Is Jew-Infested?

Man, am I pissed! Some guy named CT Wolf (who I’m cool with) over at started a thread linking back to my article “Useless Tears for One Worthless Race.” I didn’t have a problem with that. In fact, I got a few hits from it. But when I checked it out, I saw one of the first replies was from “Chief Coon,” who was attacking me for what I say about Jews here. He even wished some Negro would off the “Incognito Man.” Can you believe that?

Some moderator with a big homo-looking Avatar named “blackmetal84” made a big stink about any Jew talk on the board. Just look at his Avatar (screen shot below). The guy definitely has to be a big fat Jew. Then someone deleted CT Wolf’s thread. I made a new thread in the guest section (I never bothered joining, thankfully) politely asking about the deal, without any mention of Jews. And then they deleted that!

Now, normally I wouldn’t give a damn, but bear with me for a minute so I can tell you why I think this is important to understand (besides me getting all torqued-up and going off half-cocked, as I’m wont to do).

Check out the rude Avatar for some moderator at named “blackmetal84.” I don’t have a clue why he used this sick photo, but something is just not right with the guy, IMO. Note the business about Stormfront: They make a big deal about SF not allowing the word “Nigger” on their site and how that makes them pussies. SF is just trying to present a reasonable face to the public, while alerting the White race to the Jew (the real problem). The Jews at are using that to diss SF because they have the guts to name the Jew! I’m telling you these Jews are tricky SOBs!


Then someone copied my entire article and put it into their “Chimpedia” section — but edited out any references (just a couple) in the body copy about Jews; right along with my name at the end or any credit back to me. Son of a Bitch!

Usually, like I said, I would not give a rat’s ass. For example: When Simon Gibson at First Light Forum (not a real forum, just some silly little blog) started calling me a homo Jew disinfo agent — did I care? No, I thought it was so stupid it was funny. That’s why I didn’t bother saying much. It’s really laughable coming from that guy; a totally suspicious Internet character. I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of who he likes to lick, nor do I really care, but I do have some good reasons to suspect him of being a big disinfo Jew.

No matter. Frankly, it’s beneath me to bother typing about it. Same about this business at first glance. However, here’s the thing: This is an excellent, albeit relatively small, example of common Jewry in action ( could be a giant ADL gambit, far as I know).

“Say what, INCOG?” Yep, think about it for a minute: Here we have a Internet Forum with a lot of members, presumably “racially-aware” and pro-White. Sure, they are often crude, but all-in-all a pretty hilarious bunch.

OK, then we have some members who must be Jews and hide it. They take part in all the hijinks, the hate Nigger stuff, wacky photos and gifs of Negroes doing stupid things, Obama and Michelle as chimps, etc. etc.

Contrary to what you White liberals might think, Jews are without a doubt THE most racist bunch on the planet. I’ve been in social situations with Jews all nicely dressed, clean-cut and all, standing around with cocktails in their hands while they talk about hating blacks. Hell, these people embarrassed me!

I’ve partied with the KKK boys in the hills and they were not nearly as “bad” as Jews when it came to blacks. I am not kidding here.

Jews also think they are better than the WHITE Goyim. That’s right. Oh, they may act all chummy with you, glad-handing and back-slapping away, but they think you’re only a degree or two better than the Negro, as compared to them, “The Chosen Ones.” So smart, creative, tough and God-beloved, they think.

This arrogance and subversion is behind all the BS going on in today’s world. It’s why our country is going friggin’ broke! Ask yourself this: Why has every country they’ve ever lived ended-up tossing them out?

Get this good: The Jews are the biggest reason we are having trouble with race in America today.* They’ve been pushing the whole diversity mess on Whites since day-one. Who do you think most of the civil rights activists were? How about how the predominately Jewish media pushes diversity? Who were behind pushing the 1965 immigration bill that flip-flopped the races around so that foreign Whites would be the smallest percentage allowed into the US? Check it out.

So, here we have those people who are the biggest reason for what everyone else at are complaining about in the first place. Some of the members are the problem behind matters! And they work studiously to keep their fellow members from saying one good GD thing!

