Get Ready for Another Jew War!

WHAT’S THE THREE favorite words for Jews? Onward Christian soldiers! That may sound funny and all, but it’s all too terribly true when you step back and look at the situation, sorry to say.

The last time I checked, almost 75% of American military deaths since 1980 have been Whites, presumably many of these White people were Christians. And the Jew is always trashing Whites and Christianity in the media! Did you know that only a lousy 17 Jews have died out over 5000 American KIA in Iraq and Afghanistan? That’s almost the same as the number of suicides now happening with our troops every single week. During the Vietnam era, only half of one percent (.3%) of America’s total armed forces were Jews.* More “American” Jews (like WH chief of staff Rahm Emanuel) have served in Israel’s IDF than have in America’s military!

Now these traitorous Jew bastards want us in another Mideast war! Can you believe it? Of course, I only ask that for emphasis — we should all know by now that the Jew is the world’s foremost War Mongerer, or at least be getting suspicious about the deal by now. Go back and look at the history they don’t talk about. Also, note how the Jews and his brainwashed lefty dupes are always trying to blame it on ridiculous things, like a cabal of good old boy Texan oil executives and Saudis princes, secret old White Nazis like Bush (who was obviously a Jew puppet), or some nonsense like Black Popes in the Vatican. All Jew disinfo and obfuscations.

People, listen up: Some may call me an “anti-Semite” and others will sneer that I’m a “far-right extremist.” Some may even call me a wussy anti-War type. But I got a little question for these idiots: What in the GD hell don’t you get? How much more do you have to see before that light bulb goes off in that big fat noggin of yours? The article below the “read the rest” button just came out of a Jew site and tip-toes around America going to war with Iran — maybe that’s because it’s already a given with these people that we will?

These rats could care less about some White American boy from east Texas getting turned into hamburger for them. They care as much about him and his American loved ones as they do about some little Palestinian or Iranian girl getting blown to kingdom come. Oh, sure, we’ll hear the same platitudes and patriotic pap when our soldiers come home mangeled in coffins, as they give out cheap medals to the families and wounded. All bull.

Exactly the same paranoia propaganda bull that the pro-Zionist media pumps out about mad Iranian mullahs, the nuclear bomb and how they’ll sneak it into the US to kill us because we’re so “freedom-loving” and all that jazz. Hell, they’ve been saying this same Jew propaganda crap for years as we’ve squandered away America’s wealth and the lives of our compatriots in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Just look at what our so-called “Great Ally” did to Gaza last year and is still doing today. It was little more than shooting fish in a barrel. You think most Jews cared? No way, to them the Palestinians are garbage. Actually, they feel the same way about any non-Jew, when you read what they say. That’s why they love it when they can manipulate one set of non-Jews to kill another set of non-Jews.

What’s even better for them is when they get the same Goyim race (Whites) to attack each other and then pay the Jew banker’s interest money on the war material they used to kill themselves with! Oh, man, these Jews love that — big-time.

The Jews will once again use America as their Golem (medieval rabbi’s fantasy of a giant robot monster under Jew control). These GD arrogant Jews (not just the NeoCONS), the greedy, corrupted Goyim traitors in our government and the Zionist media whores — all have turned this country into nothing but bitches for Israel.

Should you care less about the situation, or merely pass me off as a mindless Jew-hater, think back hard when the time comes and you go gas up the car at $6 or $7 a gallon so you can get to work — if you still have a job, that is.

I want war against this Jew World Order!

It’s the GD Jews whom we should fight! I’ve had it with this Nation Wrecking bunch and you should too. All of them need to swing high in the rafters, or get a steel-toed boot planted right square up the ass while kicking them across the border at El Paso, right along with the illegal Mestizos. I am not friggin’ kidding here!

A war with Iran means the death of America. It will be the final nail in our coffin, economically at the very least and, most likely, our sovereignty and constitution too. 

Here’s what they want: Get America to take on Iran, while they finish up genociding the Palestinians and attack Lebanon and Syria. We know they are preparing for all this right at the very moment. Reports have been coming out in last week of Israeli troop movements and overflights of the Lebanese border. Modern logistics require quiet advance preparations so armed forces can have an element of surprise when they get the go-ahead.

If they can get Iran to strike back at them as they attack the Syrian and Hezbollah forces in the Beqaa valley, they may use the retaliation against Israel (or something ginned-up) as an excuse for America to attack Iran. Get it? That’s how tricky and subversive these people are: Start a war and get their big dummy ally to join in should the victims dare fight back.

