What Don’t You White People Get — YET?

THE OTHER NIGHT a major ice storm tore through my area. Winds howling, sleet loudly smacking the window panes as the temperature plummeted to freezing. Imagine having to survive outside with that kind of thing going on? People have you know. But we also have the common sense to think and plan ahead; get out of the bad weather and build shelter to protect ourselves from the elements.

But don’t we also have the sense to put two-and-two together and see a major storm is now descending on our race and countries? The problem for White people has never, ever been White “Supremacy,” but White stupidity!

We know that these people want desperately to keep us from speaking out. Every time you turn around there is some new Internet censorship effort going on; it’s so obvious that these people want to muzzle the White race for good. Already, they’ve succeeded quite well in keeping us silent from fear of being called all sorts of things should we dare to break the Politically Correct dogma they’ve now created in America. They can’t have us Whites get the big picture — not this close to the goal line.

For the life of me I just can’t seem to get why so many White people are agents for the whole “diversity” and this politically correct business. And they have absolutely no problem trashing any White who dares to speak up about the matter — freely calling those of us who do as “ignorant” and “trailer-park trash” — right along with the usual Nazi, Racist, Klansman, Xenophobic, Nativist, etc., etc. and yet, still never breath a thing about whatever the other races ever say and do.

It’s incredible in view of things now!

What don’t you people get? White countries in North America and Europe are being flooded with non-Whites, laws are going on the books expressly designed to throw Whites in jail and the media continues to ignore the most brutal of crimes against Whites, all the while pushing interracial sex and diversity on our people.

These so-called “progressives” just look the other way! Progressive really means the gradual process of putting the shackles on ourselves. Progressives (the new term for “liberals”) refuse to see this, or even acknowledge this possibility. To them, it’s nothing, because to say otherwise might mean they’ve been wrong all along. How selfish is that?

Am I missing something here? Has the White race been so throughly brainwashed as it appears to be? Are we nothing but meek little lambs going to slaughter?

Irrefutable evidence exists that our countries have long been manipulated by extremely rich and powerful hidden forces. They want to take us in a direction that bodes disaster for our kind. Finland just passed laws that can imprison Whites for visiting “racist” sites like mine and many others, for up to 4 years. Finland is but another European country allowing non-White immigration, while suffering violent rape and murder at the hands of these non-Whites.

Why on God’s Green Earth does Finland need non-White immigrants? Ask yourself that one. But it’s not just Finland being inundated with non-Whites: Britain, Canada, ItalySweden, Denmark, Norway, France — all of Europe. In the US, even formerly all White states like Idaho, Colorado and Montana now have non-Whites being moved there, including Africans from Nigeria and elsewhere.

Hungary just passed a law making it illegal to question the “holocaust,” something that happened 65 years ago! Why do they feel the need to protect any kind of history with laws? What about all the other genocides that you hardly ever hear anything about? Like in Communist Russia and Armenia for some reason? Already 11 countries have laws on the books doing the same thing, including Canada. And you know they want to do the very same thing here in the United States.

Because of the earthquake, Obama is granting protected status to 200,000 illegal Haitians now hiding out in the US. We’ll soon see more of them coming here and, as usual, Whites will once again stupidly go along because of “humanitarian” reasons. A bill is now winding it’s way through Congress to legalize the 24+ million illegals already here from mostly non-White countries.

Shouldn’t it be blatantly obvious to you by now what’s now going on? Our race is being targeted for demographic destruction by whomever or whatever. Call it Jews, Illuminati, liberals, Aliens from another planet — I don’t care, but it’s going on and we had better start doing something about it.

Here we are fighting each other left and right while all this stuff is going down. Could it possibly be that the very same people behind doing this to us, are also the same ones who have long been busy creating these divisions within our race? All so we fight among ourselves bickering, while ignoring the big picture and what they’ve done?

The White race has a giant problem. We have been far too altruistic and patient for our own good. We’ve given the world not only trillions of our tax dollars in help, but also incredible inventions and technology. Our advances alone in plant genetics and farming has enabled billions of non-Whites to survive and expand.

They are using our sense of fair play for the little guy to destroy us! They are using the media to brainwash us out of existence. They’ve successfully shut-up most White people with the Politically Correct viewpoint so we keep our mouths shut for fear of being labeled as Nazis or “haters.”

Why do all these other races want to come to our countries in the first place? Because life in our countries is easier that’s why. Instead of getting together and ousting corrupt tin-pot dictators in their lands and creating their own decent governments, it’s easier for them to find a way into White countries. That’s been the case for many decades now.

Our countries are soon becoming nothing more than what they left behind: Third-world hell-holes, but this time with all kinds of vile, immoral sickness on every corner and on the TV airwaves. They want our children in schools to learn the most disgusting sex practices imaginable. Our nations are being bankrupted, right as our manufacturing is shipped overseas. White people are now literally living in tent cities in places.

