriously about all this. And now. This is exactly why we have things the way they are anymore and is why things are going to be much, much worse for us unless we all do something — as soon as possible!        

Take the time — make the time NOW!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Biker says:

    WTF IS that, some kind of Peruvian makack?!?! LOL!

  2. Biker says:

    dabbled in buddhism in Korea, went hand in hand with Taekwon-do…”peace on earth, till i kick your teeth out” haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha!

  3. Octo says:

    It’s a Zen Lemurwitz. Check out the beak.

  4. Julian says:

    You’re a hero, incogman. Don’t stop your work even if they delete you. I am archiving your pages as fast as I can. Others should, too.

  5. Flanders says:

    Octo, I think you have a photo of a crypto-jew Himalayan Rabbi snapped just after a circumcision gone bad.
    How else that hook nose?
    What other could it be dangling from his mouth?

  6. Biker says:

    aaaaak! Flanders, too early for that visual! LOL

  7. kerdasi amaq says:


    “THE solution to Europe’s tension over immigration does not lie in the violence of southern Italy in the past week, or in the government’s sharp and inflammatory response. The explosion of rioting in the Calabrian town of Rosarno has led to an ugly evacuation of immigrants, mainly African, that has been dubbed “ethnic cleansing”.”

    I didn’t think the Italians had it in them.

    “The Pope called for tolerance of immigrants, but Roberto Maroni, the Interior Minister, caused uproar among human rights groups with his statement that the Rosarno tension was “the fruit of the wrong kind of tolerance”. That is consistent with the long opposition to immigration from right-of-centre parties. But they will be criticised too if the tension continues to flare, and if the response is as ugly as that of the past few days.”

    The “wrong kind of tolerance”; you can say that again.

  8. kerdasi amaq says:


    “The president refused to sign the parliament’s bill, which would have penalised the Icelandic people for the mistakes of the executives of the Icelandic banks. He concluded that this was not reasonable as the banking mess was not the fault of the average Icelander. Iceland will have a referendum on the issue now.”
    “They have decided that the people — not the elites or the “insiders” — must decide. This country clearly is a proper democracy; not one run by politicians who are part of an insider group up to their teeth in property and who can’t see that they represent the people, not the elite.

    In its most simple terms, Iceland is a country with a banking system attached. In contrast, Ireland is a banking system with a country attached to it.”
    “Iceland is showing our politicians another way. These are not easy decisions — and it would have been much better if the country had never got into this mess — but at least they are dealing with it. Similarly, it would have been better if we never got into this mess too, but here we are.

    Iceland proves that there is an alternative — are any of our politicians, from the President down, prepared to listen?”

    Maybe this will cause some very deserving international financiers some grief and mental anguish. How dare the little people stand up for themselves!!!

  9. The Icelandic people have a choice… Perpetual servitude and enslavement to the Zionist bankers, or freedom!

    Is there any other choice?

    Lets just hope they don’t get coerced by a corrupt MSM and their own corrupted government into voting for the former…. They could become a true beacon of freedom for the rest of the world by voting for standing up against Criminal Jews….

  10. White Patriot says:

    NTS- The puppet says the hour is late:

    Breaking News – Obongo Signs Martial Law Executive Order


    Let’s Rock

  11. SBD TV says:

    What’s a “domestic enemy”? Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Congresscritters must be laughing their socks off; because the American People are too dumbed down to figure it out.


  12. Biker says:

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Dr. Paul NAMES THE JEW!!! and Pelosi gets named as a whore for Israel.. two birds, one stone…

    great one SBD !

  13. Biker says:

    the sad part about this is the PROOF that the satanic 51st state has the other 50 BY THE BALLS.

  14. Octo says:

  15. UltraR says:

    The US has an awful lot of back wounds, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbour, Tonkin…, are but just a few…
    9/11 had to be the final wake up call!
    The jews and those who sold them their soul, have had a starting lead for far too much time, they know we are on their trail. We will hunt them down to the last one!


    • Biker says:

      i get a little sick to my stomach everytime i see footage of that Octo, im lost for any other words save FUCKING BASTARDS.

  16. Flanders says:

    White Patriot, the wording on that “executive order” is worrisome. It is another clear writing on the wall that plans are near to shutdown the US.

    “(d) synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States; and

    (e) other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities.”

    It can have no other meaning, regardless of what the disinfo agent had to say.

    Ultra R. and Incogman, the next false flag will be the big one. Whether it is domestic or from our aircraft carriers being sunk, there will be another one. These vermin just can’t resist continuing to get into your face, again and again, once they start. They don’t care if the American people know. They just want to push Americans as far as they can. They want Americans to either throw them out or to submit to them.