What they want is to destroy the Muslim enemies nearby and use America to take care of the long distance problem of Iran. Iran would require them flying across Iraq, or stage air attacks out of their puppet state just north of Iran, Georgia. But it’s not only the distance that’s the problem, either. The Iranians would definitely not be as so easy as rock-throwing Palestinian teenagers and garage-built rockets, trust me.

Iran is bringing on-line Russia’s advanced S-300 anti-aircraft/missile system as soon as the Russians deliver key components (which the Israelis are trying to stop). They can’t allow it to become operational, or they risk too many aircraft and crew (Jews go totally bonkers at the thought of fellow Jews at the mercy of the loathed Goyim).

Jews always do this kind of thing under the cover of something else. It’s their modus operandi. These violent people also love to smite their enemies on religious holidays (Purim, a favorite, is coming up on February 28). Chances are, we’ll see some kind of false-flag attack designed to get Americans pissed and to provide continuous fodder for the Zionist talking heads on TV, while they do a little “smoting.” I’m certainly not the only one who has been saying this. You watch.

Basically, these lousy Jew rats are using the hell out of us. This may well mean the death of America. Get that one straight, brainiacs.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Jewish-American war dead: Go HERE. You’ll be shocked at just how few Jews have died fighting for America. For example in WWII, out of 416,000 American KIA in WWII, it takes about a second to scroll down the entire WWII Jew dead!

Go HERE to learn more of what the Nation Wrecking Jews have done to America. Be prepared to get pissed!

War-mongering against Iran


Ex-IDF chief: Israel can’t handle nuclear Iran alone

Haaretz – February 14, 2010
Israel may lack the military means for successful preemptive strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities, former Chief of Staff Dan Halutz told Channel 2 news on Saturday.

While endorsing international efforts to pressure Tehran into curbing sensitive nuclear technologies, Israel has hinted it could resort to force. But some analysts say Israeli jets would be stymied by the distance to Iran and by its defenses.

“We are taking upon ourselves a task that is bigger than us” Halutz, who stepped down in 2007, said when asked about Israeli leaders’ vows to “take care” of the perceived threat.

“I think that the State of Israel should not take it upon itself to be the flag-bearer of the entire Western world in the face of the Iranian threat,” Halutz, a former air force commander, told Channel Two.

“I’m not some passer-by … I’ve filled a few positions that give me a different level of information to the average person,” he said without elaborating.

The United States and European nations are trying to enlist other world powers in stepping up sanctions against Iran for its uranium enrichment, a process with bomb-making potential. Tehran denies having hostile designs but its anti-Israel rhetoric has stirred war fears.

Halutz’s comments came a day before the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Military was set to arrive in Israel for a meeting with the Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff to discuss the situation in Iran.

U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen is scheduled to meet with IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi as well as Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, and other senior IDF commanders to discuss joint defense issues between Israel and the U.S. and mutual security concerns.

Admiral Mullen’s meetings follow remarks made by the U.S. last week when they called Iran’s nuclear intentions “anything but peaceful.”

Iran has rebuffed diplomatic overtures to resolve the issue and is in defiance of UN Security Council demands that it suspend uranium enrichment.

“Should Iran continue down the wrongful course that it’s on there will be consequences,” State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley said.

In addition to meetings with IDF personnel, Admiral Mullen also requested to meet with members from the IDF rescue delegation to Haiti and hear about their experience with rescue operations and field medical treatment.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Biker says:

    looking at the pics Fluer posted, that is one HELL of an amount of wreckage/damage for an aircraft the size and weight of a big SUV!! even if it was in a dive at top speed! along with the ‘letter’ excerpt GTRman posted… sniff sniff.. do you all smell something? or is it just me..

  2. Biker says:

    from Octo about a month ago, here are your lesbians mnmarcus

  3. gtrman says:

    British Death Camps In Germany After WWII

    Britain’s secret torture centre
    The interrogation camp that turned prisoners into living skeletons

    German spa became a forbidden village where Gestapo-like techniques were used

    * Buzz up!
    * Digg it

    * Ian Cobain
    * The Guardian, Saturday 17 December 2005
    * Article history

    Despite the six years of bitter fighting which lay behind him, James Morgan-Jones, a major in the Royal Artillery, could not have been more specific about the spectacle in front of him. “It was,” he reported, “one of the most disgusting sights of my life.”

    Curled up on a bed in a hospital in Rotenburg, near Bremen, was a cadaverous shadow of a human being. “The man literally had no flesh on him, his state of emaciation was incredible,” wrote Morgan-Jones. This man had weighed a little over six stones (38kg) on admission five weeks earlier, and “was still a figure which may well have been one of the Belsen inmates”. At the base of his spine “was a huge festering sore”, and he was clearly terrified of returning to the prison where he had been brought so close to death. “If ever a man showed fear – he did,” Morgan-Jones declared.

