Mossad Tied to ‘Underwear Bomber’

By Victor Thorn

“His explosives couldn’t have blown up his own seat. Even if full power, it wouldn’t have worked.” These were the words relayed to me during a Jan. 2 interview with military analyst and counterinsurgency specialist Gordon Duff in regard to the attempt of Christmas Day underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab [sometimes referred to as Abdulmutallab] to ignite 80 grams of the explosive PETN on a flight destined for America.* He also explained how the patsy’s country of origin, Nigeria, is clandestinely controlled by the Israeli army and Mossad.

These entities train the military, sell weapons, run the airports, and wield power over DICON (Defense Industries Corporation). Furthermore, Mutallab’s father is a Mossad partner and Israel’s No. 1 contact in Nigeria. As the former CEO of his country’s most influential bank and the man who ran their national arms industry, Mr. Mutallab also harbors extremely close relationships with the U.S. ambassador and CIA chief in Nigeria.

On Nov. 19, 2009, Mutallab supposedly felt so alarmed about his errant son’s behavior that he met with the CIA’s station chief in Nigeria. Duff describes the father in a Dec. 31 article for Veterans Today as “one of the richest people in the world, head of a major bank, head of the national armaments industry, and close associate of the U.S. ambassador,” as well as being a Mossad asset. Yet we’re to believe that nobody prevented his Yemeni-influenced “terrorist” son from boarding a plane ultimately bound for Detroit?

Another significant detail is being neglected by mainstream media sources. The firm in charge of security at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is the Israeli-owned International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS).They’re also the same outfit responsible for all three airports used by “Muslim hijackers” on 9-11 [Huntleigh]. ICTS also handled security for London’s bus system during their 7-7 “Muslim bombing,” while doing the same at Charles de Gaulle Airport when “shoe bomber” Richard Reid boarded a plane in Paris on Dec. 22, 2001.

When a Michigan passenger, attorney Kurt Haskell, reported that a “well-dressed” Indian man arranged for Umar Mutallab to perform a “walkaround” without a passport in Amsterdam, ICTS was one of only a few entities that could have permitted this security breach to take place.

Despite tighter screening processes since 9-11, Northwest Airlines Flight 253 experienced no delays in takeoff. According to the Mathaba News Agency on Jan. 2, “It is evident that clearing the terrorist with higher-ups took a matter of a minute or so — the ‘Indian’ obviously had a high-level pass (CIA, Mossad or high-level security clout).”

Then, during the flight, onlookers noted that another passenger spent a great deal of time filming 23-year-old Mutallab with his camcorder. Even stranger, once the suspect tried to ignite his “crotch bomb,” Mathaba reported, “Throughout the incident, the man continued recording the terrorist, calmly and without interruption.”

Next, after the plane landed, another Indian man was led away in handcuffs after bomb-sniffing dogs smelled explosives in his luggage. Now, more than a week later, officials have refused to release Schiphol CCTV airport footage from Amsterdam, the air-bound “video passenger” film, or identify the man arrested in Detroit.

This Indian link doesn’t surprise Duff. “Israel and India are very close business partners, especially via their military contracts. Also, the Indian intelligence agency (Research and Analysis Wing) works hand-in-hand with Israel. Essentially, the two governments are one.”

But the Mossad’s reach extends even further, directly into the country where Mutallab purportedly trained. On Oct. 7, 2008, BBC News reported, “Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said that security forces have arrested a group of alleged Islamist militants linked to Israeli intelligence.”

The ties go even deeper, straight to Mutallab’s home country. In a Sept. 5, 2008 article by Tashikalmah Hallah and Francis Okeke entitled “Nigeria: Lawmakers Divided Over Mossad,” Sen. Nuhu Aliyu voiced his support for their pact with Israel. “They (Mossad) are professionals, and they are here to help train our own intelligence agents. I don’t see any way by which their presence in the country poses a threat to our national security.”

One final element of the equation needs to be addressed; specifically, the “terrorist cell” that ostensibly trained Mutallab prior to his Christmas Day terror attempt.