 You hearing what I’m trying to say? Here, try this quote on for size:

“Every time new and promising opportunities for meddling have arisen,” he brought out, “the Jew has been immediately involved. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to sniff out like a bloodhound anything which was dangerous to him. Having found it, he uses all his cunning to get at it, to divert it, to change its nature, or, at least, to deflect its point from its goal.

Schopenhauer called the Jew ‘the dregs of mankind,’ ‘a beast,’ ‘the great master of the lie.’ How does the Jew respond? He establishes a Schopenhauer Society.”

— Dietrich Eckart 

Maybe that says it better than I can.

What the other Jew-unaware people don’t get, is that they’ll be flailing about all over the place when it comes to what’s going on unless they get at the root of the problem and that root is the Jew!

Sure, there’s conservative Jews versus liberal Jews (who secretly can’t stand blacks, too). All of them are nothing but big trouble for the rest of us. Hypocrites and liars. They all know what “The Jew Question” is about, yet few American Goyim do (but more so every minute). These secret Jews (of all political persuasions) work to keep us Whites in the dark everywhere when it comes to them.

I don’t have the time to list out all the stuff about Jews that backs me up here (my blog is just the tip of the iceburg). Trust me: The more you look into a particular problem going on in America, or any White country for that matter, you will find the Jew. Not just as part of the problem, either, but the prime mover and shaker. Just read some things here, you will see exactly why I think this. Go to my “Revealing Quotes” page up above and read some of what they themselves say.

Or go here and read my latest “I Say [Deleted Expletive] The Damn Jews!” where I blast the SOB’s to smithereens! It’s smack full of links for you to check out. The Jews will not like you reading it.

What really burns my ass is that these subversive Jews are so openly behind this multicult and diversity crap. They do this so they can feel more racially hidden and hope they’ll be less likelihood of a strong, cohesive White race to lash out at them (in theory). That’s why they constantly push for all this crap in White countries. They know this is going on too.

It kills me to see these Jews secretly embedding themselves in any of our groups, just so they can spring-up to put a stop to any talk about them. That’s basically what I’m trying to say here. The rest of the members, I’m cool with.

— Phillip Marlowe, the INCOG MAN


*NOTE! I’m certain that some people will refer to what I say next as indicative of being all screwed-up. Do I care? Like hell, no. Here’s what I think: Negroes and Muslims are far less a threat to the White race than Jews, any and every day of the week. Year-in, year-out. I’ve studied the problem for decades, now. In fact, these other races would not be near a problem for White countries if it were not for the Khazar or Russian Jew (Eastern European Ashkenazi)! You can take that to the bank — if it’s still solvent — thanks, Jews!

I’m sure someone at will link here and then the mods will delete the thread because it’s so embarrassing. They may say it’s too much (if you can believe that in a place like CHIMPOUT). Or make it private for the mods to ponder over (they can do that with the software they us and have done so).

Let me state on the record for those of them who have read along so far:

IF YOU DO NOT GET IT ABOUT THE JEW, YOUR GENTILE MEMBERS WILL, SOONER OR LATER. That’s why it will always be a problem for you. Got that?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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483 Responses to Is Jew-Infested?

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for the response there. Ya, I wouldn’t say he denounces Judaism so much as he just wouldn’t know the first thing about it if it came up to him and hit him over the head with a bat (same for me, I know nothing about Judaism). He and I both dispised the popular Jew-bastards that went to our school especially since we were both smarter and better looking than most of them (as well as the gentile “in crowd”). That’s mostly the extent to which I dislike Jews. The niggers at my school were loud, obnoxious, and all around a detriment to the learning environment. I think I’m just going to live my life and not worry about niggers, and shit that pissed me off. Hell, the more whites that breed with niggers, the more valuable my blood becomes.

  2. Tom says:


    Another thing I’ve believed for quite some time now is that certain white ancestry should be more valued than other. In that sense, I’m stricter than many WN’s. I feel Germanic ancestry is better or more “sacred” than other types (being of Austrian descent, I guess I’m biased.) I just don’t consider Spanish (not spic, Spanish European blood), Italian, Slavic, Welsh, French, or even Irish and Scottish blood to be of the same level as English, Dutch, Scandinavian, German, and Austrian ancestry. Furthermore, I want to have relatively light haired and light eyed children, and I feel these qualities are to be valued more so than dark-hair or brown eyes. I have light brown hair and light eyes and I want my kids to have light eyes. In that sense, I really feel I’m not on the same page as most WN’s.


