France’s Chief Jew Rat: Nicholas Sarkozy

FRANCE’S PRIME MINISTER has got to be one of the biggest SOB-ing Jew rats out there (note the “one of”). The only way Whites in the US might even remotely hear anything on this guy is because of the Internet, since our Jew-controlled media will not dare breath a word that might possibly awaken a few Whites to what Jew rat finks like Sarkozy are up to.

Remember this when reading about this guy: This is a Prime Minister of a major European country, and not some minor flunky Jew in Israel. If you’re White, I can assure you the more you learn about this Jew character and the rest of his cohorts, the angrier you’ll get.

And make no mistake, this guy is indeed totally Jewish. Jewry (including embedded Jews at Kikepedia) have tried to play the crypto game (secret Jews) on us Goyim by saying he’s a Roman Catholic, but don’t you believe it. His mother was from a rich crypto-Jew family in Greece, making him 100% Jew.

Read on and watch a short video from David Duke on Sarkozy.

In addition, the French newspaper, Le Figuro, revealed documents showing Sarkozy may have been a Mossad asset back in the ’80’s called a “Sayan,” meaning a fifth-columnist for Jewry. Hell, he probably still is one when you take into account all the slobbering support he does for Israel today. This guy is no Frenchmen, but an out-and-out Internationalist Jew, just like all the traitor Jew rats we now have here in America.

Just this past spring, at the G20 Summit in London, Sarkozy had the nerve to blame all the world’s economic problems on the “Anglo-Saxon” model of capitalism. Can you believe that crap? With all the Jews neck-deep in global financial shenanigans since time immemorial, this sorry SOB comes out and publicly says that White people are the ones at fault. Talk about total Jew chutzpah!

Just imagine that: This Jew dares to blame “Anglo-Saxons” for the economic mess. He knows all about the real money Jews involved, believe you me. The few Goyim involved are little more than their owned “shabbos goys” or greedy parrot fish — darting in to take a bite from the Jew criminal feeding frenzies.

Some recent examples from what we know: Jews Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers (Samuelson) led the efforts to repeal the Glass-Steagall act, enabling the OTC derivatives market. This allowed Hank Greenberg of AIG to create the financial weapons of destruction that greedy Jews like Goldman Sachs joined in on. When the housing bubble (helped by Jew Barney Frank) burst, the FED’s Ben Bernanke and Goldman Sachs* insider man and crypto-Jew, Tim Geithner, funneled tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to bail both of them out (at a thieving 100% original “value” of the OTC’s). These Jews have done everything they can to keep the American public clueless about it. Most still are.

What about the Jew’s involvement in creating the Central banks that enslave our countries? Just what race of people do you think the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, Kuhn-Loeb, Lazard brothers and all the rest of the Zionist Crime Network are? All “Anglo-Saxons,” Jew?

This Jew control of money has allowed them to control our governments and media. They’ve been gradually whittling away at our racial solidarity ever since. One only needs to read what they themselves say, and look at the big picture going on today. Once you understand the enormity of their long-hidden, deceitful war against us, no longer will you be confused as to who the real perps are behind today’s world troubles and why.

And I guess Sarkozy also missed the entire Bernie Madoff affair and how he laundered billions in scammed money through Israeli banks via his still free-as-a-bird Jew partner, Ezra Merkin? Maybe Sarkozy didn’t even read about the French financier, Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, who killed himself in New York shortly after finding out about losing over a billion of his client’s money thanks to Madoff’s model of capitalism?

Midget rat gets an award from other rats at the “American” Jewish Committee.

Sarkozy threatened (or pretended) to walk out of last year’s G20 Summit, unless a global financial regulatory agency was formed, which is basically what all the filthy Internationalist NWO Jews really want, in the end. See how these bastards turn around any mess they’ve created from the start to favor themselves even more so at some point down the road?

This is the standard operating procedure for these NWO rats. If you haven’t figured that one out by now, you’re just the putz they think you are.

And think a minute here: What if Sarkozy was a White big shot who said blacks were responsible for something? It would be non-stop in the media. This is how these Jew hypocrites get away with pure murder anymore — because the media keeps you in the dark about real Jewish behavior. But Jews everywhere could care less when it comes to attacking White people, simply because they know that most Whites will keep it zipped out of fear of them calling us “anti-Semites.”