However, Duff paints an entirely different picture. “There is no al-Qaeda in Yemen. George Bush released a couple of phony operatives from Guantanamo, and after traveling to the Middle East, they hooked up with the Mossad. The only reason Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez released them is because they’re assets.”

Of course, the American public is being misled again into believing that this “lone nut” terrorist sneaked through the system (no-fly lists, airport scrutiny etc) due to mere incompetence, similar to what occurred on 9-11.

Yet Israeli intelligence provided security at the Amsterdam Airport, where Mutallab boarded a plane with no passport; the NSA is equipped to electronically eavesdrop anywhere around the world; the Mossad is tied to Yemen, Nigeria and India; while the suspect’s father opened up banking and arms contacts in the Middle East while harboring an extremely close relationship with American and Israeli intelligence.

What we’re being fed is another propagandized cover story that is intended to keep ratcheting up Orwellian-style trauma and fear, all the while further spreading our global “terror war” to Yemen and the African continent.

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From my earlier post showing 50 grams of PETN going off next to a sapling:

Compare this explosion to Jew propaganda shown on ABC to America (video still below). Is this country being fed a pack of BS or what? Lying scum.

ABC's big propaganda blast

Menachem J. Atzmon

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422 Responses to Mossad Tied to ‘Underwear Bomber’

  1. Biker says:

    Channeled Lynda, we’re “on watch” around here. member of the real oath keepers, also a loosely formed local militia, its not like im just sitting here bitching. a REAL combat Marine/Soldier couldnt ever sit idle… i do alot more than this blog..

    no shit Rock, i got my E-5 and out also..minority women, no matter the rank had all the power.. not in line units, but EVERYWHERE ELSE!! im standing at PAC outprocessing, while LaQuisha the E-2 with the cornrows and 6″ fingernails is barking orders, “i done said ya’ll lines up! an stop wiff da chit chat, juss take me longer wiff alls da racket.. hmmmm i cain sits here ALL day” i thought, (who the F is this bitch?!?!) ohhhh, empowered female nigger, glad im outta here..

    in the 80’s, it was flippin’ burgers or the recruiter. not many other options.. just like the 40’s, just like today… damn! dots connected! look at the pretty picture it.. uhhhhh.. makes.

    Vampires!! the thought of Unfufu running with 9 kids on her back and teats flyin’ around like propellers to get away from the vamp is HILARIOUS, but after the comedy… really, who gives a shit?

  2. Biker says:

    one tour of this would be enough for anyone..

  3. Biker says:

    just the pix, the author is obviously an anti white American, liberal Canadian faggot. but the pics dont lie… no matter the text..

  4. Rock says:

    Biker-LOL, LaQuisha! I node dat girl dog. She be a spec-foe now. She were freind wit Yolanda and Rochelle. You disrespek her? I’ll bus a cap muthuh fuckuh! Sheeeeee..

    Oh yea, I met plenty of “LaQuisha’s”. Allways 71 lima’s(admin). Now I wont bash ALL niggers. I knew some that worked as hard as me. But they were the minority of the so called minority. I accually feel bad for them cause they get the bum rap for the rest of their race. Anyone here can bash me for saying that, I really dont give a fuck cause its the truth. And whites dont get a free ticket. There’s plenty of trash and useless eaters among us. The comming collaps will be natures way of culling the herd and dividing races like they should be.
    The millitary automatically turns into a prison type model. Blacks group together whites group together, mexies and so on…
    That is the true social structure of people. We like to be with our own kind.
    Why would it be any different on the out side. Black neiborhoods, white neiborhoods, mexies on and on…
    Pretty soon the government will start MAKING races live together. Wait a minute, I think they allready are.
    Oh shit! More dots…

  5. Marshall says:

    That’s interesting how prisoners divide themselves according to race. It’s a pretty universal phenomenon isn’t it? Kind of a microcosm. Remember when all the immigrants came to Ellis Island and separated into different boroughs like “Little Italy,” Chinatown and so forth? Seems to be a natural occurrence.