    Putting the Jew issue side, those hebes @CHIMPOUT support HOMOSEXUALITY. Sorry but that is just as big of a threat to the white race. The thing is they have that site on lockdown , and won’t allow for their unaware members to see the truth.

  4. sonny says:

    Incog man , thanks for an informative site, i also am sick and tired of the bullshit,being in my late fifties and having to watch all the bs unfold over the years and the seemingly lack of progress with our little jewish friends distress one.

    The ongoing subservience to isreal by the American government is infuriating but understandable when one knows when controls the puppets.

    When the silly goyim(politicians) sell their own people down the drain for the sake of some shekels just beggers beleife and does not instill in one confidence that anything is going to change any time soon.

    If the USA (govt)would stop supporting these arch manipulators then the illegal state of isreal, house of cards that it is might start to fall.
    Well i have had my vent ,and had better stop as my blood pressure is starting to rise, keep up the good work incog man.


  5. Marshall says:

    Well Tom you are being open about your experiences which is great. Watch this ad. Remember who runs MTV from top to bottom. If you don’t know yet, Incog has extensive articles on the subject of who controls ALL major media in the USA. Do you see the agenda?

    As far as learning the truth about Judaism, it will take you quite a bit of study. The best place to start is right here:


  6. Tom is a hasbarat. Get the thing about the evaluation of the races…but not in this context, that is the context of white survival.

  7. Greg says:

    First and foremost, I hate niggers more than anything on this planet. Now I’m not some trashy, low-rent southerner who’s life is just filled with hate and ignorance. I’ve just learned from both experience, and research, that niggers are the lowliest of lowly animals, incapable of even feeding themselves. I frequent chimpout. I get a kick out of it, and I appreciate a place where my white brethren can talk openly about the nigger. The nigger (at the bottom) and the jew(at the top) are fucking me from both ends, as far as I know. I understand this well. But I know many Jews, and I believe none of them to be part of an international conspiracy. So I would say that those bilderberg fuckers who run our government, media, and everything else, are excluding most Jews in their membership.

    I would basically say that the western world has been enslaved to international bankers(jews), along with oil sheikhs (arabs) and the military industrial complex (largely white run, I thought). I won’t get into health, which might as well be right up there when you consider expenditure. If, in fact, the Jews reach were QUITE as far as some would say, I’d think that we wouldn’t be pumping trillions into the middle east, where they want only one thing: Jewish extinction.

    I’m not going to change anyone’s minds here, and honestly I don’t have some master hypothesis or theory about the situation. I don’t claim to “know” anything that I haven’t witnessed, first hand. So maybe I am in need of education, and I will prod further as it is ingrained in my inquisitive nature to do so. But…

    Dwight Eisenhower was totally lying about what he saw after he inspected Nazi concentration camps? I can definitely understand the narrative of the Jew throughout history, seizing power through unscrupulous means , playing international markets, subverting white societies every time we build one (I myself am of Norwegian and Irish descent). But it is hard for me to believe that. I guess one could postulate that Ike was promised campaign funding, or this or that, but like I said, I would need concrete proof of something like that. I’m pretty sure, based on all evidence, that the holocaust was very much real. It’s kind of annoying to hear people say they are absolutely sure about anything that happened decades before they were born. Especially without some serious proof.
    Now, I don’t have to be convinced that there is a Jewish media machine that is destroying my white, protestant America. But I would love for someone to present evidence, other than old population figures, that there was no holocaust. I don’t believe that there are only 6 million Jews in the US today, despite that being the official number. That would be one in fifty people. There is no way. I’ve met WAY to many Jews to believe that’s an accurate figure. So, excluding funky, BS numbers, I’d need some evidence. I am happy to research anything you link me to.

  8. GTRman says:

    I take it that you arent the “Greg ” we know and love . But honesty and candour is welcome .

    My two cents . Or , tuppence .

    Whites are too good to “hate ” anyone cos of how they look .

    It’s the BEHAVIOUR , and TYPICAL behaviour , stupid .