    Adolf Galla, 36, a dental technician, was not alone. A few beds away lay Robert Buttlar, 27, a journalist, who had been admitted after swallowing a spoon handle in a suicide attempt at the same prison. He too was emaciated and four of his toes had been lost to frostbite.

    The previous month, January 1947, two other inmates, Walter Bergmann, 20, and Franz Osterreicher, 38, had died of malnutrition within hours of arriving at the hospital. Over the previous 13 months, Major Morgan-Jones learned, 45 inmates of this prison, including several women, had been dumped at Rotenburg. Each was severely starved, frostbitten, and caked in dirt. Some had been beaten or whipped.

    The same week that Major Morgan-Jones was submitting his report, a British doctor called Jordan was raising similar concerns at an internment camp 130 miles away. Dr Jordan complained to his superiors that eight men who had been transferred from the same prison “were all suffering gross malnutrition … one in my opinion dying”.

    They included Gerhard Menzel, 23, a 6ft German former soldier who weighed seven stones, and was described as a living skeleton. Another, admitted as Morice Marcellini, a 27-year-old Frenchman, later transpired to be Alexander Kalkowski, a captain in the Soviet secret police, the NKVD. He weighed a little over eight stones, and complained that he had been severely beaten and forced to spend eight hours a day in a cold bath.

    Prisoners complained thumbscrews and “shin screws” were employed at the prison and Dr Jordan’s report highlighted the small, round scars that he had seen on the legs of two men, “which were said to be the result of the use of some instrument to facilitate questioning”. One of these men was Hans Habermann, a 43-year-old disabled German Jew who had survived three years in Buchenwald concentration camp.

    All of these men had been held at Bad Nenndorf, a small, once-elegant spa resort near Hanover. Here, an organisation called the Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre (CSDIC) ran a secret prison following the British occupation of north-west Germany in 1945.

    CSDIC, a division of the War Office, operated interrogation centres around the world, including one known as the London Cage, located in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. Official documents discovered last month at the National Archives at Kew, south-west London, show that the London Cage was a secret torture centre where German prisoners who had been concealed from the Red Cross were beaten, deprived of sleep, and threatened with execution or with unnecessary surgery.

  4. gtrman says:

    Police in Malawi have launched an operation to hunt down and arrest high-profile gays and lesbians in the southern African state.

    Fears of an anti-gay backlash across Africa are intensifying after the prosecution of the first gay couple to seek marriage in Malawi, and thousands of Ugandans demonstrated this week in support of a bill proposing the death penalty for some offences involving homosexual acts. Last week five men were arrested at an alleged gay wedding in Kenya.

    Dave Chingwalu, a spokesman for police in Malawi, said a 60-year-old man was arrested yesterday and charged with sodomy. Chingwalu said he received a complaint from a young man that he had been asked to undress by the older man and was then sodomised. Police investigations had uncovered a network of high-profile people involved homosexual acts, investigations were under way “and we will arrest them all”, Chingwalu said.

    A real dilemma for liberals – do we go with the gays or the blacks on this one? Ha!

  5. gtrman says:

    its getting harsh in US schools it seems

    Girl’s arrest for doodling raises concerns about zero tolerance

    (CNN) — There was no profanity, no hate. Just the words, “I love my friends Abby and Faith. Lex was here 2/1/10 :)” scrawled on the classroom desk with a green marker.

    Alexa Gonzalez, an outgoing 12-year-old who likes to dance and draw, expected a lecture or maybe detention for her doodles earlier this month. Instead, the principal of the Junior High School in Forest Hills, New York, called police, and the seventh-grader was taken across the street to the police precinct.

    Alexa’s hands were cuffed behind her back, and tears gushed as she was escorted from school in front of teachers and — the worst audience of all for a preadolescent girl — her classmates.

    “They put the handcuffs on me, and I couldn’t believe it,” Alexa recalled. “I didn’t want them to see me being handcuffed, thinking I’m a bad person.”

    Alexa is no longer facing suspension, according a spokeswoman for the New York City Department of Education. Still, the case of the doodling preteen is raising concerns about the use of zero tolerance policies in schools.

  6. gtrman says:

    Zionist Communist Organized
    Crime Takes The Planet
    Adios – Communist Jews and Chinese use economic and social sabotage to
    crash, kill and conquer their way to a red racist slave planet owned by
    Jewish organized crime while you throw tea parties.
    From Dick Eastman

    For a variety of reasons, time after time, you have rejected that message.