  6. Biker says:

    YO-londa, TO-wonda, shaniqua… no shit!

    i had some black friends in the military… as long as they were ALONE, other niggahs shows up, guess who turns into a niggah also, and forgets he knows you? LOL!

    71 Lazy, and/or the supply MOS, i didnt know which it was so i did a quick google.. the first comment here is TRUE!!

    the supply, and arms room bastards were just that, bastards!! bitches!! i dont know whether they were envious? or what…

    true about the races, we were never meant to live together, interbreed, etc… think lions/tigers/leopards, all cats, but they all have their OWN neighborhoods..

  7. Biker says:

    LOL! effin DOTS! next thing ya know…all news will be propoganda, and the parasites of this nation will have more rights than those that founded it!!! shite!! more dots!!

  8. Rock says:

    Oh yea Marshall, I do beieive it is. And no matter how much “they” push it, it will happen on a global scale, naturally. “second civil war”.

    Clean em an greese em.
    And remember; Rust is neglect.

  9. Biker says:

    so true Marsh, and what happens when the one FORCING you to cohabitate is no more? ask Yugoslavia…

    all hell breaks loose. i dont hate anyone really, deeply, yet… i just want to be left alone with my own..

    it goes the otherway also, i worked with a black guy from Youngstown, the union was having a 4th of July party up here in the hills. i overheard one guy ask the black dude if he was going to come.. he said ( verbatum) “HHHUUUUHHH, UHHHH!!! NO sir! niggah DONT BELONG where dere aint no street lights!”

  10. Biker says:

    love your weapon, true love will never fail you.

  11. Rock says:

    Well quit yer bitchin Biker, at least you dont live in a prison state where the prison population is larger than some 3rd world countries.
    For the love of god, not the DOTS again!!

  12. Biker says:

    aaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!! DOTS!!!

  13. Rock says:

    Great link Biker.

    Alot of troops have the same bitch. They say people above and below them don’t know their jobs. I found that to be true when I was in.
    I wondered how the army kept rolling. I think there was only two or three of us that could accually fix anything. What the fuck were mechanic and support groups for if they couldnt fix anything. Most of the time broken equipment was just sent up to a higher echelon(civillian).
    Most of the NCO’s got their rank by spitshinning their boots and pressing their uniforms.
    I wanted to fight so I volanteered to be an 11 band bang. Big mistake! They were dummer than the dirt they rolled around in. Not like the TV commersials. You know, Army strong sir!! Yea right…
    I ended up a small arms spec. “future gun waving lemming”LOL.

  14. Biker says:

    HA! shoulda put a chute on Rock!! 11B10P !!! that ‘P’ made a helluva lot of difference. Airborne school was just like everything else, assholes get weeded out. a 4 week school doesnt make you superman…but slackers get gone. second enlistment i changed MOS’s, became a welder in an S&R unit. rode around in an ’88’ dragging broke shit home. TRUE, “the shine of ones boots reflects opportunity for advancement” but it was better than being a LEG. how the HELL can you be an Airborne welder?? ask the Army.. i was one.. LOL!

  15. Marshall says:

    Airborne welding? Why not? It’s like a flamethrower for extremely small enemies. Give ’em hell I say!!!

    HEY, I just found the PERFECT Christmas gift for the NYC Jew on everybody’s list!!! 😀

  16. Biker says:

    tiny enemies Marsh … HAAAAAA! they just dropped us off in battle zones for quick repair, like a deuce and a half with a generator/welder on the back.. quick fab and fix.. if we couldnt do it in forward support, it goes back to Main support, so the guys with the shiney boots and starchy creased & pressed BDU’s could look at it, talk about it, and then let a civilian fix it.

    im sure the jews HAVE tis pic of banjo!!! on the mantle right between Jesus and Adolph ..LOL!

  17. Rock says:

    Nooo the Doooottttssssss!! Their comming to tke me away ha ha hee he ho ho, to the funny farm………… Adrian! AAAdriannnn!! Awsk nowt what youwr countray can do fwor you………the buildings came down due to strucural failure,structural failure,structural failure……Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

  18. Rock says:

    Marshall-LOL. You aint right son..