    ( To paraphrase )

  9. Greg says:

    No, I am new here.
    Ok let me put it this way. I will not give a nigger a chance. I’ve made the mistake of doing so in the past, and I know what happens. They are feral beasts who are only concerned with “gettin mine” by any means. They will rob and rape you, because you always owe them something, and they will think nothing of killing you in the street. To put it simply: If a nigger cannot eat it, fuck it, or sell it, he will surely kill it. This is almost universal among jigs.
    It seems like most of the crimes that the Jews have committed, have been at the hands of a few families who’s wealth is only matched by their greed. I guess I haven’t had too many business dealings with Jews to be an expert, but I’ve found Arabs to be much more untrustworthy. They will shake your hand, fully intending to violate whatever agreement you’ve made, and inevitably try to justify fucking you over when they’ve been caught. And they usually get caught, because they aren’t as intelligent as they always seem to think. As far as I can see, they are simply tent dwellers who have attempted to assimilate into civilization. But they are violent, dishonest tent dwellers, IMO.
    Anyways, I agree that the Jew controlled media and banking system are two of the most detrimental, and demoralizing factors in our society. Especially the celebrity worship that allows MTV to brainwash our children into interbreeding with chimps and getting pregnant at 16, “like the girls on TV”. But I just don’t automatically hate every Larry Stein I meet. I fucking hate every Leroy Jenkins. That’s why I frequent Chimpout.
    As to your paraphrase, “It’s the BEHAVIOUR , and TYPICAL behaviour , stupid .”… I’ll not take that personally, being that only an idiot would assume to speculate on my intelligence based on a single post wherein I express my honest opinions in a matter that contained little, if any, serious logical, spelling, or grammatical errors. Such ignorance would surely be a liability to any cause. I am sure you are no such idiot.
    I’ll optimistically equate it to someone quoting James Carville’s “It’s the economy, stupid”.
    Now, back to my original post. I’d like to be pointed in the direction of some accurate, extensive information regarding why I should distrust Jews as much as I do niggers. I’ve got all the hate I need built up right here, I just need a reason! (joking) I just like to hear what (white) people have to say about it.

  10. GTRman says:

    I’ll optimistically equate it to someone quoting James Carville’s “It’s the economy, stupid”.

    exactly. thats why i said “to paraphrase” , stupid .

  11. GTRman says:

    Or, even , lets face it , Curt Maynard’s , ( or was it Edgar Steele’s ? ) :

    ” IT’S THE JEWS , STUPID ” .

    Ah , well . One’s dead and the other one is facing 50 years in prison .

    I guess it doesnt matter now .

  12. Greg says:

    Ok, now you have called me stupid. I’ll note that you’re replies to my requests for information have been useless. In fact your posts, at least in this thread, have been the least insightful/informative of everything I read here. If you want to be a dick, go to and have some fun. Seriously, try it. You might find that more rewarding than calling someone stupid for trying to gain facts and perspectives.
    Now, for anyone else who might find this thread.
    I’ve read a bit about the Jews role in international finance, of course, before I came here. Mostly, I found the information I read on the internet is already featured in Zeitgeist I & II. I did learn quite a bit about those f*ing Rothschilds though. It’s rather sickening to think about how much US money they’ve tucked into international accounts and hidden in the various ways that people that rich do. I understand their family fortune to be in the trillions, which they mostly stole through market manipulation and designing our entire Fed system to dump money into their pockets. Great! Let’s get em! I just don’t see it happening. We are pussies. We used to do crazy sh*t to people who F*ed people like that. Now, there’s no angry lynch mobs. They’ll get rid of Ron Paul if he tries to do anything. There are millions who know the truth about all this. You think you’re the only ones? But we’re a nation of useful idiots, surviving the system by the easiest means, by going with the flow. Sound familiar? I’m all for creating a new system and declaring their precious dollars worthless, I mean they’ve taken the entire pie for themselves. Statistically, it can be proven than most of America doesn’t really own anything. I don’t know too many people who aren’t paying a mortgage. And many of them will get their houses taken by the banks, who always win. F*ck them! I agree. But what do you want to do?
    Woodrow Wilson and JP Morgan were like the Native African slave traders of American finance. And a lot of the anti-jew rhetoric I read sounds like a lot of the ni**er’s YT hating bullshit I hear and see everyday, “YT dun tricked me with his juju and sh*t and now he owns ur’thaing and wont let me gets mine!”. Well guess what ni**er, do something about it. There’s a whole goddamn continent full of you monkeys in Afreeka, show me a society that survive without YT running it.
    If you don’t wanna be a ni**er about it. Buy some land. Be a tax protester. Go out and support Ron Paul with every bit of time and money you have to spare. Buy bulloin, and guns. Buck the system wherever you can. Try to make their stupid dollars as useless as possible. Dollars are f8ing bullsh*t. They try to quantify what your life is worth. Tell you your worthless without our magical f*ing paper. F*ck that. Opt out of the system if you really wanna do something about it. But don’t just sit there and b*tch and moan about how Jewey is holdin’ you down an sheit. That sh*t’s for ni**ers.