    You prefer the populism of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Parties. Your enemy of choice is the “liberal” and government that is too big, that taxes you far too much, and that offers too many services which you say causes all the problems. You say Democrats did all this. You say we need to fight the Arab terrorists who did 9-11. You say the Bible teaches that all who are not on Israel’s side will be destroyed when Jesus comes. You say that truth lies with conservatism and libertarianism. And you know you are right and I am wrong because you love the flag and praise the constitution and the 2nd and 10th amendments and start your Tea Sessions with the Pledge of Allegiance and a tribute to John Wayne.

    The Tea Parties are a plastic bag which prevents grass roots from touching real soil and growing a natural resistance to the measures of conquest. The Tea Parties exist to saddle you with Money Power secret agents for leaders. When you go to a Tea Party you are shown some candidates for Senator in your state. One only is a real populist. The other three or four are Money Power secret agents who are out to drain money and support from the real populist.

  7. gtrman says:

    By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2010

    THE ZIONIST BEAST THAT NOW RULES AMERICA has usurped and consumed — like a drive-thru lunch at McDonalds — the latest populist flicker on the otherwise fascist political landscape…the ‘Tea Party Movement.’

    Cleverly, deftly, the Zionists – as they always do – identified their target, sized up its strength and cohesion, and moved in for the kill on the middle-aged political (and otherwise) haunches of 2012 Presidential candidate-to-be, Sarah Palin.

    Ms. Palin, who apparently (mercifully) turned down, some time back, a purported multi-million dollar nude photo shoot to continue running with the Zionist satanic gangster elite…sensing a far bigger payday down the road. (If she was a 250 lb walking, homely dumpster of a woman, there would be no ‘Sarah Palin’ in this psychotically image-driven political freak show ‘culture.’

    The shrewd, leveraged use of avowed Zionist and Israel-lover Palin to co-opt the Tea Party should come as no surprise to anyone.

    For those who still practice the dying art of ‘memory,’ you’ll recall that shortly after she was installed as (designated loser) McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate, some felt that, as an outsider, Palin might actually be someone in the American political zoo who was not on bended knee to the de facto US Government in Tel Aviv.

    As we all saw in short order, it didn’t take the Alaskan huntress long to show up in what might as well have been skull cap pasties declaring her undying loyalty (Read: ‘abject subservience’) to Zionist Israel and, by extension, the ultimate Jewish ‘God’s Eye’…the Rothschilds of the City of London.

  8. Marshall says:

    Those dolphins are having a blast Gtrman! Nevertheless, you would have a hard time getting me to swim in SA with all the great whites.

    Dolphins are alot of fun…down in the Keys you can swim with them in a pool…but there are plenty around everywhere anyway. YIKES!!! This beach is mile away from me…incident a couple of weeks ago…

  9. Flanders says:

    Gtrman, I read the rest of the article you posted about the British death camps in Germany. Outlandish information. The story about the American at the end needs to have some explanation (as do all of them). Thanks for posting.

    On the unhappy queers in Uganda, liberals might have a problem choosing, but jews would not – they would go for both and accuse the people of being antisemetic.

  10. Marshall says:

    Jews out to dig up bodies under Egyptian schools, but can’t dig up any in Sobibor…

  11. gtrman says:

    beard guy on bus arrested apparently:

    Thomas Bruso, a Vietnam veteran now known on the internet as Epic Beard Man, has become an overnight folk hero to hundreds of thousands of White Americans who are tired of being perpetual victims of violent hate crimes in their own land. It is my sincere hope that this number continues to grow until his deeds are cemented in the memory of millions of Americans, who may begin asking some uncomfortable questions that the regime simply cannot answer. Jared Taylor uses the term “racial realism” for a very good reason: the facts of the matter truly are indisputable and self-evident to every realistic man on the street who is willing to be honest with himself.

    Important Update: I just spoke with Andrew Yeoman of the Bay Area National Anarchists, who reports that EBM has been arrested in relation to this incident and he is currently in custody. The exact nature of the charges against him are unknown at this point, but I will provide updates as they become available. Andrew and his BANA comrades have mobilised quickly in support of EBM and they are busy preparing for nationwide protests against this injustice. If you wish to assist BANA in this endeavour, contact Andrew at

  12. Biker says:

    id read of the London cage GTRman, but didnt know of any other ‘prisons’ thank you for the link!!

    EBM arrested, for WHAT?!?!?! because in touchy-feely lib land, he should have taken the abuse?? are they f*ckin HIGH?!