  19. Octo says:

    Perhaps a musical interlude is needed. Note Ian Curtis’ awesome monkey-robot dance midway through. Biker jams out similarly after half a bottle of green label Jack. Warning: the cutaway to “Higher Edjewcation” at the end is anticlimactic.

  20. Biker says:

    lunch break!!

    HOOOO said Jack & Coke?!?!?!

  21. Biker says:

    joy Division rocks!! had a MTV best of 120 minutes 2 cd set that i no shit, PLAYED OUT back in the early 90’s.. under the milky way…

  22. Biker says:

    here’s vol 1.

    i cant find vol. 2?! maybe ill reorder these, my copies were abandoned as party flotsam over a decade ago in Texas..

  23. Octo says:


    I just watched a bit of “The Manchurian Candidate” on TCM. Something wanky I noticed from it: you probably already know, but silencers do not really work on revolvers.

  24. Biker says:

    silencer on a revolver?? HA! shows how much hollywierd knows..

  25. Akira says:

    It’s a Juche silencer!

    With Juche everything is possible!

  26. Biker says:

    this is what i got out as.. read the comments, its STILL impossible to get E-6.. when id been in for 7 and a half years, id been an E-5 for four of those!! EVERYONE in the field was an E4 or 5… except for the newbees.

    i made piles of money making GRILLS!! no shit LOL! cut a 55 gallon drum down one side, weld hinges over the cut.. then cut the other 3 sides, throw a piece of expanded steel in for a grate, 4 pieces of 2″ angle for legs and viola!! $50.00 please.. the FSB (forward support batallion) i was with had PILES of empty drums sitting around, and the steel was just laying in the rack, we NEVER used it, and fudged the yearly inventory anyway.. almost every unit at Ft Hood had one of my Grills!!

    then… nigger warrant officer in charge of Maint. wants a cut.. i said no, and nigger shut me down.. bastard

  27. Biker says:

    just like those “gas chambers” huh? EVERYTHING is possible..LOL!

  28. Akira says:

    Osa Ben Levine at Free Republic:


    … the chief reasons why I support Zionism …

    1. … The Jewish people are the most oppressed people in all History. Romans feeding Jews to the lions, pogroms in Russia & in Eastern Europe, the Spanish Inquisition, the Holocaust, anti-Semitic Palestinian terrorism, etc….

    2. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism … any man who is opposed to ending the oppression of Jews is an anti-Semite …

    3. Zionism in light of Juche Philosophy

    Although the North Koreans support the Palestinians, still, their revolutionary Juche philosophy offers a very convincing justification for Zionism. Kim Jong Il said, in the words of one North Korean, that a culture needs to be viewed “by taking bloodline and language is the common features.” He said that what defines a nation must include fellow countrymen “of the same bloodline”. Kim Jong Il’s definition of a nation is based upon one’s blood and language.

    I beileve that Kim Jong-il’s definition of a nation is correct.

    Since I am not going to write a ten-paged essay proving Juche Philosophy correct, I shall leave it at this: I believe Juche Philosopy to be correct, and have extracted therefrom a very convincing justification for Zionism.

    Such is my reason for supporting Zionism in light of Juche philosophy.


  29. Akira says:

    Official notice:

    From now on I’ll call this Zionist & ‘C’I nonsense JUCHE IDENTITY.

  30. Biker says:

    and ill call the holohoax victims ‘draftee’s’

    would it make sense to even comment there? alot of the comments are from 2006.

    1. Christians, slaves, and pow’s were also fed to the lions. more Slavs died by jew hands in eastern Europe and under communism than jews did. the Spanish inquisition killed EVERYONE.. Muslims, Christians, jews, rich, poor, old, young…everyone. Palestinian terrorism is the result of jews stealing their land.

    WHY do these self chosen bastards think they own the copyrights to victimhood??

  31. Octo says:


    “then… nigger warrant officer in charge of Maint. wants a cut.. i said no, and nigger shut me down.. bastard”

    (a):Success Tax

    (b): Repamarations

    You thought of it, took the initiative and did all the work. Of course, this black leech bastard deserves his share.