Hell, smiling American Jew rats see no problems even giving Sarkozy public awards all the time (above right)!

Midwest Free Press does a good job describing the situation:

Blaming White people is nothing new to Jews like Sarkozy. After-all, according to both the media and academia in the United States, White people are primarily to blame for the individual failings of all non-whites, despite how much good we’ve done for the world. Who cares about silly contributions to human advancement like modern chemistry or aeronautical science. Those things are pale in comparison to the fact that we shuffle minorities into prisons for crimes we cause them to commit. But in all seriousness, the act of Sarkozy blaming “Anglo-Saxons” for the downfall of the world’s economies might be the most hypocritical statement I’ve ever heard. The mere fact that Sarkozy went out of his way to say such a statement shows that he is well aware of the situation and is deliberately trying to sway public opinion, much like the Jews in the media do every day.  They have successfully used this guilt tactic against us for generations.  Just look at the outrageous gains they have made by associating all forms of White cultural pride with genocidal mass murder.  They have truly proven that if you repeat a lie often enough the masses will eventually accept it as fact, even if it is the most erroneous of claims. READ MORE HERE

This is a unretouched shot of the sneering Jew rat. Demonic!

Jews are rats, pure and simple! How much does White America do (need I remind you?), so that precious Jew country of theirs, Israel, survives? You might think these bastards would do everything they could to stay on our good side. But they don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks — after-all, they are the “Chosen Ones,” remember?

And it’s not only just this. No way. The guy comes out telling the French people that Whites must interbreed with the other races. Unbelievable! But true. In a speech in December, 2008 he tells young students at the Ecole Polytechnique that the French must “crossbreed,” or intermarry themselves with other cultures in France, which only means White French mating with non-Whites after all the Muslim and African immigration over the years (all due to Jew and globalist social meddling).

Pretty GD hypocritical since both his first and second wives were Jews and his son just married a Jewess!

Of course, with these hypocrite Jews, none of the interbreeding business ever does go for them. Just like in Israel. Sarkozy fully supports Israel as nothing but a Jewish State. Whites in France can just suck on a big one far as he’s concerned. This is why our countries are being stolen right from under our feet as these Jews continue to get away with pushing these things; simply because if you dare say something about it, they scream bloody murder about you being the hater!

Jews would love to see the entire White race turn into a dumbed-down, mulatto mud. If you think about it, you’ll see this being pushed constantly in the media. It truly is a form of racial genocide.

Sarkozy even told the French that Whites must accept being passed over for jobs and promotions in favor of non-Whites. He hires this Algerian guy, Yazid Sabeg, with express orders to create discriminatory practices to screw Whites over. Imagine that: Coming right out and openly telling Whites they had better put up with it all, just so the other races get special treatment. Hell, the subversive Jews have done this exact same thing to American Whites with Affirmative Action, when you think about it.

Sarkozy once wanted to make each French school kid adopt a “ghost” from the holocaust, as part of the Jew holocaust brainwashing efforts. People criticized the program as too ghoulish for children and they would lack the maturity, so they dropped it. But Sarkozy’s idea was a prime example of the Jew’s sheer death cult obsession with the holocaust. The guy is clearly a Jew Extremist.

These Jews are liars, hypocrites and con-artists. They are doing everything they can to keep unaware Whites in the dark and to think Jews are merely fellow Whites with a different religion, when nothing could be further from the truth. They are a secret, poisonous race, everywhere they target our race for marginalization and eventual destruction. No question about it.

It doesn’t matter one whit where these Jews live: Paris, New York, Chicago, Washington DC — they are all in it together. As long as we keep allowing these subversive SOB-ing rats to get away with what they do, the more they’ll destroy our race. And we’ll never, ever see one iota of what they do in the Jew-controlled media. No way. If we don’t somehow put a stop to these bastards our children and our grandchildren will suffer for it. Hell, all of us are suffering from what they are now doing to our countries.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Goldman Sachs was Obama’s top financial contributor for his election. It’s all a giant Jew Job on America!