    They feel invincible with an international network and a Poppa Rothschild, who will buy them everything they want and need. They’ve been thrown out of so many countries and others who have fought them have been taken over and punished, if not immediately, then after their networks and media have cleared the way.

  17. Fleur de lis says:

    ObamaMaitreya is coming!!!

  18. Fleur de lis says:

    Maitreya and the coming global religion part 1


  19. Fleur de lis says:

    Bright star shines for Second Coming. Possibly

    There is encouraging news for anyone with an interest in signs and wonders, or desperate for a chink of light in the prevailing gloom – which probably means most of us: a saviour is finally at hand.

    According to the Share International News Service – in a press release captioned ‘Christmas Miracle’ – a ‘large bright star’ will be appearing in the sky sometime over the next few days, or possibly weeks, heralding the appearance on ‘a major US television programme’ of the new World Teacher, known as Maitreya, who will be ushering in a new age of peace, wisdom and understanding.

    And not before time, I hear you say.

    Share International is the organisation founded by Benjamin Creme, the Scottish painter and clairvoyant, and Britain’s most redoubtable millenarian, who has been prophesying the coming of Maitreya for the past 26 years.


  20. gtrman says:

    I lived in brighton, uk for years and kept finding these piss-poor photo-copied flyers announcing “Lord Maitreya” s return every now and then.

    The “lord” needs to up his P.R game!

    Christ, a website at least!

  21. SBD TV says:

    “The man who murdered Osama bin Laden…”


  22. KA Telegraph says:


    ““You are not the first Jew in history trying to advance himself at the expense of his people. There were traitors before you such as Josephus Flavius and others, who in all likelihood also celebrated their bar mitzvah but we remember them as traitors, seeking riches and honor, at the expense of their people.

    “Unlike the Government of Israel, we will not bow and participate with all those seeking to hurt the Jewish People”, promising if Emanuel comes to Yerushalayim to mark his son’s bar mitzvah, he will be met and escorted by protests “as is fitting and not with candies and flowers”.”

    comment No.12
    “…if Emanuel comes to Yerushalayim to mark his son’s bar mitzvah, he will be met and escorted by protests as is fitting and not with candies and flowers.”

    Oy vey! If not candles and flowers, are Emanuel and his THIRTEEN YEAR OLD SON going to be **met with rocks and spit **(Rachmana Litzlan)? In no way should the bar-mitzvah of an innocent child be an occasion for a political protest.

    These right-wing fanatics have the chutzpah to announce in advance that they intend to perform a huge Chillul HaShem. Shame on them…they are just as much a disgrace to Klal Yisrael as they claim Rom Emanuel is. LEAVE THIS INNOCENT BOY OUT OF IT, FOR G-D’S SAKE!


  23. superscreamingeagle says:

    OMG, you are still STILL Jew bashing here?

    I am not surprized God has not smitten you by now.

    WAKE UP, GROW UP, WISE UP, STRAIGHTEN UP…before it’s too late.

    • incogman says:

      ISRAEL-FIRSTER JEW, superscreamingeagle says:

      “I am not surprized God has not smitten you by now.”

      Real smart comment there bozo Jewess. And yeah, I know you’re buddy-buddy with that Mad Jewess creep. Both of you are insane little idiots. Maybe God had you type that since you’re obviously trying to put words in his mouth. Just like the arrogant Jew.

  24. Fleur de lis says:

    SuperScreamingChickenhawk say:

    “OMG, you are still STILL Jew bashing here?”

    No, no, you got it all wrong assclown, Incogman is exposing the criminal jews. Isnt it obvious?

    Get your occultic flag of death avatar out of here.

  25. NorthStar says:

    Incogman, I am friends of sort with Mad Jewess. I try not to hate ALL Jews but I do hate the ones running America. Why do you two hate each other???? On some points you agree–is the split at Israel and its ZOG influence the holocaust or what. I love your truths as well. Maybe I am just fucking stupid????Help me out here…..

    • incogman says:

      OK, will do, Northstar. The Jew is basically a subversive and trouble-making creature. Note carefully, how Jews like Mad Jewess act all conservative, etc. Sure, she probably is. But when it comes to Israel, no way will she ever say a thing. In fact, Jews like her are chiefly concerned with Israel, first and foremost. Our blind support of Israel is costing America dearly, yet people like this could care less because they are Jews!