    Silverback skidmark is probably making six figures doing “admin” at Obammy’s ACORN now.

    Why does the Postal Service exist except to employ five million otherwise unemployable niggers? Do you remember when the private carriers first came out? Keerist, did they make the USPS look pathetic.

  32. Flanders says:

    Authorities Quietly Reverse Underwear Bomber Official Story
    Eyewitness Kurt Haskell’s description of accomplice vindicated after weeks of denial

    “The ludicrous spectacle of long-deceased boogeyman Osama bin Laden apparently claiming responsibility for the attempted attack this past weekend only confirmed that a fairytale was being contrived which was totally at odds with what eyewitnesses described.

    Now that Haskell’s eyewitness account has been vindicated, it remains to be seen whether evidence of a wider conspiracy will be investigated or buried. There seems little doubt that the latter will be the case if Abdulmutallab’s accomplices don’t conveniently lead back to the Al-Qaeda patsies the establishment has already framed for the attack.”

  33. Biker says:

    HA! no sh*t Octo, i tried to get a job at the USPS, but im not black, and have no tits.. that $30.00 per hour job is for the niggers! you go hang 10 stories up and weld/hot rivit tons of steel in all kinds of weather for less than that whiteboy! LOL!

    niggah say “Damn biker, i done heered youz makin some cash? you know, we could tun this into a little bizz-nak you and me” (warrant oficers get called ‘Mr.’ in the Army) i already HAVE a little business Mr. nigger… “but yous usin Army equipment fo dat business” .. who here ISNT?! every gaddam mechanic here drives a late 80’s Chevy blazer with the 6.2 diesel, dont you know WHY??? because its the same damn drive train as the HUMMER!!! do you get it? parts swapping? stuff “missing from inventory”

    ” you heered me Biker, dont let me in, i shuts da door. yo ass wont bee within 50 feet of that welding machine” well then, with all due respect Mr. nigger, SHUT THE DAMN THING DOWN.

    he is probably playing solitaire all day on a givt. computer somewhere in or around the gaddam Pentagon by now, or as you said, one of the CEO’s of Acorn.

  34. Biker says:

    success tax!! almost makes you not want to try, just sit home all day bitching online.. LOL!

  35. Octo says:


    Not having a core identity isn’t good for you? Then why is only one group encouraged to have one?

  36. gtrman says:

    Biker@ “but im not black, and have no tits.. ”

    Shit, man, you could have told me before. Thats three wanks I’ll never get back.


  37. Octo says:

    “HA! i go to my exes facetool page for laughs. never comment though, just look at all her cafeteria lady looking friends and giggle my ass off.”

    Lunch lady sex is NOTHING to spit at. Sloppy Joes afterward (or during) and a cheese sandwich. Mmm — mmm.

    Many a hottie is found underneath a hairnet.

    You set the bar too high, my friend.

  38. Akira says:

    “WHY do these self chosen bastards think they own the copyrights to victimhood??”

    Oy! We gotta receipt!

  39. Octo says:

    “Shit, man, you could have told me before. Thats three wanks I’ll never get back.”

    And I’m the one who gets labeled a wanker. It’s libel, it is.

    So, who here would do this for 100K?

  40. Octo says:

    “Bring beer Biker’s house…bring beer Biker’s house…bring beer Biker’s house…”

  41. Octo says:

    Marsh, one more thing, RE: two Japanese vaginas…

  42. Octo says:

    Kitchener’s Army

    Don Hankey

    “The Army is a mixed lot. Some of the guys are 50 and claim to be 30. Others are 16 and claim to be 18. Some enlisted for glory. Some enlisted for fun. Some enlisted for fear of starvation. It’s all about battle, murder and… slaughter, blood in fear of discomfort and pain.”

    Eyewitnesses WW I (Part III of VI)

    “but it was the 80’s, no jobs, and the Army offered one thing that no other service did… a CASH BONUS.”

    — Biker

    Just how long have they been running this scam on us?

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