  13. Melvin says:

    You have a account. Your argument is invalid.

  14. Tom,
    Stay away from Jews; half-Jews, quarter-castes or whatever. Smarter people than you, an’ you seem pretty intelligent, have been burned by ’em.

  15. odt says:

    Jew infested or not, Chimp out is sending the right message to future generations. Jew or White or Asian or Hispanic, the people have one common enemy, a subspecies that plagues the social fabric much more than any other group. At some point in the future Whites, Jews, Asians, and Hispanics should come together to wipe out the subspecies.

    I am not advocating that Whites that hates Jews are to be forced into some type of permanent relationship with Jews, but there should be a temporary relationship, in order to wipe out this thing, as it will be to the benefit of both groups, as the subspecies is the most hated and problematic thing on Earth.

  16. Sabine Centurion says:

    Chimpout is a bunch of jew and jew-symp wankers in one of their mother’s basement giggling and being naughty by saying the word “nigger” while they mutually masturbate.
    They don’t like “die Swartzen” because niggers shook them down in Middle School and took their lunch money…and their pathetic, sweaty little website is how they do Payback.

  17. ambition_def says:

    There isn’t a Jew problem. This is the stumbling block for white people worldwide.

    Jews are essentially a more seclusive group of whites than the general white population. They don’t force you into any agreements. They don’t use violence to make you do anything, as a white man.

    The direct causative problem for figurehead American Jews is ignorance of the black problem. Most American Jews who did not grow up during the 30s and 40s flash mob riots in NYC know little about the real nigger. They tend to come from privileged homes and well protected enclaves. This makes them the same challenge as privileged whites in revealing who the true nigger is.

    These typically end up in Hollywood or entertainment where they associate with tokens, that is, a black quite far removed from participating in a flash mob.

    Our biggest enemy isn’t the Jew therefore but human limitation. We can’t expect a policy writer who lives in an enclave miles away to understand our plight at ground zero so why is this person writing policy that affects our lives?

    The day we moved to centralized governance we allowed for ignorance to damage our lives. That, in a nutshell, explains the nigger problem at the root. The day we return power to the regional level, including judge jury and executioner, is the day the police state, the nigger and the enabler go away.

  18. Betty Lou says:

    Where is Chimpout? Haven’t been able to get on for days now.

  19. The Bobster says:

    The nigger-lonig jews of anonymous took it down.

    Tell us again why jews aren’t a problem?

  20. Ray F. Bateson says:

    Hopefully gone for good.

  21. Andybinga says:

    Chimpout is an anti-nigger website and Storm Front is an anti-jew website. I can’t deal with the shit at Storm Front because some of the members on there would rather re-elect Obama than a white man for president. Pretty fucking stupid as this will give the Superior Court 1 to 2 more libtard justices. You can just about kiss America goodbye after that happens unless there is a revolution.

    I’m not a fan of jews but I consider niggers to be the most important problem right now.

  22. t bone says:

    We have a negro problem because of the jews.

  23. LowLife says:

    “I’ve studied the problem for decades”

    Wow! We have a very respectable social scientist, a true genius much ahead of our time here! I love how the author creates theories like A: “I read on a very “reputable” site that ‘the Jews’ did this!”; B: “I met a few ‘the Jews’ and they said that!”; so, I can conclude “‘The Jews’ dis this, that, and more of this and that!” LOL.

    You know, I’m Jew, and I’m going to tell your the plain truth here:
    If your soccer team loses a match, then it’s ‘the Jews’ fault!
    If your girlfriend leaves you, it’s ‘the Jews’ fault!
    If it’s raining, it’s ‘the Jews’ fault!