      We are on the wrong side here! Israel is a evil country and for us to ally ourselves with such evil will ruin America. Go to my “About Me” page above and read George Washington’s quote.

      Jews like Mad Jewess may talk about “bolsheviks” and the liberals, but they surely (and obviously) ignore the Jew’s giant hand in all of it. Note how a Jew Neocon (ostensibly a conservative) Elliot Abrams suggests that we open our borders to Haitians. Does that make any sense? It does, when you realize what the Jews are doing to America.

      Go back and tell her you’ve had enough of her spiel!


  26. superscreamingeagle says:

    You need to repent. I will not waste my time engaging in your nasty rhetoric……

  27. anti-zionist says:

    your jewdie mind tricks are hopeless here numbnitz.

  28. incogman says:

    You tell ’em, anti-Zionist!

    The Jewess “superscreamingeagle” thinks she can stem the tide of awakening Whites by using a patriotic American name. The comment from Northstar obviously scares her. She’s a pathetic excuse for a tricky Jew — note her previous comment that I used for my quotes sidebar, where she tries to arrogantly claim foreknowledge of God’s actions and judgement like the “repent” bit here.

    Jewess: You only dig yourself deeper coming here.

  29. Steven10 says:

    What?! Repent for making reparations! Telling the truth about your pathetic tribe. I am surprized God has not smitten you sorry ass by now. It will be a great day when you get back a thousandfold what you’ve meted out. Take the beam out of your own eye than you might be able to remove the speck from your neighbor’s eye. Hypocrite!

  30. upupup says:

    The Government wants to smell your pee!

  31. Israel Muse says:

    As disgusted as I am by this vile website and your vile thoughts on us, I can only assume that you have a grade 5 education mixed with some serious brainwashing mixed with too many drugs and alcohol in your parents blood stream or your own… you people really need to get out more, out of your little world you live in, see the rest of the world that exists, not just your own delusional one sided medieval world which is so far from the truth it is scary… I bet none of you hacks ever came to visit Israel where there are millions of us damn pesky evil Jews who want to suck your blood LOL, its hilarious to read these things but scary to think that you actually believe this garbage…

    Anyway good luck with your half-lives…

  32. pdburk says:

    I am not Jewish. However, I do recognize anti-Semitism when I see it.

    I have never seen such ridiculous trash. Anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-etc. etc. etc. Is there anything you guys are for?

    This site is a bunch of trash, shown by the fact that only a few people post here to support this stupidity. Why not get a little education?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Oh, you recognize “anti-Semitism” when you see it? My, what an intelligent fellow you must be.

      For your edification, smart guy, I graduated with honors from a university and usually read one book a week.

      • INCOG MAN says:

        Another thing, brainiac, my site gets tons of hits from all over. I’m closing in on the top 100,000 out of 280 million in the world. Pretty good for one “uneducated” White guy. Suck on that, bozo.

  33. JamesTheJust says:

    Did someone say something like…?

    Israel Muse says:
    July 12, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    As disgusted as I am by this vile website blah, blah, blah, blah,….

    pdburk says:
    July 12, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    I am not Jewish. However, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….

    That’s all I’m hear’n.

  34. JamesTheJust says:

    The jews are just blown away by your WHITE SUPERIOR INTELLECT, Incogman.

    Jealousy is such an ugly thing. Maybe that’s why jews are so ugly?

  35. Silvernickel says:

    Pdburk………….back to your televised trash, you mind-controlled and braindead pop-culture, driveling idiot.

  36. Mixed trash says:

    3 words – your an idiot!

  37. pdburk says:

    Incog man, etc. etc. etc.
    Maybe, since you are so educated, you should use your education for something than idiotic conspiracy theories. Sadly, our university system produces a lot of educated idiots.

    This stuff is ridiculous. Mostly full of hate, just like your remarks immediately above.

    I’ll not waste my time posting here any more, unless you give me a good reason to believe that you are teachable and don’t already “know everything” by emailing me at pdburk@yahoo.com

    Blessings to you!

  38. Israel Muse says:

    Looks like you need to get your money back for that so called education you got – how low are the standards at your universities these days in the US?? guess they must be to let people like you pass it…

    You should be so proud for being such a fool…

    “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Just like a lousy Jew. He can’t point out where you’re wrong or mistaken, he justs tells everyone how stupid you are. And yes, it’s everyone else he wants to think that you’re stupid.

  39. JamesTheJust says:

    Just like a lousy Jew. He can’t point out where you’re wrong or mistaken, he justs tells everyone how stupid you are.