Nicolas Sarkozy and the genocide of European Mankind. This video exposes the hypocrisy of Jewish extremists like Sarkozy who support the Supremacist State of Israel based on the preservation of the Jewish people while at the same time he tries to destroy the European French people!

Europe and the world must learn what is behind the destruction of our heritage and our freedom.

It is no accident!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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198 Responses to France’s Chief Jew Rat: Nicholas Sarkozy

  1. American born says:

    Kristine he beat you? And you go through all this to defend him? Whoa.
    Do you have ant self respect?

  2. there is something wrong with you guys says:

    DUDE THAT IS THE PRESIDENT OF FRANCE! and a great one at that! hes much better than any of the presidents weve had (except maybe obama). what is wrong with you nazis? the fact that hes jewish has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING. its just his religion, which is something that should be PRIVATE (although you wouldnt understand taht seeming as you go around trying to shove your beliefs down everyones throats)

  3. GTRman says:

    I think we have a new,”From those who work to confuse and silence us” quote nominee.

    Actually, the fact that he’s jewish has EVERYTHING to to with EVERYTHING.

    I bet youd be spitting blood if your pres was a Muslim, you hypocrite.

    I pity you. Seriously.

  4. GDL says:

    Just another little queer hasbarat. What is wrong with us since we do not suck down Jewish propaganda and bow down to Jewish Talmudic hate you ask?

    We have a GD functioning brain JEW!


  5. Biker says:

    “one of my first priorities will be as president, will be to end these wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and you can take that to the bank” -Barack Obama, 2007

    so what makes Obama a great president? he has done NOTHING, but continue the policies of the LAST president! how can that be?! the JEW Rahm Emanuel running the white house? the JEW Ben Bernanke controlling the cash? the JEWS that OWN the banks, that control the federal reserve? or the TWO JEWS IN THE SENATE, Lieberman and Sanders, the ONLY ‘independents’ .. (and by being ‘independent’ with the senate split the way it is, ALL votes depend upon how THESE TWO CHOOSE TO VOTE ! ) calling the shots? is that why Obama is no different than Bush? is this coincedence?

    HAAA! you had better wake the hell up Moron!! there is something wrong with YOU guys! pussies and cowards afraid of crossing PC lines to get to the TRUTH!

    Obama is a puppet, a TOOL! run by jews and jewish interests, as is Sarko the jew.. and it seems that you are also. you’re in great company dumbass.

  6. Lynda says:

    TISWWYG, weren’t you running this schtik over on LBGTQ thread? The ‘shoved down the throat’ metaphor doesn’t play so well over there so you saved it for over here.

    Wash your mouth out with holosoap, you lying Jew.

    The fact that Sarkozy is Jewish has everything to do with the fact that he middle management for Jewry in France.

    He is attempting to ethnically cleanse the White French population by telling French women they have to miscegenate with Blacks.

    Get it straight – who is getting what, shoved down whose throat and every other orifice you Jew mindfucker.

  7. Kristine says:

    Mr. Incogman, My webmaster has never charged me a dime. He puts up my photos and video, and I post the text here at the library. He does it because he’s a nice guy. Some folks do good in the world for no other reason than it feels good, imagine that!

    Yep, I’m crazy all right. Crazy as a fox running to the bank. I’m in no hurry. Fernando will turn up when the time is right, and then I will sign one of the book contracts that have been offered to me. I knew from the very beginning that I had a whale of a story on my hands,and that it would eventually make me money. That’s why I held on to it, and have never let go. Everything that happened will be worth it in the long run. When you know what’s coming in the future, you don’t waste time worrying.

    The main motivation for me from the begining is that I like to run off to the far corners of the world and have wild adventures in exotic locals. I’d be interested in reading some of you folks’ most exciting travel stories: Was it the trip to boy scout camp when you were 10?; the graduation trip to Disneyland?; the family reunion in Omaha 10 years ago? In my 50 years I done more, seen more, and been more places than most people would in ten lifetimes.