    Indeed, ‘the Jews’ can control the weather, the time, your thoughts and were responsible for every war and revolution that ever took place in this world, they control everything that breaths, the universe and everything else that ever existed! They even started a revolution and killed all the dinosaurs! Be careful, ‘the white race’ is next!

    This entity ‘the Jews’ is very evil and powerful, they can kill you instantly in the blink of an eye if they don’t like your thoughts. Be vigilant, WARRIOR!

  24. LowLife says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    I’m a bit disappointed now. Why do comments need to be moderated by you before they appear? Are you afraid of something? I thought you were a white warrior! 🙁

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Oh yeah, like I’m so afraid of some squirelly little Jew boy like you.

      And don’t be giving me that “White warrior” crapola. You see any graphics of vikings and scantily-clad babes swinging swords here? Take your skinny Jew ass out of here.

  25. INCOG MAN says:

    Funny, I embedded a link above to what I think of the stinking Jews. I guess that wasn’t enough for “low life” Jew. So he goes on about total BS like rain, soccer games and the usual “he lost his girlfriend so he’s a loser” routine.

    Typical scumbag HasbaRAT Jew tactics.

    Here’s my link:

    Read it yourselves.

  26. INCOG MAN says:

    Enjoying my SPAMblinka, Jew?

    No one can read your Jew spew. Soon, I’ll release the gas. Take a hike, kike!

  27. Underweight says:

    Hello Incog,
    I know I’m late to the party, but I wanted to point out the name chimpout is kind of specific to negros and not ‘chimpout and their jew enablers’, but don’t think the members aren’t aware of the relationship between the two. The forum is anti-nigger and not white supremacist. It’s the price paid to have a place to speak freely about nigger antics and crime, something that a similar website devoted only to jew usury and deceit would honestly have little to discuss besides what we already know.

    Oh, and fuck the jews and fuck Israel.

  28. James Riske says: is done. Off line for good. Tom Shelly got tired of their attacks and put them down. is next. That will happen in October and will be down for good by Thanksgiving 2012. The lesson here? Tom Shelly is the most ruthless anti NlGGER basher on the internet. He can take you down if you push him hard enough. Bye bye chimpout.

  29. niggerloverNOT says:

    @James Riske- And how do we know this, Jimmy? Did Shelley let you out of his colon long enough to make that annoucement? Isn’t Tommy a closet cuckold?! Didn’t he pay a buck to stud his bitch?! That’s the rumor that’s been going around for some time, now, years, in fact. LONG LIVE CHIMPOUT!

  30. A guy says:

    “Negroes and Muslims are far less a threat to the White race than Jews”

    Exactly. Cut the head off the snake and the snake dies.

  31. A guy says:

    @niggerloverNOT: I don’t like that website either for it’s smoke and mirrors bullshit, but I find that hard to believe. Sounds like something an angry Black would make up and spread across the web.

  32. A guy says:

    I’m really not sure if Chimpout is a bad thing or not because it exposes a lot of shit done by Blacks, and it’s primarily focused on Blacks. We should do this with all enemies, have sites that focus on them specifically, the Jews especially. I see these so called “White Nationalist” guys all over the web and they’re stuck in the White vs. Black thing, but a lot of them are aware that the Jew is the true enemy, yet they’re drawn to the White vs. Black thing like a moth to a flame. Waking people up to the Jew should be the main objective. Take down the Jew and you take down everything else, their media control, etc. Like you said.

  33. Andrew says:

    Yeah. Chimpout is definitely Jew infested and controlled. Pretty obvious. But it depends on which Mod/Admin one deals with. Out of all the ones I’ve read and their comments, ANH is just garbage.

  34. dan says:

    I found this weird. I use to love Chimpout it was a good laugh. But I hate to say it once they ran the Jew Kfc out I stopped going. The kike ran the site well then that fucking Brtit loser and people who wanted to be real jews took over and made it crap anyone who cared left or at least any good poster. Maleficarum isnt a jew by blood but he acts like one and destroyed one of the best sites on the net by getting rid and fucking the kike around by stealing the site from him. I know this and its true.