    I was just going to say that. Note about jews:


    And when the truth exposes those subhuman animals for what they really are, all they can do is call people stupid, because they surely cannot refute the facts leveled against them.

    The world will know peace when ALL jews are dead. They are an evil seed.

    Strike the root. Kill the jew.

  40. JamesTheJust says:

    The town idiot, clown and certifiably treasonous ass wipe wants you to change your evil ways INCOGMAN or ITS taking ITS marbles and going home.

    I’d like to know where this treasonous piece of trash lives so I can take out the garbage!

    (That’s if the little mamzer wanna-be is actually White to begin with – a position I HIGHLY doubt.)

    The only good jew is a dead jew and that includes ALL those who support them. Treason does not begin to describe their evil.

  41. marc says:

    I Say [Deleted Expletive] The Damn White Trash!

  42. Julian Lee says:

    Jews invented that anti-White slur, or at least they love using it and teaching it to others. Jews are racial supremacists. Whites need to realize that.

  43. Bloch says:

    Your lack of understanding and your stupdity are the masterpiece of,Ignorance which your breeds monsters like you who need to fill up their boring , unoccupied life in spreading hatred and lies.Finally you are your greatest ennemy because you refuse to face truth and knowledge.

  44. INCOG MAN says:

    Funny how Jews always resort to accusing the accuser as stupid. Or racist, or ignorant, or xenaphobic, or … They have invented all sorts of names for those who have figured them out.

    Jews are masters at this little mind game. Been doing it to White people’s heads for generations.

    I know what the truth is and the truth is: JEWS ARE RATS.

  45. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Instead of calling names why don’t you point out the lies. Why not have a debate on what happened? Why is it that you Jews want to pass laws to put people in prison that disagree with the holocaust story? Or should I say fairytale? You always call names because you know it’s the truth. I’ve witnessed the name calling all over the internet.

    Keep writing those articles Incog. People are finally waking up, and they know it too! Expect them to start making threats.

  46. Julian Lee says:

    Incogman: “Funny how Jews always resort to accusing the accuser as stupid. Or racist, or ignorant, or xenaphobic, or … They have invented all sorts of names for those who have figured them out.”

    One of the weightiest truths you’ve written here, and both pristine in its clarity and humorous in its reality. Jews come into a White society, evaluation the situation for themselves, then begin manufacturing various “isms” and “evils” of the head, all designed to deactivate, paralyze, and finally disempower their host population mentally. Indeed, it’s all for the purpose of deactivating Gentile responses and defenses against them. When they teach “don’t discriminate against Blacks based on their race,” their real purpose is to deactivate all “discrimination” against them. Of course, if a body can’t employ his discrimination (the basic faculty of intelligence), he can’t think or function.

    Jews won’t be happy till our discrimination’s so deactivated that we don’t distinguish between rotten cherries and good ones; who we marry, or what’s happening in traffic when we cross the street. Only that total deactivation of our minds will satisfy them, and it’s actually what they work toward. (In the dictionary and in real life, discrimination is a good thing and an essential faculty of the mind.) You could analyze a whole host of Jewish mind-management words and memes similarly. They endlessly launch idea-weapons into the Jew soup (our cultural zeitgeist) designed to deactivate any resistance.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Looks like this post is getting a ton of hits from somewhere or another. Can’t trace it back. It’s not from a forum link. I’m getting close to home page numbers.

  47. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Key Witness Testifies Rachel Corrie’s Death Was Accidental


    You want evidence of name calling, look at the hundreds of comments about this article. It’s disgusting. Talk about a Hasbarat Nest!

  48. American born says:

    The artwork of the guy pissing on the wailing wall is classic. 🙂 No doubt it’s stirring up the juden-rats something fierce.

    DUMP ISRAEL !!!!
    FUCK ISRAEL !!!!

  49. marc says:

    Jesus would be proud of all the things that the white trash say about Jews. Ya think?

  50. holy cow 2012 says:

    I’m in total shock – Being a student of history I never ever even heard of the genocide of white gentiles in the Former Soviet Union.


  51. M says:

    Everyday one more white man awakes. He tells another. The two become 4. The 4 become 8 The 8 become 16 . The 16 become 32. The 32 become 64. the 64 become 128. The 128 become 256 the 256 become 512. The 512 become 1024.The 1024 become the 2048.The 2048 become the 4096. The 4096 become the …..Hope of The free world.

  52. Liberty'sGone says:

    you go M. keep multiplying and go forth and prosper. Only if you leave the jews behind.

  53. Im thinking about a Christian – Muslim coalition against them. A sort of a backlash.

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