  13. gtrman says:

    ‘A trusted source has told this office that the FBI knew Austin was going to be attacked today and had dispatched officers from its Dallas headquarters yesterday afternoon to be in place for today’s incident. The source claims that a confidential memo was circulated yesterday detailing that a building in Austin was going to be the target of an attack today. He was told this by an informant who works in the Dallas FBI office.’

    Read more …

  14. gtrman says:

    Corporate Media Blames Kamikaze Attack On Tea Parties

    ‘Time Magazine has wasted little time in crudely exploiting the kamikaze plane attack in Austin today to smear Tea Party activists as violent domestic terrorists, implying that anyone upset with big brother and the federal government is in league with Joe Stack, the pilot who crashed his Piper Cherokee into a building that housed IRS offices.

    With Obama supporters already crawling over message boards labeling the incident a “right-wing domestic terror attack,” Time Magazine has already jumped on board with a piece by Hilary Hylton which equates Stack’s rambling manifesto with “the angry populist sentiments that have swept the country in the past year”.’

    Read more

    Eyewitness: Hazmat Teams In Place Before Plane Crash

    ‘At 2:55, the girl says that Hazmat teams and fire trucks were in place across the street before the building was hit by the plane – a very lucky coincidence indeed.’

    Austin Plane Crash Labeled ‘Right-Wing Domestic Terror Attack’ By Obama Supporters
    ‘In anticipation of evening cable news shows exploiting one man’s grievances against the IRS to smear the entire liberty movement, websites on both sides of the political equation are being flooded with messages from what appear to be Obama supporters calling the Austin plane crash an act of “right-wing domestic terror” committed by a Tea Party activist.

    Comments on both Democratic Underground and Fox Nation are blaming the attack on Tea Party activists and others in the freedom movement. They appear to be coming mainly from Obama supporters and liberals.’

    ( same link adress)

  15. Flanders says:

    Israeli PM Bibi Calls For Crippling Sanctions On Iran To Halt Nuke Bomb

    “Israeli PM Bibi Calls For Crippling Sanctions On Iran – the pressure of an Iranian nuclear bomb is weighing heavy on Israel PM Bibi who represents an Israel under existential danger with the world giving clear signs of acceptance of a nuclear Iran. At the 2010 Jerusalem Conference, Netanyahu insists sanctions must be now and target Iranian petroleum imports to paralyze the Iranian economy. (in Hebrew with English subtitles)”

  16. TheGoyIDF says:

    Interview with Tom Slick aka Epic Beard Man, says he was not charged

  17. DearIsraelGoFuckYourself says:


  18. DearIsraelGoFuckYourself says:


  19. American born says:

    Its time for all out revolution..

  20. DearIsraelGoFuckYourself says:


  21. DearIsraelGoFuckYourself says:


  22. Fleur de lis says:

    Get ready for a ‘Dirty (jew) war’ against American cities. This Marc Faber (Jew) should know I guess. Buy Farmland and Gold, he advises.

  23. White Patriot says:

    About that mad taxpayer that supposedly flew into the kike irs building- why is he so fucking coincidentally connected with defense contractors and homeland kike security??? What coincidence? I smell a jew. (haha, I just noticed the report is coming from alex THE SHILL jones site. tifwiw

  24. kerdasi amaq says:

    “The pilot looked like he was in a comatose state; leaning back and going on in.”

    If the pilot was comatose, I’d expect him to slumped forward over the controls. If the pilot was “leaning back”; this would suggest that he was pulling back on the control column to the max, so as to cause the plane to go up.

    Could the New World Orderlies be attempting to take credit for something they didn’t cause?

  25. Flanders says:

    I thought the information that the transponder information showed last movement in August was interesting. Checking it, the last known flight was a return from Portales which is 12 miles from Cannon AFB. Wiki says,

    “The host unit at Cannon is the 27th Special Operations Wing (27 SOW) assigned to the Air Force Special Operations Command. The 27 SOG plans and executes specialized and contingency operations using advanced aircraft, tactics and air refueling techniques to infiltrate, exfiltrate and resupply special operations forces and provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and close air support in support of SOF operations.”

  26. L says:

    The NAZI’s lost already. Get over it…

  27. White boy says:

    I wish I had some affirmative action for me to go to college. I get to go die in the foreign wars of others instead while the allied casualties of the wars at home continue to mount. As my world is aggressively mutated into something hostile to my life force. A place where I am not welcome.

    I have had enough.

  28. White boy says:

    To hell with the prophecies of savages!

    Up with my future!

  29. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Welcome White Boy. You found a new home!

  30. Count Cherep says:

    According to the Jew Henry Kissinger,

    “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger, quoted in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam”

    This and more choice Kissinger quotes here:

    Don’t be a pawn in their game.

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