  35. Screw Israhell the rogue terrorist "State" says:

    I was kicked out from, but i don’t want to whine or complain. I knew the rules, and it’s their board.
    I couldn’t restrain myself, my hatred for the zionist scum was too much….

    They are the root cause of so much evil in this world, i hate them even more than muslim terrorists.
    Let me emphasize that i don’t believe in a “Holohaux”, and that i’m no Nazi.

    I’m no anti-semite either, but i have done my homework about the “chosen people”/”Zionists”. Fuck them, they are nothing but scum and will eventually screw our planet with their warmongering.

    I’m not 100% sure if israel is the main culprit, but they played a key role in the 9/11 attacks. Just google the “dancing israelis” & their Mossad Front Company “Urban Moving Systems”. The attack could at least have been prevened, but the Neo-Cons/Israhell had other plans…

    I wish CO the best, and i’m sure they will have sucess without bashing “humans”.
    But their 24/7 Muslim-Bashing is strange, it seems as if they think every Muslim is a terrorist, and every Jew is a Saint. 😉

    Go on with the good work IM, you’re the real deal. I wonder what Abe Foxman, the self-hating Jew No.1, thinks if he reads this site. 😀

  36. Screw Israhell the rogue terrorist "State" says:

    *Holohoax ( I don’t know everything about the the Holocaust, i live in Austria, the Birthplace of Hitler—-> that means PRISON if you deny or “research” the Holocaust…)

    What i know for sure is: Larry Silverstein and his two Turd Children deserve to be put in a Concentration Camp. Why were they ALL at home on 9/11? Coincidence!? Fuck that!!!

    And if i think about Chimpout… i always thought true american Patriots support RON PAUL, the one and only Candidate. He exposed the FED and said: DUMP ISRAEL!!!

    Israel dosen’t deserve one cent of “gibs”, because they are Traitors. The US is a Slave Colony of Israhell, and american Soldiers die for their dirty Wars.

    As for the Niggers; cut off the Snake(Jew) Head, and most of your Problems will be gone.

  37. Pat says:


    Ron Paul was/is controlled opposition.

    He’s a jew/israel lover.

    The whole “audit the fed” thing was a ruse.

    Ron Paul never explained the monetary scam to people. Ron Paul never exposed the fact that jews and israel run this country.

    Ron Paul sucks and Ron Paul’s son sucks.

    They are all about enriching themselves while leading their constituents down a dead end.

    (s)electoral politics works pretty much like professional wrestling. The jews run the entire franchise and promote various factions so that the sheeple think they have some kind of “say”.

    It’s a charade.

    Difficult for many people to come to terms with this fact.

    Facing bad news is typically met with:

    1 Denial

    2 Anger

    3 Bargaining

    4 Depression, and

    5 Acceptance.

    Ron Paul is a shitbag fraud.


  38. ANH says:

    I was ANH at CO. I haven’t posted there in close to a year because of disagreements with other members and shabby treatment by staff though I’m technically still a member. I couldn’t play the game pretending that homosexuals, illegal aliens and muzzies are fine and dandy. Those people (with a couple of exceptions) are idiots. That said, the loser that called me garbage can kiss my ass. LMFWAO.

  39. ANH'S A FAGGOT says:

    ANH youre a total faggot dipshit, “oh I hates teh muzzies and illegals” yeah but you sure do suck jew cock, fucking homo, the real reason you dont go on there anymore is because you broke up with your boyfriend (some fag with a cartoon avatar of an anime, with a queer ass name) you just pretend to hate gays, that said youre the reason a lot of good people left that site and it became such a jew hole, go choke on a dick.

  40. Israhell on Earth says:

    Some Chimpout posters really disgust me. The chimpout forum has one golden rule: Don’t bash “humans”(every ethnicity except blacks). But they bash muslims all the time, and when they say muslims they really mean all arabs.
    They’re either jews/zionist christians, or they want to please the kikes.
    They post comments like: “bulldoze them all into the sea!”

    The kikes brought the negroes to america, they freed them and sicked them on the White population, they wrecked the US economy, hate Whites & Christians, want to take away your guns, brought millions of illegal aliens into the US etc. and they still support israel..

    Not every jew posting there is an asshole; i remember a jewish lawyer that was probably a bigger patriot than myself.