The ones behind all this don’t care!

And we know full-well the media does not tell us the whole truth. They’ve been constantly jerking our strings with terrorist paranoia over the last decade so they can steal away our constitutional rights. To what end will they take things? Do you ever consider the possibility that this has all been a part of a long-running plan? Nah, we don’t dare think such things!

But we know the media keeps quiet on subjects that might awaken us out of slumber. Non-stop war-mongering in the Mideast, the giant inflation and tax theft called the Federal Reserve, 9/11 false-flag Truth and the Police State, Wall Street scam operations, horrible black on White race crimes both here and elsewhere (like South Africa) and virtually anything about the God-almighty Chosen Ones. All of it is connected, people.

All the while these people bombard our countries with messages of miscegenation (interracial sex) and family divisive issures like homosexuality and radical feminism. They go on and on about how evil our race has been in the past and call racist those who are against illegal immigration. Yet, inconvenient parts of history like the early years of the Soviet Union and real news on what they are doing to the present-day Palestinians are all carefully kept from ever reaching you.

The Internet has given us the ability to read what others think on these things happening without their mainstream media filtering. This cannot be allowed much longer since too many of us are now questioning the whole deal.

Let’s say you’re a White who lives in a nice neighborhood, clean and still mostly White. Let’s say you also have a job that puts food on the table. You have big screen cable TV to watch the stupidest, mind-numbing programs they can feed to you as cheaply as possible. How long will all this last? Will it take you personally losing this before you do the least thing? Can you not speak out now, before it becomes too late?

This is far more than just Obama and the socialistic direction these people are taking America. It’s even more than the destruction of America and our constitution. That’s all part of a long-running agenda to enslave and destroy us. It’s been a slow, methodical assault upon our race, our children and grandchildren.

This is not an Islamic or some kind of secret Nazi takeover. It’s time we face the facts that has always been there: The Ashkenazi, Talmudic Jew. He’s been behind all these things from the very start. No, I’m not saying all the Jews are working from secret instructions. That’s impossible. But yes, Jewry has been working from an inner voice, alright. One that wishes to downgrade and destroy the one threat to them: White people and any hold we might have on our nations — any White nation!

Look at all the Jews surrounding Obama, the NWO and centralized banking. Look at how they are always behind things like non-White immigration into our countries, homosexuality, feminism, immorality, war upon war in the Mideast. Look at how individual Jews work constantly and secretly behind the scenes to keep you from coming to these conclusions. Look at how they call anyone who says anything about all this as a “Nazi” or “right-wing extremist.” One of Saul Alinsky’s favorite rules for radicals: Using ridicule to shut-up any who oppose them as crazy.

I’ll tell you what’s so crazy: It’s not seeing what’s going on right in front of our own noses! Folks, we have been in a quiet racial war with these people. Whether you know it or not; they have always considered us the enemy.

These Jews are willing to do whatever and will stop at nothing in the quest to destroy the solidarity of the White race. They did this to Russia, Hungary, Zimbabwe, South Africa and tried to do it to Germany, but only succeeded after they goaded Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, all to get us regular Joes worked up into going to war with Germany.

Not only did we fight brother Whites on the battlefield, we bombed their civilians unmercifully and starved them after the war to kill off as many as possible, without Americans knowing what was being done.

These Jews have special highly-funded organizations dedicated to attack any Whites who organize themselves to fight back, politically or otherwise. The Anti-defamtion League of the B’nai B’rith (ADL) has a 70 million dollar per year budget and the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC) is not too far behind. That’s not even a fraction of those in the media and elsewhere, who act as paid attack dogs for those who wish to keep the White race bound and shut-up!

In the future, it’s possible that Jew secret police will shoot us in the back of the head and starve entire sections of the country — anything they can do without costing too much. They did this very thing to the Russians, killing tens of millions of White Gentiles. It’s really these people who have always been the biggest genocidal killers in history — not the Germans as they would have you believe.

We allowed these exact same people (Russian Khazar Jews or Ashkenazi) to immigrate here since the end of the 19th Century and doing so will end-up destroying America and the White race if we let them. They have been nothing but a cancer on this country ever since. If we don’t do something now, they will keep on with their devious racial agenda until America is no more and Whites are reduced to a pissed-on minority.

They will spit in our faces on a daily basis and all you will be able to do is go to whatever slum home you have and cry. Should you or your off-spring suddenly decide you’ve had enough at that point, it may be far too late to do anything, but roll over and die.

I write this blog because I truly want to warn my fellows. This whole thing is now boiling to a head and if we don’t start doing something now, it will only get worse later on for our race. Much worse.

I once read this article on the Internet by an Israelis journalist talking about what the Jews were doing to the Palestinians to get rid of them. She described it as a pot of water being slowly brought to a boil so the frog within would not understand what was being done and jump out. I remember her saying that the Israelis were true genius when it came to this and I thought, hell they are doing the exact same thing to the White race in our own damn countries!