    I hope everyone continues to perpetuate the myth that the entire country of Mexico is a dirty, dangerous rat-hole. I don’t want it all cluttered up with ex-pats when I finally scrape together the money to leave here for good. There’s too many Americans living down there already. In the last 13 months I’ve been to all the places in Mexico that are supposed to have piles of head-less corpses in the streets, and bullets wizzing through every intersection. It’s garbage. NOTHING HAS CHANGED DOWN THERE. These are scare stories invented by the NWO to keep the kiddies at home, paralized by fear. Similar to all the phoney beheadings in the Middle East, about 7 or 8 years ago. The only reason I bothered to post here is because your site is still sending traffic to my sight, 4 months later, and I don’t dig being called a liar by idiots too lazy to fact check, or even read what they are criticizing.

  8. Geronimo says:

    Dingbat – “I hope everyone continues to perpetuate the myth that the entire country of Mexico is a dirty, dangerous rat-hole. ”

    Well, when the inhabitants arrive here en mass they turn they proceed to turn entire neighborhoods and cities into a dirty, dangerous rat-holes. Explain me that one.

    And if its such a paradise why are so many leaving???

  9. GDL says:

    Kristine you are a New Age freak wrapped up in your own personal drama. Nobody is interested in your BS so stop coming here to insult us just as you have done before.

    Grow up and stop acting like a 10 year old kid. You’re a deluded fool who is brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. Stop focusing so hard on Spiritual things and return to the Earth to help get America back on track..

    No damn body wants to go to Mexico. If Mexicans want out why the hell would Whites go there? Don’t speak about vacationers in Cancun and then say White people are heading to Mexico. You are a deluded freak and no one is taking you seriously. You are an advanced Spiritual being in your own liquidated mind.

  10. GTRman says:

    Kristine, I am a rich and famous book publisher based in London My sumptous offices are RIGHT NEXT TO the famous Berkinum Palace, where Lady Di lives. I must say Im terribly impressed by your writing thus far; I can picture,”Tales of Fernando” as a box-office smash and maybe even a musical on Broadway.

    I will offer you $17 dollars for complete control of manuscript, concept, copyright and licensing agreements.

    In return you can help out on my kibbutz.


  11. Geronimo says:

    Too late GTRman, someone already got the rights


  12. GDL says:

    GTRman, I’ve seen crazier New Agers than this “ding bat.” One dude insisted that Jesus was his little brother.

    Go figure!

  13. telena says:

    I’ve been almost everywhere she mentioned especially,hillsboro/cornelius,oregon is a sanctuary aint it?lol san blas,and into guatemalathrough the sierra central american spine high up in de wierd mountains there.atitlan,basically she is lucky she aint dead or in a debilitaed state from one or the other.She us a saint of ignoramuses as to jose the degenerate(middlin to moderate psychopath as of yet) they refer to this type of gringa as “good for use”)300$ tow? lol.a used bmw to drive all over hell in back ? try a VW bug or none at all private cars open you up to all kinds of trouble,I.e. assumptions,targetting,extortion,how to use them, I never drive in foreign countriescops pretty near everywhere are idiots as to the black eye thing,. they can form in a couple minutes and do even with ice immediatly applied which demonstartes the average cops proficiency in mosy other areas of their endeavor such as zapping retrained suspects becuase they need to take out their vim and vigor on troublesome detaineee, (they arent ever never supposed to be used after restrained dontcha know?tijuana is a driving gringas nigtmare as 10 feet over the border and you be stopped and morbida paid or we go to court central and wait ,a gold bmw?hahahaits too much lolso you tolerate men beating your ass,stealing very nesecary and eensive things from you like cars,phones money and even beating you to get them and still with the house in uranus and jumping beans for brains similar to her commentors who call hwer story so “very interesting and wish they had exciting lives as well” I say to them it is easy to find people who will beat you screw you,steal you,talk you and use you up till you are empty takes no talent ,just a virgo rising with the leavened bread of the jew mind warp ,P.S I am downlaoding and posting your vids on youtube “xtimla”read the comments on site dey be funnie.sometimes for amusements i like to write like this mayhaps mistakenly hopening I bring a grin to a readers face.alas i need to get busy and upload soem more,I still mourn the death of”news from the west”blog.he4 was a great source4 and he went for the salsa and got burnt by the same heat they all infected with namely the jew mind screw in all its splendor.blah blah blah regards.

  14. Marshall says:

    i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!


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