  41. Without a doubt niggermania is Jew infested. Most likely Chimpout as well.

    Same tricks from the kike playbook trying to stir up racial hatred.

  42. ANH says:

    Hey, “ANH’s A Faggot”. You’re a fucking cowardly punk and probably one of the homosexual crybabies that I used to argue with at that shithole. I’m no longer in any way associated with that bunch of losers and sorry I wasted four years of my life on them. “Good people”? Don’t make me puke. You’re a bunch of assholes that whine about niggers all day but don’t have the balls to do a damn thing about it. They didn’t leave by the way I threw most of them them off until twin pieces of shit CTYT and Miss Ann got all butthurt over a fag named Coon Tasty. That’s probably you, sissy boy. I’ll bet you’re at Chimpmania now jerking off over Tattooed Redhead’s phony avatar with the rest. You all make me sick. Odin 88 was the only one there worth a fuck. Steve can take his site and shove it up his ass along with the rest of them. The fag with the anime called “Vampire Archimael” was some kind of transsexual freak. Maybe that’s you too? I haven’t been to that shit hole in well over two years. I think they deleted me anyway since they’re a bunch of pussies just like you. Remember to suck hard and swallow every drop when you’re sucking your Jew boyfriend’s cock you fucking loser. Have fun down your mother’s basement, jerkoff.

  43. Simple Man says:

    -As a Chimpout member, I fail to see the connection between nigger crime in America, abroad and Africa at it’s current state as a “jewish” plan.

    -Niggers left alone in Africa will starve. They’ll die of disease and famine.

    -Niggers abroad, need humans to survive via social services.

    -Sometimes, things are just that black and white .

  44. ANH says:

    Just a word to the wise, Simple Man. Don’t think those backstabbing punks that administer CO are your friends. Don’t forget I was one of them for well over four years and you should see the shit they talk about their members in their little private forums. Some are worse than others with the aforementioned CTYT or Coon Town Whitey or whatever the hell he calls himself these days being one of the worst when he can take his mouth off of Intolerant’s dick long enough to type. Maleficarum is also a sniveling cowardly little punk that loves to run his mouth from the safety of his keyboard. There were a few worthwhile individuals besides Odin 88 there but most of them are long gone. LaTrine Jakscoon was cool and there were a few others whose names I don’t even remember. To the jerk that thinks I was ban happy, I banned less than any other mod there. As far as Jews go I had to play their little game to get my message across on the rest. I never pulled any punches on Jewish liberals which they may not have liked but it didn’t violate their asinine rules. Are they Jew infested? Who knows? I can tell you they’re infested with backbiting punks and idiots who aren’t half as clever as they imagine. I’d LOVE to hear from any of those misbegotten miscreants under their CO identities. I doubt if they have the balls. It was never their strong suit.

  45. Anh is a faggot :D says:

    I distinctly remember you being bff’s with that vampire faggot, and getting upset constantly when people even mentioned jews, nice to see youre so butthurt still from when that homo with the ski mask avatar handed you your ass on a platter, remember that anhy girl?

    Its funny you should end your statement talking about my “jew boyfriends cock” when you banned dozens of people for offending your beloved “chosen ones” I remember when you went on a rant about actually blocking some people because they badmouthed jews or defended muslims, as well as you always being a creepy faggot with new comers that were female 😀

    PS: Odin88 left because of homosexual deviants like you always pushing your jew propaganda down others throats.

  46. Bailey says:

    Wow , speaking of hasbarats check out the thread here save for the few familiar names it seems like some queers wearing their mothers panties.

    Must be a rookie assignment.

    Keep working jewboys and girls.

  47. tom b says:

    I dont know about chimpout to much but I received a permanent ban from shitskin. I thought a little harsh. I was warned not to post violence against niggers. Which after the warning I complied but its OK I still despise niggers.

  48. Cletud says:

    I’m a big liberal intellectual type, and I can’t stand Jews and blacks.
    Why I will never be a “conservative” type is because
    They love jews and basically act like uppity niggers,
    drawing attention to their stupid obnoxious attitude,
    constantly trying to dominate and be alpha. I’m more
    focused on bettering my community and being a role model.
    Lots of hard headed rednecks on the same level as Jews and niggers,
    No thanks…

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