“If you throw a frog into boiling water, it will jump out and save its life. But a frog swimming in room temperature water that is gradually heated will grow used to the heat; by the time the water boils, it’s too late and the frog dies. In the development of the Israeli system of control over the Palestinian people and their land, the Israeli occupation has raised to the level of genius the use of gradualness as a means of making people grow used to something.”

— Amira Hass, Haaretz correspondent (Jew publication)

Here’s a place where some Jew read it and talks about it himself: HERE. These kinds of things get exposed all the time and this one example might get removed if it becomes too obvious that it will “alarm” us Goyim, should we discover it. Hell, they say things all the time that reveals what they really think.

You so-called “progressives” and even those of you who dare call yourselves “conservative,” just keep on attacking any White who dares speak up. Just go ahead and pat yourselves on the back and tell yourselves what a kind and considerate person you are. The truly evil people behind all this will love you!

These people are surely destroying the America we once knew. It may have been slow and gradual over the last few decades, but now it’s increasing in tempo. You can see it all around you: The White middle class is under attack, people laid-off, economic and business failures, wars of aggression overseas, increasing cultural immorality, the dumbing down of the children and a media obviously trying to keep you in the dark.

What does it take for you to put two-and-two together? Your country is being stolen right out from under you and your very own race is targeted for destruction. White people will be a powerless minority in a few years at this rate, maybe sooner if we let them to continue getting away with it all.

When will you get it?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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466 Responses to What Don’t You White People Get — YET?

  1. SBD TV says:

    Fancy some high school physics?


  2. kerdasi amaq says:

    interesting story Marshall. That’s a problem the New World Orderlies will have. Making their mercenaries fight for them.

    Funny, how he’s talking about a war. The Navy aren’t really doing any fighting out there.

  3. Flanders says:

    An United States Sailor, at the end of the day there is less freedom to say as one thinks, less freedom to move within our own country and less freedom to progress because of a willingness to work hard. There are reasonable signs that there are those who intend to impose an almost total lack of freedom. You have formed your opinion based on what you have been taught, but you will become a man when you learn to think based upon a truly open, non-biased investigation and leave the prejudices you have been taught where they belong – in the trash.

    All Americans realize that you think you are protecting us. We thank you for your willingness to do that. You are trained in certain ways to do that. That is what we expect from any American, military or not. Do your duty as you feel obligated, but observe whose interests are really being protected and served, not so much by your individual duty, but by those who are in position to order you to take action. Obey your obligation to protect and defend the constitution – but make certain that it is the constitution of the United States of America that you serve and defend – that is what we are doing, too.

    Just some advice from a salty old United States Marine.

  4. Frank Fredenburg says:

    This is the kind of government you are serving sailor!



    The second article shows how they take care of those that serve in our military! What was it that Kissinger called them, “Dumb beasts” or something similar? They are far more interested in the well being of the Israeli military!

  5. Joe_J. says:

    incogman, have you covered this one? Freaking amazing! Just read it and you’ll see what I mean…hurt a filthy kike’s feelings and you can end up in all kinds of trouble. Check out the guy’s community service. I guess he has to clean up the swastika graffiti the rabbis have sprayed on the holohoax center. Anyway, this is disgusting and demonstrates why some of us want to see these filthy yids off of the planet.

    March 4, 2010
    BLOOMFIED HILLS, Mich. — A Bloomfield Township dentist on probation for sending an anti-Semitic letter to another dentist that included a picture of Adolf Hitler has been ordered to perform community service after offering to tell a probation officer a Hispanic joke.Oakland Circuit Judge Mark Goldsmith on Wednesday sentenced 50-year-old Marc Kamp to complete previously ordered community service at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, wear a tether for 60 days and participate in an anger management program.Kamp pleaded guilty to ethnic intimidation after sending the letter in April 2008 to dentist Steven Moss. Moss, who is Jewish, accused Kamp in a lawsuit of trying to steal his patients.Kamp told the court Wednesday that he used poor judgment and is looking forward to bettering himself.

  6. Bella says:

    I like this Mr. Kamp.

  7. Bella says:

    That ‘black orfeo’ guy should get a 1 way ticket to Zimbabway. And have to stay there.

  8. rocketman says:

    @ an united states sailor:
    what history books? the ones the jews have re-written?
    whatever has happened to jews and blacks is not near enough, how bad can it be sponging off of a nation?

  9. L says:

    The NAZI’s lost already. Get over it…

  10. gtrman says:

    Heres a charming slice of multi-culti Britain that may have escaped Incoglands attention . Two mixed race couples, black guy, egged on by his white ho, sucker punches white guy in supermarket and kills him, leaving black woman to raise tan offspring :

    ( photo montage )


  11. gtrman says:

    And, as I recall, it was about “cue jumping” and the black didnt even get the right guy! See photo montage. Could be a shop in Zimbabwe…

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